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Jen’s Predicament

by The Storyteller

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It all started with that damned Hitachi. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my Magic Wand, loving the sensations but stopping immediately after cumming because I quickly felt over-stimulated. I knew about multiple orgasms but had never experienced it. For a long time I’d wondered what it would feel like to have the vibrator forced on me, to find out what lay beyond that point where I got spooked by the intensity and stopped. I wanted to push beyond, but always chickened out.

Wait, I need to start over. I'm Jen. I'm 26, tall at five eight, with long, straight dark hair. I'm single. I'm thin, but strong. Instructors at my gym keep trying to recruit me to work there. My breasts are small, but I think my flat belly makes up for it.

I've had a thing about selfbondage since puberty. I’d played tie-up games with friends as a kid, but as I grew up the bondage thoughts turned sexual. I had fantasies about being tied naked – alone, but with the chance of discovery. This led to experimentation with selfbondage in my childhood home. In our attic there was a roof support beam facing a window, and a few times I tied myself to it when I was home alone. Naked but for a towel, I faced the open window with my back to the beam, tied my arms behind me around the beam, wriggled out of the towel and felt the hot rush of working loose from the rope while anyone passing by could have seen me. After getting loose I’d run back to my room and masturbate. So far as I know I was never seen. I’d have been mortified if I’d been caught.

Flash forward to me at 26. I have a new boyfriend, Dan. He knows nothing of my selfbondage play. We haven’t even slept together yet.

I’d been renting a house for a year, sharing it with two other girls. Both roommates both moved out a month ago, leaving me with this big place all to myself. Home alone a lot, my old selfbondage urges started to call back to me. I began looking at the wooden framing in the unfinished basement. I got kind of wet just thinking about tying myself in a standing spread-eagle position against the framing.

Before long I’d built an X-frame and bolted it to the basement beams. Leather cuffs would keep me in place. An ice timer release on my right wrist would provide a safety release after about an hour, but the “real” release was a computer controlled electromagnet holding my left wrist cuff in place. A computer program I wrote would cut power to the electromagnet after I met a requirement in the program. More on that later.

I built a mount for my vibrator which would hold it right in front of my pussy when I was restrained. The mount was rigid, but had a hinge allowing the vibrator to move forward and a spring resisting that motion. Once cuffed to the x-frame I’d barely be able to move except that I could thrust my hips forward. With my hips back my pussy would be just an inch from the vibrator. If I thrust my hips forward into the vibrator it would give, but the spring would press the vibrator back into me. I rigged a momentary switch to the hinge which did two things. First, it powered the vibrator. Pressing into it closed the switch so that the vibrator was powered only when I pressed into it. Second, closing the switch sent a signal to the computer that the vibrator was running.

I wrote a computer program to measure the time the vibrator was running, and to cut power to the electromagnet and release me after 10 minutes of vibrator time. This was total time, not continuous. Starting and stopping would just add to my restrained time. The computer display showed the amount of time the switch was closed, i.e., the accumulated vibrator running time.

So, picture me cuffed to the x-frame. To escape I need the vibrator to run for ten minutes. I need to press the vibrator forward to activate it. I can only do that by pressing my clit into the vibrator head. Ten minutes of vibrator-to-clit is the price of my release! I placed a mirror opposite the x-frame and added some lighting so I could watch myself on display.

First test of my new toys. I set up my gear, double checked everything, stripped and stood in the x-frame. Damn, I was so excited I was shaking! I cuffed my ankles, locked my right wrist in place using the failsafe and prepared for the point of no return. Another look around, everything’s set. I brought my left wrist’s cuff toward the electromagnet, unsure of how close I had to get before anything happened. Ack! In a flash it was done. Wow, no warning. No noticeable pull before the magnet locked onto the metal plate. I was committed.

I was happy with how well the vibrator mount worked. Any motion forward contacted the vibrator. The spring provided a few pounds of resistance, so activating the vibrator required solid contact with the vibrator head. I didn’t have enough slack to change the contact point, to get it off my clit. Perfect, just what my devious mind wanted! Unless I waited for the failsafe release I had to press my clit into the vibrator. Let’s go!

When the vibrator came to life I was already so aroused that I was on edge almost immediately. I pulled back, aware that once I came I would be faced with that over-aroused feeling. I pressed again, pulled back after 30 seconds, again and again. Damn! In the middle of my self-enforced ordeal I realized that having the program measure the total time was giving me an out, letting me cheat by taking breathers. I could see on the display how long I had gone, how long before release. That counter was my focus. Press, release, press, release. I was up to 6 minutes when I got angry at myself, stared into my reflection and held. I’d never watched myself cum before. As the climax built I shook, my belly tensing between breaths. As I came I was still for a moment, got red-faced, then lost control and shook. I watched the vibrator head sliding against me, lubed by my own wetness. As my orgasm subsided I felt the familiar over-sensitized feeling and pulled away.

7:45! I still had over two minutes to go! Press, release, press, release. Too much stimulation, I thought. Cheating, I thought. I was already planning on how to force the issue as I cheated my way to the ten minute mark and my program released me.

So, how to force the issue? I wanted to grind into that vibrator without a break. I needed a program change so that I would be released only after continuous vibrator running time, not accumulated. I also needed a consequence bad enough that I couldn’t back out and wait for the failsafe release. The first part was easy. I changed a few lines of code so that if I pulled back the timer would reset to zero. I changed the display to only show time since the electromagnet locked. Taking away the vibrator running time from the display meant that if I if I pulled back and it reset I’d lose track of how long until my release. Good, I thought. My devious mind wanted me to pay for my cheating. I didn’t realize it in the moment, but I was setting myself up big-time.

I had a problem with the consequence of cheating, though. I was unwilling to mess with my failsafe. I could back out and wait for its release. I needed something safe, but scary. Really scary, something I couldn’t let happen. I didn’t know how to do that yet.

I set that problem aside and turned to another idea I had, setting my phone to take video of myself in selfbondage. My phone would go into video camera mode if I pressed a button twice, then begin recording if a second button was pressed. It would do this even if the screen was locked and password protected, a detail that became important later. I set up a mount to hold my phone, and two computer controlled actuators to press the two buttons. I added code to my program to press the buttons and start recording twelve minutes after the electromagnet locked. I might need more time to uncuff and escape being recorded, I thought. Tough, my devious mind responded, you get two minutes. If you wait for the failsafe release you will get what you deserve!

I still had a problem with the conditions. If my phone recorded me I could just delete the file later. I could set an automatic upload of the file – way scary, but I didn’t know how to or where. For the moment I was stuck.

I’d been working on my problem for a few days when Dan inadvertently gave me a solution. He was going out of town Saturday. Friday he stopped by my house, and Saturday morning I heard his cell phone ring. His phone was in my living room. I answered, and it was him, telling me he’d forgotten his phone and asking me to hold onto it until he returned Monday. I said I would and we ended the call. After the call I looked at his phone. The first thing I noticed was that the screen was locked with a pattern. Next I noticed it was the same model as mine. I could see that his battery was nearly dead, and I plugged it in to charge.

Playing with his charged phone later, I discovered that just like with my phone I could activate his camera without unlocking the screen. Giggling, I made a short video for him. I tried to be cute, but I wasn’t satisfied with it and wanted to delete it. Duh, I couldn’t delete the video because I couldn’t unlock the phone.

My next thought hit suddenly and completely. I could make videos on his phone, but couldn’t delete them! The phone mount and controls I’d set up for my phone would work with his phone. This was it! Substituting his phone for mine, I COULDN’T cheat! If I did his phone would record me in selfbondage and I couldn’t delete it. Yes! Not only did I have a solution, but it was ready to go, no re-figuring anything. My devious mind wanted this immediately. Do it!!

I quickly set everything up. I was aroused, scared of doing this, but didn’t want to back out. I kept telling myself to set everything up first, think about that later. I was wet and trembling with excitement. I double checked the restraints, the mount for the vibrator, the camera mount and location, the computer settings. I was about to be fully on display, Dan’s phone now “in charge”. I quickly stripped, locked my ankles in place, prepared my cuffs and the mag lock, cuffed my right arm and paused. All I had to do now was get the magnet too close and I’d be committed. I still had a thought of backing out, but my devious mind was guiding things right then. I stared at the phone. Ready! I raised my left arm toward the magnet, not looking but knowing I was near the catch point. I looked into Dan’s phone as though daring it. After holding this position for some time I looked at the magnet. It was locked! Somehow it had caught silently. Aack! Looking at the timer I saw that it I had lost about 30 seconds. I could still escape in time, but only just. I thrust into the vibrator, hard.

I was aroused, scared, excited all at the same time. I looked at my reflection, watching my wet pussy lips and clit slide against the vibrator head. An orgasm was coming! I stared at my reflection as I fought against it, watching myself push into the vibrator while it pushed back. I tried to suppress the climax but it was hopeless. Resisting just made the first wave of orgasm hit like a brick! I was lost in the feeling, the orgasm continuing longer and with more bucking and out-of-control shaking than I’d ever experienced.

As my orgasm subsided the vibrator quickly began to feel too intense. I couldn’t stand it!

Damn! I wanted to pull back, but couldn’t!

I had to!

I couldn’t!

My inner voice, the devious mind that had gotten me into this, was nowhere to be found. Just me, my new tormenter the vibrator, and Dan’s phone staring at me.

It hurt, sort of. Intense, irritating, but I couldn’t stop. The too-intense feeling was soon replaced by a second orgasm building. The timer was past four minutes. I looked again at my reflection, this time imagining Dan watching me. The camera could see that I was tied, but couldn’t see my timer predicament. I looked like I wanted to be seen like this!

I closed my eyes and got lost in the feeling. A third orgasm, a fourth. Suddenly I was brought back to the present by a quick change in the vibrator sound. Had I unloaded the spring and allowed the timer to reset? I didn’t know, couldn’t tell! The display showed eight minutes. Until I got to about 10:30 I wouldn’t know. I felt a rush, red-faced. More embarrassment than fear, but not knowing added to the helpless feeling as I watched the timer count.

Another orgasm as the timer passed ten minutes. Then 10:30. No release. I looked at Dan’s phone, saw the actuator press and an LED light up on the phone indicating that it was recording. I knew I was caught. Helpless to stop it, unable to get loose, and couldn’t even stop pressing into the vibrator.

I was stuck. I looked at my restraints, then down at the vibrator, then at the phone’s camera lens. I was helpless to stop the phone from recording me bound, naked and cumming. I looked at my reflection, now knowing the phone was recording what I was seeing. My labia was spread wide, embarrassingly on display. I was wet, shiny. The vibrator head slightly blurred as it ran. It was buzzing away, I was impaling myself on it, and in my reflection it looked like I was craving it.

I closed my eyes and surrendered, out of options. I was going to press into the vibrator and cum. The phone was going to “watch me”. I couldn’t do a thing about it. I felt the build toward another orgasm. My pelvis was getting warmer, hotter and a shiver started in my thighs. I tried to clamp my thighs against the vibrator head, prevented by the restraints. My back and stomach tensed as I thrust forward. As the climax hit I felt enveloped in the sensation. I bucked against the restraints with each wave of climax. I continued to press, naked, helpless, on display as I came. Intensity, cumming, intensity, cumming. I was having an out-of-body experience.

I was surprised when my left arm suddenly dropped free. I stopped pressing onto the vibrator, but was so drained that I didn’t move for a while despite knowing I was still being recorded. After about a minute I wearily moved to uncuff myself. I looked at the monitor’s display – 24 minutes! In my paroxysms I must have let up on the vibrator at least twice. The phone had been recording for about 12 minutes. I stopped the video, but didn’t even want to think about what to do yet about the saved file on the phone. I went upstairs, showered and cleaned up, then collapsed in bed and slept.

After waking I cleaned up my play space and put away my bondage things. I then turned to the issue of Dan’s phone. Fuck! I needed his pattern for unlocking the screen. I’d seen him clear it but didn’t remember the pattern. It was simple, something like a circle. If I couldn’t get into his phone I was seriously thinking of breaking it. I couldn’t give it back to him like this.

Patterns, patterns. I found that his phone had no lockout for wrong attempts, so I simply drew patterns over and over, trying to get in. Hours. Hundreds of attempts. When I got in it startled me. Whew!! It took only a minute to find the folder with the recording. Recordings, actually, since I’d made the silly video first. I deleted that one, then hesitated when I was about to delete the selfbondage video. I didn’t really want to watch it, but couldn’t help myself. I played it. Over twelve minutes cumming in bondage. What a hot mess I was! The framing was a bit off-center, but captured my restraints, my nudity, my arousal, my helplessness. The video didn’t show the computer controls, so it didn’t reveal WHY I was intently impaling myself on the vibrator head, only that I was doing it with a passion.

After seeing the whole video I deleted it, double checked & triple checked to verify that it was gone. I finally relaxed, telling myself I’d really dodged a bullet.

On Sunday I masturbated furiously, twice. I fantasized about the video still being on Dan’s phone, knowing that he could watch it. I pictured him watching it, seeing me in that helpless state. Afterwards I checked his phone again, obsessing over it, reassuring myself that the video wasn’t there.

Monday after work Dan came over to my house to get his phone. We sat in my living room talking about his trip, chatting about nothing in particular. He picked up his phone, poking at it, apparently paging through messages. Then he stopped. He looked at me and asked if I’d used his phone while he was gone.

Swoon! I went flush. I said I’d only charged it, but felt like a poker player caught in a bluff. I knew he knew something. I asked what was wrong. He said “Well, I’ve got a message here that my phone backup on the server is nearing capacity. Apparently you took two videos, but they’re not on the phone. You must have deleted them, but not before they were backed up to the server. Want to watch them with me?”

story continues in part two

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