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The Bunker

by The Technician

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Susan Donovan talks about her favorite self-bondage place.

Susan Donovan goes out to The Bunker for a day of self-bondage pleasure. But things don’t work out exactly as planned. She is discovered by Master Bruce and Mistress June and their slave, slut. What happens next could change her life forever.

This story is in two parts. The second part doesn’t make sense unless you read the first part.

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Part One

The Bunker has always been my own little private place of perversion. It is technically located on an island in a federal park– actually a gulf shore island preserve– but I live nearby and always buy a season pass so I can come out to the beach as often as I want.

Up on the north end of the island, near the entrance to the park, there is this great public beach, which is where most people go. It’s pretty crowded there most days, but if you wander about four miles down to where the bunker is, the beach is pretty deserted. 

The area around the bunker is even more deserted. That’s because the bunker is set a little ways back from the beach behind the dunes. You can’t even see it from the beach... or from the mainland across the inland waterway. And you can’t get directly to it from the beach, so no one is likely to just wander past. To get to the bunker, you have to go all the way down to where the island was cut in two by a hurricane a dozen or so years ago, then you come back up behind the dunes. It’s a long, long walk, and motorized vehicles are not allowed on the beach.

Cars or even most Jeeps would get stuck anyway, and in a lot of places there isn’t that much beach between the dunes and ocean. If you drove down during low tide, you would be stuck there once the tide started coming in.

You could just walk over the dunes, but there is a HUGE fine– even jail time– if they catch you doing that. And forget about sneaking back there over the dunes. You would leave really big footprints in the sand on the dunes and the beach patrol comes by real regularly on their big-tired three-wheelers. If they see footprints over the dunes, one of them will wait there and the other one will ride down and come back up to arrest you.

That means that the only way to get to the bunker behind the dunes is an additional three miles down the beach and three miles back up. Like I said, way too much of a walk. But my bicycle with its old-fashioned, big, fat tires can easily ride over the soft sand, and six miles, plus the four miles back up to the entrance to the beach, is not bad for a bicycle. It’s six miles from my house to the park, so the total trip out to the bunker is sixteen miles... or about two hours. Again, not bad if you are used to bicycling. 

There are quite a few people who walk or bicycle down to the cut and then come up behind the dunes. But they are mainly looking for a place to sunbathe in the nude, so they only come up a half-mile or so. As long as they are back there out of the way, the beach patrols will leave them alone. Sometimes I will see a particularly shy young miss sunning herself a mile or even two miles back up, but I have never seen anyone near MY bunker. The beach patrols don’t even come up there unless they are looking for someone.

To help insure my privacy, I usually come out during the week when there are fewer tourists and locals going out to the beach. I work from home, so I can do that, but I was overwhelmed with work this past week and hadn’t been able to get out here at all and... and I was horny as hell. So here I was on a Saturday morning, looking forward to a day of play.

The bunker is left over from World War II. Evidently there were a couple of big guns in some really thick concrete bunkers hidden behind the dunes and some smaller guns in a lighter bunker built up on stilts so they could fire straight out over the dunes. I’ve seen bunkers like these in old war movies and the big guns go “Boom! Boom! Boom!” and lob shells way out into the ocean while the smaller guns in the built-up bunkers go “Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat,” and fire tracers and stuff right out over the water. Unfortunately, the storm surge from the same hurricane that cut the island in two pushed the built up, lighter concrete bunker right off its stilts and left it lying on its back behind them.

The bunkers are technically sealed off, but all they did was put big chains and padlocks on the metal doors. They didn’t close off the big ports the guns used to fire through, and they didn’t bother to close up the broken bunker at all after it got pushed off its stilts. They put up signs and tape for a while, but then some government engineers decided it wasn’t going to collapse. They also decided that it would be way too expensive to demolish. So they just left it all for the crabs, the birds, the tourists, and me.

They did clean up a bunch of the peripheral stuff like metal staircases and guardrails and other sorts of stuff that people might sneak out here to steal. What is left now are two big concrete bunkers, plus one smaller one that happens to be lying on its backside, and twenty-four pillars that stick up about ten feet out of the sand. I think, technically, you are not supposed to go inside the bunkers themselves, but there are no signs that say “Keep Out,” so I don’t think the rangers doing beach patrol would do anything but maybe scold you if they caught you inside one.

I always park my bike inside the fallen bunker, as I call it. It had a big opening for its guns to fire through that went most of the way around on three sides with pillars to hold up the concrete roof. With it on its back, that opening is like a narrow door and I can roll my bike directly inside. That way I don’t have to worry about someone seeing my bike while I am doing my bondage sunbathing and coming up to investigate.

Sometimes I do my bondage thing inside one of the big bunkers. I climb in through the gun port and then go to the hallway that leads to the attached room where they stored the shells and stuff. There are no windows there and very little light gets that far back so it is really dark. I know that doing self-bondage in a hidden place like that is really dangerous because if something goes wrong no one would ever find me, but I have two friends who know about my kink and I have an automatic program on my phone that will text them and one on my laptop that will send an email if I don’t get back by a certain time. Before I left the apartment this morning, I set both programs to send their SOS at four o’clock on Sunday afternoon. If that happens, they know where I am and will come rescue me.

I’ve never had to be rescued, but Sammy, one of my friends, misread one of her automatic locks and set it for 45 hours rather than 45 minutes. I had to go over to her place on Sunday afternoon and use the override key to get her out. She wasn’t in any real danger, but she would have missed work on Monday. I always use two locks in series so that if one fails, hopefully the other will still work.

Today wasn’t an inside day. I’d been cooped up in my apartment all week and today I wanted to be out in the sun. That still left me several options. There used to be a metal staircase that went up into the fallen bunker. They took it down when they cleaned things up, but there are still several long pieces of metal that stick out of the concrete pillars where it was attached. And two of those metal pieces are where I can reach them... or at least throw a rope over them. With ropes or chains over the metal pieces and ropes or chains looped around the base of the pillars, I can pull myself into a fully-stretched naked ‘X’. With the auto-retractors I can almost pull myself off the ground. But today wasn’t an upright day either. Today I wanted to be stretched out in a big naked ‘X’ while lying flat on the sand.

Actually when I do my naked ‘X’ sunbathing, I’m not exactly naked. I am from the neck down, but I learned the hard way that the little sand crabs that scurry all over the place will investigate any opening. I spent four hours frantically shaking my head to keep them out of my mouth and nose. And they scared me to death when they walked across my eyes. So, I wear bubble-style safety goggles and a mask over my mouth and nose. The mask is one of those contractor masks to keep out dust, but it works just as well to keep out crabs.

The crabs often explore my nether regions as well, but since I have a big butt plug blocking the back end and a huge vibrator blocking the front, they just wander around down there. From the way they gather around when I’m really turned on, I think they like my juices, but they’ve never bit me or anything like that. They feel really weird as they walk around, but it is a nice, kinky kind of weird.

There are several different kinds of snakes that slither around here also, but none of them are poisonous. I didn’t realize how many of them there were until one slithered right across my body. I thought I would scream my head off. Luckily, there is a ball gag– a safety one, of course– beneath the dust mask, so my screams barely made it over the dunes. And if anyone was out there to hear me, they would think that they were hearing something from the mainland.

I don’t carry all those chains and ropes out here every time. I have an old duffle bag that I stash at the very back of the ammo room in the big bunker. You need a flashlight to see back there, so I don’t think anyone will easily find it. I don’t leave my locks or vibrators or ass plugs there. One, they are too expensive, two they would get dirty, and three, it would be really embarrassing to have someone find them.

As soon as I got here and got my bike put away, I climbed through the gun port and went to the back of the ammo room to get my chains and ropes. I also keep the auto-retractors in the bag. They are expensive, too, but they are also big and heavy, and carrying four of them in the baskets on the sides of my bike is just too much of a pain. I had to bring them out here one at a time when I first got them.

I used the four short chains to loop around the base of the pillars and then locked them in place with a threaded link. Before closing the link, I added additional short chains that would attach to the auto-retractors. Then I unrolled several feet of the flat webbing out of the retractor. With the safety on, rolling webbing out is really easy. Once the safety is off, there is no way I could pull more webbing out... or keep it from retracting. My automatic locks go into the rings on the ends of the webbing and the very short chains from my ankle and wrist restraints go into the locks. I use two locks for my hands, but only one for my feet. Then I put a little wooden box with the override key in it about five feet past the pillars that are holding my legs. If something happens and one of the leg locks doesn’t open, I can flip myself over and drag myself down to the box and get the key. I actually tried it to make sure I could do it... and once I had to do it for real when I made the same stupid mistake Sammy did.

After all my chains and retractors were in place, it was time to put on my restraints. I always start with the ankle restraints because they are harder to get on and having the wrist restraints already on makes it even harder. Once my restraints were in place, I set my phone over next to one of the leg pillars and brought up the app that controls my butt plug. I can set it to vibrate or shock, but today I wasn’t in a pain mood, so I chose vibrate. I selected a start delay and length and then set the intensity to random. That way it would play with me for the four hours I was intending to be at its mercy. I called up the app for my vibrator and set it up for the same time and program. I would have fifteen minutes before they kicked in and then four hours of pleasurable torture.

I put the anal plug in first. Again, because it is harder to do and even harder if I already have the dildo in place. And I really didn’t want the vibrator slipping out and falling onto the sand... ouch! You can never get all of the sand off of it and just a few grains inside vibrating against my love tunnel really irritates things.

Once the ass plug and cunt dildo were in place– I like using the dirty descriptions when I am getting myself ready for a self-bondage session– anyway, once they are in place I put on my chain belt. It is really just a piece of chain that I pull tight and lock in place. Then I rotate the lock to the back and pull the additional length forward between my legs. Once I pull it really tight, I lock it into place on the front. There is no way the ass plug or dildo are coming out– accidentally or intentionally– while that chain is locked in place. The keys for the locks on the chain are put in the little box with the override key for the auto locks. There’s a copy of the key in the duffle bag, just in case, but I’ve never had to use it.

The last thing I do is put on my ball gag/safety mask combination and my bubble goggles. The bubble goggles are actually intended for skiing and are rather dark. I can still see through them if it doesn’t get too cloudy. I thought about just using a blindfold, but I’m not that brave... yet. I have one. I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to use it and lay there totally blind, not knowing at all what is going on around me.

I double-checked the settings on my auto locks and lay down on the sand. Someday someone is going to wonder why the sand between the pillars looks like it has been raked clean of all vegetation and debris. It has. The rake is back in the ammo room where I hide my chains.

One last look around and then click, click, my legs are locked to the chains. Then click, click, my arms are locked. Now comes the potentially painful part. I switched the safeties off on the auto retractors before I laid down. One quick pull and they will retract... really hard. I think they are designed to hold loads in place on flat-bed semis, so when I say really hard, I mean REALLY hard.

I’ve learned to sort of pull both of my arms at the same time to trigger the arm retractors and then pull my legs together real hard to trigger both of the leg retractors. It is really important that both the arm retractors and both the leg retractors activate at the same time. Preferably all four should go together, but I’ve never been able to get it to do that, so I just make sure that both arms and both legs work together. If I don’t do it just right, I get dragged across the sand really hard. Even when I do it right, I get pulled around a little bit. There are probably different ways to do it, but when the auto-retractors treat me rough, then I know that I am no longer in control and my period of self-bondage has begun.

Everything worked like it was supposed to and I ended up spread-eagled in the sand waiting for things to kick off. That is always such a long wait. I start wondering whether I should be doing this. I’ve never had to explain myself to the rangers, but someday they might wander all the way up here and then what would I say? Would they arrest me? Would they take advantage of me?

Those thoughts get driven out of my mind as the vibrator and ass plug both kick in at maximum at the same time. Everything is driven out of my mind– including me– as the app runs the vibrators in the dildo and ass plug up and down from about mid-range to maximum. I think both programs are set to give you a quick orgasm when first set to random and then settle back to drive you nuts over the long run.

Whether it was the program’s intent or not, I did exactly that. I bounced and screamed and pulled against the chains as a marvelous, but very powerful orgasm tore through my body. Then for the next three hours I alternated screaming “No more! Nor more!” and “Please! Please! Please!” as the twin vibrators went through their random routines of very intense or very soft or even off.

If both went to maximum at the same time it wrung another orgasm out of my almost-exhausted body. If both went to minimum or off at the same time, I groaned in despair from the lack of stimulation. And if one were at minimum and the other at maximum or both held at just above mid-range, then I would be begging the program to give me just a little more so I could go over the top.

I was lying there with my eyes closed, grunting, groaning and chanting, “Please, please, please make me cum!” when I heard a male voice say, almost laughing, “What do you think, Mistress June, should we get a setup like that for slut?”

A female voice answered, “I don’t know, Master Bruce, she might have too much fun.”

I opened my eyes and looked up into a face that looked like it had just stepped off a movie poster... or maybe a recruiting poster for the Marines. He smiled at me and asked, “Are you having too much fun?”

I tried to say, “Who are you,” but the ball gag made that impossible.

“I think there’s more than a mask there,” the woman said. She leaned down close to me and pulled the mask off over my ears. “Such a beautiful red ball gag,” she said as she reached down and began stroking my breasts.

“Why the mask and goggles?” she asked, pinching my left nipple.

“Aaammmsss,” was all I could say.

“I didn’t get that,” she said, pinching my other nipple and then twisting it.

“Aaammmsss!” I yelled.

“You’ll have to speak up,” she said as she grabbed both nipples between her thumbs and the edge of her forefingers and began pinching really hard and rolling the nipple up and down her finger so that it was twisting really tight.

I wanted to clearly say, “Crabs!” but both the ass plug and the dildo decided to go to maximum and a very intense orgasm caused my body to arch up off the ground and my arms and legs to shake against the tension of my bondage. All I could do was give a very loud groaning scream as she tightened her grip on my nipples. After being turned on for so long, it wasn’t really pain. It was just one more sensation driving my body nuts.

“Mistress June,” the man said, “why don’t you take out her ball gag? I really would like to know why she is wearing a mask and goggles.

“If you insist,” the woman said and let go of my tits so she could unbuckle the leather strap holding the ball gag in my mouth.

“Now,” the man said firmly, “you will tell us clearly why you are wearing a mask and goggles?”

“Crabs,” I answered rather shakily. In an even shakier voice, I added, “They explore any opening they find.” The ass plug was down to minimum, but the vibrator in my cunt was humming at about three-quarters of maximum.

“Ah,” the woman said, “we hadn’t thought of that.” She pointed to a naked young woman kneeling in the sand next to the man and said, “We are always around to keep those little buggers from doing anything to slut if we stake her out in the sand.”

She then looked down at me and asked forcefully, “What’s your name?”

“Susan,” I answered immediately. “Susan Donovan.”

“Ah,” the man said, “suzie is such a good name for a slave.”

I hate the name Suzie, but I found myself saying, “If you wish, Master.”

I looked around in shock. Why had I said that? I don’t want to be anybody’s slave.

The woman said harshly, “It’s Master Bruce... and Mistress June, slave suzie!” and then she gave both of my nipples a good pinch and twist. This time it hurt and I gasped in pain.

“She’s a careful slave,” Master Bruce said. “She’s doubled the locks on her wrists.” He paused and then added, “And she’s got about thirty minutes left before they open.”

“But there’s only one lock on her legs,” Mistress June said standing over me with one foot on either side of my breasts. From that angle I could see that there was nothing under her short denim skirt.

“That’s rather careless of you, slave suzie,” she said looking down at me. Then she smiled coldly and said, “Stop staring at my cunt and explain yourself, suzie.”

“There’s an override key in the wooden box,” I said, nodding my head toward my feet. The key to the chain belt is in there, too.”

“How prudent of you,” Master Bruce said sarcastically, “but you are forgetting one very important thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked, not having any idea what he meant.

“You haven’t asked us for a safe word,” he replied with a smile. “If you are going to be our slave for the weekend, you need a safe word... just in case we push you past your limits.”

“PlayGirl,” I said automatically, then gasped that I had answered so quickly.

Master Bruce laughed and then asked, “Why that one? Are you a fan of the magazine?”

“What magazine?” I asked, then quickly explained, “The brand name on my timer locks is HiPlayGirl. But I thought it should be a shorter word, so I said ‘PlayGirl.’”

“Does that mean you are willing to be our slave for the weekend?” Mistress June asked.

I looked back up at her. She had moved forward so that her feet were now pushed under my stretched-out arms. That put her bare cunt almost directly over my face.

“I see your lips are drooling at the thought of servicing my cunt,” she said firmly. “If you agree to be our slave for the weekend, you will do that... and you will suck Master Bruce’s cock... and he will fuck you... and maybe even you will go down on slave slut... or she will go down on you... or both at the same time. Would you like that?”

Time seemed to have stopped. All I could see was Mistress June’s cunt above me. Then Master Bruce said firmly, “Well, would you?”

“Yes,” I answered shakily.

“Yes, what?” Mistress June said harshly.

“Yes, slave suzie is willing to be Mistress June’s and Master Bruce’s slave for the weekend,” I finally said.

As soon as I said it, a powerful orgasm overwhelmed me. I didn’t think the vibrators had kicked in that strongly, but maybe... maybe the thought of actually being someone’s slave for the weekend took me over the top.

“Where shall we begin?” Mistress June said. Then after a short pause she said, “Oh, I know, let’s give you a little practice cunt lapping.”

Then she said very firmly “Slave slut, get over here!”

The naked girl sprang to her feet and raced the few feet over to where Mistress June was standing before dropping back to her knees in the sand. The top of her head was nearly touching the top of mine as she knelt and bowed down before her Mistress.

Mistress June stepped aside so she was no longer standing over me. I heard myself groan slightly in disappointment as her naked cunt disappeared from my view.

“Slave suzie needs some practice at cunt licking,” Mistress June said firmly. “So I want you to lie over her with your cunt against her mouth.”

“I think we should give them both a little encouragement,” Master Bruce said. “Slave slut, if she makes you cum in less than five minutes, you will get one smack with the leather paddle for every second that you fall short.”

Then he stepped around so I could see him. He had gotten a small leather paddle from somewhere and was smacking it very softly against his hand. “And you, slave suzie,” he said, “if you don’t make slut cum in less than five minutes, you get one smack with the leather paddle for every second past the five minute mark.”

“Get in place, slut,” Mistress June ordered and slave slut crawled over my head and lay herself down on my body. 

“Too bad her cunt and ass are blocked,” Mistress June said, “or we might have a contest to see who cums last.”

Slave slut lay flat on top of me and used her hands to shove herself back against my mouth.

“Ready,” Master Bruce said firmly. Then after a short pause he ordered, “Begin!”

I didn’t want to find out what the paddle felt like, so I immediately began licking and slurping the slit in front of my face. Tied down like I was, I couldn’t really move my face the way I wanted, but I was still able to lick the entire length of slut’s slit. I was evidently starting to get to her because she arched her hips and shifted her cunt so that her clit was against my mouth.

I redoubled my licking and slurping. In just a few moments, her love nub poked its head out from its hiding place and I began alternately licking and sucking on that very sensitive piece of flesh. I was somewhat surprised as her clit continued to engorge. She had one of the biggest clits I had ever seen on a girl... but I haven’t seen all that many girls’ cunts when they were all turned on.

Her clit was as big as my little finger and maybe an inch long. I pulled it into my mouth and began suckling on it. Slave slut moaned loudly and started ramming her cunt back against my mouth almost as if she were trying to fuck me with her clit. I formed my lips tightly around her miniature prick and let her do her thing.

I wasn’t sure how long she kept that up, but after a little while, she stiffened and groaned loudly.

And suddenly my face was very wet. I know it didn’t come out of her clit because that was still in my mouth. And it wasn’t piss because piss would have smelled very different. It was her internal fluids. Evidently when she came, her pussy muscles squeezed so hard that they pushed everything out of her cunt. I know I’ve never done that, but I’ve never had anyone sucking on my clit while I fuck their mouth with it.

“Slut, slut slut,” Master Bruce said slowly, “you disappoint me. Four minutes and thirteen seconds! I thought you had more control than that.”

“I’m sorry, Master Bruce,” slut sobbed out, “but she let me fuck her face. Nobody’s ever done that before. I couldn’t help myself.” She was still slowly grinding her cunt against my face.

“So, slave suzie,” Master Bruce said looking down between slut’s legs, “is that what you did? Did you let slut fuck your face?”

“I guess so,” I said, “it felt like the right thing to do. The vibrators in my cunt and ass were driving me so wild, I couldn’t help myself either.”

“Nice try,” Mistress June said, “but I shut off your vibrators ten minutes ago. You let her face fuck you all on your own.” She laughed and then said, “Maybe you are sluttier than slave slut.”

I wanted to hide my face in shame, but when you are stretched out on the sand in a naked ‘X’ there isn’t much you can do. So instead I asked, “What now?”

“Now,” Mistress June said, “we unlock you so we can have some fun with you.”

“But first,” Master Bruce said, “there is the matter of forty-seven swats with the paddle for slut.” His voice turned harsh as he said, “Slave slut! Go get your four-harness!”

Slave slut literally jumped into the air and ran over to a big backpack that was sitting against one of the pillars. She rummaged inside it for a moment and then came back with a leather contraption that had two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs connected together in an ‘X’ arrangement. 

She started putting the ankle restraints on her legs, but Mistress June called out, “No, slide the harness under slave suzie’s shoulders. She likes looking at cunts. Let’s give her a little reward for her excellent cunt-sucking skills.”

Slave slut walked over and lay the harness on the ground above my head. Then she lifted up on my neck and said, “Lift up.”

I did– as best I could with the tension on my arms– and she slid the whole thing under my shoulders. There was now one wrist restraint on either side of my breasts and an ankle restraint on either side of my head. She closed the ankle restraints around her ankles and then leaned over to slide her wrists into the wrist restraints. Mistress June reached down and pulled on a strap which tightened the restraints. The strap was held in place with velcro so there were no buckles to mess with. Slave slut was now totally bent over with her cunt right over my face.

I could see that she was trying to relax her ass so the blow would hurt less. Then the first swat of the paddle hit and she squeezed her asscheeks together. So much for relaxing. At first, she didn’t scream or even call out, but she did grunt with each smack of the paddle. Then after about a dozen or so smacks, she began calling out and trying to dance around.

At around twenty, something started dripping on me. I was worried that she was going to lose control of her bladder, but then one of the big drops hit me in my mouth and I realized that her cunt was overflowing. She was getting off on being spanked.

Mistress June was watching me and she said, “Surprised? Our dear little slut is such a painslut. Do you think you would get off having your ass tanned?”

I didn’t say anything, but I shook my head vigorously.

She laughed and then said, “That’s what slut said when she first submitted to us. But after a few months, she began to enjoy the pain. She’s always enjoyed the humiliation, but she just wouldn’t let herself enjoy the pain.” She leaned down and pinched my left nipple. “But I taught her how.”

She then stood up and said, “You already get off on humiliation or you wouldn’t tie yourself up in a public place. You secretly hope someone will discover you, don’t you?”

I shook my head again, but not as vigorously.

“Don’t lie to me, slave suzie. You get off on being humiliated and have always secretly hoped that someone would discover you.”

I tried to shake my head, but it wouldn’t move. Finally I let out a deep breath that I didn’t know I had been holding in and said softly, “Yes.”

“See,” she said smiling broadly, “we are making progress already.”

Slave slut, meanwhile, was starting to go into a deep, keening groan that meant she was almost at the point of losing control.

“Slut!” Mistress June barked out, “Self-gag!” and slut clamped her mouth tightly shut. She was still keening and moaning, but you probably couldn’t hear it more than a few feet away.

“Last one,” Master Bruce said, and slut bent even further over so that her breasts were touching the front of her legs. Her cunt was pushed out almost further than her asscheeks. Then Master Bruce delivered that last smack... right between slut’s legs.

He hit right on her cunt. That had to really hurt, but slut didn’t scream or yell. Instead, still keeping her mouth tightly clamped shut, she gave a really deep groan and her whole body started to shake. Her love juice was flowing down onto my face as she stood and shook. How she didn’t fall over, I’ll never know... well, OK, maybe she couldn’t fall over with her arms and legs bound together like that and the harness trapped under my body.

I was staring up into slut’s cunt when suddenly I felt something between my legs. Mistress June was removing my dildo. How had I not felt her open the chain? But the chain was open. Even the chain around my waist was gone.

“Now a little treat for slave suzie,” Mistress June said. “You’ve been discovered and you are going to be fucked right out here in front of God and everybody.”

There wasn’t anyone around who could see me except them, but somehow her words caused a deep heat of shame to burn across my body. I was going to be fucked in public!

Mistress June released slut’s wrist restraints and told her to go kneel by the backpack. After slut had freed herself from the ankle restraints, I felt her tug on the harness and lifted up as best I could so she could pull it out from under me.

“I really want to have you eat me while Master Bruce fucks you,” Mistress June said as she stroked my face, “but it would be so awkward with you tight on your back like that. So that will have to wait until later.”

She moved slightly and then said, “I think it would be best if we put this back in place.”

I felt the ball gag being forced into my mouth. Actually forced is not exactly right. She set it against my lips and I opened wide so she could put it in place. Then she pushed the strap back around my neck and pulled it tightly in place.

She then turned to Master Bruce and said, “She probably doesn’t want her face to show in the video, so should we put the mask back on or the goggles?”

“Oooth!” I screamed. “Oooth! Oooth!”

“What’s that, little suzie?” Mistress June said, looking down at me. “Do you want both in place?”

I nodded my head furiously.

“Well, that’s not what I had intended,” she said, holding her hand up to her chin as if she were thinking. “I thought it would look best with one or the other. What do you think, Master Bruce?”

“Definitely, just one or the other,” he replied, nodding his head in agreement.

“Oooth!” I screamed, “Oooth! Oooth!”

“That would take away some of my fun,” Mistress June said, “so you would have to make it up to me. How about this? I put both the mask and the goggles back in place for this video and then we do another video of you eating me while Master Bruce spanks your ass with the leather paddle. Nothing would show but your ass and if people can recognize you by that, then you already have more problems that you can imagine. What do you say?”

She held up the goggles and the mask and I said, “Ooohay.”

“Is that a yes?” she asked. “You get to wear both the goggles and the mask in this video but you are totally bareback for the video of you eating my cunt?”

I nodded my head and she said, “OK then, lets get everything in place so Master Bruce can get started.”

“One problem,” Master Bruce said. “She’s flat on the ground and can’t move. I’d end up shoving sand up her twat and that wouldn’t be comfortable for either of us.”

“Yes, I see,” said Mistress June. “What if we lifted her up on something?”

I started saying “Oooo, Oooo, Oooo,” but she didn’t listen to me. Instead she said, “Slut bring that backpack over here.”

Slut scurried over to her Mistress carrying the large backpack. “This should do,” Mistress June said. “Now we just have to figure out how to get it under her.”

“I’ll lift, you shove it under,” Master Bruce said. He then stood over my body facing my legs and reached down to grab me by the waist. I thought I was going to get stretched into pieces as he lifted, but then I felt the backpack sliding under my ass. I was stretched tighter than I had ever been, but my hips were about eighteen inches off the ground.

“That should do nicely,” Master Bruce said. Then he turned to Mistress June and said, “Are you ready to do the video?”

“Ready when you are,” she replied and he called out, “Fluff girl.”

Slave slut ran over and dropped to her knees in front of him. He took his substantial prick out of his pants and then let his arms drop to his side. Slave slut pulled his prick into her mouth and began sucking and slurping. In just a few moments, she pulled her head away from his now fully-erect penis.

“I would normally have slut get you ready too,” he said, looking at me, “but I think you are more than ready.”

Slave slut scurried away while Mistress June said, “Video starts in three... two... one...”

On one, Master Bruce stepped forward and plunged his prick into my cunt. He was right, I was more than ready, but he was even bigger than my vibrator and it took me a moment to adjust to his size. Then he started thrusting.

I don’t know if Master Bruce ever made any commercial porn videos, but if he did he would be in high demand. He fucked me like a machine. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass each time he bottomed out in me and I could hear my own wail get lower as he pulled back to almost out.

“How’s it feel to be fucked in public?” Mistress June said as she walked in closer to get a closeup of my cunt as it got pounded by Master Bruce. “And this video will be posted on our website Monday. There will be thousands of views by Tuesday morning.”

Oh my God! I hadn’t thought of that. Not only was I being fucked in public, thousands or even millions of people were going to see me. I suddenly knew that Mistress June was right. I secretly wanted to be humiliated. I was getting off on the shame of the whole world seeing me get fucked. And even worse! Now they were going to watch me orgasm.

I started bouncing and thrashing, which was a big mistake because it activated the retractors to pull tighter. I felt like a turkey wishbone being pulled apart at Thanksgiving, except the wishbone wasn’t getting fucked at the same time. 

My mind was exploding, and then I felt hands on my breasts. Somehow I was able to focus enough to realize that Mistress June had given the camera to slut and she was now squatting over my head and reaching down to pinch and twist my nipples. Her skirt was open over my face and the scent of her sex was overpowering.

“Now!” I heard Master Bruce say and Mistress June pinched down REALLY hard. I lifted my face and smacked my forehead into Mistress June’s cunt. Was I trying to reach her cunt with my mouth? Did I know what I was doing? Was I going to survive this? Then everything faded out.

When I came to, my mask and goggles were gone. So was my ball gag... and my chains. Slave slut was carefully wiping off my dildo and ass plug and putting them back in my duffle bag.

“The chains and the retractors go in the ammo room at the back of the bunker,” I said weakly.

Mistress June laughed. “They are already put away,” she said, and then she added, “... for now.” 

I sat up and looked around. Master Bruce was unfolding a large gray blanket that had evidently been in the backpack.

He looked over at me and said, “Let’s get you cleaned up and oiled down and then we can do the second video.”

I started to ask, “What second video?” but then I said, “Oh, that one.”

“Yes, that one,” Mistress June said. “Unless you want to just get back on your bicycle and go home.”

“No,” I answered, “I said I would do it and I will. It might be fun... except for getting my ass whipped.”

“That can be fun, too, if you just let it,” Mistress June replied.

Master Bruce motioned for me to come over and stand next to him. He had a bottle of baby oil in each hand and a big towel draped around his neck.

“Close your eyes,” he said as he started squirting the baby oil out over my head.

“My hair!” I cried out, but he just laughed and kept squirting oil from both bottles. Soon my hair was sodden with oil and I could feel it running down my face and my back. A pair of hands started rubbing the oil into my body. Since the oil kept squirting on my head it wasn’t Master Bruce. And the hands seemed too small to be Mistress June. It must be slave slut. I was sure of that when she rubbed the oil into my breasts and pulled on my nipples. Those were not the fingers that had tortured me so badly... or wonderfully... just a little while ago.

“Keep your eyes closed,” Master Bruce ordered. He didn’t have to tell me that. I could feel the oil on my eyelids. I wasn’t about to open them. Then slut’s hands got down to my crotch. She was standing alongside me facing me so she could rub both my front and back at the same time. She pressed her small hands against– and into– my cunt while at the same time pressing two or possibly three fingers against my rosebud. When her hand went in from the front and three fingers pushed their way in from the back, my mouth and eyes snapped open. The oil didn’t burn in my eyes, but it made everything real blurry. And oil dripped into my mouth and tasted terrible.

“Run your tongue around your lips,” Master Bruce ordered and surprisingly, I did so. That made things taste even worse and my mouth now felt slimy. He laughed and said, “Now you’re lubricated for doing some carpet munching.”

Slave slut was now rubbing her hands down my legs. Master Bruce was no longer pouring additional oil on my head. “Showtime,” he said brusquely and pulled me toward the blanket.

“Kneel between her legs,” he commanded, “but stay up on your knees. I want to start with your back and the back of your head and then reveal Mistress June’s cunt as you lean forward.”

Mistress June was now naked and lying back on the blanket. She was resting on her elbows and had her legs drawn up and spread. She was wearing a black leather mask that covered most of her face and head. It was shaped to her face and covered her nose while showing only her mouth and her eyes.

“Live in three... two... one...” said Master Bruce and then Mistress June said harshly, “Pleasure me, you wicked slave. I will receive my pleasure while you receive your punishment.”

I bent over as Master Bruce had directed me to do and slowly lowered my face onto Mistress June’s cunt. She was already wet and the smell of her sex was overpowering. It was a sweet, tangy smell that somehow made me want to taste her. And I did.

My tongue had just entered her slit when I felt a sharp smack against my right asscheek. I don’t know why, but I knew that it was slut who was spanking me. Soon another swat landed, this time on my left asscheek. Then another, also on the left side. As I continued to lap at Mistress June, slut didn’t get harder, but she did get faster... a lot faster.

My ass was on fire, but I didn’t let that stop me from spearing my tongue as deeply as I could into Mistress June’s cunt. She lay totally back on the blanket and began lifting her legs higher and higher. As she did, I moved further and further down her slit until I was spearing not her cunt, but her asshole.

Now slut was starting to hit harder... a lot harder. I could hear Mistress June’s voice in the back of my mind saying, “That can be fun, too, if you just let it.” I remembered reading something on one of the porn story sites I visit about going into the pain. I stopped trying to block it out and opened myself up to it. I let each hard, rapid smack flow through my body and out my mouth into Mistress June’s cunt.

She was now thrashing beneath me and my body was undulating as I spread my legs slightly and shifted more of my weight onto my hands. The fire in my ass was getting hotter and hotter, only now it was not a fire of pain. It was as if slut was fucking me with that paddle. Each stroke was driving me higher and higher like when Master Bruce had fucked me.

I buried my face in Mistress June’s cunt. Somehow I knew that I couldn’t cum until she was satisfied but it was really hard to hold myself back. She was close. I could feel the nub of her clit getting harder and harder as my tongue passed over it. And the taste of her cunt was changing. It was stronger and... earthier. It was much less sweet than it had been before.

I didn’t know if I could hold off. I wanted to stop pleasuring Mistress June and instead massage my own throbbing clit and take me over the top. But I knew that my Mistress’ pleasure came before my own.

Slut was now hitting even harder. Each blow was literally driving me deeper into Mistress June’s cunt. Then Mistress June started flowing heavily... and shaking... and moaning. I moved my lips up to her cute little clit and clamped my mouth down on it. I began sucking like a baby trying to draw milk out of its mother’s teat.

Mistress June’s legs slammed down on my back as she lifted herself up into the air, ramming herself hard into my face. Her thighs closed around my head. I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t care. I was giving my Mistress an orgasm. Suddenly intense pain shot through me. Slave slut was now swinging the paddle directly upward into my cunt. The pain... and the pleasure... was unbelievable. I felt my legs straighten and shoot out from under me. I was now flat on the blanket with my face trapped between Mistress June’s legs. We were both thrashing and bouncing in a joint orgasm. I felt the pleasure of my orgasm and the even greater pleasure of having pleased my Mistress. Then things faded out.

When I awoke, I was lying on my back on the blanket. Mistress June was standing above me wiping herself down with a large towel.

“I don’t usually do that,” she said flatly. Then she smiled and added, “Well, at least not accidentally. You did something few slaves have ever done. You made me lose control.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress June,” I said rolling onto my front and rising to my hands and knees.

“Nothing to be sorry for, suzie q,” she said cheerfully. There is a reason I hate the name suzie.

She smiled at me again and then said, “But all this exercise has made me hungry. Why don’t we walk back down to the boat and have supper? Then we can come back up here and watch the sun go down.”

As I walked alongside slave slut following behind Master Bruce and Mistress June I could feel the welts and bruises on my ass. At first they hurt, but then I decided that I could let that be fun, too. Soon the pain was gone. It was replaced by a warm feeling in the depths of my crotch. I looked over at slave slut. Was I turning into a painslut like she was? Or was I always a painslut and just didn’t know it before?

It wasn’t until we got to the boat, which was anchored on the undeveloped beach on the inland waterway side of the island, that I realized that I was still naked. There was a stiff boarding ladder hanging off the side of the boat. We all waded through the water and climbed aboard. As I climbed the ladder I noticed a plexiglass square attached to the little flag-pole at the bow. On the square was a season pass like you would stick on your car’s windshield.

“I will get out some sandwiches,” Mistress June said to me, “while you let slut rub some ointment onto that ass of yours. It was a great hit– pun intended– on our live feed, but we need to prevent infection or swelling.”

I lay face down on the deck near the bow and slut slowly rubbed a strange-smelling ointment into my asscheeks. It tingled at first, but then all of the pain was gone. It was a great relief, but in some ways I missed the pain. I had been starting to enjoy the sensations the pain gave me. Slave slut had just started to rub the ointment further down between my legs and things might have gone further but Mistress June called for us to come down into the galley and eat. Slave slut wiped her hands on the edge of the towel I was lying on and told me to bring it with me so I didn’t get the greasy ointment on the upholstery in the galley.

By the time we gathered around the small table in the galley, my ass was no longer hurting. I was looking around in amazement. This was the largest boat I had ever been on. I mean, I’ve been on a cruise ship and on some paddle wheel kinds of things on the river, but those were commercial boats. This was a privately-owned little yacht. The inside reminded me of a strangely-shaped RV.

“It’s not much,” Master Bruce said, “but she’s seaworthy. We take her down to the Bahamas and we’ve been to Cancun a couple of times. We all get a chance to work on our all-over tans when we are all alone on the high seas.”

“Of course,” Mistress June interjected, “there are some other interesting things that you can work on when it is just you, the sun, and the sea. Isn’t that right, slut?”

Slave slut looked up in surprise. Her eyes were wide. “Yes, Mistress,” she said fearfully.

“You weren’t paying attention, were you?” Mistress June snapped.

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” slut replied. “I didn’t think you intended me to be part of the conversation.”

“You are forgiven,” Mistress June said curtly. “But tell slave suzie some of the things that we did on our last voyage to the Bahamas.”

“When the mast is raised,” slut began slowly, “it can handle a lot of weight, so Mistress June likes to hang me upside down from the mast and let me swing around as the boat bobs around in the waves. It scares me a lot. But it also excites me. And when I can stand no more, Master Bruce lets me down and then I eat out Mistress June while he fucks me from behind. Sometimes he even fucks me in the ass. I don’t like that either, but it drives me very high.”

“Maybe you can come with us on our next trip?” Master Bruce said, raising his eyebrows and the pitch of his voice to indicate that it was actually a question.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I answered, “I work from home and have a lot of things to get done each week.”

“Do you have a lot of paperwork?” Mistress June asked. “Or is it primarily working on the computer?”

“Everything is on the company website,” I quickly said. “I just have to log on for access.”

“There you go,” Master Bruce said. “As long as the weather isn’t too rough, we can link up for satellite internet. It’s broadband and high enough speed for about anything you would need.”

“I’ll have to think about it,” I replied.

“Well,” Master Bruce answered, “you’ll have plenty of time to think about it tonight while we are out under the stars.”

“Are we sailing tonight?” I asked. I’d never been out on the ocean in a small boat– even a big, small boat– at night.

Master Bruce laughed and then said, “Perhaps I didn’t phrase that as clearly as I should. You... and slut... will not be sailing tonight. Mistress June and I will.”

“Where will we be?” I asked warily.

“Let’s just say,” he replied with a slight laugh, “that one of you will be watching the stars.”

“And the other one?” I asked.

“The other one would be slut,” he said, “and she will be watching the sand.

“Come,” he said forcefully, “it will be getting dark soon and I want to be through the cut and out into the open ocean before the sun sets.”

As soon as he stood up, slut sprang to her feet and I followed her example. We waded back to the shore and then walked to the center of the island and up to the bunker. When we got there, he tossed a flashlight to slut and then said to me, “Slave slut will hand things out to you through the gun port.”

Pretty soon I had all my chains, locks, and retractors as well as the huge backpack from earlier. Master Bruce said, “I think you know what to do,” and slut and I began setting my chains and retractors in the same pattern as they had been earlier in the day.

When I got ready to put the locks in place, I asked, “How long should I set these for?”

Mistress June laughed and said, “Ninety-nine hours should be about right.”

A cold wave of fear went through my body, but I set the locks... all six of them... to ninety-nine hours and locked myself into place.

“Watch this, slut,” Mistress June said in a soft, but harsh sounding voice. “You might learn something.”

I yanked both my arms and the retractors started pulling me up and out. Then I jerked my legs together and the other retractors snapped tight. I was now pulled into a naked ‘X’ just like I had been when they found me. Well, not exactly like I had been. I wasn’t wearing my mask or goggles and there was no ball gag in my mouth.

“Please put the mask and goggles in place,” I pleaded, but Master Bruce said, “You’re not going to need them. You will have something much better to keep away the crabs.”

“What?” I asked. My voice was shaking slightly with fear. I knew that the crabs were much more active at night and really didn’t want to spend all night trying to shake them off my face.

“This,” Mistress June said and pulled slut over so she was standing over my head. “Get down,” she ordered and slut slowly lowered herself to the ground and lay out across my body.

Mistress June quickly wrapped restraint cuffs around slut’s wrists and ankles and then used short lengths of rope tied to my chains to pull her tight. Soon she was stretched into a naked, but opposite, ‘X’ on top of me.

“I left enough slack in the ropes so that slut can wiggle her body to keep everything off your face,” Mistress June said, “but you may have to keep your face buried in her twat to protect both of you.”

Then Mistress June and Master Bruce both laughed.

“We will come back in the morning to release you,” he said. “In the meantime... have fun.”

One of those skittery creatures chose that moment to run up across slut’s back and she screamed... loudly. “Self-gag! Both of you!” Mistress June ordered and slut clamped her mouth shut. So did I.

“You’re going to have to stay quiet,” Master Bruce said sternly, “or the night patrol on the beach will come back to investigate.”

“Or maybe the college kids who sneak in to party on the beach at night will come back to see what damsels might be in distress,” Mistress June added. “Who knows what they will do when they find out the damsels are tied up and naked.”

Another small crab skittered over slut’s back and she screamed again. But this time she kept her mouth tightly shut, so it was as if she were gagged. I watched one of the crabs start over slut’s thigh and tightly pressed my face into her crotch to protect myself. That got another gagged scream from slut.

“You two have fun,” Master Bruce said pleasantly.

“See you in the morning,” Mistress June added. Then she waved slightly and she and Master Bruce walked back down toward their boat.

Slave slut thrashed as another crab ran across the top of her ass. It was going to be a long night.


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