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Elle & the Old Farmhouse 2: Zipties

by West Coast Comet

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© Copyright 2010 - West Coast Comet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; leatherbelts; zipties; hogtie; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part one Part 2: Zipties

Ellie was an attractive girl, 5’2” with a slim build, and sandy colored hair with a great smile.  She had been told she had a nice butt, but she already knew that.  She also had a very nice rack, not overly large, but well proportioned to her body.  She was just awakening to that highly charged world of sex that would soon consume her summer. That summer she lived with her grandparents who were gone most of the week, while grandpa received cancer treatments.  So Ellie was alone most of the time, and without a car for that matter.  She began to turn to sex, and specifically, self-bondage to entertain herself.

Ellie took a long shower after her first experience (see part one).  She realized she felt more satisfied and refreshed that she had ever been.  The next time, she thought to herself, I want to have a better exit strategy, and furthermore, I don’t want to get out until I’m bound even longer.  She did not realize it at the time, but she was now addicted to this strange and thrilling self-bondage activity that would last all summer.

The next day she spent her time experimenting with different arrangements.  She had two requirements.  First, the bondage must be inescapable, and second, it must be very escapable after some period of time.  The leather belt bondage had almost fulfilled the first requirement, but she had escaped, barely.  Furthermore, she needed a reliable escape mechanism.  She thought of nothing that would keep her restrained for 2-3 hours, and then allow her a graceful exit strategy.  She had found grandpa’s collection of heavy duty zip ties in the garage, and quickly rejected using them as a binder.  The plastic was hard and sharp, and uncomfortable.  Ellie wanted restraint, not pain.  The zip ties required a side cutting pliers to release, so maybe they were part of a solution.

Ellie opened the belt up and moved the buckle two holes away from her original position.  Okay, the belt slipped on easily, now what?  The buckle was in the highest loop around her forearms.  She slipped a zip tie around two of the belt loops nearest her hands, centering it between her forearms.   She pulled the zip tie closed.  The belt around her wrists now wrapped completely around each wrist, tightening the entire binding.  Ellie could tell that she could no longer slip this off her wrists.  This was really tight, but comfortable. 

Here she was, near twilight, out in the garage with only her shorts and tank top on – no underwear.  She was trapped, with her hands tightly bound behind her.  Those feelings of helpless abandon came over her now.  This got her quickly aroused.  Moist and horny, she reached down and tried to push her shorts off.  She got them past her butt, and then wiggled her legs until the shorts were down to her ankles.  She kicked them off.  Only the pliers could free her.  She left them in the garage, and walked to the house, naked from the waist down. 

She spent that evening trying everything in the house to escape.  Nothing worked.  The kitchen knives were up in a cabinet where she couldn’t reach.  The letter opener was too dull.  The nail clippers could not cut the thick zip tie.   She could not pull off the leather belt no matter how hard she pulled on them.  The good news was that she found a couple ways to get off by rubbing herself against various items in the house.  Finally, around 11:00 she tentatively opened the back door and quickly walked back to the garage and used the side cutters.  She was able to immediately free herself.  She put her shorts back on and walked back to the house.  She went to bed knowing that this was the right restraint.  It had, indeed, been inescapable.  Now all she needed was a way to keep the side cutters out of reach.   

The next day she tried many different approaches until she stumbled on using a plastic gallon jug with a heavy nylon string embedded.  She froze a long string in the jug, leaving a loop outside the neck.  In fact she put several jugs in the freezer. She tied a trigger string to the side cutters, looped the string over a hook in the kitchen, tied it to the loop in the jug, and waited.  With the jug half full of ice, the side cutters dropped in about 2 hours, perfect!  She was not sure she wanted to wait for a full jug to melt.

She set the next jug outside and ran the trigger string through the top of the double hung window, so she couldn’t reach the string when she was tied up.  She tied the side cutters to the trigger string.  Now she was ready!  She removed everything she wore, and put them away in her closet.  Sitting on the couch completely naked, she wrapped the first belt loosely around her ankles, and then pulled it tight with a zip tie.  She ran the zip tie though the buckle, so she couldn’t unbuckle the belt without cutting the zip tie first.  The zip tie pulled the belt tightly around each ankle, and made the binding secure.

She pulled a belt around her knees, then a belt around her waist.  This was going to be the “ultimate tie up” in her mind, so she did a few extra things.  She looped a zip tie through the ankle zip to put her in a hog tie.  She had found out that “the tighter the tie, the harder the orgasm”.  She pulled a belt around her shoulders and wiggled it down by forcing her shoulder back.  The roughness of the leather kept this belt in place.

Now she slid off the couch slowly, keeping her legs bent, landing on her knees.  She slipped her hands through the belly belt, and into her wrist restraints.  She fumbled with the last zip tie.  She slipped it through the one from her ankles, and around her wrist bindings.  Ellie took a deep breath, because she was about to go down a one way path.  Her experiment told her there was no escape until the side cutters dropped – in the kitchen. “Enough!” she thought, and pulled the wrist zip tie tight.  The belt wrapped around her wrists tightly, and pulled her forearms together.  The shoulder belt dropped just a little making the whole affair more constricting. 

However, Ellie wasn’t done yet.  She gently felt the bindings on her wrists and grasped the loose end of the zip tie from her ankles to her wrists.  She pulled the hell out of that zip tie too.  With her hands fastened to her ankles, she could not pull her arms out of the belt around her waist.  Now her arms were locked together behind her back, and locked to her back.  She found she couldn’t move them at all.

She finally let out her breath.  There she was, alone, naked, and thoroughly bound.  She loved it!  She slid slowly to her side, collapsing on the floor.  It was then she realized how tightly she was bound.  She had pulled her ankles and wrists together with that last pull.  She loved the tightness of the bindings, but was not sure she could endure being a pretzel for 2 hours.  On the other hand, there was no choice in this matter. 

The last zip tie had pulled her into a bit of a back bend, lifting her knees slightly.  She found it almost impossible to move. She strained against her bonds, and found that nothing gave. Not so much as a quarter inch.  It was physically impossible to reach any of her other bindings because she had pulled her wrists right up to her ankles.  She continued to struggle, and revel in how tightly she had tied herself up.  This was exactly it!  The tighter the bonds, the better the high.  No release possible, no cry for help would be heard, no rescue coming.  She was bound, naked and alone!

The more she struggled, the most aroused she became, but with no way for release.  The last time she could stretch out and drive out an orgasm by pressure, or last night she could rub against something.  This time she found that the hog tie would not provide that outlet. She struggled and crept toward the kitchen.  For what it was worth, the side cutters could have been on the floor all the time, because she could not have retrieved them any sooner.  She eventually made it to the kitchen.  The cool linoleum of the kitchen floor felt better than the carpet, but she still needed to move another 15 feet, and she was getting worn out.  She could see the cutters hanging by the trigger string, but they hadn’t moved.  It would be another half an hour before they dropped. 

Ellie was exhausted by her struggles.  Fortunately, the ice in the jug melted faster because she had set it outside.  She was grateful for that.  She clipped the zip ties holding the hog tie, then the one holding her wrists.  She could move, but managed to bring herself off with a gentle touch.  She found that the climax was intense and wholly satisfying.  She lay naked on the kitchen floor for a long time resting, with her legs still bound.  When she finally removed her leg bindings, she stood up and stuck her head under the kitchen faucet and drank water until she could hold no more, then sat on the floor.

She knew she was on the right track, but it needed some adjustments.  She wanted the orgasm while in her bonds, uncontrollable, and forced, with no compromise.  Fingering herself after the bondage play was not quite what she wanted.  It should happen while she was in the middle of the role-play.  Not afterward.  She had some more thinking to do.  Maybe the basement or that old barn on the back of the property might be just the spot for her next experiment.


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