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Hospital Walk 2

by Paneuf19

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story continues from part one

Part 2

I looked around the boiler room again, hoping against hope to find my clothes. No such luck was to be mine. The only cloth I found was a dirty red mechanic’s rag, that would barely cover my crotch. I stood looking at the items on the work bench. Well, what an idiot I was, there on the bench were my car keys, and parked right next to the building was my car. I didn't have to dodge my way bush to tree all the way across town after all, I could drive home in comfort.

I hastily gathered my things, and quickly headed out to the car. I had just barely closed the car door when I saw an RCMP patrol car roll passed the hospital. I waited a bit before starting the car and heading home. Driving across town buck naked was a turn on, but being ‘turned on’ while wearing a cock cage was amazingly uncomfortable. As soon as I got home I would need to make a decision regarding the three nurse's ultimatum.

I pulled into my driveway and hit the button for the overhead door. Once my car was safely inside and the garage with the door closed, I breathed a sigh of relief. What a time! I made my way into the bathroom and after examining the cock cage in the mirror, I knew what I wanted to do. I would have my cake and eat it too. If I could unlock the padlock with out damaging it, then I could remove this wicked sheet metal cage and be comfortable. However, if I decided to have more play time with my three nurse friends I could put it back on and they would, hopefully, be none the wiser. First things first though, I needed a shower.

A few hours later, clean, dressed and fed. I decided it was time to take charge of this situation. I went out to my work bench in the garage to see if I could get the cage off my junk without damaging it or the little brass padlock holding it on. The cage itself was an odd looking device. Stamped into the metal at the top were the words, “Little Jewel”. I then looked more closely at the lock. It wasn't your standard cheap luggage lock, no this little guy was quality and from the look of the offset key hole it wasn’t something I could pick open like most small cheap locks. There were words engraved on the base plate by the key hole, but I had to find my magnifying glass to read them. After a bit twisting and turning I was finally able to decipher what it said, “N 2430” was stamped in the metal. I made a note of the number and examined the sides of this little sucker. On one side a simple, “U.S.” was visible on the other side a bit more information came to light, “Corbin Cabinet Lock Co, New Briton, CT. USA”, was forged into the brass casing.

I pulled up my trousers and went to the kitchen to use the phone. A quick look in the phone book gave me the number of the safe and lock company in the neighbouring town.

“Granger Safe and Lock, Stan speaking. How may I help you”?

“O, ah, hi Stan. Say I have an old family trunk up in the attic with a small locked padlock on it.” I said, spinning what I hoped was a believable story, “If I give you the information off the lock could you make me a key for it?”

Stan chuckled, “Just take some bolt cutters to it, you’ll find it faster and cheaper”.

“You’re most likely right,” I replied, “but the trunk was my Grandmother’s and the lock is old and sort of goes with the trunk so I would like to keep it.” I gave him the information off the lock.

“Wow, that really is an old timer. Very likely from the 1950s. But you’re in luck, the Corbin Cabinet Lock Company is still in business. Now-a-days they go by CCL and are based out of Wheeling, Illinois. That N 2430 is both the model number of the lock and the key number”. Stan sounded almost excited as he continued, “I’ll have to call CCL and order the key, if they still have them in stock. Give me your number and l will call you back after I talk to them”.

I gave Stan my name and number and ended the call praying he would be able to get me the key asap.

True to his word, Stan called me back 15 minutes later to inform me that while CCL hadn’t had a request for that particular key in over 40 years they did indeed have a few on hand. The cost would be $12.00 U.S. for a set of two. If I wanted overnight courier it would cost an extra $15.00 U.S. I told him my sister was coming to visit over the weekend and I wanted to open the trunk and explore its contents while she was here, so YES PLEASE, overnight shipping for the keys. Stan said he would call me as soon as they came so that I could go and pick them up. The big question was, could I stand having my scrotum tortured by this contraption for another 24 hours?.

At 11:20 the next morning, Stan called to say he had the keys. Less than 15 minutes later I was in the car headed to pick them up. I was running on coffee, as the #×£% ¥@# cage had made it almost impossible to sleep. I had seen pictures of modern cock cages, and they looked semi comfortable. The ‘Little Gem’ must have been designed by some woman who was pissed at the guy who invented high heels and the male population in general. I was having to wear a pair of really baggy cargo shorts and an untucked button front shirt in order to cover the bulge this unwieldy contraption was creating.

Almost $40.00 Canadian later I had the shiny silver keys in my grubby little hands. I thanked Stan profusely and promised I would steer any business I could his way. From the Safe and Lock store I drove to the nearest service station and while the attendant filled the cars tank, I availed myself of the men’s room and removed my new friend from his home. Ah, the relief of not having steel edges digging into one’s nether regions. According to what I learned on the internet, the Little Jewel had never been intended for actual use, but was a ”gag gift”. Apparently no one had informed my nurses of this.

A couple of weeks passed during which I did my job as care taker and a few handyman jobs around town. I went fishing a few times with my neighbour, Bill, and contemplated what, if anything, I wanted to do about my “playmates’” offer. I re-read the note they left me:

“Dear Stud, We had a great time playing with you. Now you have a choice to make, you can likely use bolt cutters to cut the padlock off, and remove the chastity device, or leave it on and continue to be our sex slave. The choice is yours. However, if you are going to play your bondage games in our hospital, then continue wearing the cage or suffer the consequences. Hope to catch you next time. Yours with fondest memories, Susan, Kate and Sandra.”

After two weeks of abstinence from both bondage and getting my rocks off, I was feeling really horny. The call of a sex adventure at the Hospital was over powering my common sense. Finally I gave in and decided another session with my medical friends was just what the doctor ordered. I did however, decide not to totally give in to their ways. I made an overnight trip to the city, and while there visited a “love shop” and purchased a modern more comfortable cock cage. I would, of course, wear their torture chamber back to the old hospital, but would suggest we use the new cock cage with their lock for the future. Hopefully they would go for it even if it didn’t fit their retro theme. Being I would have set of keys at home I wouldn’t have to wear it 24/7.

My next challenge was to come up with a new self-bondage scenario. Even if the nurses didn’t show up, I wanted to have some fun. I decided to repeat my first attempt to walk the entire hospital in bondage but without the ball stretcher parachute. There was no way to wear it with the Little Jewel cock cage. Instead I used a second set of handcuffs from the set in my wrists through my ass crack to my cock and balls. This restricted the movement of my hands even more. Due to this limitation, I also lengthened my hobble chain to 18 inches so I could climb the stairs.

The next night, with everything set up the same as last time, I set out from the boiler room. I had the same problem in the hall with orientation, I bumped into the walls several times. Once I made it to the stairwell door I was able to progress much more quickly than the last time. I collected my keys as I went clipping them to the caribiner as I went. All went well, indeed too well, and other than the discomfort caused by the odd shape of the Little Jewel, the lack of challenge was making this bondage walk rather boring. I finally reached the third floor nursing station and locate the key right where I had taped it. I waited for a few minutes to see if Susan, Kate and Sandra would show up, but all remained quiet. I started off along the hall toward the stairwell and my next key. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and a sickly sweet smelling cloth was held over my face. I started to struggle, but felt myself sliding into oblivion.

I groggily came to with the worst hangover I can remember. The little light there was hurting my eyes and I quickly closed them again. I heard voices coming closer and then a hand gently shook my shoulder.

“Come on slave, time to wake up and pleasure your mistresses”. Said a much too cheerful voice.

I squinted in the direction of the voice and saw Sandra standing there in her prim nurse’s uniform. Apparently these gals didn’t like scrubs.

“Here, take these, they will help make you feel better”. She said holding out her hand with two pills on the palm.

I started to reach for them and discovered I was, as last time, secured to the hospital bed with heavy leather straps.

“Oh, right! I guess you need some help”. With that she lifted my head slightly and held her hand to my mouth pushing the pills against my lips. I took them and Sandra then held a paper cup of water to my lips. I drank the whole cup swallowing the pills. Then the lights went out.

I woke up a while later feeling much better. I looked around and saw Kate sitting next to the bed reading a magazine. I finally managed to focus my eyes and read the cover, “FACT Magazine, Spring 1965”. I had never heard of the publication, but the issue looked almost new. Kate looked up at me over the top of the magazine.

“Hey, sleepy head, how do you feel? Chloroform can give you a bitch of a headache”.

Seeing ‘Mr. Cuff’ hanging on the wall behind her reminded me to follow their rules. “Yes Mistress Kate, it did give me a bad headache, but the pills Mistress Sandra gave me seem to have taken care of it”.

“Good!” She stated as she stood up. She gentle patted my cheek and then left the room.

A few minutes later she returned with Sandra and Susan. Without a word the three of them stripped and then came over to the bed. With one quick move Susan whisked off the covers leaving me exposed and vulnerable.

“Good slave.” Susan declared, “I see you have been keeping you self cleanly shaved. That will save us some time for today. After our last session Kate pointed out that we had pleased ourselves, but had given you no satisfaction. Being that you have pleased us by returning to us and have kept on the cage we gave you, you will be rewarded”. Having said that she produced a key and unlocked the Little Jewel and removed it. “I see you have brought us a much better quality device to use on you. Does this mean you wish to continue being our slave?”

Remembering the rules I nodded my head, ‘yes’.

“Well girls, after all these years it won’t be just the three of us any more”. Said Sandra.

“I think we should make him truly welcome to the group”. Kate said with a wicked grin.

“Here, here!” responded Susan.

The three of them descended on my body. Susan started fondling my balls and deep throating my cock. Kate took charge of my nipples and Sandra French kissed me like there was a prize to be won. In moments I was on the edge of a massive orgasm. Just when I felt ready to explode, Susan stopped.

“Trade”. Susan called.

The three of them shifted positions. Kate took the head of my cock in her mouth and started doing things with her tongue that I’ve never felt before. Sandra’s passion for the French kiss translated into almost torture on my tender nipples, and Susan began kissing my face and lips with butterfly kisses. Once again I neared an explosive climax, and this time Kate was the one to call a halt. They all traded places once again.

Sandra kissed the head of my throbbing hard-on, then climbs up on the bed, straddled me and guide my cock into her warm, wet pussy. Kate and Susan abandoned me to focus on Sandra’s perky tits. Sandra started humping me slowly then gradually picked up her tempo. Her love hole was hot, wet and tight around my manhood and I could feel the tension mounting in my balls. Suddenly Sandra exploded in an orgasm and her convulsing pussy pushed me over the edge. I came like Mount Vesuvius, erupting in her cunt in an orgasm unlike any I had ever had. Sandra collapsed across my chest acting as spent as I felt. Kate and Susan started on each other, but as sexy as watching the two of them was, the residual effects of the chloroform and my massive orgasm caught up with me and I fell asleep.

I woke to the sound of water running and Kate calling, “Come on, wake up you two”.

I then realized that Sandra as asleep next to me with an arm on my chest and her leg over my legs. She stirred and slowly woke up. Susan came walking out of the bathroom, stark naked, but drying her hair with a towel.

“Hey you two sex fanatics, how about getting cleaned up.” Susan said, “Then Stud here needs to make a decision”.

Sandra uncurled herself from me and got up off the bed. It was at this point that I realized I was no longer bound to the bed. In fact I had no restraints on me what so ever. I looked first at Kate and then at Susan, who started laughing.

“What’s the matter, Big Boy, afraid it’s a trick or a trap?” Susan asked, “It isn’t, I assure you. Now you and Sandra go and get cleaned up”.

I followed Sandra into the bathroom and then enjoyed a very sensual shower with her. When we returned to the room, Kate and Susan were both back in their crisp white uniforms. Sandra also quickly got dressed. Me, I stood there in all my naked glory looking from one to other of them, waiting to see what was next.

“Well Stud you have a decision to make,.” Sandra stated, “you can put on these,” she held up the collar and leash they had had me wear last time and the cock cage I had supplied. “and continue to be our sex toy, or you can head to the boiler room, get dressed and cherish the memories of your times with us. What is it going to be?”

Being a red blooded male, I didn’t hesitate, “Please Mistresses, May I stay”?

All three of their pretty faces lit up in smiles. Sandra tossed Kate the cock cage and then came over to me and fastened the collar around my neck. Kate tried desperately to put the cock cage on me, but by that time I had a raging hard-on.

“Here, let me help with that.” Said Susan. She dropped to her knees and gave me a blow-job I won’t soon forget. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of cum.

Sandra had gone into the bathroom and returned with a warm washcloth. She wiped my genitals clean and then Kate was able to install my manhood into the chastity cage. There was something both sexy and ominous about the sound of that little brass lock clicking shut.

“We have something to show you”. Said Susan, as she lead me by the leash out of the room.

We walked down the hallway to the nurse’s station. They lead me around the desk and to a green coloured door that I had never noticed before. Kate unlocked and opened the door using a key from her uniform’s pocket. The three of them walked through. I followed but noticed a strange feeling as I crossed the threshold, almost like a change in the atmospheric pressure.

DATELINE: Martinsburg, MB.

John Paneuf, local handyman and caretaker of the closed Martinsburg Memorial Hospital has vanished without a trace. He was last seen two weeks ago as he entered the old Hospital. His car was found parked outside the hospital and there were no indications in his home that he intended to be away. The RCMP are treating it as a missing person’s case. This is not the first time the Hospital has been connected to missing people. In April of 1965 three young nurses, Katherine Maloney, Susan Bedford and Sandra Taylor, mysteriously vanished while working the graveyard shift on the third floor. . . . .

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