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Gang of Four 5: The Long Winter of Discontent and Planning

by West Coast Comet

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story continued from part four Part 5: The Long Winter of Discontent and Planning

Lynn looked longingly at the pictures on the internet. She was bored. Bored with her job just a little, and bored with her “extracurricular activities”, her “dark desires”, a lot. It was winter, so outdoor adventures were out. Wisconsin gets fiercely cold, so venturing outside without clothes is just not possible. Being bound inside, naked, was so unexciting anymore. No fear. No danger. No chance to be caught, not that Lynn wanted to be caught. It was the excitement of the possibility of being caught that lit her flame.

She had pretty much given up on finding a partner to help her. Lynn just knew that anyone she could like would find her perversion repulsive. She knew Jeff, her manager, found her attractive. He had given plenty of signals, but he remained very restrained by office decorum. Office decorum dictated that bosses do not date their employees, so he remained friendly, but distant, often watching her from his desk without saying anything.

Once Jeff had suggested they get drinks after work on a Friday, but she turned him down. The whole idea that he might somehow, find out about her activities scared the crap out of her. If he ever knew, if she ever let him in on her secret, he would be repulsed. She was sure she would be fired on the spot.

She began a long period of abstinence. She had to experience the thrills vicariously, through pictures and videos off the internet. She did not have cable or any internet at her farm, so she had to carefully look at those sites from work, when she stayed late. She always got her work done, of course. This “hobby” was never going to interfere with her paid job. She made sure of that.

Unfortunately, even those images did little for her. They certainly were no substitute for the real thing. Those flat, two dimensional images were just no substitute for actually being stranded outside with no clothes and with your arms bound behind your back. All she could do now is get ideas, and work out what she would do this spring and summer.

Now, Lynn was funny in that she would go through periods of time fixated on certain images or specific arrangements of bondage. Initially, she had really focused on being bound hand and foot, with her hands behind her back. This winter she began to shift. For the last 3 weeks she was specifically looking at women in the spread eagle position, especially those tied outdoors.

“I’ve just got to try this”, she mused. “This looks so… um, she looks so helpless. Just how can I do this and free myself later?” She decided she needed a way to this that would work inside and outside. The “high meadow” that she and her dog had discovered would be a perfect place to do something like this outside this summer. She knew she needed to prepare.

Lynn liked the idea that she could be stuck, unable to get free. However, she was also pretty intelligent and knew that such an outcome would be a disaster in the long run. There had to be a way to be placed into a stringent unescapable spread eagle, and then, after some period of time, be released. She loved the sexual denial aspect of being bound. To make that a reality required some planning.

The Iron Bed

Lynn did her shopping on-line. She found a queen-sized heavy iron bedframe for sale at a reasonable price. When it arrived, she was able to move her old wobbly wooden framed bed into her guest room. The delivery fellows set it up, bolting together the head board and foot board to the frame.

The bedframe had 2” black iron posts at each corner, topped by a brass ball. The posts at the headboard were about 6” higher than the foot board posts. Between the posts was fretwork and various patterns cast in black iron.

After they placed the box spring and mattress on the frame, Lynn sat on the bed, pulled on the edge of the headboard and just smiled when it proved to be extremely ridged. The delivery men looked at each other and smirked.

“Mam, we put this together very well. It is not going to fall apart anytime in the next hundred years or so” as he reached over and attempted to shake the foot board. “See, it is not going anywhere. It’s stronger than the bear cage at the zoo” he kidded.

Lynn had a flash-image of herself behind bars in the zoo, gripping the bars, wearing only her birthday suit as people pointed and laughed. She gave a little shudder.

When the delivery men left, Lynn laid back on the bed and stretched her arms and legs toward each corner. “Yes, this bed will do just fine” she thought.

That night she slept with each leg pulled wide to the corner post and with a rope around her chest pulled upward to the center of the iron fretwork in the bedhead. She pulled that chest rope as tight as she could, stretching her legs straight and creating delicious tension through her body. She pulled her covers up (It was winter and flipping cold that night).

She wrapped rope around her hands in front, and pulled the cinch though, tying a nice square knot using her teeth and her hands. Yes, she could open it whenever she wanted, but she wanted to feel what it was like stretched like this.

Lynn opened her eyes and looked upward. Her eyes following her arm up to the leather cuff wrapped around her wrist. It was fastened with a padlock to a heavy chain which wrapped around the headboard post. The other arm looked the same. She could feel the leather cuffs around each ankle pulling her into a tight spread eagle.

The four bits of leather around each extremity were all that she was wearing tonight. The ball gag, with a leather panel, stopped any intelligible sounds coming from her, and soon she knew he would pull on the blindfold. There would be no escape. No key dropping into her hand. No way to avoid the incredible stimulation she was about to receive…

Wait…. That is the next winter. We are getting too far ahead of Lynn’s story. Let’s backtrack a bit.

Jeff Asks Her Out

Lynn studied the two ring device for some time, trying to understand how it worked. Here was a bondage device some folks had used to put themselves in really tight bondage. She thought it might be the solution to the spread eagle she had wanted to try.

“How the hell does this work? No way would it keep the rope from sliding through in reverse!” She actually said this out loud to an empty office. Well it was almost empty. Jeff was still there, pretending to work, frequently looking out of his office windows at the pretty girl with her brows furled. She was studying something on the computer screen.

Finally he grabbed his coat and shut off his office lights. He locked his door and walked up to Lynn.

“What are you studying so hard? Can I help?” Jeff said.

“Oh… no thank you. I got this” Lynn stammered. She looked up quickly and clicked her mouse, closing the offending window before he could see. “Got to go home anyway. The dog is waiting to be let out”.

Jeff just grinned, and gave it one more try. “Hey, want to stop by Murphy’s for a quick drink on the way home?” He smiled and looked hopeful.

“Oh, thank you, but… No”. She swallowed hard, “I have a lot of things to do tonight, so I can’t” she looked a bit shaken and mentally disorganized. Her head was still thinking about those ring devices.

“You sure?” Jeff tried again.

“Well, maybe next time” Not wanting to shut him off completely. He was a nice guy and she liked his attention. In fact she was very attracted to him, but horrified he would discover her terrible secret. It was a conflict she had determined she must live with, and could never let out. She reached back and grabbed her coat.

“I will walk out with you, if you will see me to my car” Lynn said, with a quick smile.

“Of course!” Jeff said with a slight bow and a wave of his hand, palm up, as though he were her servant.

They made small talk as they walked. The weather sucked. This or that client were really assholes. …and again, the weather REALLY sucks!

As they neared Lynn’s car, Jeff said, “Listen, I really like you Lynn. I know it’s not the best idea, to date someone in the office, but I’d like you to make an exception for me. I would really like to ask you out on a date” he continued, “We could go to the movies, or just have dinner out – my treat. I just want to get to know you. How about it?”

He had laid his heart at her feet, and all she could do was stare at him for a moment.

“Umm“, she stalled, “I like you too, but you are my boss. Somehow it doesn’t seem right. Let me think about it for a while”.

Lynn looked off to the side, then looked down. She blushed. Maybe she would date him, as long as she kept him at arm’s length from her hobby. She knew for a fact that no nice man would even look at her if they knew what a pervert she was. She gave him a quick smile and got in her car.

Jeff leaned in, holding onto the door, “You know, I am not talking about anything really serious. Just a get-to-know-you date. No expectations. No Obligations. Just something fun, so we can get to know each other better”.

He had made a second pitch. This time trying to take some of the weight off his offer, thinking maybe if he lightened up the situation, she might feel more comfortable in accepting.

Lynn smiled sincerely and said, “Well, maybe, but not tonight. It does sound like fun. Let me think about it”. She closed her car door, still smiling.

“What a puzzle of a woman” Jeff thought. “Well, we will see how this goes. I guess it never hurts to ask”. He figured that she gave him a little bit of an opening, but not much. Jeff figured that he had plenty of time and there was no need to rush things. She didn’t say “no” after all.

Jeff was the head of the company’s financial department where Lynn worked. He was also in charge of IT security, which meant he would often monitor internet traffic to and from the office. He knew more about Lynn and her “hobby”, her “dark desire”, than she realized. He found her interests intriguing and personally exciting. However, at this point, he was just sincerely trying to get to know this interesting young lady.

Ring-a Ding-Ding

Lynn stopped by the hardware and found some steel rings about an inch in diameter. She bought 4 of them. She decided to experiment. She figured that she could escape from anything, but she wanted to understand how these ring devices worked. She tied 2 rings to a base rope and threaded the pull rope through both, then back between them. She tied off the base rope, and attached a weight to the pull rope.

The device worked as advertised. In fact, she tied her best to pull the rope back through the rings and found it would not budge. She could lift the weight by pulling the rope in one direction, but it would not reverse and allow the weight to drop. She was even able to put considerable strain on the device and it held the rope steadfast.

Most importantly, she found that she could tie a thin nylon cord to the outside ring and pull the cord to release the rings. It worked like a charm, as long as she was able to put just a little slack in the rope. . An easy built in release mechanism.

“Now, how do I use this?” she questioned.

Lynn experimented through the winter on various combinations. In the end, the one that worked best for her was to attach the ring devices to each post on the foot board. She would carefully bind each ankle with 5-6 loops of rope. She would feed the long end of each ankle rope through the corresponding ring device, or as she came to call them, “ring-vice”, attached to each of the footboard posts. She laid those ankle pull ropes along each side of the bed.

Now she was ready. Of course, Lynn would do this while naked. She would pull the covers up to ensure she stayed warm for longer sessions during the winter. Not what she wanted, but living in Wisconsin in a poorly insulated farm house forced some necessities, especially if you wanted to be bound for long periods of time.

Lynn wrapped rope around her wrists, rather like she did her ankles, but this rope was shorter. She formed a loop on each wrist that she clipped a carbineer through. She laid back and clipped each wrist to a rope loop around the headboard post. She could clip and unclip the carbineers easily, as long as there was slack in the ropes. Now she was ready to complete her bondage.

She would scoot down the bed until the wrists were pulled tightly upward. Now she could no longer touch the carbineers. She would reach over to her ankle ropes laying along each side of the bed and begin to pull them. This began to tighten the ankle ropes through the ring-vices at the bottom corners of the bed. Lynn found that she could patiently pull the ropes quite tight by shifting her body down as much as possible and slowly pulling the rope through the ring-vice.

She couldn’t make the spread eagle too tight, because she needed just a little slack to make the ring escape mechanism work correctly. She did get in trouble once, and had a hard time releasing one leg. The other came loose, so she was able to wiggle free.

Soon she could be in a fairly tight, inescapable spread eagle for as long as the timer was set (I will explain in a minute). This was quite delicious, and exactly what she fantasized about. Except… her fantasies had begun to include someone fucking her while she was tied this way. Often the face of her assailant was the same one she could see during the week sitting behind his desk. It was Jeff. This started to bother her a bit. She had never fanaticized about a specific person before. Her imagined rapists were always faceless brutes.

How did she escape? She had tied a release cord to the top ring on each side and looped it around the post, so when she would pull on it, it would force the top ring open, releasing the ankle rope. This allowed her to eventually scoot back up the bed to where she could undo the carbineers holding her wrists. She would attach a small eye-bolt to the ends of the release cords and snap it on the electromagnet now gripping the middle of the headboard. When the timer cut the power, the eye bolt would drop off the magnet and onto her arms. It wasn’t easy, but she could maneuver the cords to either her hands, or she could grip them with her teeth to pull and release the ring-vices.

Lynn’s self-bondage process was reliable and produced long term restraint. This was exactly what Lynn was looking for. Soon she began to include a crotch rope. It provided further teasing but did not allow any sort of sexual release. It just added another powder keg to the stack that created those fierce climaxes she was able to feel at the end of a long session. She had begun to refer to her crotch rope as “Jeff”. She thought it was just a little humorous, since he seemed to be intruding on her mind during these sessions anyway.

Life continued in much the same way it had started. Jeff would continue to work late, matching Lynn’s hours. They would quit at the same time, and walk to their cars together. She remained very friendly toward him, but distant. She did go out for drinks a couple Fridays, and had a good time. They talked at length about their families and their interests, but in some respects, she continued to keep Jeff at arm’s length.

Jeff figured he was in the “friend zone” with Lynn, and started to despair. It would take an event of some sort to break through her glass wall, so he studied his options. He figured he would need to surprise her to get past the defenses and to get her to recognize him as more than just a friend. Jeff bided his time.

Summer Time and the Living is Easy?

With the warmth of spring coming to her 80 acre woods, Lynn decided it was time to take her hobby outside. She had been dreaming about doing something in the high meadow all winter. The trees had leafed out and the weather was regularly hitting the low 70’s during the day.

Hunting through Radio Shack had provided a low voltage electromagnet and two holders for a couple D-cell batteries each. Lynn knew all along that the secret to doing the spread eagle tie outside was the escape mechanism. She could not run the 110 volt timer and magnet way out at the meadow, so she built an alternative. The two pairs of D-cells lasted about 4 hours before they run out of juice and dropped the eye bolt.

She had to work overtime that first weekend in May when the weather had turned nice. She was dying to get out to the meadow, but Jeff kept her at the office during the best parts of Saturday and Sunday working on a major proposal. The second weekend, they had worked Saturday, but Sunday was going to be hers. She would at last get out there and try the outdoor spread eagle.

She squirmed in her office chair that Saturday in anticipation. Jeff had to finish the proposal and asked her to stay late that Saturday just in case he needed her help. She amused herself looking at pictures of other women pinned to stakes in the wild.

“God that looks exciting!” Lynn thought as she stared at one particularly rigorous spread eagle out in the grass. The model looked a little stressed, and that just added to the thrill.

Glancing though Jeff’s office window she thought, “Hurry up and get this shit done! I am ready to pop, and now I will have to wait until Sunday to try this stuff!”

Almost as if he had heard her protest, Jeff stood up and yelled, “Let’s get the hell out of here! I’ll buy drinks!”

“Why not” she barked back and grinned at Jeff.

The proposal was important and Lynn knew that. She had worked as hard as Jeff to get it done. Saturday was lost anyway, so she agreed to go with him to Murphy’s bar.

Jeff suggested she try the chocolate martinis. They went down too fast and too easy. By the forth martini, Lynn began to realize the kick those damned things had. She stood up to go to the ladies room and felt dizzy.

“Oh shit”, she mumbled.

“You alright?” Jeff said as he held her arm.

“Yes, I’m okay. Just a little buzzed from those Martunies. No, I meant Martinis. Ah forget about it” Lynn managed to reply.

Once in the stall, she took care of business, but as she stood up, her stomach decided it had enough alcohol. Lynn turned around and reached up the contents of her guts. She stumbled out of the bathroom and announced to Jeff that she had to go home, right now. Jeff grabbed her arm and said he would drive her.

“We can take my car, and I’ll bring yours by tomorrow. No problem” Jeff said.

“Okay”, Lynn slurred, “But no fooling around. I mean it!” She shook her finger at him while frowning with an exaggerated expression, as he helped her pull her jacket on.

To be honest, she didn’t remember too much more about the evening. Somehow Jeff found her driveway, dug her keys out of her purse, and carried the sleeping Lynn into her house and dropped her on her bed. Jeff pulled off her shoes, but, being cautious about being too forward, he left her clothes on. He pulled up the covers and quietly left her sleeping.

Lynn woke up Sunday with a start.

“Fuck!” She yelled as she sat up. She realized that Jeff had been in her room last night. She looked around her bedroom and realized that there were still rope loops around her headboard posts. Otherwise, the rest of the room looked okay. Most of her gear was in one of the dresser drawers.

“Did he see this shit? Oh God!” She fingered the rope loop on the post and began to weep a little, thinking she had been exposed. Then she realized he probably didn’t turn on the lights, and probably didn’t even notice anything strange. Besides, even if he did notice the rope, there was nothing to connect it her hobby of self-bondage. Maybe she tied her dog to the bed or something. Plenty of reasons for the rope loops.

“Well okay” she spoke to Goldie, with a sigh of relief, “Let’s get you fed and run”. To which Goldie responded with a soft “woof”.

Lynn had a little bit of a hang over, but not too much. A big glass of orange juice and she felt better. Besides, when she let Goldie out, she realized what a beautiful day this Sunday was becoming. It was already warm, maybe 65 degrees. The low humidity made every leaf and every branch appear crisp and vibrant. The air was perfumed with flowers and the sky was a spectacular color of blue.

Lynn stood in the doorway just taking deep breaths of the lovely air. The winter had been too long and now, what a day. What a beautiful day! She had to do it today. This was the right time and the weather was beautiful.

To The Meadow

She fed the dog, ate some breakfast, and gathered her gear. Goldie would have to stay inside while she went to the high meadow. She felt sad that she couldn’t let the dog run free today, but all Goldie would do is hang around and lick her face. That sort of breaks the exotic and sensual feelings she wanted to experience. So, no, Goldie couldn’t go along today.

Lynn stuffed all her gear into her backpack and set off. She hiked into the 80 acre woods, then walked along the little stream until she got to the open meadow. Lynn pulled out her collection of stakes, driving one at each corner of her designated restraint area. She used the long heavy plastic stakes with little hooks. She drove these into the ground with a hammer she had brought along. She tried to get about the same proportions as her bed posts. She drove a longer stake near the stake where her right hand was to be secured. This would hold the little battery magnet.

She trampled down the high grass and spread a blanket on the ground to make a more comfortable bed. The meadow sloped a little here, down toward the stream. Once Lynn was tied, she would be slightly angled with her feet a bit lower than her hands. It was just perfect.

She pulled out the ropes she would use and sat down on the blanket. She pulled off her sandals and wiggled her bare feet. She hooked a ring-vice on each of the leg stakes and carefully brought the release cords up to the high stake. By wrapping the release cords around the lower stakes, she routed the cords along the side of the blanket, rather than over the top. She clipped the battery magnet to the high post and stuck the release cord eye-bolt to the magnet.

She fingered the ropes a while, thinking about being naked and helpless way out here in the high meadow. She took a deep breath and pulled off her top. She didn’t wear a bra this morning. Why would she? She quickly pulled off her shorts and underwear, stuffing all her clothes and her shoes into her backpack.

She surveyed the scene. “Oops” she said, and grabbed the hammer, stuffing it into the backpack too. Then she flung the back pack some distance into the high grass. Easy enough to find once she was free, but out of sight while she was tied up. Lynn touched herself feeling how warm and wet she was becoming.

“Easy girl. Not yet. Let it build and build”, she said out loud, to no one but the birds. She rubbed on some sun cream and insect repellent. “No sense in being stupid” she said out loud, trying to calm her nerves a bit. Talking to herself seemed to make the situation seem more normal. She found her hands shaking just a bit with nervousness.

The fact was it was anything but normal. Lynn was about to put herself into bondage way out in the middle of her woods, so isolated, so dangerous. The idea supercharged her sex drive and made her nervous and the same time. She could feel butterflies jumping in her stomach.

Lynn wrapped each ankle with a long rope. 5-6 wraps and then ran the rope under the whole wrap to ensure the individual loops would not tighten as she pulled on them. Now she tied each wrist in a similar way, except she left a 12” loop of rope sticking out of the bindings. She tugged on each binding to make sure it was secure, but not too tight. She noticed that she was shaking just a little.

“Easy girl” she whispered to herself, “You’ve done this before”. Then answering herself, “Yes, but this time it’s outside!”

Now she stood up and wrapped rope around her waist. She knotted it in front, and pulled the dual cords through her crotch on either side of her labial lips. She pushed those ropes under the waist rope at her back and brought them up through the center of her pussy. With practiced hands she tied a little knot in just the right place. Then she finished the crotch rope by tying it off in front.

She looked all around while standing there naked. She breathed deep and rubbed herself all over. Today was going to be a wonderful experience. She just knew it. She had waited all winter for this, and now, here was the perfect day, the perfect weather, and the most perfect spot.

She walked over to the stakes and pulled her ankle rope through the ring-vices, then she laid down making sure she could pull those ropes tight when her hands were attached to the upper stakes. She clipped the Carbineers to each stake and scrunched down, pulling her arms taunt. She was breathing heavy now, the excitement rising. She grabbed each of the pull ropes from her ankles and began to imprison herself.

Everything thing worked just like it had all winter. Soon she had pulled the ankle ropes tight and she knew there would be no escape until the batteries failed, dropping her release cords. The crotch rope was stimulating, but not overly so. It was just a reminder of what was to come, once she was free of her self-imposed bondage.

Lynn decided to test her work and began to pull in earnest on all of the stakes. They held nicely, not even budging the slightest. The ground was dry and hard, and the stakes were well anchored. She began to thrash a bit, and found she could hardly move. In her initial excitement, she had pulled the ropes a little tighter than usual. She found the helplessness delicious.

“Well you did it this time girl”, she said out loud. “No escape until the batteries run down”.

Rocking her hips did not increase stimulation from the crotch rope. The rope simply moved with her pelvis with just a slight bit of rope friction in her Pussy. It was enough to tease, but not enough to satisfy. She slowly dropped into subspace. Kind of a partial consciousness that always seemed to energize her libido. The sky was in her eyes, but she was not focusing on anything. She didn’t hear her approaching dog until Goldie parted the grass and began to lick her face.

Goldie barked twice softly, delighted to have found her master. She was excited to find her out here, in their favorite meadow. Goldie jumped over the prone, naked girl and stood there wagging her tail, as if to say “I found her. I found her”.

“How did you get loose?” Lynn stumbled back from semi-consciousness to ask the rhetorical question of the dog.

“I’m afraid I let her out” Jeff said as he squatted next to her, studying her ropes.

“SHIT!” Lynn yelled and jerked. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit”, she yelled as she frantically tried to escape. It was hopeless. She had been discovered. Jeff’s eyes swept across the young girl from head to toe and back again.

“You did this set-up very well”, he said, “You can’t get loose can you? This little device…” he pulled on the eye bolt and it popped loose from the magnet, “… it is the way you escape, right?”

Lynn began to cry, “Why are you here? This is my business. You shouldn’t be here”, she blurted as tears filled her eyes. This was like some bad dream that was really happening.

“Didn’t you remember, I brought you home last night in my car? I brought your car over today. I was going to ask you to drive me back to my house, but nobody was home. Your dog seemed to need to go outside, so I let her out. She ran off in this direction. I figured I had better go catch her or you would be upset”. Jeff reached down and wiped the tears off her cheek. “It’s okay. I’ve known about your interests in bondage for some time. I’m cool with it”.

“What? How? I don’t understand…” Lynn blurted, her chest heaving a bit as she reached for a whole breath.

Jeff explained that all of her searches through porn got automatically reported to his computer. He also said that he didn’t condone the use of the company’s internet for this purpose, he hadn’t said anything because he was also intrigued with her sexual interests.

“Really?” Lynn asked, still hyperventilating.

“Yes, really!” Jeff replied. “In fact, I can be a big help to you. You want to feel helpless and abandoned? I can do that! How long do you expect the batteries to last?”

Lynn looked puzzled. She had not expected that question. “Umm… About 4 hours”.

Jeff dropped the eye bolt and release cords near where he was squatting, well out of reach of Lynn’s hands. He bent over and gave her a kiss. Just a light one on the lips. She watched him intently for a moment, then looked over at the eye bolt, now out of reach. She swallowed heavily.

Jeff found the back pack and walked back to where Lynn was staked out.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting” he said as he dug through the back pack. He pulled out the hammer and walked over to each stake. With a couple hard hits, he drove each stake fully into the ground, ensuring Lynn could not pull out any of the stakes. Then he sat down behind her head and placed a foot on each of her shoulders. He gently pushed her down, while pulling on the ankle ropes to tighten the whole rig. Lynn felt her arms and legs straining as the ropes were pulled extra tight.

“Oh. Oh dear God that’s tight” she said.

Jeff then tied the loose ends of the two ankle ropes together down by the ring-vices, ensuring that even a ring-vice failure would not result in freedom for the captive girl.

“I’m going to leave you here. I think that is what you wanted to do. I don’t think you can escape without my help. Now you are really and truly helpless. You have no way to escape” Jeff said looking right into Lynn’s eyes. Each sentence seemed to hit Lynn with an impact. She seemed to jerk just a bit with each of Jeff’s pronouncements. He could see the effect that this was having on Lynn, and could not suppress his grin.

“How do I get loose? How long are you leaving me here?” Lynn tried to raise her head.

“I don’t know how long”, Jeff just continued to grin. “I consider you as my friend, and I would never do anything to hurt you, nor would I ever take advantage of you. You will need to ask me politely if you want more of our relationship. For now, I am just glad to help you with this… well… this adventure”.

He continued, “Since you seem to like longer term bondage, let’s see what you can do”.

Lynn looked a little worried as she began to digest just exactly what he was saying. She just watched him. She found herself speechless and confused.

Jeff grabbed the blanket under her back side and gave it a hard pull. It slide out from under her, leaving her laying on the bent-down spring grass. He folded the blanket and stuffed it into the backpack. It was like an electric shock went through Lynn, as she realized what was about to happen.

“Let’s do this right. No clothing. Nothing to cover up with if you do get free,” Jeff declared. “Now I will be going. I will cover for you tomorrow at the office, and I will come back and check on you tomorrow night after work. Have fun out here.” He paused, “I’ll take your backpack back to the house. See ya!” Jeff turned and began to walk away, carrying Lynn’s backpack. Goldie seemed to find his company interesting so she went bouncing along with Jeff as he walked out of sight.

Lynn realized that she was indeed helpless and bound, naked and alone out in the high grass. The effect was electric. Lynn found herself dumbfounded, quite unable to speak. Hell, she had a hard time taking a full breath.

“Did that really happen?” she questioned herself. Jeff was there-and-gone in no time. “Was he really here or was that my overactive imagination?”

She felt the grass beneath her and tried to move her arms and legs. She looked over at her little battery device and saw no release cords. She had no escape. It must have happened! Lynn felt a bit dizzy and short of breath. She felt like screaming but couldn’t find her voice.

Lynn’s fantasies had come true. She was now actually bound by someone else’s hands. Well-tied too! No escape! These words kept swimming through her brain. It made her shiver, and pant just a little.

Tiger in the grass

It was so quiet in the meadow that Lynn felt she was a million miles from any other person. She would be out here until Jeff returned, sometime Monday. The very thought of being bound and held down to those stakes for that long scared her and thrilled her at the same time. Butterflies were jumping in her stomach and she found herself incredibly horny. Her mind was going completely blank.

She was slipping into that sub-space area in her mind. The breeze was gently moving the grass around, making a rustling sound. She couldn’t think straight.

“Oh Cha-Rist!” Lynn said out loud, breaking the name into two syllables to emphasize her situation, as she struggled with what just happened to her. “Jeff?” she yelled lightly, “Are you still out there? Jeff! Answer me! Jeff!” She now demanded.

Nothing. No sound. She was really alone.

Lynn quietly took inventory as best she could. She was just blanking out. She couldn’t get a clear thought in her head.

“Fuck this!” She exclaimed out loud, “and, fuck me! God I wish someone would fuck me. Right here, right now!” She rolled her head toward the direction Jeff walked off, “Jeff, you can fuck the ever-loving hell out of me. Jeff? Come back and screw me right here, while I am tied up. I want you!”

Still nothing. No sound except the rustling of the grass.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!” Lynn yelled… to nobody in particular. She was frustrated, and horny.

“Can you die from terminal horniness?” She mused. Then once again she yelled for Jeff to come back and screw her.

Where is Jeff?

When Jeff left the house, he had grabbed some dog treats, thinking he might need to bribe Goldie to return with him. After he discovered Lynn in the high meadow, he decided to let her stew for a while. He walked back to Lynn’s house with Goldie, feeding the dog treats to keep her at his side. Round trip to Lynn’s house and back was probably an hour.

Once out of hearing range for Lynn, Jeff began to talk to Goldie, “Hey pup, looks like I found a way out of the friend zone. Ha, she was surprised! Bet she is stewing some now” Goldie bounced around him, happy for the attention, and happier still for the dog treats Jeff parceled out as they walked.

When they got to Lynn’s house, he patted Goldie’s head as her put her inside, “Don’t worry girl. I won’t leave her out there too long. I just want her to think she is going to be there until Monday. No way is that going to happen. In fact I’m going to go get her now, and I mean to really get her!” Putting emphasis on the last part of the sentence. He had a hard-on since seeing Lynn out there in the high meadow, and now he was going to do something about it.

Jeff closed the door and spun around to get back to Lynn. As he did, his toe caught on the step and put him in an awkward fall. He twisted as he fell and hit his head, hard, knocking him out cold.

He woke up with a headache and a bruise on the forehead. He was disoriented at first. He sat up trying to remember what had happened. What had he been doing? Where was he?

Tiger in the Grass Part 2

Lynn had fallen silent by now. She figured Jeff was true to his word and had left her helpless, naked and bound out in the woods. He would not return until Monday, just as he had said.

“Maybe this is his way of punishing me for not going out with him?” She wondered. “Crap, if only I had been friendlier with him. Dated him. Then maybe he would have taken advantage of me, all tied up and naked. Shit!”

She pulled at her ropes. Nothing gave. Not even a millimeter. The sun warmed her even as the breeze gently cooled her. It was one of those perfect days to be outside. Lynn appreciated that. However, mostly she just felt that little knot touching her most intimate spot, and the ropes pinning and squeezing her labia gently but firmly. It seemed to pull her mind away from rational thought and down to her crotch.

She could hardly think of anything else, but getting fucked. With no escape mechanism, she was at the mercy of someone else. Someone who seemed uninterested in coming back and claiming his prize.

Now her mind began to roll around to other concerns. “Maybe he didn’t like what he saw? Maybe he doesn’t want to fuck me? Maybe he is gay? Could I be misreading all those looks? No! No! No! I saw his hard-on. He wanted me when he pulled those ropes so tight. So where is he?”

She had not noticed the grass part near her head. A grinning but bruised Jeff was looking over this naked struggling girl, just getting his courage up to spring. He could see Lynn still pulling at her bondage, opening and closing her fists. Looking past her pretty hair he could look down the length of her body. Her chest would rise and fall as she breathed, her nipples, standing up like little sentries. He raised his head and could see her lovely pubic mound. She was sort of rolling it as she struggled, but she was pulled so tight, she really could not move much. She looked delicious. He could hear her gently moan every once in a while.

“Like a tiger” he thought, “like a tiger springing out of the high grass. I’ll leap on my prey and devour it!” He grinned even wider at the thought, but decided not to scare the poor girl. He put aside those immature thoughts. She had been out here for about 4 hours, at least.

He had been out some 2 hours laying on her back patio, unconscious.

Once he came to, he quickly recovered. He grabbed some water out of Lynn’s fridge and immediately started back. He knew she would be getting dehydrated. With each step, that image of Lynn stretched naked between those pegs, out in the high grass had made his feet fly, and his dick so hard that each step seemed to arouse him.

He stood up quietly, half way hoping Lynn would hear him. She was so into her subspace that she did not even see him walk around to her side.

“Lynn” Jeff said quietly, “Are you okay?”

Lynn slowly opened her eyes. In them was this wanton look that was almost pure animal.

“Hi” she said in a whisper, “I hope you like what you see” She had noticed his eyes focusing on her body. “I was hoping you would come back soon. I need you to make love to me. Right here, Right now.”

Jeff smiled, “I will see what I can do. Would you like some water first?” He held out a bottle of water, and knelt down beside her. She nodded her head. Jeff put his hand under her head and put the water bottle to her lips. Once she was finished drinking, he kissed her again. She tried to make it a hard kiss but he pulled back just allowing her lips to brush his.

“Asshole!” She barked, “Fuck me now!” Letting her frustration loose, triggered by the teasing manner of his kiss.

“I will fuck you when I want to, and you will have little to say about it” he retorted, “…and keep a civil tongue in your mouth of I will leave you here again”. He poured a bit of the water from the bottle on her stomach, causing her to yell. Jeff began to untie the crotch rope. He pulled it out and held the sticky mess out at arm’s length.

“What a mess you have made” Jeff grinned at her, then dropping into a really bad fake English accent, “It seems milady likes being tied up. Perhaps I will keep her so occupied”

Lynn smiled back, and quickly realized that all would be well. She jumped into role quickly, “Milady likes your lice-ridden body, and thinks you should drop your codpiece, and enjoy the fruits of your discovery”.

Shucking his clothes as fast as possible, all Jeff could respond with was an “Indeed”, before he was on top of her. As they made love, she was so aroused by the afternoon’s bondage she came several times. She really did not notice Jeff’s arousal and his multiple trips into ecstasy. In the end, they lay together, her still tightly bound to those stakes and he out of breath, both panting at the raw passion between them.

It had been all Lynn had imagined and more. Having a real Jeff was so much better than her fingers.

Jeff untied her, rolled her over on her stomach and pulled her hands behind her back. He tied them together, then tied a rope loosely around her neck. She found herself so passive that she could not find the urge or energy to resist, or even protest.

“Milady’s clothes are nowhere to be found, alas. Furthermore, as my captive, you will be required to walk back to yon castle in your only your bare skin”. He had dropped once again into this fake English accent. He really didn’t know why, but it seemed that play-acting made the situation a little more fun, and less serious. If both of them had taken it seriously, they might have seen how ludicrous and outlandish the whole experience really was. With the fake accents, it made the whole thing more of a very sexy pretend adventure.

“Yes, my master” Lynn said, and struggled to her feet. They walked in silence back to her house, Jeff patiently letting her feel her way with bare feet. Occasionally tugging on her leash. Once they got to the house, he turned on the hose and washed her feet. Then he turned it on her and let her scream bloody murder as the cold water hit her.

Soon he simple swept her up onto his shoulder and carried her inside. The rest is history.


Jeff and Lynn were married that fall. The gang of four reunited for that event. Even Sally the snake made an effort to be there. The girls did share some stories. Although Jeff never heard what those stories were, it seems his lady was especially horny after talking with Diane and Sally. He loved it!

Lynn continues to work with Jeff at the little firm, and on the weekends they are usually to be found somewhere in the 80 acre woods during the warm months. Lynn is usually dressed in only her ropes, and little else. Winter finds them at play on that big four poster iron bed, her tightly locked in leather cuffs and chains, Jeff, enjoying the love of his life while she helplessly thrashes beneath him. Every once in a while, Jeff still uses that terrible English accent to make Lynn laugh.


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