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Elle & the Old Farmhouse 3: The Basement

by West Coast Comet

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© Copyright 2010 - West Coast Comet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; leatherbelts; zipties; sybian; susp; mast; climax; caught; M/f; cons; X

continued from part 2 Part 3: The Basement

Ellie found what she needed in the garage, an old broom and a chunk of cedar 2x8. Using grandpa’s band saw and sander, she fashioned a crude saddle from the 2x8 and drilled a hole in the saddle for a chunk of broom stick to sit. This was a trial and error activity, but pretty soon, she had created a wooden Sybian. She sanded it smooth and took it down into the basement with her.

The basement was typical of most farmhouses in Iowa. The walls were made of stone, with wooden support columns running down the length of the center. Long ago Grandma hung her laundry between the two columns, but the dryer did that work now. The washer and dryer were in the near corner next to the stairs. The furnace was in the far corner. There were some shelves full of dusty boxes and jars, but nothing anyone would ever touch again. This was an ideal place to keep a kidnapped girl, or at least that is what Ellie was thinking. The villains would take her clothes and tie her to one of the posts.

Just to keep her quiet, they would give her something to occupy her time, something to keep her sexually aroused. She decided the kidnappers would mount her on this wooden saddle, so she would have no choice but to stand there and take it. She had to change a few things to ensure the plot would work right. A couple screw eyes would hold the trigger string, allowing the side cutters to drop to her hands after the ice melted in the gallon jug. She only used ½ a jug of ice because she was unsure she could endure more.

Ellie wanted tight, but comfortable bondage. The old leather belts allowed her to experiment with a variety of combinations. They were comfortable, and had very little give when she strained against them. She had found that using a zip tie as a cinch was perfect. The side cutters would release her, but only when they dropped to within reach. She could be assured of about 2 hours of inescapable bondage with this combination.

She found that her wooden horse had a problem. How could she fasten it to the post, climb on it, and then fasten her ankles? She also found that binding her ankles together was not comfortable with the wooden horse in place. Besides, the kidnappers would have tied her legs apart, so they could pleasure themselves whenever they wanted. Her solution was a couple of 4x4 blocks, and a 3 foot 2x4. First she nailed a couple fence staples to the 2x4 near each end. These would hold the ankle bindings, spreading her legs nicely. She clamped the “horse” onto the post with a large C-clamp she found in the garage. She put the jug and side cutters in place and was now ready for the next level of self bondage she would try.

She pulled off her clothes. The kidnappers ripped them off and threw her clothes on the stairs. Barefoot and naked, she walked over to her place of confinement and turned her back to the post. She had turned off the lights in the basement, but some light came through the small dirty window near the laundry. She slid a belt through each fence staple on the 2x4, and around her ankles. She buckled these tightly, and noticed how rigidly they held her legs. She could feel the start of that familiar rush she always got from this activity.

Ellie cautiously stepped up on the 4x4 block one foot at a time, hanging onto the post at her back. Now she leaned back against the post. The position was perfect. She was positioned above the wooden horse, with a foot on each 4x4 block. She was cautious, and lowered herself on the horse. The broomstick end filled her pussy and the upward curved end of the horse pressed against her clit. She stepped off the 4x4 blocks, and was imprisoned by her own sex. She could not put her heels on the ground and had to stand on her toes just a bit. At this point she could have undone the C-clamp and walked away, but she wanted the next sexual high, so she kept to her plan.

She had hammered in a nail on the back side of the post to hang all the rest of her belts. She reached behind and pulled off the first belt. It went around her waist and the post behind her. Now she felt secure enough to kick the 4x4 block away, far from her reach. A second belt went around the post and her chest, just above her breasts. This belt made her breasts swell slightly as it pressed down on her flesh. She was breathing heavily now as the excitement was growing. She rocked gently against the horse and found that she was highly aroused. No! She would wait until she was finished binding herself.

The last belt hanging on the nail was for her wrists. Wrapping her arms around the post made getting her hands into the belt difficult. She had already started the zip tie, so the finish would be easy once she got her arms through. She had to strain with her arms out in a stappado position to get enough leverage to get her hands through. Without further thought, she pulled the zip tie, imprisoning herself in her basement dungeon. Feeling her bonds, she put her hands on the second zip tie interlaced with the one cinching her wrists. She found the loose end and maneuvered it over a heavy hook she had placed on the back of the post, about 3” down from her hands. Again she pulled the zip tie closed. This second zip tie pulled her wrists downward and tightly against the post.

She was done. She could not move the upper part of her body, only her hips could move, and they were restrained by the horse. Her hips moved against the un-giving wood while she strained against her bonds. Pulling and jerking ferociously, she could not get free. She already knew that, but she had to try. It did not take more than about 15 minutes before she had a violent orgasm. It seemed to go on and on as she climaxed multiple times. Afterwards, she hung in her bonds, but the horse’s pressure was relentless. She came again and again. This was exactly the high she had been looking for.

The ice in the jug took much longer to melt this time, keeping her imprisoned for almost 3 hours. When the side cutters dropped next to her hands, she didn’t reach for them at first. She ground out one more climax before cutting herself loose. Once the side cutters had dropped, some of the high of the bondage situation diminished. Once her hands were freed, she undid the C-Clamp, and then removed the rest of her bondage. After some water and lunch, she pulled another jug out of the freezer (she had several going), and went back down to the basement.

When Ellie was not in the basement bound to the post, she was thinking about it. Each time the jug was filled further to the top with ice. Pretty soon she was bound for 4 or more hours at a time. She became fixated on sex in bondage. Only the weekends when her grandparents were home, did she abstain. On those weekends she would drive into town or take long walks in the fields.

Over the weeks of this activity, she made some improvements to her little prison. First she replaced the C-clamp. She drilled a hole through the horse and into the post. A section of the old broom handle now pinned the horse to the post. This improvement allowed her to bold the 2x4 leg spreader to the post. She liked the rigid pinning of her ankles to the post and 2x4. Ellie could get up on the 4x4 blocks then fasten her ankles to the 2x4. The horse could then be pinned under her by pushing the pin into the hole in the post. Then she could lower herself down on the pleasure saddle by wiggling off the blocks. The horse would move a little with her hips, in and out, making the whole affair more pleasurable.

She also fixed a little water bottle, hung upside down like a hamster bottle that she could pull water from. A couple times she had to pee, but there was a floor drain nearby, so the clean up was simple. A bucket of water swirled around the drain did the trick. The wooden pony was washable, and she kept it clean. No sense in getting an infection.

Part 4: The old Barn

On one of her weekend walks, she explored an old barn in the middle of the farm fields. It had not been used for many years, but the metal roof had kept the beams and siding in good shape for what must have been 50 years. In the hay loft was a great looking 6x6 post that would be perfect for her needs. It was lonely and empty up there. She could look out the windows and see nothing but farm fields. The chance of discovery was pretty slim, but the barn would have much more of a sense of danger than the dark basement at home.

Later that day she returned to the barn with the power drill, another 2x4 and some hooks. She had nailed the fence staples into 2x4 to make the spreader bar. She bolted the 2x4 to the post. She had taken careful measurements from the basement and replicated the same structure in the barn. She crafted the escape mechanism, installing the hooks for the side cutter drop, and put the other various hooks in the back of the post. Then she had an idea, she put additional fence staples into the post where her waist and chest belts wrapped around the post. That would make it easier to buckle up. In the process she engineered a more stringent bondage than she had expected.

She had to wait until Monday, when her grandparents left for the week, before she could return to the barn. She had thought about the whole scene, and intended to be there for only 2 hours the first time. No sense in pushing this too hard just in case there was something she missed the first time. She lugged a half jug of ice out to the barn along with her other supplies, all fit nicely into a gym bag. As she walked along the hedgerow, she looked out across the fields. There was a man on a tractor pulling something around one of the distant fields. He was so far off she could not see him too clearly. She doubted he saw her as she walked along the edge of the field behind her house to the old barn. It was a Monday, and people were going back to work, including the farmers.

She guessed that the barn was at least ¾ of a mile from her house. It was a good walk, and the anticipation of being kept way out there, in the desolate old barn seemed to really work on her inner feelings. She could feel her arousal as she walked. “Oh man, this will be just too much!” She thought. Butterflies were churning in her stomach.

Ellie climbed to the hay loft and walked to the post. She had arranged her position so she faced the windows, with her back to the stairs. She hung her hamster bottle of water, and set about being “kidnapped”. She pulled off all her clothes, including her shoes and put them all in her gym bag. It was exciting to be naked in a strange and unfamiliar place. She placed her bag over by the stairs so she could not even see it while bound. It added to the fantasy. Ellie wanted to feel completely vulnerable and helpless. After all, the kidnappers would have taken her clothes with them. She would be naked and alone, totally helpless.

After she slipped her waist and chest belts through the fence staples on the post, she stepped up on her 4x4 blocks and strapped her ankles to the spreader bar. She had made this bar slightly longer than the one in the basement. She fastened the waist belt and pinned the wooden horse under her crotch. Just the way it brushed her sex made her shiver. She decided to be fully bound before forcing it into herself. This was a fateful decision that would soon surprise her.

She pulled the chest belt around and buckled it just above her breasts. She made sure the buckle was slid to the side so it would not pinch her. She looked around as a final check. Everything seemed okay, so she pushed her arms into the wrist belt that hung on the hook behind her. The wrist belt was wrapped around 3 times, and she had already placed a zip tie across one of the loops to act as a cinch. Just like in the basement, she had a second zip tie that would pull her wrists downward to a hook set below her hands. This would tighten the bindings further and pull her back hard against the post.

The belts were tighter than in the basement because the post was a little larger. However, she did not hesitate beyond the final look-around. She pulled the wrist cinch tight, and then pulled on the pull-down zip tie. As the zip ties clicked, she got such a rush that she almost fainted. Her arms were pulled down and together behind the post. She strained her muscles without effect. Her bondage was perfect and tight. She tried but could not pull one more click out of the zip ties. They were as tight as she could pull. She closed her eyes, and wiggled her feet off the 4x4’s. That is when she got her first surprise.

The 4x4 rolled out from under her feet, and she found that she was on tip toe. Was the wooden saddle a little higher? Maybe she had miss-measured, or maybe the wider stance of her ankles allowed her less support. That was it. The 2x4 was longer. Also the waist and chest belts were holding her tightly. She usually stepped off the support blocks before tightening them, but this time she pulled them tight before see stepped off the blocks. Furthermore, the fence staples on the side of the post kept the belts from sliding down the post. She had installed the staples while standing straight. Now her legs were spread, and the staples were a little higher than she expected. Her weight pulled the belts tighter still.

Her bondage was more stringent than in the basement. The effect of being bound so tightly in the old barn was electrifying. She came as soon as she rubbed the wooden horse. Over the next hour or so, she lost track of how many times she came, grunting and moaning, knowing that she was completely and inescapably bound in the old barn. Naked and alone, abandoned by her kidnappers and forced to have multiple orgasms without relief. With only the flutter of an occasional mourning dove to disturb the silence, she completely lost track of the time.

It was beginning to warm up. She was starting to sweat. She realized that the ice jug would soon release her. The escape was too soon, and she regretted using only a half jug of ice. Soon that thought was banished in the haze of another bondage induce climax. She let out a long “Aaaah...” as she crested the top of that wave. Her thrashing prevented her from hearing the quiet steps on the stairs leading up to the hay loft.

“Good God!” he exclaimed as she came into view. Ellie wrenched around to see who spoke, but could not see past her shoulder. She snapped out of her haze, and was so embarrassed that she could not speak. He walked over to her and looked at her bondage. She could see his face now, and he was younger than she expected, maybe no older than 25. She was startled to see a young man in front of her because so many of the men in the farming area were older, because their children all left for better areas.

“What do you want?” she asked in a quaking voice.

“You did this yourself, didn’t you? Nobody tied you up. You did this… yourself…” His last sentence formed more of a question than a statement as he followed the string to the ice jug.

“Please leave me alone. When the ice melts I’ll leave here and not come back. I am sorry I trespassed”.” Ellie said. He seemed to ignore her comments, dismissing them with a wave of his hand.

“You are cuter than you looked walking out to the barn, and younger too. I saw you walk out here, and when you didn’t come back out, I thought you might have been hurt or something. These old barns can be dangerous. I thought I’d better check on you.” He was now looking her up and down like she was hot meal and he was starving. “I think I can help you. My name is Jim and I live nearby”.

Well Ellie was pretty much speechless. She thought about trying to explain her peculiar sexual interest, but decided she would just not say anything. She was the helpless victim of a heinous kidnapping, after all. Who knows what this stranger would do? She just squirmed a little. For some reason being caught in the act was terribly exciting. She could feel her steam rising. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. He reached up and began to fondle her breasts. She closed her eyes, moaned and squirmed on her horse. He began to touch her all over. He kissed her deeply and passionately. She decided that she had to have him inside her, then and there.

He bent down and examined the horse. “Pretty clever, this”, he said as he pulled the pin out and dropped the horse from her crotch. It was covered in her love juice, and made a little squishing sound as it came out. He set it down on the floor. Her heart was racing. She wanted him to make love to her right now, bound as she was.

“I can’t have that little wooden dick taking my place”. He smiled and reached behind her. He yanked the side cutters down and, to Ellie surprise, put them in his pocket. He kissed her again, and said,
“Wait here for me. I will be back after I finish my chores. It shouldn’t be more than 8 hours or so. If I don’t get back by this evening, I’ll stop by tomorrow. You’ll be plenty safe to stay here all night."

“On no, you can’t leave me like this! I can’t get loose. You can’t leave me all night! Please don’t leave”

“I’ll be back as soon as I can get some free time. Bye.” He walked to the steps and picked up her gym bag. Looking in it, he said, “I’ll take you clothes with me. You won’t need them any time soon.”

“Wait, don’t leave! Don’t leave! You can do anything you want! “, but all she heard was his footsteps on the stairs and a bit of a chuckle. Now she was really trapped. This time she had no clothes, no escape, and no choice. She had made her bed, so to speak, and now she had to live with it. The idea of being bound naked in this old barn over night was strangely thrilling to her. She began to rock her hips unconsciously, but there was no wooden horse to satisfy her. “Dam it” she thought. “He could have left that still in place.”

Throughout the rest of the morning her heat built. This was her fantasy, bound and naked, and at the mercy of some unknown person. She cycled through almost climaxing and then dropping down. It was both frustrating and arousing at the same time. All she needed was a little touch to the right place, but, damn it, there was no way, bound as she was. She thought she couldn’t stand it any longer, but she had to. She wasn’t going anywhere. It was about noon when she heard someone climbing into the hay loft. She couldn’t see who it was, but she thought to herself, “I don’t care who or what is coming up the stairs, as long he has a hard dick!”

Jim liked her looks right from the start, and found himself truly fascinated with a girl that would do this to herself. Besides, she was very attractive. She smelled good, and when he kissed her, she tasted good. Everything about her intrigued him. As he climbed the stairs, he was thinking, “8 hours? No way. Tomorrow? No F’ing way”.

After he left the barn the first time, it took him about an hour and a half to rip to town to buy a couple dozen rubbers, and some fried chicken. He grabbed an old blanket and some beer on his way out the door. He figured to have one fine fuck, then another. After that, maybe they would a picnic on the blanket in the hayloft, with his naked captive lying on the blanket, still bound of course. Then maybe another fine fuck when they finished the chicken and beer.

The chores will just have to wait. He had other work to do.


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