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Ellie in the Field

by West Coast Comet

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Ellie's story continues from Elle & the Old Farmhouse

Ever since Ellie moved into her grandparent’s farmhouse, her life had shifted into the slow lane. She had jumped at the chance to go there when they asked her to help them out for the summer. She had no other prospects for a summer job, so why not? She thought that anything beats sitting around her parent’s house, with her mom ragging on her about finding a job, and being bored. Now she regretted that decision. This was far worse, but she was committed, and besides, her grandparents needed her help. She figured she could last the summer.

Going to Grandma’s house was always fun when she was a kid. However, now as a grown-up, she was experiencing what retired farm life was really all about. What had been a great adventure to her as a child, was now unremittingly boring as a young adult. Ellie was between years at college. To make things even worse, her grandparents were gone through the week because grandpa was getting treated for cancer in Minneapolis. They would go away on Monday, for the whole week, and return on Saturday. They had the car, so Ellie was isolated on the farm. She fed the chickens, and looked after the house. On weekends, when her grandparents returned, she would take the car in town to get food and supplies. Other than her weekend shopping trips, she was at the farm by herself.

On one of her trips in town, she had stopped by the resale store. It was mostly filled with junk, but something had caught her eye. There was a pile of old wide belts from the 1970’s. She thought they were funky looking, and she bought them all. She wasn’t sure what to do with them at first, but she began to experiment. It seemed her boredom lead her to sex as her only source of excitement and intrigue. At first her fantasies carried her through simple masturbation, but that soon gave way to more daring exploits.

She began to use the belts as restraints. The feeling of being helpless seem to enhance her excitement. This lead to an escalating series of adventures that had culminated in today’s predicament. See “Ellie and the Farmhouse” for a more complete explanation of this gradual descent into bondage, self-bondage. Never the less, she had never taken her new hobby out of doors to this point.

For several weeks, she had fixated on binding herself in the basement to one of the support columns. Each time she pushed the length of time she kept herself bound to longer and longer periods. She had, in fact, become addicted to this form of sexual release, and could not resist the temptation to bind herself everyday her grandparents were gone. Soon she was spending 4-5 hours every day in some form of self-imposed bondage. She used a combination of erotic denial and forced orgasms to keep the game interesting.

Every day she fed the chickens, she studied the old cast iron clothes line posts that were in the back yard. They were large white-painted iron posts that were “T” shaped with 4 large eye bolts across the top of the “T”. Grandma always complained that Grandpa built them for someone his height, and she couldn’t reach the lines. He was well over 6 ‘tall. Grandma, and Ellie, were both on the shorter side at about 5’ 4”. Grandma just put slack in the clothes line and used the center of the line where it looped lower. The clothes line was long gone, but the poles still stood, firmly rooted in concrete.

The idea of being bound and naked outdoors started to intrigue Ellie. The more she thought about it, the more exciting it seemed. She considered several alternatives, but each time she came back to those iron poles. Actually, she was scared of those poles. No matter what methods she came up with, they always ended with her in trouble when she included the posts in her fantasies. However, that is a story for the next chapter.

In the meantime, she began fantasize about other types of outdoor bondage. Being outside, naked and bound seemed to be the ultimate dangerous and thrilling adventure. She could wait no longer. She decided she had to try it out. She wanted to try something to change up her usual basement routine. Her first step was to plan her escape.

She was using those belts as the primary device to bind herself. She would slip her wrists into a belt wrapped into 3 loops. Then she would use a zip tie to chinch the bottom loop of the belt around her wrists. This was surprisingly secure. The zip tie cinch pulled the bottom loop almost completely around her wrists, and tightened the two upper loops which pulled her forearms together, leaving no slack in the belt. She always placed the buckle on the top loop so she could not reach it. Her release was to use a side-cutter. To keep her in bondage, the side-cutters were tied to a string frozen in a jug of ice. When the ice melted, the side cutters would drop into reach. Ellie would then clip the zip tie cinch and release herself. Until the side-cutters dropped, she was securely and inescapably bound.

For this outdoor adventure, she placed the ice jug on the garage roof using a ladder, with the cutters hanging at the 6 foot level. Once the ice melted, releasing the string, the cutters would fall within reach. To ensure she would be helpless until then, she locked the garage, placing the keys in the house. She planned to lock the back door, but leave the keys in the keyhole, The lock was placed high on the door, impossible to reach with her hands bound behind her back. Once she stepped out of the back door, she could not get back in until her hands were released.

After she placed the jug on the garage roof, she went back inside and stripped all of her clothing off, leaving it in her bedroom. She was prepared to “meet her fate” this morning. It was Monday morning and no one was around. She went out the backdoor, belts in hand, turning the key in the lock. She shivered a bit as she looked around. Her house was set back a quarter mile from the little road, and her neighbors were more than a half mile distant on either side. She was surrounded by hedges in the little backyard, and then farm fields. Nobody could see or hear her. She stepped down the back steps to the concrete patio just out the door and laid out her restraints.

Today she was going to bind just her hands and arms, leaving her legs free. She decided that she wanted to walk around with her arms bound. This was just an experiment, so why not? The idea of walking outside, perhaps even outside of the backyard, got her heart beating fast. She was scared and excited at the same time.

She slipped the first belt around her waist, and buckled it tight. She like how it cinched in her waist. Ellie then tied a short length of rope to the front of the waist belt, and looped it under her crotch, over the belt at her back and then back through her legs and tied it off in front. This was to keep her entertained during the ordeal. She noticed that she was wet already, and it sent shivers down her spine. This rope would rub through her most private parts, providing a nice stimulating experience.

Next, she buckled the second belt around her arms and chest. She found that if she left it a little loose, it would slip down against the top of her breasts, and tighten up around her upper arms once she bound her hands, and her arms were pulled back.

Now she was at the point of no return. She glanced at the ice jug, and realized it was sitting in the shade on the roof. She smiled because she might be in for a long session before the cutters fell. She reached down and slipped one wrist into the loops of wrist belt. Then she pushed her second wrist through the belt loops, and threaded a zip tie around the bottom loop of the belt. Just for fun, she also looped the zip tie through the crotch rope to help hold her hands in place. It was difficult to get everything lined up with her hands behind her back. However, she was becoming more proficient at this sort of thing and managed to get this accomplished fairly quickly. She hesitated for a moment. She felt her arousal rising and she felt those butterflies in her stomach. Was she really going to do this? What if she is discovered?

She fingered the zip tie for a few moments, exploring the lovely feeling of stepping over this new edge. Then she gave it a yank. Zzzzzzzip. The cinch pulled tight. She gave it several more pulls, tightening it further. She was surprised at how tight this made everything. The crotch rope pulled up into her vaginal lips, pressing into her most secret places. She bent over just a little and lifted one foot just a bit as the sensations rolled over her.

She almost came right then, which was too soon. No! She wanted to wait just a bit. She looked around, looked at the sky, and began to realize exactly what she had done. Her arms were tightly pulled down against her butt, with the shoulder belt now dropped across her upper arms, and pressing on the tops of naked breasts. Her nipples stood out like little pink round rocks, as her excitement climbed. She was very well bound and there would be no escape until that slow melting jug released those cutters.

She decided to walk around a bit just to hold off the feelings. She was very conscious of her nakedness, and moved from cover to cover, looking to see if anyone was around. She made it clear to the back of the yard, and decided to really take a chance. She walked out into the field behind her house, following the hedge row, along the side of the field. The hedgerow was on her left, so that did provide some cover. She could see for almost a mile and could see no one. That bolstered her courage, so she kept walking. Ellie was scared and excited at the same time, and having trouble breathing she was so excited. Each step caused that nasty rope to rub her cunt. A couple times she had to stop walking just to calm down.

She had been looking across the field to her right all during her naked walk. The hedgerow and fence were to her left, so she felt somewhat protected. Then Ellie suddenly realized that there was someone on the other side of the hedgerow. She heard some men talking, and she froze. Oh God! She squatted down behind some brush and listened. It quickly became obvious that they had not seen her. She had been very quiet, and she could not see them, so it was probable that they would not have seen her. It was a couple older fellows walking the fence line to check for breaks. They walked past her and then stopped to converse.

If she was lucky, they would soon move away, but she had another problem. She could feel her body slowly rising to an incredible climax. This was going to be a climax that would bring the fire departments from three counties if she let out a cry. She bit her lip and tried to hold it in. If she made a noise, they would have discovered this naked bound girl out in the middle of the field. She shook and quietly moaned. It was still building, and she could not control herself.

She slipped a little and fell onto her side, into the soft dusty earth along the path. She grunted. Now she was sure that they heard her and would be leaping over the fence, huge dicks in hand to fuck her in every hole. This fantasy plus the additional friction on her private parts by the crotch rope sent her crashing over the edge. She could contain herself no longer. She sprawled face down in the dirt, urgently moving her hips as a monstrous orgasm rolled over her. She moaned, clenching her teeth, as she shook and thrashed. She pulled at her unforgiving bounds and thrust her hips frantically into the dirt.

If only she had known that these two fellows were in their 80’s, hard of hearing, and walking with canes. There was no way either of them would hear her because they were both very hard of hearing. Nor was there anyway either of them would be leaping over the hedgerow to attack her. They had now moved about 30 yards away, but because they were more or less yelling at each other, Ellie thought they were much closer. At the time, it fed into her fantasy of being caught. Now she lay there in the dirt, panting, and trying to listen to see if she had been discovered. She had not, but the experience was so intense that she could hardly think straight.

After what seemed to be forever, she gained her feet and peered through the hedgerow. The old farmers had moved on down the fence line closer to her back yard. They had not seen her, but they would, if she returned home. It seems she was stuck in the field for a while. She looked down and found that she was covered in with a fine dirt coating, obviously from her thrashing in the dust. Oh well, she thought, just part of the adventure.

She watched the old farmers from a distance, and they seemed to move at a snail’s pace. Then she heard a tractor start up on her side of the fence. She panicked and started to look for a better hiding place. There, she thought, as she saw a small pile of old logs and other trash in the far corner of the field. She took off running, being careful not to stumble and fall. She found it was had to run with your arms pinned to your back.

The run took her further from home, but she could not go back yet. She was caught between the old farmers and some unknown threat running a tractor. Ellie felt like a trapped wild animal. This was some adventure! She hid as best she could in the brush and trash. She realized that she was still quite aroused and tried to fight back the feelings. She knelt behind the brush, in a squat, and found she was pulling rhythmically on the crotch rope.

She didn’t fight it. She couldn’t. She was now without any restraint. The physical stimulation of the crotch rope, and the thrill of being naked and bound outside, plus the fear of being discovered, just overwhelmed her mind. This climax came on like a tidal wave. Whereas the first one had snuck through a tight hole in her psyche and exploded, this one just rolled over her like a massive all-consuming wave. She fell over jerking and twitching as she moaned loudly and uncontrollably. This one seemed to go on and on.

Finally, she regained some control. She listened and heard nothing. The tractor noise was gone, so she rose up and looked down the fence row toward her house. The old farmers seemed to be gone now too. She stood up and looked around. No one anywhere. She was alone. She started to walk back to her house slowly. She was tired, dirty and thirsty. She had walked almost a mile in her adventure, and now it was a long walk back.

She was totally satiated when she started, but found once again her arousal was restarting. “Oh God no!” She thought, “Just let me get back”. She took a deep breath of the clean country air and got herself back under control. She was totally surprised at what a wild animal she had transformed into. It thrilled her to her core.

By the time Ellie got back, the cutters were hanging within reach. She clipped her cinch-zip and wriggled out of the rest of her bindings. She slipped into her house and got into the shower. That night she relived the adventure several times in her imagination, embellishing with “what ifs”, and each time strongly climaxing with her fingers providing the stimulation. Then he realized that it was only Monday and she had 4 more days of “adventures” to do! Would she risk another naked walk again?

To be continued.

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