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The Games We Play

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2013 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; captive; bond; rope; gag; tape; hood; naked; balltie; outdoors; cartrunk; transport; cons/nc; X

story continued from part one

The Games We Play: Part 2

For Rob at Ropedreams thanks for inspiring me. Hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

I wasn't sure how long I was unconscious for, but the pounding in my head felt like it was going to explode. I was still blindfolded, this time with a rag or a cloth of some sort. My hands were crossed and tied tightly behind my back with a rope or a cord, and I could feel there was a cloth of sorts in my mouth as I probe at it with my tongue. It was held in with a viciously tight cloth that pulled my lips back slightly from my teeth and felt like it was cutting into the corners of my lips. It was very thick too, and I could do nothing but chew helplessly on the gag.

I struggled to sit upright. I could feel the freedom of no longer wearing the crotch rope and the Venus Butterfly vibrator and butt-plug. It was a relief, until I thought what the guy may have done to me whilst I was still drugged.

I was naked and I shivered.

I felt a blanket being wrapped around my shoulders and I flinched away from the touch.

"Relax. I haven't harmed you or touched you in any way, other than to re-tie you. This is strictly business."

I didn't know if I should be relieved or not. Who's to say it wouldn't get a little more personal as things progressed. My mind still kept coming up with the doom and gloom scenarios, and this just made my splitting headache worse.

"Okay Honey. This is how it's going to work. I've called your parents, thanks to the number in your cell phone. You know, you really should put a pass-code on that! Your father will pay me the two million bucks to my bank account before 5pm or we start sending him reminders to pay me. Obviously, there may be less of you to tie up as a result."

I tried to move away from his voice, until my back pressed against a rough wooden wall. I could feel the rough wooden planking of the wall. I could only guess, but from what I could hear and what I could feel, it seemed like I had been moved from my lovely warm home to some shed or cabin somewhere, as I could hear the wind rustling through tree branches outside.

This guy was really scaring me now. I shivered. I am not sure if it was from a draught in the old cabin or from the thought of the Michael Madson character in Reservoir Dogs, sitting astride the policeman to cut off his ear.

I guess to reassure me I wouldn't be harmed, he said that my father would pay the ransom without the need of any violence.

I knew Daddy wouldn't want the press to get hold of a video sex tape of a Senators daughter. Especially one who liked to tie herself up in bondage while playing with vibrators, butt-plugs and other sex toys. It would ruin his political career as well as his daughter’s reputation.

Christ why was I thinking about his career being ruined? Surely Daddy would be thinking of me and not politics at a time like this, but these doubts started to build in my head. I wanted to cry but then this fuck would win. It's probably what he wanted. It was something else to add to my humiliation.

I could only hold back the tears by thinking about how I had been kidnapped. The bastard must have been watching me for days. He must have broken into my apartment and watched me tie myself up. I assumed that he took his cell and started to film me, as I came from the toys teasing my sex over and over. When I first heard that little noise and dismissed it, wrapped up in my own pleasure; it had to be him moving closer to film me.

He had let me tie myself up as helpless as a trussed up Turkey on Thanksgiving, so that he could tape me. The sick fucker had me at his mercy but did nothing as I pleasured myself. I felt my face grow hot and red from embarrassment. I could feel my ears get hot as if they were burning at my shame. My parents could always tell if I was naughty or doing poorly at school when they asked, even though I told them little white lies. The blood rushing to my ears was always a tell-tale giveaway.

"I am going to un-gag you to give you some soup. If you scream, the gag goes back in and you get nothing. Are you okay with that Honey?"

It then dawned on me I hadn't drunk or eaten anything since breakfast, and I didn't know when that was. My tummy grumbled at the thought of food. I nodded to him I wouldn't scream.

Then he added, "I am only taking this gag out as we are in the middle of the wilderness and the nearest person is 30 miles away." He said, "You could try to escape but you would probably die from a snake bite, and they are real big mean snakes in these parts."

I wondered where these parts were, but I nodded my agreement. The bastard had a point. I was sitting in an abandoned old building naked and shoeless. I wanted to cry again but I wouldn't give the fucker the satisfaction.

He pulled off the blindfold and roughly pulled the gag from my lips so it dangled around my neck. I spat the wad of cloth in my mouth out, onto my lap, flexing my jaw to relieve the stiffness in it.

As I blinked to get accustomed to the light that hurt my eyes, I noticed the kidnapper. I knew from his voice he was male, but now I could see him. Well, all apart from his face as he wore a black balaclava and was dressed all in black. He was tall and well built, like he worked out at a gym regularly. I couldn't see anything else that would help me identify him. There were no labels on his clothes, and the shack looked dilapidated and unused for years, with thick dust and cobwebs everywhere. My hope started to fade as I thought how clever this guy was. He certainly wasn't taking chances.

On a Primus stove on the floor was a little saucepan with some soup simmering. He picked it off the stove and left it to cool a few minutes before he started to spoon the soup into my mouth. I slurped at it greedily, spilling some of it down my chin onto my bare breasts. He used his fingers to wipe up the soup rubbing it into my nipple making it hard before licking his finger clean. "Mmm. Nice soup." He smiled at me while I glared daggers at him.

I was about to say something nasty to him when his phone rang, breaking the silence. My mind raced. I would have a chance to shout out I had been kidnapped, but then he picked up the already sodden ball of cloth he had gagged me with before, and rolled this into a tight ball.

As he grabbed a hold of me, I knew he wanted to gag me with it again, so I pursed my lips tight to prevent him. He pinched my nipple, and as I shrieked in pain, he shoved the wet ball of cloth into my mouth. He used his fingers to pull the gag cloth from around my neck, back up over my chin to gag me. He threw me across his lap and quickly untied and retied the gag at the back of my neck. I am pretty sure he had made it tighter than before too, as I felt my lips squash against my teeth making me open my jaw to relieve them. Then I felt the gag pulled tighter as my mouth opened wider.

Having the cold and wet ball of cloth shoved back in my mouth was a revolting experience. He forced the cloth to the back of my throat so I couldn't spit it out. Its clamminess made me want to retch so I had to keep calm and let him do what he wanted, before he made me throw up.

When he had me gagged to his satisfaction, he answered his cell phone. I tried to struggle free and Mmphed as loud as I could so I could be heard by the other caller. It was then he rolled me over onto my side and slapped my thigh with several hard raps and I whimpered in pain feeling the sting. I shut up quickly after that as I didn't want him to slap me anymore. I was still draped over his knees, ass in the air, as he closed the phone.

"Okay Honey. That was a call from the bank. It seems like Daddy has paid the ransom for you. You'll be going home soon."

Christ this guy must be stupid I thought. If Daddy had made the transfer, the Police and the FBI would easily trace the bank and pick him up as he cashed it, or at least track him down when he used his ATM card. All I had to do was go along with him and he would be behind bars in an instant.

I caught him looking at me quite studiously. It was as if he was delving into my brain to read my mind.

"You think the cops will track me down as I cash the funds, hey?" He now had my full attention.

"You see I have this genius computer virus that on receipt of the funds; splits the cash into lots of low denomination transfers and then wires them all around the world before winding up in several dozen of my alias accounts dotted around the place. The programme also wires the cash over several different dates and months too, so I get a pleasant surprise when the cash hits my account. It's sort of like Christmas coming early. It's totally untraceable, but just in case, I will be sitting on a beach somewhere exotic where there are no extradition clauses."

I glared at him. That he had said what I was thinking, and had plan upon plan that would allow him to get away; well that made me madder than hell.

That's when he walked over to me. I tried to edge backwards and was shaking my head and Mmphing loudly into the gag in protest at what he was about to do.

He had a large roll of silver Duct tape and ripped off a length. He stuck this across the cloth gag and across my lips. Several more strips were added now so my jaw was completely covered, then he took the roll and wound it very tightly around my head two or three times plastering my hair to my head, and adding to the pressure on my cheeks. The tape was so tight I thought my head was going to implode.

I tried to blow the tape off but it was no good. It would be a nightmare trying to pull it off, if I could ever escape.

He started wrapping the duct tape around my arms and chest. Every loop and coil of the tape seemed to compress my arms into my ribs. The coils wound first above my tits and then below them. I wriggled to get free squealing into the gag as he taped me tighter. He rolled me onto my stomach and pressed my face into the floor.

"You will be free in an hour or so. Just relax and let me tie you up and there will be no trouble. It's not like you don't like getting tied up!"

I felt the ropes slacken at my wrists, and then the roll of tape started the sticky bondage of my wrists.

I grunted into the gag as the tape seemed to be tighter than the rope had been. The bastard continued wrapping tape down from my wrists, and over my hands and fingers. That's just great I thought, even if I wanted to fight and struggle I wouldn't be able to pick at the tape as my entire hand was cocooned in it.

I felt so helpless now. The fight went out of me, and I slumped down as he twisted me around pulling my legs out in front of me.

More Duct tape was wrapped around my thighs but he untied the rope holding my ankles, and he left these loose, much to my surprise. He stepped over me and lifting my shoulders up with ease, pulled me to my feet.

He went over to the table and emptied out the rest of the ropes from inside a small dark cloth bag, then walked over to me brandishing the bag.

I shook my head and shoulders from side to side trying to avoid it but he managed to place the cloth bag over my head and started to drag me along side of him. Although I was hobbled at the knees I managed to keep up with him as he guided me out of the wooden shack. I could only walk slowly and my stride was severely restricted by the hobbling of my knees with the tape.

My feet crunched on a gravel driveway and I winced in pain as the sharp stones dug deep into my soles. I heard a click of a car door. Then he picked me up, knocking the air out of me, as it was so unexpected.

I whimpered as he forced me into the trunk of a car. When he had me lying down, he wrapped a short wrap of tape around my ankles and slammed the boot shut. This startled me so much I just lay shivering with despair, quietly in my dark prison.

I felt the vibrations as the car roared to life and heard the crunching of the gravel as the car took off to god knew where.

We must have been travelling an hour. I had tried some more to blow off the tape gag and had made it a little loose now around my lips. When I got that bit loose, try as best as I could to rub the tape gag off my face, I only managed to force the tape back down onto my skin. In the end I gave up.
The car was turning more corners now so I guessed we were in a town or a residential area and kicked out at the boot to try to make some noise but only managed to stub my toes against something rough and sticking out. I cried in pain. I guess it was the jack or the tire iron. It was useless to even think about trying to reach for anything as there was no way I could pick anything up. In the end I just dosed off.

I guess the car had come to a halt somewhere, when the trunk opened waking me from my nap. I turned my head toward the sound, and felt his hands pull my feet out of the boot. Then he slipped his hands under my back and easily lifted me out of the trunk. He positioned me on my feet and I heard another click and felt the tape give at my ankles. It must have been the sound of a folding pocket knife, I thought.

With his arm looped through mine he half steered me, half dragged me along a path. I felt the grass and the fall leaves crunching under my feet. Once or twice I yelped into the gag as I stepped on a sharp rock or broke a twig under my foot that jabbed mercilessly into my sole. He led me down the path for 10 or 15 minutes, I guessed. I left the cool breeze against my naked skin and the rustling of trees and bushes. I knew we had to be in a forest, but where?
I heard scraping. He pulled the hood off my head and my eyes squinted in pain at the light. It was my second view of my kidnapper. He was still in the black balaclava to hide his face. He had scrapped the leaf litter away from the base of a small tree with his boots and then he forced me down onto the grass.

Pressing my back against the tree I squirmed away from his touch. The rough bark scraped my back.

He pulled off more of the Duct tape and starting from my waist, he wound this around the back of the tree and back across my stomach. Several more wraps, and I was pole-tied to the tree.

He wrapped my ankles in tape, and then forcing my knees into a crouch, he wrapped the last of the roll of tape crushing my ankles into my thighs, ball tying me to the tree. He looked down at me and I glared back up at him. Kneeling he pressed the tape against my face making sure it was tight.

"Thank your dad for the money, for me. In an hour when I am out of the state, I'll give the cops a ring and anonymously let them know where to find you." As he tramped off into the woods he called out, "Have a good life Honey."

I Mmmphed loudly into the gag now. How dare he leave me tied up a moment longer? He had his money.

Another hour of this to endure. I was really pissed off. I hadn't seen his face in all time I had been his prisoner. I started to rack my brains for clues to give the cops. Dam him to hell. Why did I fall asleep in the trunk of the car? I probably missed a load of clues I may have heard on the journey here.

His voice seemed to give him an age of 30-40 but who knew. He was a white man. Clever. He seemed to have accomplices, but he could have lied. He had kept me prisoner in my own apartment. He brazenly carried me, tied and gagged, to his car and driven me off to some old shack somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Then locked me in the trunk again and drove me out into the middle of a wood. He severely taped me to a tree with no hope of my escape.

Confident. Capable. Relentless. Remorseless. These four words stuck in my mind as to describe him. Yet he hadn't hurt me.

He came across as fairly amiable. He had raised his voice only once in the whole time we were together.

"God dam it, you silly Bitch!" Was I beginning to fall for him, I thought?

There are always tales of the victim falling for the kidnappers. One thing, it keeps you alive! If the kidnapper grows to like you, it becomes harder for them to harm you. Human nature is a wonderfully screwed up thing I thought. They kidnap someone. Get feelings for them and let them go without the ransom!

This distracted me for a bit, but it was starting to get dark now, and this brought my attention back to my current situation.

I was by myself, and for the first time in a long while, I was scared at being alone. I was afraid of the wood, for fear of the unknown animals about. It was cool in the wood now as the light was fading and the autumn nights were drawing in fast. I looked around the small glade he tied me in. The dappled sunlight picked out the lovely shades of red and yellowing leaves in the trees and on the floor. It was truly, a beautiful place.

What the hell are you thinking now, you stupid silly bitch!

I Mmphed into my gag. So what if I was enjoying the scenery. I was cold, tired, and tied naked to a tree for god sakes. And to top that, the soup I had drunk was pressing on my bladder. I held it in as best I could, but then the dam broke and I peed myself.

Sighing with relief, and disgust at myself, the warm pee trickled over my thighs and my bound feet, making the grass I sat on damp to my skin. I sat there for what seemed ages. I could only wriggle my toes and move my head as the rest of my body was tightly secured by the tape. The sun was way above the tree line when I was allowed to see where we were, but that must have been a long while ago. The sun was setting and red shafts of sunlight lit up the glade before dying leaving me in the now gloomy forest. Every noise seemed to increase as the forest darkened around me. The gentle rustle of leaves in the bushes about me, before, now seemed to be glaring scary noises! I was now at my wits end with worry. I was shivering quite a lot too.

I really didn't want to be here any longer. I was very frightened now, and it was much more than I thought it would be. I had no control whatsoever, whereas at least in the self-bondage scenarios at my apartment, I wasn't exposed to the elements. I also knew I would be released within 24 hours, even if it meant the Cleaning lady finding me should I get stuck in some way.

I was about to burst into tears when I heard a voice. "Come here Bonnie." Some guy was out walking his dog, when it must have smelt me and it ran up to me.

This soppy Golden Labrador loped on up to me and started to lick my taped up face. Then I heard the man come out of the trees into the glade.

That was when I really did lose control of my emotions. I burst into floods of tears. Big, body racking sobs, as I wailed into my gag.

The guy looked about 30. He called off the dog and started ripping at the tape holding me down. Gently he pulled off the tape, as the tears and the snot flowed uncontrollably down my face.

"Hey you're okay now. You are safe. My place isn't far from here. Let me get you free and I can take you there."

He carefully peeled off the tape from around the back of my neck, my hair and my jaw, and he untied the cloth gag. I spat out the wadding in my mouth and all I could blurt out was that I had peed myself, as the tears kept flowing down my cheeks.

He held up my chin and I looked into blue eyes. He had mousy brown hair and a day or two's worth of stubble on his chin. But it was the eyes that twinkled. Humorous eyes, with little laughter lines in the corners. He smiled at me and said, "That seems to have been the least of your troubles."

When he ripped the last of the tape from my legs and arms he helped me stand up. He handed me his handkerchief to wipe my tears away, and I blew my nose loudly. I staggered away from the damp ground I was sitting on. He asked me if I was okay now and I nodded dumbly at him.

He told me to wait there, so I held myself up against the tree until the pins and needles shooting up my legs subsided and the circulation returned to my legs.

"My name's John. Just hold still." He had picked up a big handful of leaves and he rubbed them over my legs trying to wipe the pee from them. The leaves tickled me as he rubbed down each of my legs, and over the back of my butt. Then he scooped up one last handful and gave them to me to wipe my pussy. He took his jacket off and threw it over my shoulders as I clasped it at the neck. It was warm and cosy and I felt safe again snuggling into the coat.
He called out to the Labrador. "Here Bonnie, come."

Taking my hand he led me through the dark forest to his home. Leading me up into the porch I tied to brush the dirt and leaves from my feet as best I could then padded into the house after him.

"I am going to run you a hot bath," John called out as he bound up the stairs, "and then you can have a good soak and then you can tell me all about it. There's a bottle of Scotch on the sideboard. Help yourself."

I picked up one of the glasses, and poured a big shot and gulped it down quickly, feeling the Scotch warm the back of my throat as it slide down easily.

I noticed I was shaking badly now as I poured another one, and trotted up the stairs after John. I followed the light to the bathroom and went inside.
I shrugged off his jacket, leaving it in a pile in the corner and put the glass of whiskey on the floor beside a big Victorian claw-foot bathtub. Holding the sides, I slid into the hot bath an inch at a time as I got used to the water. The hot water was reviving me but I was still trembling.

John picked up his jacket and walked out leaving me for a while before returning with a big pile of fluffy towels which he left on the side. Then he disappeared again. I closed my eyes resting my head against the back of the bath. I hadn't realised just how exhausted I felt as I sipped at the scotch. Sitting in the bath with scented candles twinkling around me, the water was soaking away the aches and pains of my stiff body.

Then I heard John came into the bathroom. He handed me a cup of cocoa and slipped his naked body behind mine into the tab with me. "It's got marshmallows in it just the way you like it. So did you enjoy acting out your Kidnap fantasy?"

I sipped the cocoa and murmured I had. "It was intense!" I told him. Then I just lay back snuggling against his chest as he wrapped his arms around me and held me.

After a while I sat upright suddenly. The water sloshed about and a little spilt over the top of the bath.
"Careful Honey, are you trying to drown us both?" He said.

"You know? I was really worried in case you would leave me out in the forest for the whole night. I don’t think I could have handled anymore after what I had already been through."

He chuckled at that. "Then I would have had no one to snuggle up to at bed time, besides Bonnie snores."

"Bonnie can’t do this either." I twisted to my side as more water sloshed out of the bath, but I didn’t care about that. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed him.


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