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Jenna’s Final Journey

by Wingco

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Authors Quote: Another story from my screwed-up brain and like recent tales the ending may upset those of a sensitive nature despite it being a consensual one between lovers. As you will read it’s not just about Jenna but possibly how the author thinks about herself and I regret to say it may also be my last for the forum.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster health wise for me over the last five years, I’m just sorry that I was not able to complete any other stories rather than this one. If I cannot manage then Mike may well do some of them for me. If he does, be nice to him!

My prognosis is 'slightly' better than Jenna's. My tumour is on the surface, apparently treatable and I have an exploratory operation in mid June to see what can be achieved. If that goes ok then I'll be on the list for some other op but until the result are know I'll just have to wait. Bit of a bind as I can only watch TV or read a book for about 30 minutes at a time. So, in effect I'm in limbo, just waiting and praying, Mike's been a marvel looking after me and to all my friends in Boston I thank you with all my heart.

Kind regards and bless you all.
AKA Wingco and all that.

Chapter 1

Jenna Rennie walked slowly past the antique shop not really interested in buying anything today. Not that she’d have much opportunity in future either as a ‘Closing Down’ sign had appeared since her last foray down the high street.

A ‘ting’ from the doorbell made her jump as an old lady came out, carrier bag in hand and she smiled at the brunette standing there. “Still lots of bargains left my dear, such a shame the place is going after all these years. Sure there’ll be something nice for a pretty girl like you,” and the way she was holding the door assumed Jenna wanted to go in!

Rather than disappoint the older woman a blushing Jenna smiled and said thanks; indeed going inside and planning a brief few minutes browsing before leaving. The place was packed with what the girl would call ‘old tat’ and surely nothing that would interest her… until she saw the box.

A simple wooden casket and Jenna’s engineer trained mind measured it. About four feet square and two feet tall. Hasps and padlocks on one side and she was pleased. The ideal storage container for all her junk the girl thought, looking over to see if there was a price.

Yes, only £50 ‘seen unopened’ £100 ‘opened’. Well what did THAT mean Jenna thought?

A polite cough disturbed her and Jenna turned to find an old man standing by the shop’s counter. “I’m intrigued…” she began, pointing to the box and the proprietor smiled. “Means just that Miss. If you buy the box and don’t know what’s inside then it could be interesting. Remember those TV auction storage programmes?” and Jenna nodded. “Well it’ll be like that then. You could make a fortune or end up with very little. I’ll be honest with you young lady, even I’ve not looked in there and that’s the truth. The la… person who brought it here said that was the way it was to be sold, ok?”

She nodded, now knowing that his little slip of the tongue meant it’d probably been a lady who donated it and there might be some clothing or even a handbag that Jenna could sell on. “Yeah, if it’s nothing at all I’ll tuck myself in there to hide the shame!” and he chuckled at that looking her up and down. “Well you would probably fit quite well,” and she grinned again. Tapping the outside before pausing…

“Okay, I’ll take it.” She said and he looked pleased, going to the rear of the counter and starting to fill out a purchase slip. Not the sort of place for credit cards and Jenna was pleased she’d already been to the bank. So five £10 notes were counted out and he promised to deliver the box after the shop closed that night.

The long afternoon dragged SO slowly for Jenna before finally the tapping on her door interrupted the girl from the TV. Coming along the hallway she could see Hamish there along with what appeared to be her box. Opening the door confirmed her thoughts. The old lad bid her good evening and with help got the casket over the last step and the pair carried it along the passageway and into Jenna’s little ‘junkroom’ at the rear of the house. It gave her a chance to feel the weight and it didn’t seem that bad.

He looked around and she saw him smile at the stacks of clothing and other stuff piled everywhere. “Can see why you wanted it now, you’ve got more stuff than there is in my shop!” he chuckled and Jenna laughed, offering him a coffee to which he accepted. She asked about why the place was going and he’d replied with details of his retirement. The shop was barely making money and he wanted out ‘before the damn banks have his ass’. An apology for bad language making her grin. “I’ve used those naughty words myself”

Finally he left and Jenna got the door closed and hurried along to the storeroom. Collecting the small sealed envelope the old man had given him on the way. Opening it she discovered the two keys for the padlocks and moments later she opened…

Jenna was rather disappointed to see the box only half filled with black material. Reaching in she took hold of the fabric and lifted out what appeared to be a long dress. Holding it up against herself then turning towards the mirror on the wall. It brushed the tops of her sneakers and actually felt quite nice. Made of either silk or some sort of satin material, quite slippery and Jenna almost dropped it. Heavy too and the girl looked for a zip at the back or some way of getting into it. But to her surprise there wasn’t until she unbuttoned the three fasteners at the nape of the neck and looked inside. “Oh, so that’s how you get in” she murmured.

Undoing a panel at the front Jenna saw the laces that fastened the halves of the dress like a corset, but the fact they were that way round meant she could put it on without needing assistance! The extra material would hide the lacework… nice.

Placing the dress on a hangar to one side Jenna looked down into the casket, seeing a pair of black strappy stiletto shoes and she smiled. Picking them out… “Yeah, a six, brilliant,” Jenna said reading the number on the underside and kicked off her sneakers, wriggling her feet into the shoes and buckling them around her ankles. A short strut and Jen managed not to topple over. “Least I’m not pissed!”

Another envelope lay inside the casket so Jenna reached in and grabbed it. Sliding the single sheet of paper out and she read aloud…

‘To my new owner’

I was originally designed to be a burial dress.
Only to be used once my owner had passed from her life.
But I was worn by mistake by someone who was alive.
I hope to be able to do the same again.

I will captivate my wearer’s heart… please be responsible with me all the time.
Never wear me if you think you’ll come to any harm.

I look to bring you pleasure my dear.

When I am no longer needed place me in the casket and lock me away.
Once secured the casket will always protect whatever is placed inside’

“What a strange letter,” Jenna exclaimed, folding it up then returning the envelope to a shelf nearby. But of course like most women with a new frock…

Jenna returned to her bedroom with the outfit and shoes. Stripping off and applying the obvious. Stockings and all, the girl proud of her body as she had an admiring session in the mirror. Then she began to dress, undoing that front panel from one side then loosened all the laces. Burrowing into the frock from underneath, arms into the sleeves and wriggling her shoulders till she was surrounded by this gorgeous satin fabric. The lacing up took two attempts then Jenna secured the panel over her work and turned to face the mirror. Almost crying at her reflection… oh golly, she looked lovely.

“You’re right, you have captivated my heart,” she murmured. Sliding fingers all over her torso. So smooth, so…

Jenna couldn’t help herself. Getting onto the bed and hitching the dress up, her fingers flying and soon she erupted into one heck of an orgasm. Managing not to mess the fabric as she reached for the tissues.
The dress was so slippery it was hard for the girl to get up, eventually she slid over to one side and scrambled off. Remaining inside it for the rest of the day before reluctantly disrobing just before nightfall. Clutching it to her face she kissed the frock, telling it that it’d always be needed and…

“No way will you ever be locked away again…”

Jenna kept her word, hanging the dress in a wardrobe and pointedly not locking the door. At least once or twice a month she’d lace herself into it then onto the bed for a session.

Chapter 2

Gradually she began experimenting tying herself up, discovering a whole new world out there. Going further and further down the road of self-bondage as she was naturally unsure of asking either of her recent lovers to do anything like that. At first using curtain cords but after a year graduating to metal. Purchasing wrist and leg restraints, even a collar was bought and the feelings on wearing them made Jenna shudder… But even after that she was becoming frustrated. What else could she do?

Going into the storeroom one evening to fetch a book Jenna stubbed her toe on the casket. Cursing her stupidity she eased the box further under the shelf and out of harms way, though now being full of junk it weighed a ton. A glance down and Jenna paused… then smiled wryly…

She’d recently read a tale online about a girl who was locked in a casket and it’d been an enjoyable story. Now Jenna began looking at her box in a whole new light, remembering the old guy had said ‘you’d probably fit inside it’. Quickly it was emptied and the girl dragged it into the front room. Aware of bondage safety and not wanting to get stuck she grabbed a screwdriver from the toolkit and removed the two hasps and pins, reversing them so you’d have to flip the catches up rather than letting them fall down and trap her.

Jenna now shed her sneakers and clambered in, going to a kneeling position then leaning forward till her head brushed the front wall. Then she smiled and reached up, bringing the lid over and plunging herself into the darkness…wow!

That was a good start and over the next week Jenna experimented. She could lie on her back with her legs folded above and still get the top down, but even that began to get boring after a few minutes. Back to the kneeling phase though a cushion made it slightly more restrictive, her arms this time held behind her back though Jenna did eventually topple forward and headbutt the wall!

What she really needed was something to support her head and soon Jenna worked it out. Using a small steel rod she drilled a hole in the side of her collar and after measuring where it needed to be got the loop mounted on the floor in front of her knees. THAT was better, the first time she tried it and the girl stayed there for some while. Almost nodding off until realising it was a bit stuffy. A few more air holes drilled around the box sorted that out. Though she did angle them behind where her head would be so no light got through.

Next time she brought the keys with her and after settling down daringly Jenna locked the collar, and that really made a difference. Soon her ankles were done but she never did the neck restraint if her arms were secured. Just as well because during the first time binding her wrists behind her back she dropped the keys after locking the second cuff. Least she hadn’t blindfolded herself but getting out had been a heck of a struggle and it’d scared her off doing it for a while.

“Be more careful honey,” Jenna scolded herself for many days after that.

Her readings grew longer as she went through so many storysites, wishing and hoping that she could find someone who could actually bind her body. The thoughts even graduating to writing out a cryptic advert to put in the local paper! Thankfully sanity prevailed on the day she was to post it and the letter got screwed up and binned, least she hadn’t put the stamp on the envelope!

In the storeroom one day Jenna trod on the floorboards, the squeaking from one reminding her to grab a hammer and put a new nail in the wood. Lifting the rug up and advancing she paused then for a reason she couldn’t explain Jenna brought the board up instead, seeing a small recess under the planking with the firm grey clay like material that her house was built on. Reaching down she scooped up a handful of stuff and the girl wondered… had a brainwave, then got to work.

Having carefully lifted more planking she unscrewed several horizontal supports and removed enough of those till she had a gap about five feet long by three wide. As these were in the middle of the room they were not load-bearing. Using a shovel Jenna dug out a chamber going down almost the same depth, piling the rubble outside against the wall of her garage where nobody could see it. This took all weekend and the girl was exhausted by the time she’d finished. A bad headache stopped any work the following Saturday but once that eased Jenna was at it again.

Getting the casket down the stepladder wasn’t easy and she almost toppled over but eventually it sat on the newly installed ‘lower’ floor. The girl was delighted and over the next weekend ran through various scenarios until she was happy with her plans. Some new restraints were due this week and she intended to use those as well.

The big day dawned and after another trip to the bathroom Jenna was walking past her open wardrobe when she saw the black satin dress there on its’ hangar. She hadn’t worn it for ages so the girl brought the outfit into the light and smiled. Appropriate underwear was applied then the youngster wriggled her way into it then began the laborious lacing up, but soon enough Jenna was admiring her body in the mirror, running fingers over that lovely smooth material. No bed session today, she had other ideas.

Firstly Jenna had to get to the casket and in this dress and heels that wasn’t easy, the girl thinking she really should have done those preparations beforehand. Going into the storeroom and peeling back the rug on the floor then rolling it to one side. After that was lifting the wooden planks and stacking those in order so they could be replaced once she was ‘down’. Lastly the small fold-up stepladder was lowered into the hole beyond the casket, a box of torches placed next to the top. She’d made it about five feet to the base so she wouldn’t have to do more than crouch once the boards were in place.

Jenna took a deep breath, then grinned and went back to the door and locked it. Returning to her ‘grave’ she turned and nervously began the descent, sighing with relief on getting down without brushing the dress on the sides. The stepladder was folded up and laid on the floor. Grabbing the torches she flicked all four on then placed each one into a recess dug into the sides before the main event.

Reaching for the planks she slid each one across then tugged the rug to start covering the ever- diminishing gap. The last two were partway across before Jenna paused then jerked the rug right over and it finished unrolling with the faintest of snaps’ a few inches beyond. Easing the last of the wood flush she smiled. You wouldn’t even know she was under the floor now.

Smiling now Jenna hitched up her gown and stepped inelegantly into the box. Almost treading on the manacles that lay within. She bent down and placed the first set onto her ankles and twisted the keys to lock them. Then she had to kneel, making sure the folds of the dress didn’t bunch underneath her knees. This took a while but eventually the girl was happy and she sat back on her haunches to grab the next bits.

A thick gag was stuffed into her mouth and tied off, the blindfold would be next, this lying on the edge of the box. Turning all bar one of the torches off then applying the eyewear and soon she was in the dark. Feeling around and gently tugging the snaplocks on the lid hook, as on here were her wristcuffs and the keyring needed to finish her bindings. So it was time to do it!

She knelt forward and rested herself into the base of the next restraint. This being half of her reworked collar, mounted on that pole in front of her knees. Now she reached up and gently lowered the lid till she felt the top half of the padded collar touching the back of her neck, gently moving the swinging metalwork about and guiding the part till it slipped into the other half, now her head was secured all round. That’d been the fun but challenging part, designing the collar to only be complete once the lid was closed.

It felt amazing, her body in a Z shape, breasts resting on her legs and Jenna paused then flipped the little hasps up and across the collar tabs on either side. The click were SO loud but she didn’t care. Trying to lift up but there was little give with the padding snug around her throat, effectively now Jenna was LOCKED into her casket without using a key!

‘Once secured the casket will always protect whatever is placed inside’ Jenna thought, remembering the letter that’d come with the box. ‘Yeah protect ME then’ she grinned.

With the lid down she felt the opened wristcuffs resting on her backside and the girl smiled behind her gag as she continued. Slipping her left arm into one in first, grabbing the keyring and after a moment of searching she got the thing locked. One more to go and it took a few more seconds of fumbling before the key was turned…


She’d done it and Jenna squealed with joy, wiggling the key out of the lock, reaching up and with some difficulty got the snaplock back onto the hook.

Relaxing now Jenna shuffled as best she could. Only able to lift that shapely butt by a couple of inches, imagining how she looked, bound and gagged etc. though nobody would have a clue even that she was home let alone here. Locked in her casket, buried below the floorboards, the seemingly undisturbed carpet above that… lovely!

She awoke from a doze, tired now and starting to ache from the bondage. The air slightly stuffy despite the breathing holes drilled all around, the girl sweating inside her dress so it’d need cleaning before she did this again. Jenna twisted her hands and carefully took the ring down, her fingers searching for the smaller key for her wrists and trying to get it into the lock. Fumbling again then minutes later she paused and wanted to relax. Letting go of the keys…

Feeling them drop onto her torso made Jenna freeze solid. Her fingers still before she tried to reach…

But they were just out of range so she lifted her arms and unhooked the middle link off the hook and that was… better as she shuffled and touched the ring… just as it slid slightly up her back. The girl was appalled, realising the smooth fabric of the dress would provide little resistance and as she was bent forward her ass was higher. If she moved again the keyring would come even further…

‘OK honey… think what did you do last time?’ Jenna murmured. Realising that she could lift her neck up… no! She’d flipped the hasps across and that had LOCKED the collar! Now she was shaking with fear, not the best thing to do and worse her legs were cramping underneath.

‘You stupid cow!’ She cursed and couldn’t help it but lift herself up. Her back twitched and she felt… “Nooooo…!’ as the ring gently slid another few inches… the ‘tink’ as a key touched the collar barely audible over her screams of despair…

Helpless now in her bonds Jenna mentally reread again that note that’d come with her purchase.

I will captivate my wearer’s heart…please be responsible all the time.
Never wear me if you think you’ll come to any harm.

“Yeah, you’ve done that all right and I thought I was,” the girl sighed then her heart froze at the line that she’d murmured seemingly minutes ago.

‘Oh damn… not so funny now sweetheart!’ Jenna whispered. Words echoing round her head as she recited them all.

‘When I am no longer needed place me in the casket and lock me away.’
‘Once secured the casket will always protect whatever is placed inside’

Trying not to weep at the situation she’d placed herself in. She said some but not all and her body trembled again.

‘I was originally designed to be a burial dress.’
‘But I was worn by mistake by someone who was alive.’
‘I hope to be able to do the same again.’

‘Errr…my mistake… so I guess you have… got your wish’

Jenna stayed that way for ages, sleeping again for a while before waking, thrashing her arms up and beating against the lid, even the keyring tumbling off her neck didn’t matter anymore. Her efforts now making the collar catches rattle and after the second time she paused as it’d given her another idea.

‘Ok, we’ll jerk sideways while bashing the lid, the rod isn’t that thick’ so Jenna began… once… twice and the third time she heard the left side latch click, the pressure still the same but encouraged she did it the other way…


Jenna sobbed in relief and tried to lift, wow it was a strain on her bruised neck. Slowly but surely she straightened up, the collar swinging to her left, herself leaning that way as the girl forced the lid aside until it stopped. Now she relaxed, sitting upright and sobbing in partial relief.

All she had to do now was find the damn keyring!

It took another tortuous two hours before the shaking Jenna freed herself. Getting to her feet while tightly bound but not too high after headbutting the planks above. Being unable to step out of course so she’d had to turn in the box, kneel back down then bend backwards till…yes!...

Clutching the keys a trembling Jenna unlocked her wrists, bursting into tears as she freed the rest of her restraints then knelt there in the dim torchlight and prayed for forgiveness from her stupidity.

That bath never felt SO good as Jenna Rennie tried to wash off the marks on her limbs, the girl now determined she’d reached her limits so tomorrow she’d refill the hole and… probably get rid of the casket. Keep the dress mind but eventually after drying off she decided the box would go back to its storage use. “Paid £50 for it, don’t like wasting cash!”

Chapter 3

Weeks later Jenna got herself stuck again and this time it was serious enough that she almost vowed not to do this again alone. She’d been on the bed playing with her latest acquisitions, the first one being a thick steel belt. Before that she’d collared herself, ankles into restraints with some brand-new wrists manacles attached to the belt by a snaplock. Blindfold and gag applied as usual, but Jenna had decided to ham it up by hog-tying herself as well and this caused her to overdo it!

It had required another chain with snaplocks at each end to go between her ankles and the big loop on the back of her belt. Initially it went fine, the restraints had all been applied except her wrists then Jenna rolled onto her front to put the hogtie into place. But she’d misjudged the length, the chain was too long and she paused to think.. Eventually smiling and feeding the chain and snaplock right through the loop on her collar instead.

She folded her feet back as far as they’d go then tugged the end down, eventually attaching the lock to the belt… perfect. Jenna tried to move her feet and with the snaplock in place that was impossible, she even had to hold her head up too. Now she reached back, wriggled her wrists into the manacles and secured those. Easing the key out then flipping it over her torso and she heard them land a few inches away, sounding like they were alongside her head.

Gentle writhing in her bonds Jenna struggled against the relentless grip of steel, eventually relaxing and somehow after a few minutes she dozed off! Awaking with a start as her left calf was cramping against the thigh so she needed to free herself. Reaching with her fingers to find the buttons on her wrist and there a surprised young lady realised she had a series of problems to sort out.

These new manacles had been sold by the company as ‘perfect for self-bonders’ as they had both keys and release buttons on one rim edge. Thus allowing someone to free themselves if for any reason the keys weren’t there. The cuffs themselves were pretty good for the £250 she’d paid for them. Half an inch thick and padded too, Only trouble being Jenna forgot to check which way round the manacles had been before locking herself up, so the buttons were on the elbow side.

So, she tried to twist her limbs in the cuffs as her hands were palm to palm. Fingers pointing towards each other and there Jenna made a nasty discovery. Mainly the chain for the hogtie was covering the links between her manacles, effectively pinning her wrists tighter to the belt, and thirdly, as THAT had slid up her waist because of the tugging chain from the collar…


‘Nooougghh!’ she cursed, trying not to thrash in her bonds as it kept jerking her neck. So Jenna HAD to find the keys after all!

What followed lasted seemingly ages as the poor girl writhed and wriggled around the bed, trying desperately to find the keys, hearing the damn things clinking as she bounced and lurched about. At one point she almost rolled off one side and Jenna screamed and wailed into her gag, arms and legs aching like hell. But worse the growing realisation that she was getting turned on as well! Feeling dampness through her panties and she tried not to… but eventually the girl was reduced to helpless squealing as she succumbed to a crashing orgasm.

Jenna awoke after that, tired, sticky amidships, exhausted even but still stuck. Trying not to sob with the pain in her legs as she moved again, lurching to her left this time and suddenly she landed ON the keyring. One of the stubs jabbing her painfully on the left breast. She paused for a moment, trying to work out how to twist her body around, then roll over so her fingers could grab them.

After that she’d ‘only’ have to work out how to get the keys into the damn locks and Jenna was quietly sobbing now. Her contemplation interrupted as the DOORBELL rang!

‘Nooougghh!’ she wailed, lurching up the bed then the shocked girl felt the keyring sliding down her breast and… wedge themselves into her lacy bra. The cold metal making her squeal and Jenna paused. Shaking her body, trying to dislodge them but actually making the situation worse as by now the whole ring was between her cleavage and going nowhere.

Slumping in defeat Jenna wept uncontrollably now. Pathetically tugging everywhere, her arms and legs on fire, neck despite the padding on the collar was really hurting and if she didn’t calm down soon she could be in…

“Miss Rennie, are you at home…” she heard someone say outside her bedroom door and Jenna died a thousand deaths as she recognised the voice as belonging to Father Edward Jones, their towns’ vicar!

The door was knocked on then creaked open… “Oh goodness me, what on earth is…” she heard over her sobs as the footsteps came closer before the longest pause in her life.

“Well I never, er… you appear to a little stuck young lady, aren’t you?” he asked, a hint of amusement in his voice and a rapidly reddening Jenna nodded as best she could, rolling herself over so he could hopefully see the keys and where they were. The girl had a lovely body and as she was only wearing underwear he was getting a view no vicar had ever seen before.

HOW embarrassed was she now and another pause before ‘Ted’ spoke again. “Did someone do this… or did you do it yourself?” But the plaintive wail and the fact her face was now a scarlet colour was enough of an answer. She froze as his fingers touched her breasts, a faint apology as he retrieved the keys and she waited for the moment when he freed her but stopped as he spoke again.

“I’ll undo your wrists, BUT do not move a muscle till I’ve left the room. The rest you can do yourself. Please get dressed while I make us some tea, think you need it. Then I’ll assume you’ll join me in the kitchen with an explanation, an hour should be long enough for you, alright?”

Jenna nervously nodded then sighed as she heard the magical clicks as her manacles were unlocked and he placed the keys next to her head. His clumping feet across the wooden floor and the creaking door were SO welcome then the youngster got to work.

Firstly unclipping the snaplock from the belt and feeding it back through her neck loop. The relief as she unbent her legs made Jenna gasp as the circulation got back into them. Finally she rolled onto her side and after a few moments rest levered herself upright. Removing the gag and blindfold. Collar off next with the belt following and lastly Jenna undid her ankles. Managing not to topple over as she rushed into the ensuite bathroom, starting to sob again while hearing Ted whistling in the kitchen.

‘What must he be thinking,’ she murmured standing in the shower, washing away the evidence of her afternoon’s activities. Emerging later and getting dressed, shocked at how late it was. She’d been stuck for four hours, no wonder everything had hurt so much.

As it was ‘Father Ted’ she better smarten up so Jenna wore one of her best silk blouses, this one with the ruff neck to hide the collar marks, adding a calf length skirt that she normally used for formal occasions. Tights rather than the stockings worn earlier! No wonder he’d sounded amused seeing me like that, must have been hard to know where to look. Slippers on last then a freshen up of make-up, Jenna relieved the gag marks had faded as she styled her hair into a ponytail then nervously went to face the music!

Hard to say who was more embarrassed when Jenna arrived in the kitchen. Ted looking at her and nodding politely, “That’s more like it young lady,” and she blushed and he smiled now. Handing her a most welcome cup of tea and indicating she should sit at the table ‘to confess?’

Jenna did so and the early evening chat saw an amazed vicar get a lesson from one of his parishioners about how and why she loved to tie herself up. While he’d heard about this kind of behaviour of course Ted would never admit to anyone about what he’d seen tonight so afterwards told her that. Jenna relieved to hear it and she burst into tears for a while. Drying up and offering him supper to which he accepted. Asking her about the hymns for tomorrows service as that was the original reason for his visit. She should have been there tonight to discuss them, and the fact she hadn’t arrived made Ted come round to see if Jenna was alright. “Well you were, and weren’t?” he chuckled, smiling as the girl went crimson again!

She admitted this wasn’t the first time either, an amazed vicar hearing about the other exploits in the casket. How and where it’d come from plus how much she’d paid for it. Jenna even saying where it had happened and now genuine concern was showing in his face. “I’ve buried enough parishioners over the years, I certainly wouldn’t want to do you as well… I only ask that you take more care, understand?” and she nodded dutifully.

He wasn’t so sure about that and as they cleared up told Jenna that as a result of what he’d found, that for just for tonight he would ‘confiscate’ all her apparel, including the casket! She was dismayed but quietly relieved and the youngster agreed to the punishment. The pair packed all the restraints and stuff into the box then after Ted checked ‘the coast was clear’ they carried it to his battered jeep, currently on her driveway. Father Ted also asked Jenna to be at church by 8am tomorrow rather than her normal time but wouldn’t elaborate why. A brief hug and a promise from her to ‘be good’ then he drove slowly away, leaving a rather emotional and chastised lady behind.

Jenna was appalled to come into the kitchen and find her little laptop she used for work was missing as well. Not knowing that Ted had remembered her saying about how she’d looked up stuff online and she assumed now he would be looking through her search history… as indeed he was. An amazed man of the cloth reading all about it! It was well after 3am when Father Ted went to his bed… praying for his parishioners but especially for Miss Rennie. The priest hoped she wouldn’t object to what was going to happen to her in the morning.

The new day dawned and Jenna hurried along the silent streets of the town, her chunky boots the only sounds as she headed for the church. Even Mr Patel, the newsagent wasn’t open yet, a pile of papers in boxes on his doorstep and that showed how early she was. It’d taken the girl since 6am to be ready, now in her Sunday best white fitted jacket, the same style skirt as yesterday plus these boots. She was even wearing leather gloves and anyone seeing her would assume that Miss Jenna Rennie was a young but wealthy lady with impeccable styling and tastes. Well almost she grinned, trying not to blush at the idea of Father Ted reading her stuff. The guy was only 10 years or so older than her 32 and surely even HE must have ‘those’ thoughts!

Arriving as the 8am bell tolled Jenna quietly let herself in through the side door. The church was of course silent then she discerned the sound of a radio playing in the vestry. Naturally it was tuned to a classical music station and the girl came closer and knocked on the door.

“Come in Jenna,” was the reply and a smiling Miss Rennie entered to see Father Ted there drinking a cup of tea, breakfast stuff laid out but the lassie was surprised to see a second placement ready. She’d been so busy getting her make-up and hair right that the girl had forgone food this morning. He pointed to the chair and asked Jenna what she’d like to eat. Toast and cereal were provided along with a drink.

Most unusual but at the moment Miss Rennie didn’t object. Relieved that nothing had been mentioned about last night, though she did finally see her laptop bag on a chair near his desk. Zips all closed up and she prayed the device was inside and not somewhere else.

Finishing the tea she began, “About last night… I’m so…” but stopped when Ted raised a hand. Saying there was nothing to be ashamed about. “While I don’t think it’s normal, whatever you get up to is nothing of anyone else’s business, even mine” he replied. Admitting that, yes, he had read some stuff on her laptop. “But only out of curiosity. I understand you a little more now. I’ve packed it away and you may have it back, ok?” and Jenna nodded. A relieved girl about to ask about her casket when Ted stood up and asked Jenna to come next door into the smaller room.

She obeyed and was amazed to see her casket, on a trolley normally used for moving the flowerpots in the church. The box opened with all the restraints laid out on the table nearby. “Still cannot believe you actually get in there,” he smiled, seeing her reach forward and gently stroke the lid. Jenna nodded and told him exactly how it worked, lowering the lid and he bent down to see the repaired collar top swing across just before the top touched the base.

The youngster saying the fact she’d clipped the collar latches across was what had trapped her. Only the fact she’d eventually worked out by rocking her neck from side to side had eventually caused them to pop off again thus she was able to get the lid up and start freeing herself. It’d taken her two hours to do so, “cost me afternoon tea, but least I survived,” she joked and he smiled wryly.

“You wore all these as well?” he asked, pointing to the pile of restraints. Jenna came over and moved a few bits, gag, blindfold then the correct wristcuffs rather than the belt. “I see, you must have looked a sight,“ and she blushed on admitting she’d been naked, no way did she intend to say anything about the burial dress, but he looked slightly embarrassed now. He did however stun the youngster on asking her to demonstrate it!

“What now?” she spluttered, going redder than last night but he nodded. “Just the way you touched the casket, it’s obviously something you want to do again?” Jenna was speechless but he saw something in her eyes and eventually she agreed!

Coming back after using the bathroom Jenna paused then shed her jacket, looking down then the boots came off as well. He smiled and said there was no need to go further than that! Jenna chuckled now and clambered into the casket, kneeling down then asking for the leg restraints. Applying both then handing the keyring over. Taking a moment to adjust herself before she accepted the gag. Inserting the device and pumping it up, then nervously indicating for the blindfold. She applied that then listened as he unlocked the wrist cuffs.

Slowly Jenna obeyed the request to position her arms then shuddered as the cuffs were locked around both wrists, keys being removed then a pause before Ted touched Jenna under the armpits and told her to relax, lowering the girl down. She shuffled into position, neck resting in the loop then silence fell…

A faint creek of wood then she jumped a little feeling the collar top loop brush her neck then clamp down as Ted closed the lid! Soon she was smiling as the hasps and padlocks were applied and for the first time Miss Rennie was inescapably secured in her casket… lovely!

“That better young lady?” she heard faintly. The girl reaching up and after hanging her wrist cuffs onto the hook on the lid, it enabled her to rap knuckles on the wooden surface.

“Right then, I’ll leave you there… for a while, alright?” so another knock was replied to with a tap on the lid above her head. Jenna shuffled slightly in her bonds, unable to believe what she’d just allowed to be done to herself.

She certainly wasn’t expecting to be moved! A squeak and lurch before Ted pushed the casket and the girl was amazed, the trolley rumbling along before silence fell but it was still moving before finally coming to a halt. Another jerk then a long dragging sound before nothing… a faint thumping as Jenna realised something, or more than one item had been placed on top of the casket.

The youngster was mortified a while later to hear the gradual chatter of people! Eventually the voices faded to be replaced by an organ playing the traditional opening anthem of their Sunday service, Jenna now discovering that she was actually IN the main part of the church.

Over the next hour the service went ahead, Jenna listening intently to everything, with sight gone it allowed her to concentrate, quietly praying at the appropriate times. Ted’s sermon making her smile behind the gag when he’d prattled on about punishments and forgiveness ‘to those incarcerated!’

‘If only the congregation knew’ she murmured to herself, feeling the first aches of her body and being held so long she needed a wee. Eventually the service ended and she was keenly awaiting her freedom. A tap on the casket made her jump, but just when she thought release was at hand she heard the voice of Mrs Creggan calling after Ted. Her heart sank as the town’s chief gossip came closer, a pause then June asked the vicar had he seen Miss Rennie this morning?

It appeared from the ensuing conversation June Creggan wanted Jenna to drive her over to Inverness on Tuesday afternoon, somehow the older woman knowing it was Jen’s half-day off work. The youngster smiled, did the lass know everything about everyone in town? Father Ted kept his composure, saying yes, he was surprised Jenna wasn’t here having spoken to her last night, so he’d call her on the phone later and ask if she was alright. Only for June to say she’d pop round after lunch and ask the youngster in person. “Such a nice young lady, so willing to help around town, polite too. I’m sure she’ll find someone to look after her eventually!” Jenna now blushing furiously below the chattering couple.

June Creggan looked down and saw the edge of the casket poking out from under the sheet. “Oh, that’s my old keepsake box that I gave away. I always wondered who bought that, I forgot to ask Hamish before he left.” She said. Asking the vicar how much he paid for it, Ted thankful Jenna had told him. Floored however by June’s next question.

“What did you do with the contents?”

He paused for a moment then lifted the cloth covering the casket, pointing to the padlocks, rattling them and saying it’d never been opened. She frowned, saying she’d given Hamish a package with the keys and how it should be sold. “Oh, ok, so you’ve no idea?” Ted saying ‘no, never saw an envelope’ Jenna smiling as he distorted the truth. ‘a lying vicar eh?

“Fair enough, it only contained my old burial outfit, the one I had to use for the Gilbert and Sullivan production when that dressmaker let everyone down. After that of course I couldn’t wear it again. Anyway, looks like you’ve found a good use for the box. But sorry to delay you Father Edward, I must be away home, or lunch will be late when the children arrive at 1pm”

With that she accepted his blessing and marched off, not knowing who was sighing louder in relief. The vicar or a helpless brunette, inches away from causing the biggest scandal their town had known.

Ted wheeled Jenna’s casket back into the vestry and released the youngster from her bonds, the pair chuckling after she returned from the bathroom. She paused then slowly walked into his arms then kissed the guy on the lips! Amazed when he responded before they broke off. “Thank you for that young lady, it’s been a while since…” he began but Jenna stopped him, saying it’d been wrong to do it and apologised. Sitting down but freezing when his hands rubbed her shaking shoulders.

Gradually Jenna calmed down after a few tears and she joked about his fibbing earlier. “Before the altar too… really,” and he grinned at that. “Actually you were off to the side with the collection trays on top of you. Shall we count them whilst you’re here?”

They did, pleased the money was up a bit. “Even though you weren’t officially here. You’ll need to be off shortly and prepare for June Creggan’s visit after lunch. But Jenna, if you want to go in the box again you’ll have to return here… so I… can… look after your wellbeing, understand?” She nodded, slightly dismayed to lose the casket but smiling when Ted said he’d returned the restraints later, only the casket would remain.

story continues in part two

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