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Going Home 3: Out and About

by Madhatter815

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© Copyright 2013 - Madhatter815 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; cuffs; naked; gag; cartrunk; transport; straitjacket; tease; toys; denial; cons; X

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Part 3: Out and About

When last we left Amanda, she was still naked with her wrists cuffed behind her back and her ankles locked together. Her friend/safety Sarah had arrived. The problem was she seemed to be making things worse. She tricked Amanda into going outside to get her ‘keys’ only to find that they were her car keys and not the ones for her cuffs. Now she’s locked-up and outside with the porch light beaming down on her bare skin for the entire world to see. The only option appears to be getting the spare key from her car. If only that were as easy as it sounds…

Amanda peered around the corner toward the front of the house. It was fairly dark with only a few dim lights up and down the block. She didn’t see anyone and she hadn’t see many cars come down this block over the years, especially not at night. Still, she wanted to be absolutely sure it was safe. After a couple minutes of watching, Amanda was convinced that the coast was clear.

Amanda slowly made her way out of the shadows and began hopping methodically towards her car. She tried to stay on the grass as much as possible to reduce the amount of noise she’d make and to spare her bare feet. Even though her rationale kept telling her that no one was awake, she felt like she was completely on display and that the entire neighborhood was watching. The warm summer breeze sent a chill down her spine and perked up her nipples, only adding to her apprehension. Despite her uneasiness, she continued at a relatively slow pace since she didn’t want to trip and fall.

Amanda reached the curb by her car. It was an older model but it still had a button on the remote to pop the trunk. As she hit the button, the car beeped twice. It wasn’t very loud but Amanda felt like there might as well have been a fighter jet going overhead what with the dead silence around her. She regretted not opening it from behind some cover but she looked around and saw that nothing had actually changed. Calming her nerves, she lowered herself onto the road and shuffled herself into position with her back to the trunk. She reached behind her and lifted the lid up all of the way. It sprang open and Amanda was happy to see her big bag of goodies sitting alone in the trunk.

She was glad she had recently spent time cleaning out all the junk that had collected back there over the years. Otherwise, this might have been an unpleasant experience. Clean or not, as Amanda looked over her bag she began to realize just how difficult it was going to be to get to her keys. She decided that her best bet was to actually make her way into the trunk.

Sitting on the bumper, Amanda hoisted herself backwards into the trunk. To Amanda’s surprise, it was fairly easy to do. Now that she had some leverage, she sat on her knees and began feeling around for the zippers on her bag. She couldn’t remember exactly where she had put her spare keys but there were only so many places that made sense. As she unzipped and dug through various compartments, she lost all sense of her surroundings. That is, until she heard footsteps. Worse yet, they sounded like they were approaching the car.

Amanda started to panic. Was it a late night jogger? Maybe a Good Samaritan who noticed that her trunk was open and was investigating to make sure all was well? Or was it a stalker that had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike? The last one seemed ridiculous to Amanda but her mind kept thinking up the worst scenario and that was certainly it. Should she call for help? It wasn’t like she was gagged or anything. No. That would certainly get her noticed. She’d only scream if it was someone dangerous. But how could she tell?

Amanda’s heart raced as various thoughts ran through her head. The footsteps came closer and she began to panic even more. They were coming from the front of the car and the trunk blocked any vision she’d normally have in that direction. In a final effort to avoid being seen, she ducked and curled herself into the back of the trunk, using her bag for as much cover as possible. ‘Maybe,’ she thought. ‘Just maybe they’ll leave me alone.’

Amanda closed her eyes tight and held as still as possible as the footsteps got louder and louder and then…nothing. ‘They were so close. Why did they stop?’ Amanda wondered. It didn’t seem like they had reached the car yet, did they? Would someone be tip-toeing quietly up to the trunk? Why would they? Could she really be in trouble?

“Oh, good grief. Please don’t tell me you’re supposed to be hiding.”

Amanda knew that voice. It was Sarah. Her nerves settled and she rolled over rather timidly, knowing good and well that she wasn’t actually hidden. Sarah stood above her with her hands on her hips, shaking her head. Amanda was relieved but still fairly embarrassed. She felt foolish about her pathetic attempt to stay out of sight.

“What, ahem,” Amanda started, needing to clear her throat, too ashamed to make eye contact. She eventually looked up at Sarah with a sheepish grin. “What’s up?”

Sarah almost started laughing on the spot. She always found Amanda’s attempts to ‘act natural’ quite entertaining. Sarah was so amused that she had almost forgotten why she came outside. Then she remembered.

“So, I was raiding the fridge and pantry and I noticed that you don’t have much to eat.”

“Yeah,” Amanda acknowledged. “I was going to look into that today but I was a little preoccupied.” Again, Sarah was astonished how Amanda could act so natural in her current position.

Sarah looked at the bag and seemingly changed topics. “So this is your bag o’ goodies, huh?”

Amanda nodded. Sarah reached around the open pockets and dug out some keys. “That’s them,” Amanda said, holding her arms up behind her as best she could, implying Sarah could finally free her wrists. Instead, Sarah pocketed them. “Hey!”

Sarah ignored her and continued going through the bag. She dug out some rope and a vibrator. Amanda was shocked but admittedly excited. “What, um… what are those for?”

“You,” Sarah answered, bluntly. “Sit up.”

Amanda complied as the rope was doubled over and passed around Amanda’s waist. It was then slipped through her wrist and ankle cuffs and pulled around her front. Amanda watched in anticipation as the vibrator was slipped slowly inside of her. Sarah then tied off the rope, trapping the toy inside. “Gag or no?” she asked casually.

“Um, gag,” Amanda replied after some thought. It was a rare request since Amanda hated being gagged but it’d been weeks since she last stimulated herself and the simple act of inserting the vibrator sent shockwaves throughout her body. Keeping quiet without one would be almost impossible and since Amanda didn’t know what Sarah was planning, she’d play it safe.

Sarah seemed surprised by the answer and dug through the bag looking for one. Amanda told her where to look. “Any last words?” Sarah asked. Amanda hated when she said that. Sarah said it every time she had gagged her so there was no hidden meaning. Still, it sounded so… final.

“Um, just that it’s been a while so, I guess, you know… less is more?” Amanda replied, almost as a question. It was a common saying but they both knew what she meant. Generally speaking, she wanted Sarah to go easy on her.

Sarah nodded and settled the gag in place. “On your side.”

Amanda went to comply but couldn’t. She hadn’t realized until now just how little mobility she had left. Her wrists and ankles were not only pinned together but now they were held snuggly towards her bottom through the crotch rope. Any shifting of them pulled on the rope and forced the vibrator to move, driving Amanda crazy. Sarah noticed this and helped lower Amanda onto her side. She waited to see Amanda stop shaking from the sensations and asked, “All good?”

Amanda took a deep breath and nodded, still unaware of Sarah’s plans. “Good,” Sarah replied. “Off to the grocery store.”

With that, Sarah grabbed the bag and closed the trunk. She then heard a car door open and close and then another. She assumed that the bag went in one door and Sarah went in the other. As the engine started, Amanda’s heart began racing but, surprisingly, it wasn’t from being nervous. As the car pulled off, all she could think about was how long it would be until Sarah decided to turn on the vibrator.

Part 4 – Just a Minute

Amanda was surprised at how comfortable she was lying in the pitch black trunk. Sarah had some outlandish ideas from time to time but Amanda was surprisingly excited about this one. Of course, she was assuming that Sarah wouldn’t do anything stupid and get her caught. In the end, Amanda really did trust Sarah with her life which is why she had made Sarah her safety in the first place. All in all, she was rather giddy.

“We’re here,” Sarah announced from inside the car. It was a relatively short distance to the grocery store and the time seemed to fly for Amanda. Of course, she could only assume that that was where they actually were.

Amanda heard the car stop and the engine turn off. She heard some movement and the car door open. “I’ll… for a minute. Don’t leave… ‘kay?” Sarah said from just outside the car. It was hard to hear what she was saying but Amanda heard just enough to feel the sarcasm in Sarah’s voice.

Next, Amanda heard the door close followed by a locking sound. As she listened to Sarah walk away, she closed her eyes and tried to relax. No sooner did she do so when she felt a sudden buzz between her legs. It was brief but quite apparent.

“Mmmph!” she blurted into her gag, her body bouncing and landing with a noticeable thud. Thankfully Sarah didn’t engage the car alarm otherwise that might have set it off.

‘What the hell was that!?’ she wondered. ‘And why did it stop?’ She wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed that it was so short lived. The initial sensation got her really excited so she was leaning toward the latter but a prolonged buzzing like that would likely become annoying if Sarah took too long.

Just as she started to cool down, another burst of stimulation struck her. This time, it was slightly longer in duration and Amanda realized that it was actually quite weak. It consisted of several short bursts and some light buzzing in between. Amanda couldn’t help but revel in the sensation. Her back arched and her toes curled as she began to lose herself in the moment, purring longingly into her gag. She lost all sense of time and place. All she could think about was the vibrator.

‘Mmm, setting number four. I’ve never cum to setting number four,’ she thought, finally recognizing that Sarah must have switched on the vibrator at one of its weakest settings. It had nine modes in no particular order but four and nine were easily the weakest in her mind. Neither of those two settings ever proved strong enough to get her off but in her highly sensitive state, all bets were off.

It felt great so that she was extremely disappointed when the vibrations abruptly stopped. Amanda began bucking around to try and continue the pleasure but it was not enough. In fact, as good as it felt, she wasn’t even that close. ‘Sarah, you tease,’ Amanda thought, trying to calm down.

Amanda had assumed that Sarah didn’t even go into the store yet. That was also assuming, of course, that they were even there to begin with. They could be anywhere. Maybe Sarah was just sitting next to the car and toying with her. It wouldn’t be the first time Sarah had tricked Amanda. In fact, it wouldn’t even be the first time tonight. Still, she couldn’t quite figure out what Sarah was up to.

Trying to rationalize a completely irrational situation was getting Amanda nowhere. Eventually, all that thinking was interrupted when the buzzing returned. It was the same setting as before and it took seemingly no time at all for Amanda to get aroused all over again. Instinctively, she began to grind away at the vibrator, hoping to take full advantage of the pleasures it offered. Unfortunately, the vibrator turned off even more abruptly than it had turned on.

“Mmmph,” Amanda groaned into her gag, disappointed. ‘She really is just messing with me!’ she thought, trying not to let Sarah get in her head. As she did, she began recalling a conversation the two had had about a week earlier…

************One Week Ago*********

“So, I’ve been completely hands off for almost a month,” Amanda explained.

“Um, good for you,” Sarah answered, blowing on her coffee.

Amanda looked around. The two were all alone as they walked through the park so she felt comfortable continuing. “You know how the next one always feels so good after a long break? And how good unexpected ones are when they suddenly sneak up on you?” she asked.

“I guess,” Sarah responded, continuing to blow on her coffee. She took a sip and winced. “Dammit! Why do they always make these things so damn hot?!”

Amanda continued, shrugging. “I don’t know. Anyway, I, um…,” she paused, trying to think of how to explain it. “I want my next one to just happen next week. I don’t want to force it.”

“You want it to just happen? What the heck does that mean?” Sarah asks, glaring angrily at the steam emanating from her coffee cup.

“I don’t know. I guess it should just come about naturally. Go with the flow. You know what I mean?” she said, again trying to convey her thoughts.

“If you want it naturally, you need a guy,” Sarah retorted, again blowing on her coffee.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” Amanda said, turning towards Sarah.

“I know, I know. So you want it to just be a byproduct of your bondage and not brought about by some planned out gimmick. I get it,” Sarah suggested. Amanda stopped in place. Confused, Sarah stopped and looked at her. “What’s up?”

Amanda just smiled. “You really are listening,” she said.

“Of course I’m listening. I’m a great listener,” Sarah said, taking another sip of coffee. She flinched slightly and shook her head in frustration. “I hate coffee.”

“But you love caffeine. Anyway, I just want to remember the next one for a long time… and in a good way,” Amanda explained as the two continued walking. Amanda continued talking a little louder and with a bit of a flourish. “After that, it’ll be no holds barred. Anything goes. Well, almost. I want this to be my greatest bondage week ever.”

Amanda hadn’t realized that they were no longer alone as a lone jogger passed them. He had headphones on and they could hear the music as he passed so he probably didn’t hear anything she had said. Nevertheless, Amanda paused and turned red in the face. Sarah laughed and put her hand on Amanda’s shoulder.

“A week to remember, huh? I think I can help with that. But don’t forget. My flight doesn’t land until late Monday. Plus I’ll probably be tired since I can never sleep on planes so it has to wait until Tuesday. Got it?” Sarah said.

“Deal. And don’t you forget that you’re not my,” Amanda looked around and didn’t see anyone else. Confident that the jogger was far enough away, she continued in a whisper. “You’re not my mistress. That ship has sailed. You’re just my safety. I don’t mind the occasional help but I’m going to do most of it by myself.”

* * *

Amanda’s thoughts were interrupted by the vibrator. The setting remained the same and it continued to feel amazing. This time, however, she heard something. It was the lock disengaging and the trunk being unlocked. The lid swung open and Amanda was briefly blinded by the streetlight overhead.

As her eyes adjusted, she saw Sarah standing over her with some bags. She put them down beside Amanda in the trunk. At this point, Amanda was squirming again as the vibrations persisted. “Oops,” Sarah blurted, reaching into her pocket. Suddenly, the vibrations stopped. “You didn’t cum, did you?”

Amanda shook her head no, closing her eyes and breathing heavily behind the gag. If she could speak, she would explain that she was getting close for a second there, but it seemed to be subsiding. She’d also ask how the heck Sarah managed to shop and stimulate her like that at the same time. Fortunately, Sarah answered her question anyway.

“I’m not sure if it worked but I shopped with the remote on. Low, of course… to reduce the likelihood of you getting anywhere but still enough to notice. Anyway, I was hoping it would trigger every time I walked by the front of the store. That’s why I parked so close,” Sarah explained in great detail as she held up the remote from her pocket.

Amanda was impressed. Not only by the idea but that it had worked so well. Then Sarah’s last sentence registered. ‘Parked so close!’ she thought in a panic. Somehow, she had forgotten that they were in a parking lot and she was completely nude and tied up.

Her attention jumped immediately to her surroundings. She looked around in a panic to make sure that no one could see her. She didn’t notice anyone but her vantage point was far from reliable. Sarah reached down and put her hand on Amanda’s shoulder. “It’s okay. Nobody’s here,” she assured her, reaching into one of the bags and pulling out some eggs. “Now, I need you to hold these so they don’t break, okay?”

Amanda looked confused as did Sarah as she internally debated how she was going to do that. Suddenly, she had an idea. She placed the eggs down and turned Amanda onto her back. “Comfy?”

Amanda shrugged. It was okay for now but she was sitting awkwardly on her hands and feet. Leather cuffs and ropes aside, they’d probably fall asleep on her after too long. “Don’t worry. It won’t be long,” Sarah assured her. She picked the egg carton back up and snuggled it neatly between Amanda’s breasts. Amanda let out a confused groan and looked at Sarah. “Now don’t drop them.”

With that, Sarah closed the trunk. Amanda tried her best to steady herself and keep the eggs in place. She felt them slide a bit once or twice but for the most part they seemed okay. As expected, her hands started feeling a little numb but she took that as an added challenge, willing herself to balance the carton above all else.

The trip felt a little longer in this direction, most likely due to the added distraction. Nevertheless, they arrived back at Amanda’s parent’s house, parking in the garage much to Amanda’s delight. Sarah popped the trunk and saw the eggs sitting neatly on Amanda’s sternum. She looked impressed.

“Not bad,” she said, picking them up. “I’m actually surprised that worked.”

Immediately, Amanda rolled on her side and began flexing her hands to regain feeling. They stung for a bit but she eventually worked them out. “Sorry about that. You okay?” Sarah apologized, noticing Amanda’s discomfort. Amanda nodded she was all right as Sarah reached back into her pocket and pulled out some keys. She unlocked Amanda’s legs and Amanda immediately stretched them out, working her toes, knees, and ankles in various ways. As Sarah unloaded the trunk, Amanda climbed out (with some help) and continued stretching. Once done, Sarah closed the trunk and removed Amanda’s gag.

“Wrists?” Amanda asked, offering her backside to Sarah.

“Not yet,” Sarah replied, unlocking the house door and bringing the groceries in. Amanda followed closely behind.

“Why not?” Amanda wondered aloud.

“Because,” Sarah started, putting down the groceries. “I don’t trust you sticking to your plan. And I’m not about to let you ruin it in a moment of weakness.”

Amanda appreciated the thought but she really just wanted to stretch. Certainly she had a little willpower. “Oh come on. I can keep from touching myself. I promise,” Amanda said.

“Oh yeah?” Sarah countered. She approached Amanda and removed the crotch rope and vibrator. Amanda closed her eyes and breathed heavily as it slid effortlessly out, soaked as it was. “How about now?”

Amanda’s legs were twitching and she felt her hands instinctively tugging to reach her nether region, blocked only by the leather cuffs that remained. Amanda groaned in frustration. Not just sexual but mental, cursing her lack of self control. Sarah raised an eyebrow and tilted her head as if to say ‘I told you so.’

“Dammit,” Amanda conceded, reluctantly. “You win. But my shoulders are killing me. You’ve got to at least let me stretch them out.”

“I will,” Sarah answered, turning to the kitchen. “Right after I put away the groceries and I can figure out a way to keep you off of yourself.”

“Well, it’s not like I have a chastity belt or anything,” Amanda pointed out. Sarah didn’t respond. She just went ahead and started putting things away. Amanda helped as best she could. Once clear, Sarah returned to the car, returning with Amanda’s bag of toys.

The bag was massive and Sarah began digging through it. She knew most of it but one item surprised her. “When did you get a straight jacket?” she asked.

“I actually won it in a contest. It’s crazy customized,” Amanda responded.

“Okay. But how do you use it? I mean, it’s not like you could get out of it during self bondage or anything,” Sarah questioned.

“Oh, it’s not how I’ll get out,” Amanda explained. “Its how I’ll get in. See, I have a remote lock that I can use to get free but I’m not sure how to go about putting it on by myself. I figured you could possibly help with that part.”

“Sure,” Sarah said with a pause, examining the jacket. “Let’s use this for tonight.”

Amanda had wanted to sleep in the straight jacket at some point this week so she quickly agreed. After having her shoulders pinned behind her back all day, forcibly crossing her arms in front of her would be a welcome change. Amanda smiled and, before she even realized it, Sarah was removing her cuffs and holding the jacket up for her to put on.

Amanda stretched her poor arms in various directions. She hadn’t noticed just how stiff they were until now. After a couple minutes, Sarah presented the straight jacket again. Amanda happily obliged, slipping her arms into the sleeves. She waited patiently as Sarah tied and buckled the whole thing. Sarah used a regular lock to complete the outfit meaning Amanda would be unable to free herself.

Sarah stood back and admired the newly bound Amanda. “That’s quite the custom bit of gear you’ve got there,” she exclaimed, looking over every inch of Amanda’s body. Despite all their previous interactions, this made Amanda a little red in the face.

The jacket was a perfect fit for Amanda, customized to her exact dimensions. Side straps held her upper arms to each side of her chest while her lower arms crossed snuggly across her stomach towards her hips. Her breasts were completely exposed and pushed slightly together as they fit almost naturally through an opening in the top of the jacket. Straps wrapped down between her legs and around her thighs, preventing her from slipping out of the outfit. It even allowed for complete exposure of her private region should she so choose fully equipped with detachable clips to apply to her outer labia for an additional level of exposure. Sarah didn’t apply clips, but she certainly made a note of them.

Amanda tugged in futility to assure both her and Sarah that there was no give in any part of the outfit. In fact, the more she twisted and turned, the more her breasts seemed to jiggle much to Sarah’s amusement. Despite the wondrous spectacle before her, Sarah yawned and looked at the clock. It was after three and she was certainly feeling tired. She slapped her hands on her thighs and stood up. “Well, time for bed.”

Sarah grabbed a few more things out of the bag and led Amanda up to her room. She helped position Amanda onto the center of the bed and locked a short chain from her back up to the top of the bed frame. “There,” Sarah said, checking the length. It was hardly three feet, giving Amanda enough room to sleep comfortably without any room to get off of the bed. Amanda seemed a little puzzled. “Can’t have any bump and grind stuff going on while I’m sleeping, now can we.”

Amanda tested her bonds and found them surprisingly comfortable. Sarah checked her over once more to ensure that there was no danger of asphyxiation while the two slept. Satisfied that none of the restraints could reach her neck, Sarah left the room. She turned back, said good night, and shut the light. Despite her exhaustion, it took Amanda a long time to fall asleep as she was far too excited. If this was the day she didn’t have anything planned, she could only imagine what the rest of the week would be like. Her mind raced as she played out one scenario after another. Without even realizing it, she nodded off…


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