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It All Started With A Roomba

by Canadom

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; bond; chastity; electro; leash; enema; bedtie; cuffs; collar; rope; reluct; X

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Part 2

With the gravity of her situation sinking in, she began to tug on her restraints, Cass just smiled at her and said,

“You know that’s not going to work, don’t you? And I can’t even get you out of them for 13 days with the keys inside of the box.”

Ana turned and hobbled out of the room, trying to make her way to the front door, she was only a few feet outside of Cassandra’s room when she was shocked by all three devices. She screamed and fell to the floor,

“I warned you about the virtual lead, Ana. It only allows you to move a few feet away from me before you get zapped. You’re also at 14 days now, at this rate you’ll never get out of those!” She walked over to the timer box and added another day to it to keep it in sync with the bra and belt.

Ana was reeling from the painful shocks and was struggling to get herself up off the floor with her sore muscles.

“Come on, let’s get you up.” Cass said, helping her off the floor.

Cass began to unlock the head harness, she had put it on Ana to see how well it would fit her and where to tighten the straps, etc. But now that it was almost dinner time, she decided to unlock it.

“Are you hungry?” Cass asked Ana.

Ana nodded, “Yes, Mistress, I’m starving!”

Cassandra prepared most of the meals for the two of them; that was another thing Ana loved about her, that she was an excellent cook.

Cass began walking to the kitchen, Ana following close behind not wanting to get shocked again. Cass opened the fridge and began handing a few items to Ana, “You may be stuck but you’ll still eat well at least,” she said with a smile. “Put those on the counter and get out a cutting board, you’re going to help me prepare dinner.”

Ana replied, “Yes, Mistress.” 

Walking over to the cupboard to retrieve a cutting board, then grabbing a large knife from the knife block and setting it on the counter. Chained the way she was, she had to strain to reach the knife but managed to get it after getting right up against the counter. Luckily, the cutting board wasn’t hard to reach with her limited range and she began cutting up onions and peppers, bringing them over to Cass at the stove when she was ready for them. 

An hour passed as Cass gave her orders on what to prepare next while she cooked everything; all the while, Ana was receiving shocks and vibrations which made the whole process much more challenging. When the food was ready, she instructed Ana to plate things nicely. Ana was able to just reach the pan’s handle and carefully placed the two chicken breasts on plates, putting the rice and vegetables next to those.

Cass had a look at the plates, “Acceptable, good job.”

Ana said, “Thank you, Mistress.”

Cass picked up the plates and quipped, “such a polite plaything, keep this up and you may actually get out on schedule.”

Cass put the plates down at the table and poured herself some wine, pouring water for Ana,

“No booze while you’re caught in my web,” Cass said with her trademark grin.

Both women ate and chatted about things they would on any normal night, and for a few moments Ana forgot she would be under heavy lock and key for weeks. But was quickly snapped back to reality when Cass finished her plate, “Alright, time to clean up Ana. You get to load the dishwasher.”

Ana got up from her chair and said, “Yes, Mistress.” As she collected both of their plates, leaning down to place them in the dishwasher. Next, she grabbed the cooking utensils, knives and pans from the stove and put those into the dishwasher as well and turned it on to start a cycle.

Cass glanced at the clock in the kitchen, 7:30pm. She started making her way to the living room, Ana following closely behind her.

“Let’s watch a movie or something, I’ll allow you an hour of relaxing with me on the couch and then I’ll tuck you in for the night, I have a busy day planned for you tomorrow.”

Ana quietly said, “Yes, Mistress.” As she plopped down on the couch next to Cass.

Cass found something for them to watch on Netflix, only a few minutes into the movie Ana shrieked again as she was shocked. 

“I’m already hating these! I can’t stand these shocks for two weeks! Can’t you turn them off, Mistress?”

Cass shook her head, “Nope, remember? Not until 80% of your sentence has elapsed, then I can start turning off settings and unlocking you from those.”

“Why though, Mistress Cass?” Ana asked, “This is a nightmare.”

Cass shrugged, “I am a Dominatrix, Ana. I put my clients through stringent bondage all the time and they love it, some of them I even shock upon request and they come back for more. No one said I had to make this easy for you. Besides, once you’re free you’ll never want to use my gear again, will you? That is the whole point of this after all. Now, let’s watch the movie.”

Ana, defeatedly said, “Yes, Mistress.” Knowing that Cass was going to remain true to her word and keep her locked up for her full ‘sentence.’

Ana groaned as she could feel the belt and bra compress, something else she was going to have to get used to.

As 8:30pm rolled around, Cass paused the movie and said,

“Alright, time’s up, let’s get you ready for bed. If you need to use the washroom, I suggest you do it now since you won’t be getting up again until morning. Actually….now would be a good time to give you an enema too, just in case.”

Ana was surprised, “An enema, Mistress? You can’t be serious!”

“I’m very serious, Ana. You’re going to be plugged for a couple of weeks at least, we need to keep you cleaned out during that time since you won’t be able to do that on your own. Let’s go.”

She began leading Ana to the washroom, pulling out a few supplies from underneath the sink to give her an enema. She fed a small tube through the hole at the butt of the belt and threaded it up through the corresponding hole in the butt-plug. She told Ana to lean forward as she let the warm water rush into her anal cavity, Ana winced at the feeling, another thing that would take some getting used to.

Once she was satisfied that Ana had been cleaned out, she left to give her some privacy for doing the rest of her business and to find some ropes to secure Ana for the night, she took out her phone and extended the range of the virtual lead to 12ft, enough to head to her room and not set off the virtual lead.

After Cass left the washroom, Ana sat on the toilet and sighed, her brain working overtime trying to figure out some way to get her out of the chastity. As she was on the toilet, she was shocked again, and the vibrators came on again as well. Abruptly shutting off again after 20 seconds or so, Ana had enough and was desperate to get out of the belt and bra. After she was done, she walked over to the medicine cabinet but couldn’t reach it with her short wrist chains. She sat up on the bathroom counter and had just enough reach to open the cabinet, she spotted what she was looking for, a nail file!

She immediately put the file in between the belt and her skin and tried to pry enough space that she would be able to slide out of it. However, all she managed to do was shock herself, the belt’s Tamper-Proof setting kicked in as soon as she tried the prying motion. 

Cass saw a notification on her phone, ‘Tampering Detected, 1 day added. Also increase compression?’

Cass just shook her head, saying “Oh, Ana.” And pressed ‘Yes’ on the notification.

Back in the washroom, Ana felt the bra and belt compress significantly more than they did earlier,

“Ow, what the fuck??” She said to herself, and instinctively shoved her fingers into the belt hoping to loosen it but she was shocked again. She stamped her feet in frustration and started pulling as hard as she could on the belt *zap* another shock. Ana dropped the file and slumped to the floor, sobbing at the hopelessness of her situation, anything she did to try and get them off would just make her situation worse.

There was a knock at the door as Cass entered and saw Ana crying on the floor,

“Everything ok?” she asked.

Ana screamed, “No everything is not ok, I want out of these damn chastity devices!!”

Cass just calmly reminded Ana, “I can’t get you out of them yet, 18 days in your sentence now.”

“FUCK YOU!!!” Ana screamed and began sobbing again.

Cass walked over to her and sat down with her on the floor trying to calm her down,

“You just pushed it up to 3 weeks since you swore at me again, you really need to be careful Ana. I want to get you out of those as soon as possible but you keep making things worse for yourself. Remember to call me Mistress, keep your fingers away from the belt and bra, be sure not to stray too far from me and no more cussing and you’ll be released in 21 days, otherwise you’re just going to keep extending your sentence. Is that what you want?”

She handed Ana some toilet paper and helped her with wiping away tears, after calming down a little Ana said,

“I admit, the fact you have me totally screwed is a bit of a turn on, I just don’t like that more time is being added. And it’s exactly as you say, I’m just doing it to myself, the more I try to escape the worse it gets, but I can’t help it! These things are driving me a little crazy…Mistress” she said, holding the bottom of the bra.

Cass hugged Ana and stopped to think for a moment, 

“Tell you what, when we get to 80% of your sentence, I promise I’ll turn off a couple of those settings. How does that sound?”

Ana nodded eagerly, “That sounds great, thank you Mistress.”

Cass joked, “And just think of the willpower you’ll have at the end of your sentence after you’ve endured all that shocking and being revved up!”

Both chuckled at the remark,

“Well that’s true”, said Ana, “and I’ll never want to see a piece of bondage gear again as you said before.”

“Bonus!” Said Cass with a smile.

“Ok, I need you to help me with a little project first and then we’ll get you ready for bed,” she said, helping Ana up off the floor.

She led Ana out into the hall and produced a measuring tape from her pocket,

“I have the virtual lead up to 25 ft right now, so don’t worry about being shocked again. I do want to see the distance from your room to my room and the distance from your room to the front door and then from the kitchen to the balcony.”

She had Ana sit on her bed and hold the measuring tape, it was winding out as Cass brought it out into the living room and over to her room,

“Hmm, ok 12 feet from the end of her bed to mine”

She came back and had Ana stand at her doorway and then walked to the front door of their condo,

“Ok, 18 feet from your door to the front door”

Lastly, she had Ana follow her to the kitchen and asked her to stand beside the edge of the counter.

“18 feet again from the kitchen to the balcony door.”

Cass began writing a few things down, and then instructed Ana on where to stand, approximately the middle of their condo. She pressed a button in the app and Ana heard a beep from the collar,

“Now walk towards the balcony door.”

When she was about 10 ft away, Cass said “Stop.” Ana heard another beep from her collar.

She led her back to the hallway and said, “Ok now walk towards the front door.”

Again, about 10 ft from the front door, “Stop.” And a beep from the collar.

Ana turned around looking confused, wondering what all of that was about.

Cass pressed another button and there was a long beep from the collar.

She then started to explain to Ana, “Ok, so what we did was just establish your ‘safe zone’, the collar has similar technology to our Roomba in that it can map out a room, but the way it does it is much better. Basically, you’re on a ‘virtual post’ now, that first beep you heard was the post being created in the center of our condo, the other two beeps were us setting the limit of your lead on this ‘post’. If you get within 10 ft of the balcony or front door *zap*. But otherwise, you have free reign of the condo, just don’t get too close to the doors and you’ll be fine, understood?”

“Yes, Mistress. But what if I need to leave the condo for work?” Ana asked, curious how that would work.

“Good question, Ana.” said Cass, “I can temporarily disable the lead if you need to go out, but you will be on a timer and if you’re not back by a certain time…well I think you know the consequences.”

Ana just nodded without saying anything else.

“Ok, let’s finally get you ready for bed.”

Cass told Ana to go to her bedroom and lay on her bed.

She ducked into her room first and grabbed the lengths of rope she had set out and took them over to Ana’s room.

She moved Ana’s wrists to where she wanted them on the bed and began lashing them down via the d-rings on the wrist restraints. She pulled them tightly so that Ana had no movement - between the chain and the rope her wrists were immobilized to one area of the bed. Ana could manage moving them a couple of centimeters in either direction but that was all the movement they would allow.

She did the same thing with her ankles and pulled the ropes tight so there was no movement.

For good measure, she also tied ropes around Ana’s forearms and lashed them to the bottom part of the headboard under her bed.

Cass stopped to admire her work, “There, I think that should hold you for the night. Try to get out.”

Ana gave it her all but found she couldn’t move very much; her torso was the only part of her she was able to move freely but otherwise she was stuck to the bed until Cass released her.

Cass smiled, “Still got it. You’re not going anywhere, get used to sleeping like this because it’s how you’ll sleep for the duration of your sentence. Goodnight Ana.”

“Goodnight, Mistress.” Ana replied as Cass switched off the lights in her room. Leaving her to struggle in the dark, Ana wondered what Cass’s plan was for her during these three weeks.

Cass sat back down on the couch and continued the movie she was watching, and at the same time opened the app and switched it over to ‘Sleep Mode’. A message came up in the app asking ‘How much sleep would you like your sub to get?’ with 4 options: Good night’s sleep (6-8 hours), Some Sleep (4-6 hours), Little Sleep (2-4 hours), Cat Nap (0-2 hours). Cass thought about it for a moment and selected ‘Some Sleep’, depending on the choice the app would control how much sleep Ana would get by shocking and pleasuring her during the night; with the setting Cass had chosen, the bra and belt would torment her a moderate amount all night long.

She could occasionally hear Ana shriek and moan in her room as the devilish devices went to work on her, Cass just smiled as she continued to watch her movie. Around 10 pm she decided to turn in as well and began to get herself ready for bed. As she was getting ready, she heard Ana moaning through the wall and then a frustrated grunt as the vibrators shut off. Cass smiled to herself as she put in some earplugs, crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep as she thought about what she would have Ana do tomorrow.


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