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Elaine’s Second Cousin Melanie 2

by Bob Salinas

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© Copyright 2005 - Bob Salinas - Used by permission

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In Memoriam – Elaine H., 1949-1999

Part Two

Please read part 1 first for this to make more sense

After an eternity of waiting and suffering, I heard a key on the front door and the door opening and closing. For a moment, there was silence, and then the sound of the toilet flushing Melanie’s output safely away. Then I heard footsteps on the stairs and the door opened. I couldn’t see the door from my cell, so I just waited and looked at my reflection until….

“Oh, my god!” Melanie’s giggles assured me that she wasn’t shocked or put off by my self-bondage predicament or by my blatant nakedness. She stepped in front of me, a vision in a white jumpsuit. “Damn, you look appetizing! This I’ve got to save.” She stepped out for a second and returned with a small camera and took her time capturing about a dozen shots of my predicament, getting several exquisite close-ups of my tormented nipples and balls.

Finally, Melanie stepped back and set the camera down on the floor and stepped between me and the mirrors. “Elaine told me about some of the things you used to do to each other when you were tied up. Would you like to see how well I’ve learned?” I nodded my head in enthusiastic assent.

Standing so I could see her from both front and back, she reached behind herself to unzip the back of her jump suit. As she pulled the zipper down her back, the top spread open to reveal a red bra strap. The zipper continued downward past her waist, below which I saw a matching pair of red bikini panties stretching over her firm ass cheeks. She lowered the front of the suit, revealing the red bra which lifted her voluptuous breasts to me, and then dropped it to the floor, revealing the red panties as they disappeared between her thighs. My cock stretched out to her, aching for her touch.

“Elaine told me how she did things to you”, Melanie said with a smile as she stepped to me. She held out her arms and hugged me from the side, staying clear of the cords and the clamps and the noose. Then she kissed me on the edge of my gagged mouth as she let her hands wander over my body, over my chest, over my nipples, over my belly, and down to my crotch. Her soft, warm hand tickled my balls for a moment before it closed around my cock. Smoothly, she stroked me expertly until she heard me groan through my gag.

She smiled. “Ahhh… you like Melanie’s touch, huh?” I nodded affirmatively. Slowly, she sank to her knees, and I felt her lips at my cock. Damn, she was good! She brought me to the edge of an explosive orgasm before she abruptly let my cock slip out of her mouth into the cool air, where the twinges of my orgasm faded. Melanie looked up at me with a smile: “Elaine told me how to do that. Awful, ain’t I?” I nodded my head in agreement- Elaine had been a master of the art of knowing when I was about to cum, and stopping just before I came.

“Okay, Bob- now I’m going to change your position. Notice I didn’t say I was going to let you loose!” My heart jumped within my breast as I realized that I had been granted a playmate with all the delightful skills and enthusiasm of Elaine. She stepped to me and carefully removed my bonds. In a matter of minutes I was lying bound on the floor with my wrists tied to my neck and my legs tied together with my ankles crossed. She looked at me slyly as she removed the gag from my mouth.

“Hmmm… you like having your mouth plugged, don’t you?” 

“Yes, Melanie, when I’m self-bound. But when I’m with you I want to be able to talk!” 

“Good- communication is important, and the more erotic the better! But let me do the talking.” I stayed respectfully silent as Melanie stood over me- one foot on either side of my head, facing my feet. I gazed up at her as she spread her feet wider, staring up at her ass cheeks and at the red panties as they crossed her cheeks and almost disappeared between her thighs.

Melanie bent her knees and knelt over my face; the crotch of her panties slipped between her pussy lips, and I caught a whiff of warm pussy. She squatted further until the flimsy fabric brushed my nose. My cock, now fully erect, throbbed and strained. She ignored it, of course, and rocked her hips forward and back, until my nose was ground into her ass. “I’m usually rather fastidious, but just for you I wasn’t too careful the last time I pooped.” True- my nose, only millimeters from her back door to heaven, picked up the heady odor of her shit. My balls cried for release- I wasn’t as fastidious as she was!

She stood up, taking her asshole away from me. I looked up between her thighs and watched her pulling her panties down off her butt cheeks and down her legs. Then I watched her crotch descending on me, her pussy lips opening as they neared my face. Slowly, ever so slowly, her asshole descended on my nose, and then her pussy lips nestled on my lips. “Put your tongue to good use, Bob!” She squirmed atop me to encourage me.

I’m no stranger to face-sitting, and I went eagerly to work pleasuring her pussy. In a matter of moments, I felt her pussy become wet and hot. A few moments more, and I heard her moaning and groaning. Her hips bucked back and forth over me, making it difficult for me to keep a grip on her target. Then she squealed and ground her twat into my face: “I’m so close, Bob- make me cum! Please make me cum!”

I lifted my face into her crotch, which slowed down her bucking, and I did my admittedly-expert best to ease her into her orgasm. I felt one hand descend to my tits, and then I heard her squeal loudly as a gush of joy juice spurted out onto my face as she threw her nontrivial weight onto me. Her flesh cut off my air for a while, but finally she eased back and I felt a gush of air entering my lungs- air heavily scented with her passion.

A moment more and Melanie slid back off me and sat beside me, the warm meat of her hip pressing against the side of my head. She quietly caressed the side of my head as she told me “Damn, Bob, you know how to use that tongue of yours! Elaine told me that you were good, but you’re super!”

“Thank you, Melanie- it was my pleasure serving you, and I’m very glad I was able to give you your orgasm. If course, I do regret just a little that I wasn’t able to cum with you.” My cock and balls were both aching something awful. 

Melanie got to her knees and started untying me. “I can understand that. Of course, you’re aware that a delayed orgasm is very important in bondage or self-bondage, right?”

“Of course… you’re perceptive.” 

“Thank you- and I’ve done my homework too. But now I want to see the dungeon you told me about.”

Part Three

I took Melanie’s hand and led her toward the door. “Hey, can I get dressed first?” 

“Hmmm… okay, put your panties back on. I’ll get you a pair of slippers.” 

As we prepared to leave the site of my self-bondage dungeon, she was wearing only her lacy red pushup bra, which she had pushed up over her breasts while she was riding my face- I imagine more to get at her nipples that to cool down! (Elaine had often commented that her nipples were incredibly sensitive and wired directly to her clit, and this seemed to run in the family- or maybe to her gender.) Melanie’s bra was too big to be described as flimsy- it had to be substantial to support a rack like hers- but it was pretty and the bright red fairly shouted ‘SLUT!”, which I’m sure is one reason she chose it.

I pulled on a black vinyl robe (I had chosen this and set it out as something suitable for a dominant scene which might happen if I were very, very fortunate) and picked up a pair of slippers for her. I turned to watch as she carefully rearranged the bra, pulling it out and down, over and under her breasts. She watched my face as I watched how the bra shaped and lifted her boobs… oh, my! She smiled again, happy to see my approval of her body, something common to girls everywhere who have less-than-perfect bodies. Then Melanie bent over to pick up her panties, cast aside as she bared her crotch to sit on my face. 

I watched from behind as Melanie slipped her panties up her legs and up over her ass cheeks, marveling happily at how her cheeks jiggled before they disappeared. Mostly disappeared, that is- the panties were skimpy and covered maybe a third of her ample cheeks! She turned to see me observing happily as the panties dipped into the crack of her ass, smiled, and held out her hand.

I took her hand and led her down the hall and down the stairs, which ended at a wooden door I had covered with Contac paper (trademark of somebody or other) to look like what I thought a dungeon door should look like. Melanie smiled as I held the door for her: “Step into my parlor, young lady!” 

I flipped on the light switch and led her past the curtained-off washer and dryer (hey, even perverts need clean clothes) to the ‘working end’ of the dungeon, which featured several rope hoists, a wooden punishment horse, and a pillory. She looked around, her eyes wide. “Wow… Elaine told me about the dungeon, but being there is something else!” 

“Yes, I hope it doesn’t shock you too badly! Over several years I have constructed quite a few pieces of what they call ‘abusive furniture’, more than I can keep here; I chose these and moved them from storage to here just for your visit, in the hope you might share them with me.” 

Melanie smiled as she finished her visual tour of the dungeon. “Bob, I’m kind of hard to shock! I’m just a hair concerned that I might be getting in over my head (not to mention the rest of me), but absolutely I want to try out these devices and share the experience with you.” I smiled and reached for her hand. This time, I pulled her to me for a long embrace, in which she joined eagerly. I kissed her on the side of her neck as my hand caressed her barely-covered ass cheeks, and she squirmed eagerly into me and reached under my robe to caress my back and ass cheeks … she’s a slut, remember?

I finally released her and smiled as she stepped to the punishment horse, examining it carefully. “This looks like a perverted version of what they made us use in high school- I was never very good at it.” 

“Well, maybe it takes a while for the knowledge to sink in- care to try it?” 

She giggled self-consciously as she stood there semi-naked in her red underwear. “Well, you’re probably right. How do I use this thing?”

I pushed a footstool beside the horse, and Melanie stepped right up without hesitation, threw one leg over, and seated her panty-clad ass on the horse. I shoved the stool out of the way and moved to her, putting one hand high on her back and pressing to urge her to a lying-down position atop the horse. “This is the traditional position in which young ladies ride the horse”, I told her as I scooted her back a bit. I lifted her ankles and locked them in leather cuffs bolted to the legs at one end of the horse. Figuring out what was coming next, she smiled and extended her arms, and I locked her wrists in the cuffs on the other end of the horse.

Melanie’s eyes followed me as I stepped to the wall which was covered with pegboard and hooks which displayed a vast array of toys for restraint and the inflicting of pleasurepain on my guest. She looked at the selection of handcuffs, ankle cuffs, straps, dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, padlocks, chains… I knew what my first feelings were when I visited a dominatrix’ dungeon and saw the selection of toys she could use on me! I came back with two belts, one of which I draped over her shoulders. The other one went around the horse at her waist, and I pulled it snug to squeeze her tummy hard against the horse.

Melanie wiggled against the strap. “Hmmm… snug. Hey, aren’t you the guy who’s into self-bondage? What’s this with you binding a helpless young damsel in your dungeon?”

“Well, sort of. But that ensures that I know what feels good and what feels bad and how to do it!”

She smiled and squirmed against the straps which bound her to the punishment horse. “Well, what else would you do to a helpless damsel in this position?”

I stepped alongside her and retrieved the other belt from her shoulders. “Well, if she had been impertinent or otherwise naughty, I might spank her bottom. You might notice that your bottom is thoroughly exposed and vulnerable”, I told her as I patted said bottom with my free hand, happily observing how it jiggled. Then I stepped back and doubled the belt, holding it by the buckled end. Melanie’s eyes widened and I saw her strain against the cuffs.

“Ahhh… I see that you can feel that you are helpless! You can pull at the cuffs, but nothing happens. You can strain against the strap that binds you to the horse, but you can’t move. You are firmly anchored to the horse, and you can move only millimeters, not enough to escape the agony that’s coming!” Her eyes opened wide as I raised the belt and brought it down firmly on her ass with a loud “Crack!”

“Owww!” came from Melanie. (I hadn’t hit her all that hard, and the doubled belt whacking against itself made most of the noise.)

I reached out and gently caressed the exposed skin of her ass cheeks; I had left a reddened strip across her curves. “That wasn’t all that bad, was it, my damsel?”

“Hell, yes, it was! That stung!”, Melanie responded.

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to get used to it”, I responded, and proceeded to paint more stripes of pain across her plump cheeks. I swatted her six times, and six times she squealed, each louder than the one before it. 

I tossed the belt to the floor and stepped to her, gently stroking her bottom through her panties. She wasn’t crying, not quite, but she had clearly been paddled. “Notice how the spanking warms your bottom”, I mentioned. “The blood flow to the region is increased. You may also have noticed that the increased blood flow also brings sensations to other pleasure-oriented areas of your lower body”, I told her in a professorial tone.

“Hmmm… yes, you’re right, Bob. I wouldn’t choose getting my ass beaten as my favorite way to spend a spring afternoon, but it certainly has awakened my pussy!” I chuckled and began releasing the belt and the cuffs binding her to the horse. I helped her sit up and then held out my arms; she slid off the horse to me, and I held her wiggling body against me for a minute.

I released her reluctantly, took her by the hand and led her to the pillory, noticing that she didn’t hang back! The pillory was a special device of my own construction. Two vertical posts at either side supported the traditional ‘yoke’ with one neck-sized hole and a wrist-sized hole at either side. “I built this for me, so the holes might be a bit large for you.”

”See this side?” At the end of the yoke opposite the hinge was a small box containing a battery-operated timer. “When I do a self-bondage scene, I set this timer for however long I please. After I set the timer and close the gate, I’m helpless- there’s no way in the world I’m going to get loose until the time expires. Of course, for you I’ll just lock it manually and open it whenever I please. What you please, of course, has little to do with that.” She smiled in anticipation with some concern mixed in.

At the base of the device was mounted a pair of stocks. “And down here is an addition to the usual Puritan device- a pair of stocks which will hold your ankles, rendering your legs and lower body pretty much immobile… and vulnerable.” Melanie looked at the stocks and then at me. 

“Okay, Bob, enough tantalizing. Will you PLEASE show me how it works and feels?”

“Melanie, I thought you’d never ask! Actually, that’s how IT works and how YOU feel! And now I will do my best to show you how it and I can enhance how you feel.” I put my hands on her waist and gently positioned her, facing the pillory with her ankles up against the stocks. I reached to the side, released the latch, and opened the yoke of the pillory. And next I pronounced her sentence…

“Miss Melanie, you have been found guilty of public naughtiness, assisting a pervert in his evilness, and other flagrant crimes. You are sentenced to be locked in the pillory until such time as you repent of your sins! Take your position, harlot!” Not completely aware of what awaited her, she chuckled, placed her hands in the cutouts, and leaned forward to place her neck in its place. 

Being careful not to pinch her skin, I carefully lowered the gate, slamming it down the last inch to produce an appropriately ominous “THUD!”. I slipped a heavy pin into place. “The yoke is now latched, and your head and hands are now imprisoned. As a matter of fact, your entire body is imprisoned.” I stroked her bottom, with emphasis on her nether cleavage, to emphasize her helplessness. Melanie wiggled her ass against my hand, savoring her helplessness.

I stepped around the pillory and arranged a pair of full-length mirrors so that Melanie had no choice but to have a full view of herself- her fingers waggling helplessly, her head locked in position, her body helplessly exposed to me. Still smiling, she said “The holes aren’t too tight, Bob, but then again I can’t pull my hands out through them, either.” With a twinkle in her eye, she continued “I’m helpless against anything you might do to me!”

I looked into her eyes as I slipped both hands down into her bra; she squirmed as I quickly stroked my hands under her bulging boobs and pinched her nipples. “Oohhh…”

“Silence, harlot, or your punishment will be increased!”

I stepped behind her and knelt at her feet. As I descended, I gave her a quick kiss on the cleavage between her plump ass cheeks, which drew an exquisite squeal, and unlatched the stocks. As she watched in the mirrors, I maneuvered her ankles into position and latched the stocks closed, locking her legs to the pillory. This left her bent at the waist, her breasts dangling. Her bra less supported than restrained her breasts, keeping them from flopping heavily. Her ankles were more than two feet apart, a position which left her thighs parted and vulnerable. I gently stroked her inner thighs as I stood up behind her and admired the way that her panties exposed her posterior cleavage.

“Of course, a vixen such as yourself should not be allowed the shelter or protection of clothing. Never fear- should you actually need to wear underwear, I’ll take you shopping.” Melanie smiled at me in the mirror.

“Yes, Elaine told me about your arrangements- how you took her shopping at the Big Babes Shoppe after you ripped her underwear off her!”

“True… I also took her shopping to buy things to tear off her!” I unhooked the back strap of her bra, reached around her to grab it between the cups, and pulled it sharply downward; the shoulder straps parted and the garment hung limp in my hands. I tossed it to the side as I watched the mirrored reflection of her dancing breasts. Wow!

Tearing myself away from the spectacle, I reached down, grabbed the seat of her panties, and with one serious tug ripped them from her body. I thought about taking a quick sniff, but then again the original scent of her pussy was still smeared across my face, so I bypassed the pleasure and tossed the mangled panties atop her broken bra. I stepped around and looked closely at her as she watched my approval of her body. “You are a marvelously-curved young lady. A shame you’re such a harlot and must be punished!”

Joining in the game, she begged ”Oh, please, Master, don’t punish me. I’ll make you so happy if you don’t punish me!”

“WHAT!! Are you attempting to bribe an officer of the church’s court with your body? This will increase your punishment severely!” I roared out my outrage and reached for a fraternity paddle- two feet of polished pine, eight inches wide, a secure handle, and a series of one-inch holes piercing its surface. I stood beside her hips as she pleaded with me to let her off.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I was afraid of how cruel you would be to me!” She let out a loud “OWWW!!” as the paddle slapped hard across her ass. I watched, almost amazed, as a ripple raced across her butt, like ripples in a pond. I lifted the paddle and saw that I had painted a light red stripe across her cheeks, with a series of red-bordered circles within. 

I raised the paddle again, watching the terrified expression on Melanie’s face as I brought it down sternly on the lower edge of her ass cheeks, just above her thighs. “Aghhhowwww!” Again and again I struck her with the paddle, until her ass was a deep pink from high on her ass to the middle of her thighs. I finally lowered the paddle, my arm exhausted. Melanie leaned against the pillory, and I could see tears dripping down her face.

I stepped around the pillory and held her face in my hands. She cried into my hands: “Oh, Bob, that hurt so much! My ass is on fire. But my little twat is on fire too. Please let me loose and make love to me, please!” I kissed her firmly, and she responded so eagerly she almost sucked my tongue out. I would have loved to take her right there on the concrete floor, but that wasn’t the way I had to do it (and her).

I took off my robe, stepped behind her again and stood behind her. I leaned forward with my hands on the pillory, leaning against her so she could feel my erection poking between her plump cheeks. Melanie wiggled against me desperately, I watched her bare breasts bobbling and then looked deep into her eyes. “Ooohhh! Please, Bob, do me! Don’t be gentle, do me hard! I’m so horny it’s incredible!”

Well, I couldn’t really let that go. Besides that, I was incredibly horny myself- sleeping bound in my chastity belt and strait jacket last night, self-bound and tormented this afternoon and then bound and helplessly face-sat by Melanie this afternoon, and now incredibly excited by this bound, flogged, and squirmy nymphet!

I gave up any thought of protracting our foreplay. Pressing my legs together, I leaned into Melanie’s jutting rump and steered my cock across her asscheeks. I felt her shiver as I slipped my cockhead between her cheeks and down across her asshole and finally found her pussy lips. This position was poor for penetration, but I slipped my cock between her lips and found her pussy.

“Ohhh… that’s it… shove it in me and fuck me, Bob! Please! I want it in me so bad!” I wanted it in her so bad, too. I shoved it into her, loving the way she humped back at me, taking more and more of my cock into her with each shove. 

I looked over the top of the pillory at her face as it was reflected in the mirror; her eyes were squinched shut in passion. Her heavy breasts swayed back and forth, their nipples distended as she squirmed with desire, and her helpless fingers waggled in the air. I held on to the top of the pillory and used it as leverage to fiercely pump my throbbing erection into her sloppy-wet vagina.

In only a couple of long minutes I was rewarded with Melanie’s squeal: “Oh, my god, you’re making me cum, Bob! Do me hard and cum with me! Let me feel your juices spurt inside me! Cum with me now!” Her dirty talk and raw desire pushed me over the top. I felt my balls cramp and the scorching burn of my cum roaring down the shaft of my cock.

“Aggghhhh! Here it comes, Melanie! You’re making me cum with you! Here’s my cum spurting inside your pussy!” Wad after wad of boiling cum spurted out of the slit in the end of my cock into Melanie’s slippery, grasping twat. Damn damn damn!

Finally it stopped, and I gently slipped my cock out of Melanie’s crotch, noticing the long sticky string that connected the tip of my cock and her pussy. I stepped around to kiss her lips and stroke her breasts (amazingly, I hadn’t had my hands full of her meat yet- I’d been too occupied!) before I released her from the pillory.

Neither of us were too steady on our feet, but I walked her to the stairs and the summoned up the last of my strength to pick up her naked body and carry her up the stairs. I gently lay her down on the king-sized waterbed and lay down beside her, where both of us fell asleep in a satisfied exhaustion.




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