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Jenna’s Final Journey

by Wingco

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Continues from Part One

Part Two

Chapter 4

There the casket remained, Jenna coming around at least once a week, usually on the Tuesday night and she’d happily climb into the box, Ted locking her limbs but on at least one occasion realised his hands had brushed her breasts while lowering the girl into the collar. To prove that theory on the next visit she arrived early and stripped off her skirt and blouse. Wearing her best underwear and was in the box, kneeling and ready. Gagged and blindfolded with her ankles already done. Ted had come in and saw Miss Rennie there…

“Excellent, wrists please,” he whispered and reached for the cuffs. Once Jenna’s arms were locked…

“Will you forgive me?” and she nodded, a sigh as she guessed what was coming next. Smiling as his fingers came around, tracing her shoulders then sloowwwly slid onto her breasts. Gently massaging both, feeling the nipples hardening through the lacy material before he came back, hands in the correct place then eased her down. Minutes later she heard the casket being locked and Jenna wondered how to top that…

Next week she was naked and ready for him. Even down to securing her wrists this time. His gentle caresses of her breasts then going onto her torso once she was face down… nice.

Freedom came eventually but to Jenna’s surprise she was asked not to remove the blindfold once out of the casket, but put her shoes on. Ted leading the girl to the bathroom and waiting for her to finish. The walk back however took longer and the girl was amazed to be led seemingly along the aisle, then down a long set of spiral stairs, difficult enough blindfolded and in stillie heels. She didn’t know this place even had a lower level and it made her start trembling. The walk now along a passageway lasted ages before the creak of another door and a clunk as it was locked.

“Shhhh….” He murmured on seeing she was about to speak. “I have prepared a very special room for you sweetheart, if you want to leave now is your only chance.” She blushed at being called that, now realising the odd ‘love’ or hon’ had crept into his speech while they’d been playing her games.

Asking where she was and the youngster was amazed to find the old church had a secret bomb shelter built during the war. It was off Holy grounds, the room was under the road out the front, a faint rumble as traffic passed over confirming this. “We’re about thirty feet below ground…” and she smiled briefly.

“So what are your intentions,?” she asked, jumping when his hands stroked her shoulders again and Jen soon found out. Being eased backwards then her legs touched what appeared to be the edge of a bed. She cautiously sat down, patting the surface and finding cotton sheets there rather than a bare mattress. Bouncing across she felt around, knowing now it must at least be a kingsize. Touching a pillow at one end so she could orientate herself.

“I’m sure you can guess, lie down honey and relax…” Ted murmured and Jenna smiled and obeyed. He touched her left hand and after clasping fingers for a moment he drew it up and to her amazement the girl felt a cuff enclosing her wrist…


He moved around the other side and saw Jenna already moving her other arm to be ready….

“Good girl, this is what you wanted, yes?” and she nodded. A sigh as her other arm was secured to the corner before the bed lurched and he joined the girl and she assumed he was now naked too. Gently touching those proud breasts and she shivered as his fingers roamed all over them, a faint squeeze of nipple made her jump and she only just managed not to squeal.

“Nobody would hear you anyway,” he chuckled when she mentioned it. His hands now coming down, tracing circles over Jenna’s toned midriff…

“You may, hon…” she said when he paused just an inch from her mound, the girl sighing as he then kissed her breasts then gently eased his fingers inside. Soon she was rocking as he warmed her up, before the bed lurched and he straddled her torso.

“Am I forgiven?” he said, positioning himself and Jenna nodded, gasping as he drove into her. An impressive sized cock she thought. Giving the girl a real pounding and she bucked under the onslaught. Hands tugging against her cuffs a little painful but soon she felt her heat building. Ted more skilled than Jenna assumed and for a moment she wondered who… but the onrushing express came soon enough and she squealed with joy on climaxing. Ted too but she was relieved on cooling down to discover he’d worn protection. The girl lying enervated as her cuffs were released. Removing the blindfold afterwards and once she got her vision back saw Ted staring at her fondly.

Scrambling off the bed and embracing him, kissing deeply as his hands roamed everywhere. The girl embarrassed to feel herself starting to drip, but Ted, ever the gentleman had placed towels and tissues ready for her. Jenna blushed then turned away, the guy dressing while she dabbed and cleaned herself up. Ted said remain here while he fetched her clothes. “Cannot have you going down my aisle like that young lady,” he quipped to a giggling Jenna… the girl amazed when he left… locking her in!

Jenna finished up and explored the room, smiling as she looked at those cuffs, a check on her wrists… yeah, long sleeve blouse tomorrow, she grinned. Reddening patches on her arms that would need to be hidden. Eventually Ted returned with her stuff, also the handbag so she could repair her face. What a right gent he was!

They left as quietly as they’d arrived, Jenna hoping to see the passageway and their way out, Ted instead blindfolded then restrained the youngster before leading her upstairs. Only freeing her in his quarters and received a kiss in return. “Our secret, yes?” she murmured as he let go and Ted agreed.

Over the next few weeks that’s how it went, their lovemaking sessions in the secret room increasing in frequency. Sometimes she’d be bound, others free with her vision as well. One time she even got Ted secured and blindfolded instead, teasing the guy, taking him in her mouth and toying with that cock. Jenna was delighted and even her work colleagues noticed their friend seemed happier these days.

But coming into the vestry one night Ted saw Jenna there, on time as expected but the fact she was still dressed and sitting at the table, what did that mean? The girl turned around and he saw pain in her eyes. Coming close and kneeling at her feet. “What’s wrong…” he asked and slowly Jenna told him about the crushing headache she’d been suffering from for the last few days. “I’ve had some bad ones over recent months, but this is horrendous. Started Thursday and I just cannot get rid of it, worse than a migraine. Would you mind if we didn’t play tonight?” The plaintive tone in her voice and Ted agreed, holding her hands, feeling Jenna trembling.

Instead Ted took Jenna back to her house, putting the youngster to bed, staying in her lounge all night praying. In the morning she was still bad and now he was worried enough. “You need a doctor?” and told the girl to get dressed and he’d take her to hospital.

That mission was accomplished, and she received various tests and endured countless examinations over the following week. Eventually the headache subsided, still bad but Jen wanted out so quietly lied that she was feeling better. Father Edward came to collect her, taking her home and straight off to bed. For the first time sleeping together and she never let go of him all night. She managed to cope at work for a week, though eventually asking for time off and explaining why, thankfully her boss was a good guy. “Take as long as you need young lady. Call if you want help.”

The letter with Jenna’s results landed on her doctor’s doorstep the following Saturday and an exhausted Miss Rennie came to the surgery that afternoon to hear what he had to say and what their plan of action was to be. The shell-shocked youngster however went home managing to look normal to those she passed on the way.

Once in her living room she read the letter herself. Those cold and dreadful words there in black and her eyes closed tight… tears emerging from them and that was how Ted found her a few minutes later. Sobbing uncontrollably on the sofa. The screwed-up paper on the table. “May I?” he asked and she stared, trying to nod but it hurt so much to move now as he smoothed out the crumples.

‘Dear Doctor McLuskey.

Our neurological tests on Miss Jenna Rennie have confirmed she has a ‘malignant brain tumour’ pressing on her cerebral so and such nerves,” he murmured, “why do they use such complicated words?” and she managed to smile briefly at his exasperated tone, but chilled as he continued…

‘Its size and location make it almost impossible to access through keyhole surgery without severe impact on Miss Rennie’s physical wellbeing, the clinical consensus therefore is that the tumour…

…is non-operable’

He paused, looking up at the ceiling, Jenna realising he was whispering a prayer and that was a little comforting to see.

The rest of the letter was obviously written by some heartless computer and not supposed to be seen by the patient. Her life expectancy was anywhere from 2 to 6 months. ‘Inform the patient that she should no longer drive a motor vehicle or operate machinery…’

Also a listing of hospices for his recommendation was provided and Ted stared at it for a moment then screwed the paper up, tossing it into the kitchen.

“Least you threw it further than I managed,” Jenna quipped as he turned to her and at first he smiled briefly. “You poor child, I’m so sorry honey,” and she collapsed into his arms, her own grabbing hold as she buried her aching head into his shoulder.

He wasn’t just her lover now, but her pastor, priest, vicar and now it looked like he’d be the guy who’d end up dispatching her and for once Father Edward was lost for words. He’d allowed himself to get too close to a parishioner and he was mortified at his own behaviour as well. Jenna saw his inner turmoil and despite her condition tried to comfort her friend.

“I don’t think it’s His judgement on us, this apparently started long before you and I began seeing each other, I’ve actually been having these headaches for about 2 years, just didn’t want to make a fuss,” she said shamefaced. “But I’d like you to do something that’d help,” she said having dried up, summoning strength to get the kettle on as he read the letter over and over again.

Ted turned and reached for Jenna’s hands, kissing each one. “I’ll do anything, and everything to help you honey, that’s a promise, understand? Just ask, I’ve probably heard it all before.”

She nodded, smiled then told him… “I’d like you to bury me in my casket next month…”

Time stopped for Father Edward as he stared at the girl. Jenna looking back, her eyes cloudy with pain, hands trembling as well.

“But you haven’t died, well not yet…” and she smiled at that. “Yeah, but this just cuts out part of the process. You bury me, then I move over… simple.” She replied so offhandedly that it made him shake.

Chapter 5

Reluctantly Father Edward would agree to Jenna’s plans and on the days her head wasn’t trying to explode the girl began to disengage herself from modern life. The hardest was having to explain to her boss that she was leaving. Refusing his offers of her wages whilst she’d been ill. “Where I’m going I won’t need it.” That told him everything and the pair had a tearful hug before she walked away. The man promising not to say a word, a shame really, Miss Rennie had been by far his best employee.

Ted helped Jenna pack away her things over the next fortnight, various charity shops across the Highlands received countless boxes of books, clothes and other stuff. Anything of value she made him sell on websites and put the money ‘towards restoration funds’ or any other excuse he could think of. The house was quietly sold to a friend of his, no ‘For-Sale’ board had appeared and it was finally Mrs Creggan who discovered Jenna had vanished on knocking at her door to find a stranger there.

That of course caused a huge amount of gossip in the town. Why had one of the most popular and attractive young ladies just upsticked and gone? Who had helped her move, but for once even June’s contacts failed her. Jenna’s boss didn’t live close, her former workmates only knew she’d left a month ago. Father Edward seemed shocked she’d departed and the chatter continued for weeks.

Of course he did know of Jenna’s whereabouts. Under the road in their secret room. The girl spending most of her time asleep he thought as any time he went down there she was in bed, curled up and silent. Having to be coaxed to eat and drink a couple of times. Others she was lucid and one memorable night they made love, Ted being gentle enough and Jenna wept with relief at being able to act normally now and again. The hardest times for her were having to sneak into the church to use Ted’s bathroom or the toilet just outside the door behind the curtain near the entrance.

She almost got caught out, sitting on the bowl one day when June Creggan came in, chatting as usual to a friend and it appeared she was here to do the flowers for a service! They were in there for a few minutes then departed, not noticing the far cubicle was still locked. Jenna waited an age before she was able to creep out then get the other door closed again, rushing back along the corridor in tears, flinging herself into bed and wishing this would all be over soon enough. Ted was apparently away saying he was at a ‘new location’ preparing her casket as she’d asked.

He arrived that night and the expression on his face made her shudder, mainly because she only had one bag of clothing left. This she’d not even allowed him to see the contents of, saying it was what she intended to wear for ‘that’ Otherwise she just had one nightdress and kimono plus slippers and nothing else. These had been a gift from Ted having accidentally given all her nightwear away last week. It’d made her grin on seeing it, he’d helped her into it and this had been the night they’d made love.

The couple kissed and held each other tightly, as she’d not seen him since yesterday evening, the girl waking this morning and having blundered her way to the light switch found a tray with breakfast laid out for her, how thoughtful.

“How are you honey,” he asked, seeing her wince as she sat down, tugging her dress tidy, still trying to remain elegant despite how drawn and pale she looked tonight.

“Ted, I’m sorry darling, I don’t think I can last much longer…” she whispered as he came close and took her hands. Feeling Jenna shuddering all the time. He nodded and gently kissed her cheek.

“Ok, well we’re ready anyway, if you want… we can go tonight?” a squeeze of his hands gave him the reply he dreaded. “Very well, I’ll prepare the jeep, need to get some fuel anyway, you’ve got an hour.” She smiled, and they kissed again before he left, surprising Jenna on locking the door behind him.

Miss Rennie sighed and opened the bag. Extracting her dress and the rest, head pounding as slowly she applied the underwear, smiling slightly at what Ted would say seeing her clad in those! Lacing up the front almost defeated her, but the girl managed not to cry after buttoning the panel across her chest.

“All done sweetheart, almost ready,” she whispered to herself as Jenna styled her hair. Thankful Ted had brought her a mirror to use. Make-up had just been finished when she heard footsteps coming down the passage, a knock on the metal and she got to her feet, the girl already shaking as he unlocked the door and came in. His eyes stared as Jenna looked lovely, standing there in that dress, smoothing out a few wrinkles that these things get when you sit down.

He came closer and she walked into his arms, feeling his hands resting on her hips before Ted kissed her gently on the nose. “Beautifully done Jenna, you were right about not wanting to be seen. Now the place is locked so you’re safe to come up?” and she nodded. Taking a moment to look around the room before taking his hand and allowing herself to be led along the passageway. Up the stairs, difficult in her heels but Jen managed. The church almost in darkness as she paused, seeing a single spotlight onto the altar, highlighting the Cross behind.

Jenna slowly crossed herself then Ted escorted the girl along the aisle, cradling both hands till she arrived to see the cushion placed as expected. Kneeling before her secret lover, accepting the blessing and she knew… that nothing would stop them now. He paused for a moment then they headed for the vestry and the journey ahead. Once inside Jenna looked on his desk and saw the items she’d asked for and smiled as he came towards her.

Chapter 6

Father Edward stopped the car in the remote parking lot and the engine died away, the guy listening to the slightly nervous breathing of his passenger. “Are we there yet,” Jenna asked with a grin, a phrase so many parents have joked about. He chuckled and replied that they were, only the last walk to the spot he’d selected for her. It’d take about half an hour to get there, the girl now knowing why he’d asked for her shoe size to use a pair of boots. No way was the terrain level enough for stilettoes!

Jenna nodded, trying to quell the awful headache, though she knew it’d not be for much longer. A few remaining pills and a slug of whisky would put paid to that and Ted had given his blessing for her to have them before the final stage of tonight’s events.

He came round to do her door, the perfect gentleman and he carefully lifted the youngster out of the car. Mainly because she needed help, wearing the thick blindfold asked for earlier so she wouldn’t see the last journey on the rubbish roads this country possessed. Even Ted had quietly cursed hitting one big pothole a few minutes ago and that’d made her chuckle. He too smiled and made to reach over to pat Jenna’s hands… only stopping on remembering they were secured behind her back!

Now standing on the blanket Jenna sighed as Ted released her from the cuffs, rubbing her wrists as usual despite the padding, again it wouldn’t matter. Obeying his request to take off the blindfold as well, then she could put on the boots. It was a moonlit night and the girl was pleased as she looked around the area. Trees in all directions and all she knew was they were about an hour from her former home. A faint call of gulls and the tang of salt gave her another clue but she didn’t want to spoil it now.

Ted gathered the stuff needed for the event, saying all the heavy gear was already there having been placed yesterday. “Ready then,” and she nodded. Coming closer and the pair kissed, his hands going around Jenna and holding her tightly. “You’re being so brave sweetheart, shall we?” and she nodded again. Trying not to burst into tears as he let go, grabbed the rucksack with all the bits, took Jenna’s other hand and they headed off.

The track was fairly smooth as the couple walked slowly along, mainly because Jenna was so tired. The illness had ravaged her strength and at one point she worried she’d not be able to manage. But Ted assured her that even in that dress the girl could cope. “It does look nice on you,” he said, wanting to see her smile and she did, teeth glittering in the moonlight as she squeezed his hand. “Thanks, you were right about the shoes mind,” she chuckled.

At one point they had to step over a log that’d fallen across the track. Jenna hitching her dress to the waist and inelegantly getting past the obstruction. Ted trying not to grin as she dropped the outfit down, seeing him looking at those shapely stocking clad legs. It made her smile again and she reached over and gently smacked his bottom before the couple clasped hands again. “Men are all the same, and you should know better too!” she grinned, trying not to show her nerves now.

Finally they arrived in the tiny clearing, Jenna marvelling at the view to the east through a gap in the woods, obviously the sea as the surface sparkled, even a ‘moonpath’ leading straight towards them and she was delighted at his choice. He set the bulky bag down and unrolled the blanket, suggesting to the girl that she rest as there was still a little work to do. She did so, also removing the boots and getting her stillies ready. Seemed daft taking them with her but Jen remembered they’d been there at the start.

They’d be there at the finish.

Looking over as Ted went between two small white stakes a few feet into the treeline, the guy pausing then she was amazed as one of the bushes moved as he dragged it clean out of the way! The sound of a brush being brandished made her smile as she knew Ted was obviously keeping his word. After half an hour of labours he returned, wiping dirt off both hands. Jenna grabbed a towel, box of tissues and the water bottle, passing them over. “Thank you my dear,” he said, rapidly cleaning up and once done he took the two flashlights and went back to the site. Switching both on and mounting them to the nearest trees.

While he did that Jenna reached for her tablets and the bottle of booze. The pills rattled into her hands and she wondered… Then smiled and took the lot, flushing them down with the whisky, trying not to cough as the liquid burned her throat. She’d never liked the stuff, bit hard for a Scotswoman to admit she disliked her country’s finest fire water.

Ted walked slowly back and came close now, Jenna tried not to shudder as she was helped to her feet. Managing not to fall over in her daft shoes as she got herself balanced. They kissed again, Ted’s nose wrinkling as he smelt the booze and knew she’d committed herself now. “I’m ready,” she whispered at last, gripping his hands as she was led into the treeline.

Jenna was delighted as she looked down at his handiwork. Her beloved casket lay at the bottom of an impressively deep hole, the lid upright and even in the light of the torches she could see the opened collar awaiting her neck. The belt and fixed wrist restraints resting by the edge, with open padlocks for the outer hasps nearby. Leg ones were already mounted on the casket’s floor. A small breathing pipe ran from the far end, it’s top in a u bend just above the surface. Though she knew it’d hardly be needed as the pills would have taken effect by then but she didn’t mind.

Ted went first down the stepladder, once he was there the girl now realising the hole was at least six or seven feet in all three directions, an impressive amount of digging especially by hand!. The huge pile of earth over to one side. “It’s taken me days love, but I couldn’t afford to let you down… so… it’s time Jenna…”

She was pleased to get down the ladder without assistance, noticing Ted even averted his eyes this time. A sigh as she stood on the floorboards next to her casket as she patted the lid. Looking up to see the trees almost waving her goodbye and the youngster paused then turned towards him.

There was no need for words as the couple kissed for seemingly the last time. Ted hugging the now shivering body to his chest, knowing she was scared but determined this was the only way to end her pain. He thought it strange but her financial affairs had been sorted in his church’s favour and all Jenna possessed was here with her anyway. His gently stroking of her was not sexual anymore, that had been earlier, this was just the last touches of a human being, so he wanted Jenna to enjoy it, the fact she stopped shaking meant it was obviously working.

‘Thank you,’ she mouthed, smiling slightly again as he took her hands then Jenna stepped over the edge of her casket. Heart pounding loud enough now that he could probably hear it! He supported her as she allowed herself to be lowered into a kneeling position on the thick cushion then she let go, tugging and tidying the dress that had bunched under her legs then she looked to the first restraints.

Because he was a little unsure about this he wanted Jenna to do most of the binding herself. The girl reaching behind and down, folding the first padded manacle over her ankle. These were much thicker than the old restraints and she smiled as it gripped tightly. She turned the key…


The key was removed and handed to Ted, a few seconds later the other was done and she placed her hands on the edge, trying to lift her feet but there was no movement, her ‘captor’ had measured this exactly right and she was thrilled. Looking down again she covered the cuffs with the material of her dress then sat back as the next part was handed over.

The belt was applied, Jenna having to really breathe in but soon enough there was another magical click followed by a key being attached to the ring.

Long satin opera gloves were handed over to protect Jenna’s wrists from the cuffs, also because she’d said she didn’t want any skin to show. Once on she tugged the sleeves down and only her face glowed against the torchlight.

Now she was getting tired again but a smile as he handed over Jenna’s gag. The girl inserted it, buckled the straps then expanded the material till her tongue was jammed to the base, a faint hmmpph as she tested what little voice she had left. The gag was actually part hollowed out because Ted had designed her breathing pipe to be attached to this. He’d said the idea of the girl suffocating in her grave was too much and it was him who’d suggested the tablet idea.

Jenna’s eyes sparkled as Ted approached with the pads, additional material for her blindfold draped over his arm and he crouched beyond the youngster staring straight at her with a questioning look.

She looked up at the sky for a moment then back at Ted, a nodding then she reached for the pads. Placing one over each eye then allowing him to tie the material around her. A gently caress of her cheeks before Ted tenderly kissed her forehead.

“Goodbye my darling Jenna, bless you sweetheart…” he murmured and saw her fingers twitch as she knew what was about to happen. He slipped his hands under her armpits and she relaxed as he lowered her down until she felt her throat resting in the thick steel collar. Much better than her original and she shuffled a bit to get comfortable. A tap on her left shoulder and an unseen smile behind the gag as she slowly lowered the top across till the padding gripped all round… wow.

Ted now tapped her right shoulder, the signal for Jenna to reach up and lock the collar… no big surprise about a pause but eventually…


A faint rattle and vibration from her gag as he fitted the airpipe to it and she tried to breathe, finding it was ok and she gave him a thumb-up.

The last bits were the hardest for Jenna now, reaching back and placing her wrists into the cuffs welded on the belt. These were the only ones that Ted would physically lock. He let her get settled and it took a minute or two before the priest reached in and lowered them over her arms. Seeing the girl shudder as she felt the pressure growing then,,,


Now she was happy, locked by everything and it was all she dreamed of now, feeling SO tired now, the tablets must be taking effect already, certainly her headache was easing for the first time in ages.

Ted’s hands patted her own, a faint gripping before she let go and stilled. A tinking as the keyring was attached to the collar. The girl knowing that the lid was about to come over and the breeze ceased as she heard a slight ‘thump’

Two tapping noises to her right and Jenna smiled as she imagined the padlocks being applied. Then there was nothing for some while before she heard it, the thump… thump… thump, earth trickling all around her casket and the girl prayed for her Ted as things got quieter and quieter…

By the time he’d filled the hole hours later his beloved Jenna was free from her pain.

The End.

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