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I was Caught in Self Bondage by my Mom

by Susan C

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This is a true story.

I have been playing with self bondage from the age of 10. When I was a young girl, we played tie up games, I was the one getting tied up. There was one boy I think his name was Jerry. He liked to tie me up. And he was very good at it. Some times I would wear just my swimsuit when Jerry would tie me up. I could not get free. Then Jerry and his family moved.

Then I had to play self bondage games. I got somewhat good at binding myself with rope. Then one day I seen an advertisement in a publication for police type handcuffs. The cost was $25.00 plus shipping and handling. I had some money saved up from my baby-sitting jobs. I ordered a set. I made sure I was the one checking the mail every day for about 3 weeks. I did not want mom asking. "Susan what did you get in the mail". These cuffs were the real deal, the same as used by the police department.

At that time we lived on the edge of town, there was a creek about a mile from where we lived. It was summer, I got my swimsuit and told mom I was going swimming. She told me to be home by 7:00PM. I went to the area we called the swimming hole. Mom did not know it, but I did a lot of skinny dipping there. I checked the area to make sure nobody was around. I stripped naked and cuffed my hands behind my back.

I was dreaming someone was kidnapping me and forcing me to walk naked to their hideout. Then I found a tree that was the right size. I back up to the tree placed my hands in the cuffs and locked myself to the tree. I was enjoying the feeling of being naked and helpless. The sun was getting low in the western sky. I did have trouble unlocking the cuffs. I went back to the swimming hole got my swimsuit jumped in to the water and started for home.

One night after mom went to sleep I sneaked out of the house naked with my cuffs. There were no streetlights in the area and it was very dark. I locked my hands behind my back and left the keys on a nail at the back of the house. By this time I had made my own ball gag. I found a ball, drilled a hole in the center and put a leather strap in it. It worked great. This night I walked out to a open area and watched the sky and the stars. I spent many hours in self bondage.

When mom was gone. I would tie my ankles together, put in my ball gag and enjoy. I also enjoyed nudity. Mom was very open about sex and nudity. For I did a lot of nude sunbathing behind our home. I'd seen this movie where the actress walked out in the woods, took off her nightgown and walked naked around the forest.

One night when mom was gone. And there was a full moon.  I walked out to the woods. Took off my nightgown and began walking around nude. It was not long before I got lost and couldn't find my way home. The next morning when the sun came up. I found my way home. But, I had to cross about 120 yards of open ground. While naked, with no place to hide. I never ran so fast in my life.

Then came the day mom found me in self bondage.

On this day mom was going to be gone for 6 hours. I got naked, put in my ball gag, went down in to the basement and cuffed myself to a large support beam. But, only after a 1/2 hour mom came back home. She had forgotten something. While trying to get free of the handcuffs, I dropped the key. Mom was calling my name. Then she found me down in the basement. Naked, gagged, and one hell of a red face. Mom jerked the ball gag out of my mouth. And asked who did this to you. I had to tell her I did it to myself. Then mom found the key.

"Girl, I am going to teach you a lesson. I'm going to leave you like this until I get back."

Mom put the ball gag back in my mouth. She even made it tighter. She took the key and placed it on a nail on the other side of the basement. Turned off the lights. She even locked the basement door on her way out. When she returned later that day. She released me told me to take a shower and meet her in the living room. That night we had a long talk about sex and bondage. Mom told me it was OK to do my self bondage. But, I must let her know when I was going to tie myself up. So if something went wrong. She would be my safety person. She would take the keys after that. It made my bondage more fun. And I let her use the cuffs a few times.

Part 2

After mom found me naked, handcuffed and ball gagged in the basement. Mom then set down some safety rules. I would let her know where and when I was going to tie myself up. And a time for when I would be home. Or she would come looking for me.

Mom and I sat down and had a talk about what my fantasies were. First of all I love being tied up while nude unable to get free. One day I wish to try suspension bondage. To hang there helpless. I also have kidnapped fantasy. I wanted to go nude in public. I wanted to walk nude to a local city park some night.

Mom told me. "Be sure to tell me first. So I can have bail money ready. Just in case you get caught by the local police".

And also I wanted to model nude for a center fold. (I never told mom about the time I posed nude for a boy in high school.) A few days later I went back skinny dipping at the swimming hole. I did have my handcuffs with me. By accident found this old out-building. It may have been an old pump house. Then I found a old farm house, it looked like it had not been used in years. It was the perfect place for self bondage. There was two big support post that were just right to tie my self between.

The next day I went back with 4 eyebolts, some rope and a second set of cuffs. I put the eyebolts, 2 on one post and 2 on the other post. I then tied each ankle to each post. I put in my ball gag. I put one cuff on each wrist. I reach to my right and place the cuff into the eyebolt and then the same with my left wrist.

Now I was naked and spread eagle. I was so turned on. I spent most of the day there. I was having fantasies I was on the auction block. Or I had be found guilty in a Salem court for witchcraft. And the judge ordered me to be put on nude display for 72 hours. In the town square.

continues in part 3

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