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It All Started With A Roomba

by Canadom

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Storycodes: F/f; F/mf; bond; chastity; electro; enema; rope; gag; cons; X

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Part 5

The women approached downtown, and Cass turned down one of the side streets into a small condo complex. She pulled into a parking spot with a yellow number ‘14’ painted on the pavement in front of it. She parked the car and turned to Ana saying, “Ok, we’re here”.

Ana took a moment to glance around at their surroundings. A bunch of modern looking nondescript townhouse condos were all around them. “This is where your studio is, Mistress?” She asked.

Cass nodded, “Of course. It’s the perfect place for a studio, you wouldn’t know that one of these units is a bondage studio unless I told you.”

Ana pondered for a moment, “Yeah that’s true, Mistress! I guess you don’t exactly want a neon sign out front saying, ‘Cass’s Dungeon’ attracting attention.” Cass snickered at Ana’s neon sign comment.

Ana thought for a moment, “But don’t the neighbours ever ask questions about the sounds coming from your unit?”

Cass replied, “No it’s not really an issue”, she said as she opened the driver’s side door, “Come on, I’ll show you what I mean.”

Ana opened her door and got out of the car as well, Cass opened the trunk and retrieved the bag with her new boots and a duffel bag full of various items for her session with her client. Afterwards, both women approached the front door of the unit, Ana following closely behind Cass to avoid further shocks. She saw blinds open in some of the units near them but breathed a sigh of relief since no one was at the windows watching them – the less she had people gawking at her the better, she thought.

There was a click as Cass turned the key in the deadbolt and input her code into the lock of the front door. Ana noticed how stuffy it was in the unit when they entered, likely because Cass didn’t keep the A/C on all the time here; a huge contrast to their apartment which was more like an ice box since both liked to have it cool. Cass flipped on the lights and Ana noticed the walls were covered in black foam pads, “Oh! You installed soundproofing. I see what you meant, Mistress.”

Cass nodded, “Mhm, no need to worry about neighbours hearing a thing. I also keep the blinds drawn throughout the unit for extra privacy.”

Cass walked over to the thermostat and turned it down to one of the colder settings, “Let’s get it more comfortable in here!”

She glanced at her smartwatch and said, “Ok, my client is coming at 5:00pm, that gives us an hour and a half to get things ready.” She tilted her head a little and asked Ana, “Are you hungry?”

Ana was famished, she had worked up an appetite from cleaning the floor of the store’s back room. She eagerly nodded, “Yes Mistress, I could eat a horse!”

Cass chuckled and playfully said, “Well, I don’t think anywhere around here serves horse. But a salad bowl would probably work!” She pulled out her phone and ordered a couple of salad bowls from a place nearby.

The food was scheduled to arrive around 4:00, and they would have time to eat while they set up and prepared for Cass’s client.

After that, she turned to Ana and said, “Ok, let’s get to work. There’s time to start on setting things up before dinner arrives.” Motioning towards the duffel bag she set down by the front door. Ana leaned over and picked up the bag, noticing it was somewhat heavy and wondering to herself what was in it.

Her question was soon answered as she brought the bag over to Cass who unzipped it and began pulling a few items out of it: Several feet of rope, a small ball gag and a bunch of barbell weights. Ana had a puzzled expression, “Weights, Mistress?” She asked.

Cass went on to explain, “Yup, this particular client likes to be weighed down when he’s tied. He says it adds to the challenge of trying to escape…not that he could escape my knots anyways. The more he struggles, the more the weights tire him out, but he loves it!”

Ana nodded, now understanding what the weights were for. The belt and bra did their thing at that point, Ana gritted her teeth bracing for another painful shock. She tensed up as the shocks coursed through her. A moment later she regained some of her composure and eager to have another day knocked off her sentence she asked, “What would you like me to do, Mistress?”

Cass, impressed by Ana’s attitude, asked her friend, “Dare I say, are you enjoying your predicament now?”

Ana shook her head and said, “No Mistress, just eager to get out of the chastity as soon as possible.”

Cass just chuckled and ran her finger along the top of the belt, saying “We’ll see.”

She thought about it for a moment and said, “You can start arranging the weights. There’s thirty pounds of weight in the bag, set them out from smallest to largest in the middle of the living room floor.” She pointed to the carpeted room to her left.

Ana got to work right away, pulling the weights out of the bag, and stacking them up so she could bring them to the living room. Thirty pounds wasn’t that difficult to manage over the short distance, but Ana could see how it would begin to wear someone down while they were bound, having to deal with that weight over an extended period.

She set out two of the two and half pound plates, one five-pound plate and two ten-pound plates in order from smallest to largest. She didn’t understand the appeal of being weighed down while tied up, but shrugged her shoulders, ‘whatever floats your boat.’ She thought to herself. Ana didn’t see much in the way of bondage gear at the condo, it just looked like an empty unit.

“Where is all your gear, Mistress? Is it just what you keep at the apartment that you use?”

Cass nodded and said, “I bring most of it with me from our place. But I do have a few larger items in the basement that wouldn’t fit in our condo. I also have a set of manacles bolted to the floor down there…that might raise some questions if those were hanging up at our place.”

Both women chuckled at the thought and continued their preparations. 4pm rolled around and the food arrived, right on schedule. Ana was glad it wasn’t late, given how hungry she was. She was a little embarrassed that she seemed to inhale the salad bowl as well due to her appetite.

Cass laughed, only being about halfway through her bowl at this time, “Well, that was quick. Did you even taste it?”

Ana laughed as well, “Yes Mistress. It was really good, that was part of the problem! Thank you for the food.”

Cass finished her bowl a few minutes later and told Ana she was going to show her some knots so that she could assist with tying her client. She went through the basics with her and told her she could give guidance once she was assisting as well.

Ana helped Cass set up a couple of mats in the area where her client would be as well and to do some minor cleaning of the room and the washroom before he arrived. Ana was starting to get used to her restraints and didn’t find her tasks quite as difficult as she did earlier in the day.

Cass came to join her in the washroom, and got an enema kit from under the sink, “Ok, a couple more things before the client arrives. Firstly, we need to clean you out again.”

Ana winced, “Is that necessary, Mistress?”

Cass gave her a serious look, “Yes for sure. It’s been almost a day since the last one, and plugged as you are, you can’t really do it yourself, so let’s get to it…”

Ana leaned over and let Cass give her the enema, she winced again as the solution entered her colon. Definitely a feeling she would have a hard time getting used to.

After that was done, she cleaned up and they got ready for the client’s arrival in about half an hour. Cass also said that Ana would be gagged during the client’s visit. She fitted Ana with the head harness again, locking all the buckles and putting the keys in her purse. Then she got a fun idea, running the purse out to the car and putting it in the trunk, leaving the keys in her pocket, “For a little extra security.” She said to Ana with a wink.

Cass told Ana that she had to change for the client arriving and asked Ana to hang tight for a few minutes while she did. Ana couldn’t believe her luck; it was as if Cass had read her mind. She was planning on sneaking away and unlocking the gag from her harness while Cass was busy with the client. The ball hurt her jaw and she wanted a bit of relief from it, but with the keys locked in the trunk she would have to wait until the client left.

Cass then excused herself to go get ready, meanwhile Ana looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. It was the first time she had decided to look at her reflection with everything on, including the head harness. The figure staring back at her for sure looked the part of a ‘plaything’ as Cass had put it earlier. Ana looked herself up and down, she did have to admit that she looked hot like this, even if she had no way out of her outfit at the present time. Her blonde hair was matted underneath the head harness, a ponytail was sticking up between the top straps on the back of her head. Cass had put her hair in a ponytail to keep it out of Ana’s eyes and allow Cass easier access to the buckles and locks.

Moments later, Ana heard the bedroom door open and Cass emerged dressed in her outfit. She looked the part of a Dominatrix, dressed head to toe in black leather, she had on the thigh-high boots she had bought earlier, their laces criss-crossed all over the front of the boot, she looked several inches taller with the boots large heels. She also had on a black corset, “How do I look?” She asked Ana who nodded her approval.

Cass smiled, “Good, I need your help lacing up the rest of the corset.” She turned around to give Ana access to the laces, Ana got right to work and started lacing up the corset as best she could. She found it a little difficult given the way she was restrained but managed to lace it up and tighten it the rest of the way for Cass.

Cass looked herself up and down in the bedroom’s mirror and smiled, “And now, the pièce de résistance.” She said, picking up some long black vinyl gloves from the nightstand and sliding her hands into them.

The gloves went almost to her elbows once they were on. She spun around and looked at the full package, putting one of her gloved hands on her hip and smiling to herself, thrilled with the way her outfit had turned out. She explained to Ana that some clients, including this one, liked it more if she looked the part of a Dominatrix when she worked with them…it also cost a little extra for the added wardrobe, but she didn’t mind.

They made their way back down to the main level, Cass taking care not to topple down the stairs in her high-heeled boots and grabbing onto the banister as she descended, with Ana in tow. Cass still had her phone in her hand and Ana knew that meant she would still be on her virtual lead and didn’t want to stray too far from Cass. The women made some last-minute preparations before the client’s arrival, at 4:55pm, there was a knock on the door. Cass’s heels clicked against the laminate flooring as she approached the front door to let him in.

“Hi Carl! Great to see you, it’s been a little while since our last one.” Cass said excitedly, standing out of the way so Carl could come in.

“Hi Mistress Cass, yes I’ve been quite busy with work, but I’m excited to get back into things!”

Cass nodded, “Good boy. Payment please and then we’ll get started.” She said with a warm smile.

Carl pulled out his phone and within a few minutes had e-transferred Cass $800, her payment for a couple of hours with her and some extra for her ‘themed outfit’ as she put it on her website. Cass had many outfits depending on the fetishes and likings of her clientele, most who did want her to dress up opted for the Dominatrix outfit. While others wanted her dressed as a nurse, a stern librarian, or any other manner of fantasy.

Cass saw the email on her phone and promptly accepted the e-transfer, setting her phone down on a table beside the front door she said, “Great! Let’s get started.” She led Carl to the living room, who upon seeing Ana had a puzzled expression and turned to Cass asking, “Who is that?”

Cass introduced them both, “Carl, this is my roommate Ana. She’s going through a…punishment, she’ll be helping us out with our session if that’s ok with you.” Ana just waved as best she could in her restraints.

Carl stared at her for a moment, absorbing what he was seeing. Then he smiled and said, “Two beautiful women for the price of one, works for me!” Ana cringed internally at his comment but didn’t want to express it outwardly and possibly annoy Cass, making her sentence longer.

Cass forced a smile, likely feeling something like Ana was, and motioned to the mats on the floor, “Ok good. Strip down to your underwear and we’ll get started.”

Carl removed his shirt, dress pants and socks, leaving his underwear on, he stood with his arms at his sides waiting for what was next. Cass got to work almost immediately, tying Carl into a simple upper chest harness. Next, she had him put his arms behind him and tied them into a double column loop, having Ana assist with the knots. She then had Ana help lower Carl to the floor.

Cass tied his ankles also using a double column loop and then ran a rope from his wrists to his ankles, forcing him up into a tight hogtie. The weights were the next part of the equation, she had Ana tie the 10lb weights to each of his knees with smaller ropes, while she tied the 5lb on his ankles and the 2.5lb ones on his elbows. His backside was weighted down, and it forced his upper half up higher than before.

Once they were finished, Carl struggled for a bit and seemed satisfied with the job they had done, “Not going anywhere?” Cass asked him.

“Nope. Definitely not.” Carl replied.

Cass smirked a little and said, “Good. And Ana, thank you for your help in securing Carl.”

Ana replied through her gag, “Wmcm Mfftrss.”

She looked at Ana and said, “Well, he won’t be going anywhere for a little while. Should we leave him to contemplate his life decisions?” She chuckled.

Ana chuckled and nodded, following Cass out of the room. Cass went to check on Carl every so often and would smile to herself each time. Her and Ana’s knots wouldn’t budge no matter how much he struggled and as time wore on, the added weight made his struggles more and more grueling. By the end of his session, Carl was exhausted and was laying on his side on the mat, unable to pull himself back upright.

Cass came in and asked him, “Well, how was that?” As she walked over to Carl to begin untying him.

He was laying on his side and panting from the effort of trying to pull himself back up.

He looked up at Cass and said, “Tiring and no way out. Just how I like it.”

Cass just smiled and teased her captive, “Hmm I can leave you bound for another couple of hours if you like.” She mused.

Carl shook his head and told her he was ready to get out. Cass continued to untie his arms while she had Ana remove the weights.

Several minutes later, Cass had him out of the small web of ropes he had been bound in. Carl took a minute to catch his breath and then stood up, rubbing one of his shoulders.

“The harness strained a bit.” He explained, but said it was alright since it happened with all the thrashing about he was doing.

He began to put his clothes back on and told Cass that was fun as he arranged his next session with her.

She told him he could shower upstairs if needed, but he said he had to get going and all three of them headed for the front door of the condo. Ana and Cass seeing Carl off as he left for the evening, after closing the door, Cass smiled and sighed to herself, “Well, another fun session on the books.”

She looked over at Ana and said, “As for you, my plaything. You’ve earned yourself another day off your sentence, you were a big help this evening.”

Ana smiled and, still gagged, said, “Tnnku, Mmtrs.”

Cass picked up her phone and went into the app, removing a day from Ana’s chastity.

“There, now I can’t remove any more time for another week. So, you best behave yourself, so you don’t add more to your sentence in the meantime.”

Ana nodded, hoping she’d be able to control the temptation to get herself out of the belt or do something else that could add more time to her already daunting chastity. She was exhausted after a busy day of carrying out Cass’s orders. She wondered to herself if each day would be as busy as this one. She also wondered if Cass had the ability to add to her sentence if she didn’t listen to her or if it was all controlled by the app alone. Not that Cass would tell her if she could or not, it’s the type of thing she would remain tight-lipped about, just to keep Ana guessing.

Cass decided to take a quick shower before they left the condo. She asked Ana to clean up while she was showering. Ana began bundling up the ropes and put them back into the duffel bag. Next, she collected up the weights into a neat pile and brought all 30 lbs over to the duffel bag as well, stacking each of the weights inside. She closed the duffel bag and made her way back over to the mats. Rolling them up was a bit of a task with her restraints, but she managed to get it done. As she rolled up the last mat, she heard the shower shut off upstairs and a short while later Cass came back down dressed in her clothes from before.

She looked at Ana, still with her wet hair, and asked, “Ready to go?”

Ana picked up the duffel bag as Cass shut off the lights and the A/C in the unit. Both women made their way out to the front porch with Cass locking the door behind them. She popped the trunk to retrieve the keys for the head harness and to stash the duffel bag away for the trip back to the apartment.

They got into the car and Cass unlocked the head harness, a stream of drool dripping from the gag and onto the passenger seat as she slid the ball gag out of Ana’s mouth.

Ana sighed and moved her jaw around, glad to get some relief from the gag, no matter how brief of a time it may be.

“Did you enjoy that?” Cass asked her.

Ana perked up a bit and said, “Yes Mistress, that was fun. Are all your sessions like that?”

Cass raised her eyebrow a bit, “Like what?”

Ana continued, “With clients wanting you to dress up and being left alone to struggle.”

Cass nodded, now understanding what Ana meant. “No, they vary. Some clients like me reminding them how stuck they are, others like a little bit of talking down to them. Others still like a more nurturing side while they’re bound. It all depends.”

Ana yawned and thanked her for clarifying, exhausted from her busy day.

A short time later they pulled up into the parking lot of their condo complex, both getting out of the car and Cass helping Ana with her trench coat to keep her restraints etc. out of view of curious onlookers.

Both approached the building and headed inside to take the elevator up to their apartment. As the elevator dinged, they piled in, and Ana leaned against the wall of the elevator.

“Tired?” Cass asked her.

Ana nodded and answered her with another yawn.

Cass chuckled and said, “Well, get used to the busy days. I’m going to keep you busy until you’re unlocked from your chastity.”

They headed into the apartment and Ana asked, “Do you mind if I turn in early, Mistress?”

Cass told her that would be fine, but she should use the washroom first before being lashed to her bed again for the night.

They made their way to Ana’s bedroom and Cass tied her to the bed the same way she had done the previous night, making sure that Ana had little mobility while she slept.

She finished tying and made sure that all of her knots were out of reach of Ana’s fingers, with a satisfied glance she got up from her kneeling position and headed to the door. Turning off the light in Ana’s room she said, “Goodnight Ana. Get some rest, another busy day tomorrow.”

Who responded with, “Goodnight, Mistress.”

Cass opened the app on her phone and decided to let Ana have a more restful sleep tonight as a reward for her hard work today. She input the settings and smiled to herself as she opened her laptop, ready to work on the chastity contract for Steph who would be coming by the apartment tomorrow to get belted as well.

Cass sighed as she typed away and sipped on her tea, “Another busy day tomorrow.”

She closed her laptop sometime later after completing the contract and headed to bed herself. She drifted off to the thoughts of how much fun she would have with two of her friends locked in belts.


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