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The Cable

by Legs

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© Copyright 2011 - Legs - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; sbf; drugged; naked; cuffs; outdoors; chain; torment; bdsm; reluct/nc; X

Authors note; This story is in response to a comment in the story by Annabelle, called “Sleep as a Settlement Girl.

This is the story of a lovely young woman who visited a club to hang out with a couple friends before leaving for a week in Cabo. However, she never met up with her friends and instead spent a few days on her own terror filled vacation.

While sitting at the bar waiting, a couple men made advances. Although she refused their advances she did not refuse their offer of a couple drinks. Soon she was feeling groggy and needing to lie down. A bouncer helped her to a back room, placing her on a couch and covered her with a blanket. That was the last she remembered. That is, until…

Her head felt thick as she tried to open her eyes. She moved to rub her eyes but her hand would not reach. She tried hard to think, but her brain would not engage. She fell back asleep again or passed out.

When next she tried to wake, her head was more clear. She was aware of being cool yet there was the warmth of the sun heating her skin. That sense of things finally sunk in and shock and fear surged through her being as she realized she was laying outside in grass, naked! Long dark hair covered her face so she couldn’t see. She reached to comb the hair out of her face, but her hands were restricted behind her back.

She sat bolt upright, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs. Reaching her feet she again shook her head to move her hair. The movement resulted in her arms being jerked away from her body, pulling her back to the ground. As she was not prepared for this, her landing was rather rough and knocked the wind out of her. Shocked, she lay there a couple minutes trying to gain some sense of composure and figure out her predicament. Fear, bordering on outright terror made the task almost impossible.

Being of strong character and a confident woman she mentally took hold of her emotions, moved to a kneeling position and assessed the situation. She was naked except for the leather cuffs that held her wrist close together and those pulling her elbows slightly toward one another. Being an intelligent woman she surmised their purpose was to push her breast forward to better display them, but more importantly to stop her from bringing her arms from behind her back to the front where she could more easily make use of them. She currently was in a small clearing of grass, but there was nothing but thick woods around her. More like forest was her afterthought, for even from her tiny vantage point she could see different types of foliage indicating a sizeable ecosystem.

A heavy thick chain was locked to the cuffs with the other end locked to a ring. The ring encircled a thick cable. The cable was anchored to a large tree with the free end winding across the ground and disappearing into the forest. There was nothing else there. The length of chain connecting cuffs to cable was only four feet long, thus the reason she was so unceremoniously jerked back to the ground earlier. Having assessed the situation, she made the only choice she had, follow the cable.

As she started to cross the clearing, dragging the chain behind her, she immediately realized a couple problems. One, it was going to take a mighty effort to make progress. The three issues causing the problem were; the weight of the chain connecting her cuffs to the ring, the friction from the ring rubbing against the cable and the cable lying on the ground. The latter being the most troublesome as it made her stop, lift and move the cable around any obstacle blocking the ring from passing smoothly over the cable.

The second issue bothered her more because of the potential for personal predicaments, which certainly could include bodily damage. Because of the short length of chain, she had to walk right next to or over the cable to create the proper angle to best pull the ring along the cable. Thus, her maneuverability around possible obstacles would be very much hampered. There were however, no other options.

Anna had not gone but a few hundred feet before her back, shoulders and neck were aching to such a degree she had to stop and rest. Her sweat covered nakedness glistened as her breast heaved from the effort of her breathing. As she knelt to the ground the thought filling her head was; “who could be so evil and cruel?” It was a thought she would experience many times over before her ordeal ended.

As Anna trudged through the forest she was thankful it was not thick with underbrush. She began to worry though about what might be ahead of her as this seemed way too easy. Her worst problem right then was, she was getting very hungry.

She thought it odd that far in front of her was a silver box. As she approached the box she observed it was a metal box locked by a combination lock. The combination was written on top of the box. With some difficulty she managed to open the box to find food and water. She did not allow her surprise or her long hair covering face and food to stop her from indulging. While eating she did wonder if someone were watching. Anna thought about how she looked, kneeling before the box, head buried inside devouring food, knees spread wide, her mons displayed prominently between her legs. This thought, also did not stop her from gobbling all she could.

After eating too much, due to the uncertainty of there being another box or another meal, she again was on her way. After an hour or so she saw through the trees what seemed to be bright sunshine. This made her very happy! It should not have.

What Anna saw when she left the cover of the trees confirmed her earlier dread as to what might be ahead. About twenty feet in front of her was a railroad track. The cable went straight to the track before making a ninety degree turn onto the track. There were poles spaced out on either side of the track over which Anna could not lift the cable.

Very gingerly Anna made her way to the tracks but the cinders still caused much pain. Once on the track she managed to walk on the ties but these were hot and there were many small cinders that cut or bruised her feet. At first she worried about trains but seeing the rust on the rails realized trains no longer used those tracks.

Although pulling the ring along the cable was smoother, a great deal of effort was still needed. Being out in the open under the hot sun was quickly sapping her strength. Her body was now drenched in sweat and she could feel beads of moisture flowing across her breast and dripping onto her stomach. The way the heavy chain stretched her arms out, pulled her shoulders back, causing her breast to rise and extend straight out. Anna began to think how sexy she must look until she thought about the reason for it and quickly put the thought out of her mind, wondering how she could even think such a thing.

After a couple hundred feet the cable left the track on the opposite side and back into the dark forest. This section of the forest was covered in underbrush. There were little trees and bushes and far more rocks and debris covering the ground. This was much rougher on her feet and tougher to make progress as she was constantly adjusting the cable and freeing the ring from an obstacle. It soon became too dark to safely travel so she made a place to lie down. Unsure if sleep was even possible.

Her body ached as she lay on the ground. The night air was cool and made her shiver as it waft across her sweat covered nakedness. The possibility of wild animals and having quiet time to think about her situation filled her brain with thoughts of horror and kept her wide awake. Finally in the wee hours of the night exhaustion took over and she slept.

When Anna woke her body ached more than when night overtook her. She didn’t know where the liquid came from, but she needed relief. She dreaded this moment as she was a much cleaner person than this activity was going to allow. As she maneuvered into position she glimpsed her sweat stained, dirty, bruised body and felt the sticks and leaves embedded in her tangled hair and knew being clean was just a pretense. Anna moaned and groaned and muscles screamed as she got to her feet and once again started her journey of following the cable. A couple lonely tears streaked her face as she walked, aware of warm droplets of moisture sliding down the insides of her legs.

Once through the dense forest she was lead through a field of high grass. Fear was constant as thoughts of snakes occupied her thinking. Near the edge of this grassy plain she stopped dead in her tracks as the sight before her overwhelmed every other thought in her mind.

There was a wide creek bordered by six foot high banks. On the other side of the creek there was a stand of pinion (?) trees and beyond those was a thick stand of evergreens. The recurring thought surfaced once more, what kind of deranged evil person could do this? Suddenly, Anna felt more naked and more fragile then she had ever felt in her life. However, as she stood and stared at the other side she noticed a ray of sun glancing off something shiny. A food box! Now she knew the person who had done this despicable deed was truly evil.

A foot high steel rod with a U shaped top was positioned on either side of the creek. The cable passed through the U’s, keeping it high above the creek.

Anna managed to get the ring through the U and chain over the side, but was unable to pull the heavy cable out. This would have made crossing easier, but her shoulders and arms were too sore and bound as she was did not have enough leverage to achieve the goal. She would have to undertake this challenge as it was presented.

Anna carefully stepped over the edge of the bank leading to the creek. Two steps later her feet slipped tossing her backward. The chain pulled her arms skyward, twisting her and causing her to slam into the bank face first, also resulting in her breast hitting hard and knocking the air out of her lungs. She stuck her feet out to slow the downward sliding motion causing rocks and dirt to assail her pussy. She stopped mid bank, her face and breast forced into the dirt from having her arms pulled almost straight up from her back.

Carefully she got to her feet again and made her way to the creek. At that point her arms were pulled high above her producing a severe forward bend. This caused her hair to hang down around her face making it difficult to see. In this position, like at the food box, she again felt exposed, vulnerable and obscene as her breast swung away from her body hanging down in front of her as her mons was on full display from behind. The crossing was precarious and when she stepped off rocks or into holes her arms were yanked upward causing great strain on her shoulders and back.

Very cautiously she made her way across the creek her arms and shoulders aching from being stretched high above her back. She chuckled as she thought, I least I won’t fall in the water. I might hang by my arms, but I won’t fall to the water. It’s good to have a bit of humor, she thought, no matter how small or dark, when faced with possible maiming or death.

Climbing out the other side was uneventful, but she had to stop and recuperate from the strain her muscles had been put through. She sat there a long time and almost didn’t start again, but after eating her will to go on won and she forced herself to follow the cable.

After a short distance she stared at the cable that disappeared into those coarse, jagged, oversized bushes called trees. She hated going through these fully dressed with protective clothing and now she was going to navigate the devil trees naked with no way to protect herself. She tried walking backward, but couldn’t get the ring to move. Another problem with these trees is they drop a lot of dead branches on the ground making it very painful and difficult to walk.

Anna tried to watch where her feet went and what was in front of her, but this was difficult and slow. Several trees in and she had already been stabbed and/or scraped on her stomach, breast and thighs. More than once she stepped on something that caused her to fall backward into a tree and stabbed or scratched on her back, butt and legs. The ring was always getting caught on something forcing her into a tree to free it. Very quickly her naked body was covered in scratches and little stab holes oozing droplets of blood. Her sweat made all these abrasions burn while the combination of sweat and blood brought a new peril, bugs.

All the insects were harmless, but beyond annoying, especially because she had no way to shoo them away. They would land on her face or breast and time after time she would bring her arm forward to slap at them, except her hand would abruptly stop and jerk her shoulder. Then she would shake her hair and breast to scare them off. The whole process was rather frustrating and degrading to her. She did discover two bright spots to having the bugs irritating her so terribly. It distracted her somewhat from the tortures of the rough pointy branches as they continued to stab and cut her naked flesh and before she realized it she was through those terrible trees.

There was about forty feet of grass between those trees and the evergreens and she took her time moving across this area. The soft grass felt wonderful to her debris battered feet. No grass grows under or around those devil trees so she had just walked over dirt, rocks and dead branches and needed this respite. Besides, she was none too anxious to subject her naked body and all her cuts and scratches to the sharp needles of the evergreens.

Eventually however, she had to make her way into those very sharp tiny spikes waiting to attack her naked flesh. Walking into the trees she realized the cable snaked around the trees rather than following a straight line. This forced her closer to the thick and bushy braches and the maximum amount of needles. Many of the braches were too thick to simply move and she had to push hard with her upper body to get through. This of course drove the sharp little needles into her tender flesh, irritating all those cuts and scratches.

Soon Anna was itching all over as well as being speared by the sharp needles. The real madding thing though was having to step over and around braches that she could not move out of the way. This allowed the needles to be thrust up between her legs scraping her thighs and even pushing against and up into her labia. Her soft, tender, sensitive lips were impaled by many of the needles and many broke off from the branch and remained stuck in and between her lips.

The full branches of rigid sharp needles continued to assault her naked tender flesh until she at last reached the other side and another open grassy area. Exhausted, skin stinging, body racked with pain and mentally drained, she fell to the ground and passed out. Throughout the night she experienced fitful sleep amid spasms from rebelling muscles.

She awoke again in more agony than when she laid down. When she moved to get up she could feel the needles still pressing into the most sensitive folds between her legs as well as in her breast. One needle was stabbing her perfectly in the middle of her left nipple. Oh look, she thought, I’ve managed to hit the bulls eye. She figured life wasn’t over yet if she still could find some humor, so off she went to pursue that incessant cable.

This grassy area was sizeable and although her feet hurt and her body was sore beyond belief, she relished the ease of movement and comfort of walking in grass. Suddenly however, there appeared in front of her another excessive obstacle. The cable passed over and through a swampy area. On either side of the cable was a board wide enough for one foot. Between those two boards was a thick rope about three feet above the ground with knots about every eight inches with pine branches and thorn vines woven into some of the knots.

Anna tried different ways to negotiate this obstacle, but there was only one solution. She would have to straddle the rope and walk across on the boards. Being unstable she was barely able to get one leg over the rope, but finally succeeded. It wasn’t too bad as the rope didn’t quite reach her pussy. Then she moved forward and spread her legs to place her feet on the boards. This lowered her body and forced the rope to split her labia and settle deep inside her. That thought occurred to her again; “what kind of sadistic pervert would subject a girl to this kind of torture?”

Having no choice, she moved slowly forward. The thick hemp rope scraped the insides of her opening and the tender flesh of her inner labia. The malicious nature of her situation was made clear when she hit the first knot. The chain pulled her back just enough to place her clitoris at the exact same level as the knots. Thus, it would be the first thing struck by the knots and suffer the worst damage as her movement forced the knots into, then past her clitoris and into her pussy. Even pushing herself up onto her toes could not ease the knot ramming into her clit and harshly plunging the thorns or needles into her unprotected sex button.

Each knot pounded her clitoris and scratched her pussy and those with thorns or needles stabbed and scraped her most tender and sensitive body parts. Several times while teetering on the rope she would have to drag the cable out of the mud to move the ring forward. During these times the only leverage allowing her to lift, came from between her legs. A severe price to pay for the reward of more torture. Fortunately it was not a wide area. Upon reaching solid ground she lifted one leg and just fell to the ground. She rested a long time before moving on.

From there the cable again passed through a grassy area and then down the middle of a dirt road. Actually the road was covered in small rocks making it difficult to walk. She was so exhausted that she just sunk to the ground and lay on the road until she gathered the strength or the resolve or both, to move on. She crested a hill and could not believe what she saw. Her disbelief was so strong she was about to walk right past. That is, until they began to move.

Although it was late afternoon, there were three teenage girls sitting by the road sunning themselves. As she walked near they got up and came to the road and surrounded her. Although not thinking clearly she was still surprised by their lack of surprise. They looked as if they had been waiting for her. She thought; why would they not be shocked by a naked, filthy dirty, bruised, beaten and bleeding woman, bound by a chain to a cable? She then managed to squeak; can you help me?

The girls never said a word. Two of them grabbed an ankle and spread her legs far apart. They just stared at her as they each reached behind them bringing forth a cat-o-nine whip. Suddenly and viciously they whipped her from knees to chest, concentrating on her pussy and breast. The whipping only lasted less than a minute, but it took all her strength and she dropped to her knees there in the middle of the road.

As she knelt, two of them struck her breast a particularly sadistic ferocious blow directly on her nipples. It was beyond what she could take and she fell flat onto the road, mashing her breast and face into the rocks. Two of the girls grabbed her arms and lifted her up while the third knelt behind her back.

Through the haze she could tell the girl was doing something with the locks and cuffs. As the girl unlocked the chain and cuffs she whispered into Anna’s ear. "I’m not supposed to say this", she said, "but you need to know. We were paid lots of money and made to promise we would whip you violently and were threatened if we did not". She was now free of the cuffs and chain and her arms hung limp at her side. The girl said; "Please pay attention. Your car is just down this road exactly where it was to be left and your keys are in it, but no clothing". She started to add something but stopped.

They placed her back onto the road and left. She had no idea how long she lay there as her muscles spasms jerked her body roughly around in the rocks. Eventually she was able to move her arms, then sit up, then stand and even move a little. There was a bottle of water there and she drank liberally.

Finally she moved down the road where they said her car would be parked, picking rocks and needles from her flesh. She tried to put together the words she heard the girl say with any memory of before she woke up chained to the cable. Nothing made sense. She had only walked a short distance when she saw her car. Climbing into the drivers seat she noticed food and water in the passengers seat. She sat for a long time nibbling and drinking and thinking.

The recurring thought came to her again, 'who would be so cruel and evil and do such despicable things to another human?' Then a strange thought began to make its way through the haze in her brain and it shocked her. Could they mean I did this!? Am I the despicable human who put a young woman through such horrific tortures!? Is that possible? She put the thought out of her mind and drove home to a hot bath and medicating cream. Lots of it. Anna had lots of it?


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