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It All Started With A Roomba

by Canadom

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Part 3

Ana didn’t get much sleep, every 30 minutes or so she would be shocked awake by the plugs inside her, the belt and bra also compressed further a couple of times during the night; Cass however slept soundly and couldn’t hear a thing with her earplugs in. Cass’s alarm went off at 7:00am, she laid in bed for a few minutes before stretching and going through her morning yoga routine. At 7:30am she finished her yoga and went to untie Ana from her bonds. She walked into Ana’s room and said, “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

Ana replied, “No, not at all, I kept getting shocked awake.”

Cass shook her head, “You missed calling me Mistress, this is your freebie for the day since you’re just waking up, but don’t slip up again.”

Ana nodded, “Yes Mistress, my apologies.”

Cass walked over to the bed and began undoing Ana’s bonds, “Well, hopefully you find some energy, you have a busy day ahead!”

Once she had untied Ana she continued her thought, “I’ll start you off with some chores while I make breakfast, but first…we need to get the app used to your gag talk. So that if you say, ‘yes Mistress’ while gagged, it’s still going to understand you and won’t add more time.”

She motioned for Ana to follow her as she left the room, Ana hobbled close behind her as they entered Cass’ room. Cass picked up the head harness from the previous day and buckled Ana back into it, locking the buckles as she did the previous evening. She came around in front of Ana and holding up her phone told her,

“Say ‘Yes Mistress’ a few times.”

Ana did as she was instructed, “mmsss mmfftress, mmss mmfftress, mmmss mmfftress.”

Cass checked the app and it confirmed that it had picked up what Ana sounded like while gagged,

“Ok good, now let’s put you to work! You can start with organizing the bins in my room. I do have a certain way of organizing my gear in the bins and I’ll explain how I usually do it.”

Cass went on to tell Ana about her organization method and set her to work on taking out all the gear first so that she could organize the bins accordingly and then went to work on making breakfast.

Ana started piling things neatly back into the bin under Cass’s bed the way she had explained to her how to do it. After 20 minutes she had things looking neatly and began to hobble over to Cass’s closet to work on the 2nd bin. She could smell the lovely aromas from the kitchen of Cass making breakfast for them.

She began sorting the 2nd bin the way Cass had instructed her to do so, she didn’t want to know what would happen or how much time would be added if she messed these up. She was already stuck in the devices for 3 weeks and didn’t want to add a day more if she could avoid it.

After finishing the 2nd bin she hobbled out of Cass’ room and headed for the kitchen, Cass looked over at her and said,

“Finished cleaning, Ana?”

Ana, still gagged, replied, “mmsss mmfftress.”

Cass plated their food and said, “Ok, let’s go see how you did.” She instructed Ana to wait in the kitchen while she went to have a look. After a few minutes she came back and said,

“Acceptable. But I do hope you put more effort into the other tasks I have planned for you today.”

Ana simply nodded, not wanting to mouth off and make things worse, not that she could with the gag in.

Cass produced a key ring from her pocket and began to unlock the head harness so Ana could eat, she set both plates down on the table and the two of them commenced breakfast.

Both women worked at the same clothing store in the mall, Cass was the manager for the store and Ana was a supervisor, Cass told her that they would still be going to work today despite Ana’s predicament and that she had changed the schedule so they would be working together until Ana was released.

“We’re in with Steph today, but don’t worry she can keep a secret, to be honest she’s into this sort of thing as well. So, I know we’ll have her discretion.”

Ana looked up from her breakfast with a confused expression, “But, I’m only wearing a harness and restraints, won’t customers complain if they see me like that?”

Cass chuckled, “Of course they would, that’s why you’ll be spending your shift in the back room.”

She continued, “Until you’re released from the belt and bra, you’ll be doing the things at the store no one else likes to do: inventory, cleaning, etc.”

Ana didn’t like doing those things either but knew that arguing might just make her situation worse; she just stared down at her half-finished breakfast and said, “Yes, Mistress.”

Cass offered up an idea, “However, if you do a good enough job today, I may be willing to reduce your sentence by a day or two. The app allows me to do that once a week, but you’re going to have to earn it, is that something you want?”

Ana eagerly nodded, “Anything to get these off earlier, Mistress!”

Cass smiled, “Good, now let’s finish breakfast, we need to get to the mall before it opens to the public.”

Ana closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as another round of shocks and vibrations went through her.

Cass just continued to smile as she finished her breakfast.

The mall opened at nine, after clearing the table and putting the dishes in the sink, Cass and Ana were getting ready to leave. Cass looked her plaything up and down, “Hmm, we need to be a little more… discreet about your situation if we’re going out in public.”

Ana looked at Cass with both concern and curiosity, “What do you have in mind, Mistress?”

Cass thought for a moment and then opened the closet near their front door, rummaging through the various jackets, “Ah! This should work!”

She held up a trench coat in front of Ana, “We can drape this over your shoulders since you won’t be able to get your arms into the sleeves with the way you’re chained. It should work fine though for keeping prying eyes away…unless you want the world to see how stuck you are?”

Ana shook her head “No not at all Mistress, the trench coat sounds good.”

Cass chuckled, “I thought so, maybe I’ll stitch ‘Plaything’ onto the back of this trench coat at some point. Seems like you wont’ be getting those off for a while so this can be your jacket until you do.” She motioned to the bra and belt.

Ana just stood silently as Cass said, “Anyways, something to consider. Let’s get this on you.” She helped Ana into the trench coat, draping it over her shoulders and tying the waist belt so it would stay fastened.

She went back over to the kitchen counter to retrieve the head harness and locks, “You won’t be wearing this right now, for obvious reasons. But once we get to the mall, it goes back on. Understood?”

Ana nodded, “Yes Mistress, understood.”

Cass helped Ana with getting her shoes on, it was a little difficult for her, restrained the way she was. She opened the door and both women headed down the hall towards the elevator, thankfully there was no one else in the hallway as it was still early. Ana picked up the smells of breakfast from other condos as they walked by, other people in the building were just starting their days as well.

Ana turned to Cass and asked, “What else do you have in mind for me today besides the store, Mistress?”

Cass just smirked and replied, “Wouldn’t you like to know? You’ll just have to wait and see.”

There was a *ding* as the elevator doors opened and both women shuffled in, there was another couple with their small dog in the elevator as they got in. The dog seemed very interested in Ana and was sniffing her relentlessly, the dog’s owner pulled on the leash and said, “Sorry” with a slight smile.

In a way, Ana knew what the dog was going through, being on a leash herself and in her case, relentlessly wanting an orgasm. The elevator reached the lobby and just as the doors opened the belt and bra sprung to life again, Ana once again gritting her teeth so as not to attract attention, but a scream escaped her lips as she was shocked. The couple both looked at her with concerned expressions, Ana just said, “Sorry!” and quickly hobbled behind Cass to avoid further embarrassment.

Cass couldn’t help but laugh, “I swear these things have a mind of their own, what perfect timing! That was too good!”

Ana however wasn’t as pleased, “Well I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, Mistress. That was humiliating for me, and you know that people can still clearly see my ankles are chained together, the trench coat doesn’t cover everything. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of them is calling the police right now.”

Cass laughed again, “Oh, lighten up Ana, you’re too much! I doubt they’ll do anything. In my experience, people want to keep their noses out of such things. They’ll just assume we’re up to some kinky activity…which is true. I’ve walked around in public with people on leashes and visibly restrained, I’ve gotten some dirty looks, but no one has called the police about it.”

Part of Ana was hoping that they wouldn’t call the police, she wasn’t sure she wanted the embarrassment of trying to explain why she was locked up in such a manner. She snapped back to reality as they approached Cass’s Mazda 3, she sighed as she climbed into the passenger seat, wondering what Cass would be putting her to work on.

As they got in, she buckled her seatbelt and turned to Cass, “Mistress, is there any way at all I could get an orgasm? I am incredibly turned on and frustrated but can’t do anything about it!”

Cass had a mischievous smile as she replied, “Well, there may be something I can do, but it’s going to cost you. Are you sure?”

Ana eagerly said, “Yes, anything! I just need an orgasm!!Please, Mistress!”

Cass went into the app and navigated a few screens until she found the option to let her sub have an orgasm, she showed Ana the confirmation, “Orgasm requested, five days will be added to the sub’s sentence as payment, are you sure you wish to proceed?”

Ana stopped briefly to think, “Five more days, Mistress? Wow, I really want out of these but I also really want to orgasm… Ugh! Fine, yes.”

Cass nodded and pressed ‘Yes’ in the app as she started the car’s engine and evidently Ana’s engine as well. She was going to take the freeway to the mall but decided at the last minute to take some of the bumpier roads. It would take a little longer but would add to Ana’s pleasure, and there would be less risk of her getting pulled over by someone noticing what was happening in the car.

Ana felt the vibrators and bra spring to life, there was a quiet hum as they began to do their work on her. Ana moaned softly in the passenger seat as Cass took them down bumpy roads. She thought about how much of a turn on it was to her that Cass had full control of her orgasms and that it was such a steep cost for her to have one at all. She saw the road ahead was in serious need of repair from the city, lots of bumps and a few potholes all around, she braced herself as Cass drove down the road with a huge grin on her face. The vibrators amped up a little more as they got to the end of the road and Cass turned down another street, Ana could feel the orgasm building but wasn’t quite there yet. After another bumpy road and a few more seconds Ana could feel herself about to cum,

“Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck!” She screamed as the orgasm took her. “Oooooooooohhh!” She was a puddle in the passenger seat as Cass pulled into the mall parking lot, they were both smiling, Ana because she got some release and Cass because of the hot scene that unfolded next to her.

Cass turned to Ana and asked, “You good? You look quite relaxed.” Ana just nodded, not able to speak yet, still recovering from what may have been the best orgasm of her life. Ana slowly shifted her way back to sitting up straight, she let out a sigh and was trying to catch her breath as she could feel her heart still pounding. She looked over at Cass and said, “Wow, that was epic. Thank you, Mistress.”

Cass nodded, “You’re very welcome, just keep in mind that it’s going to cost you five more days each time you want an orgasm.”

Ana nodded her agreement, it had sunk in now that she had added almost another week to her chastity time, she felt a little sheepish about it and would try to control herself until she was farther along in her sentence.

Cass began rummaging around in her purse looking for the head harness, “Ok, time to get you locked in the harness for the day, ready?”

Ana, now snapped back to reality, panicked for a moment “Wait, I can’t wear that in public, Mistress, won’t someone see?”

Cass just shook her head, “Look around Ana, it’s still early there’s no one at the mall yet. Besides, if they do, who cares? They’re not going to stop and ask about it.”

Ana was somewhat reassured, “I guess that’s true, ok I’m ready Mistress.”

Cass began buckling Ana into the head harness again, fitting the red ball-gag in her mouth and tightening the straps snugly around her head. Placing a small lock on each of the straps. She showed Ana the keyring and tossed it into her purse, “You won’t be seeing these again for a little while”, she said with a chuckle. “Let’s go”, both women opened the car doors and got out, Cass making her way to the mall with Ana hobbling behind her trying to keep up. The mall was huge, three floors and hundreds of stores within, it was easy to get lost in a place like that, thankfully there was lots of signage, and it wasn’t hard to get around. There were a few people in the mall that morning, mostly employees of the various stores just opening up for the day, most didn’t even notice Ana but she saw some looks her way as they walked by a few of the stores. She was suddenly shocked back to reality, literally, she had strayed too far from Cass and was shocked by the devices, she picked up her pacing to avoid further shocks.

As they rounded the corner they saw Marvin, the morning security guard in their part of the mall. He saw them coming and began to smirk, “What is all this?” he asked Cass.

“Oh, Ana is being punished for going through my things, aren’t you Ana?”

“Mmsss mmfftress”, Ana said through the gag.

Marvin just looked her up and down and said, “Ok just don’t let a customer see her. If I get complaints, I’m going to have to shut down this little game, or whatever it is, understood?”

Cass nodded and said reassuringly, “Don’t worry Marvin, she’ll be spending her shift in the back room, and we’ll leave out the back entrance of the store.”

Marvin told them that was fine and went about doing the rest of his rounding, shaking his head, and smiling as he walked away.

They got to the clothing store moments later and Ana reached down to open the gate so they could go in and start preparing for customers. “So, your first task Ana, is to get the clothes from the back and out onto the shelves. If you do it quickly enough, I may take a day off your sentence, sound good?”

Ana nodded and hobbled to the back of the store to get the boxes of merchandise. She began to unload the boxes as best as the restraints would allow, knowing the mall was opening soon she tried to work as quickly as possible to get the clothing out before they had customers. She stopped in the middle of stocking one of the shelves as the devices shocked her again, shaking off the pain from the shock she continued with her work.

Ana kept an eye on the time, with the shelves half-filled she said, “Ok, I’m going to have to move you to the back of the store, we’ll have customers soon and you can’t be seen like this. I’ll finish stocking the shelves.”

She led Ana to the back room and set up her laptop on the desk, “You’re going to do some inventory! Sound like fun?”

Ana shook her head, “Mmmo, mmfftress.”

Cass just laughed and said, “Well, you don’t have much choice. You’ll also have to do it from the desk until the devices have charged.” She showed Ana the app, it showed that the battery life on the devices was almost depleted. Cass could see the wheels turning in Ana’s head, “I know what you’re thinking Ana, just let the batteries go dead and the devices will unlock? Wrong. If they go dead the timer will pause until the batteries are charging up again. You’ll also receive another day as a penalty for letting the batteries run out, so it’s definitely not a good idea to let them drain.”

Ana had a defeated look in her eyes as Cass hooked the USB cords from the devices into her laptop, she should have known it wouldn’t be that easy to get them off.

“Just to make this a little easier on you, I’ll bring the boxes over here so you can go through them and do inventory.”

Cass made several trips and brought over two dozen large boxes for Ana to inventory. “There, it should take you a few hours to get through all of these I think, just in time for lunch! Have fun, Ana!”

Cass made her way back to the front of the store and left Ana to do inventory, she began by opening the closest box to her and pulled out the clothes, setting them beside her she organized them into a few piles and recorded the numbers for each one in the Excel sheet in Cass’s laptop. She turned to get more clothes from the box and saw Cass’s phone sitting on the desk. Her curiosity got the best of her, she picked up Cass’s phone and punched in the code for her lock screen. She scrolled through her apps until she found the app for the chastity devices, opening the ‘Hell’s Gate’ app, she thought she would try to unlock the devices through that. She was able to find the screen to enter the unlock code, as she pressed on the text box, the phone’s digital keyboard displayed, ‘Damn! It can be numbers and letters?? I’ll never figure this out’ she thought to herself.

She decided to give it a try anyways and typed in ‘DominaCass99’ into the textbox, she pressed ‘Done’ and was promptly shocked by all three devices. She screamed and dropped Cass’s phone, the shocks felt much more painful than the ones she had been enduring up to this point.

The first customer of the day was in the store and heard the scream, looking over at Cass who explained, “Oh, she probably saw a spider. I’ll go ask her to keep it down.” The customer smiled and went back to looking at the clothes.

Cass confidently strode into the back room, “Oh Ana, I knew you’d fall for that. I purposely left my phone because I wanted to see what you’d do. Not that it would work anyways, nothing can be unlocked until you’re 80% into your sentence, remember?” She picked up the phone from the floor and showed her the app, “See? You just made things worse for yourself.” In the app it said, ‘Password tamper detected, 1 day added, shock intensity increased.’

Cass shook her head, “I almost feel sorry for you…almost, because of your curiosity the shocks are going to be more painful now. Do you ever want to get out of those devices?”

Ana nodded, “Mmsss mmfftress, mmrrr tan nyshing!”

Cass just scoffed, “So far it doesn’t seem like it, you’re already up to a month in your sentence! I recommend behaving yourself if you ever want those off. Now, be a good plaything and do your work while I assist customers.”

Ana hung her head, “Mmsss mmfftress.”

She went back to folding the clothes into neat piles, she knew that she would have to heed Cass’s advice if she ever wanted out of the chastity. It seemed like even minor infractions added more time to her sentence and yet, she loved how screwed she was. Maybe she was secretly keeping herself trapped for the thrill of being under Cass’s control? Her breathing became laboured at the thought of never getting out of the belt, but she snapped out of her fantasy as she knew she couldn’t do anything about it herself. She resigned herself to her fate, at least for now.


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