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Ellie & the Phone Call

by West Coast Comet

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Ellie's story continues from Ellie in the Field

The phone rang, and it startled Ellie. The first thing she thought was that something had happened to one of her grandparents. She was house sitting for them this summer, while her grandfather was getting cancer treatment in Minneapolis. She quickly picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”

An old woman’s voice said, “Oh my. I must have the wrong number. I was calling for Betty”.

“It’s okay, I am Betty’s granddaughter. I am helping them out this summer. What can I do for you?” Ellie said, relieved that it was not bad news.

“Well, I need to leave for a couple weeks to see my family, and I was hoping Betty could bring in my mail. She usually does it when I am gone. You see, I live just up the road from you. Do you think you could do it?”

“Sure, why not. How about I stop by after lunch and we can talk?” Ellie said, “You are the house to the west, right?”

“Yes dear. I would love to meet you. How about coming over for lunch instead? I can show you around, and give you a set of keys”.

Ellie agreed. She was tired of the sandwiches she was making for herself. Besides, a little change in scenery and company might be just the thing.

Ellie walked the half mile to her neighbor’s house and introduced herself. During lunch she found out that the woman lived by herself since her husband had passed away. The house was about the same as her grandmothers, with one exception. The garage was replaced with a large out building with 4 big doors. It seems her husband had done repair work on equipment for the local farmers as a side business. That large building was his workshop.

“I almost never go in there, except to back out the car. It’s all dusty now, and I don’t know what to do with it. You are welcome to go look around if you like.” The neighbor woman told Ellie. Little did the old woman know that Ellie was looking for a new venue in which to play her little game, and this was just the place.

The workshop might be a fun place for Ellie to held, once she was kidnapped…. Kidnapped by herself of course. The idea of being bound, naked in a stranger’s place was intriguing and exciting to Ellie. An involuntary shiver went down her spine. The neighbor would be gone for the next two weeks, and Ellie would have plenty of time to poke around.

Round 1 – Hands Up

The next Monday, Ellie put her “gear” in a bag and walked down the road to the neighbor’s. Ellie was all of 5’4” tall, with an athletic build. She wore her little tank top, shorts and Keds. It was a bright sunny day and she was feeling pretty horny. Each step she took brought her closer to a new adventure. She could feel her excitement building. She grabbed the mail and put it on the kitchen table. She immediately headed to the big shop building to see what was there.

The big old workshop seemed almost threatening. She unlocked the entry door and stepped inside. The building was a white pole-barn construction with a high ceiling. Actually there was no ceiling. Just heavy joists crossing a 25 foot span. Sunlight streamed through the pair of skylights in the roof. There was a steel beam running length-wise with heavy steel posts every 12-16 feet. There were some workbenches along the back wall. All the old man’s tools were still there hanging on the walls, but the whole place was pretty much empty. A perfect place to keep a naked kidnapped victim like Ellie imagined herself to be.

Then she saw it! A hoist with an electric motor. It was attached to a short rail that ran long one of the bays, and it had an ominous hook hanging at the end of a heavy chain. She grabbed the dangling control box and pushed the buttons. It worked! Suddenly she had all kinds of fantasies of her, suspended naked and bound in this big open building. She was getting wet just thinking about it. Holy crap this was going to be so awesome. She lowered the hook to eye level and started to prepare.

She dumped the contents of her “gear bag” out onto one of the work benches. Various belts, ropes, and zip ties piled onto the old wood. She quickly stripped and set her clothes on the work bench, including her shoes. Start with something simple she thought to herself. She grabbed a couple belts and walked over the hoist. Standing next to the chain, she bent down and belted her ankles together. Ellie slipped a loose couple loops of the second belt around her wrists, hooked the belt to the hoist. The hoist hook gathered both sides of the belt as it rose, Ellie’s fingers on the up-button.

The little 120 lb. girl hardy made the motor work as it continued upward, stretching, and then lifting Ellie off her feet. She dangled there a while, reveling in the tightness of the bondage. Soon she realized that she had chosen a painful way to attach her wrists to the hook. She pressed the down button and lowered herself. She lifted off her wrists, and hopped over to the workbench. She would use a belt for each wrist so the hook would not squeeze and pinch her tender flesh. Soon, she had fastened a belt around each wrist and used a rope to bridge between them.

This time the lift was oh so much more comfortable. She dangled for some time, eventually letting go of the control box. She liked being stretched and having no way to undo her bondage. The sunlight began to fall on her body, heating her up, making her sweat. She reveled in her helplessness. Her lovely naked body hanging there so invitingly. The kidnappers had just stripped her and hoisted her up for safe keeping. Soon they would return to take their pleasure with her. She rolled her head back letting the waves of passion flow over her, as she wiggled and struggled.

Soon she was so horny she decided she had to have release. Ellie wanted to get down on the floor and give herself the pleasure of a nice strong orgasm. She went to grab the control line to lower herself and found that it was now out of her reach. It was not much more than a foot away from her hands, but there was no way for her to reach it. She started to panic and thrash. She soon knew it would do no good. She was really stuck. Then she realized that the control line was swinging around a bit.

She tried several times to push the line out with her legs, then allowing it to swing back toward her hands. Each time it would bang into her body first, and swing away before she could reach it with her fingers. “How could I have been so stupid?” she thought to herself, “If only I was hanging upside down. At least my hands could do a better job than my feet!” Yelling for help would do no good since there was nobody within several miles to hear her. She would be found in two weeks when the neighbor returned. Her desiccated body hanging limply from the hook.

After a while she just hung there. By now, she had decided she would make a beautiful corpse. She looked down at her body just to see what she might look like to the person discovering her body. Much to her surprise, her nipples were extremely erect. “Shit”, she thought, “All horny and no way to cum just one more time. What a waste”. As she looked down, she realized that her feet just might reach the control box. Maybe she could wrap her feet around the box and push the down button with her toes?

This was much easier to imagine than it was to actually do. First she had to lift her feet up and get them around the box. The belt around her ankles created an additional handicap. Each time she tried, her feet seem to grab the box in the wrong position, preventing her toes from reaching the button. When she did get it right, the button was too hard to push for her toes. She could only get the hoist to move a little at a time. However, she persisted and eventually got her toes on the ground. Once she got her feet on the floor, she could maneuver her hands to grab the control box. She was soon free.

She liked the suspension. It left her very aroused. She fingered herself to climax right there below the hoist, and came with a loud moan that surprised her. The close brush with danger seemed to excite her more than she realized. She would be back, but the next time she would do a better job planning her adventure.

Round 2 – Upside Down

Ellie thought about her situation. She knew what she wanted: Absolute inescapable bondage, then a reliable escape when needed. She had used the water frozen in a jug or bottle as an escape mechanism for releasing her side cutters from a high location. That had worked very well. Maybe she could use the same idea. She put her medium length blond hair into two pigtails so it would be out of the way. “Yes, she looked like a 14 year old with these pigtails, until you looked at her breasts. No 14-year old had a pair of these”, she thought. She was proud of her figure. She had nice perky breasts, with a narrow waist and round hips. She thought she had a damn near perfect figure.

The idea of hanging by her ankles excited Ellie, so she thought she would give it a try. First she had to do some preparation. She took one of her frozen water bottles out of the freezer. The bottle had a string in the ice that would be released once the ice melted. Her idea was to tie the string to the control box and flip the bottle over a joist. The control box for the lift would be pulled away from her and would stay completely out of reach until the ice melted. Then the control box would swing back into a reachable position.

Ellie walked back down the road to the neighbor’s workshop, but this time she wore only a long T-shirt and her shoes. She had decided it would be more exciting that way. She could feel the breeze push under her shirt and touch her bare pussy. She could hardly finish the walk without dropping to her knees and giving herself another orgasm.

Once she got to the workshop, she slipped into the building and locked the door behind her. She looked around to assess the situation. She spotted a wheeled cart over in one corner and pulled it near the chain lift. Behind the cart she saw something else that just added more excitement to this adventure. It was a steel spreader bar, used to lift wide objects like motors. It was about 3’ wide, with a chain hook on each end. This was just perfect! She lifted the heavy spreader bar and attached it in the center to the hook on the end of the chain.

She tied the frozen bottle of water to the control box and tossed it over a joist. Perfect! The control box was pulled up a bit and over about four feet, and would be completely out of reach for a bound and suspended girl.

She was ready. She stripped naked and wrapped the belts around her ankles tightly, with the same rope loops inside the belts she had used for her wrists earlier, now, one loop per ankle. She was so excited that she could hardly breathe. Her heart was in her throat. She fastened one more belt around her waist, and pulled it as tight as she could stand. She pulled the control box over and lay back on the cart, lifting and spreading her legs so that each rope loop dropped over the hooks on the spreader bar. She pushed her little vibrator into her pussy and turned it on. It felt foreign and strange for some reason. Maybe it was just the newness of the place and the strange things she was doing to herself. She couldn’t focus on it, because she still had lots to do.

She rolled slightly to her side and brought her wrists together behind her back, still holding the control box in one hand. She had laid one more of her belts on the cart for her wrists. It was already looped three times and buckled. She pushed her wrists through the 3 loops of the final belt and slipped a zip tie around the loop nearest her wrists. The zip tie went over the belt around her waist too. Before she could question her actions, she pulled the zip tie as tight as she could. There was no going back now. Her hands were now bound behind her back and fix tightly to her waist belt. The upper loops of the belt tended to pull her forearms together forcing her naked breasts to push outward. Her little pink nipples were as hard as rocks. “Ellie, are you sure you really want to do this?” she thought. Maybe this was just too much!

Before she could form an answer to her own question, her fingers seemed to act on their own. She thought “Somebody must have pressed the up button!” Even though it was her own fingers, she seemed to be in denial about how this was happening. She felt her butt slide off the cart as the lift pulled her both vertically upward and horizontally off the end of the cart. Soon just her shoulders rested tenuously on the edge of the chart. She stopped here, and began to think that maybe she had bound herself too well. Her hands were very tightly but comfortably fixed. She had bound herself this way before and knew there was no way to escape without the side cutters.

“The side cutters!” She said out loud. She had forgotten to bring them with her. She panicked and tried to get back down. She fumbled for the buttons, but slid the rest of the way off the cart. She swung free, then banged into the cart with her shoulder on the back swing. It really didn’t hurt, but she managed to knock the cart about 2 feet away from its position, and in the process she let go of the control box when she flinched. The control box did just exactly what she had intended it to do, and swung away from her hands and up toward the joists, pulled by the weight of the frozen water bottle. It would not return until the water melted and the string came free. She was stuck until then.

Ellie went into panic initially. She struggled and thrashed flipping first forward, then backward. She was really her own prisoner now. She wasn’t going anywhere. Soon she just hung there, and began to enjoy her helplessness. Her head was 30” from the floor and above her, her body was stretched tight as a bow by her own weight. Legs spread, she was in a “Y” shape, slowly twisting first one way then back. “Just another piece of meat” she thought, “fuck meat”. She closed her eyes and began to feel the vibrator working. It had been stimulating her all along, but now she could concentrate on her predicament.

It didn’t take very long before she was jerking and twisting in her bondage to a massive overpowering orgasm. “Oh dear God, I can’t take another one of those”, as the first of many slowly subsided. There was no stopping the parade of climaxes now. She had to hang there and bear it. The pleasure-torture went on and on. She became so sensitized that she began to orgasm with almost any thought or additional situation. She was sweating profusely and becoming exhausted. Drool dripped from her gaping mouth as she stared at the floor. Another climax ripped through her, and all she could do was groan. Her body was completely out of her control now. This was what she had wanted, and she was getting it now, in spades.

She felt the bump against her side and it took several moments for her to realize that it was the control box. The water in the bottle had melted and released the box, allowing it to swing practically into her hands. She debated whether to use it, but she realized that she was pretty close to her physical limits. She slowly lowered her feet to the floor, hanging onto the control box for dear life. She unhooked her ankles, but her hands were still bound behind her back. Her original plan had been to place the side cutters on the floor beneath her. Oh well. They were still back in her garage.

She lay down on the floor a while, after squeezing the vibrator out of her worn out little pussy. Then she staggered to her feet and walked over to her shirt, but realized she could not get it on over her bound hands. “Well hell!” She thought, “I am still stuck. I can’t walk home naked with my hands bound behind my back”. She looked around the workshop but did not see any tool, within her reach that could help her. Any tool that would cut a zip tie was nicely and neatly hooked on the peg board at the back of the work table. No way could she reach them with her hands bound. There was still some water in the bottle that she had used to hold the control box off to the side, so she bit the end and tilted it up so she could drink what remained. That tasted good, and it gave her time to think.

“Okay” she thought “I have to get home some way or another”. There were fences between their houses. She could not just cut through the back yards to get home. There were also open fields as well. “The adventure continues” she thought. She worked the lock on the workshop and finally got it open. With her hands pinned to her back, maneuvering was difficult. She walked down the drive and looked both ways along the dirt road. Nobody coming. She began her half mile trek.

The breeze was blowing gently, and the weather was pleasant. She felt an inner sense of contentment, mixed with a heightened sense of fear. If she were discovered it would be impossible to explain why she was walking down the road buck naked with her hands bound behind her back. She decided to trot a little and found her legs were really weak from the long hang in the workshop. They gave out and she just knelt down in the grass to the side of the road to rest a bit.

As she looked ahead, she could see a dirt cloud coming her way just over the hill. Her heart started to race. She rolled into the ditch, and lay as still as she could. “Maybe they won’t look, or maybe I’m low enough they can’t see me”. No sooner than she hid, an old car went roaring by, tires scrunching the gravel. She listened for the inevitable screech of brakes. No…, the car kept going.

Ellie lay there for some time. She realized that she was now wet and muddy since the ditch had some water in it. In fact, as she struggled to her feet, she realized that she was actually filthy. She was dirty on her back from laying on the workshop floor, and muddy on her front from laying in the wet ditch.

She did make it home, worked her way into the garage and cut herself free. She went into the house and collapsed into the bathtub, thoroughly exhausted and thoroughly satisfied. She would have to do this again tomorrow too! Next time she would remember to bring her side cutters, or would she?

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