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Gang of Four 4: Rosie’s Story

by West Coast Comet

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story continued from part three Part 4: Rosie's Story - Betty buys the "Farm"

Playing in that old barn with the other girls had its effect on Rosie, just as it had with the other girls. She had a great time in the company of the “gang”, and enjoyed the secret club that they called the “Gang of 4”. She was always a very private person and did not let the others know how she felt about their more daring escapades. She just seemed to go along for the ride. Unassuming and innocent as she might seem, this river flowed deep.

Rosie found the hostage/escape game very exciting. In fact, it seemed to fuel a whole raft of internal fantasies that she would day-dream about constantly. Of course, she would never discuss these with the other girls. It was just too embarrassing. However, after Diane’s episode, she felt like she could open up a bit more. Rosie began to encourage the barn activities, because every time she was tied up, up in that old hay loft, she got a real charge out of it, especially when they took their clothes off.

All this helped form a woman that had a few quirks, or better termed “kinks”. She just loved to be tied up, but she was very shy about saying anything to her dates. For the most part, her love life was quite normal, and, in her opinion, quite boring. Rosie, Rosalynn, or as she now called herself “Lynn”, just could not get past verbalizing her desires. She would dream about being tied up in order to fulfil her “dark desire”, as she thought of it. However, she never worked up the courage to ask the guy she was sleeping with to help her out. The fantasies were just too deep and too personal. In fact, keeping this secret seemed to make it even more intriguing and exciting to her. That was soon to change in so many ways.

In her early twenties, Lynn inherited an old Wisconsin farm. Her parents had worried about Lynn’s “failure to launch”, because she was still living at home after attending community college. She had a job in the local mall, but it didn’t pay well. Lynn knew, even then, that this was a dead-end existence. Then good fortune struck. Aunt Betty passed away and left the old Wisconsin farm to her only niece, Lynn. Betty and her husband, Robert, had no heirs, so Lynn was the lucky winner of an old farm. In truth, neither Robert nor Betty was doing any farming in their later years. They leased out the land to local farmers, and lived frugally off the income. Robert had passed away years ago, but Betty hung on for 15 more years, living in her old farm house.

Lynn found she had to sell off most of the open farm land to pay the taxes. The sale went very well, and left her with the old farmhouse, 80 acres of attached woodlands, and a nice nest egg in the bank. When Lynn arrived at the house, she was immediately struck by the general disrepair and the odor. It smelled of urine and mold. However, Lynn was very proud of her new property, and set about fixing and painting. Her dad drove over and gave her some help, and it was not long before the old place started looking pretty good. Fortunately, the roof, furnace and appliances were in good shape. However, the house needed to be cleaned thoroughly. With some new paint, the place turned around quickly.

Once the trash was hauled away and the walls painted, she found she was very comfortable in the house. She quickly found work up there in Wisconsin, in a local small manufacturing firm. Finding a job was also done by a stroke of incredible luck. She saw the help wanted sign and stopped in. They needed a bookkeeper with experience in a certain software product, the same one she had used in several of her college classes. Bang! Lynn walked out with a job. It paid well enough, and it was only a short drive from the old farm.

It didn’t hurt any that the hiring manager, Jeff, thought she was cute. In fact they both felt some attraction. Who knows how much such a thing plays in getting hired, but it certainly didn’t hurt. Sitting there in front of Jeff was this perky young lady with a pretty face wearing a nice business outfit. She knew her stuff, and seemed very bright. She could start the next day. She was just what Jeff was looking for, in more than one way.

Although Lynn was a little overweight in High School during her Gang-of-4 days, college life had suited her well and she had trimmed into a lovely young woman. She cut her hair shorter, and made sure it always looked good. Also she wore her make up better, and dressed a lot nicer. All in all, she had become very good-looking. Not someone who would jump out at you in a crowd, but once you focused on her, she was very attractive.

Living on the Old Farm

Lynn thought she was very lucky to be in the circumstances she was, with a house, property, and some savings. It put her miles ahead of most of her generation at age 25. Not only was she financially secure now, but the 80 acres of woods started her thinking about some outdoor activities that would feed her dark desires. The woods were north of the house, and seemed to be calling to her as a place of adventure.

Not all was bright and shiny however. Her first night in the house all by herself was a bit unnerving. In all her life, she had always been in a house with her parents. She had never been by herself except a couple times her parents had been out of town. This situation was entirely different, and more than a bit scary. The old house was a bit spooky, and the isolation of the old farm, a mile or more from any other houses was frightening. She did not have much furniture there, and there were only a few lamps to light the dark rooms. The old house had its share of creaks and groans, and there was an owl hooting outside for half the night.

The next day she stopped by the hardware after work. She wanted to be a little more secure, so she bought a couple door stops that would keep an intruder from pushing open the door. She also got a heavy duty flashlight. She figured it would make a pretty good weapon. As she wandered up and down the aisles, her eyes fell on the collection of chains and ropes. As she touched the ropes a shiver went down her back.

“Not yet, girl” she thought, “Not yet. Too much to do yet to get distracted”.

Later that week Lynn stopped by the animal shelter. She decided that a dog would provide companionship and security. There, in the first cage, was a pretty golden retriever, one year old bitch that had been neutered and given her shots.

“Well hello little girl” Lynn said to the pup as she walked by the cage. The retriever looked at her and stuck out her paw. Lynn turned and held the soft paw for just a moment, and suddenly a lasting friendship formed. Lynn went home to the farmhouse with “Goldie” (nobody said she was creative), a cage, and a bag of dog food. Goldie took to Lynn and life at the farm in an instant. She became the constant companion of the young girl, and they walked everywhere around that old farm.

With the companionship issue solved, and after several weeks in the old house, it began to feel as safe as home to Lynn. The next time she was in the hardware store, she had a plan. It was Friday, after work, and she had this itch she had to scratch.

“It’s time girl” she mused, “It’s time to get down and dirty, Gang of 4 style!”

She grabbed double package of 3/16” nylon rope, some eye hooks, and a sturdy work knife.

“It’s for my dog” she thought she should explain to the disinterested sales clerk, who just smirked.

First Time in Her House

Using the knife, Lynn cut some of the rope into useable lengths. She sealed each cut with the flame from a candle, melting the nylon so it would not fray.

At first, she could not decide where to experiment. Her bedroom? The basement? The old attic? She realized that if she went to either the basement or the attic, Goldie would just raise hell. The darned retriever had to be at her side, and would not tolerate Lynn being in the house but away from her for any length of time. In the end, the bedroom would have to do.

Goldie whined a little and was concerned about the unusual activity, as Lynn began to tie herself up. Lynn gave her a rawhide bone to chew, and told her to go lie down in her corner. Goldie did as she was told, for the moment.

Lynn had been looking on the internet at slow times at work. She did not have any connection to the internet at home, so she had to steal some private time while at work to study just how you do this stuff. Sure, she had some practice while hanging out with the Gang of 4 in the old barn, but doing the whole thing yourself, to yourself, was a learning experience. The internet was a pretty good guide.

She wondered what having your elbows tied together would feel like. It looked deliciously helpless. She never got the crotch rope treatment in the old barn that had done so much for Diane. That was another thing Lynn wanted to try.

“Being roused by rope, while helpless to prevent or escape the stimulation. Damn that sounds interesting” she thought. “Spread eagle? Hogtie? Pulled into the air in inescapable suspension bondage? Yummy!” She wanted to do everything at once, and it was just not practical.

“I’ve got to start simple“, she thought, “I have all the time in the world to explore this stuff. No need to rush”. She took a deep breath to try and relax.

She realized that she had repressed all this “dark desire” when she lived at home. There simply was not enough privacy to protect her from discovery by her parents. Here, in her own house, she could do what she wanted. This was just beginning to dawn on her.

She pulled off her clothes and sat on the bed. The sun was starting to set, and the light came through the blinds making the room a pale yellow. Her skin felt hot to the touch. Lynn rubbed her hands across her chest feeling how delicious it felt. Lynn had this odd feeling in the pit of her stomach that seemed to match her level of excitement. It felt so odd to do what she was about to do. So strange, so exotic, so scary.

Lynn sighed deeply, “Oh, what the hell”, and she started wrapping her ankles. She did it carefully following the methods she had seen on the internet. Once wrapped, she cinched the wraps, and found it surprising how tight and comfortable it was. She must have pulled 10-12 wraps around her ankles making the binding very secure.

She put a slip knot in the end of another rope, and put her hands behind her back, pulling the slip knot tight.

“Jesus!” she thought, “This is better than anything I imagined”.

Her heart was racing now. She wrapped the long end of the slip knot rope around her wrists as many times as she could, maybe 10 times. Then she flipped the rope a couple times between her forearms, creating a cinch. The wrappings were loose, but the cinch took care of that. She pulled the cinch tight and gasped. It was so firm and tight! She moved quickly now. She fumbled for the other end of the slip knot and tied the two ends together in a square knot, pulling the ends as tightly as she could while sitting there.

“Done!” she thought. She had made herself helpless. She sat there playing with the ropes trying to slip her ankles out, or slip her wrists through the cinched loops. No, nothing was going anywhere. She was breathing through her mouth, trying to suck in as much air as she could with adrenalin running rapidly through her blood. Lynn laid back on her bed, trying to relax a little, reveling in how empty the house seemed and how alone and isolated she felt.

She liked feeling abandoned and helpless. The nakedness helped too. She could be kidnapped and left here for the pleasure of the criminals. A hundred other scenarios ran through her mind. This felt even more exotic than being tied up in that old barn with the other girls. In fact, this was the first time she was tied up and alone. It thrilled her deeply.

She began to struggle and thrash a bit, rolling around on the bed. When one of the ends of the ankle rope brushed her hands, she decided to try a hogtie. It was difficult, but she managed to get the rope over her wrist bindings and back around to her hands. She tied off the end in a slip knot and pulled the rope tight against her wrists by lifting her legs. She had pulled her ankles quite tightly against her hands initially, so when the slipknot tightened, there was still very little slack left between her hands and her ankles. This would almost prove to be her undoing.

She struggled and reveled in her new found restrictions, rolling around the bed and pulling on the ropes. She had forgotten the box knife, her safety. It sat on her kitchen table where she had cut the ropes. She did not realize this until she had become so aroused that she thought it time to get out of the ropes and pleasure herself. In fact, she was desperate to cum. By now she had been tied up about 2 hours. She tried to reach the slipknot that held her in the hogtie and could not touch it.

“Oh fuck! I can’t get out! You stupid, stupid bitch” she said out loud. It did no good except relieve the tension the girl was feeling, and rouse the dog. Goldie got up and walked over, giving Lynn’s face a big lick. She sat there and looked at the bound girl. “You are right, Goldie, I am a stupid girl. A stupid, horny, stuck girl”.

“Shit! Shit! My first attempt at this and I screw it up. I’m hotter than a firecracker and no way to get satisfied. Hell, I even bought a female dog. Son-of-a-bitch!” Not that she would really consider letting a dog fuck her. She was just being sarcastic to herself, and attempting to find a little humor in her situation.

It flashed through her mind to try and get the dog to chew through the ropes, but just as quickly realized that such things never happen in real life, only in the movies when the director rubs the prop rope with bacon.

“Damn it, damn it, I should not have left the knife in the kitchen” she thought, “or I should have brought along some bacon. Either one and I would not be in this fix!” She pictured herself in the bedroom of this lonely old farmhouse, isolated and alone, bound naked and helpless. The image was highly arousing and turned her on even more. She groaned.

After more swearing out loud, a couple more licks from Goldie, Lynn went back to work on the knots. She was finally able to pull the slipknot loose and then untie it. Her legs flopped down. It felt good to stretch them. She could now touch the square knot holding her wrist bindings. She knew she could untie it eventually, so she rested.

“Goldie, go lie down” Lynn had enough face washing for now.

Longer and Longer

Lynn fell into a regular schedule. It seemed every weekend she would place herself into some kind of restraints. Each session became longer and longer as she craved more excitement. She avoided doing anything on the weekdays because she was worried she might not get free by the next morning, and she didn’t want to expose any rope burns, should she get some. Lynn figured that having a day to heal a little was enough.

One of her favorite activities was to have a naked Saturday, where she was “forced to remain naked and bound” the whole day. First, she would place all sharp objects at or above eye level, where she could not reach them. Knives, clippers, saws, scissors were put carefully out of reach. Next, she put all clothing, and anything that could act as clothing, like towels, into her bedroom and locked the door.

Lynn then plugged in a small 110 volt timer set to run 8 – 10 hours in the “on” position. She made sure this was plugged into a socket she couldn’t reach later. After all, if you just need to unplug it to escape, where is the fun in that? The timer controlled a little electromagnet, which was energized at the start of her session. She had attached the electromagnet to her kitchen ceiling. A quick toss of the bedroom key, and all clothing was out of reach as the key stuck to the magnet. She would also carefully clip a sharp knife onto the magnet, as an escape mechanism, if she felt the need to be careful. More about that sort of carelessness later.

Now she began to bind herself. She wrapped her legs above the knees, but did not tie her ankles. This was going to be an all-day affair, so she needed some mobility. Next she tied a harness around her chest, circling the rope around the back of her neck and under her arms. Lynn carefully knotted the harness off in front. It wrapped around her chest, above and below her breasts.

Now the tricky part. She had a pre-made set of rope loops that she had sown into a band, 6-7 loops of rope wide. With a needle and some nylon thread, she had made a sort of single glove for her upper arms. The nylon threads kept the individual rope loops from doubling over if she was careful pulling it on. She had also tied a small loop in the back that she used to flip over a doorknob. By squatting down, the doorknob pulled the rope band up her arms. However, before putting her arms inside the band, she placed a 3’ long thick zip tie through the back of her chest harness. This she looped into a large circle. When she pulled on the rope elbow band, she made sure the zip tie went between her arms.

This rope band that she pulled up around her upper arms, above her elbows, did not force her elbows to touch. She was not that flexible, and even if she was, Lynn was not sure she could endure it for a long period. It was stringent enough to force her shoulders back, and prevent her from reaching any knots in the front of her torso, or the knots on the front of the knee tie. It pushed her tits out and made her walk with very straight posture. Most of all, it made her feel vulnerable and helpless, unable to cover her nudity. Whenever she did this, she could feel her sex drive go into overdrive.

Her fingers always started shaking at this point, as her excitement rose. She would reach behind and pull the zip tie closed. This did two things. First it closed the rope band a bit, cinching it around her arms, above her elbows. Second, it anchored the elbow rope to her chest harness, making it impossible to slip out of the ropes.

Now she was bound. Bound until the timer interrupted the current going to the electromagnet, 8 hours later. Only then could she slip the knife under the chest harness and eventually wiggle out of her bondage. Yes, she could use her arms while bound, in a limited fashion, but she could not cover herself and she could not escape. She found she could not reach her private parts when bound this way. It was a sentence of sexual denial, nudity and bondage for those 8 delicious hours.

Often she would be panting initially, as she closed the zip tie and realized she was thoroughly bound. She would eventually settle down after a few hours. She would fiddle around the house, and even go outside occasionally. Once she waddled into the woods like this and found that being outside in her condition drove the excitement meter even higher. She resolved to try some self-bondage outdoors, before the weather closed in.

Unfortunately, she was frequently lackadaisical about the escape mechanisms. Unlike the scenario described above, she sometimes did not think through the escape mechanism. Each time she was lucky, or good, or agile enough to eventually escape. She knew this was a stupid strategy, but she found that planning an escape took the edge off her games. She liked the feeling that maybe, just maybe, there would be no escape this time. It seemed to set off the chemistry in her brain and send her libido into overdrive. The uncertainty and risk were as big a part of the activity as anything else.

Leroy Comes

Leroy Summers had worked 12 years for Wisconsin Power. He was pulling some overtime today reading meters. He didn’t usually work Saturdays, but the company was running behind on some meters and made him work this Saturday.

He bitched about working a Saturday, saying it was going to cut into his love life. Now Leroy was always bragging about all the girls he was sleeping with, and would describe in detail all of his conquests to his fellow workers. However, in reality he would usually go home with a 6-pack and watch TV. Leroy was never the great lover he pretended to be. So far, his lies seemed to stand up to scrutiny by his co-workers, but some of his stories were a bit far out there, and he’d been called on a few.

“You lying sack of shit, Leroy. You never slept with no identical twins who were stewardesses. You just making this stuff up, boy” as one of his co-workers put it the last time he told one of his “great lover lies”. Little did he know what a story was coming that Saturday, as he turned down Lynn’s driveway.

Lynn had evolved her “naked Saturday” sessions into being forced to remain outside while naked and bound. The little electromagnet was now attached to her soffit, just above the basement window well. The power cord ran through the upper sash of her kitchen window to the timer, set for about 6 hours. She put it over the shallow window well to make sure she could find the key when it dropped. The window well was only about 12” deep, and filled with pea gravel. Easy to find the key and the penknife.

The key on the magnet, out of reach, was to the backdoor, which she had locked on the way out this morning. This forced her to remain outside, naked and bound, until the timer shut off the magnet. She had also bought a little penknife, which was so much better than using a kitchen knife. It dropped without breaking, and there was no danger of it stabbing a hole in whatever it hit.

As usual, she was bound naked with her upper arms pulled back and her knees tied together that Saturday. She was sitting outside enjoying the weather on a hot July day. It was cooler under the shade of the large maple in the backyard, so she had placed the old picnic table there, and was enjoying the afternoon. Lynn was getting quite horny as she pulled at her bonds. She shifted her legs back and forth as much as she could with the ropes around her knees. It felt deliciously wicked.

Suddenly Leroy’s panel van rounded the corner of her house. She had not heard it coming up the long drive until it was too late.

“Shit!” Lynn said out load, and jumped off the table and crouched behind it as best she could, looking at the van, hoping against hope that she had not been seen.

Too late. Leroy Summers leaped out of the van and yelled, “Mam, are you alright?” as he rushed over to rescue her. He had seen she was both naked and tied up. He looked around the back yard carefully to see if the kidnappers were still there.

“Who did this to you? Let me untie you and I will call the police”. By now he had reached the picnic table. He looked at the image before him and was truly conflicted. He was sure he had stumbled on a crime in process, but the girl had a look on her face that was anything but fear.

“Don’t call the police, please” Lynn said softly, “I did this to myself. The cops wouldn’t understand”. She was still crouching, trying to hide her nudity.

Leroy stood there, cell phone in hand, very confused. He had never heard of such a thing. He was basically a good guy, and wanted to do the right thing, except that this seemed more complicated than just rescuing the damsel in distress.

“Why the heck did you do this?” He blurted out, beginning to get some traction on what was going on. “Stand up girl, and tell me again what this is all about” he commanded. He motioned with his hand for her to rise and approach him. He was beginning to understand this a little and decided that he wanted to check her out in any case.

Lynn sighed and stood up, displaying her body in all its loveliness. She felt very aroused before he arrived, and was reacting strangely to being discovered. She found this situation very exciting. She was discovered and exposed. Nothing she could do about it. She unconsciously moved her hips back and forth just a little. It did not go unnoticed by Leroy. He licked his lips, liking everything he was seeing.

“I did it because…” she paused, and blushed deeply, “…because it felt sexy”. She smiled a little and looked him in the eyes.

This was something Leroy could grasp. He wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, but “sexy” was something that came naturally to him.

“Hell girl, that’s okay with me” he smiled, “So you like being tied up, eh? That’s cool. So what happens after you get tied up? You wait around for some random guy to drive up your long-ass driveway, out in the middle of nowhere? It doesn’t sound all that sexy to me. You got’s to have a partner, right?”

Lynn decided to take a leap of faith at this point. She slowly rocked her hips back and forth, smiling at him, “I guess some random guys have all the luck today”.

“C’mere girl” Leroy said as he pulled her close and began to feel her breasts. She shivered and groaned.

“Oh God that feels so good”, she said in a hoarse whisper. She pressed against him, more excited than she realized. Having been in a state of sexual arousal/denial all morning was like stacking up the gunpowder barrels in her brain, and now Leroy was lighting the fuse.

Leroy picked up the girl and sat her on the edge of the picnic table. He untied the rope around her knees and began to touch and rub her pussy. He slipped his finger into her and she began to cum almost immediately. She did not realize just how excited she had become, and now Leroy was giving her release. Lynn let out a loud groan and threw her head back.

“Shit girl, you are just hotter than a firecracker” Leroy said, “Let’s get you a real fucking!”

He turned her over and bent her face down on the old picnic table, her legs spread. He grabbed the rope he had pulled off her legs and began to enhance her bondage.

“So you like to be tied up? Let me help finish the job” he threatened with a smile. Lynn just moaned. She was out of control now.

Leroy pushed her arms up her back until they were parallel, and began to wind the rope around them. He tied off the bindings and then fed the end of the rope under and around her arm bindings. He knotted that, then pulled the remaining rope through the boards of the picnic table, around underneath, and up through the boards on the other side of her. He quickly knotted that across her back as well. She was now pinned down to the table and ready for a little doggie style action. He began to pull off his pants, not really believing his luck. The guys at the power company garage are not going to believe this one!

“Girl, we gonn’a have some fun now. You are properly tied up for some good f…” Leroy’s voice trailed away as he caught a glimpse of a very angry dog coming from the woods, about 200 yards away. About mid-morning, Goldie had become bored with Lynn’s relative inactivity and had followed a rabbit trail into the woods. Now she sees some stranger about to do “harm” to her mistress. Goldie’s hair was up and she was charging across the back yard snarling and yelping with every gallop.

It turns out Leroy Summers was deathly afraid of dogs, and there was no question in his mind that this one was intending to tear him apart. He looked longingly at the white hot pussy in front of him and looked again at the charging dog. Again he looked at the backside of this lovely woman, and again at the dog, now halfway across the yard. Fear overcame lust and he took off running for his truck, his dick slapping side to side. Both hands were trying to pull up his pants as he ran awkwardly toward the safety of his van.

Leroy just made it. Goldie leaped against the van door, teeth bared, trying to dig at the door edges, barking and snarling. Leroy jammed the van into reverse and roared backward down the driveway. Goldie, satisfied she had defeated the enemy, stood at the top of the driveway barking at the rapidly shrinking van. She needed to be sure the bad guy was gone.

Leroy tried his best to stay in the center of the drive, but wander off the right side, banging past an old stone post. The van was deeply dented along the side, between the wheel wells.

“Shit! God damn it! That’s going to come out of my paycheck!” He yelled to the empty van. He made the road and put the van in drive, squealing tires and trying to steer with his chin while also attempted to put his man-junk back into its original packaging. It took about a half-mile to get all that partially accomplished. He managed to tangle his shirt tail in his zipper, all the while swearing about some crazy broad and an angry dog.

“Now this story nobody is going to believe. Man that looked like a nice fuck! Crazy ass dog! What the fuck was that all about?” He kept mumbling most of the day about that one. It should be noted that the power company never did send another truck out to Lynn’s house, at least not on a Saturday.

Left Behind

At first, Lynn could not figure out what was happening. She was deeply in lust after cuming from just the stranger’s touch. She was ready for some rough sex and a good banging at the table, but he ran away.

“What the hell?” she muttered as she watched Leroy’s van rip backward out of her drive. It took a few moments to come out of her haze and realize that Goldie had run off her lover, attempting to defend her from what she saw as an assault.

“Goldie! Come girl!” She yelled over and over. She was afraid Goldie might get run over. Goldie didn’t hear her at first. The dog was in such a rage, barking and running at the supposed villain. Eventually Goldie came back, jumped up on the table, and gave the captive girl a big licking on the face.

“Stop! stop! stop! Ugh! Lynn yelled, but she found that she couldn’t move. Goldie took full advantage. After a bit, the dog jumped down and sat watching the driveway carefully, just in case that villain came back. Meanwhile Lynn knew she had a problem. Leroy had tied her face down on the table, and now she needed to get free. Neither her rescue knife, nor the door key would be in reach when they dropped if she didn’t.

She was bent over the table with her legs barely touching the ground. Both arms pulled up against her back, with her hands now stuck nicely under each shoulder blade. Fortunately, Leroy had tied the rope holding her to the table on the outside of the legs. She found she could inch the rope off the table, pulling on one side, then the other. Eventually she was free of the table, but her hands were still bound up against her arm bindings. She had to admit, he had tied her up pretty well, and, thanks to Goldie, he wasn’t coming back to free her any time soon.

Her legs were free, but her arms and hands were well tied. Lynn struggled and strained, but soon knew could not free herself without her knife. She relaxed a bit, waiting there in the backyard. Walking around a bit seemed to help. However, she found that her arousal was all the more heightened by being bound more tightly, and the whole adventure with the stranger.

“Well, that was the first time I have ever cum in the ropes” she thought, “I would really like to do that some more, right now!” Always before, she had used bondage as foreplay, and satisfied herself after she got free. This was the first time she was able to actually climax while still tied. She thought it had been a real eye-opener because it had been so intense. She had been hoping for another first, first time fucked in bondage, but Goldie stepped in and stopped that action. Oh well.

About an hour later, the knife and key dropped into the little window well. That’s when Lynn became aware of just what a problem she had. When she practiced her self-bondage, she always had her hands near each other. She could reach in the well easily. Now, no matter how she laid across the well, she could not grab either the key or the knife.

She sat next to the well, naked and more than a little frustrated.

“Think girl!” she encouraged herself. “You can do this!”

She stood up, which was harder than she thought it would be with her arms tied, and reached into the little well with her bare toes. She grasped the key, then the penknife.

“Okay! No sweat” she thought. She laid back down and got the penknife in one hand. It was then that the real problem presented itself. She could not pull open the knife with just one hand. She had always wondered why, in the pictures of Japanese women bound this way, the woman always looked so passive and defeated. Now she realized why. Without her hands near each other, she had severely limited capability. She was really screwed, and not in the way she desired.

She tried and tried to open that penknife, but her hands were just not agile or strong enough. She began to panic just a bit. She rolled over and grabbed the key. With the uncooperative penknife in one hand and the key in the other, she let herself into her house. Goldie trotted along with her. At least she could do that tied the way she was.

All evening she sat on her sofa and contemplated her fate. Anything sharp was carefully and thoroughly put out of reach. She cried a little bit in frustration and fear, imagining herself going through the rest of her life naked, with her hands bound behind her back. She had no one to blame but herself. Her arousal was flagging. She was naked and tired. Not only that, but she had to use the bathroom now, and that was going to be ugly. The human body always makes waste, and we all need to expel it from time to time. She sat on the toilet, took care of business, but could not clean herself. She decided that she would just take a shower, bound as she was that was the only way to get clean.

Lynn emerged from the shower wet and clean, but had no good way to dry off. She just had to let the water evaporate for the most part. She was now shivering and cold. Once she got dry enough, she just crawled into bed, using her teeth to pull up the covers. She slept hard, but awoke Sunday sore and still tied as tightly as she was 12 hours ago.

Her shoulders now ached from her arms being restrained. A 22 year old can take some abuse, but this was getting serious. Lynn knew she could probably dial 911 with one hand, but she didn’t want that notoriety and humiliation when the police arrived. There had to be a way!

She finally had an idea that proved to be workable. She wedged the body of the penknife between the bathroom door and the frame. She leaned against the door, which held the knife firmly, and used her right hand to pull open the knife. She kept it pinned in the door, and moved carefully around to position the knife on one of the key ropes holding her prisoner. It took a while because the rope wanted to move with the knife if she put too much pressure on the cutting edge. When the first rope popped free, it was still a struggle to free herself from the rest of the bindings. She found she had to cut a couple more bindings before she could finally get free.

“Ha! That wasn’t too bad” she thought as she rubbed her shoulders. “I can get free from anything. A regular Houdini” she explained to Goldie who had waited all morning to get fed. Her over confidence was misplaced as she would find out later that year.

Into the Woods

On Sundays, Lynn and Goldie began to explore the rest of her property. The woods were heavily overgrown. Obviously her Aunt and Uncle had not been in there for years. Sting weed and briars lined the edge of the woods making a difficult barrier. She did find some deer paths to follow, and once in the middle of the woods, the ground was clear of most of the low plants. The broadleaf forest arched overhead, filled with hundred-year old trees.

Near the center of the woods, the tree canopy cleared and there was a small meadow. The ground here was marshy and wet. A little stream formed on the far side of the meadow and meandered east and north. Just north of the meadow, the ground rose and the stream cut a bit of a narrow gully through the high ground. Following the gully on the north side, Lynn found a second opening in the trees where some storm damage had knocked down trees and cleared a small open area.

The breeze blew through the trees causing the leaves to rustle and the trees to sway slightly. Sunlight made every leaf stand out and sharply defined everything around her. Kim inhaled deeply and found she was highly alert. Goldie seemed to sense the same excellent feeling as she was just dancing around the high grass in the meadow. Every sense went on over drive as Lynn looked around. This was so cool! This was hers! She decided to call this area her “high meadow”. She would visit here many times. This area would become the center of her “dark desires”, and almost her demise.

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