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Gang of Four 3: Sally the Snake

by West Coast Comet

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story continued from part two Part 3: Sally the Snake

Sally was the leader of the Gang of 4, there was no question about that. She was athletic and slim. She was also whip-smart, really more street smart that academic smart. You can always be sure she will be one step ahead of you if you try to argue with her.

When she played point guard on the basketball team, she earned the nickname “Sally the Snake” that was a backhanded compliment to her quickness and her slender form, and a comment on her relatively dirty play. If she could get away with a hack or grab, you could be certain she would do it. The refs would watch the ball go up when a shot was made, and they should have watched Sally. She was known to trip opposing players when they went on for a rebound.

She and Diane formed the “Gang of 4” along with two other girls in the neighborhood. They all got along pretty well, although each had a unique personality. Sally was the quietest of the bunch, but she was also the meanest. If somebody gave her a little bump or push, she would retaliate way beyond an equal return strike. She would take a little challenge and retaliate with nuclear war, so to speak. In fact, the other 3 girls were just a little afraid of Sally, but she was great to have in your corner if you got into a scrape.

Sally might have been considered pretty if she had taken the time to work at it. She had a symmetrical face that was angular, with high cheekbones. She had a small straight nose, and a full set of lips. All the positive features were offset by a wild mop of sweaty dark hair that usually hung partially across her face. Unfortunately, she rarely made any effort to make herself look better, and she rarely took the time to do more than pass a hair brush near her head.

Her figure was fairly normal for an athletic high school senior. She was muscular, with very little fat. She had a dark skin tone because she spent so much time outside. She found her breasts somewhat annoying because they got in her way playing sports. They were apple sized, and very perky. She had long nipples that often would poke through her bra, causing her some embarrassment. She did think her legs were her best feature. However, she rarely wore heels or a dress, so nobody knew about them.

Oddly, as aggressive as Sally was in sports and with her friends, she was extremely shy around boys her age. She had been asked out by several guys, but she sent them away with a curt reply. At one time she confided to Diane that she thought she would probably die a virgin because she just couldn’t deal with the whole high school dating scene.

She was a bundle of repressed sexuality. She had an experimental streak in her that made her a bit daring. If she believed that hitting her little toe with a hammer would be sexually exciting, she would have tried it once, just to see if it were true.

Sally came from a broken home. Her dad had divorced her mother some time back, and recently remarried. Sally really didn’t have a mother during that critical time period between ages 12 and 17, while she grew into a women. That explains her lack of attention to her looks, and her relative casual approach to personal hygiene. Her brother Jason was older, and much less affected by the family situation.

With her new step mother, she also gained a step brother. Greg was 10 years older and was married. Sally didn’t like him, and that opinion was confirmed when she caught him leering at her several times during her father and step-mother’s marriage ceremony and reception. She was glad he lived a good distance away, and she was glad she would not need to be friendly with him for very long. He asked to dance with her during the wedding reception and she told him to F- off, in her typical Sally the Snake fashion. Greg just smiled and walked away. Little did she know that he would play a role in determining her life’s future direction.

Sally’s Playtime

Sally was the one who tied the bailing twine around Diane’s most personal areas when the gang of 4 took their revenge on Diane (see part 1). This was no accident. Sally knew what she was doing. There was a reason she did it. How did Sally know the effect of the strings she tied on Diane? Well that came from Sally’s favorite past time.

Walking down the road one summer day about a year ago, Sally spotted an old rope that was sitting on top of the trash outside a neighbor’s house. She grabbed it and took it home. It was about 25’ long with a small loop tied in each end. The loops were about 2” in diameter, and had been used to pull or lift something heavy. The knots were squeezed so tight that they were impossible to remove. Sally found them to work to her advantage.

She did a lot of experimenting with that rope, especially late at night. She would lock her room and pull off her PJ’s. She would tie herself all manner of different ways, usually with an easy escape. Most of the time she would wind the rope around her, turning and turning, until she reached the doorknob, where one of the loops would hold the end of the rope stationary. She would then masturbate. This had become a fairly constant nighttime habit, but as time went on, she found that she needed more and more restraint.

By the time she had her encounter with Greg, her self-bondage had gotten quite elaborate. It will probably take longer to describe than it did for Sally to actually do it. First she washed her face with a wet wash cloth, and stuffed it into her mouth. She would walk back to her room with her mouth bulging. She thought this was terribly daring at the time. She would carefully lock her door.

On her dresser were various self-adhering Ace bandages. Lots of Bandages left over from various sprains and pulls. She would grab one and wrap it around her head, making it impossible to spit out the wet wash cloth. Being gagged was an important part of her ritual. The wash cloth stuffing and the bandage made a pretty effective gag.

She then stripped naked and sat down on her bed. Using the cloth belt from her old bathrobe, she would tie her ankles together. Then she was ready for the most fun part of the action.

She had placed another larger loop in her 25’ rope, about 4’ from one end. Sally would twist this larger loop into 5 smaller loops that she would slide her hands into. Sally was always careful to arrange the wrist bindings some there was no overlap. The cords always sat next to each other in neat rows. Then she would flip the short end of the rope over the wrist loops, forming a cinch, and tie a square knot with the longer end. She would use her iron bed post to hold the short loop and the use her foot to hold the long end, allowing her to pull the knot tight between her wrists.

The only way she could reach and untie her square knot was to use her teeth, now covered with the gag. The only way to get the gag off was to use her hands, now bound in front of her. She could easily reach up and pull off the gag at this point, but that would soon change as her bondage progressed.

Sally pushed the long end of the rope through her legs, and hopped over to her doorknob. She placed the small loop of the long end over the doorknob and hopped to the other end of her room. There she looped the rope over a clothes hook set at shoulder height.

That clothes hook was very well secured to the wall. It seemed to always pull out for some reason, so Sally’s dad had found a hook that he could attach to the studs behind the wall. Of course, Sally never confessed to her part in that hook pulling out of the wall. Now she had this great anchor point to use in her “games”.

With the rope over the clothes hook, Sally hopped toward the far corner of the room. There was just enough rope to allow her to almost touch the opposite wall. By this point, the rope had pulled her hands down tight against her crotch, and the rope itself was buried in her pussy. Sometimes she would just lean into the wall and revel in the pressure that the rope provided. By now she was breathing heavily and the excitement was pretty high.

To finish her confinement, she would make a half turn and loop the short end of the rope over the long end, then turn back, allowing the catch to slide to the top of her crack. She held the short end tight so the catch would stay in the middle of her back. Now she would begin to wind the rope around her torso. Sally would make little hops and turns, keeping the rope taunt against her body. She had found that the tighter the rope was, the more difficult the escape.

As she approached the clothes hook on the far side of the room, the rope was now circling her upper arms and breasts. This was always a delicious part of the game. She liked the pressure of the ropes on her breasts. It was the reason she gave Diane the same pleasure in the hay loft. At the hook, Sally ducked a bit, and pushed the rope off the hook with the top of her head.

She was on the home stretch now, winding the rope back down to the level of her hands as she approached the doorknob. At the doorknob, Sally used the short end of the rope to tie a slip knot. She could barely use her hands as they were pulled so tightly against her body, but they were just high enough she could reach the rope at the doorknob. Now she went backwards, pulling the slip knot tight, as it slid behind her back.

Sally would lift the small loop off the doorknob and hop back to her bed. She would flop down on top of her covers and revel in her bondage. With her hands pulled so tightly against her pussy it was only natural that she stimulate herself to climax, often several times. She liked to lay there naked and bound in the dark. It was terribly exciting to her to be so helpless. Sometimes she would pull her covers over herself and sleep a while this way.

She would always wake up in a couple hours and repeat her masturbation. She had gotten pretty good at this game, and pretty confident, perhaps overconfident, that she would never be caught.

At this point there were only two ways she could escape. If she did a poor job on tightly winding the rope around her body, the loops could loosen to the point where she had enough slack to reach up and pull off the gag. Then she could use her teeth to open the knot on her wrist cinch. She had gotten so good at winding the ropes around her torso that this was not an option any more.

The other escape mechanism, which she now used almost every time was to get back out of bed and hop over to the door. Then she had to back into the doorknob and try to flip the short end small loop over the doorknob. This was hard to do, and took a while. The small loop hung at her back and was difficult to swing onto the knob. Once she accomplished that, she could pull the last slip knot around to the front, and untie it with her hands. Sometimes she could get it over the iron bed knob at the foot of her bed as an alternative. That didn’t work as well because she had a tendency of pulling the bed across the floor while trying to pull the slip knot open.

The uncertainty of escape seemed to add to the excitement, even though she had always succeeded in making her escape. The idea of being bound inescapably was very intriguing to Sally, and often became something she fixated on while masturbating.

Once she put her legs over the little post at the foot of her bed. She liked being attached to something, but this almost led to disaster. She got the idea to slide off the bed – bad idea. Once her shoulders hit the floor, she realized she couldn’t get her ankles off the post. Her butt was still in the air, and she was very much retrained. She began to thrash about. It caused her to climax quickly.

She stayed in the “legs up” position, attached to the bed post for some time. At first she thought she was stuck. It seemed to excite her even more. If she had been less athletic, she might have remained in that position until found by her parents. Instead, she was able to do a stomach crunch and pull herself back on the bed. She kept sliding back off, pulling the bed covers off until she was able to grab the mattress cover. Twisting like she did, she bruised her ankles substantially. She liked that thrill, but decided against repeating it. It was just too close a call.

Greg Arrives

At the end of her senior year in High school, Sally’s step brother, Greg, came back into the picture. Her parents had booked a trip to Europe and would be gone a week. Jason was at college, and only Sally was at home.

Greg was “between jobs” as they politely said. What they meant was that he had been fired and had nothing to do. His wife, an engineer, was the primary bread winner of their family. Greg was fundamentally lazy, so he was in no hurry to find his next job. When Sally’s parents expressed concern over leaving little Sally alone for a week, Greg volunteered to house sit, and keep an eye on Sally.

Sally very much resented this intrusion into her life by this clown. She saw no reason she could not take care of herself. Greg was certainly not needed. Her pleas to her parent fell on deaf ears. Greg would come to the house and provide her some company. Greg intended to do more than provide company, much to Sally’s distress.

Greg arrived Friday, in his nice new Camaro convertible, looking all “hot shot”. He assured the parents all would be fine, and they left thinking their daughter was in good hands. To his credit, Greg was a good cook and prepared a nice dinner for Sally. Actually it was better food than her step-mother usually fixed. She gobbled it down hardly saying anything to this intruder. Greg tried to make polite conversation with Sally, but all he got were one word replies.

“How has your summer been?”


“How do you like my cooking?”

“It’s okay”.

“Are you going out tonight? Do you have a date?”


After a bit of trying he gave up. He didn’t like her attitude. He didn’t like her at all in fact, but he thought there was something kind of sexy about her. He decided that she needed to be taken down a peg or two. She was just being a stuck-up snot. He would take care of that.

After dinner, Sally went back outside. She liked to shoot hoops in the evening. Greg cleaned up the dishes, and casually walked into Sally’s room. He looked around looking for anything that might give him a clue about her. He walked over to one of her shades which were usually pulled down tight and lifted it about an inch. He would check out her action tonight from the outside.

He then fished under her bed. Sally had not done anything in particular to hide her stuff, and soon Greg was examining her 25’ rope. He noted the musty smell on the rope and it made him wonder what the hell she was doing with this rope? He was going to solve this mystery of Sally before the end of the week.

That night Sally carefully locked her door and put herself into tight bondage. She didn’t notice the blind being partially open since it was dark outside. Greg had slipped outside and was watching through the crack. He could clearly see what she was doing, even though most of her lights were out. She had a couple small night lights that provided sufficient illumination. Greg just couldn’t believe his luck.


He rushed inside and grabbed the short wire poker he had made. When pushed into the little hole in the center of Sally’s doorknob, it popped the lock open. He burst in the room, flipped on the light, and crossed to her bed in a flash.

“Just what the hell are you doing?” He yelled in mock outrage.

Sally just stared at him in shock. She had been caught, caught by the worst possible person she would have wanted to catch her. Furthermore she was well gagged. Some words came out of her mouth, but they were muffled and unintelligible.

Greg looked her over pretty well. Her hands gave her some modesty, but her breasts stuck out like little mounds topped by little pink pebbles. The ropes squeezed them nicely, and Greg spend some time looking at them. Sally was tan all over except a milky white stripe across her crotch from below her belly button to the top of her thigh, where her shorts covered her. She also had very white breasts, where the halter top protected that flesh from the sun.

“Let me help you” he said with a smirk. He rolled Sally onto her stomach and began to loosen the slip knot at her back. He sat her up and unwound the rope from her torso. She found that she was completely passive. This surprised her, but she didn’t give it too much of a thought.

“Jesus girl, you did a good job tying yourself up. I think you have been doing this for a while.”

Sally just stared at him over her self-imposed gag. She was glad she was still gagged since she need provide no explanation. She considered several different lies, but found holes in all of them. Greg finally pulled the rope out from between her legs, freeing her hands from their place on her crotch. Her hands were still nicely tied to each other. Greg took her hands and gently inspected the wrappings and the knot work.

“Nice job. Not too tight, but definitely inescapable. Do you use your teeth to get out of this?” He asked. Sally nodded yes. “You like being tied up don’t you?” Again Sally nodded yes, but this time with a blush. “I think I can help you”, Greg said with a broad smile that creeped Sally out.

Greg pulled her hands up to the center of her bed head, pulling her down on the bed, and pulled the ropes through the railings, tying them off. Then he tied the ropes a second time to outlying railings, out of Sally’s reach. Sally lay there with her hands fastened over her head.

Greg pulled out two pieces of new rope out of his pocket and carefully tied one around each of Sally’s ankles. He wrapped each ankle 4-5 times and tied the lead so the wraps would not tighten if it were pulled. Then he released the bathrobe belt holding her ankles together. He pulled Sally down the bed, stretching her arms tight. He pulled each leg out to the side and tied it to the outside post of the bed foot board. Sally now lay in an inverted “Y” shape.

“That should hold you nicely.” Greg said. If Sally had been able to talk, she would have agreed with him. He leaned over her and said quietly “You’re in for quite a ride tonight”. Sally pulled at her ropes and found no slack. There was nothing she could do. Greg reached up to either side of her head, grabbed her pillow, and began to pull her pillow down the bed, slipping it behind her shoulder blades and down to the small of her back. This caused her pelvis to rotate slightly downward.

Greg walked out of the room. He came back with a towel which he pushed under Sally’s butt. “I’m betting you are a virgin. I don’t want any blood on the sheets,” he said. With that he pulled off his clothes and climbed onto the top of Sally. She was very conflicted. She didn’t like Greg, but the idea of being fucked while she was tied up was very much to her liking. It meant she had to do nothing but lie there. Her self-perceived awkwardness would not be in play. She was helpless and loving that. Having her step-brother on top of her was not so great. She finally came around to the idea of letting go of her reservations. That was helped by Greg’s skillful hands and tongue. Greg may be a clod and a jerk, but he was very good at the physical act of love.

Sally bled very little when Greg pushed past her hymen. She did not find it very painful, and was soon moving in rhythm with Greg’s body. She managed to come several times as he worked her over. He rolled off completely satisfied.

“That was great little girl. I think I will keep you,” he said. It did not occur to Sally the literal meaning of “Keep” was what Greg had in mind.

Greg walked out of the room for a moment allowing Sally to cool off just a bit. She contemplated her situation. Stretched naked and helpless on her bed seemed to line up with her fantasies. She pulled on the ropes, and tried her best to twist her hands out of the loops to no avail.

Sally was beginning to realize that she was a real sexual firecracker as it turned out. She really enjoyed being forced by Greg. At least she would not die a virgin. As much as she didn’t like him, as much as she found this humiliating, it also turned her crank. Besides, tomorrow will be a new day, and she and Greg will never speak of this again.

That was when Greg came walking back into her room. He had a little tube of superglue and a paper towel in hand.

“I like this arrangement Sally. Let’s make it permanent.” He straddled her, sitting on her hips and reached up to her hands. “I am putting superglue on the knot you cinched around your hands. When I’m done, you won’t be able to untie it without cutting it off. And I will hide all the knives and scissors in the house. You may as well consider your hands welded together for the next week. You ankles too.” He turned around and carefully applied the glue to the knots on her ankles, using the paper towel to soak up any excess so as not to get the glue on her skin.

This was not what Sally had in mind and she started to struggle and mew through her gag. It was too late. It was done. Greg was careful to keep the glue off her skin, but he did a good job fixing the knots. There would be no untying them until he was ready.

To her shock, he pulled the covers over her bound body and left, turning out the light as he walked out. “See you in the morning Miss Sally. We’ll have some more fun tomorrow.”

Sweating in the Garage

Sally woke several times during the night, each time finding her nightmare/fantasy was still happening. She dreamed fitfully of all kinds of things sexual. She woke that morning to find herself still stretched between headboard and footboard, and she woke horny.

“What the hell is that about?” She didn’t have to wait long. Greg came into the room with a raging hard on and fucked her two more times. She was shocked at her own reaction to this abuse. She loved it, but was slightly panicked about getting loose. “How long is he going to keep me tied to this bed? I’m going to pee the bed pretty soon”.

As she was worrying about getting loose, Greg started untying her. He freed her ankles and her hands from the bed. She could sit up, but her hands were still tied to each other in front of her.

Greg grabbed her hands and yanked her into the bathroom. He seated her on the toilet.

“Do your business,” he said. Still gagged, she shook her head no. “Okay, I will give you privacy, but you better not remove that gag, and you won’t find anything to cut yourself loose,” he growled. Then he pulled the loose ropes around her waist and tied them off. It kept her hands down at her waist and away from her gag. He walked out and closed the door, and went into his bedroom to get dressed.

Sally took care of her business then began to search the bathroom for anything to set her free. She locked the door, and began to frantically open doors and drawers. Of course Greg heard this. Once again he used his little wire to spring the lock. As he walked into the bathroom, Sally tried to kick him in the nuts. She hit a glancing blow and took off running down the hall. When she reached the front door, Greg caught her.

“You need a little correcting girl,” he said playfully as he pulled her wiggling and struggling into the garage. “Let’s see if I can help you understand the situation a little better”.

He flipped the long end of her rope over a garage rafter and pulled it tight, raising Sally’s hands over her head. Holding the other end, he casually kicked a paint can over near her. He tied off the line and retrieved some twine from the workbench. He tied her big toes together. Sally tried to resist, but he made that painful. She had no idea what he had in mind but she wanted no part of it. However, having her big toes tied to each other sort of limited her actions.

Greg lifted her up on the paint can and pulled the rope tighter. Soon she found herself balancing on the paint can standing on only her toes. Her arms pulled tightly up toward the garage rafter. He left her like that. She had to keep her balance or she would be hanging by her hands. It was already 90 degrees outside, and it was a humid day. No air moved in the garage. Sally was sweating bullets, breathing heavily through her nose.

Greg left her out in the garage for almost two hours. When he came back out all the fight was gone from the girl. He had checked on her after about 45 minutes and she had muttered a muffled F- you though the gag. He came back out later, two hours after he had suspended her in the hot garage.

“Sally the Snake, you look like you are in trouble. You going to be good now?” he asked for the second time.

She looked at him with some hate, but she figured she had better cooperate. She nodded yes. She didn’t have much left in her. Instead of letting her down, he walked around behind her and began to touch her all over. She started crying silently. When he began to run his hands along her vaginal lips and push his finger inside, she responded by cumming almost immediately. In fact she actually climaxed twice before he finished. She couldn’t believe her body would respond like it did. It was like that SOB was in direct communication with her sexuality, by-passing her entirely.

Breakfast of Champions

Greg carried Sally into the kitchen. She was exhausted and weak. He sat her down at the table and wrapped her long rope around the chair, pinning her waist against the back. He untied her toes and pulled each leg to either side of the chair, tying off each ankle to the back leg of the chair. She remained still waiting for him to finish.

In front of her was a glass of water, a glass of orange juice, both with straws facing pointed at her mockingly. In front of those glasses, was a plate of great smelling food. Two eggs over easy, two strips of bacon and two pieces of buttered toast. It smelled great and it looked great. She discovered that she was really hungry and thirsty.

She looked up at him with questioning eyebrows. Was he torturing her? What did he want her to do? Her hands were bound to her waist, and the gag prevented her from drinking. She was both thirsty and hungry. “How can she eat or drink?” She thought. She whined a bit through her gag.

“Oh, you want the gag off?” Greg said in mock surprise. “You need to be silent if I take it off. I mean really silent. You don’t speak unless I ask you a direct question. You keep your mouth shut and say nothing”. Then his face turned dark and he leaned close to her face, “If you violate these rules, if you start yelling or making noise, I will put this gag back in, but I will piss all over the rag before I stuff it in your mouth. Do you understand?”

Sally nodded yes. There was no doubt in her mind that Greg would follow through on his threat. With that agreement, he unwrapped her face and allowed her to spit out the gag. She lunged for the water first and began to drink it down. As she leaned forward, he untied the long rope holding her hands down. With the use of her hands, still bound together she could manipulate her fork and feed herself.

Greg watched for a while and disappeared down in the basement. While he was gone, she tried to bite the knots on her wrists, but the super glue was simply too strong and she could not pull the knots apart.

Greg came back up the stairs and looked at her. “Finish up, Sally girl. I’ve got a little surprise for you”. She ate everything on her plate. He cleared the dishes while she said nothing. She didn’t want a piss rag pushed into her mouth so she decided that she would cooperate with the ass-hole.

He pulled her up across the empty table by her wrists, tying the rope off to the table legs. Her legs were still tied to either side of her chair which spun away from her, falling over. He proceeded to screw her from behind until he was satisfied, then he pulled a cruel trick on her. He stuck a Fleets enema into her ass and emptied it completely. She screamed in a low guttural voice. She had decided there was no way he would have an excuse to re-gag her. She had not expected an assault on her anus.

He untied her from the table, and pulled her into the bathroom. He sat her on the toilet, retying her legs behind the toilet bowl. She couldn’t reach the tie, but she knew not to be in a hurry to leave. It didn’t take long before she emptied completely. He cleaned Sally up and untied her from the bowl.

Rocking in the Basement

“Sally girl, I have a surprise for you in the basement,” he said as he led her down the hall to the basement stairs. He pulled her down the stairs and over to a steel support pole in the middle of the basement. He tied her arms to the top of the pole, stretching her upright. Then he took some new pieces of rope and individually tied and cinched each arm to the pole, just below the elbow. Then he tied her waist, cinching the rope between the pole and her body. She could hardly move from the waist up.

Sally wondered where the rope was coming from. Then it occurred to her that Greg must have brought the rope with him. He had intended to do this to her all along. She just made it easy for him by tying herself up first. “What an ass-hole” she thought.

Greg drug a 4 ‘ long 2x4 over to the post and tied it to the bottom of the post, about 4” above the floor. Then he pulled Sally’s legs out to either side and tied them off by wrapping Sally’s “permanent” ankle rope around the wood and back around the ankle. A single cinch secured the leg.

Sally was now tightly stretched from wrists to ankles. “What next she thought. What else can he do? Fuck me again down here? That’s imaginative.”

Greg taped something to the back of the pole, and ran an extension cord to it. Then he taped a block of wood to the front of the pole, right between her legs. Sally started to worry. “What the hell is this? Is he going to electrocute me? If he tries, I’m yelling like a banshee”. She strained a bit against her bonds. Nothing moved. She knew she was tightly tied and there would be no getting loose. She felt a little vulnerable. Hell, she felt a lot vulnerable!

“I think you are going to like this. I’ve got a football game to watch and I want to keep your motor going while I relax”, he said with a grin. She looked at him with some contempt, but kept her mouth shut.

To her surprise he reached down between her legs and pushed something into her ass. It was small, but it was still a surprise. She uttered a “Shit! You Mother Fucker”.

Greg stood up and shook a finger at her, “How do you like your piss cocktail?” Threatening her with the replacement of the gag.

“I don’t, but what did you shove in me?” she asked, now somewhat emboldened.

“I think you should shut up and be quiet. You will like this” He responded.

Greg stood up with two small items in his hand, each with a wire running back behind the post. He gently clipped the devices on Sally’s nipples, and covered the clip with black electrical tape in an ‘X’ pattern. The clips did not pinch or hurt. The tape ensured they could not be shook off. Sally stared at her breasts and the devices attached.

“What the hell is this?” She asked. Greg just smiled. Now Greg showed her the ‘main event’, as he called it.

“Sally, I call this a ‘Dick-on-a-Stick’”. He held up a massive dildo on a short pole. It had a hook at the bottom. It also had a wire running down and toward the back of the pole. It looked menacing as hell to Sally and she muttered, “Oh shit”.

Greg didn’t need to lube it up. Sally was already wet just from being tied up. He slipped it in and clamped it firmly to the block of wood taped to the pole between Sally’s legs. He slid it all the way into her pussy and pushed the hook part into her folds and against her clitoris. Sally groaned and gasped. This filled her completely and felt so good.

Greg reached around the back of the pole, “Let me turn this on for you. It has an interesting program that switches things on and off, and shifts the stimulation around a bit. I will turn it on low, just to get you started”. She heard a click. Greg reached up and turned on a clamp light pointed at Sally. He turned and walked up the stairs turning off all the other lights, leaving Sally in the spot light.

Greg sat on the couch upstairs and cracked open a beer. “Man, this was the life” he thought, “I’m doing everything to this little hotty that my stuck-up bitch of a wife wouldn’t let me do to her, and this kid is loving it!” With that thought, he turned on the Jets game and kicked back.

Sally didn’t feel anything at first. She liked the bondage, but all this crap Greg attached was just annoying.

Pretty soon she felt a buzzing in her anus. It was like an itch, but one that felt good. It made her want to touch herself down there. Then she felt a buzzing around her nipples. The sensations came and went over maybe the first 20 minutes. After that the Dick-on-a-Stick started moving. It had an internal motor that would make it wiggle and a vibrator that stimulated her clit. Soon Sally was attempting to fuck the dildo, but it would frustratingly stop moving too soon. She couldn’t quite get off. It teased and teased her to the point where she was a sweaty thrashing mess.

Greg watched the action on the TV, but more often he would check his computer monitor. He had put a wireless camera in the basement with channel ‘Sally’ running continuously. He was recording everything, including sound. The little device he taped to the pole was keeping Sally’s interest and Sally was keeping his. He missed the tying field goal at the end of the first half just watching Sally wiggle and thrash.

At half time he descended to the basement Sally had the most wonton look on her face as she watched him walk toward her.

“Having a good time, Sally?” Greg asked in a croaking voice. His excitement at seeing her this way came right through his voice, and Sally took note. She wanted to fuck in the worst way. She was moving her hips suggestively, rocking them while staring him in the eye. There was no doubt about what she wanted.

“Oh, not yet Sally girl. But let’s crank up the voltage and see if we can get you going,” He said as he walked behind her. He bent down and changed the switch to medium. Sally’s reaction was immediate as all her little friends started stimulating her at a higher rate. Greg walked to the far side of the spotlight where she could not see him. It didn’t matter, she was working to a climax that would be earth shattering. She came in about 15 minutes, and she did so with loud moaning and grunting.

As soon as she came, Greg walked behind her and set the dial to low. “That should hold you until the end of the game, Sally girl” he chuckled and went back up the stairs. Sally decided she really liked the Dick-on-a-Stick. She wanted one for herself. That was when she started plotting to take control of this situation.

By the time the game was over, Sally was again peaking. Greg removed the Dick-on-a-Stick, and helped himself to another round of fucking Sally.

Later he fed her dinner. They relaxed together on the couch and watched some TV. Sally remained quiet. During a commercial he told her that her friends had called, and he told them she had decided to go to Europe with her parents, and she would not be back for a week. At the end of the evening, he tied her to her bed and gave her one more round of fucking. This time she saw him pop a purple pill before he bedded her.

“No wonder this guy seems to be always hard. The little ass-hole needs help keeping it up”, she chuckled a little at this small victory. So went Sally’s first Saturday with Greg.

Onward Creeps the Creep

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday went along pretty much like Saturday, except Greg didn’t need to put Sally out in the garage. She remained cooperative and obedient. She remained in bondage throughout the first half of the week. They fucked 4-5 times a day, each time Sally seemed to get stronger, demanding more, sucking the very life out of Greg through his dick.

Greg taught her how to give a blow job. He was patient realizing she was inexperienced. Looking back, Greg may not have realized just how risky this was until later. Putting his dick between her teeth was riskier than he realized.

Sally even was allowed to shower once a day, still wearing the ropes of course. She did not try to escape. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying this captive life style.

By Wednesday, Greg began to feel some guilt. His remorse was somewhat matched by the fact that he was running low on libido.

“Sally girl, do you want me to remove the ropes?” He offered sincerely, although he wasn’t sure what he would do if she said yes. In fact, he was getting sore. He was getting sore and he was starting to bottom out.

“No, I think I can make it through the rest of the week,” she replied with a bit of a wicked smile. She looked him in the eye and then turned around to hide her hands from him, but looking over her shoulder at him seductively. He looked at her lovely ass and thought, “This girl is going to kill me”.

By the end of the week he was spending most of his time sitting on the couch drinking beer, nursing his sore dick, while Sally was in the basement hooked up to the Dick-on-a-Stick, running on high. She was having the time of her life enjoying her bondage and her new artificial best friend. It did occur to Greg that somehow the tables had turned, and she was getting the better part of this deal.

The End of a Dream

With Sally’s parents coming in Sunday, they both knew the party had to end. Saturday evening, just before dinner, Greg cut off the ropes and threw them into a bag he had. Sally smiled at him, and excused herself to her room, where she cleaned herself up, put on some makeup (she borrowed her mom’s). She put on her best looking slacks, and top. The clothes felt very weird since she had spent most of the previous week buck naked. It also felt weird to move her arms independently of each other.

She walked back into the dining room looking very nice. She gave him and smile and twirled around. She didn’t say anything. She and Greg had their last dinner together. She waited for him to finish his meal before she sprang. Greg never saw it coming.

She pounced, speaking quietly, “You know what you did was rape don’t you? Keeping me tied up for a week is going to put you in jail for a good twenty years. 20 years, for a week’s good time? Nice trade ass-hole”. She continued, “Your wife is going to kick you to the curb. I bet she has been waiting for you to screw up before she files for a divorce. Gregory boy, you are screwed”.

“What?” Greg stuttered, “I thought you liked it. You sure acted like it. What the hell are you talking about?” He was clearly flustered.

She pressed her advantage, smelling blood in the water, “You told my friends I was with my parents, didn’t you? That was a lie that the police can easily verify. You see these marks on my wrists and ankles? Easy to show I was restrained for your advances. Hell, there is physical evidence of your dick-shit DNA all over this house, and all over my bed.”

She paused for just a moment to let the drama build, “I suppose you could murder me to keep me quiet, but who else would they suspect? You call and say I’m missing the day before you have to account for my presence? The cops will nail your ass to the wall. They would sweat a confession out of you in no time, and you know it. You know that you are not smart enough to beat that rap. You would go down for life, and maybe even the death penalty. There is no hiding what you have done to me”. She finished with a smirk, looking into his eyes.

Greg started to look sick. He went pale. He stared at the table and thought, “My life is over. I am screwed, really screwed”.

Sally let what she said sink in a bit. Then she gave him an out. “You want to make this go away, I bet”.

He looked at her with questions in his eyes. He knew he had taken advantage of this girl, and he was sorry it was turning to shit, hell, his life was turning to shit as he sat there. Well, he wasn’t sorry for what he had done. He was sorry that it was all going to come out. He was, indeed, still an ass-hole.

“How?” He mumbled.

The snake sprang her trap, “You go to jail or you get off, either way your wife still divorces you and sells the Camaro, right? You don’t get to drive it anymore. That is done. However, how about this. You tell everyone that you liked me so much that you decided I needed that car for college. You just decided to give me that car as a graduation present because you are such a nice guy”.

“Hell no! Fuck you!” Greg said. Then he thought about it. She was right. He was not going to be driving it anymore, no matter what.

“Well, you did that already, and that’s why you are in such deep shit. Cut your losses, Gregory boy. Sign the car over and we can call it even”, she watched him struggle through to the same conclusion. “Oh, and one more thing. I get the keep the Dick-on-a-Stick, and all that rope”.

“How do I get home?” mumbled a defeated Greg, then he muttered, “Shit, Shit, Shit!”

“I will be glad to drive you to the bus station in my new Camaro, but you got to buy your own bus ticket home, ass-hole”, Sally said, and that is exactly what she did, after he signed over the car.


About 18 months after Greg’s babysitting job, Greg’s wife was on a call, looking for something to write a note with. She yanked open a drawer in Greg’s desk trying to find a pen. The drawer slipped past the catches and crashed to the floor. She picked up all of his shit and put it back in the drawer. When she went to push it back into the desk, she felt something hanging off the bottom. It was a thumb drive that had come loose from the tape sticking it to the drawer bottom.

She pulled it off and started to look through the files. Greg had saved all the videos of Sally’s time in the basement, no doubt to occasionally revisit that intense time. Greg’s wife didn’t need to watch much of the video. The first 5 minutes were enough. She could see both Greg and Sally, and what was going on. Greg’s wife was smiling. She now had what she needed to kick that looser to the curb. Thankfully, Greg’s wife decided not to call Sally’s parents, however, she did call her lawyer. Greg lost everything in the settlement. He always figured he would get half if she ever decided she had enough, but with this thumb drive, he got exactly what he brought to the marriage – nothing.

Greg was last seen living in a trailer park with an obese woman who worked at the DMV and had hygiene problems.


Sally went to college for a year, but was repulsed at having to share a room with anyone. She had always been a loner, and the forced living conditions just did not suite her. Her parents tried to get her into a community college where she could stay at home, but she had enough of both home and college. She packed her stuff, including her favorite toys, in her Camaro and headed for the West Coast. When last seen, Sally was trying to get into the porn industry. Her specialty was bondage and machine fucking. Imagine that?

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