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Hunting Property 2: Kate’s Story

by The Rook

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© Copyright 2015 - The Rook - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; naked; cuffs; chain; rope; gag; nipple; toys; insert; spreadeagle; caught; M/f; hum; cons/reluct; X

This is a ongoing story, however at least the first two chapters can be read separately. Hope you enjoy again feedback will be greatly appreciated as this is a first time story. Story continues from part one

Part 2: Kate's Story

My name is Kate. I have been into bondage since I was ten, my brother Dirk and I used to tie each other up. I always thought at first we both must be crazy with the things we used to do to each other. But that is another story all together maybe I will tell you about those later. Anyway I am Five foot two inches with shoulder length red hair. Guys say my best feature are my legs, personally I think they're my breasts being a 34C with nice curves. I live in a small town with a community college that I attend. Being from the north there is plenty of places where I can practice my self-bondage. There really isn’t a lot to do in this town spend evening at the local bar and that is about it. I had just finished my finals and was looking for some of my favorite stress relief. I had been looking at some property north of the school which was perfect for my plans.

I went out to the property half a dozen or so times and never saw anyone, it was posted which meant to me it was hunting property meaning the owner probably didn’t care much other then deer season it probably wasn’t used. (Yeah, making that assumption proved to be wrong.)

I started out on a Saturday morning took a nice long hot shower and shaving everywhere to make sure I was nice and smooth for my bondage adventure, walking out of the shower naked. I went thru my toy bag and packed four stakes with 3 feet of chain welded to each one, double checked my four padlocks, my ankle and wrist cuffs leather is the only way to go for long term bondage don’t have to worry as much about marks. I then packed, my 8 inch vibrator, some rope and my clover clamps, checking the release, a one gallon jug with the key to the padlocks and the trunk of my car frozen into it. I then grabbed a pair of jeans and my sneekers and a tee shirt for the ride home and threw them in my gym bag. I then put on a tight tee that barely covers my butt with the words Slut written on it for the ride to my destination. I decided to wear my red ball gag to add to the excitement. As I walked to the car my excitement was already starting, placing the bags in the trunk; I could feel my thighs getting wet.

Once I got to the spot and parked my nerves and excitement had me on edge. I got out and grabbed my toy bag and release and started walking down the trail to the clearing I had found. Placing the bag and release under a tree I walked back to the car. Once at the car I made sure it was locked and threw the keys in the trunk and closed it. I was committed to be stuck until the release gave me back my keys, I still had a tee announcing I was a slut still on as well as my ball gag. I then ripped the tee off. I was standing by the side of the road with only a ball gag on. I walked the 20 feet to the trail and started my journey.

As I walked down the trail I started imagining that I had been convicted of a crime and I was to be staked out naked for all to see. When I arrived at my destination I looked around the tree line would cover me from the road, there was a slight breeze caressing my sex and my nipples were hard. I walked over to the bag and pulled out the ankle and wrist cuffs.

I do love the feel of leather on my skin, I put the cuffs on making sure they were tight the D rings on the cuffs glistening in the sun. I then walk over and hang my jug from a tree. I string the cord to the area which I will be trapped. Walking back to the bag I take out the clover clamps. I place them on my hard nipples, I let out a moan as I put them on, the clamps always seem to send electricity through me right to my pussy. I then grab the four stakes and walk to the area pacing off where to place them.

I walk back to the bag the vibrator and the rope. I look at the vibrator turn it to low I know a higher setting will make me cum too fast and too often, I slip it into my dripping canal without any trouble as I tie it in place with a crotch rope leaving only the switch visible. I then walk to the stakes take a quick look around not seeing anything out of the ordinary I tie the release to my right wrist and put the padlocks on the chains. I fish the clasp through the D rings on my ankles and lock them in place. As I sit there I can feel the vibrator on my hard nub. I lay back and reach up and lock my left wrist in place I had to stretch to reach it. When I hear the final lock clicking in place I knew I was trapped. There I was stretched out naked with a vibrator and nipples clamps held tight. I pulled on my restraints, I was stuck just the way I liked it.

My mind was drifting as my journey to an orgasm builds just as I am about to explode, I hear it. 'What was that noise?'

My head jerks toward the noise I feel my tits swing as the clamps dig in, then there it is again its footsteps, my mind is racing as I struggle pulling on the chains holding me so tight, got to get free. I am panicking I look up and see a guy looking down at me, I feel the blood racing as I look at him I hear me say "Hi" all I can do is look at him, I notice his excitement in his pants my mind racing, O God what is he going to do to me.

I feel my face flush with embarrassment, I did this to myself he walks around me looking tells me I am in a predicament, my mind wants to tell him tell me something I don’t already know. Then he says your name is Kate isn’t it. I just look at him my mind racing then I realize he is a regular at the bar. Then I hear look you don’t think I won’t find out your name, I just look at him and nod. He is enjoying this way too much.

"Well Kate you do realize your trespassing right I could call the cops to come get you".

What no not the police my mind focuses on the whole department showing up to see me like this let alone trespassing charges, I hear him say something about least of my worries I scream NO but the gag mmmph. The Housekeeper slave you’re kidding right? I just look at him. "Well Kate those are your choices".

I am thinking what kind of choices are those let the whole town know what I am into or be your willing slave yeah those are good options. I watch as he pulls out a knife and cuts the cord on my release telling me he didn’t want me running off until I decided. Then he looks down at my crotch and I realize I am soaked my sex is flowing I have never been so wet. I hear him say think about it I will give you some time as he reaches down and turns the vib up OH GOD I Scream all he hears in more mmmph as he walks away.

I feel my body explode as my back arches my body convulsing in the strongest orgasm I have ever felt. I am seeing stars. Wonder how long he is going to keep me like this. Maybe being his slave won’t be all that bad.

Hope you enjoyed this part first time I have done this perspective so please send feedback

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