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The Gamble

by slut_jennie

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Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; desert; cave; naked; chast; toys; insert; collar; chain; cuffs; metal; shackle; padlocks; car; public; shower; climax; cons; X

If You haven’t read the first part of The Gamble I would recommend it. The following might make more sense that way.

Part Two

I had to try to insert it three times into the padlock due to my trembling hands but it slid in easily enough and when I twisted the key I received a click and the padlock opened releasing the chain from my collar. The relief was enough for me to fall to my knees and to start crying again, but this time out of happiness.

After a short while of just sitting there I realized that at noon the emails would start getting sent out and a lot of people would know exactly where the cave was and I really didn’t want that, so I started to look around. I still had water left but since I didn’t want to carry all of it back to my car, I started to drink as much as I could after getting the backpack from the cave next over. I used the blanket to clean my feet as much as possible before pulling on the pony shoes and the short tight black leather mini skirt, as I pulled the skirt on I realized that it didn’t cover the stainless steel waist belt of the chastity belt.

How could I have missed that?

There was also a bright yellow crop top in the backpack, but I could not put it on until I reached the car where the keys to the chains between my wrists and my ankles. I drank enough water that I couldn’t take anymore and after having packed away my things into the backpack, including the length of chain that was still locked to my steel collar, except for one blanket that I would use to cover myself on the trek back to my car.

Walking around in a bra wouldn’t have been a problem but a shiny stainless steel bra that would be seen from a very long distance didn’t seem too smart, besides it was still chilly. I quickly checked that I hadn’t left anything behind before I carefully made my way back down the hill and stopped by the river and after drinking some more water, I poured the rest of the water out to lighten my backpack.

After a few tries I managed to get the backpack up onto my shoulders and buckle the straps so I could wear it normally despite my cuffed hands. Taking careful steps I headed along the dirt track towards my car wrapped in the blanket, I deliberately walked carefully since a sprained ankle, or worse, would not help, I just hoped I would get back home before noon.

The trek was uneventful except for the soft jingling of my chains that kept me aroused and wishing that I was already home and my belt was removed so I could finally have the orgasm that I had denied myself for months. When I finally saw my car, coming around a bend, I was relieved because my calf muscles was aching from the strain caused by the uneven ground and my heel-less pony shoes.

My car was an beat up beetle, not my daily driver, that I had bought for adventures like this. I unbuckled my backpack and let the straps slide from my shoulders and dropped to the ground behind me, unfortunately I had forgotten about the chain to my collar and naturally, according Murphy’s Law, it got caught so I was jerked backwards as the backpack dropped but I managed to recover my balance and get the backpack around to my front so I could unstuck the chain to get to the car keys.

When I opened the driver door and saw the box of keys under the driver seat I almost cried again. It took less than a minute later to get myself free from the chains between my wrists, ankles and the chain padlocked to my collar. After having pulled the crop top on, all the water I had drunk before was starting to make itself known so I carefully walked over to a dried up bush, pulled up my skirt and squat down and relieved myself. Before I pulled my skirt back down I used a dirty blanket to dry off the drops of pee still on the belt.

When I sat down in the car I realised that my miniskirt didn’t hide my chastity belt and it would be clearly visible for people in their trucks and vans so I wrapped a blanket around me. The car started almost at once and I backed out on the dirt road and started the drive back home. I still had no idea of the time as there was no clock in the beetle nor was the radio working. As I rejoined the main road and turned towards the city I settled down driving right at the speed limit, not wanting to get pulled over. The car might look beat up, but all the lights worked, the registration fee was paid and it had passed its inspection so I should be fine unless I did something stupid.

The trip felt like it took forever and I was very tempted to speed up, but finally I reached the outskirts of the city and there was a clock on a tower and it was only half past ten. I felt elated that I was going to make it. Fifteen minutes later I pulled into the parking area and choose a spot really close to the entrance. There was no one around, so I took a deep breath and quickly got out of the car, grabbed the backpack and wrapped the blanket around me, closed and locked the car door and quickly headed towards the entrance.

As I entered I felt a little bit safer but not wanting to risk meeting anyone in the elevator I opted for the stairs, besides I had time. The climb up to 7th floor was arduous, especially since I had not eaten that much for days and before that I had mostly had liquid food to be able to wear the buttplug for longer time. I reached my landing and took a short while to gather my breath while peeking out into the hallway to see that it was empty. With the apartment keys in my hand I scurried to my door and unlocked it and went inside, locking the door behind me.

I stood leaning against the door relishing being safe, and recovering for a short while before heading into the kitchen where my MacBook Air was sitting on the table and turned it on. After having logged in to the forwarding services, I removed the emails, an hour before they were supposed to sent out, and double checked that they were removed, I shut the computer down. I picked up the keys and went into my bathroom and started to remove my pony shoes, cuffs, collar and then I finally unlocked my chastity belt and sat down on the toilet and carefully removed the buttplug and the dildo.

As soon as I had them out I got up reached into my big shower and turned it on and when the water was hot I stepped into it and rinsed a lot of dust and dirt of my naked body. I could see the dirt going down into the drain as I used the hand shower to really wash my pussy clean, changing the mode of the shower head to pulse made my whole body shudder from pleasure as I felt the slow building of an orgasm.

Leaning against the shower wall I closed my eyes and thought about how I had felt chained up, all alone in the desert, not knowing if I would get free or not, imagining the key not working and leaving me helpless. The orgasm hit me like a massive wave and I screamed from the pleasure as my legs turned into jello and I slid down onto the floor under the streaming water from the rain shower head.

It took me a while to recover enough to stand back up and start to wash my hair and thoroughly washed my body.

Later after having taken a nap and had some lunch I booted my laptop up, logged in to my favourite website and entered the forums to see several questions about if I did go through with my plans and how it went. Instead of answering them one by one, I wrote this short account of my experience and published to the forum.

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