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The Hired Help’s Play Toy 2

by Steff

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Storycodes: Solo-F; naked; device; buttplug; insert; collar; gag; vibrator; inflate; spreaderbar; cuffs; outdoors; stuck; machine; force; shock; oral; M/f; enslave; vag; sex; multi-climax; cons; X

story continued from part one

Part 2

It had been a few weeks since our last adventure with Lynn. Like she had agreed to every time she did some self-bondage she would tell Rick. She has not had to use him to get loose because her releases have worked and Rick had been a perfect gentleman and not messed with her when she was tied up. Lynn was having mixed feeling about this. She is glad that he respects her privacy but she also enjoyed the time when he caught her. She was also mad at herself for not having the courage to talk to him about it. She was trying figure out a good way to get his attention when the mailman came with a package. Lynn was really excited because she had forgotten she ordered the items and it had to be made to order. She had figured out how she was going to get Rick’s attention.

Lynn started be reading all the directions before doing anything. She then loaded the software onto her computer and printed a note for Rick. After making sure everything worked like it was supposed to she knew it was time to get started. She walk naked to Rick’s house and put the note in the mail box then returned to the back patio of the main house to get started.

The first thing she had to do was stuff the butt plug into her ass. She lubed the plug and slid it into place. The plug a little smaller then she normally used but she knew that would change soon enough. Next came the cock gag. She shoved the gag into her mouth make sure the largest part was behind her teeth and locked it in place behind her head. The lock would not release until the computer told it to. The cock portion then went into her mouth was the perfect size and length. It was the most comfortable and effective gag she had ever worn. She then set-up and filled the watering system with the drink that came with the device. Lastly was the main piece of bondage.

“This item the latest in self-bondage, control and pleasure”…at least that is what the book said. Lynn decided this defiantly looks like fun and she was really looking forward to trying in. Lynn picked up the device and marveled at its craftsmanship. The whole thing was made from a light weight metal alloy that was supposedly as strong as Titanium. The top consisted of a collar and coming off of both sides was a metal bar about 18 inches long each and there were 1 inch wide rings at the end of each bar. Coming from the front of the collar was another bar that only went out a couple inches then curved down. About a third of the way down two bars extended from the side of the main bar and had 1 inch rings at the end of them also. These rings faced forward. The main pole continued down until it curved back the direction of the collar forming a hook. At the end of the hook was a good sided dildo. Just before the hook was an attached D ring waiting for something to be secured to it.

Lynn pressed a button between the middle rings and then all the rings loosened or opened. The collar and the forward facing rings opened on hinges. The outer top rings loosed in two places but were connected together by cables. She knew what she had to do and went for it. She held the whole thing up to her chest and started by closing the collar around her neck. As expected she heard a click as it locked into place. The collar fit snuggly but didn’t restrict her breathing. She then put her left breast into the opened ring in the front of the device. It took a little effort to close the ring around the base of her breast without getting any skin caught. Finally she closed the ring and it too locked into place. Her right breast was easier since she knew what she was doing and soon her right breast was caught inside the ring. The breast rings were tight enough to squeeze the base of each breast forcing them into tight large spheres and the width of the metal supported them making them stick out. The pressure was tight and firm but actually comfortable.

With only a few things Lynn continued. She reached down spread her legs and pushed up on the lower curved piece. The dildo at the end lined up perfectly so it slid right into her wet waiting pussy. The curved piece continued to push the dildo up into her pussy until she felt the metal curve against the curve of her crotch and then locked into place. The dildo was longer then she was used to but the width was very comfortable to her. She then got the short electrical lead hanging off the butt plug filling her ass and plugged it into a receptacle at the back of the curved piece just before the dildo. Reaching up she got the electrical lead from the back of the gag and plugged it into the back of the collar. Lastly she slid both her hands into the last opened rings, the ones coming off the sides of the collar. With a sharp jerk against the back of the rings she knew she was about to be stuck. The cables were slowly pulled into the front of the rings trapping her hands pointing upwards 18 inches from the side of her head.

“I did it,” Lynn thought to herself. She struggled a little to see how secure the really was. The cuffs didn’t come apart at all. Between her breasts being squeezed, wrists held by the device and the dildo deeply inside her when she tried to twist and bend then she quickly realized she could not move much because the dildo deep inside her pussy would not move. That meant her body had to move around it. Because of the way she was restrained she could not even bend at the waist. Wiggling again feeling how secure she was she thought how much she liked this new toy already.

She only waited for about 2 minutes before the restraint system turned on. The dildo inside her pussy began to vibrate. The intensity was enough to get her worked up but she knew that it would not make her cum. The butt plug inflated inside her enough to make her realize that is was not coming out accidently. The gag too enlarged, not only in diameter but in length. When it finally stopped Lynn bad the largest cock inside her mouth she ever had and there was nothing she could do to get rid of it. With everything happening at once and the total helplessness she felt, Lynn had a small orgasm. She moaned into the gag and rode the orgasm out.

After the small orgasm Lynn started to walk around to get a better feeling for her new toy. Even the act of walking was made sexually stimulating. As normal walking causes hips to sway and because the way the device was bound to her body the dildo inside her didn’t move she felt pressure deep inside her crotch. “I like this a lot,” She thought.

Lynn walked around the house a few times and was getting more and more worked up. The plug in her ass started to vibrate but the one in her pussy decreased in intensity. The new activity got her more worked up but still was not enough to orgasm. She wiggled and struggled some and figured out how to make the dildo inside her pussy move enough and she was finally able to orgasm. This one was short and not very intense but she still had pleasure roll over her. The orgasm was enough to take the edge off of her desire but just the edge. Her desires were still there.

After the orgasm, Lynn walked away from the house and into the woods nearby. The system kept the vibrations the same for several minutes. Just as she reached a stream the vibrations from the butt plug increased and the vibrator inside her pussy began to move in and out but also rotated. It took her a few minutes to get used to the activity but she continues to walk. It didn’t take long before the new activity brought her to the third orgasm of the day. This one was more intense than the last one and it lasted longer. The vibrations and movement in her crotch continued throughout the orgasm and forced her to another one. The pleasure washed over her in waves.

When she recovered from her second orgasm in the series she began to walk back towards the house. The activity continued and she came again before she got out of the woods. The orgasm was intense enough to stop her in her tracks and force her to lean on a tree to stop from falling. She leaned against the tree for a minute after the orgasm but started walking since the restraint system showed no sign of stopping. Lynn thought she could resist her next orgasm and made it to the side of the house before the vibrator in her pussy gave an electric shock that caused her to cum instantly. This orgasm was so intense and unexpected that she screamed into the gag and just froze. Her body convulsed and twitched and pure ecstasy rocked her. The pleasure was really intense and continuous. She tried to fight her restraint but was held fast. The only thing she accomplished was increasing her helpless feel and that made the pleasure even more.

She finally recovered coherent thought again to discover the vibrations had all stopped and she was on the ground leaning against the house. After several tries she managed to get to her feet. It was a difficult task because of the way she was bound. She could not bend at the waist, only twist a little bit and her arms were locked spread out. Once she was on her feet again she walked about to the back of the house and up to the watering device.

Once she got around behind the house there was a thick pad in front of a large metal box sitting on the elevated deck. There was a short tube that stuck out of the box about a foot long. Lynn was having second thoughts about the watering device but knew the only choice was that or wait for Rick to return. She also knew that chances are Rick would want to see this anyway so she carefully knelt down onto the pad. Once she was settled she inched forward until her gag was in-line with the tube and they made contact. Her gag was locked into place against the rod but the ring that was previously locked to the cock portion on the gag disengaged allowing the cock to slid out partially but not all the way out of her mouth.

Since she was stuck by her gag she started to slid the cock in and out of her mouth and suck on it. She knew this was the only way to get refreshments and to get released. The computer would determine how many times she had to suck the length of the cock. After a few minutes of sucking the cock she was rewarded and a thick creamy liquid squirted from the tip into her mouth. The directions said if mixed correctly the liquid would feel and taste like real cum. From the few blow jobs she had given the directions were correct. The liquid had the same texture and taste of real male cum. She swallowed the liquid easily because of her thirst and then continued. After 3 more times she was ready to stop but knew she was stuck until the computer released her.

A minute after her 4th watering, the vibrator in her pussy and ass came to life. They vibrated intensely and wiggled around. Since Lynn was still stuck she continued to suck her cock. Just as she was rocked by an orgasm the cock squirted into her mouth. She could not concentrate on swallowing so most of the “cum” ran out around her gag and down her chest. When the orgasm receded so did the intensity of the vibrators and she was released from the watering device. She was startled by clapping behind her. She carefully turned herself around to see Rick clapping holding the note she had put in his mailbox.

Rick could not believe his day. First, he got a major job with a massive signing bonus. When he got home he found a note from Lynn say that she wanted to be his “bondage sex toy.” Then he walked to the back of her house and found her naked, restrained, sucking on some rod sticking out of a machine and cumming her brains out. He walked over to her as she turned around as he clapped for her. She looked so adorable kneeling turning bright red from blushing. Grinning he grabbed her around the waist and helped her to her feet.

Holding up the note he asked, “Are you sure you want this?”

She nodded, “Yes.”

Rick grinned, circled her and looked over. She was restrained in a ridged and secure looking metal restraint system. Her arm held about 18 inches from her neck by cuffs attached to a collar. A gag filled her mouth and was held in place by a leather harness and was connected to the collar but a wire. Her breasts were squeezed into nice round orbs by meatal bands at the base of each one. The band were connected to a metal tube that came off the collar. The tube continued down to a hook that curved into her pussy. Her ass was filled with a plug that was connected to the pussy hook by a wire.

Lynn stood before him blushing as he circled her examining her like he was see her for the first time. Between the restraints, the “cum” dripping off her chin into her breast and the vibration both her holes were receiving she felt helpless, sexy and like a piece of meat. Those feeling and activities were quickly bringing her to another orgasm. From behind Rick reached around grabbed her breast and pulled her back into him. He then squeezed her nipples between his fingers and gentle pulled on one of earlobes with his teeth. This set her over the edge to a massive orgasm. She yelled into her gag as the ecstasy rolled through her whole body. She twitched and wiggled uncontrollably as she could do nothing to stop the pleasure.

Rick continued to message her breast and nibble on her ear for 5 minutes as she came repeatedly the entire time. He nearly shot his load from just watching her twitch and wiggle in ecstasy. Finally, she took a deep breath around the gag and she fell limply forcing him to catch her. He lowered her to her knees and just slowly played with her nipples and leaned her against him.

She could not believe the intensity and duration of the orgasms that rocked her in such rapid succession. She had no strength left and was grateful that Rick gently lowered her to the mat. Her strength was returning but he just held he and played with her nipples. After several minutes, she was rocked by another but thankful smaller orgasm.

Rick whispered into her ear, “I am going to have so much fun with you.” Lynn yelped into the gag as he pulled her nipples forward until she leaned forward on her own. “I am going to check out your computer here and the toys in your room. Unless you are sucking cum I don’t want to see you. I will call you when I am ready.”

Lynn had no idea how long Rick was going to be so she went to the drink machine and began the process. After about 30 minutes and 2 more orgasms she was released from the drinking machine and struggled to her feet. She walked around the house and then headed toward Rick’s place. She was about half way there when her plugged ass started to vibrate. The vibrations got her excited even more than her bondage. Just as she reached the house her pussy vibrator began to rotate and move around inside her. She soon had an orgasm wash over her. The intensity of the orgasm increased as her ass plug also started to wiggle inside her. She finally came down from her climax but was rapidly building to another since the activity inside her continued. She came a second time before the activity stopped and she was given a chance to recover. She walked around for another 45 minutes before Rick called.

She was really horny since the device teased her, keeping her on the edge of orgasm for the last 30 minutes, so she hurried over to him. He was sitting on the patio next to the feeding machine. He told her to drink up as he explained a few things. She knelt down and started sucking the cock once it was unlocked.

“I really like the idea of participating in your bondage game,” he started. “However, I am a greedy man. Since you are going to school online I want total control of you until your father returns.”

She stopped sucking and looked up to him with her eyes since she was still locked to feeding machine. Her ass and pussy were shocked with an electric charge. It didn’t hurt but it was enough to get her attention and start her sucking the cock feeding device inside her mouth.

Rick continued, “You will still have time for your school and time to yourself but you will always be restrained or controlled by me. You will only wear the clothes I want you to. In return, I will show you the pleasure and release that comes with being controlled by someone you trust. I will keep you safe and protected.”

He stopped talking because she was rocked by a massive orgasm because the activity in the crotch increased and pushed her over the edge. When she recovered and started sucking again he continued, “When you are done here I will take you inside, fuck you like there is no tomorrow, free you from that awesome device, and put you to bed. In the morning after breakfast you will have a decision to make. We can keep things how they are or you agree to my terms. If you agree to my terms you will be my little sex toy for 2 weeks. After that time, you decide if we continue until your father returns or we stop. You will not get to choose until the 2 weeks are up and if you choose to continue you will be mine until the end.”

He sat then watching Lynn suck the cock device for 10 more minutes before the machine released her gag. He helped her stand and attached a leash to the attachment ring and lead her into the house. Lynn followed along without fighting at all. The device was again vibrating enough to keep her on the edge of orgasm. He led her upstairs to her room and true to his work he fucked her good.

The lower portion to the bondage device came loose and Rick removed the phallus from her pussy. He laid her on the bed and forcefully shoved his cock into her wet sensitive pussy. The force of the entry caused Lynn to cum. This orgasm was the most intense one she had all day. The entire world drifted away and it was her, him, and the ecstasy she felt. Her orgasm continued the whole time he rammed her pussy. She finally passed out as he shot his load inside her.

Lynn woke up covered in her bed. The bondage device was cleaned, sitting on a chair in the corner. She got up and took a long hot bath. When her stomach pulled her from the bath she went to kitchen griming. She had decided she would take Rick up on his offer to be his sex toy.

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