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It All Started With A Roomba

by Canadom

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Part 4

The time thankfully seemed to fly by as Ana continued doing inventory; at times she almost forgot about her chastity but was rudely reminded by them that she was still very much locked in due to a painful shock or their teasing vibrations. Cass was right, the shocks definitely hurt more now due to Ana’s attempt to crack the password. She regretted her curiosity getting the better of her and endeavoured to keep it under control until she was released...if she was ever released. It seemed like at this point she would be stuck indefinitely. She shook her head, internally scolding herself for making her situation worse. 

After getting through the 5th box of clothes, Ana decided to take a small break and loaded up the browser on Cass’s laptop. She wanted to see if anyone else had been through the chastity and recommendations for enduring it, in the search bar she typed ‘Hell’s Gate Chastity forum’. She was met with several results and began searching through the first one that came up, one thread in particular caught her eye, ‘how I escaped my belt!’ Ana had a moment of relief, maybe she would be able to get out of the devices! She loaded up the thread and began to read. 

“My Domme had locked me up in the devilish device and I ended up with months built up on the belt before I would be released. That’s when one day, my vanity’s lighting caught my belt just right and I noticed a very faint barcode on the back of the belt. 

I could barely make out the numbers on the barcode but wrote them down. I ended up searching for the Hell’s Chastity support line and got through to one of their support staff. Long story short, I pretended to be my Domme and told the support person I had forgotten my password and gave them the numbers from the barcode. The support agent gave me the unique override code for my belt and told me to enter that into the app.

The first chance I had, I accessed my Domme’s app and entered the code I was given. To my surprise, the belt unlocked! I wasted no time in sliding it off my waist and running away from that relationship, I haven’t contacted my Domme since – despite her repeated texts – and now sit here playing with myself. Something the belt prevented me from doing for months!

TLDR; Look for the faint barcode on the back of your belt and call Hell’s Gate Support (1-666-HLLGATE), convince them that you’re the Master and they’ll provide you with the belt’s override code. Hope this helps someone else!”

Ana, excited that there might be a way out, emailed herself the link to the forum post, taking a screenshot of it for the email as well, for good measure. She noticed that the post was a few months old but hoped that the information could still help her. She looked through a few of the comments on the post with others saying that they were able to get their belts off as well using the same method! There were more comments, but Ana didn’t think she had time to read through them since her break was almost over. Ana smiled to herself and closed the page, also deleting the history so Cass wouldn’t see what she had browsed.

She hummed to herself as she opened the 6th box of clothes, another small stream of drool dripping down her chin and depositing itself on the floor beneath the chair. She glanced at the clock on the computer: 9:34 am; Steph would be in for her shift at 10 and Ana wondered what she would make of this situation. With the knowledge that she may have a way out, she happily continued doing inventory, or at least as happy as one could be when doing such a task.

As she opened box number 7, she heard the buzzing of voices out in the store and then footsteps approaching, she figured Steph had arrived. Sure enough, Steph walked into the back and immediately started grinning when she saw Ana, 

“Wow, Cass did such a good job. You look incredibly sexy all done up like that!”

Ana just blushed, not that she could respond to Steph with the gag in. She was a little embarrassed that someone she worked with other than Cass would know about her situation.

Ana wasn’t aware that Steph was into bondage until Cass had told her about it that morning. Ana and Steph got along well and hung out a few times outside of work but neither of them really shared about their extracurriculars…not those particular activities at least. Ana also considered Steph to be pretty, she had long brown hair which she often wore up in a ponytail and had green eyes, some freckles and she wore glasses. She wasn’t much younger than Ana, with her birthday being exactly a month before Ana’s.

Steph was looking Ana up and down and then suddenly with a mischievous expression she said, “What would happen if I put my finger on the belt’s fingerprint pad?”

She began to move her index finger towards the belt as Ana furiously shook her head and said, “Nnnmm dmn’t!” Not wanting to have any more time added.

Steph stopped her finger just short of the belt and began to laugh, “I’m just teasing, Ana! I wouldn’t do that! Cass told me all about how screwed you are, I don’t need to add to your predicament.”

She continued, “Speaking of Cass, she told me she had to slip out to run a couple of errands and asked me to keep an eye on you and work the counter while she’s out. Sounds like I’ll be busy too!” she said with a smile.

“Anyways, I need to man the counter. Behave yourself back here, and maybe I’ll ask Cass to take some time off your sentence, understood?”

Ana nodded, hoping that Cass would relieve her of a day or two of her time in the belt.

Steph tilted her head a little and asked, “What did you do anyways? Cass told me you were being punished but didn’t really fill me in on why.”

Ana looked around to write on a piece of paper and explain it to Steph since she didn’t think communicating with the gag would work. Not spotting any paper, she opened a Word doc and typed ‘Cass caught me stuck in some of her gear yesterday. She knew I’d been having a little fun with it while she was out of the condo. She locked me in all this stuff since I’d been using things without her permission.’

Steph took a couple of seconds to read what Ana had typed, she chuckled and shook her head, “Whoa! Big mistake Ana, that’s a cardinal rule: Never use the gear of a Dominatrix unless she gives you permission to.”

Ana pressed backspace and began to type again, ‘I know, I know. Yesterday was the first time I had gotten stuck and now I’m definitely paying for it. She keeps reminding me that I did this to myself, and I’m inclined to agree.’

Steph laughed, “You absolutely did this to yourself, for sure! But at least it sounds like you’re getting used to your situation.”

Steph glanced at her phone to check the time, “Oh! I better get up front. Behave yourself, Ana.” She smiled slyly as she left the backroom.

Ana wasn’t sure she agreed. She still hadn’t gotten used to the shocks and vibrations and wasn’t sure she ever would. It had been a morning of mixed feelings for her, she had already been shocked a few times while doing inventory as well as being turned on by the vibrators several times as well. Ana sighed and loaded up the spreadsheet again so she could continue with inventory. As she opened box number nine, the vibrators started up again. She stood in place for several seconds while they did their work and of course shut off before she could get over the edge. She grunted her disapproval and opened the box to continue with inventory.

Time seemed to fly by as she reached the bottom of the final box, she typed in the last of the items into the spreadsheet and stretched as best she could with the way she was chained. She checked the app on Cass’s phone again, not to try and release herself -she had learned her lesson not to try that- she wanted to check the battery life of the devices. Seeing that they were now fully charged, she unplugged the USB cables from each device and stood up from the desk, at least she would be able to freely move around the backroom now.

She had been walking around the backroom and stretching her legs for a few minutes when Cass came into the backroom along with Steph. Cass was holding a takeout bag and a couple of shopping bags, she smiled upon seeing Ana and asked, “Finished with inventory, are we?”

Ana nodded and said, “Mmsss, Mmfftress.”

Cass loaded up the spreadsheet to check Ana’s work. She knew this wasn’t Ana’s first time doing inventory but she wanted to check it anyway. She scrolled through and everything looked in order, she nodded, “Good work, Ana. I would say you deserve a nice long lunch break!”

She walked over to her friend with the keys for the head harness and began to open the locks on it.

She began to unbuckle the harness and slid the gag out of Ana’s mouth, a steady stream of drool dripping from the gag as she did.

“Maybe I’ll get you to clean the floors after lunch.” She said with a slight grin as Steph laughed at the comment.

Ana was stretching out her jaw to give it some much needed relief from the gag.

They walked over to the table in a corner of the back room and Cass asked Ana, “How has your day been so far, plaything?”

Ana replied, “Not bad so far, Mistress. The devices are up to their usual tricks, driving me nuts.”

Cass smiled and said, “Good,sounds like things are working perfectly.”

The three women sat down at a table in the back room for lunch. Cass started pulling things out of the bag and opening containers. She had gotten sushi from one of their favourite places in the mall’s food court.

Steph reached into the bag and pulled out the pairs of chopsticks for each of them.

The three of them began to eat, Steph exclaiming, “I love the food from this place!” As she picked up a piece of sushi with the chopsticks. She was watching the camera as she ate, to see if any customers would enter the store.

Ana was quite curious about the shopping bags and asked Cass, “What’s in the bags, Mistress?”

Cass, without looking up from her food said, “I’ll show you after we’re done lunch.”

Ana struggled to pick up some of the sushi with how she was restrained. She found that she couldn’t bring the sushi all the way up to her mouth, instead she had to awkwardly lean down and eat it from the range of motion that the chains would allow. Both Steph and Cass chuckled as they watched her take the first bite of sushi.

“I would make things a little easier for you if I could, but…” Cass said with a shrug. The keys for the rest of Ana’s outfit were securely locked away in the timer box at their condo.

Steph blushed a little and piped up, “You know, if I’m being honest, this situation Ana is in is kind of hot. I think I want to be belted too…maybe not quite as long as she is but for a week or two could be fun!”

Cass perked up at this comment, “Well, I don’t Domme women that often but it’s always so fun when I get to, I’d be up for that! I have a couple of other belts at home, neither one is quite as sophisticated as the one Ana finds herself locked in but I’m sure I could accommodate your request.”

Steph was excited, “Amazing! Can I stop by tomorrow to get locked up?”

Cass laughed and said, “Someone’s eager! Sure, come by tomorrow after work and I’ll get you in a belt too. Just know though, you won’t be getting out before the time we agree on, you’re ok with that?”

Steph nodded, “Sounds great! I’m looking forward to it!”

Ana continued to struggle with eating the sushi and muttered, “stupid restraints!” As Cass and Steph were entertained by her troubles.

Steph glanced over at the camera, and with a mouth full of sushi said, “Oh, a customer. To be continued!” She sprang up from the table and made her way out to the store to assist the customer.

Moments after Steph went up front, Ana grunted mid-chew, the bra and belt had compressed again, it was starting to get painful for her.

Cass knew what happened, “Compression?”

“Yes, Mistress. It’s beginning to get painful.”

Cass just nodded, “Well, I did program it to shrink your waist by four inches, so you may be in for a rough time!”

Ana was a little shocked to hear that, “Four inches, Mistress? Uhm, I don’t have 4 inches to give, I’m already slim!”

Cass shrugged and laughed, “Well, tell me again in an inch or two that you don’t have room.”

Ana managed to finish the last piece of her sushi, albeit with some difficulty. Once they were both done, Cass turned her attention to the bags on the floor, “Ok, now it’s time to show you what I got while I was out!”

She rummaged around in the first bag and pulled out a shoe box. She opened it and showed Ana the 7-inch ballet boots she bought. 

Ana admired the shoes for a moment, “Whoa! Nice ones! For you, Mistress?”

Cass corrected her, “Nope, for you. I figured your outfit could use a little something extra, so I bought these! I made sure to get ones that would still work with the way you’re restrained too.”

“I got them at the adult store just a few minutes down the road. Now, let’s slip these on and see how they fit!”

She helped Ana into the first of the shoes, “Perfect!” She exclaimed when she found that the shoe fit Ana perfectly. The ballet boot came up to just under the leather ankle restraint, Cass laced up the boot and then took a small lock out of her pocket and locked the boot’s ankle strap.

She helped her into the second boot, lacing it up and locking it as well.

After standing up she said, “Ok, now walk around a bit, they’ll probably take some getting used to!”

Ana wasn’t used to such high heels and already felt unbalanced in the boots, she couldn’t imagine how it would be by the end of her shift.

She took a couple of steps, and with her ankles hobbled, she almost stumbled but managed to grab onto the wall before face-planting.

Cass let out a mischievous chuckle, “Oh, this is going to be fun!”

Ana, looking at her with frustration said, “Mistress, I can’t walk in these. Please take them off!”

Cass waved her hand dismissively and said, “Oh, you’ll get used to them. You have the rest of your shift to break them in.”

Cass’s eyes lit up as she remembered, “Oh, I almost forgot to show you the other item I got!”

From the other bag she pulled out a pair of knee-high boots, “These are for me!” She said excitedly.

“I thought I’d treat myself and get a nice pair of knee-highs. See? They have a tall heel as well and I’m used to heels like that, so I have faith you’ll get used to your boots quickly. Just walk around for a little while until you can maintain your balance with them on.”

Ana admired the boots as Cass held them up to show her.

Cass snapped Ana out of her daze, “Anyways, now that lunch is over the head harness goes back on. Anything you want to say before I gag you again?”

Ana thought for a second and said, “I love your new boots, Mistress! And thank you for the new footwear for me as well.”

Cass chuckled, “Thank you for the compliment, but flattery won’t get you out of this. Nice try, though!”

Cass began to buckle Ana back into the head harness, fitting the gag in her mouth and then locking all the straps once they were in their respective places.

Once satisfied, she handed Ana a broom, “Here, this might help you balance in your boots. You need to clean the floors back here anyways.”

Ana nodded; it wasn’t a bad idea she just didn’t like that she would have to clean the floors too.

Cass made her way back to the front of the store to relieve Steph and told her to go check out Ana’s new boots.

Steph came into the back room with a big smile, admiring Cass’s handiwork, “Oh wow! The boots really complete the look, I love them!” She noticed the locks on the ankle straps, “And you’re not getting those off anytime soon it seems.” She said with a slight chuckle.

She stared at Ana for a moment and said, “Here, do you want some help walking around in those?”

Ana nodded; she was probably the only woman on the planet who had no heels in her wardrobe. As a result, she didn’t have much practice walking in them, let alone ones with such a tall heel.

Steph took her by the hands and started leading her slowly around the back room so she could get used to walking in the boots. Ana stumbled a few times and if not for Steph would most likely have fallen over. Her feet were already aching, and she wondered how she would last until the end of her shift wearing these, not that she had a choice without the key for the boots.

She motioned her head towards the chair, wanting to sit down. Steph seemed to understand and led her over to one of the chairs in the back room so she could sit.

“Taking a break is a good idea. I’m sure Cass won’t mind a small break; she told me to supervise your cleaning efforts back here though. Making sure you don’t fall on your face or something like that.”

After a few moments, Steph picked up the broom and handed it back to Ana. Ana looked over at the other broom in the corner and then back at Steph, who chuckled and said, 

“Oh no, I’m not cleaning. Cass was very clear about you doing the cleaning and me supervising.”

Ana let out a slight frustrated grunt and started sweeping the floor. She had to be careful that she didn’t lose her balance with the shoes on but was grateful that Steph was there to watch her and hopefully stop her from falling if that did happen. A few minutes into her cleaning, she screamed into the gag as another round of painful shocks went through her body, ‘yup, things are definitely charged up again’, she thought to herself. 

Steph witnessed Ana tensing up as she screamed and quietly said to herself, “I’d hate to be her right now.”

Ana shook off the shocks as best she could and continued her sweeping. Her range of motion was limited because of the restraints and as a result, the sweeping took her longer than it normally would. Cleaning the whole back room of the store would usually take about 30 minutes, it took Ana almost three hours between having to walk carefully, taking time to head to the staff bathroom for a break, and the limited reach she had with her chains.

She finished sweeping around three o’clock and Steph assisted her with getting the last of the dirt and dust into the garbage. 

Steph looked around and exclaimed, “Nice job! I think Cass will be pleased with your cleaning. I’ll go get her so she can inspect your work.”

Ana was tired, it was a lot of effort cleaning the back room in her current situation and the constant vibrations and shocks slowed her down a fair bit as well as draining some of her energy. She just wanted to finish their shift and go home to relax but she knew that Cass had other designs for her.

Steph reappeared with Cass in tow, and showed her Ana’s work, Cass looked around for a few moments and said, “Nice work Ana! Tell you what, I’ll take one day off your sentence for your good work. You can earn an additional day if you’re a good helper this evening with the next task I have in mind. How does that sound?”

Ana nodded and was curious what else Cass had in mind. Cass turned to Steph and said, “Do you mind if we take off a little early? I need to get things set up at the studio.”

Steph was working the closing shift anyways but said, “Yeah sure, that sounds good! Should I text you before I head over to your apartment tomorrow?”

Cass laughed and replied, “I almost forgot about your belting, thank you for the reminder! Yes, let me know tomorrow before you head over, does tomorrow afternoon work?”

Steph nodded, “Sure does, I’m excited!”

Cass smiled, “Great! I’ll get an agreement drawn up for it too when I get home tonight.”

Cass turned her attention back to Ana and said, “Alright, looks like we’re heading out early. Your final task for today is to help me with a client. I have a gentleman coming to my studio this evening for a session and you’re going to help me with binding him and whatever else I can think for you to assist with. Sound good?

Ana nodded, “mmsss mmfftress, snnns good” she said through the gag.

Cass re-attached the lead to Ana’s collar, “Ok, you wait here with Steph while I pull the car around to the back entrance and we’ll head out!”

She handed her phone to Steph so that Ana wouldn’t receive shocks from the virtual lead when Cass walked out of range. Steph was also given the key for the back door to disable the fire alarm so they wouldn’t set it off when the door was opened, she turned the key and waited for Cass. Ana winced and screamed in pain again as she was shocked. Steph chuckled and said, “This is quite the punishment, remind me not to piss off Cass. I admit, it does turn me on a little though, I can’t wait for her to lock me in a belt too!”

Ana shook her head, wanting the shocks to stop but she knew that wouldn’t happen until Cass was able to unlock her from the belt or she was able to escape from it. She would attempt the instructions she read earlier and see if those would get her out of the belt early, but she would have to be careful about doing them when Cass wasn’t around.

A few minutes later Cass knocked on the back door, Steph opened it and helped Ana with the step down onto the pavement of the mall’s parking lot. The back entrance went out onto the loading bay of the mall and thankfully it was never very busy out there. 

“Have a good shift, Steph and see you tomorrow!” Cass said as she waved to Steph and led Ana to the car.

Ana was taking careful steps with the shoes, after cleaning in them for a few hours she had become more used to walking in them. She was grateful to be sitting down in the car for a little while though as it would give her feet a rest.

Cass took out the harness keys from her purse once again and began to unlock Ana from the head harness for the trip.

As Cass started the car, she said “Ok, off to the studio. Can’t wait to try out my new boots tonight!”

She rounded the corner and headed for the exit of the mall’s parking lot, merging onto the road to head downtown to the studio. Ana looked out the car window and day dreamed of getting the belt off and the orgasm she would give herself once she was out.


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