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I was Caught in Self Bondage by my Mom

by Susan C

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Continued from part one and two

This is a true story.

After mom found me down in basement naked and handcuffed to a post. Mom was very open about sex and nudity. My dad passed away when I was 8 years old. My dad was a lawyer. We would go to the French islands. 2 to 4 times a years. I guess that how I got a love of nudity.

I began playing with self bondage when I was about 10 years old. Most of my self bondage efforts with rope turned out to be trash. One day I found a web site on how to do on self bondage. How to tie your wrists behind your back. How to loop the rope. Put my wrist in the loops, and then have a loop, back up to a door knob pull the rope tightly around my wrist. After a few tries, I got it where it worked great. The only way out was have some one untied me or take a knife cut myself free.

Then I got the handcuffs. Then I began look for a timer to get free after 3 to 4 hours. At first I used ice. Then I found a lock box with a timer. I could set the timer from 1 minutes to 10 days. The longest I went in bondage was 48 hours.

One night I handcuffed myself while I was nude. I walked about a mile to a city street cross into a city park. I was never so turned on in my life. I loved being naked in the public and helpless.

Then while in high school I meet a boy named Jason. He was a natural artist and very good photographer. After he went to college, he now works at the mouse land in Orlando, Florida. Jason ask me many times to pose nude for him. I kept turning him down. I did pose in my swimsuit or lingerie. And I did some topless and kept my back to him or I covered my nipple with my hands.

Then we went to see the movie titanic. Then after the movie Jason ask me if I would pose nude like in the movie. I agreed. A few days later I let Jason draw a nude picture of me. He took his time and he made it look like a black and white photo. He made me a copy. I took and hid it from mom. I showed it to mom about a year later. She loved it. Mom had the drawing framed and it hangs from the living room wall.

When I saw it on display where anyone who comes to our home will see it. And for the second time. I got one hell of a red face.

Jason and I would go out to the country. I would pose nude for a drawing or Jason would shoot nude photos. Then 6 months later Jason told me his father's business was putting him in charge of their LA office. And they will be moving away in 3 months. I told Jason that I wanted to be photographed nude and in bondage. So Jason took photos of me hog tied. And tied down spread eagle to the bed.

After Jason and his family moved. I was reading a local newsletter that was published once a week. I saw an advertisement by a local photographer seeking models for a class of photography of the nude. This photographer Charles was known as one of the best photographers in the city. So I called his office and talked with his wife. She told me that Charles was out town on a job. He'll be back for the weekend and he had to fly out again on Monday for a job in LA.

That next Saturday morning I got call from Charles. He asked me if I had time. He would see me on Sunday at a local restaurant. I met with Charles. He and I talked over a nice lunch. I took some of the photos and drawings Jason hadmade of me. I also by accident took a photo of me tied up nude. Charles asked me to come down to his studio Thursday and he wanted to shoot some test photos. Charles asked me to bring a swimsuit, some lingerie.

I got there a hour early and met his wife, Sandra, she was also his make up artist. Sandra had me strip off my clothing to let any lines on my body fade away. I was just sitting there with a towel wrapped around me. Charles said that he wanted to start with a swimsuit. I had four with me. I had this micro mini. It only covers about 6 inches of skin if that. Charles had me to put on the mini. After he took some photos. Charles had me to change into my black bra and panties.

Charles then had me to take off the top and the bottom. Charles loved my all over tan. I told I had been a nudest all of my live. Then Charles ask me if I was willing to do bondage photography. Yes, I will I said. Then Charles got some rope and tied me in the Japanese type of bondage. And took many photos. Then Charles asked me if I would pose nude in the alley behind his building. I told him again, yes.

Charles then put a red ball gag in my mouth. We went to the back door. We went out door. Charles told me to walk down to the end of the alley slowly and back. Charles was shooting photos and his wife was shooting video. This began my 5 years as a nude model.

I will be back with part 4.

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