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Emma and the Stable 2: Opening the Stall

by West Coast Comet

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Storycodes: Sbf; M/f+; FF; stables; strip; naked; twine; bond; tease; leather; gag; lesb; caught; hum; oral; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: Opening the Stall

Emma lay quietly in the empty stall. She knew if she made a sound, those two lesbian bitches would be on her like flies on shit. She was tightly tied by her own hand. Emma had used some leather sleeves she had found in the tack room, along with some hemp twine to carefully bind herself in preparation for what she thought would be another hot session with the stable boy, Billy.

“Son of a Bitch” she thought, “If these two figure out I’m here, there will be no stopping them. I’m naked as a Jay Bird, and helpless. What the hell? Where did that expression come from? Are Jay Birds naked?”

She shook her head, “Focus you fool, and stay quiet”.

Gloria and Margie continued to banter back and forth about who was in heat. Both of the girls were getting ever so slightly turned on by the dialog.

“You know, we could just get it on right here” Gloria said, almost offering a dare to her friend and sometime lover.

“Let’s do it right now, right here, in this empty stall!” Margie responded and reached for the empty stall latch and pulled the handle up. “I’ll fuck you up real good!” she mocked some bad movie dialog in her return challenge, curling her finger at Gloria.

“No, no, no. Oh hell no!” Emma silently pleaded. She had no defense. They were about to walk in on her. She could not challenge them in any way. She knew as soon as they saw her, they would take serious advantage of her – something she didn’t want, but couldn’t prevent, bound as she was.

Billy to the Rescue

“What – the – fuck – are – you –doing?” Billy’s voice boomed out, scaring both girls. Gloria and Margie both jumped in shock. Billy came walking up and leaned on the stall door, preventing it from moving.

Emma’s heart skipped a beat as she breathed a sigh of relief, and quietly thought, “The cavalry has arrived”.

“You want to play around in an empty stall? Put your horses away first. Quit screwing around in the stable. You just keep your horses here. This is not your property” Billy lectured them on the proper decorum at the boarding stables, to the point where they both gave him one of those “Oh really?” expressions, while rolling their eyes.

The girls led their horses off to their respective stalls. Whispering “Asshole” under their breath.

Billy looked over at the empty stall that held Emma, and quietly smiled. He put his hand on the top edge of the stall wall, and softly said, “I’ll be back”. Emma knew that he knew she was in there. She would just have to wait for him to get rid of the girls.

“Hey Billy” Gloria smirked, “Do you think these horses mind being ridden hard and then put in this cage?” She made it sound as sexy as she could, as she pointed to the stall where she had put her horse.

“I wouldn’t mind someone riding me hard, then putting me in a cage” Margie responded with a giggle.

“Me too” sounded off Gloria.

It was clear they were teasing Billy, and he knew it. He had taken the day off to spend it with Emma, but when he stopped by her house, her parents said she had gone to the stables. Billy knew immediately what she had done. After their torrid encounter yesterday, she was looking to repeat the same today. Billy would bet dollars to donuts that little Emma was waiting inside that empty stall at the end of the barn. Hell, she was probably already tied up! This caused him to smile to himself. The girls took this as an encouragement.

“Billy, you wouldn’t want to ride us hard, and lock us in a stall would you?” Gloria teased again.

“Aren’t you guys done yet?” Billy retorted, “If you don’t hurry up I will lock you in a stall. I’ve got things to do and people to see!”

“Ah, people to do and things to see…” Margie mocked him while seeming to take forever fooling with her horse, “Billy, do you think I’m hot? You think I’m a nice piece of ass?”

Mares in Heat

Billy was uncomfortable with the direction this was going. The stable was empty except for the three of them and maybe Emma. He looked around to see if there was somebody, anybody that could intercede.

“Why are these stupid sluts still here?” He thought to himself. He was rapidly getting a hard on, and rapidly getting impatient thinking about Emma in the empty stall. Then he looked over at Gloria, and to his surprise she was stripping off her bra, having just shucked her blouse!

“What the hell is she doing?” Thought Billy.

“You like my tits, Billy?” Gloria asked coyly, showing them by holding the droopy pair in both hands. “Want to touch them, Billy?” Gloria shook her shoulders slightly.

“Oh God”, Billy grunted, “Cover those things up”.

“Gloria, you slut!” Margie exclaimed.

“If you are going to act like a mare in heat, then I am going to treat you like a mare in heat” Billy said. These girls were not going to leave him alone, he figured, so he had to get them out of the way. “Take the rest of your clothes off. You too Margie!” He commanded.

Both girls giggled, the Gloria boldly stated, “You can’t handle the two of us. You’re not man enough”, a verbal challenge which Billy simply ignored. He just crossed his arms and waited to see if they would really take his dare. He figured if he called their bluff they would leave. He also had a plan if they tried to call his. You see, Billy rarely bluffed.

Gloria smiled coyly and started taking off her riding pants. Margie had her doubts about doing this, but she would never allow Gloria to get one up on her. She stripped off her riding clothes in short order, hanging them on a hook outside the stall where her horse pawed nervously.

“We will see if I can deal with the both of you” Billy said as he picked up a ball of twine. Get in that empty stall” He pointed at a stall on the opposite end of the barn from where he hoped Emma was. “You wanted to be put away wet, so here is your chance”.

Gloria walked proudly naked down the aisle and to the empty stall. Marge was much less bold and covered her breasts with her right arm and held her left hand over her crotch.

“If I’m just a mare in heat, then you’ll have to open the stall for me and lead me in” Gloria stated, while putting her hands on her hips.

In Billy’s eyes, neither of these girls were particularly attractive, but a naked girl was still a naked girl. He ogled them with hard eyes.

“Put your hands behind your back” He ordered. Gloria complied, sticking her chest out as she did.

“Like what you see?” She asked. Billy just grunted and walked behind her.

He grabbed her wrists and slid her arms past each other, holding her arms parallel, with her hands sticking out to each side. He loosely wrapped the twine around her wrists and forearms at least 10-15 times or more, then pulled the twine between her wrists to cinch the wraps tightly. Billy thought that by keeping her hands away from each other, in a rough box-tie, she might have problems getting free, and he was right. With her two hands separated, Gloria would find it much harder to manipulate anything.

He tied off the cinch behind the wraps and tucked the loose ends into the bindings. Then he took a second twine and wrapped it around Gloria’s waist attaching her hands to the small of her back with 3-4 turns of twine. Billy pulled all the knots tight, making the twine knots into a tight little bumps in the twine.

“Oh, that’s tight!” Exclaimed Gloria. “Feels so good” she purred as she flexed and pulled at the twine.

Billy pulled open the stall and said, “Get in”.

Then he tied Margie the same way, except he had to pull her arms behind her. She stood facing away from him, blushing hard. This was not what she had bargained for, and she was definitely unsure about this tie-up game. Billy pushed Margie into the stall behind Gloria, and pushed the stall door closed, latching it. He knew that neither girl could reach through the stall bars and touch the latch. They were imprisoned until they could get their hands loose, which was unlikely considering how well he had tied them.

“Just like mares in heat” he repeated, “I’m putting both of you in a stall until you cool off. I will come back later and check on you”.

“What the hell?” Gloria yelled out through the bars, “Aren’t you going to screw us? You can’t leave us here, like this!” She was indignant, but Billy grabbed their clothes and walked away with a simple “See ya”.

He turned as he was about to step out the door and yelled back with a rhetorical question, “Do you suppose Good Will can accept these clothes without them being cleaned first?”

The profanities Gloria and Margie yelled would have made a sailor blush. Billy closed the center door as he walked out. He didn’t want to hear it. He planned to circle back to the door at the other end of the barn where Emma might, or might not be hiding.

Billy came back into the barn at the far end from the stall holding Gloria and Margie. He could hear them talking, and swearing, but the noise was dying down. He quietly lifted the latch where Emma was hiding. And slowly slid the door open. There, with smiling eyes, was Emma.

Scientists talk about pheromones affecting attraction. Their theories might be true in this case. Emma’s pheromones were overpowering any other potential mates in that stable. She was the only woman that Billy had on his mind, and she was his only target of affection. Neither Gloria nor Margie stood a chance against Emma’s chemistry with Billy.

Emma had tied her legs into a cross legged position by sliding her legs into a leather sleeve in opposite directions, and wrapping a string around it as a cinch to secure it. Then she had pushed her arms into a second sleeve, also pushing them in from opposite ends. Before she pushed her arms in, she had loosely wrapped a twine around the sleeve, and tied a slip knot. Once she had her arms in the sleeve, she used a nail to tighten the slip knot, pulling the twine into a tight cinch. The effect was a rather neat box tie on her arms that proved to be inescapable. The sisal twine, once knotted, would not release. The sleeve on her legs held her open for her lover. She had stayed this way for some 2 hours while the two girls debated about who was in heat. She had even gone to the trouble of gagging herself.

Billy sat down next to her and smiled. He carefully removed the gag and kissed her deeply. As he did he reached down to touch her pussy, causing Emma to moan slightly. She was so hot and was craving his touch. All she could think about was making love to her Billy Goat.

“Shhhh”, Billy pressed his finger to his lips and whispered, “Those two idiots will hear us. I will need to gag you again”.

His threat was greeted by a big grin by Emma.

“Oh you like this” whispered Billy, as he re-tied the gag in Emma’s mouth. She nodded.

He quietly undressed, and slid between her legs. Emma was so hot that she climaxed as soon as he entered her, and then again as he reached his peak. They stayed engaged until he started in again, this time moving more slowly, feeling each and every stroke as he measured his movements. His second, her third, climax was even better. The effort to stay relatively quiet seemed to focus all their energy inwardly, intensifying their climaxes.

Once rested, they talked quietly. They laughed a bit that he had gone to her house to see her, while she had gone to the stables to see him. She asked what he had done to get rid of the two other girls, and she giggled a bit when he told her. However, she quickly turned a bit jealous.

“Ugh!” Billy said, “No way do I find those two cows attractive. Neither physically attractive, nor attractive in their personalities. I always thought they treated you poorly, and now I can help you get a little revenge on them. Get dressed”

As Billy untied Emma’s bonds, she told him about the girls throwing her backpack, with her clothing up into the loft. Billy quietly climbed up and got it, and Emma was finally able to get dressed.

“Come on” Billy said with some impatience, “I’ll introduce you to those two cows at the other end of the stables. It’ll be a real trip”. Emma smirked and clucked her tongue at Billy, while wagging her finger “No, No”. She went along anyway.

Mares Kicking and Having Fun

“What the hell are we going to do?” whined Margie as she watched Billy walk away, “You got me into this predicament. Now what, you stupid cow?”

“Oh just shut up and try to untie my hands” Gloria said. “It’s not that bad. I mean this is just a little adventure. I think Billy really liked me and he will be back to collect his… Owe! Watch your nails you stupid bitch”.

“You’re the bitch!” retorted Margie.

“Double bitch!” said Gloria, as she put her shoulder into Margie.

“Asshole” said Margie as she kicked at Gloria. She missed but Gloria kicked back and knocked Margie down, and she fell into the piled hay. As Margie fell, she kicked out at Gloria and swept her legs out from under her. Gloria fell on top of Margie. The two girls began to thrash, one on top of the other. With both of them tied with their hands pinned to their backs, neither was very agile.

Finally, Gloria was able to sit up with her legs on either side of Margie, pinning her down. Both giggled a little, as Margie wiggled under her.

Gloria attempted to dominate Margie, “You think you can get away? Ha! You are going to have to eat me first. Getting naked in front of Billy got me turned on, and I kind’a like being in this cage of a stall. I need a little relief. You need to get me off” Gloria demanded.

“Oh bull shit” Margie said, “I’m not licking your Hoo-haw in this dirty old stable” Margie responded, shaking her head no.

“You won’t have a choice you stupid lesbian cow” Gloria said, as she lifted her legs and deftly spun around, putting her ass directly in Margie’s face. Gloria slid up on Margie and pushed her bush into Margie’s face.

“Ah… Ugh… Ick, ick, ick! Margie mumbled with Gloria’s pussy smashing her face. She tried to pull on her hands, but the twine wraps held tight. She was helpless.

Gloria was right about one thing. Being naked and tied up, and locked in this stall was erotic, very erotic. It had an effect on both the girls, kicking their libido into high gear. Margie started to lick, suck, and nibble with her teeth on Gloria. Was it out of old habits? Was it because Margie liked to eat pussy? Was it because there was nothing else she could do at the moment? Well, Margie decided that the answer was “all of the above”, and started to go at Gloria with some abandon.

At first, Gloria just arched her back and enjoyed the ride on Margie’s face. After a few minutes, she could resist no longer, and she went down on Margie. Grunting and moaning, both girls could feel their excitement growing.

The Mares Meet Billy’s New Girlfriend

Billy and Emma walked down the aisle of the stable with their arms around each other. Moving slowly, enjoying each other’s company. They walked up to the stall at the other end of the stable where the two girls had been imprisoned by Billy. His intention was to humiliate them a little bit, and send the message that he was with Emma. There was also the thought that he could get them to be kinder to Emma if they were knocked down a peg or two. Billy had a strong sense of fair play and disliked bullies. Little did he suspect what he would see when they got to the stall.

As Billy and Emma quietly looked into the stall, they saw the two girls in the 69-position, going to town on each other’s pussies. Moaning and groaning, slobbering on each other, both with their hands tied behind their backs, completely naked. Emma croaked a muffled cry, quickly looked at Billy, bringing her hand up to her mouth. Billy put his finger to his lips, telling Emma to be quiet. They watched for a while.

Emma pulled out her cell phone and started to record the two lesbians, but Billy stopped her. No need to humiliate them further. He decided he had seen enough, and broke into the tryst.

“Well, well, well” he started, “Looks like you are having a fine time”. He grabbed the stall latch and slid the door partially open.

The girls jumped at his voice, both yelling obscenities as they tried to disengage. Gloria looked at Billy and then Emma, and said “Oh crap”.

Gloria attempted to cover up the situation, “We got tired of waiting for you, Billy, and wanted to get a head start. Get rid of that little weasel (obviously referring to Emma) and you can finish this work. I need some hard dick, you know”

Billy ignored her comment, “I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Emma. She and I have been seeing each other for some time”, he paused. “I understand that you sometimes have been a little impolite to her. Well, that is going to stop” Again he paused to make sure his words were understood. Both girls knew what he meant. Billy could make this situation really bad for both of them.

Emma chimed in with “This is going to be a great YouTube video. You are going to be real popular at school” as she waved her phone in the air. Of course, she was bluffing, but the two girls didn’t know that.

Gloria and Margie looked at each other with horror in their eyes, mouths agape. They had been tricked and were now in big trouble. They both mouthed “Fuck!” to each other.

“Tell you what” Billy decided to be magnanimous, “I will stop Emma from showing this video to anyone if you start behaving like decent human beings toward Emma, and act like proper young ladies for as long as you board horses here. I am sick of you acting like you are better than everyone else. Do you really know what people think about you?”

Billy continued his lecture while Emma just watched his mastery of the two nasty bitches. When he was done, both were blushing, and looking at the floor in embarrassment.

“You will find a knife and your clothes in the office area, down the aisle. Get dressed and get out of here. Don’t come back until you change your behavior”, Billy scolded, shaking his finger at the two chastised girls.

With that, Billy and Emma left the two naked bound girls standing in the empty stall.

Some people never change. As Gloria heard Billy close the door behind him, she swiftly turned and kicked the legs out from under Margie, knocking her back down into the hay.

“Finish what you started, bitch” Gloria commanded, as she sat on Margie, “then we will get the hell out of here”.


The two lesbians never bothered Emma again. They were probably fearful of the non-existent video they thought she had. Within the month they had moved their horses to another boarding stable about 20 miles away. The humiliation they suffered was just too much to stay at the old stable. In fact, the humiliation put too much pressure on their relationship with each other. Margie made her “escape” from Gloria, eventually selling her horse and changing schools.

Billy and Emma dated for more than two years before getting engaged. They now live happily and own their own boarding stable. It seems there is always an empty stall at one end of their barn, even though they had to turn away boarders. I wonder why?

West Coast Comet April 2015

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