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The Gamble

by slut_jennie

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Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; desert; cave; naked; chast; toys; insert; collar; chain; cuffs; metal; shackle; padlocks; denial; ice-release; cons; X

I was walking along the dirt track in my thin cheap flip flops, wearing a short skirt that covered my chastity belt, that locked a butt-plug into my ass and rigid dildo in my pussy. Under the thin t-shirt top I wore my metal chastity bra completely covering my
pert breasts. The only thing that was seen and that was a bit out of the ordinary was my stainless steel collar that fit tightly around my neck and that had a d-ring at its front. The keys to my chastity devices were at home in an envelope on my dinner table
with a letter explaining were I had gone, including the GPS coordinates, and what I would do when I got there.

My car was parked a few miles back, it could only take me so far up this narrow dirt track but I only had another few miles to hike out into the barren landscape. I had started before dawn and it was still early morning, the sun was barely up as I started my slow and careful walk. My backpack was quite heavy and it was hard job walking uphill in flip-flops and I kept drinking from the water bottle when I felt the need for a break. I stopped and looked around, there were no signs of other people around and I knew from having kept this area under surveillance for some time that it was a truly deserted area and that was what I counted on for my adventure.

My destination was already visible even though I couldn’t point exactly at it, since the hills where I was heading had several caves in them. Feeling eager to get there I pushed on and I reached my destination just over an hour later. As I reached the entrance of my cave I looked around carefully but saw no signs of anyone having been there and a thorough search of the cave convinced me that it was completely empty. The cave was clearly man made, it wasn’t very deep and it was barely high enough that one could stand up straight in it. What it did have that had gotten my attention a long while ago was an old iron ring embedded in the rock, leaving a perfectly functioning anchor point for a kinky mind like mine to use.

I unpacked my backpack and placed a bundle of blankets on the ground and pulled out a set of chains and metal cuffs. I wrapped the metal cuffs around my ankles and my wrists, locking them in place with four small padlocks. The key to these were back home on the kitchen table as well. Before continuing to lock things on I pulled off my t-shirt and skirt, stepped out of the flip flops and placed them into a thin but strong fabric bag that I had brought with me for this purpose. I looked around and picked up and placed a big rock in the bag before tying it of with a zip-tie.

With the bag and backpack, I went back to the entrance and down the hillside, carefully not wanting to hurt my feet until I felt I was close enough to throw the bag into the river where it sank quickly. The trip back up to the cave was very slow but I made
it safely, stopping by the cave next to mine, only 15 yards away, and placed the closed backpack inside it to keep it out of my reach when chained to the wall. Returning to my cave it was clearly a few degrees colder outside as I shivered as I entered the
shade in the cave.

Now it was time to continue, between my feet I locked a 12 inch chain and between my hand a 4 inch long chain, using a set of padlocks whose keys were back in my car. The next item was a long thin, but very strong, chain that I locked to the d-ring at my collar. The lock at my collar used the same key that was in my car. A final check and it was time to unpack the blankets from the big block of ice, in a small plastic bucket. The blankets had helped keep the ice from melting during my walk, and now I folded them on the floor of the cave to provide a softer area to lie on. From the block of ice came a chain and that chain I locked to the d-ring in the rock face together with a big heavy padlock, but I didn’t close the padlock yet.

I was so aroused, having kept from masturbating for 3 weeks, that my hands went to my breasts and crotch only to find hard steel, denying myself access to pleasure and I moaned out of frustration and excitement. The big block of ice would probably be melted sometime tonight or if it was very warm maybe earlier during the day, but that didn’t guarantee my release. I was bored with the predictability of self-bondage and wanted to push the game further than ever before, so I had taken 10 similar keys, nine would release me but the tenth would not. That meant that I had a 90% chance of walking out of this cave and back to my car tomorrow, but there was also one chance in ten that I wouldn’t and that what was excited and scared me so much.

I had taken the Friday and Monday off from work so they probably wouldn’t miss me there until Tuesday. My neighbors were strangers to me so they would probably not miss me at all. The only people that I had explained my plans to were a few I had gotten to know online on bdsm forums but even they knew my plans in detail, they didn’t know where I was, at least not until my message would be released on their forum at a predetermined time. The message would explain where to find me and what to expect and the message would be released at noon the day after tomorrow.

If I was unlucky with the key in the ice I would have to rely on the kindness of others to rescue me or chance. I took stock of my supplies, I had about 1 gallon of water still in my camel-pack and two bottles of water plus the melting water from the ice so
almost 2 gallons of water but no food except for the energy bars in my backpack. After a final check I took the end of the chain from my collar and placed it in the large padlock, I paused and forced myself to re-evaluate if I wanted to take the risk.

Slowly I pushed the padlock closed, hesitating and releasing the pressure but then it clicked shut almost as a surprise. That was it, I looked around almost in surprise of what I had done. In a surprised daze I explored the range of my freedom. I could just reach the entrance of the cave where I stood and looked out over the landscape wondering if it would be the last landscape I would ever see before I settled down on one blanket and wrapped the other around me to keep a bit warm.

I woke up with a jerk from a dream about being trapped under water and realized where I was and what I had done. In a bid to try to get free I grabbed the chain locked to the old ring and pulled hard, really hard, but it didn’t budge at all and looking around the cave for anything to help me get a better leverage was useless as all I could see was thin branches that would never be strong enough. The water from the melting ice was tempting me as I was a bit thirsty and I had packed a special pill to make the time go faster. A prescription sleeping pill that a doctor had prescribed for my difficulties to fall asleep due to too much work.

Without much thought about it I put the pill in my mouth and carefully drank the water from the melting ice. I knew it would normally take about half an hour before I would fall asleep but then I would be out for at least 6 hours but since I had no idea what time it was now, maybe around noon, I had no idea of when I would wake up again.

The cave had warmed up a bit so I folded the second blanket of the first one and walked around the cave a little, the ground in the cave was warmer now so it felt more comfortable to my bare feet. In the backpack I had a pair of heelless pony shoes and some clothes for the trip back to the car, if I got free, but they were in the next cave and could have been on Mars for what I could care at the moment.

After a while I felt a little sluggish so I went and lay down on the blankets to avoid falling and hurting myself. As I lay there feeling drowsy I thought back to the comments from my online friends as I had shared my plans with them. Quite a few of them had cautioned me to not do it, it was too risky, but I had already made up my mind and had told them so and asked them to keep an eye out for a message from me at Sunday noon. If it came then I might be in trouble and needing their help. A few others had been on the other side of the spectrum, urging me to do it, trying to push me to go further yet. One had even suggested that I should skip letters I had left on the kitchen table and to just disappear into the desert with no water at all.

I smiled as I dozed off into deep sleep. I woke up shivering from the cold air and when I opened my eyes I saw nothing at all at first but soon my eyes started to adjust themselves to the darkness. It was clearly night and the only sound I heard was the wind just as before as I managed to crawl under one of the blankets to warm up but then the thought occurred to me to check on the ice. Carefully I crawled over the rough ground following the chain until I found the bucket and a chunk of ice. Clearly it would take longer than planned for the ice to melt so I crawled back to the blankets. I had not brought with me a flashlight so I had to wait for morning anyway but the fact that the ice still wasn’t thawed was alarming.

As I lay under the blanket listening to the wind, it started to sink in what I had done and I started to cry and shake uncontrollably from fear that the key wouldn’t work tomorrow, I didn’t really want to die. The next thing I saw was the sunrise, it was an amazing display to see the sun come up over the desert. The key, it had to be thawed by now. I scrambled over to the bucket that contained no ice, just water and a key hanging from its chain. Trembling I reached into the cold water and picked the key up...

story continues in part two

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