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Jesse in Jeopardy Part 2

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2010 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; shackles; chains; cage; coffin; encase; vr; chast; toys; mast; sex; cons; X

continued from part 1 Part 2

The questions about her situation four people could answer. These being the owners of the ‘Western Approaches Society’ a secret organisation that few people apart from their many customers for custom built bondage furniture knew about.

So imagine Barry McIvor’s surprise when their company secretary, Moira, had told her boss a week ago that she’d discovered an amazing girl right here on the island, showing them Jesse’s diary. “To think that pretty lassie assumed that I could earn enough running the B&B rather than what we do here, nor the boat to keep you and the boys solvent. It was bloody hard not to show I knew exactly what she was doing. Just managed to bluff it. Honestly, kids these days are so gullible. But Barry, she alone found the cage, tested it… and to be honest I think she’s got the sort of attitude we could do something with. She’s got one heck of an imagination too. No way are your standard cages anything like the old one Graham had in the Smithy. If I’d known it, and all the other stuff was there then we could have got the Society some serious cash. The average ‘dom’ would love something like this. Billy pet, how’s she doing in there?”

The answer for that was good. Jesse had no idea that the mask she was wearing wasn’t the original one. Had she had her eyes open when Moira brought it out of the box then the girl might well have stopped what happened. This one was Billy’s new computer aided one, with wires that Moira had connected to the collar leading out into the fake stone coffin. As this was actually steel. Those plates also were not the originals and because they were so tight it enabled them to monitor her heart rate. The electric’s enabled them to see her brainwaves too and the results were simply astonishing. There had been the initial devastation of the burial, but half an hour later they’d watched as the vibrator brought the girl off, not once but many times. Air was being pumped into the altar from the bottom and the lassie was humping away as best she could!

The four people discussed the girl and what the possibilities were while Billy kept watching the screen and occasionally putting Jesse over the edge. “OK then, Moira, it’s your decision. Do we knock her out, then release her from the cage, get the lass cleaned up before sending her home with a payoff?” Moira smiled, “No, she’s a lovely girl, and the way I read her, I think she’d be a useful addition to our company, mainly as a ‘test-subject’ for whatever Billy has plans for next. But her ideas too could be built, she’s already told me that there’s nothing for her to go home to. Jesse loved her time here, until just then, but…” and Billy looked up with a grin having downloaded the photos Moira took earlier. She really was a pretty girl, seeing her standing out on the jetty, that black dress swaying with her. He spoke, “Plus she’s bloody fit too, and single!” and that made them all laugh. Even Father McTavish.

One of the last people you’d have thought would be involved in a company like this. But needs must and it’d been many years ago when he’d discovered Barry and young Billy’s other activities. Although the older boy, Keith occasionally helped he preferred being out on the boat, taking it off his dad’s hands, letting the old man concentrate on Society matters as well as the myriad of other jobs he did round this part of Barra.

So the decision was taken and after lunch they watched Billy give Jesse such a session the girl’s heartbeat soon peaked before dropping back to a steady pattern. “Right, she’s unconscious now, liable to be for several hours” he said and the others moved swiftly, leaving Moira’s house and going back down to Ardnacarrick. The coffin was quickly brought out and the cage removed, the lassie still inside and taken back to the cottage. Moira took over once she was free and the others left her and the girl alone, taking the cage with them.

Jesse herself was somewhere she’d never thought possible, bonded bliss, and despite the agony of the betrayal once the vibrators had started she tried to forget what had been done to her. ‘What a way to go’ she’d thought as it buzzed away. Then stopped…then bang. She really was going for it and soon a galaxy of stars exploded in her head and that was that.

She thought she was dreaming now. About being free. Lying in bed wearing white silk, like that dress Moira had given her that first night at the B&B. She moved her hands, rubbing them over her breasts, squeezing everywhere. Ohhh that was heavenly and the girl smiled…and opened her eyes. Squinting in the pale light coming through the curtains of the bedroom.

There was Moira, sitting there looking at the lassie. “Hello love…welcome back” she said. Jesse was baffled, was she still dreaming or what? Her mind must be playing tricks on her. Moira looked a bit tearful, “I’m sorry about this morning, I…we pushed you further than I thought possible. But you really are free now. If you want to leave, please say so” The girl was convinced, her mind was totally screwed up and… “Free, but I’m in a cage, locked away under tons of…” Moira reached over and after a long pause spoke to her.

“No you’re not love. We freed you three hours later. You’re back…home with me now”. She saw the girl’s eyes begin watering and moved closer, Jesse reaching up and bursting into tears as the two women embraced. Nothing was said for a long while before the girl let go. She looked around, seeing her rucksack by the door. Quite flat too as if it were empty so a stare at the open wardrobe provided the answer. All her stuff had been unpacked again. That lovely cream frock she’d worn, still there hanging on the door. She sat up again, asking for painkillers as her headache was dreadful. Once they’d been dispensed she returned to the subject. “So…so what happened then? Please Moira, be as honest with me as I was with you at the beginning. Why did you do that? Who were those men?” She looked so sternly at Moira the woman shuddered. Feeling like a schoolgirl again, up in front of the headmistress.

Miss McLuskey did over the next hour. Telling her about the reality of Island life and how the Western Approaches Society had been formed. “But honestly love, I assumed at the time you were just…well a normal guest who was a lot kinder than most. Once I read that diary and discovered you in the cage I realised you were special. You’ve made quite an impression on us here. I guess we just got a bit carried away with our tests.” The girl snorted at that. “And Jesse… love. I want you to stay on, helping me, not just with this place but the Society as well. Your cage is something we’d never thought of as a bondage tool. I assume that you’ve got other outlandish ideas in that pretty head of yours?” She smiled as the girl flushed. “Would you like to bring them to reality. To play your games a lot more?”

Jesse Haig thought about it. What else could she do with her life back in Aberdeen? Not a lot really. If she got the sub-postmistress job here, she could also work for the Society on the quiet. So a slow smile answered the question. She leapt forward and embraced Moira and the couple burst into tears. “OK, but…but next time we have to sort out some sort of word so I can say when we’ve gone too far. I really thought I was a gonna then. Exciting once I’d accepted what I thought had happened. The ultimate… wet dream I guess. But…well seeming as you’ve managed to get me out of that dress and into this then you noticed”

She had but said nothing, feeling Jesse trembling in her arms. “I’m hungry too” she said, smiling as Moira rubbed her on the arm, “Well you know where the cooker is love, get cracking,” and Moira got up and fetched the wrap, holding it out to the girl, holding her tight once she’d sorted herself out. Another apology and kiss followed before they walked hand in hand into the kitchen.

Once the meal had been eaten Moira took the girl into the office, Jesse now seeing the only room she’d not been into while cleaning the house. Miss McLuskey showed her the brochure of the Society and the products they sold. Jesse was fascinated that so many people were interested in bondage, both real and imaginary and she spent the next couple of hours looking on the computer. 

“Yeah, some good stuff there too. But I bet Graham’s cage could be way better than this one” she said pointing the basic cage Billy makes. “OK, you can meet him tomorrow. He’s the younger of Barry’s lads, you saw him this morning” Jesse’s eyes lit up. “What, the black-haired one? He was…well he was rather dishy. Despite what they did moments later” and she laughed, knowing that maybe things were going to turn out just fine after all. They had a very long and detailed chat and Jesse formally said she was going back to settle her affairs in Aberdeen then return. Moira was thrilled and they shared a long kiss and cuddle

McTavish was very contrite when he arrived that evening after a call from Moira. He had to do some serious apologising to Jesse, giving the girl a hug and rub, though as she was wearing her nightie and the wrap he had to let go quite quickly or she’d have noticed! They sat down and Miss McLuskey managed not to smile as the girl gave the Reverend a bollocking about the way things had got so out of hand. But also she told him what would be happening from now on and he too was pleased.

“Good, fresh faces in this Island will be most welcome. Especially someone like you” he said, smiling as she glowed. Jesse asked him if he minded what had happened, what the Society did but he explained he was a broad-minded character. As long as it was consensual and nobody got hurt then it was fine. He left after that and Jesse found herself being put to bed, though she looked a bit sad when Moira said there would be no restraints worn tonight. “Plenty of time for that in years to come I guess” she said, kissing the girl before she closed the door.

The next day it was a smiling young lady who was formally introduced to Barry and Billy, Keith away on the boat. Moira had suggested she really get dressed up and did Jesse’s hair and make-up. Wearing that new white frock and heels she certainly hit it off with the pair as they shook hands. Billy was only two years older and he was almost stammering as he answered her questions about what he did and why. Moira could already sense real attraction between them and was pleased. Even more so when the lad led her out of the room to the series of workshops, anxious to show this beauty his metalwork. Something he was so proud of, his skills with wood and the harder stuff too.

The others came down when they hadn’t returned after an hour, only to find Jesse had the guy locked inside a cage by all his extremities but also telling him how he could improve it! That was amazing and the girl was in her element after lunch as she, being computer savvy informed the McIvors’ how the web-site for the Society could be altered to make it more user friendly. She was impressed at the mask she’d worn and saw the recordings of her brain-waves. “Wow, you’re a genius with this buddy,” she said, giving him a rub on the arm. Jesse explained how it had felt in the coffin. The sort of input only a real enthusiast for being a ‘sub’ could provide. Again Jesse told the McIvor’s how it could be made even better.

“What a girl,” Billy said when she’d slipped out to use the toilet, “It’s gonna be hard to keep up with her” Jesse was also delighted to see her cage was here and she showed Billy all around it as the others left them together. Telling him the full story of its’ discovery and what had happened to her. Though he’d seen her inside the once he had no idea how it was done. That got her smiling and the lad couldn’t believe his eyes when Jesse said she’d show him.

Taking off her jacket, allowing the guy to see more of that perfect body as she stepped in and turned round, her little heart hammering on seeing this hunk about to lock her in. Jesse explained she didn’t want the mask or gag ‘but the rest is fine, OK?’ He agreed and she prepared herself, hair going into the slot out of the way, then putting both wrists by her side. Feeling a twinge of excitement as he bent down and closed the manacles over her ankles. She almost squealed as the naughty lad ran his fingers up and down her silky smooth legs. “Hmmm…that’s lovely” she sighed as he came up and closed the belt over her arms then the collar over her throat. He returned to her legs and gave her another stroke as the knees were secured. Finally he squeezed her fingers before they were encased in the mittens.

Billy couldn’t help himself and once the girl was secured he stood right in front, staring into those slate grey eyes as they twinkled at him. Then she grinned a bit too. Was she…? He wondered, deciding to test her, moving closer and their lips met. Jesse was already in heaven as his powerful hands came over the belt and ran over her torso then her hips too, rounding on that curvy ass. He wondered whether to try lifting her dress and chancing his luck. However she read his mind as he’d knelt down and began sliding the material up and over her shapely figure. “Uh…uh. Be nice. Not on the first date eh?” she chuckled and Billy went bright red but he grinned in submission, letting go and the skirt and slip flowed down again and he tidied her up. “What a shame I hadn’t gagged you” he said, Jesse laughing in reply “Thanks, I’m…I’m sure there’ll be opportunities soon” she said, and now he really did smile.

He returned to her lovely face, cradling it before they shared another sensuous kiss and her heart was pounding. “Plates?” he asked and the girl said no, not just now, but keep on doing that for as long as he wanted. So Billy did, feeling her trembling as his hands began manipulating her nipples. Faster he went, really doing her, here, there and everywhere all at once and he finally saw her eyes glazing and she shuddered in her bonds as the girl erupted, only the fact he had his mouth firmly clamped over hers prevented the others hearing them! What an amazing creature, he thought. One who was so turned on at this that she could be brought to orgasm just by a good stroke. He was going to have fun with her and the way she was looking back as he unlocked her throat Billy assumed Jesse felt the same way. 

She was like a Cheshire cat once he’d freed her from the cage, that lovely smile just for him and they fell into each others arms, kissing and cuddling for ages. Jesse holding tight, her head buried in his chest. Then, having sneaked past the living room to use the loo, re-fix her mussed makeup and tidy her hair they returned to the others. Moira only needed one look to know the girl had found her desire with them on Barra. She was glowing quietly as they sat on the sofa…together. Hands dying to clasp but trying not to show their feelings this early. McIvor looked over at his lad who gave him a faint wink and a sideways glance at the girl sitting next to him. “I guess that’s settled. Welcome to the Society. When do you want to start young lady?” Barry asked, reaching over to shake her hand.

Jesse Haig blushed, saying if someone could run her over to Aberdeen she’d be back by the weekend. All her stuff would fit in a transit van, which the McIvors already had if she could use it please and Barry went to the desk then tossed her the keys. She looked puzzled. “Who is taking me? I haven’t passed my driving test yet…” she said, Moira turning a scarlet shade. “Hang on Jesse love, you drove Father William back from…” and stopped, laughing when the girl replied, “Badly too as I’m sure he’d tell you. But you said, if I recall, what happens on Barra, stays on Barra!” and they all erupted at that.

“You naughty girl. The sooner you’re back in that cage the better” she retorted and again the place dissolved into laughter. Billy high-fived her and Moira saw they were holding hands after that. So things had turned out right after all. For the moment Jesse said she’d be happy to stay with Moira, or if she got the Post-Office job then that came with a place of her own as Mrs McGregor was leaving the island once she’d retired.

The party split up and it was Barry who drove her back on the Wednesday, saying he couldn’t trust her with Billy on their own… “Yet,” and grinning as she went bright red. It took the pair most of Thursday to clear out her flat, the girl didn’t have that much unpacked from her previous move. She’d only been here four months since the journey across town from the College dorms. The leasing agent looked a bit annoyed but Jesse didn’t care now. They were back in Barra by Saturday having bought a whole stack of supplies for others on the island.

Jesse passed her interviews within a month and got the Post-Office job, much to everyone’s delight and training was quickly approved. She knew most of the villagers by now and those she didn’t soon got introduced. The pay wasn’t brilliant but the girl had some savings from her parent’s insurance policies and she’d get by. Mrs McGregor was leaving the cottage that came with the job in good nick and Jesse, with some help from her new neighbours, Moira especially got the place suited as to how she wanted it. The girl was quite busy and never seemed to mind people dropping into the place for a coffee and chat. She altered the opening hours, staying late on two days a week, plus now opening Saturday mornings, much to the pleasure of the locals who’d so quickly embraced her arrival. The Post Office impressed that within four months she’d increased profitability by 30% and that got her a hefty pay rise.

With Billy the girl was getting on famously, they could hardly keep their hands off each other once in the workshop and much fun was had by both. It was pretty obvious they’d soon become a couple. The first time they made love one lovely evening Jesse Haig found herself being gently stripped naked and spread-eagled across his bed. Then shackled by wrists, ankles, a collar and the belt as he teased, tickled and tormented her into an orgasmic frenzy. Just as well Barry was out late on the boat with Keith as they went at it like rabbits for hours. The girl couldn’t stop grinning and his father guessed what had happened when he’d come home, shaking his head but smiling all the same. Keith said nothing, slightly envious of his little brother but pleased because the lad had been unlucky with his previous girlfriend and deserved the break.

He didn’t seem to have much time for ladies and kept a little distant when Jesse was around. She too acted responsibly when he visited Barry at home as he had a place of his own near the harbour. Though of course he didn’t mind her great cooking when he’d come for Sunday lunch and they’d eat almost as a family. Moira too usually here as it appeared she and Barry were getting closer than most people knew about.

The Society was booming once Jesse had re-written the web site. Billy was deluged with orders for the new cage once it’d gone on sale and he was very busy in the workshop, sometimes hardly stopping for lunch. They had no time for holidays but the girl was happy with her life here now. She got to test and design some superb restraints, manacles, belts, total enclosure hoods and so on. The money was rolling in and Barry was thrilled. They carefully made sure Keith wasn’t left out, buying some new nets and safety stuff for his boat as he’d now formally taken it off his father. Jesse getting a hug of thanks for that, also for ‘keeping my little brother on the err…‘straight and narrow?’

Her most amazing contraption was the ‘full wack’ and an idea she’d pinched off a bondage story site. A computer design coffin where the sub’s brainwave ‘dreams’ could be converted into a virtual reality simulator. They’d have to minutely measure the person for whom the coffin would be built as he, or as Jesse correctly thought she would not be able to move a muscle. The girl got Billy to scan her from head to foot and over the next few weeks casted the front and back halves of the device. These things were for the true professionals and the girl prayed it’d work. Six months after she’d first proposed the idea and a year after her move to Barra Jesse was ready for her biggest test yet.

They had to wait until the others were away taking the trawler to Lewis for a week as it was a private test but eventually she was ready to try the whole thing. Jesse was trembling the first time she lay naked in the back part as her waist, neck wrists and ankles were clamped down, arranging her fingers and suchlike. Billy prepared to lower the front down till only her head was visible. Of course he had to fit the dildo and plugs into her and she sighed as he slid them home and secured both. Then down came the front and the lassie was simply stunned once she heard the clunk as he locked her inside. “Oh my goodness,” she gasped as the effect was indeed total immovability.

Next he fitted the back of the head cradle and secured that in place, arranging her hair then told the girl to open up as the frame to hold her gag was placed over her jaw and locked. Jesse was already sopping wet underneath and Billy could see her eyes, glowing with love as the last bit was prepared. He leaned in and kissed her forehead, confirming she’d have an hour only as it was the first go then applied the earphones. She’d wanted longer but this was so new he was a bit worried before the last part of the headpiece was lowered, covering her face and he locked it into position.

The girl genuinely could not move a millimetre now, only her eyes staring at a screen through two inch wide holes of the headpiece into the tiny space beyond. This would show the ‘film’ scenario but she’d feel as if she was on the set.

She jumped when her boyfriends’ voice came through the earphones, asking her if she could hear him. Jesse tried to move a finger and Billy confirmed the sensors that surrounded every bit of her body had picked it up. The system went ‘live’ with her seeing a home made film of him stroking her breasts and it worked. Even though she knew she was locked inside a solid steel shell she could ‘feel’ the caress of his fingers as they’d rolled over her nipples. There was a flash on the screen and it went dark, Jesse happy as her new system began showing the film she’d edited for today.

Billy could see her brain waves react as the girl began…well stoking herself and he grinned, watching the lass he loved proving herself such a genius at this. Minutes later it looked as if Jesse was begging him to ‘shag’ her senseless and the slightly jealous lad stood there as the girl received a grade one screwing from a computer. He sure as hell hoped she wouldn’t use this as an excuse ‘to have a few headaches’ in the years to come. Billy went to make tea then returned to keep monitoring her. 

Jesse Haig was in her element now as the pirate Captain dragged her begging and screaming to his cabin while the crew all laughed, her once elegant flowing frock no bar to his desires as he threw the helpless maiden onto the bed. The First Mate and another man helped him by lashing her wrists to the posts. “Sir,” the man said, “We’ll be waiting for you…will there be anything left for us?” and the Skipper grinned, looking down as he lifted her copious skirts.

“Certainly, even George the Cabin Boy will have his go. The lad has to learn, and this lovely thing and her maid will be ours for a long while. Look after that girl, she’ll need to serve her mistress later. This one will look after our desires. Won’t you honey?” he said, straddling Miss Haig, only and beloved daughter of a West Indies Ambassador. Heartbroken at her ship being ambushed by this disreputable band of pirates. Her maid presumably down in the brig or maybe even being… and she didn’t want to think about that as she felt the big penis at her entrance. Soon the guy was ploughing in and out of her and to her shame the lady was getting turned on at this treatment. And so it carried on, and on, and on. Once he’d finished the skipper called the others in. The crew all smiling as the exhausted woman was untied then ‘helped’ to tidy up her dress. They tied her wrists behind her back then the sobbing lass was taken below…

All Billy could see was waves of pleasure coursing through Jesse’s head and he hoped she’d enjoyed whatever scenario she’d created for herself. He could hear the whistling of her breathing as oxygen came through part of the gag. Finally the brain activity lessened and stabilised, the lad guessing correctly she’d probably passed out so he began to release her head. A mass of hot and sweaty hair emerged and he rubbed her face dry.  He waited about half an hour then she stirred. A look of sheer delight once her eyes opened warmed him and he asked her what had happened. “Captain Billy Pirate eh,” he chuckled having heard the tale, “I like the sound of that” Jesse smiled and told her man that although this programme was good for V/R, “This is great love. But there’s nothing going to be like the real thing,” so she’d try and find him a pirates’ costume sometime! “Glad you said that, or I’d refuse to release you” he joked as the laborious process of freeing her began.

It was an exhausted Miss Haig who was helped out for a long yawn and stretch as Billy towelled her down. They shared a sensuous shower after that then Jesse dressed in that long cream frock that Moira had given her. They worked out a programme that he could input into the computer to allow the ‘dom’ to plan scenarios for their sub without her input. They’d read a lot of stuff about safety words and were determined that they’d not foul-up as some people did on the story sites.

Having succeeded Billy grabbed her by the waist, threw the girl over one shoulder and carried Jesse into his bedroom. The restraints ready and minutes later she was begging and pleading as he mounted her. Just as well the others were miles away, as her shrieks would have crossed the Sound. “I’m so glad you walked into my life!” he said once he freed her. The girl dressed in white silk as they sat watching TV at her place, once he’d brought her home.

So the V/R coffin went onto the market and made the Society a fortune, which again was spread amongst them all. It had certainly helped to pay for her forthcoming wedding arrangements as Jesse had accepted Billy’s proposal at the end of last year.

She looked stunning during the ceremony when it finally came to the big day. Wearing that antique gown that Moira had once owned and gave to the girl as her present. Though what the congregation would have said had they known what she was wearing underneath made her, and Moira laugh as she’d prepared the blushing bride-to-be that morning. Barry had insisted as part of her continued allegiance to the Society and it’s aims that the girl be bound for the final 24 hours before her marriage, AND remain secured during the ceremony itself with nobody finding out!

Even Billy and Keith looked surprised when the old man had said this but McIvor was adamant. Moira was to be her maid-of -honour and it was her who prepared Jesse. Arriving at her place at noon the day before Jesse was allowed to bathe, dressed in her favourite long cream frock…then put in her cage until bedtime! Barry himself securing the girl and keeping the keys. Thankfully he hadn’t insisted she be gagged, plugged or wear the front and back plates so the girl could tolerate this. Moira stayed with her and to Jesse’s credit she only needed the ‘no 1’ relief bottle twice.

An hour before lights out he came back to the cottage and she was partially freed. Not however until he put ankle manacles on her before the belt was unlocked and she stepped out, still smiling everyone was pleased to see. Moira undressed her before taking the lassie for her bath. Everyone else left as they could see the women were determined to see this through. They even slept together that night, Jesse with her wrists locked behind her back, preventing the highly frustrated lass touching her bits. A long tormented one as she was also gagged, deafened and blindfolded as instructed. Moira drove her nuts by stroking her silky clad body every now and again, keeping her aroused but utterly helpless too.

Finally dawn broke and it was the magic day and she was helped to bathe and do her hair, apply make-up then finally getting into her outfit. It was a pain constantly having to be locked by either a wrist or an ankle but Barry had insisted that the ‘chain of restraints’ must not be broken. Most of dressing she stood with her arms shackled high above her head, Moira careful to make sure she didn’t overbalance. All of this was also filmed to make sure.

Her legs, encased in the sheerest of silk stockings and feet shod in white four-inch strappy heels would not be a problem. It was the fact she was to be wearing manacles around her shapely legs that would have raised eyebrows. A cord from the linkage attached to hobbling knee-cuffs, would prevent the chain dragging on the floor but that was for later. The slips, petticoats and the rest were added and finally Jesse was smiling as the last lace of the gown was secured at the nape of her neck.

Further up too Jesse wore restraints. A white belt was locked around her waist with two easy-release manacles secured to this. It would enable Jesse to walk to the altar holding her impressive flower posy but nobody aware her wrists were bound by steel. Thrilling stuff and the girl had designed most of the ensemble herself to much approval from her prospective husband and father-in law once they’d approved her plans. With Billy of course having the only keys that would free her! The gown had a slightly low collar so he’d relented the ‘totally bound’ bit and her neck would remain free of anything apart from the gold necklace and pendent Billy bought her last Christmas.

The girl was trembling as she felt the phallus being inserted into her, then enlarged. “Thank goodness there’s no butt plug,” she groaned as Moira withdrew, then closed up the two halves and that click, the click she’d not hear again till as Mrs Billy McIvor when he’d free his wife. This belt had been custom built by Billy and Jesse was glad she’d remembered to use the loo just before getting dressed.

Moira was almost in tears as she gazed at her charge. Jesse looked heartbreakingly beautiful in the dress and Miss McLuskey took a few photos as she’d been asked to. Then the girl shuddered as the knee cuffs were applied and lastly the manacles clicked over her ankles. Those keys also going into the envelope that Billy would need, “To access his night of passion!” as they’d joked about this round the dinner table while planning it. McTavish was in on all this as he’d needed to approve what they were doing. If it worked they could market the ‘Bridal Bonds’ as another line of the Society.

It was a struggle getting into the car without anyone realising what she was wearing but the girl and her helper succeeded and were driven to the Church. The chastity belt was really forcing the dildo deep and Jesse was glad when Moira reached up her dress and unwound it slightly. They arrived and the girl was smiling happily outside as her outfit was arranged, the posy covering the manacles and she shuddered as her wrists were positioned and locked. Now it was ‘game time’ once her almost opaque veils were lowered. As both her parents had passed away it was actually Barry who took her down the aisle. Jesse Haig was almost in tears as she made it there to stand next to Billy, Keith as expected doing the ‘Best Man’ duties and he too knew what the girl was wearing underneath. It was he who’d thought up the knee-cuffs to stop the chain dragging.

McTavish did his best not to smile during it as the girl was glowing so prettily. Those words ‘binding together’ almost setting her off in giggles but finally came that magic moment when they exchanged their vows. The job was done as the wedding band was slipped onto her finger and he’d raised the veils, the congregation smiling as her lovely face emerged. He also released the cuffs so they could embrace and kiss each other. Because they could be individually freed she still had her wrists enclosed by steel but it just looked like part of the dress as he eased the material of her sleeves down to cover them. They turned to face the rest then marched down the aisle, her legs almost shaking with joy now. The reception went OK, then the bit she’d wanted so much since this morning as they left in the car for their hotel.

Arriving at their destination Billy carried the blushing girl inside to their room, then stood there for a moment having lowered her veils again. He re-locked the manacles to the belt, holding her wrists safe and secure so she waited expectantly as he vanished to use the bathroom. On returning Billy was so strong he easily picked her up, laying her out on the bed and arranging her dress then freeing her knees, but not the ankles and that was a surprise until he brought carefully hidden chains and applied those, spreading her legs wider apart. He must have planned this already. Jesse was smiling under her veils as each wrist was freed, more chain applied to the manacles, spread-eagling her tightly across the four-poster.

Billy began to strip off and Jesse was shuddering in anticipation as her husband got the keys and freed her from the belt, the girl wriggling and sighing with relief as he eased the dildo out. Last thing he did was to don the Tri-cornered hat Keith had bought him as a joke present. “Ready, Mrs McIvor?” he questioned and the lassie was smiling as the veils were raised and he began to kiss her.

“Aye aye…Captain Billy Pirate” she whispered, as his hands started to roam.

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