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Gang of Four 2: Diane was on a Mission

by West Coast Comet

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© Copyright 2014 - West Coast Comet - Used by permission

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story continued from part one Part 2: Diane was on a Mission

Diane was on a mission. She had walked into that old barn and decided, then and there, that she would attempt to relive that day she had her first true forced orgasm. There was no doubt or hesitation in her mind. She was going to do it, and do it today.

The Past Called and Wants Their Diane Back

Years ago she had been tied up in this barn by her friends, the gang of four. All of them had been friends at the time. They had a club house of sorts in the old dairy barn out beyond the little suburban track where they lived. As time went along, a simple game of “truth-or-dare” had become mostly “dare”. They would throw some portion of their clothes down the hay chutes, and then run from loft to cellar to retrieve the clothes.

In just a short time the “Dare” game evolved into a kidnap and rescue activity. During one of the episodes, Diane had double crossed the other three, and they had exacted their revenge on her. She found herself buck naked, tightly bound to some of the 2x4 studs in the hay loft. Belts held her hands behind her back and her ankles spread out to 2x4’s on either side. Another belt went around her waist. The girls had pulled off all her clothes, which was a decidedly new twist to the game. It was their form of revenge on her.

The worst (or best) part of Diane’s bondage experience had come at the hands of Sally. She had grabbed a fist-full of bailing twine and began to elaborate on the belts. In particular, she had tied twine across and around Diane’s breasts, and through her pussy in an attempt to give Diane a “string bikini”. The conspirators did not intend to give Diane any stimulation. It was their attempt to humiliate her.

They took Diane’s clothes and left her naked in the hay loft. They told her she was going to be stuck there until the next day. Of course, this was an empty threat. They always intended to return later that afternoon, after Diane was sufficiently humbled. Diane thought the threat of abandonment was very real and it went through her like an electric shock. She was naked and helpless.

As the girls walked away from the barn, Diane began to struggle. The bailing twine unexpectedly gave Diane quite a ride that day, causing her to orgasm uncontrollably for most of her time in the barn. In fact that experience seared through her mind like a hot poker laid against flesh. Now, it was an experience that Diane was determined to recreate today.

Visit to the Hardware

She had a few self-bondage experiences since then, but the smell of that old barn was a powerful aphrodisiac. As soon as she walked into the barn, she could feel her arousal start.

“Dear God” she thought, “I have to do it. I have to try at least”. She knew she needed some rope. There was no longer any of the bailing twine lying about, nor were there any hay bales. All that stuff had been cleaned out. She would need to supply that stuff herself.

As she drove to the local hardware, she worked it out in her mind. At one time, she had become quite good at tying herself up, but that had been a while ago. She had left all of her nice white nylon ropes at home, someplace. At this point, she wasn’t even sure where it was. When she had started this trip, she did not include a self-bondage adventure on her itinerary. The sight and especially the smell of the old barn had changed all that. Now it had become an obsession. They say that your sense of smell has a direct path into the lower areas of the brain, and it can elicit a visceral, emotional response regardless of any rational thought. Diane now knew this to be true.

The small town hardware was pitiful. The selection of rope was not up to Diane’s needs. There was some plastic clothes line, some nasty cotton stuff, and some twine. She considered the twine, and then she saw a spool of ¼” hemp rope. That was it! It looked like the bailing twine just a bit. She bought the entire 300’ spool and a box cutter type knife. She found herself sweating and flustered at the checkout counter.

“Cool off Diane” she said to herself, “You’ve got a ways to go yet”. She paid for the items and walked quickly to her car. She sat down in the front seat of her car and took a deep breath. She needed to clear her thoughts. “How the heck am I going to do this?”

Diane thought through her requirements. She realized that tying herself to the 2x4 studs up in the loft wouldn’t work. She had no way to release herself. Her old tricks from home won’t work: No ice. No refrigerator. No way to set up a timer. She liked being tied to something, but that was just not in the cards for today.

She knew she wanted to experience inescapable bondage in that barn. Nothing else would do. This was a quandary. She recalled that the girls used to throw their clothes down the chute and sneak down through the barn to retrieve them. Maybe Diane could compromise and use the hay chute to distance herself from the knife, which would be her only escape mechanism. At least she could relive that part of the experience.

“Okay, that will work as an escape mechanism. I will just wiggle down the stairs when I need to get loose” she said out load as she started the car. “…but how do I bind myself?” She mulled this around and realized she needed one more thing. She went back into the Hardware and found a couple steel rings. She had used a two-ring device before. It was a one-way slip knot. It was a little scary, but Diane knew she was safe with it as long as she had the knife within reach.

She drove back to the barn with her purchases riding in the front seat. To say this was well planned would be a lie. She had put this plan together in a feverish rush, and had failed to think through all the consequences. Furthermore, she didn’t realize how tight hemp knots can be, and how unforgiving the rope was. Nylon has some stretch. The hemp has none.

Jumping Into the Bind

Diane drove down to the end of the little street and sat there for a while, thinking. She rubbed herself through her shorts and felt that electric thrill she had known before. She didn’t always get it. In fact her recent self-bondage experiences had been rather flat. This was a different feeling altogether. She was hundreds of miles from her home, and in what is now a strange place. Familiar, but now strange.

She could see herself, tied hand and foot, naked and alone up in the hay loft. She shivered a bit from the thought, then reality peaked in.

“What the hell am I doing? What if I get caught? Hell, what if I get stuck?” The idea of being alone, naked, and unable to free herself pushed into her brain, and she immediately jumped back to that day in the hay loft, and how delicious it was. All rational thought was pushed out as the temptation of reliving that intense sexual experience clouded her mind.

“Enough!” She pulled her car into an unused bit of farm lane off the cul-de-sac and parked. She yanked the door of her car open, grabbed her hardware and made for the barn. She pushed her car keys into her shorts pocket and shifted the items she carried so she could open the barn cellar door. It was just after 12:00 noon when she stepped back into the barn. The quiet was oppressive. No wind. Only a few birds chirping here and there. In the barn cellar, even that was muffled.

Diane quickly moved through the barn. It was all familiar. Up the stairs into the loft. A pigeon fluttered away as she walked across the “bridge” between the lofts. The remains of the club house room were still there.

Diane backed up against the 2x4 stud that had held her so tightly that summer day. She spread her legs to the adjacent studs, and placed her hands behind her back. She quietly moaned thinking about that experience, remembering how her body went on overdrive, climaxing on its own, without her permission, without her control. She had never before experienced the intensity of an involuntary orgasm. Now she was going to relive them. She could feel her heat building.

She dumped everything out of her hardware bags, and decided to cram her clothes back into them. It would keep her clothing cleaner. “Great idea!” She thought. T-shirt, bra, shorts, and panties all went in. There was even room for her two little shoes. She knotted the bag, and casually tossed it down the hay chute. She thought her naked form contrasted strangely with the raw harshness of the old barn.

Diane was fairly shy with most people. Even men she would bed could only guess about her features. Love making was only done in the dark. She would quickly jump into PJs after the intimacy. She always wore modest business suits to work, and she rarely got out in the sun without lots of sun screen. She was very pale from head to toe. Now, her white skin contrasted sharply with the rustic greys of the barn.

She didn’t realize that in the years since she and her friends had played their games, somebody had hit the chute with a backhoe and crushed the chute where it passed the main floor. Her clothing bag with her car keys was now stuck 12 feet below her, and 10 feet above the feed trough where she expected it to be. It would prove impossible to reach. Even if she had chickened out now, she still would have faced the problem of a long, naked walk to get help.

She thought she had better fix the ring device first. She cut off a 4’ piece of rope, and knotted one end tightly around the two rings, tied a small loop in the other end. She casually hooked it over an old rusty nail sticking out of one of the studs.

“Legs next” she thought, “No, I’d better figure out the best part – the crotch rope, before I tie my legs together” she spoke out loud, to no one but herself. She mused that talking out loud made the whole thing seem less scary. She felt less alone. She unspooled the hemp rope and cut a 12-15 foot long piece. She wrapped it several times around her waist and knotted it tight. She slid the loose ends between her legs and under the waist wrap at her back.

Ideas were flying into Diane’s head as she went along, causing her to fail to consider the end result. She just knew she wanted to be tied up. She pulled off a shorter piece of rope and made a chest harness with it, wrapping the rope across the back of her neck, under her arms, across her back and around her chest. She knotted it off in front. Just for kicks, she cut off the remaining bits of rope stickling out from the knot. Diane figured that she would simply throw away all this stuff once she was done. Wasting a little of the rope seemed no issue.

The ends of the crotch rope hung behind her like a strange double tail. She decided to attach them to the harness she had just constructed. She carefully adjusted the ropes to bracket her clit and pulled them tight. Up from her back, she crossed the ropes across her belly and tied them to the diagonal straps of the harness. This made Diane suck in her breath as the ropes tightened. She realized that her very breathing would pull on the ropes. She couldn’t bend over! She had to undo the crotch rope knots so she could bend over to tie her legs.

More rope off the spool. Diane tied wraps with cinches at her ankles, and knees (above and below). She had used a lot of rope around her ankles. In a rational moment, she decided to tie her ankles more loosely, and with a lot of rope. She always liked the look of well wrapped legs, and she replicated that. She also tied her ankles such that the cinch, when pulled tight, would only encase the ankles and not pinch them. It would allow her to take tiny steps once tied up, she thought. She didn’t realize at the time, but this would prove to be a lucky choice, one of the few she made that day.

Now she re-tied that pesky crotch rope like she had done before. Each breath she took tugged on it just a little, and she was breathing hard by now. The excitement was starting to get to her. She looked down her body to see ropes circling at the waist, knees and ankles. The butterflies were jumping in her stomach.

“Diane, this might not be the best idea you have had…” said the little Jiminy Cricket voice in the back of her mind. However, Diane was certainly determined, if not so wise today, so she turned a deaf ear to that small voice of caution.

Next she loosely wrapped 6 turns of rope around her chest and arms, 3 below, and 3 above her breasts. Then she forced a cinch rope over all 6 turns between her arms and her torso. This she pulled tight until the cinch forced her arms back, forming a figure 8 with her arms in one loop and her chest in the other. She could not even begin to touch her elbows behind her back, but she liked her arms pinned to her sides. The cinch did just that. She could no longer bring her arms forward. She gave the cinch another pull and awkwardly tied it off in front. She could just barely reach the ends to knot them off.

Now she was ready for the final piece, her wrists. She had made a loose loop of 5-6 turns that both wrists would easily slide into. With the last piece of rope cut, she held the knife in her hands. She hopped over to the hay chute and dropped it on top of her clothes, believing it would drop to the cellar where she could reach it at the end of her adventure. Instead, it lodged in the same place her clothing now rested. She did not suspect that she had no escape mechanism now.

Diane pulled the ring rope off the nail where it hung, and fished it along her back under her chest bindings, under the chest harness rope, and allowed both ends to hang down. She pushed her wrists through the loops of the wrist rope, and flipped the ring rope around the loops in a simple cinch. She deftly pulled the rope through the rings hanging at the level of her hands. At first she thought she had made the wrist loop too large, because it did not pinch tightly on her wrists. However, as things turned out, she had made it just right.

Now she needed to pull the ring rope tight. That old rusty nail was just the right height for her to flip the ring rope loop over. She did, and without thinking this through, she quickly pulled away from the nail. This action caused several things to happen. First, the ring rope closed quickly, pulling her hands upward and against her back. Fortunately she had made the wrist loops fairly loose, so as her hands rose, the loops slide along her arms, forcing her arms into a tight box tie. Her arms could not slide outward because of the chest harness, so as the rings tightened, all the ropes behind her back squeezed together in a tight knot at the center of her back. The loop at the other end of the ring rope also closed around the nail.

“Oh crap” she said out loud.

She had not expected the ropes to pull her arms upwardly as they did. She had expected her wrists to be held parallel near the small of her back. She just didn’t think it through. Now her hands were sticking out to each side of her back in a neat box tie, and she suddenly realized that retrieving the knife and cutting anything might be a problem. She had seen the box tie on models, but had never figured out how to tie herself that way. She could feel the ropes around her arms, but could not touch any knots. She was shocked at how tight and how well she had accomplished her goal, and she was also shocked at how the box tie was so much more restrictive. She was very used to having her two hands able to work together to solve knots and what not. As Diane looked over her shoulder she could tell she was in a bit of a fix.

“Well, I will just figure it out once she got down to the cellar”, she thought. She tried to pull her arms out, but the ropes around her forearms and her upper arms held tight. Held in place by the chest harness she had crafted, there would be no slipping these ropes off. She also found herself almost out of breath, and breathing shallowly. She took a deep breath and could feel the ropes bite in.

“Wow. I did a pretty good job tying myself up” again, speaking out loud to no one but herself, Diane paid herself a complement. Again she tried the ropes and realized that she could not force them open. Somehow, this situation didn’t seem as wildly scary and sexy as it had when the girls had bound her in the hayloft. Back then, she had no idea what would happen next. She was a virgin. Now, it was by her own hand that she was bound. She was far from a virginal state, although, she had to admit to herself, it had been a while. Furthermore, she had a plan of escape. All that took some of the thrill out of the situation.

Actually, she was underestimating her own arousal when she thought, “Maybe I can’t recapture that magic. This just doesn’t seem as exciting”. She raised her head up and the pretty blond looked around the big empty barn. How strange it might look to a casual observer, this naked blond in the hayloft. She smiled as that thought ran through her mind.

That Damned Nail

“Okay”, she said, “Every journey begins with the first step”. She hopped toward the bridge between the hay lofts – her first obstacle to getting to her knife. Her feet and hips went forward, but her torso was yanked backward. The ring rope was still attached to that nail, and it yanked her off her feet. She screamed. She would have bruised herself as she slammed against the 2x4 stud that had the nail, but she had the presence of mind to drag her feet as she swung toward the stud.

She hit the stud gently, but she was hanging by the ring rope. Her weight pulled all the knots tighter, as she hung by her chest bondage, with her butt about 6 inches above the ground. The crotch ropes pulled through her well lubricated pussy, and she climaxed as she hung there. She threw her head back and arched her back, grunting rhythmically as her internal convulsions grabbed control of her body.

“What the hell?” she said, as she tried to pull her legs under her hanging body and a second orgasm happened. She had underestimated the stimulation she experienced just coming back into the barn and then tying herself into this tight bundle of nerves. The energy was building and had to go somewhere.

Once she got control back she managed to stand up. Diane looked over her situation. “Holy crap” was all she could think.

“God damn it. I specifically did not want to tie myself to this barn, and I did it anyway. Shit! Shit! Shit! I have to be able to get down the stairs to get to the knife”. Saying this out loud seemed to calm her just a bit. She turned and tied to undo the knot on the nail. That is when the first problem hit. She couldn’t reach the shoulder height nail with her hands tied so tightly against her back.

“Okay, we can do this the old fashioned way”. She turned to face the nail and started to use her teeth. That is when she found out how tight hemp can knot, especially when the slip knot is tightened by her own body weight. Besides, the hemp tasted terrible. She would grab at the knot and get the taste of both rusty nail and hemp in her mouth. She spent half her time spitting and rubbing her mouth against the 2x4 stud.

“Well, they will find my car in a few days, and come looking for me. Sadly all they will find is my dried up little body hanging from this nail” she thought. “The headlines will read, Death by Misadventure”. The idea of being trapped in the barn, naked and bound hit her libido again, and she stopped to calm herself, again. She had indeed tied herself inescapably, more so than she realized since there was no knife at the bottom of the hay chute.

She continued to work at the knot and was eventually able to get it to slide open. She used her tongue and teeth to pull the loop off the nail. It must have taken a good hour to get that accomplished, but now she began to feel better about her situation. She knew she mustn’t fall, because she could hardly get up without the use of her arms. She carefully hopped the length of the hay loft, to the bridge.

She took small hops across the bridge, mostly shuffling. She didn’t want the damn thing to fall. It had occurred to her that maybe this wasn’t her day, and then she considered how long the bridge had been in place. Who knows how sturdy the beams were now? Somewhere about halfway across the bridge another orgasm snuck up on her, and almost knocked her to her knees. She held on and let it pass. Now in the second loft, she turned to hop to the stairs. She was making good progress, but each hop was rubbing her pussy against those ropes. Those damned ropes!

She found by the middle of the second loft, she had to stop, just to let the excitement die down a bit. She looked around a bit and noticed that someone had put up a railing along the edge of the loft, and in fact, the loft floor was darned clean for an old barn. This worried her, as it should, and put her on alert.

She reached the stairs. Diane was breathing heavily and was very aroused. However, nothing was pushing her over the edge. She could feel how wet she was down there as she sat down on the stairs. The very act of sitting pulled those crotch ropes across her very sensitive pussy, causing her to loudly moan. She felt very wonton in that moment.

“You slut! You bondage slut. You just can’t get enough!” She thought. It caused her to gently laugh at her predicament. She sat on the top step for a moment and contemplated her fate. She considered just staying in the loft until nightfall, just to experience the long term bondage. She was quite comfortable with nothing pinching and nothing too tight.

“Why be in a hurry?” she thought, “You spent all this time tying yourself into this mess, why not enjoy it some more?” She was comfortable. The ropes around her chest had loosened just a bit, but were still more than tight enough to both arouse her and keep her bound. She knew that she had tied herself very well, and it felt good to her. It had been a long time since she had been tied up this effectively – by anybody!

Trouble Arrives

Suddenly her revelry was interrupted by the sound of a car. She might have missed the sound had she not been on alert. Worse yet, it seemed to be coming this way. Now unnerved and with her adrenaline pumping, Diane knew she had to do something.

She hurried down the steps, sliding her butt across every step as quickly as she could. Maybe they weren’t coming to the barn, but she couldn’t take that chance. Her best bet was to get to the cellar quickly. She heard the cars stop and two car doors slam. When she hit the bottom of the steps, she heard the large main floor door open, and the voice of someone talking confidently. She was out of time and had to hide.

Diane was now in a lot of trouble. She looked around and saw an old tarp under the stairs. She threw herself onto the trap and grabbed the corner with her teeth, and her left hand, now sticking out of her right side. She rolled, pulling the tarp somewhat over her naked body, and froze. It was not a moment too soon. Two men rounded the corner and started up the steps she had just come down. She thought she heard a pause in the voice of the one man doing the talking as he entered the side room at the bottom of the stairs. She held her breath.

“Look up at the structure of this barn”. Diane didn’t like the sound of his command to look up. Had he seen her?

“They don’t make them like they used to. This old building is a hundred years old or more, and it is as study and functional as the day they built it. Notice the heavy beams crossing the center of the room. Some of them must be 35-40 feet long or longer” The confident man continued.

“You know, I remember old man Wilkens. This used to be his farm” said the other man who sounded older, as the two of them walked up the stairs.

“Could it be that they didn’t see me?” Diane thought. “Holy shit, I thought my ankles showed”. She was breathing hardy at all. She quickly went over the scenarios in her head if she had been detected. Rape would be the least of the potential outcomes. Various headlines went through her head: “Naked Real Estate Women found bound in Local Barn”, “She Did It For The Thrill”, “Prosecuted…”

“Stop it Diane”, she thought, “Just lay still and they will leave soon enough”. With that she began to listen to what they were saying. The language sounded familiar. The confident man was working on a real estate development right here, around this barn. He was using the barn to show off the property to a potential investor. No, make that a banker. This was all stuff Diane knew about. She had brokered a couple deals like this.

They continued talking for at least 30 minutes. Diane slowly pulled her ankles under the tarp and lay very still.

“This too shall pass” She thought. She pulled on her arms, but they were still firmly fixed to her back. She felt terribly vulnerable lying naked and bound under the tarp. If they found her, they could do anything they wanted to her. It made her shiver just a bit.

“…and you would probably like every minute of it!” she chided herself silently.

The men continued their conversation about the properties and the financing as they came down the stairs. They seemed very close to a deal but the older man had hesitancy in his voice, Diane thought.

“Thanks Bill. I will look forward to putting a more formal proposal in front of your directors.” The confident man said.

“No problem Jason. Thanks for the quick tour, and I really like this old barn. It is a shame it needs to go to make room for the development” said the banker. The name should have rung a bell with Diane, but she was simply too loaded with adrenalin.

“You know the story. Out with the old and in with the new” said the confident man.

The older man paused and then started reminiscing, “You know I worked on this farm when I was a teenager. I used to help Bob Wilkens with the milking. He was really proud of this old barn. You know, his grandfather built it. I don’t recall when, but I think it was in the 1890’s. Remarkable isn’t it?”

“Well, I’d love to save the barn, but what would I use it for? Right now it is just an attractive nuisance”, the confident man said with some emphasis. Diane heard the twist in his voice and it worried her.

“Had he see her?” The thought rolled around Diane’s head again.

Soon she heard the car door slam, and the barn door close.

“Thank God! Alone again” she thought. She had not caught the reverse sequence of events that the car door slammed before the barn door closed. However, she did decide to stay very still and listen for a while. She heard nothing for about 5 minutes.

“Maybe this is going to be okay. Nobody is here” She thought. She slowly sat up only to find one of the men staring at her from the doorway.

“God Damn it!” he barked, “If old man Musser had seen you, my deal, my development, hell, my life would have been down the drain. He would have thought you and I were playing sex games out here or something. Now where the hell is your boyfriend?”

“No boyfriend. I did this” Diane stammered, as tears welled in her eyes. This was terrible. She had never been caught before, and now she was in a lot of trouble. A perspective the man echoed almost immediately.

“Why would you do this? Who did this to you? You are in a lot of trouble! Stop with the lies and tell me where your friend is”, his face was turning a color of red as his anger grew. “What is he going to do? Ambush me? He looked around the barn and was quite for a moment. She noticed he had a baseball bat in one hand. He kept looking for whoever tied her up. Soon, he walked over to her, grabbed the ropes around her chest, and yanked her up onto her feet. Then he dragged her into the main area of the barn.

“Jesus” he said quietly as he looked her over. She was beautiful, and wrapped with rope from head to foot. Something about the situation gave him an immediate boner. He quickly looked around the barn again to see if he could spot her accomplice.

“Stay here” he said emphatically, as he pointed to the floor. “I am calling the police and I will let them sort it out”. He started to walk toward his car parked just outside the main door.

“Please don’t call the police. Please. Please! Please!” Diane pleaded. “I didn’t mean to do anything wrong. I thought the barn was empty and abandoned. I am sorry I almost screwed up your deal with the banker. It wasn’t anything I wanted. I just made a terrible mistake”.

Jason continued to walk toward his car. As he pulled the barn door open, Diane’s mind screamed to her to run. Maybe she could just get down the stairs, grab the knife, cut herself free, put on her clothes, and flee in her car before the police arrived. Yes, it would be unlikely, but the alternative was simply unacceptable. She had to try.

Jason looked back at the sight of this woman hopping across the main floor of his barn at an alarming speed.

Diane’s focus was on the doorway to the cellar stairs. She was almost there, but did not see Jason coming in from the side. He grabbed her, and put his shoulder into her middle. She flipped up on his back with no effort.

“We will have nothing of the sort!” Jason said, “You are going to stay right here”. Jason walked over to the other end of the barn, and deftly hooked Diane’s ankles to the hay hook hanging in the middle of the main floor. He ducked and she swung free, screaming.

For just a moment, she thought she would hit the floor. Then she felt the wild feeling of hanging by her ankles. Jason backed away and looked at his captive. She was perfect, the shapely legs, the round hips, the narrow waist, and those beautiful tits. He walked over to where the rope from the hay hook was tied off. He loosened it and pulled her higher. She slowly twisted, wiggling seductively in her bondage.

Diane had just one card left in her deck to play. She could tell this guy was attracted to her, so she decided to use that. She also found that this situation was rapidly becoming more interesting than threatening. For some reason, she was not as embarrassed as she thought she would be. Well, there was nothing she could do about it anyway. The situation had spiraled quickly out of her control.

“If you let me go, I’ll do anything you want” she said quietly. There could be no doubt in what she meant. Jason looked at her again. There was something familiar about her. He licked his lips just thinking about this girl. Hanging upside down emphasized her flat stomach and made her boobs stick straight out. It pulled her torso tight, making her hips look even more appealing. He could see the ropes going through her crotch. He sucked his breath in.

“Well, I will let the police sort this out” he thought to himself. He realized if he touched her inappropriately, in any way, any chance of prosecuting her would go right out the window. Still, her offer was attractive, and she had done no real wrong. He walked over to the door and paused. He was still thinking about calling the police, but he was now deeply conflicted.

Jason walked back to the hanging girl and looked her in the face. “How did you know about this barn? Why did you decide to fool around here?”

“I used to live around here” Diane explained. “I used to hang out here with three other girls and we would play in this barn”. When she said “Hang out” they both smirked, considering her current position. This seemed to break the ice and they both felt more comfortable with the confrontation.

“Look, I took my clothes off and threw them down the hay chute along with the knife I used to cut the rope into sections. You can go down there and get my stuff. Cut me loose and I will be out of your hair – you know, gone!”

“Alright, I will check on it”. Jason walked to the cellar stairs and disappeared. He wasn’t sure he wanted this girl gone.

Diane now checked her situation, “Well, I am hanging naked, like a piece of meat in this old barn. Nothing I can do about it. I might as well enjoy the ride.” With that, she began to slowly rock back and forth, each motion moving those crotch ropes through her most private areas. The way she had tied her ankles made her current predicament somewhat comfortable. She was slowly rotating, and now faced the barn doors. She didn’t see Jason return.

He watched from the stairs. He did not find her clothes, so her story did not check out. Still he was fascinated. She was just so beautiful. Something she said finally sunk in. She was from around here… 4 girls.

“Hey, are you Diane Walters?” He blurted out. He walked over to the inverted girl, spun her back to face him, and bent his head over so he could look at her face as though it were right side up. The sun was coming through the cracks on the door behind her. Her pretty face was framed by her blonde hair, catching the light. It looked like her face was the sun and the hair the sunrays. It was a vision he would never forget for the rest of his life.

Diane jerked back to reality. She had dropped into subspace and did not know the man had returned. “Yes. I wish I didn’t have to tell you who I am, but maybe you will believe me if I did”.

“Well, your story didn’t check out. No clothes. No knife. Maybe this is all a big lie?” Jason said.

Diane was truly shocked. “No way! Did you even look? It would have been in the chute right under the little room in the far loft”. Her surprise and concern was genuine. Jason could tell it. He continued to stare at her body. It was just breath taking.

He shook it off. “I looked in every chute down there, and found nothing.” He glanced around and thought a while. “Maybe the clothing was stuck in the chute. Okay maybe she is on the level”.

“Look at the ropes on my back. Do you see those two rings? That is a one-way slip knot that locked my arms to my back. That’s how I tied myself. There was no boyfriend involved. Hell, I don’t even have a boyfriend.”

Jason spun her around and looked carefully at the rope work. He could see what she was talking about. “That’s pretty clever. So why do you like getting tied up?” He noticed her hot skin as his hand rested on her hip.

This evolved into a longer conversation. As odd as the circumstances were, they both found that they were very attracted to each other. One right side up and the other upside down. Jason finally let his secret out. He was Sally’s brother.

“I knew you looked a little familiar. I used to have the biggest crush on you” Diane said, “You were just never interested”.

“Baloney, I wanted to ask you out, but Sally said you despised me” Jason said.

“Sally told me you thought I was stuck up and that you would never ask me out” Diane blurted in pseudo anger. “I think Sally just didn’t want us to get together”. She smiled for the first time today, and thought, “Maybe this was going to be okay after all”.

He touched her side and she flinched. “You’re ticklish, eh?” Jason said in a threatening voice. Diane answered with a grunt, her eyes seem to be focused far away. Jason put his other hand on her side and dug his fingers in.

Diane screamed and bucked. He kept it up and was able to see Diane climax right there, hanging naked in the barn. It was, he thought, the single sexiest thing he had ever seen. Shy Diane was way out of her character, but loving it. All her inhibitions dropped to that barn floor, and she let her physical side run the show. This was the same abandonment and excitement she had felt so long ago in that same barn. She let the feeling wash over her as she lost control. She was in ecstasy.


Jason decided Diane was telling the truth, and more importantly, he decided that this might have been a lucky day for him. He didn’t have a knife in his car, or so he said. He took Diane back to his house with every rope still wrapped around her body. He would later remove the ropes around her legs and the crotch rope. Her hands remained bound for most of that first night.

Today, Jason’s housing development is booming. It became a growing bedroom community for the larger town 30 miles away. The pasture land became beautiful home sites. Jason’s new wife, Diane turned out to be a hell of a salesman, and a great life partner in both his business and his personal life.

The oddest thing about the housing development is the rehabilitated dairy barn that dominates the rest of the houses. The story goes that the banking deal got an extra push from old man Musser, the banker who loved the old barn. He really got behind the development once Jason told him about his plans to fix up the barn rather than tear it down. It was Diane’s suggestion. Musser also was completely charmed by Jason’s new partner.

Jason and Diane often have friends over. Their friends all think the barn is wonderful, but they find that the old hay hook hanging down from the finished ceiling in the main room of the barn-turned-house is pretty strange. Jason and Diane say it is just for atmosphere, and then smile knowingly at each other. Keeping the hay hook was also Diane’s suggestion.

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