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It All Started With A Roomba

by Canadom

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Part 6

Cass began her day with her usual yoga, stretching herself out on the yoga mat she had unrolled in the living room, a relaxing playlist on shuffle could be heard in the background. Both Cass and Ana were off today as the other store manager would be in with Steph, although Steph wasn’t due in until the afternoon. Steph had texted her the night before and asked if she could come by later that morning, forgetting that she had an afternoon shift the same day. Cass told her that would be fine since she had the day off.

Cass smiled to herself as she continued her yoga, excited at the prospect of belting Steph as well. She finished her yoga and got herself up from the mat, heading to Ana’s bedroom to wake her up. When she entered, Ana was staring off into space, but her gaze shifted to Cass as she opened the door, Cass smiled and said, “Good morning, Ana.”

Ana responded, “Good morning, Mistress.”

“Sleep ok?” Cass asked her.

Ana nodded, “Yes, Mistress but I really have to pee. Can you untie me so I can use the washroom?”

Cass smiled, “Of course, I’ll have you out of there in a jiffy.” 

She began to loosen the knots holding the ropes to Ana’s bed frame. As she loosened them, Ana was able to move her wrists and ankles once again, they were still bound by the ropes, but she could at least get herself up. 

Cass helped her loosen off the knots tied to the D-rings of her restraints and Ana sprinted out of her bedroom, as best as the ankle chain would allow, and made her way to the washroom. Cass chuckled to herself at Ana’s expedience despite the way she was restrained. She started to gather up the ropes and put them in the corner of Ana’s bedroom – she would need them again this evening.

She made her way over to the kitchen and started pulling out a few things from the fridge to make breakfast, she heard the toilet flush and then the sink run, a few moments later Ana came back into view. 

Cass turned to her and said, “Don’t get too comfortable yet, I want you to clean the washroom. It’s getting a little gross in there.”

Ana nodded, “Yes, Mistress, I’ll get the cleaning supplies from under the sink.” 

Ana stopped herself for a moment and grabbed onto the wall as the belt’s vibrator briefly sprang to life. A small grunt of frustration escaped her lips as she sighed and went back to the washroom. Ana wasn’t sure how she was going to last a few more weeks in this thing, it had been driving her nuts since Cass had locked her into it. She also knew that if she wanted more orgasms, they came at a steep cost, she would have to spend an additional 5 days in the belt for each one she asked for, ‘Definitely a devilish setup.’ She thought to herself. 

Ana retrieved the cleaning supplies from under the bathroom sink and began to clean the toilet. She sprayed the cleaner into the bowl as the aromas of breakfast wafted into the washroom and mixed with the smell of the cleaner. She let the cleaner settle for a few minutes as she turned her attention to the large bathroom mirror. It took up most of one of the bathroom’s walls above the sinks – suitable for two women in their 20s to get ready at the same time. Her mind wandered to memories of her and Cass using the mirror to get ready for a night at the club, she sighed, knowing that her clubbing days were on hold for now. As she finished her slow scrub of the mirror – having to sit herself up on the counter to scrub due to the restraints – she turned back to the toilet and gave it a good scrub with the toilet brush. Just as she finished the toilet, she heard Cass call her from down the hall, 

“Ana, breakfast is ready!” She washed her hands and hobbled her way to the kitchen.

Cass was setting the plates down on the table as Ana came into the kitchen, she pulled out her chair and sat down with Cass. 

She began to eat the omelette Cass had prepared and asked, “Mistress, when is Steph coming over?”

Cass looked up from her breakfast and said, “Actually, I just got a text from her, she’ll be here for 10:00.”

Ana nodded, knowing that 10am would be here sooner than she thought, the chores she would be doing until Steph arrived would make the time fly by. As the two women continued to eat, Ana stopped for a moment and grunted. 

Cass looked up from her food again and asked, “More shocks?”

Ana sighed and responded, “No Mistress, the bra and belt just compressed again. It’s starting to get painful.”

Cass smiled and shrugged, “I was wondering if it was still compressing you or not, guess I have my answer now.”

Ana wondered how much more the devices would compress her until they reached the 4 inches that Cass had programmed into the app. She also made a mental note not to piss off Cass again, this was one hell of a punishment.

The two of them finished up breakfast around 9, Ana hobbled back to the washroom to finish cleaning it before Steph arrived. She got down on her hands and knees in the tub and began to scrub it as best she could, it took much longer with her restraints than it normally would have. She could clean the tub in a few minutes unrestrained, but it took her about 15 minutes to get it done in her current situation.

She knew she’d have to move quickly to get the floors done in time, so she hobbled to the hall closet with haste to retrieve the Swiffer Wet Jet. She was at least thankful that it made this part of cleaning the washroom much easier for her. She managed to get the whole floor done in a fraction of the time it would have taken her to do it on her hands and knees. Ana finished with time to spare; she used the extra time to test her bonds. Ana looked down at the small padlocks on her leather cuffs. Despite their small size, they looked sturdy, and she doubted that she would be able to break them. She attempted to pull on one of the wrist cuffs as hard as she could, but it was no use, Cass had her good and stuck. 

Ana sighed and muttered to herself, “Why wouldn’t I be stuck? She’s a dominatrix, she knows what she’s doing.” Cass had secured the cuffs so they were snug but wouldn’t cut off Ana’s circulation – also very important. The thick padding of the cuffs allowed them to be worn long-term and made any attempts by Ana to pull her hands out of them impossible. Ana shrugged; it was worth a try she thought. 

Ana shuffled her way out of the washroom, getting Cass’s attention so she could inspect her work. Cass smiled at her sexy captive and made her way into the washroom to have a look. She looked around and quipped,

“Seems like this punishment was a great idea. Along with teaching you to stay out of my gear, I’m also training you to clean the washroom more thoroughly, I should have done this months ago! Impressive job, Ana.”

Ana couldn’t help but chuckle at Cass’s comment, “Thank you, Mistress. I’m trying to do the best I can with my limited reach in these restraints.”

Cass looked over at her slyly, “Was that a veiled way of you asking to be released?”

Ana just stood quietly, as Cass continued,

“Nice try but recall that I can’t get you out of that gear until the timer box unlocks. You’ve got about a month until that happens!”

Ana let out a frustrated sigh, “Ugh. I forgot about the timer box, I’m stuck.”

Cass nodded, “Mhm, very stuck. And even if I did have access to the keys for your restraints, I wouldn’t be unlocking them until your sentence was up. The box just ensures there’s no funny business, I know how crafty you can be, Ana.”

Cass added with a sly note of amusement, “Oh, and that’s your freebie for the day. You forgot to say, ‘Mistress’ in your last statement.”

Before Ana could form an apology, the sudden buzz of Cass’s phone interrupted their conversation. Cass picked up, her voice carrying a hint of curiosity, “Hello?” The smile returned to her face as she recognized the voice on the other end, “Oh, hey Steph! I’ll buzz you up!”

Cass pressed ‘9’ on the number pad to buzz Steph in and turned to Ana, “Ok, some last-minute prep work for you. Go into my bins and collect the following: A chastity belt, leather mittens, locks to secure both of those, and some lengths of rope – a few feet each should do.”

Ana nodded and made sure to use the magic word this time, “Yes Mistress, anything else?”

Cass offered a playful smile, “So eager to please. No that’s all, Ana, but thanks for checking.”

Ana shuffled her way to Cass’s bedroom to retrieve the items Cass listed. Cass was following close behind her, swiftly snagging the contract she had drawn up for Steph from the bedside table. Cass opened the app on her phone and extended the length of the virtual lead before leaving her room. She made her way to the front door to wait for Steph, a few moments later there was a knock and she let Steph into the apartment with a smile.

“Steph, great to see you!” She beamed, pulling Steph into a warm hug. 

“Right back at ya! Great to see you too,” Steph responded, matching Cass’s enthusiasm.

Catching her friend’s eye, Cass couldn’t help but ask, a hint of excitement in her voice, “Are you ready?” She waved the contract slightly, making sure Steph caught sight of it.

Steph grinned, nodding, “Yup! I see you were busy last night,” she teased, eyeing the contract.

Cass let out a light chuckle before responding, “You know me, I always go the extra mile. Let’s get this show on the road, shall we?”

Cass led Steph to the couch in the living room as Ana finished gathering the items together in the bedroom. She laid out the belt, mittens, locks, and lengths of rope neatly on Cass’s bed and went out to join Steph and Cass in the main room. Steph turned her head as she heard the shuffling of Ana’s ankle chain against the floor as she approached them. She smiled when Ana was close and greeted her, “Hi Ana, good day so far?”

Ana smiled at Steph and shrugged, “Oh you know, just slaving away.” Steph and Cass both noticed the pun and chuckled.

Cass turned her attention back to Steph as Ana sat down beside them on the couch. Cass set the small stack of papers in front of Steph, “Ok, these are the terms of your chastity. Read them over carefully and let me know if you have any questions.”

Steph skimmed the contract, impressed by its meticulous detail and the way she had plugged every potential loophole. Cass’s background in paralegal studies and law school really shone through, explaining her knack for crafting such tight agreements. Though Cass’s paralegal days were behind her – her last job got word of her side gig – she seemed unfazed. Embracing her role as a dominatrix proved far more rewarding, and the part-time job at the store just added a bit more income. A few colleagues there were in on her secret, but they were tight-lipped, ensuring her double life remained between them.

Steph continued to read over the terms with nervous excitement, “Wow, you’ve thought of everything. I’m not getting out of this once I sign, am I?”

Cass’s smile was knowing and confident, “Exactly,” she replied. “But that’s the whole point, isn’t it?”

Her expression softened as she asked, “Are you absolutely sure you want two weeks in the belt though? That’s going to seem like an eternity without an orgasm.”

Steph nodded hesitantly, “I’m sure. The thought of not being able to pleasure myself for that long is a hot idea to me…plus it’s going to make the orgasm once I get out all the better, right?”

Cass laughed, she couldn’t deny that Steph had a point, “Yeah for sure!” She joked, “We might have to call you an ambulance after that orgasm.” All three of them laughed as Steph continued to read over the terms.

Cass had included clauses about Steph’s term facing an extension if she begged to be unlocked before the term was up or facing monetary penalties as part of being released from the belt – Cass’s discretion.

The contract even had a bit about emergencies, letting Steph call Cass to unlock the belt if something urgent came up. But once things settled down, her term in the belt would resume. Luckily, Steph didn’t live far from Cass and Ana, so help was only a few minutes away if she ever needed it.

Steph set down the contract with a sigh and blushed a little, reading over the terms of her chastity was turning her on.

Cass smiled, “All good? Any questions on the terms?”

Steph shook her head, “It’s all clear to me. I did have a question about the time extensions though, how much time would you add? It says that it’s at your discretion.”

Cass nodded, “A great question. I’m not going to add weeks or months to your term at a time, that would just be cruel.” She raised an eyebrow and with a sly smile said, “…unless of course you really wanted me to.”

Steph chuckled nervously, “Yeah, probably not.”

Cass smiled as she continued, “I may add a day or two at a time. But if it makes you feel better, I think I would focus more on the monetary penalties. It wouldn’t be very much at a time but would definitely add up if you kept begging to get the belt off. You’d have to pay up before I unlocked you, or if your tab got too high, we’d have to look at other ways for you to work it off.” She finished her explanation with a playful wink.

Steph could feel herself getting more turned on at the thought of having to pay Cass to get her belt off.

Cass broke the silence, offering the pen with a playful challenge in her eyes, “Ready to make it official?”

Steph accepted the pen, marking her agreement by initialing next to the highlighted sections and affixing the date and her signature on the final page. Cass, with a satisfied nod, added her initials and signature before sliding the document to Ana to sign the designated spot as a witness.

“Alright, no backing out now.” Cass announced, a mix of finality and excitement in her voice as she collected the papers. She gestured for Steph to follow, “Time to begin, don’t you think?” 

Eager, yet apprehensive, Steph rose from the couch, trailing behind Cass with Ana keeping pace – still very aware of her virtual lead. Entering Cass’s bedroom, the sight of the neatly arranged bondage gear elicited a whispered, “Oh wow,” from Steph.

Catching the hint of hesitation, Cass’s expression softened with concern, “Second thoughts? This is your moment to back out, no hard feelings.”

After a brief pause, Steph doubled down, “No I’m all in. I want to be locked in the belt.” 

Cass was grinning from ear to ear, “Great! Get those pants off and we’ll get you locked in.”

She walked over to her bed and picked up the belt, inspecting it for a moment, 

“Ooooh you picked this one. Nice choice, Ana.”

Ana smiled, “Thank you, Mistress. I thought I should get one of the more secure ones from your collection.”

Cass agreed, “Naturally. Can’t have Steph playing with herself before she’s unlocked, can we?”

Cass set the belt back down and picked up the mittens and the two smaller padlocks on the bed. She approached Steph with the mittens, 

“Speaking of playing with yourself, let’s make sure your fingers stay out of trouble while we get the belt on you.” 

She took a firm tone, as she slid into her Dominatrix persona, “Arms out at your sides.”

Handing one of the mitts to Ana, both women slid the leather mittens onto Steph’s hands, the mitts forcing her hands into fists. Ana & Cass secured the straps snugly and fitted the strap of each mitt with a padlock, Steph closed her eyes as the locks clicked, knowing there was no turning back now.

Cass walked over and double-checked Ana’s work, making sure Steph wouldn’t be able to slide her hand out, “Good. Nice and secure.”

Steph’s jeans were unbuttoned and, on the floor below her, Cass instructed her to step out of them as Ana slid her panties down to the floor as well. Ana helped Steph keep her balance as she worked her legs out of her jeans and panties.

Cass approached with the chastity belt, “Spread your legs, Steph. We’ll get you locked in now.” 

Slipping the belt between Steph’s legs she slid it up to her waist and fastened the waist strap snugly in place. She reached down and made sure Steph’s pussy lips were secured between the shield, ensuring she wouldn’t be able to play with herself while wearing the belt. Once she was satisfied, she made some final adjustments at Steph’s waist before slipping the padlock through the hasp, securing the belt with a resounding click.

Steph eyed the belt cinched around her waist, the reality of her commitment settling in. “It’s really hitting me now, I’m locked in for two weeks, aren’t I?

Cass with a hint of mischief, replied, “Yep, no turning back. I gave you a fair shot to opt out.”

The weight of her decision donning on her, Steph bit her lip, “I’m starting to second guess this, maybe-?”

Cass leaned in close beside Steph’s ear and quietly said, “Twenty-five dollars.”

Steph looked nervous and stammered, “Wait, that wasn’t-“

Cass interrupted her, “That counts as begging, as per the terms of the contract. So now you’re going to have to pay to get the belt off when your term is up.”

Steph looked concerned, now quite worried about not pleasuring herself for weeks. “What if I just paid you now?”

Cass was unwavering, “The terms were very clear, Steph. Fifty dollars now.”

Steph wanted to negotiate but knew that she would just be digging herself in deeper if she continued, she let out a resigned sigh and stood silently.

Cass smiled, “Good girl, it’s best not to fight it or you’ll be owing me a fortune by the time two weeks rolls around.”

Cass reassured her, “But trust me, it won’t be as bad as you think. If you need to take your mind off things, you can always come hang out with us and we can pass the time with Netflix and some drinks or something. Does that sound good?”

Steph had calmed down from her initial panic and smiled, “Yeah, that sounds great. Thanks, Cass, that helps.”

Cass looked Steph up and down and teased, “Can you imagine if I sent you to work like this? Cheryl would lose her mind!”

Steph chuckled at the thought, “Yeah she’d probably have me committed.”

Cass continued with securing Steph. Holding up a length of rope, she said, “Wrists out in front now.”

She turned to Ana and asked, “Can you get her ankles and just above her knees?”

Ana nodded, “Yes, Mistress. I’ll get to work on those.” Ana retrieved the other two lengths of rope from the bed and began lashing Steph’s ankles together. She pulled the ropes snugly and secured the knot strategically between Steph’s ankles so it would be hard to reach – especially with her hands in fists.

She repeated the same process just above Steph’s knees, putting the knot in a place that would be tough for her to reach it. At the same time, Cass had finished securing Steph’s wrists in a similar fashion.

Cass looked her up and down again, “Honestly Steph, bondage suits you. If you’re ever looking for work as a bondage model, I know a guy who runs a BDSM website and he’s always looking for models. He especially likes working with brunettes.”

Steph blushed at the comment, “Thanks Cass, I’ll think about it.”

Cass continued her thought, “I’m going to make you a deal, if you can get yourself out of the belt, trussed up the way you are, I’ll release you from the contract and wipe out your debt. But, if you concede or run out of time, your debt doubles. What do you say?”

Steph thought it over, she was into bondage but had only really gone as far as having boyfriends tie her wrists and ankles, nothing to this level. She had never worn a chastity belt but had seen them on a couple of websites; she also wasn’t aware bondage mittens even existed until a few minutes ago.

She felt it would be tough to win Cass’s challenge, but was willing to give it a try anyways, “Sure, you’re on! But let’s say if I get out, you’re the one who owes me $50.”

Cass smiled at her friend’s tenacity, “Sure, I’ll take that bet! Good luck though, you’ll need it.”

Cass pulled out her phone and set a timer, “I’ll give you 30 minutes to free yourself from the belt. Time starts once you get to the living room. Have fun!” She picked up the keys from the bed and made her way out to the living room with Ana following closely behind her. 

Steph tried to follow along but could only manage tiny steps with her legs fused together. She eventually resorted to hopping her way out to the main room. She saw that Cass had tossed the keys onto the living room floor and immediately made a beeline for them. 

Ana helped her down to the floor so she could work with the keys. However, with the mittens on, she couldn’t get a good grip on them. She tried using both of her hands to pick up the larger of the keys – the one for her belt – but couldn't get it to flip up onto its side so she could grab onto it better. With her wrists lashed together, it made the task of getting a good grip on the keys almost impossible.

Steph knew she would have to get the mittens off if she wanted to have a hope of winning this bet. But how? 

She tried twisting her wrists to loosen off the ropes, but they didn’t give much, certainly not enough for Steph to slip her wrists out.

“Having some trouble?” Cass asked with a mischievous smile.

Steph, looking somewhat concerned, said, “Yes, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

Meanwhile, Ana looked on from the couch, suddenly gripping the cushions hard and clenching her teeth as another shock coursed through her.

Steph leaned down and took the larger of the keys in her mouth, shifting it around and getting it between her teeth, she carefully grabbed onto it with her fists. As she began to lower the key, she dropped it, the key settling down on the carpeted floor again. 

With a frustrated sigh, Steph tried the same tactic again, this time she was able to bring the key down to her waist, but with it between her fists she couldn’t maneuver it properly to get it into the lock on her belt. The key dropped to the floor again as she was trying to move it towards the lock, with a sigh she said, “I give up, this isn’t doable.”

Cass stopped the timer on her phone, there were about seven minutes left in the challenge, “You’re conceding?”

Steph nodded with a nervous smile, “Yup. I’m screwed, I don’t think I could have gotten out of this if you gave me a couple of hours to do it.”

Cass smiled, “I don’t mess around when it comes to bondage.” She made a note in her phone, “and now you owe me $100 to get out of your belt.”

Steph just looked at the floor, regretting that she took the bet. Seeing her frown, Cass commented, “However, you did put on a good show. Picking up the key with your mouth was a clever idea, so let’s say…$80. Sound good?”

The smile returned to Steph’s face as she said, “Yes, that helps, thank you.”

Cass replied, “No worries. Would you like to stay trussed up or do you want out?”

Steph thought it over for a moment, “As much as I’m enjoying being this screwed, I think getting turned on in this belt is a bad idea.” She admitted, “So I’d like to be untied, please.”

Cass chuckled, “A good point. We’ll get you out of those ropes and mitts.” She looked over at Ana, “Can you help with untying her?”

Ana, now recovered from her shock, slowly stood up from the couch and walked over to assist Cass with untying Steph. “Yes, Mistress. I’ll get to work on her wrists.”

“Did you have fun?” Ana asked Steph.

Steph, sitting up so Cass & Ana could work on getting her free, said, “Yeah it was fun! Could we maybe do that again closer to when I’m getting the belt off?”

Cass excitedly said, “For sure! You know I’m always up for binding beautiful women.”

Ana picked up the keys for the mitts, now that she had undone the wrist rope, she set about unlocking the mitts. Undoing the straps she pulled each one from Steph’s hands.

Steph sighed and flexed her fingers, thinking it was nice to feel the cool air of the apartment on her hands again.

Once Cass had finished undoing the knots from her knees and ankles, she helped Steph up off the floor.

“There we go, freedom again!” She looked down at the belt and smiled, “Well, mostly.”

Steph laughed, “I know, I know. But I’ll find things to keep me occupied so the two weeks fly by.”

Cass perked up, “That’s the spirit!”

Steph gathered her things and put her jeans back on, she looked down and was thankful that the belt wasn’t too noticeable underneath her jeans. She made her way towards the front door, “Thanks again, that was fun!”

Cass smiled, “No problem at all!” Holding up the keys for the belt and grinning, she said, “I’ll hang onto these for you.”

Steph chuckled, “I hope so! I’ll be very eager to have this thing off in 2 weeks.”

With that, Steph hugged both Ana and Cass and left the apartment.

Cass instructed Ana to clean up the ropes and other gear from the session with Steph. 

Ana brought the items into the bedroom and began to put them back into the bins. She looked down at her own belt and bra, somewhat envious that Steph would be out of her belt before she was. She gripped Cass’s bed as the vibrations started again and shut off after a few seconds.

She sighed and reminded herself, “Just a few more weeks. I can do this.”


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