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First Spanking

by Jan Smith

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© Copyright 2004 - Jan Smith - Used by permission

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Monica ,who is a pen pal of mine, had been practicing self bondage for a while, and then one day Karen happened to come across her when she was helpless. Both of them being new to bondage had shared a couple of mild experience but were still in the awkward stage. This is the next step in their saga.


Monica and Karen sipped on their wine as they discussed the new experience they had shared so far. Since Karen had found Monica tied in the garage (see Helping her into Bondage), they had experimented with some light bondage. Karen still felt awkward about it, but although she was hesitant to even admit it to herself, had been turned on by having Monica under her control. Monica described how she felt when she was bound and how thankful she was to Karen for helping her live her fantasy. Karen confessed that she enjoyed it and wanted to try more.

There was a long awkward pause and then Monica quietly asked "Karen. If it isn't too much for you right now, do you think you could bring yourself to spank me? I have read stories where spanking is involved and I think I need to experience it."

Karen was a little taken aback and it took a few moments to answer. Monica squirmed in her seat afraid she had offended her friend.

"I don't know." said a surprised Karen "I have never really thought about it, and it is a pretty big step. I suppose I could give it a try, but I don't know if. Oh what the heck. Sure I can. But are you sure?"

Monica sat thinking for a second and then said, "No, I'm not sure, but the uncertainty is part of the turn on. The only way I will be sure is if I try it, and once won't kill me. I really appreciate you doing this for me and I hate to ask more of you, but would you mind if I am naked. I would really like to do this all the way, in case I never do it again. I know it is a lot to ask."

Karen thought about it for a moment. That first time when she had found Monica, she had almost been naked. Although it had made her feel a little self conscious, it was not at all displeasing. She was about to say that Bra and panties was as far as she could comfortably go, but her hesitation was leaving her and she said, "OK. I'll do it, but with the understanding that if I don’t like it, you won’t expect this of me again. When will we do this?"

Monica was so excited she could hardly talk, or was she so scared she could hardly talk. It was decided that Monica would be in the garage ready and waiting like she was found the first time. 

"I will be there at 2:00, and you had better be ready" said Karen sternly "If you're not prepared, your spanking will be worse or I may just leave. I will decide then."

Monica was in the garage by 1:00 . She would not be late. Carefully she set everything up. The ropes were tied to the ceiling so her arms would be above her head and spread slightly. She stripped out of her clothes, took her gag and tied it in place. She locked one wrist cuff to the ring on the one rope. She pulled the blindfold over her eyes and then slipped the lock for the other cuff through the ring. She must have stood there for 5 minutes before she took a deep breath and snapped the lock shut. This was it, now she could do nothing but wait.

Standing there she suddenly thought "What will she spank me with?" She tried to remember what was in the garage that Karen might use on her poor bottom. She had a leather belt on her pants, there were old ping-pong paddles in a box in the corner, the bamboo plant stakes and of course, there would be Karen's hand. "God! Please let her use her hand!" she thought "Everything else will kill me!"

Monica stood there in her darkness. The suspense was terrible as the time dragged by. She only had about a half hour to wait till Karen arrived and she was sure that had passed long ago. Had something happened to her and she couldn't make it. Monica had not used a release so she was stuck there until someone found her. Her roommate was not due home until the next morning and fear filled her that it would be her that found her helpless. The thought of having to stand there all night was not near as terrifying as the thought of being found by her.

"Please Karen!" she thought "Don't forget about me!"

Finally, after what seemed forever she heard the door open.

"Did you enjoy the extra time thinking about what is about to happen to you?" chuckle Karen. It was a little after 3 and Karen had purposely delayed her arrival to heighten the suspense. Karen stood back and admired Monica's helplessness. It was a warm day and the heat was building in the garage. Monica was already shinny with perspiration. Karen ran her hand down Monica's back and over her ass causing her to jump.

"You are not tied to my liking!" complained Karen "That is going to cost you!"

The rope on Monica's right wrist was adjusted and then the left so that her arms were pulled higher forcing her onto her tiptoes. 

"That's better." she said "and we’ll take off this nasty gag so that I can hear your cries. Are you ready for me to begin?"

A feeble yes was all that came out of her lips. Monica was shaking. Half with fear and half with anticipation. 


The first blow fell across her back side. Then another and another until a total of 10 had landed. Karen had stopped at an adult store and had bought a soft leather strap. It made her ass sting but it was not unbearable. 
Karen held her by the hair and pulled her head back and whispered in her ear. "I quite like this. You will receive your spanking in sets of 10. Shall I continue?"

"Yes please!" moaned Monica

10 more times the strap fell across her ass. With every lash, her ass burned hotter and hotter. She squirmed and twisted, but tied as she was she had very little movement. She hung there, knowing that Karen had stepped back and was enjoying her suffering.

She felt Karen's hand on her ass and again she was asked "Do you want more?" 

And again she answered "Yes please!"

Karen stepped back and let a lash fall across her ass. A small shriek escaped her lips now every time the strap did its work, and her feet would come off the floor. Karen had not been sure what she would think of this, but now seeing Monica's body twisting in front of her was a real turn on. The heat of the garage and the effort of the whipping caused streams of sweat to roll down her body. At the end of this set of ten, Monica was almost screaming and hung limply, waiting for Karen's next request. Her arms ached and her ass was on fire. That was it, she could take no more. The pain in her ass was one thing, but the fire between her legs was another. 

Karen moved up and brushed against her, and she felt a naked breast against her back. The feeling was like a charge of electricity shooting through her. The thought of a naked Karen swinging the strap was almost more than she could stand. That damn blindfold. She would love to see her naked antagonist.

Again the question came "Another ten sweetie?"

"NO! Please no more! Please stop, I can't take any more! Please stop!" That is what she intended to say, but when she opened her mouth to speak, she heard herself say, "Yes please, may I have another ten."

Had she lost her mind. She screamed every time the strap landed and lights flashed through her head. Karen was getting more enthusiastic with the strap, the more she got turned on. It seemed like forever before the tenth lash landed.

"Please no more!" moaned Monica even before the question was asked of her. "Please Karen! Stop!"

Karen reached up and started to untie her wrists. "A deal is a deal sweetie, but I will admit, I am enjoying watching you squirm."


"What was that?" asked Karen.

Monica summoned all her courage and said, "I am sorry Karen! I have no right to say no. Please use me as you wish. I am yours to use and you should decide when I have had enough. Please punish me for being weak!"

There was no hesitation and the strap fell across her ass again. Again and again it fell. Monica was shrieking steady now and the lashes kept coming. How many she did not know, but 10 had long since passed. 

Finally, they stopped and all was quiet. A stool was slipped under her feet and she stepped on it, giving relief to her tortured arms. She stood their sobbing softly.

"I'm going to go use your shower, and then I will decide what to do with you." said Karen and she left. 

Monica stood there in the silence. Was it over? Would there be more? She stood there waiting. God, she wished Karen had released her arms so she could reach between her legs......... 

Part Two

Monica was in heaven as she stood quietly, her hands still tied over her head. She had been so scared when she had asked Karen to spank her. She thought back to when Karen had accidentally found her almost naked,  in her garage, in her self imposed bondage. She remembered being horrified at being discovered and how she babbled and tried to explain to Karen what she was doing. Thankfully Karen did not freak and even kept her tied and played the Mistress role a bit. They had talked about Monica's fantasies and had even joined in some very light bondage. Asking Karen to tie her naked and spank her had been a huge step for Monica. Her fantasy of being dominated overcame her fear of offending Karen. Karen had consented to trying it, and now Monica stood there with a stinging ass and a fire burning between her legs. 

It seemed like hours that she stood there waiting for Karen to return and release her.  Karen had said that she was going to shower but that would not take that long. Monica thought to herself that she was being left for a while to savor the moment. Finally she heard her friend coming in the door of the garage. Monica jumped as she felt the ball gag being forced into her mouth, and before she could react the strap was secured behind her head. What was going on? Damn that blindfold! she so wished she could see. What was Karen doing? 

The hand that ran up her belly to her breasts felt white hot. Monica almost slipped off the stool she had been left standing on. The hand moved down, around to her back and over her ass and then back to the front and between her legs. Monica was shaking and moaning through her gag. She did not know what Karen was doing, but she did not want it to stop. Her skin burned where ever the hand traveled. She thought she would burst. 

"Did you enjoy your little spanking" whispered Karen, her hands still trailing over Monica's body. 

Monica's head was swimming as she nodded yes. She felt Karen's hands move up and start to undo her blindfold. She light made her blink, but her eyes snapped wide open when she saw Karen standing naked before her. Karen stepped behind her and reached around cupping her breasts while pushing her own into Monica's back. Her legs were so weak she could hardly stand. 

"I'll let you in on a little secret." said Karen "I enjoyed it too. I would not of imagined how much I enjoyed it. In fact I don't think it should end. I think that you would like more, but that doesn't really matter, because you will get more regardless. While I was in the house I decided that I did you a favor and now you will return it to me. We have the rest of the weekend, and we should make good use of it." 

Karen walked around and stood in front of Monica. Was it surprise, dread, fear or excitement that filled Monica. She stood there and stared at Karen's naked body. She felt terribly naked and exposed as Karen stood there looking at her. Karen pulled a lawn chair from the corner of the garage over in front of Monica and sat down. She just sat back and let her gaze travel from Monica's head to her toes and back up again. 

"You don't mind me having a little more fun, do you Monica?" asked Karen. 

Monica was still having trouble getting her thoughts together and just stood there with her head hung slightly. 

"I didn't think you'd mind." giggled Karen, "In fact I think you will look forward to it. I did not know what to think when you asked me to beat you and felt very uncomfortable, but once I saw you squirm under the lash I got very turned on. You asked me to beat you so you could find out if you liked it as much as you thought you might in your fantasies. I don't think that you really had enough time to make a decision, so being the good friend that I am, I have decided that you need the whole weekend to base your decision on." 

With that Karen stood up and slipped on the robe she had worn from the house. She walked up to Monica and tied the blindfold back in place. Karen grabbed a handful of Monica's hair and pulled her head back. Monica could feel Karen's lips brush her ear as she whispered, "I have a little preparation to do, so you can just wait here for me to return." 

Monica heard the door to the garage close as Karen left. With her sight taken away from her she could only stand there and listen to the silence. Panic started to fill her as thoughts of what might be in store for her filled her head. What terrible things might she be subjected to in the weekend to come. She was friends with Karen, but did she really know her. She had trusted her, but now she was beginning to have her doubts. She had dreamed of being a slave and now she was, and changing her mind now did not seem to be an option. 

Her legs were beginning to tire and her arms ached from being tied over her head. It had been hours since Karen had left. Being left alone with her thoughts was worse than the spanking she had received earlier and she reasoned that it was nothing compared to what she might expect to come. She wished Karen would return to end the terrible suspense, but at the same time she dreaded her return. 

* * * *

It had been hours that she had stood there when she heard the key in the garage door. She heard Karen come in and move around the room. She tried to beg Karen to release her, but gagged as she was only garbled sounds escaped her lips. Karen reached up and untied Monica's wrists from the ceiling. Stepping down from the stool, Monica collapsed on the floor. It felt like heaven to change position and stretch her tortured muscles. Her freedom was short lived though as her arms were pulled behind her back and her wrists were locked together. She was then pulled roughly to her feet by Karen, or at least she hoped it was Karen. 

"Lift your foot!" Karen commanded. 

Monica lifted one foot and then the other and a pair of sweat pants were pulled up to her waist. Then a sweat shirt was pulled over her head, covering her bound arms. She was then led out the door and after a short distance her legs bumped into the bumper of a car. With help she was forced to climb into the trunk and the lid was closed over her. The car pulled away and Monica lay there her imagination starting to get the best of her. 'What oh what had she got herself into.'

It was no more than 10 or 15 minutes till the car stopped and the trunk was opened. With her hands tied behind her it wasn't easy, but with Karen's assistance she managed to get out of the trunk and be led a short distance, up a short set of stairs and through a door. From there she was carefully helped down another set of stairs to what she could tell was a basement. There she was forced to her knees on a blanket on the cement floor. There she flopped over on her side, and lay there listening, trying to get a grasp of what was happening. She wished she could ask what was to become of her but the gag prevented that, and the blindfold prevented her from seeing what was going on. She could hear Karen moving around but could not make out from the sounds what she was doing. 

Finally Karen came to her and she was helped to her feet and the sweat shirt and pants were stripped from her. Her wrists were unlocked from behind her back and forced over her head and secured to ropes from the ceiling. She probably should have resisted more, but it happened so fast she didn't have a chance. Also, Karen being so sports minded was considerably stronger than her. Again she was ordered to lift her foot and she felt the silky feel of a nylon being pulled up her leg. This was repeated with the other leg and a guarder belt was attached around her hips and to the nylons. Next a pair of cuffs were attached to her ankles and her legs were pulled apart. Again she was left alone to stand in darkness. 

There was a clicking sound and her arms were being pulled higher over her head. Higher she went and her toes came off the floor and the ropes tied to her ankles became taught and pulled her legs apart. She was lifted until she was stretched into an X. The ropes pulled her so tight she could hardly move. 

Her blindfold was removed and there stood Karen. She was dressed in Tight leather pants and a skimpy black Bra. She stepped in front of Monica and stood there enjoying Monica's helplessness. She was playing with a couple of shinny objects in her hands. Monica looked closer and saw a mean looking set of nipple clamps. She had used clothes pins in the past to stimulate her nipples and they had hurt enough. What would those clamps be like. 

"I guess as a friend I had better give you one last chance to stop this." giggled Karen. "If you really want me to stop, I guess I will, but this is your last chance." 

"STOP ! Please stop! Please let me go! Don't punish me any more!" Monica yelled. Or at least that is what she tried to say. The gag that so fully filled her mouth stopped all but some garbles and no word would come out. 

Karen stroked her hair and said "Oh isn't that nice. I did you a favor and now you are ready to let me have more fun. That is very considerate of you." 

Karen stepped back and slipped one of her breasts out of her bra. She took one of the clamps and clipped it to her own breast. Or at least she started too. She hadn't even released the spring completely and she took it off. "Owe ! Shit that hurts! Monica, Are you sure you want me to put these on you?" 

Monica shook her head, and twisted in her bounds and tried to twist loose. Her eyes were wide, and mumbles and moans came from under her gag. She tried so hard to beg but there was nothing she could do. Sweat was already making her body glisten. 

"OK OK settle down." said Karen "Don't get so excited. I'll put them on you right away. I didn't think you'd want them that bad." 

With that Karen walked up to Monica and took her left nipple and rolled it between her fingers. Monica watched as the shinny clamp came towards her nipple, and then came the searing pain. Even with the gag her scream was quit audible in the room. Her scream hadn't even ended when the second clamp went on her other nipple.  She twisted, and pulled on her shackles and moaned. Finally she just hung there moaning. 

Karen ran her hands over Monica's sweaty body and then flicked one of the clamps making her jump. 

"I'm glad you seem to be enjoying it." said Karen "Now we'll have even more fun" 

She walked over to the wall and started to turn a crank. The clicking sound Monica had heard. Monica was pulled higher, but with her ankles anchored she could not rise and was stretched tight as a fiddle string. When the tension was to Karen's liking she stepped back in front of Monica and slipped out of her bra leaving her naked to the waist. She reached down and picked up the strap. With no hesitation she lashed Monica across her front, just under her breasts. Again and again the lash fell. If the pain had not been consuming her, Monica may have enjoyed the way Karen's breasts bounced every time she swung the strap. She worked her way around Monica, not ignoring any part of her body. Her ass, back, belly, thighs' and loins all received attention. Monica tried to twist, but she was tied too tight and the gag stopped most sound. Her whole body was on fire. On and on the punishment continued. "STOP! oh Please stop! " she thought, but it didn't. 

Through the haze that was overcoming her she saw Karen. She too was covered in sweat from her efforts. She looked beautiful, smiling, her muscular body glistening and her breasts bobbing as she swung the whip. Even with the pain that was being inflicted on her Monica noticed the beauty of her antagonist. How could she even think about anything but that cursed whip. Then she realized she was feeling another sensation. A throbbing fire was building between her legs. It seemed to grow with each lash, rising to such intensity Monica thought she would go mad. She was sure she was going to cum, and the sensation just kept building. Just when she thought she could stand no more the spasms overcame her as she came. Her mind seemed to leave her body. 

The cement floor felt so cool on her skin. She tried to move but her she was tied hand and foot, and she was still gagged and blindfolded. She stretched her muscles and rolled to her side. She was so thankful that the nipple clamps had been removed. Her muscles ached from hanging and her skin was tender from the whipping. Even tied she could move a little and stretch her poor muscles. She lay there enjoying the coolness of the floor. Why was she still tied? Surely Karen was finished with her, but why hadn't she released her? Maybe there was more torment to come. What else could she do to her? Panic was starting to fill Monica, but to her horror, that feeling between her legs was returning. How could this be making her horney. She hated pain that had been inflicted on her, and yet she was getting horny. She lay there slowly rubbing her legs together, and moaning softly into her gag. 

She did not know how long she had lay there when she heard Karen return to the room. She could hear her moving around, and the scuff of furniture. What was she doing? She could at least say something. The suspense was terrible. 

Finally she felt Karen's hands at her ankles and they were untied. She was helped to a kneeling position and her hands were released and the gag was removed. Oh, it felt good to move her jaw after being forced wide by the gag for so long. Monica knelt there in darkness because the blindfold was still in place. For some reason she made no move to remove it and just knelt there. 

"You may take of the blindfold." said Karen. 

Monica blinked as the light hit her eyes and after a moment to let them focus she saw Karen sitting naked in a chair in front of her sipping on a drink. She just knelt there and stared at her friend. Strangely neither hers or Karen's nakedness bothered her, in fact she found herself admiring Karen's toned body. She made no move to get up or leave or cover herself. She just knelt there and looked. 

Karen leaned back and said "Have you had enough play time? Did I fulfill your fantasy?" 

"Oh yes Karen," replied Monica "thank you for all you have done." 

There was a force in Karen's voice when she said, "You're quite welcome, but do you really think that you should be calling me Karen. Do you think you should be addressing me in another form?" 

Monica swallowed hard and turned pink. That strange feeling was coming over her again. She lowered her head and stared at the floor for a minute. She took a deep breath and said, "Mistress. I'm sorry. I should be calling you Mistress Karen." 

"Ah, very good !" said Karen " I know that I will enjoy being addressed that way. Now we must discover what else you can do for me. You see it has made me very horney whipping you, and I need relief. Now seeing as I have no man here how do you think we might accomplish this?" 

Monica didn't really know what to think about that strange question and answered "No Mistress. I don't know." 

"Think about it!" snapped Karen "Put your mind to it and I am sure you can come up with a solution!" 

Monica looked at her naked friend sitting in front of her. She was confused and was unsure what to say. Suddenly it became clear to her what Karen was hinting at. 

"OH no!" wined Monica "You want me to do oral sex on you! Oh please Karen, I can't do that! Please! I wo----can't do that to you! I just can't!" 

With that Monica rolled herself into a ball on the floor. Her friend wanted to eat her pussy. She could never do that, but that feeling between her legs was returning. 

Without another word Karen came to her and pulled her arms behind her back and fastened her wrists together. Then the ropes that had held her wrists were pulled down and attached to her ankle cuffs. Then Karen started to twist on the crank. Slowly Monica's legs were pulled up into the air. Higher until she rested on her shoulders and then finally she was totally suspended upside down with her legs spread. 

Karen picked up the strap and stood in front of her. "I am so disappointed in you." she said and brought the strap down between Monica's legs right on her unprotected pussy, " I thought you would like to please me after all I have done for you." 

Monica let out a squeal and jerked. The next one was a little harder and then harder again. Monica twisted and yelled as she hung there being pussy whipped. Monica could tell that Karen was not swinging as hard as she had when she whipped her before, but her poor pussy burned like fire, and the pain grew with each lash. With no gag she could yell and beg and her screams filled the room. 

"Pleeeeeaaase stop! Please no more! Please Karen ---Mistress Karen, please stop! Please, Please stop!" 

The lash kept falling and Monica twisted and begged and pleaded! As Karen stood there feet apart and swinging the strap, Monica could look up and see what was the cause of her pain. There just above her was Karen's pussy. 

"I'll eat you!" Monica screamed "Please I'll eat you! Just please stop! Please Mistress let me lick your pussy! Please! No More I'll eat you! I'll make you come! Oh please stop! I'll Lick you! I'll Lick you! Please oh please stop!" 

If Monica could do a upside down sit up she would be able to reach that pussy with her tongue and the whipping would stop. Time after time she tried to lift herself to Karen's pussy, but it was always out of reach. She tried till she had no more strength left. 

"Pleeeeeaaaaase stooooooooop!" she yelled " Please let me make you cum! I'll eat you ! I'll lick you! Please let me lick your pussy! Pleeeeaaaaase!" 

Finally the lash stopped and Monica hung limply 

"Thank you mistress!" moaned Monica "Please let me lick you. Please let me make you cum." 

"I knew you really wanted too. " said Karen as she walked to the crank and lowered Monica to the floor and removed all her bonds. 

Monica struggled to her Knees and knelt there rubbing her poor pussy. That feeling was starting to grow again and she closed her eyes and started to moan. 

"Stop that!" yelled Karen and Monica jerked her hand away. "I know you already came once before I did and now you are trying to do it again! That is not very considerate of you. You should have some form of punishment for that. Don't you agree?" 

Monica knelt there with her eyes closed and her arms at her sides wishing she could finish what she had started. 

"I am sorry Mistress!" Monica wined "I won't do it again! Please don't punish me any more!" 

There was a sound of something hitting the floor in front of her and there lay the nipple clamps. 

"Here are the clamps you like so much. " laughed Karen "Put them on for me." 

Wide eyed Monica picked up the clamps and held them in her hand. It was only a very short while ago that she had worn them so the pain was still fresh in her mind. She knew she must so she opened one of the clamps, slid it over her left nipple and released the spring. It took all her will power not to take it off. Small whines escaped her lips, but she did not yell out too loudly. It took four tries before she managed to work up the courage to release the spring pressure and secure the clamp to her right nipple. 

She forced her self erect and looked at Karen who was sitting in the chair smiling "May I eat you now Mistress ?" 

Karen just leaned back in her chair and motioned Monica forward with her finger. 

Monica crawled the few feet to her tormenter and buried her face between her legs. She had only read about performing oral sex on a woman, but she used everything she could remember. She pushed her tongue as deeply into Karen's pussy as she could and then she licked, hoping she was doing a pleasing job. It was only seconds and Karen was moaning and wiggling in her chair. Just a minute later she had wrapped her legs around Monica's head and was pulling her hair forcing her into her pussy hard. She came so hard that her spasms caused the clamps on Monica's poor nipples to bounce violently. Monica screamed but Karen's pussy was an effective gag. Monica could not breath she was held into Karen's pussy so hard and Karen kept shaking causing the nipple clamps to bounce even more. Finally Karen released her grip and slumped back in her chair allowing Monica to slump to the floor. 

After a short while Karen nudged her with her foot and said "You have done well and deserve a reward, so you may remove the clamps, or you may make yourself cum. It is your choice." 

There was no hesitation in Monica at all and her hands flew between her legs. She rolled on to her back and with her eyes clamped shut she rubbed herself violently. She squirmed on the floor and like Karen it only took a minute and she was screaming as she had the most intense orgasm of her life. The nipple clamps were forgotten as she gyrated on the floor and screamed. When the orgasm subsided she lay there trying to catch her breath. 

* * * *

The hot water felt like heaven. Karen's breasts were like silk pushing into her back as she sat between Karen's legs and leaned back on her chest. The hot tub bubbled softly and the temperature was just right. Karen had reached around and was softly rubbing Monica's tortured nipples. Her head tilted back, resting on Karen's shoulder and her eyes closed, Monica relaxed and enjoyed the soothing sensations. It should never end. 

 Karen's breath was hot as she whispered in her ear "Did you enjoy your little session? Was it what you had hoped for?" 

"Oh yes!" sighed Monica "It was more than any fantasy I ever had! Thank you so much for making it happen for me." 

"I was afraid that I might have gone to far," said Karen "and hurt you to much. Was it too much for you?" 

"No." replied Monica " It was great! You did nothing that you should worry about. I loved every minute of it. You were beautiful." 

"Well if that is the case, " said Karen softly "next weekend I will have to be a little more inventive." 

Monica slid around in the hot water to face Karen, took her face in her hands, and kissed her softly, and whispered "Yes Mistress!" 



If you enjoyed my story please write me at [email protected] . Most of what I have written, my mistress has done to me and I hope that you have a mistress that will do it for you. 

Monica. If you read this, don't give up on finding a mistress of your own so you can experience the bliss that I do. 


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