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How Do I Always Fall For It?

by Bad Boy

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© Copyright 2011 - Bad Boy - Used by permission

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a continuation on from Unexpected Turn Of Events

I have always loved games of truth or dare, but the problem is I can always think of a great dare, when I am alone and not in the heat of the game. So Kim and I came up with a solution. We made some small pink and blue cards when we came up with an idea, we jotted it down on one of the cards and placed it in our container. The only catch was it had to work with a deck of cards. Here is how the game worked. We would play a game of gin rummy, at the end of the hand, the person with the worst hand has to draw out a dare and perform, at the end of each game an additional dare is drawn out by the loser. The trick to the dare is they must also pick a random card. For example, you might pick to run around the house naked. Then you draw a card from the deck, black means with outside lights off, red means outside lights on, the number on the card tells you how many times around the house. Certain dares need modified to be male or female, thus the colors.

Although we had never tried this before, we played with three players recently, myself, Kim and one of our dearest friends Rebecca. Of course we made up a group of dares that were "acceptable" to the three players before hand, but they were still pretty good dares. As with all card games, drinking was also allowed.

The game went on splendidly and I think we were all having a good and sexy time. I lost and drew out a dress as a female dare and drew a nine of hearts. I was not sure exactly what that meant but excused myself to the bathroom while they discussed my "options". Obviously, black would mean a skirt and blouse maybe but red, could not be anything good. The ladies went to the back room and after a brief consult, they laid out some "female attire" on the bed. I was then sent to the back to change.

In front of me were thigh high stockings with black and white bows at the top, very "sexy high heel shoes", a black and white corset, a bright pink lacy thong panty, some black elbow length gloves and a leather choker with a small ring in the front. I was not happy about the selection, but was also very aroused, and I had no way to hide it. I took a few minutes and then Kim appeared to "tighten up" the corset. I walked proudly into the living room and sat down to deal the next hand.

As we played the girls also had some embarrassing items to do, but standing naked in front of the window with the lights off, or walking around the house backwards with your blouse open, was limited to its effect. After a few more rounds, my dare was to run out to the mailbox and back, and with a black two, it was decided I could put on a coat to cover myself but only if I agreed to hand cuff my hands behind my back. The ladies selected a nice white trench coat for me, and helped me slip into it, buttoned a few of the buttons and off I went. I stepped outside and as I went down the steps, the door closed and I felt a pull at my neck. The girls had hooked a rope through the back of the coat, like where you would hang it up on a hook. They opened the window and said if I would agree to do the dare, without the coat, one time, they would remove the "hook", otherwise they might just leave me there and call some of their friends over. I knew how that turned out the last time (see unexpected turn of events). So I sat on the steps to consider it, and it was agree that they would also change my shoes at the same time if I agreed.

A short time later both girls came down the steps and helped me off with the heels and put on some black motorcycle boots, that laced up. I did not know that they also had put a short string of fishing line through the loops on the back to pull up the boots, creating a hobble. There was enough room to go down the steps slowly, but no way you could run in them, but that is still to come. As soon as they were done, Rebecca skipped down the steps and started to take pictures of me. Kim helped me up and then went back into the house. The door closed. Rebecca walked backwards and had a field day of picture taking at my expense and when she got to the mailbox she waved to me and slip off towards the student union building.

I was out from any cover the steps offered me and was soon power walking towards the mailbox and back, hopefully, before anyone could spot me. I slowly climbed the steps only to find the door closed and a picture of me completely naked and chained to the pillar in our apartment taped to the front door. On it was the title, Man in Need of Training, limited edition print 1 of 20. Kim opened the window from the kitchen and told me that Rebecca had the other 19 prints and was posting them on the outside billboards of the student union, I had a choice, come inside and be safe, or go and get the other pictures. Kim agreed that she would give me something to make me "more modest" if I wanted? I did not trust her but what were my choices, and she knew I secretly loved this. She first had me go three steps down so I could not "rush in the house". Then she came out, and placed a pink ballgag in my mouth and tightened it and then tied a very small black and white apron around my waist, and made a beautiful bow in the back. She swatted my on my butt and sent me on my way.

The timing was nice, it was just after dusk and everything was getting dark but I was still very conscious of my nudity or near nudity. I power walked to the mailbox and down the street staying close to the side of the road as I went. As I approached the student union, I needed to go down a flight of metal steps, that echoed off the adjacent buildings as if I was banging together two trashcan lids. Down the small alley I went and across another street. Finally I was at the student union, I looked quickly around and moved towards the first of the many circular boards for posting any number of things, lost cat, car for sale and tonight only - a naked man. There was no way I could reach it with my hands behind my back so I sunk my teeth into the sheet and pulled it away. I circled and found two more on this board. I moved on dropping each to the ground and then squatting down to pick them up all at once before I moved on. My heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing it was so excited to be bound in public.

I had just reached down and grabbed the 19th of the 20 prints when I heard a large and authoritative voice across the plaza, a man's voice, "Hold It Right There!"

I had a large head start but my shoes were partly tied together, I did not think, I turned and ran for it. I made it to the stairs on the other side and jumped to the first landing, I landed on both feet and slid across and down the last few steps. I turned and went into the parking garage, completely empty except for the what appeared to be a security car at the far end and a U-Haul truck with the back opened. I ran for it and jumped into the back, slid forwarded behind a box or something and waited. For a short while nothing happened, then the officer appeared at the rear of the truck, flicked on a flashlight and looked at me huddled in the corner. “Bad move” was all he said, as he closed the U-Haul door. The engine started and a light came on, written on the door of the truck were some instructions, right next to them was the 20th print.

The U-Haul had lots more in it then me. A dressing table and chair and a small trunk that I was huddled behind. I read through the instructions and soon I had unlocked my hands with the key that was provided and stripped out of the clothes I had been wearing. I opened the trunk and put on the two beautiful self adhesive silicone breasts. I then slipped into the catsuit that was provided, which was meant for a female with this sized breast. The crotch had a small "pouch" for my manhood, and there were built in labia, for effect. There were also some "tubes" in the crotch but I did not know what they were for, yet. A hood with female like eyes (but there was a slim plastic that obscured my vision out of the suit, not quite a mask but I could not see clearly either) and ponytail were attached and a short tube with fit just right into my mouth, keeping it wide open. I put the cuffs back on my wrists and the collar around my neck with the supplied leash and locked my hands behind my back. I must have been quite a sight. I also felt very sexy.

I was so busy with my dressing up I had no idea where the truck had driven me, but it soon came to a stop. The rear door of the truck opened and I was led into a room by my collar. Kim whispered in my ear, "Get ready for some fun, just think of this as the King of Hearts and the King of Diamonds at the same time".

She led me to a "saw horse" and had me lay on it. My legs were bent and my ankles and thighs were cuffed and secured to the legs of the "horse", my collar was attached to the very edge of the "horse" and my wrists were attached to the front legs. I was about 3 feet off the ground with my head pointing forward and my butt was high in the air out back. The back zipper was undone, down to the crotch and I got a quick "lube" on my ass. I soon had a few small pokes and my prostate was massaged for a short bit. Then with a bit of pressure, I felt a dildo, slide into me and out just a few times to "warm me up" as Kim said.

The next voice I heard was Rebecca, she explained that as a “pledge” in this "sorority" I should not have taken her clothes without permission. There was a coed party going on upstairs and in time each of the "frat boys" was going to be told about what I had done, and my "punishment". They could use either end but only one. Both holes in the bottom of the catsuit led to the same place, but a drunk frat boy would not know the difference. Also, a large box was lowered over me to prevent too much access, but by reaching into the holes near my head, the boys would be able to "feel me up". Rebecca was on hand to "provide" direction if needed.

I don't know how long I was there before the first person arrived but he found the mouth opening much to his enjoyment. He kept telling me how bad I must be to deserve this from my friends. Little did he know I was enjoying it more than him. His explosion caught me off guard though, I had not considered how to swallow, when my mouth is wide open. The second, patron wanted no part of my cum dripping mouth and opted to explore the other end, which Rebecca had been kind enough to lube up before this all started. As he finished, Rebecca "took pity" on me an scoped up the drippings from my mouth and tilted my head back to help me swallow. Then wiped off my outsides and reapplied some lube. The sequence continued like this for a while. I was definitely "punished" by the end of the night both front and back ends. I was also glad I had not eaten anything in a while because I was definitely full from all the "use".

At the end of the night, I was led back into the truck, where I awoke the next morning. My clothes were on the night stand and I changed and went into the apartment. I was sore and could barely walk but was also replaying in my head what had happened. Sitting on the table, was another wrapped package, a CD of the entire evening. Some of the "frat boys" had been women with dildos, they all worked on my back end. The "boys" serving the front end, had not been. But as with the first CD, I did not know who most of the participants were, and that always gets me excited as I walk around campus.

Included in the final credit...

What next... to be continued.


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