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Fun at the Far 2: Happy Puppym

by Harry

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© Copyright 2016 - Harry - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; collar; cuffs; chairtie; F+/m; FF/ff; tease; bond; gag; bfold; striptease; toys; lesb; oral; strapon; mast; denial; climax; cons: X

story continues from part one

Part 2: Happy Puppy

The night was quiet. The cool night air from the ventilation window made me shiver in my chains. 'If she only left me a blanket...'

Hanna was away for an hour, and by that time, I had imagined all the possible scenarios what I could think of. From the one where she ties me to her bed and uses me whenever she likes, to one where I live in a dog pen, eating and drinking twice a day from a bowl and sleeping inside of a small dog house.

Did I want any of those scenarios to happen? Sure. But time will tell how things will develop.

When she came in, first she greeted me cheerfully "Hey there puppy. Did you miss me?" She stood about three feet away and when my only response was something not to be understood, she continued, "Awww, puppy is sad. Can you wag your tail for me? Show me you missed me. Be a good puppy."

And in a second I felt her hand over my erecting cock. She waved it everywhere, like a dog would wag its tail. "I knew you missed me. Do you know where to tell if a puppy is happy? Its tail is erect" Then she giggled, scratched under my chin and rubbed my cheek. "You´re a good puppy."

She then removed my gag and blindfold and for her surprise, I let two, with as high voice as I could, barks out, like puppies do, stuck my tongue out and started panting. And it went straight through her. She were not at least pure evil, based on how she practically rolled on the floor laughing for about a minute until she got herself back together. She laid on her side right next to me. Her right hand holding her head. Those blue eyes looking at me, and with a smile on her face, she said "The same old Harry. What should I do with you?" Then she continued with a bit more serious expression in her voice "Though first we need to improve your outfit a little bit." She stood up, and then I realized she had bag with her. From there she took about an inch wide, black leather dog collar and about six feet long, thin brown leather leash, connected to D-ring attached to the collar, and strapped it around my neck.

Hanna helped me on my knees and got her phone, ready to take more pictures of her new puppy. "It´s an honor for a puppy to get his first own collar. We should celebrate this. Now, stick your tongue out like you did before, so I can take couple juicy photos."

This puppy was a bit stubborn. I wasn´t going to help her humiliate me. So instead of sticking my tongue out, and doing as she wished, I asked her how long she would carry on this act?

The answer was a painful sting in my left butt cheek when she used the leash handle as a whip and gave me a reminder. "Just stick your tongue out." I had to do as she told me, and she took four more pictures. Two where I hold the leash in my mouth and trying to look "as happy as a puppy". Her words.

After the photo shoot was over, she started to take her clothes off. After stripping herself naked, she helped me on the bed. I just laid there, watching her awesome body. She noticed my looks and asked "What do you think? You still fancy a school time girlfriend?"

What could I say? My cock had already told her the answer. Without more hesitation, she mounted me like a good cowgirl does. After a slow start, she rode herself two screaming orgasms, until I had my release.

She laid on top of me for a good five minutes until she stood up and started to unlock my bounds. "We need to talk. I have a proposition for you, and I really wish you would say yes" After she had released me, we dressed up and went to main building for a drink. I was eager to hear what she had in mind.

It was already past midnight. We sat on the couch and she started "About that proposition. How would you feel if I asked you to really play as my pet puppy  for this week? Would that sound overall impossible idea for you? At this point, I can tell you that if I get a puppy, I will keep it happy." I had to be careful now with what I say. "You want someone to wag the tail and bark twice every time you give him a treat? What´s next, licking your feet and face until crawling to your feet to sleep? Don´t tell me you would put me into the pen?"

Her laugh was so spontaneous, it even surprised herself. "Can´t you take anything even a bit seriously? What I would want you to do is to keep me company. Go where ever I go. And if I have to go somewhere you can´t come, then you would stay in the pen. Can´t have my puppy running around without supervision, you know. I would never dare to deny access to my bed from my puppy either. You would have to wear that collar the whole time. And eat and drink from a bowl. Not dog food, don´t worry. As going outside, if the pen doesn´t count, you can wear clothes. I don´t want to publicly humiliate you. Much. But when staying indoors, that collar would be your only clothes. Handcuffs are occasional. And you must be ready to erect your tail when I say. Though I would teach these things to you. Puppies need to be trained too."

She was luring me again to some devious plan of hers. Her smile was just too seductive. My response seemed to surprise her. I actually had thought something like this as one possible scenario. And I had an answer ready.

"Maybe not totally impossible. There would have to be mutually agreed rules. Though one thing I must rule out instantly. I won´t go on all fours. My knees just can´t take it. Other things we can discuss."

That was really all she needed to hear. She leaned to me and whispered to my ear "Good. Now, be a good puppy and fuck me like a doggy."

The next morning, we found ourselves sleeping in the main buildings guest room. She had wrapped her arms and legs around me and when I tried to get up, she tightened her grip. I took her left hand, and crossed my right hand fingers with hers. I pulled her even closer to my back. She started to wake up, and mumbled through her sleep "That´s a good puppy", and kissed my neck. Though it would´ve been nice to stay and cuddle with her, this puppy heard the natures call. I had to get up. I kissed the back of her hand and left her to continue sleeping. I am an early bird, and normally I wake up at 5am, at the latest. Now it was already 7am. I have no idea how long we wrestled last night, but the signs were visible. The living room table had moved couple feet. Rocking chair had rocked its way to a different place. Carpets were like bundles. What a night.

While having breakfast we agreed the rules for our play to come. Either one of us could stop the act at any time by saying the safe word, eggsplash. It meant a game we used to play when we were kids, and it involved some broken eggs and a lot of mess. So it would be perfect. 

Hanna wanted to spend the day with her sister, she too had this day off from work. She told me there was some preparations they needed to do. We agreed to see at the party later. Before she left she teased me with a long kiss, and reminded me to wear the collar when I leave.

I bet there will be many long faces when I get to the beach, and Hanna snaps the leash to my collar and starts walking me around with it. In a small country town like this, it must be a rare sight, to say at least. It won´t be the first time we two had made the people there gossip. I thought to put it on right away, it didn´t feel that bad. I looked at it and then I saw there was her name printed with pink letters to both sides. Why would she have a dog collar with her name printed on it? It looked like it was brand new, like never been used. Well, at least everyone would know whose puppy I was.

At 10am, Granny called me and said that she would be transferred back to the hospital, closer to her home that afternoon. She would be there about 4pm. Nice. I would have time to visit her and get back to get ready for the party, which would be starting at 8pm. I told her, that I would cut the grass today, and then come to see her.

Later, at the hospital, we just babbled this and that. She was curious about the collar though "What is that thing around your neck?", she asked almost immediately when I walked in her room.

"It´s a dog collar", I replied, like it was the most natural thing in the world. But she pushed on. "Yes, I can see it´s a dog collar, but I have never heard you bark. So why it is around your neck, and why there is printed "Hanna" on both sides?"

It would´ve been smart from me to think this through before I went there. I had to knew this conversation was coming. And it would have been nice to have pre-thought answer ready. But instead, I had to make something up. This was something what went to my 'hobby' category, and there are just some things, without knowing them life is much less complicated. So I told her it was Hanna's joke, something about remembering the old times. And how she hooked me then. I didn´t want to see how she would react if I told her that her dog pen would soon have a new resident, me. Granny bought my explanation and it was something what didn´t need any more attention.

When I was leaving, the pretty blonde nurse, who got the flowers from me earlier, came to Grannys room. She gave me a strange look after greeting me. Had the rumors already reached the ward?

It was almost 7pm when I was back at the farm. I had just the time I needed to take a shower and to get ready for the evenings event.

Chapter 2: Party puppy

7:45 I pushed the moped out from the shed. It started on second push and I was on my way. The drive took only couple minutes, but I wanted to be there early. I parked the moped beside a tree, and started to look around, if any familiar faces would be around. I thought there would be even more people present, but like someone told me later that night, the tradition was alive, but shrunk quite a bit from its glory days. I actually saw many people, who I remembered from years back. Hanna and Laura were already there too. Hanna had noticed my arrival, and she was coming towards me. Her walk looked like she was on catwalk, she really wanted to make a scene.

She had the leash in her hand, and when she came to me, without saying anything she grabbed a hold from my shirt, pulled me next to her and gave me a long kiss. Immediately after our lips separated, she snapped the leash to my collar, and started to lead me through the crowd. I didn´t mind the attention, but this made everyone clear where we were. And couple guys gave us loud applause. Or maybe it was for Hanna. Whatever. In any case, our presence had been noted. Maybe it wasn´t the way I would want it, but it had to do. She didn´t live there, and I was pretty sure that town was not my final destination either.

The party itself was a disappointment. Music was playing, though it had changed a lot since I was here last time. And people mostly made different size groups and gathered to chat. It would only need a different type of music and an outsider could be fooled by it as being a memorial reception. The battery ran C-cassette players didn´t make too much noise, but we still used to take everything out from them. People would be swimming and having fun. Others of course just chatting, but the atmosphere was fun. It wasn´t like that anymore. Shame. I was really waiting for this night and the party. At 10pm the fire was lit and I saw that same pretty blonde nurse eyeing towards me from the crowd. She was talking to someone, I wasn´t sure but maybe it was one other nurse from the ward. She looked at me and said something to her.

About 10:30 Hanna said it was time for us to leave. It would be fine, the party just didn´t feel fun. I asked if she got any plans for the night, and she revealed there would be a surprise for me. But first we needed to go back to farm, and she would be riding the moped with me. She went to tell her sister that we were leaving and after that we were gone. Back at the farm, she told me that for a surprise to be a surprise, she had to blindfold me. And that we would continue with my car, which she will be driving. I couldn´t drive blindfolded. I tried to ask about what was coming, but she revealed nothing. "You will see soon enough". After putting the blindfold to my eyes, she gave me a long kiss again. She put me to sit in my Honda, to passenger seat and told me she had to go pick up something from my room. Naturally I didn´t need to know then what it was. She drove us to the ranch, and walked me in their house. I knew we were on the ranch because I remembered the turns.

I had been inside this house many times before, and I knew she was walking me to the living room. She guided me to sit on a chair and told me to wait for a minute, until she comes back. When she came back I was excited. I had no clue what were to come. She told me to strip naked and sit back on the chair. The collar and the leash would stay. And I obeyed. Like a good puppy does. I sat there for a moment and then heard her whisper in my ear "Do you trust me?"

I was so horny. If she would´ve told me to drop to my knees and kiss her feet I would have done her that. She had me in her grip. I barely got the words out from my mouth. "I do."

She continued with her sexy whisper. "Good puppy. Now put your paws behind your back, around the chair, and sit still."


The rush. Every time when I hear that voice.


My hands were now cuffed behind my back, around the back of the chair. She had brought rope with her and next she was tying my ankles to chair legs. "Open your mouth", she whispered and I opened. She stuffed a large ball gag to my mouth. At first I tried to resist, but she continued with her sexy whisper. "It´s worth it, believe me. I just don´t want my puppy to bark when it´s time to be still and just observe." There went the rest of my resistance. It just crumbled under her words. She buckled the straps and her work was done. There I was, bound to chair. Collared, gagged and blindfolded. And without a clue what was to come. And it was exciting. My breathing was heavy as I waited anxiously. "The show will start soon. Sit still and observe, that is your job until told otherwise."

The front door opened. I heard two, maybe three different female voices talking, giggling. They were walking straight to living room, where I were bound. What I heard next made me squirm. "Hey sis, everything ready there?"

What the hell Laura was doing here? It was her home of course, but she obviously knew what was going on. And who she had with her? I could separate two other voices, which weren´t Hannas or Lauras. So there were three people, three women plus Hanna of course, at my presence. Now, I didn´t sign up for anything like this. If I could, I would be asking her to stop this and to let me loose. Oh, how little I knew what was coming.

Suddenly, there were hands everywhere. Moving all around my body. I started trashing in my bounds, and might have fallen with the chair without ladies hands. I heard Hannas whisper in my ear "Just relax and enjoy." That calmed me down. It was thrilling, exciting, erotic, and there were many other feelings involved, which are hard to describe. I was squirming, horny as anyone can be. That treatment lasted at least ten minutes, every now and then some ones hand went over my forward pointing, rock hard cock. It made me flinch every time. When I felt my cock being taken to some ones mouth, I was ready to explode. And my body language sure showed it. Before I could reach my climax, the show was over. There were no hands and definitely no mouths. 'Ten more seconds. Even five would do! Someone, please, finish the job' Without the gag I would be screaming those words out. And then I knew what the gag was for.

The sound from footsteps dragged me back to reality. It was like all the ladies were moving towards other end of the room, to sit on the couch. No. One had stayed, standing behind me. I felt my blindfold being opened, and again I heard Hannas whisper in my ear "Girls at the ward had noticed you watching them, when you first time went there to give the chocolate and flowers. The girls wanted to thank you and now you can watch some more." She removed my blindfold and I just couldn´t believe my eyes. Laura, and the two other ladies were sitting on the couch. They were all dressed in white nurses uniforms. Not like their working clothes, but like the costumes which you can see in porn movies. Very sexy outfits all and all. White thigh high stockings were just the icing on the cake with their costumes. When Hanna joined the ladies, I saw she had exactly the same costume on her.

"What a nice and obedient puppy you got there, Hanna" said the same woman, who I just saw at the party, talking with the pretty blonde, who now sat on her left side. It made them giggle, and Hanna said "Thank you Maria. You can´t even guess how good puppy he is", and their laughs just got louder. So, her name was Maria and she did work at the ward. Maria was a short brunette, and with the costume she looked like she had just been dragged out from a porn movie setup. So quite a hot case.

Laura reached behind the couch, took a bag out and emptied its contents on the table in front of them. My eyes opened wide when I saw the pile of toys resting on the table. There were dildos, double ended dildos, at least 3 different kind of vibrators, couple pairs of hand cuffs and two ball gags. The ladies were sitting quite calmly until now, but the big pile of toys brought electricity to them. They touched the toys, whispering something to each other, giggling like a teenagers. Then I saw Laura started kissing the blonde and she seemed to be quite eager to respond her kisses. Hanna started her own mouth exploration with Maria. And this went on and on. They didn´t rush, but instead they took their time, every now and then changing the pairs, they kept on kissing and caressing one another. Though Laura and Hanna kept their contact quite soft, I saw them kissing briefly couple times. Maybe the moment was just dragging them along and lust lead the way. Or at least it looked that way. I was going mad from lust. But it was nothing compared what I was to see that night.

One by one they took their shirts off, revealing their matching set of black bras. They all stood up, turned their backsides towards me, and started to remove their bras. Once the bras had flew away, they quickly looked each other and Laura whispered something to them. They giggled shortly and almost exactly the same time, they bent forward, and started to remove their skirts. Now they had only their thigh high white stockings on them and I promise that sight will never fade away from my mind. Four naked, good looking women, standing in front of me. In their stockings and what I just realized, their matching high heeled shoes. And they continued their tease. The kissing and caressing went on and on.

After a while I saw they had started to move on to their breasts. Licking nipples, playing with them. Soon their hands wandered between their pairs legs, and started their slow and teasing exploration. I could see from their faces, that they were definitely enjoying themselves, it could not be all just for the show. In my mind I begged Hanna to come and give me my release. If someone would ever invent a more cruel way to tease a man, I don´t want to hear it. This was far beyond my wildest dreams. And now the show was running live, not more than 15 feet away from me. And all I could do was to sit and watch.

When they finished their handy work, they started to give interest to the pile of toys, waiting for them on the table. First Maria and the blonde, whose name I still haven´t heard, took the gags, and started to place them in Hannas and Lauras mouths. And they made quite a show doing that. Next in line were the hand cuffs. They both placed their hands behind their backs and soon they were cuffed too. Then they kneeled on the couch, their faces within an inch from another, looking straight to each others eyes. While their heads almost touched, their asses were about three feet away from each other. The gap between their butts opened my view to both, their asses and their faces.  Other two ladies started to put strap-on harnesses on.

They started with light spanking. Then they moved to lick their pussies. Couple minutes Hanna and Laura just kept moaning and squirming. They leaned their heads to another ones shoulders and they were visibly closing their climaxes. Slowly the blonde and Maria started to guide their strap-on dildos to girls pussies, and started slowly fucking them. I heard Maria, who was doing her slow work behind Hanna, speaking loud enough that I certainly would hear, saying "I bet your puppy would love to be now here instead of me, fucking you like a doggy, Hanna."

It was the blonde, who opened her mouth next. "Remember girls, three times a must!" They both raised their speed, and they were almost in same rhythm. Those rubbery copies went in and out and they made sure both came at least three times, before it was time to switch places. Though I´m pretty sure Laura came four times.

They kept a little break, whispering and giggling, sometimes looking at me and whispering some more. Hanna stood up and walked to me. She helped the gag out of my mouth and asked "Have you liked the show so far?"

I was ready to bite my arm off from my body for Hanna to make me cum. "Please, please, let me cum. I beg you. Please, I can´t take it anymore. I want to fuck your brains out". But those pleas didn´t do me any good, and soon the ball was back behind my teeth. Hanna started to put the blindfold back on, and I tried to resist. "This was a condition girls made. They are not comfortable about you seeing them getting fucked, but they agreed to let you hear the action. So now you have to use your imagination. Have fun puppy." She didn´t forget to stroke my cock couple times before she went back and put the harness on. I guess the blonde and Maria got the same treatment from Hanna and Laura. It sure sounded fun. And the scent. It was mesmerizing.

After their act, and a moment of rest, it was time for us to change place. They untied my ankles and opened my cuffs. Someone took a grip under my arm and started to lead me away from the living room. I remembered the house, and I knew they lead me to Hannas and Lauras old room, which they shared when they were kids. They helped me to lie down on the bed, on my back. Suddenly there was someone holding my each limb. And soon my wrists were cuffed to the top bed post, and ankles were tied to bottom one.

Hanna removed my blindfold and gag and other ladies left the room.

"Quite a ride, huh?", was her first comment. I continued my desperate pleas for her to give me my release. I said I would do almost anything for her if she would help me. Even by her hands. She then grabbed my cock in her hand and started slowly stroking it up and down. I tried to raise my hips to fuck her hand, but she backed every time I tried. "Let me take care of my puppy, lay still", was her next seductive sentence. I needed only couple more strokes until the torment was over. Once again, she made sure I would catch my own load with my tummy and my chest. "That´s a good puppy. But remember, three times a must." She seemed to enjoy that.

When my consciousness was nearly back to normal level, was time for a little talk. Hanna sat on the side of the bed and started our little talk.

"Before we go any further, I need your approval."

I had just enough time to think 'No. You will not put anything to my ass. This puppy has his tail in front of him.' before she continued.

"I think almost anything goes between you and me, but as for the other girls, I need to ask you what are you willing to do with them? And you should know, all what I´m going to ask you, is fine with me. So don´t worry about that." She took a moment and continued "We can start from Laura. Are you willing to let her use your mouth for her pleasure?" "Yes."

"Ok. And how about other girls? Same question." "Yes."

"Ok, good. Then how about your cock. Can Laura use it if she wanted? I doubt she will, she´s true to her husband, at least when men are in concern."

First two were easy, and I gave my answers immediately. But this took me couple seconds to give my consent. Another "Yes."

"And last, but definitely not the least, Sara and Maria. Are you willing to fuck them if they are up to it? I can tell you, that when I first discussed with them, it was an absolute no-no for them. But looking at them now, I might even bet Maria would change her mind. And who knows, maybe Sara would follow her lead."

What the hell, Hanna seemed to be more than fine with the situation and I knew I would be banging my head to a wall for a long time if I let my chances for this kind of fivesome slip away from me. That´s an definite "Yes."

"Nice. You will need your mouth, and if I´m not wrong, Sara really enjoys a good pussy licking, so I would guess she will be soon spending some time on your face. So the gag will go. But we´ll see what happens. I have to put your blindfold on, that too was their demand. So you can only guess who is doing what."

Then she went to tell the others my decision. I didn´t hear what they were talking, but soon they all walked in. I saw before there still was the second bed and I heard how two of them went there to have their fun.

I felt one of them got on the bed where I was laying. In split second I had a soaking wet pussy in front of my face and I felt someone grabbed behind my head, pushing my mouth towards that leaking love tunnel. It didn´t matter who it was, I was ready to give them all everything I got. At the same time, one of them had started to give me a blow job. The whole situation had been so arousing and my lust took complete control over me. Whoever it was, she should be ready soon to taste my cum. My mouth had other things to do than warn about my soon coming orgasm. When I noticed the one sitting on my face started to orgasm, I couldn´t hold back any longer, and shoot my load to my suckers mouth. Girls called a switch and after a little break I felt the bed move again.

Once again, my mouth had a calling hole to satisfy and I gave my best. I really like licking pussy. I think I could do it for hours. So this was awesome. At first my cock felt a little sleepy, but after couple dips in some ones mouth, I felt the blood flowing to its veins again. Soon it was ready to start the final ride.

I wasn´t sure, but I thought there were lack of sounds of love from the other bed when the last round was on. And when Laura, who was now getting her pussy licked, removed my blindfold, I saw Hanna starting to climb on top of me. She was guiding me inside her when I thought they must have been just watching when Maria and Sara had their fun with me. Maybe gently touching themselves, but I bet they have some lust gathered and I was going to get the ride of my life. I heard Sara and Maria closing their climaxes.

As Hanna was little by little raising the speed of her rodeo, Laura opened my handcuffs, and guided my hands to her perky little tits. She used my hands to squeeze and rub her breasts and rode herself at least two orgasms. After she stood up, she kissed my forehead and whispered "You really are good puppy". Then she left the room. I could hear the sounds of Maria and Sara, and how they were pleasuring each other. Hanna had already rode herself one screaming orgasm and second was building up. At this point I thought she had a full workout ahead of her, if she wanted to ride me to sunset. And oh boy, she tried.

If she could put up a better show, what she then gave me, I would die to at least see it. I was so wrong judging my abilities to let her ride me through the night, and though I held as long as I could, she had her ways to get me to my climax. Hanna had just reached her third orgasm, and when she noticed I was close, she took me out, and stroked those drops out from my already hurting cock. She pushed my manhood against my stomach and laid on top of me for a good five minutes. At some point, still breathing heavily, she asked was this what puppy wants? I could only laugh to her and hold her tighter against my own body.

By the time Hanna got herself up, and released me from my bounds, Laura had already took her shower, and It was now Sara and Maria who were giggling under the hot stream of water. They had to be lesbians. Or at least a little bit bi-curious. They seemed to have real good time together. Good for them. I don´t judge. Especially after what just happened. When they got out it was our turn to wash the fluids off from our bodies. And we took our time to do that. When we got back to living room, Sara and Maria were just leaving. They both gave us both warm hugs, thanked for the wonderful evening, and went to the night. Hanna told me that Lauras husband would be back soon, so maybe it would be best for us to relocate to Old Cottage. Perfect idea, I just wanted to snuggle under her arm and fall in to sleep.

Before the lights went out, I had to ask Hanna, what would Lauras husband say when he gets back home? The place smelled like a brothel, after a cruiser full of seamen had dumped their loads. And it was a bit of a mess in many ways too. Hanna explained me the whole thing.

"He knows. This too is a tradition we have been keeping up every year. The place varies, and normally there would be one more person in the group, but she couldn´t make it this time. Lauras husband knows how we spend our time, and he has no problems with Laura having fun with other women. But with other men, well that´s not going to happen. But this time he had told her, that it would be ok, if she really wanted, to let you lick her pussy, and told to stay away from your cock. He is the only outsider, who knows about our little secret. And of course now you. And if you don´t tell anyone, no one will ever know. We have managed to keep this under towns radar so far, and intend to keep it that way. So discretion is certain." She had no need to convince me, but she wanted to tell me about their years. Unfortunately sleep took over at some point and the next thing I noticed was the sun raising.

The next morning the puppy play was over. She got her fun and games with me. I did wear the collar the rest of our time together. She would be spending her days at the ranch, taking care of business there and I was welcomed to visit any time I wanted. Day or night. Every day I just waited for the stable workers to clock off, so I could get my hands on her.

Exhausting week all and all. At the last night, she was falling on sleep, but just before it happened, she mumbled "I have next week still off from work, and the dog pen is still vacant. Interested?" After saying that, she was asleep.

The dog pen didn´t sound tempting at all anymore, but one thing was certain. I knew where I would be spending my mid summers after this one.



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