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Jen’s Predicament

by The Storyteller

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Storycodes: Sbf; fpov; insert; cuffs; x-frame; spreadeagle; basement; M/f; caught; top; video; dildo; vibrator; climax; aftercare; nc/reluct; X

story continued from part 1

Hi, all, I’m Jen. This story is a continuation from Jen’s Predicament. Because it drops right into the middle of a conversation, here’s a quick recap of how we got here.

I'm 26, single girl. I've had a thing about selfbondage since puberty. As this story takes place I was living alone in a house with a basement. I’d built a selfbondage x-frame in the basement with an electromagnet for timed release, a stand for a vibrator, computer controls for both.

I was recently dating Dan. We hadn’t even slept together yet, and he knew nothing of my selfbondage play. I’d set up a predicament situation in which I could be video recorded. It’s complicated, but I had used Dan’s phone to make two videos, then deleted them. The first was just a goof test, the second was me restrained, naked, grinding on the vibrator. I never intended for him to see the selfbondage video. I thought I had succeeded in deleting the files and covering my tracks, but missed the fact that the files had been backed up. Here we go!

Dan asked if I’d used his phone while he was gone.

Swoon! I went flush. I said I’d only charged it, but felt like a poker player caught in a bluff. I knew he knew something. I asked what was wrong. He said “Well, I’ve got a message here that my backup server space is nearing capacity. Apparently you took two videos using my phone, they got backed up, but the originals are no longer on the phone. You must have deleted them, but I’ve got the backups. Want to watch them with me?”

“Dan, no! Please don’t watch them. Just delete them. They’re embarrassing.”

“I’ve already seen the short one - the first, based on the date-time stamp. It was cute. You’re cute. What’s the problem?”

“It’s the second. I want you to delete it.”

“Well, OK, but ... What’s on it?

“I don’t want to say.”

“Huh? You made this video. You used my phone. Is it sex stuff? Are you naked?”

Shit! Can I get him to delete it? “Come on...”

“You first. You made the videos using my phone. You meant for me to watch them. I’ve seen the first one. Why change your mind now?”

Damn! He thinks I wanted this! Can I talk myself out of it? “I was just playing around. They didn’t come out like I wanted.”

“So you broke into my phone?”

Aack! This was getting worse! “I cleared your security screen by putting in the pattern I saw you use. I deleted them but didn’t do anything else. Promise.”

“OK, I trust that’s all you did. Still, you used my phone without asking.  At least tell me what the second one is about. It’s a sexy video, right?”

“No! Well … shit. Can’t you just delete it?”

“So it IS sex stuff!”

I was painting myself into a corner. “No! Well, it’s not like I wanted… Yes. I can’t explain. It’s complicated.”

“Making a sexy video! You made it for me, but deleted it because it wasn’t good enough. Yes?”

No, I thought, but I hoped he would delete it if I said yes. “Dammit! … Yes.”

“So make me a better one.”

“Hell no!”

‘Come on, you did it before. It turned you on, making videos for me. Are you cumming?”

“Not at first…” I stopped, realizing what I’d just revealed.

“Perfect! One video of you cumming. Vibrator? Other toys?”

I buried my face in my hands. “Vibrator.” WHAT WAS I SAYING?

“Other toys?”

“Something like that.”

“Oh, my beautiful, kinky girl.”

What a spot I was in. I was desperate at this point. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want if you’ll delete it.”

“Whatever I want? I want to see you in a sex video. Naked. Cumming. That’s what you wanted too, just not the one you already made. Make another one for me.”

“Hell, no!”

Dan didn’t say anything. He began typing on his phone. I lunged, grabbed at his phone. He pulled back and stopped. He showed me his phone screen which was displaying his backup directory. I watched as he selected my first, short video and hit ‘delete’.

He pointed at his phone. “The first video’s gone. The second I’ll delete when you make me a replacement. I won’t watch this one if you do that. Deal?”

Well, fuck all. “Deal”, I said.



“Sweet!” he said. He stood, looked me up and down and said “Do it now. No waiting. I’ll go back to my place. One hour. Send it to my DropBox account. You’ve got access, you’ve sent me files before.”

“One hour? You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Naked. Vibrator. Cumming. Have fun with it!” He put his phone back in his pocket, turned and walked out. I watched, stunned, as he got in his car and left.

Mother FUCKER!! What the hell can I do? I was so wound up I couldn’t think straight. I sat, closed my eyes, tried to work this out.

My options were few. If I didn’t trust him, nothing else mattered. If I did trust him, I needed to ‘keep my promise’. My main thoughts at the moment were being embarrassed, being mad at him, and mostly being mad at myself for getting into this spot. Still, I was turned on as well. The thought of touching myself with my vibrator had me on edge. I thought about doing it.

I had some time before Dan’s deadline. I logged onto to his Dropbox account. It sure looked like I had access, at least to write files. Then I noticed a directory called ‘backup’. Opening it, I saw that the most recent file was MY SELFBONDAGE VIDEO! I started playing it to be sure. Yep! After stopping it I froze for a moment. Could I delete the file? I didn’t know what permissions I had. Before doing anything else I copied the video to my own phone.

I backed out of the backup folder, looked for and found the trash folder. Opening it, I found my first video which Dan had deleted. I selected it, hit ‘Permanently Delete’. Gone! I went back to the backup directory, selected my selfbondage video and hit delete. Gone! Back to the trash folder, selected my video, pressed ‘Permanently Delete’. Gone! I doublechecked the folders. The videos were all gone from his backups. I checked for other recovery options, couldn’t find any way for Dan to get the videos back.

At this point I stopped and stared at the screen. A flushed feeling ran over me. I was greatly relieved at having the video gone from his control. I also felt a sense of satisfaction at still having the video myself, but … I also felt guilty.  I’d crossed him, made a stupid promise but instead deleted files.

Enough. So, what now? If Dan did what he promised, he’d be checking his Dropbox folder in about an hour for anything new, then moving to his backup folder only to find that my videos were gone. Naturally, he’d be pissed. I didn’t know what to do, which led to me doing … nothing.

I’d broken into his phone & deleted files, then deleted files from his backups. They were my files, I told myself, but it didn’t help.

The next day I texted Dan. “Dan, I’m sorry. Feeling guilty. I can’t explain, at least not right now.”

When Dan didn’t respond I figured maybe we were done. I kept re-checking my phone for messages. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Later that afternoon I watched my selfbondage video, the copy I made to my phone before deleting Dan’s backup. At first I had trouble getting into it, the file deletion baggage getting in the way. Still, I watched again. A third time. A fourth. I began to see it as though I were someone else. I started to see “her” in the video. I got into that, watching “her”. I imagined Dan watching “her” video. This twist REALLY got me hot. Dan watching “her” naked, tied and forced to grind and cum as the price of release. The more I fantasized about Dan watching “her” the more hot I got. I wanted to tie myself again.

I decided to tie myself in the x-frame as before, but to do it with the video playing so I could watch “her”. I placed a monitor so it faced me when restrained. The phone I placed in its mount so the actuator could press a button, playing my video to the monitor when triggered.

My earlier story described my x-frame bondage in more detail, so here I'll be brief. In my unfinished basement I had an X-frame bolted to the basement beams. Leather cuffs, an ice timer backup safety release, the “real” release being an electromagnet on my left wrist cuff.

My vibrator was in a mount holding its vibration head upright in front of my pussy when I was restrained. It had a hinge allowing the vibrator to move forward. I attached a dildo to the vibrator so that when I inserted the dildo into my pussy the Hitachi's round head was held against my clitoris. When cuffed to the x-frame I couldn't un-mount the dildo, so there would be no getting away from the vibrator.

When I put myself in the x-frame the vibrator, the video and the release timer wouldn’t be running yet. All three would be triggered by a switch on the vibrator’s mount. Thrusting my hips forward would close the switch, signaling my computer program. When the switch closed the program would do three things: 1) It started a release timer set for ten minutes, 2) it powered up the vibrator which would run continuously, and 3) it signaled my phone to play “her” selfbondage video.

I played out the picture in my head: Cuffed to the x-frame with the dildo up my pussy and the vibrator against my clit. To escape I would need to press the vibrator forward, closing the switch. The vibrator starts, the video starts, I can watch "her" punished with no way out for ten minutes!

I was almost ready. I was wearing this spandex mini dress that I liked, a stretchy material that hugged my curves. It was daring and a bit too small, one of those where I needed to be careful wearing it in public because it kept riding up. No bra, so after kicking off my shoes and slipping my panties off I was naked but for the dress.

Looking back on the day, at this point I needed to slow down. I didn’t, and started missing things.

Making final adjustments, I stepped up onto the x-frame and straddled the rig. Widening my legs, the dress was stretched the most at the hem, and as I wiggled the hem rolled up, the springy fabric taking off and rolling itself all the way up to my waist. I rolled it back down, then realized that once I mounted the dildo I couldn’t bend over, couldn’t cuff my ankles! OK, silly, go get your straps with the one way pull adjustments. I arranged them so I had the slack to get my ankles cuffed and get positioned. Testing it was awkward, but I was able to ease down onto the dildo/vibe. It felt right. It felt great. I pulled the straps to take up the slack. OK, perfect, except – this was a test, but now I’d have to un-do the dildo/vibe mount to get back off. Or I could just keep going. The dress was bunching again, so I smoothed it out a second time.

I put on the wrist cuffs. The right had a snap hook to attach to the x-frame’s fixed point with the ice release just out of reach. Left wrist had the magnet, the slack already adjusted, so that’s last. I hooked my right wrist, pulled an adjuster until it felt right, then – wait, I’m still wearing the dress! Sheesh. I was about to un-do my right wrist so I could pull the dress off over my head, but then thought ‘do I need to?’ The dress was just covering the vibe head and wasn’t in the way, so I could just go with it. I was ready for the final step.

 I brought the electromagnet contacts kind of close, teasing, flirting with it. I liked playing with the loss of control. I moved the magnet closer, then away slightly, closer, … Snap! It startled me, like always. Committed.

I slowly tested my restraints and the vibrator’s location as I moved. I pulled with my arms, tugged with one leg then the other. I shifted my hips side to side, the dildo/vibe combo reliably following every motion. The vibrator head spread my labia, just waiting for power. I couldn’t even change its pressure on my clit, much less get away from it.

I played with the second point of no return, the switch. Teasing my hips forward, backing off, loving the wet, slippery, aroused condition I was in. Just then my phone lit up with a text. It appeared on the monitor.

It was Dan, texting me back. “OK, you got me. No real harm, but you deserve a spanking! I’m coming over.”

Shit, shit! How to get out of this? I pulled for real this time, kicked at my straps, careful not to move the vibrator forward. Useless. The ice release wouldn’t let go for about an hour. I knew I should start the timer in the hope I could get out before he arrived, but couldn’t bring myself to do it.

It was only a few minutes until I heard the doorbell ring! Was the front door locked? Yes, I was sure of that. A second ring, then several knocks. “Jen! Open up, I know you’re home.”

More knocks, then silence. Was he leaving? I wasn’t sure. I listened, seeking any sound of him. Two minutes, three, then – a sliding sound? My back door wasn’t locked! I heard creaking. Dan was in my kitchen! Noooo! “Jen, where are you?” I stayed silent, listening as he walked through the house. I was hoping against hope that he would leave. I heard him at the basement steps. “Hey, are you in the basement?”

I yelled out “Dan, get out! Leave the way you came and lock the door behind you! Go!”

Yeah, that worked. Dan dashed down the stairs, calling out “Hey, what are you doing down here?” as he came. He turned the corner and we locked eyes.


I should have screamed, asked to be released, anything but what I did. I gave him an angry look, didn’t say anything.

He was silent as well, but his eyes were wide. Me, restrained, with what was obviously the business end of a vibrator up under my dress. Dan walked up, examined the vibrator mount, then my restraints, then the phone and the computer. Finally he returned his attention to me. He lightly tugged at my dress here and there, checking its stretchy material. He said “This must slip on and off easily. Nice.” He felt for underwear, which of course wasn’t there.

“Dan, please …”

Dan ignored me, toyed with the vibrator mount. “Hmm, a switch.” He stopped, stood, looked me in the eyes and said “I interrupted you. Please, proceed.”

I tried a useless lie. “Dan, thanks for finding me. I made a mistake, got myself stuck. This was just an experiment. I wasn’t going to go through with it. Please untie me.”

I looked at the floor. Dan continued. “Why isn’t the vibrator running? I’m guessing the switch starts it. And what’s with the screen facing you?”

I wouldn’t say anything. Dan placed his hands on my hips and began pulling me forward. “No!” I yelled, pulling my hips back. I was frightened of the video playing. Weird, I know, but I couldn’t stand the thought of him seeing it.

“Ah, that got your attention. We’ll come back to that later.” He thought it was the vibrator that I feared, and I couldn’t correct him!

He turned his attention back to my dress, tugged at the stretched hem which promptly caused it to roll up over my hips to my lower waist. I squealed, pulled to the side as though I could turn away from him, then froze again – afraid of hitting the switch. Dan broke character, laughing at my dress situation. “That reveal was too good!” He stood back and looked me up and down. I looked at the floor, unable to meet his gaze.

Dan came up chest-to-chest with me, barely touching. He whispered in my ear “You’re the first girl I’ve found like this, but far from the first I’ve had tied up. I know what I’m doing.” He then slid his fingers under my dress at my sides, gathering it as he lifted. Up over my breasts, then stretching it to lift it over and behind my head. The sleeves were still on my arms, pulled up at the shoulder. The rest of the dress was now behind my head leaving me naked with our bodies just touching.

Dan returned his hands to my hips. I started to speak, but he tugged forward at my hips and I stopped. “Good girl.” he said. “No talking and I won’t do that again. Right?” I turned my head away, didn’t say anything. “Right.” He said.

I was in a crazy spot. Bound by my own hand, stripped naked by Dan, dildo/vibe buried between my legs, having to hold the position to keep the switch from closing, and now not even allowed to speak!

Dan began running his hands up my sides, fingertips tracing lines from hips up to my armpits. With his palms away from me he traced his fingernails from my hips to my breasts. He circled my breasts with his fingers, pinched my nipples lightly and pulled them gently toward him. He let my nipples slip from his fingers, then traced his fingers repeatedly from the outside of my breasts to my nipples. Fingernails from my arms to my neck.  From my belly to the small of my back. Up my sides again.

I was on fire, breathing heavily, lost in the feeling. Dan’s face at my neck, his hot breath in my hair. I’d lost track of time when he stepped back, kneeled and began tracing his fingers along where I was mounted on my contraption. “Dan, …” I said, then realized my mistake and stopped short. I looked pleadingly down at his face.

Dan moved his hand to the switch, looked up at me and said “Thanks, I was getting impatient waiting for that.” Staring up at me with a look of fascination, he closed the switch!

The vibrator kicked on! Having been on edge anyway I quickly built toward orgasm. I looked to the monitor, my earlier selfbondage video now playing. What I couldn’t let happen was happening! Dan looked at the screen, then back at me in surprise. “This is it, right? The video you didn’t want me to see? How does it feel?”

How did it feel? Like every screw-up on display at once. My secrets in full sunlight.  The last person on earth who should see me like this was in charge of me sexually.

No longer needing to hold still, I lost it. I threw myself into trying to get loose. I kicked, pulled, tried to roll to the side, pulled my hips back, then forward. No escape! The first orgasm hit me quickly. I stiffened, waves rushing over me. “Good girl” Dan said, which enraged me.  I thrashed again at the restraints, concentrating on my right arm and the ice release. Dan began running his hands up my legs. I’m pulling, pulling, shit, I’m cumming again! Dan grabbed my ass with one hand and the vibrator with the other, squeezing me into it, it into me. Feeling his manipulation of the vibrator added to the sensation, and I gave in and pressed my hips forward into him as I came.

I went limp at this point, going rag doll. Eyes closed. Dan let go. I tried to relax and avoid building to the next orgasm. It worked for a minute, but trying to suppress it just made it happen a bit later, less time building, hitting more suddenly.  Limp again, hanging from my wrists, waiting for whatever Dan decided on next.

I’d had my eyes closed, so I was surprised when the vibrator stopped. Dan had unplugged it. He then pulled the contraption from between my legs. Eyes closed, I felt the ankle cuffs being slipped off. He guided my legs together. “Stand” he said. He slipped my wrist cuffs off, pulled the dress off my arms and placed my arms across my body like a self-hug. I felt him wrap me in a towel (when had he left to get that?) and he picked me up, cradling me. He carried me up the stairs to my bedroom, laid me on my side in bed and got in behind me. He put his arm over me and whispered “Eyes closed. Stay still.”

As I lay limp he moved slowly, carefully, caressing me here and there, staying in constant contact. He checked me for hurt spots, making comments like Red spot here on your wrist and That’s a long scratch there.

After a few minutes he said “Open your eyes.” A minute later, “Does anything hurt?” I didn’t respond, so he began moving me about, half a check for injuries, half to get me active. I’d come out of my shut-down state, but hadn’t done more than stretch a few times.

Another few minutes of this, and I rolled to my stomach. “How about now, anything hurt?” he asked.

I looked at him and said “You know I’m going to kick you in the balls later, right?”

“Welcome back. Roll over, sit up. Come on, sit up!” he said as he pulled the sheet over me to my shoulders and began pulling at me, giving me ticklish pokes and prodding me to a sitting position. He then leaned me forward and put two pillows behind me to prop me up. “Be right back, don’t move.”

He was back in a flash with a glass of milk and a cookie. “Eat. Drink.” he said. I did, and he sat at the edge of the bed. He leaned forward and said “Mad at me?”

I hit him in the face, hard. He flopped over me, protecting his head but letting me hit him. I started punching him over and over. He was giggling, but also saying “Ouch, ow, ow!” I was on top of him at this point, with him on his side fending off some of the punches. I was doing this still naked, and at a certain point he looked up at me and I had a flash of modesty and covered my breasts.

With me no longer hitting, he dropped his guard and I saw that his nose was bleeding. “Shit!” I said, then jumped up, threw on a robe, got some gauze and a wet washcloth and brought it to him. He had his hands half up in defense, but I pressed them down and began cleaning the blood on his face, putting a bit of the gauze in his nose, checking for other injury.

I felt myself softening to him, not able to stay mad at this jerk, but I wasn’t letting him off the hook yet.

“We’re not even, not by a long shot.” I said.

“Yeah, way too early.”

“You think there’s going to be a later?” I snapped with my best angry face. He looked to me with the strangest expression, sheepish, sort of pleading but with a hint of a grin.

“Please, please let there be a later.” he said. “I know I broke all the rules. You didn’t agree to this. When I came over I wanted to be all over you. I said you deserved a spanking for deleting my files and in my head I wanted to take you over my knee, spank you then lead into sex. Finding you tied up in the middle of sex play, I told myself that you wanted me to find you and take you. That wasn’t the case, but I played like it was.”

“And now?” I asked.

Dan looked to his waist, back at me and said with a grin “Well, I’m kinda worked up – could you give me a hand?”

“Damn you!” I yelled, and started hitting again. Dan covered, laughing through it. I started tiring, broke character and started laughing with him. He looked up at me sheepishly, hopefully. “Damn you again,” I said, then “Fuck it, get undressed.”

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