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Jessica’s Torment 2: Recovery and Electricity

by ElectroPainLover

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story continues from part one

Jessica's Torment 2: Recovery and Electricity

… After settling her head on, and wrapping her arms around, her pillow, Jessica fell asleep quickly.

Her dreams were filled with nightmares of being unable to escape the bondage she managed to release herself from. There were several variations of her dreams as they played out. Some, she was unable to release herself and her employees found her. In her dreams, it seemed as if her employees did like her as much as she believed they did. They used the opportunity to rape and torture her while teasing her for doing this to herself for them. In other dreams, she died of dehydration after dropping the second key to the floor and well out of her reach or recovery.

Jessica had a very fitful and unrestful sleep.

*   *   *   *   *

Jessica awoke with a start, her bedcover soaked from sweat. Her eyes bolted open from another nightmare, her body convulsing from the repulsive images her brain had conjured during the final few minutes of what little restful sleep she had been able to coax from herself. Once she realized she was in her own bed, in her own bedroom, and, there was not a man between her legs with a cock the size of a Shetland pony’s shoved into her sore pussy, her heart slowed from the over 180 beats per minute it had been when she first woke, to her normal pulse of around 70.

Jessica’s eyes adjusted to the light filling her room…a totally unfamiliar sight considering she was almost always up either before the sun came up or just as the top of it had crested the horizon. She looked at the clock; 11:32 am.

“Oh crap!” Jessica blurted, surprised by the late hour she awoke.

Jessica could feel the ache in her shoulders and her hips from the hours of being stretched beyond their normal positions the previous night, or, early morning; whichever way it was considered would be correct.

She had been sleeping on her stomach, arms wrapped around and hugging her pillow; right leg straight down towards the foot of the bed, left leg cocked with her knee slightly below her waist.

As Jessica straightened her left leg, her vaginal muscles began to explain to her just how wrongly they believed she had mistreated them hours earlier. Jessica winced at their complaints. Her entire vulva was extremely sore. She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs, only wide enough to slightly expose her womanhood to the late morning warmth of her room, and brought her right hand down to explore her pained nether region.

Her outer labia were quite swollen and raw to the touch. This surprised Jessica as she had not had extreme intercourse with something or someone sliding in and out. She had used a stationary dildo; granted, three sizes larger than her body was designed to have in it; but there was no rough penetration. Her labia felt as if they had abrasion burns, and her vagina, around its circumference, did too. (The vibrator, on its highest setting, actually did do a lot of very fast movements against her tender flesh. Once her moisture had dried and left the dry, sticky, rubber vibrating without the help of lubrication, there was actually quite a bit of friction.)

Jessica could feel how abused the muscles of her pussy were. She had never had her large dildo inside her passed teasing her vaginal opening with a little more than half of the head; never coming close to having the glans ring actually breach her. So, having it fully inserted, Jessica was not surprised she would be a little sore. That, mixed with the length of time it had been fully encapsulated within her, and, the hours of her muscles contracting against its two-and-a-half-inch diameter, her vaginal muscles were much more than just a little sore. They felt as if they had been torn in two.

Jessica slid to the edge of the bed, gingerly, ensuring not to allow her abused sex drag along the bedspread, and stood. Her legs were still extremely shaky and weak, more now from not having the energy she had expended through her first bondage ordeal than from the effects of her orgasms (“Orgasm! One extremely long lasting fucking orgasm!” Jessica thought to herself).

When she stood, her hips were more sore than she had previously thought. Being contorted so far for so long had them singing their own version of the blues; blues, punk-rock, and grunge all mixed into one. Jessica is very capable of doing the splits, gymnastics taught her to and her body’s design allows her, but she had never had to, nor been forced to, do them for any longer than ten minutes or so; let alone for seven hours.

She walked to her bathroom to do her bladder’s, and now, she could feel, her rectum’s bidding. Jessica set down and she could feel that it was painful to do both. The urine burned the raw skin of her vagina and the movement of her anus pushed against the muscles of her vaginal canal. Jessica decided there was no way she would be able to work in the shop today. The thought of having jeans, even the far from skin-tight ones she wore for work, possibly rubbing her sore vulva would be too much to handle. Jessica wasn’t sure she could handle her silkiest panties at this point.

When she finished, she very, very, softly dabbed herself dry and wiped her un-abused other side. She went to the phone and called the shop. She needed to let someone there know where she was in case something came up that needed her attention. If something did, she really hoped it could be handled over the phone.

Miguel answered the phone on the third ring.

“Miguel. Jess. How are you doing? She asked.

“Bien. You Ok?” Miguel asked Jessica, a slight sound of concern in his voice.

“Just feeling a little under-the-weather today and I’m going to relax. I won’t be in today.” Jessica told him, then continued by asking, “Is everything going well out there?”

“Sorry to hear that Miss Jess. Everything is good here. Everybody working on their work good.” Miguel replied in his richly accented English.

“If you need anything, you know where to reach me.” Jessica informed him, then continued, “hopefully I will see you guys tomorrow.”

“You feel better Miss Jess. We should not need to bother you.” Miguel said, each you coming out sounding like ju.

“I hope to, and thanks.” Jessica replied. “Oh, how I hope to!” She finished silently.

“Bye.” Said Miguel, the phone quickly clicking to silence.

Jessica walked to the kitchen, her walk actually being more of a wide-footed waddle. She could not believe just how sore she was and was becoming quite angry with herself for being so brutal to herself during her first bondage session. Jessica knew she would have to be more careful in the future.

Jessica put a mug in her Krüg, popped in a coffee pack and poured in the water.

When her coffee mug was filled, Jessica went back into her bathroom. She turned on the water to the tub and closed the drain. From the under-sink cabinet, she pulled out a large bag of Epsom Salts and liberally spread it throughout the hot water now slowly rising against the sides of the bathtub.

Jessica set her coffee cup on the side of the tub and climbed in. The water was hot upon her feet. She turned the faucets output a little cooler knowing her rawness would be screaming when her vulva slipped into the water if she left it this hot. Her father had always told her that an Epsom Salts bath had to be as hot as tolerable for it to soothe aching muscles, but, he had never tried it for what she was using it for now.

Even with the water temperature being dropped by ten degrees or so from its original setting, her womanhood screamed when she lowered herself into it. She could still feel some of the grit of the salts when her bum was resting on the tubs smooth bottom. Jessica swirled the still rising water in an attempt to finish dissolving the crystals.

Jessica lay back in the tub, letting the water lap at her back, sides, and, shortly her breasts. She felt the Magnesium Sulfate start to work against her tender; and today, tenderized; labia and clitoris. She spread her legs as far as the tub would allow to let the saline water lap further into her ‘tender-loins’.

Jessica sipped her coffee greedily as she soaked in the solution designed to help relieve the pain from sprains and strains; the latter more befitting of the reason for Jessica’s respite. She was very happy that Magnesium Sulfate did not have the same burning effects as Sodium Chloride; both salts, but, in her chemistry classes Jessica had learned that there are numerous forms of salts. If it did, she would not be able to handle the salt water caressing her poor, abraded vaginal and clitoral areas. Without the corrosive aspects of both Sodium and Chloride being present in Epsom Salts, the saline solution she currently soaked, was soothing and healing to her abused womanhood.

While soaking in the warm water-filled tub, Jessica was not merely relaxing and ‘licking her wounds’, so-to-speak; Jessica was actually thinking of how nice it could have been to have had something tormenting her nipples during her hours-long ordeal too. The thought rising in her mind from the warm water lapping at her nipples.

“I could just as easily be soaking the pain out of them as I am soaking my other pains.” Jessica, half thought, half said, to herself. Her Nice-Jessica side of her brain appalled by her Not-So-Nice-Jessica not being happy with the thought that the pain and abuse she did suffer, not seeming to be enough.

The Not-So-Nice-Jessica thinking of the stories she had read about ‘Pain-Sluts’ could picture herself becoming and being one. Yes, last night’s pain was almost unbearable and it had caused her much duress during her bondage session and her dreams thereafter; but, she believed she would just have to overcome her weaknesses. Jessica’s real-world jaw dropped open as her evil side ran this through her mind.

“Who are you?” Jessica asked herself in the quite serenity of her bathroom. As if to answer this question, Jessica’s left and right hands firmly grabbed her nipples between their thumbs and forefingers, pinched hard, twisting at the end. She had no presence of mind that she was going to do it until she felt the burn in each nipple. Her evil side showing her what pain was all about.

Jessica soaked in the tub until the water had become tepid. She pulled the plug holding the water back from its downward journey to the sewage treatment plant. As the water drained, its vortex made little gurgling and slurping sounds as it pulled air down within its center. Jessica turned the water on once again. She would finish with a shower.

After washing last night’s sweat, and more, off of her body; though, the more was probably gone from the long soak; Jessica stepped out of the tub and toweled herself dry. As she toweled between her legs, she could still feel she was quite tender. She had not expected the bath to completely relieve her pain, so she simply patted her virtues dry. Her nipples had still been a little tender from her hard squeeze and rough twist she had given them without forethought of the action she’d taken. Jessica more reveled in, than detested, the short bout of pain her nipples had felt and relished the after-glow the towel brought forth.

Though, feeling a little buzz in her sex from the after-effects of her short nipple-play, Jessica did not feel the need, nor desire, to help herself as she usually feels when rubbing lotion on her pubis, mons, and vulva. She puts lotion on her entire body after every bath or shower, and usually, when it came to these areas, care had to be taken as to not light a fire and spoil the shower which she had just taken. This morning, however, the gentle caressing of her delicate area had caused no sensation of desire, but, resulted in a revulsion at the touch. Jessica was simply too sore for any provocative touch to be enjoyable. She really hoped the pain would be gone by the weekend.

*   *   *   *   *

Jessica went to her computer she has set up in one of the other bedrooms. She used it mainly as her personal computer, but, it could be used for the business as well.

First, she checked the tracking status of yesterday’s purchase. It was still on-time for delivery tomorrow.

Next, Jessica went to her favorite self-bondage stories web-site,, and read a few stories she thought sounded interesting (exciting) from the story-tags. She found it odd that she found the ‘sbf’; ‘F/f’; ‘solo-f’; her favorites, as, she had never found the thought of lesbian sex or relationships anywhere near interesting. Jessica had always considered herself a die-hard hetero and loved cock—except when it is too large—though, it had to keep clear of her ‘back-door’. She would not suck it once it had been inside her until thoroughly washed either. She tried sucking it ‘fresh-out-of-the-box’ once, while she was still new to the sex thing, and, the taste of her own juices nearly made her vomit.

Jessica especially liked the stories where; caught, stuck, reluct, n/c, were in the tags as well. It seemed as if females-in-peril were her cup of tea and caused her juices to flow. She found the thought of actually seeking out someone to bind her and treat her roughly only minutely of interest. Trust, to her, being the major deterrent to that. A close second was the embarrassment of someone else knowing of your ‘perceived-kinky’ desires.

After what Jacob had done to her when she was young and trusting, her trust was no longer given freely. Jessica was unsure she would ever fully trust a man after the pants had been dropped and the deed had been done. She thought you could trust a man to the moon and back before serving him your virtues, but, after the caviar has been served and information of the fudge-factory being permanently closed to the public, there was no further need for them to instill a sense of trust. Jessica trusted her father and her employee’s, but, she was not planning to get naked and spread her legs for them, either.

Yes, Jessica would love to try the randomness, unpredictability, and versatility of being dominated by a living, breathing person; however, she doesn’t believe she could trust anyone to follow and strictly adhere to code-words when things got too intense or unbearable. Jessica had heard a joke once, and, though New York City had been the city used for the joke, she believed that any city could be inserted into it.

“How do you say ‘Fuck You’ in New York?”

“Trust Me.”

Jessica was not willing to test her theory of trust-ability of others by handing them herself to complete and utter vulnerability via total-bound-helplessness and trust them not to go too far or take too much.

Once, when Jessica had expressed her opinion about handing out ‘total-trust’ to a guy she was dating, he had told her that, “Though trust is earned, it can only be proven once…while lying on a death-bed and saying see, I never did…whatever.” Jessica had seen his point. But, today, and, with what she found she now liked; she was not about to lay down on her possible deathbed to give some jack-ass the chance to prove she can trust him. Jessica thinks self-bondage will work just fine. She impeccably trusts herself (seeming to forget how badly she abused herself just several hours ago).

Jessica, knowing the thought to be foolish, was almost afraid she had used her life-times supply of pussy moisture last night during her long-lived battle against the huge phallus. She had been really dry when she had finished and had not felt any moisture build down there since.

Her fears, though she knew to be unwarranted, was dashed when she came across and read the story “The Cable” by legs.

Jessica imagined herself as the girl in the story, not knowing the five W’s and only a vague memory of the H of her plight. Unsure where it would lead or what would be found at the end. Hell, not knowing if there was an end. She found the story devious…and, a complete turn-on. And, yes, her pussy began to moisturize itself as she read on.

After reading a couple more stories after finishing “The Cable”, Jessica found the towel she had placed on her computer chair had a dark spot of wetness on it where her pussy had been just a few seconds before. However, touching her sex still made her grimace. The soreness in the muscles had begun to abate, but, the tenderness of her sensual skin on her delicate parts was still quite alive with nerves not yet ready to yield their objection to her allowing; and for that matter, causing; so long of an abuse to take place. Jessica’s libido was screaming for release of the pent-up desires from the stories she had just devoured, but, her sex was not yet ready to allow her to expend the energy required to tip her needs on the place she had so wantonly mistreated. Hell, in other words, she was just too damn raw still to work herself the way she would need. Jessica decided she may just need to let herself build up her need for release until the weekend; her next planned step into her newly discovered world of deep lust.

The thought of waiting that long made her sadder for the here and now, than excited about the new and exciting. Though her memory of how much she had been over-zealous in her attempts to push the envelope of her first bondage session should still be fresh, Jessica was already wanting another. Her body knew it could not yet be splayed out on the bed as it had last night, though, her mind, and her libido were trying to convince her that it could. Unfortunately for Jessica, her pussy had the last say and it screamed “No Way!” when she finally decided to slip into some panties after leaving her computer room for her bedroom. Shortly after adjusting the waistband along her pelvic bones, Jessica had to pull the soft fabric of her delicates’ back down, due to being too painful against her vulva, and let them fall to the floor. Jessica went to a drawer she rarely visited and removed some Baby-Doll shorts. Being without a beau, she rarely found the need to wear her lingerie. She had forgotten just how sexy she looked in them. She pulled out the matching top and let it slip down her upstretched arms and drop over her pert breasts; her puckered nipples showing prominently through the thin, slinky fabric.

Jessica wondered if putting on a Baby-Doll outfit might not be the best idea as her desire to service herself elevated after catching a glance of herself in the mirror.

“It’s this or nothing.” Jessica quipped to herself in an answer to her mental questioning of her current attire.

Jessica’s eyes fell upon her trio of tormentors. Her shiny steel restraint systems lie, parallel to one another, on one side of the bed. Her excruciatingly tormenting phallus lie on the opposite side. Its size looking even more domineering and devilishly massive than it had when she pulled it out of the drawer last night.

Jessica imagined that, if it could talk it would be saying, “That’s right, I tamed your twat and have you respecting me now.”

She gathered the monster from the bed, unplugging its cord from the wall without nary a pause, and threw it into the drawer from which it had come; mentally noting to herself she would have to wash it when she wasn’t so irritated with (from) it.

Next, she moved the restraints, which, had allowed the phallus to have its way with her for so many hours, seemingly to conspire with it to give her the fucking of her life. Jessica moved them from, on to under, her bed; not yet having a permanent home for them.

In the light cast upon her bed, Jessica could make out the sweat-stained outline of her body and a large discolored half-moon shaped spot just below the outline of her perspiration. The white outline of her body informed her that her sodium levels were not low; until last night at least. Jessica knew the spot was where her juices had been soaked into the fabric of the bedspread and, the half-moon’s indention was caused by her butt-cheeks. The cleave of her ass forming what one could imagine to be the nose of the man-on-the-moon in profile. Jessica looked closely and was happily-surprised by the lack of any blood in the half-circle of the stain. She had thought of looking for blood this morning, but, had been too afraid to look. Now, she was relieved she had not found one.

“No tear, just raw.” She said to the empty room, as if she were having to prove to somebody that she had not done any real damage to herself in her lusting desire to be held tightly against her struggles, and, have some pain prove just how little control she had while locked in tightly-restrictive bondage devices.

Jessica hoped the sweat and cum stains would come out of the bed-cover. It was her favorite one. She stripped it from the bed and took it into the laundry, placing it in the laundry basket beside the hamper.

Jessica finally came to the realization she was famished. She had not eaten since yesterday evening and her empty stomach was beginning to lodge a protest. She fixed herself a 98% fat-free turkey on rye and a Cobb salad lightly dashed with a basil vinaigrette. Ham and Swiss on white and Bleu cheese dressing going the way of the pancakes and eggs, and, creamer and sugar.

Jessica ate her early dinner while flipping through the channels until finding some old reruns of Friends.

After finishing her salad and sandwich, Jessica slipped the bowl and plate on the lampstand beside her recliner and soon thereafter, she was asleep. Jessica slept without having dreams of monster-sized cocks having their way with her, as she had last night. The memory of the huge phallus filling her crevice so completely becoming a distant memory. That was, until she had slid down the chair a little and, though silk, her Baby-Doll shorts slid against her still tender labia; even slipping between them a little, to slide against her even more tender inner labia. Jessica was rudely awoken when the pain receptors in her crotch sent an instant-message to her brain about being wantonly touched.

Jessica pulled the slinky fabric from between and away from her tender labia and her still slightly engorged clit. Being startled out of her restful sleep by the sharp, burning, pain her shorts had caused her sore womanhood, forced tears to fill her eyes; causing star-bursts to reflect in her eyes from the light of the TV refracting through the water covering her eye-lens’. Other than the light from the TV, the house was otherwise dark.

Jessica blinked several times, trying to push the star-bursts in her eyes away; at least enough to make out the time on the cable-boxes digital display. After a few more bats of her eyelids, she could finally make out the digits…8:37 pm. She was amazed she had slept in her chair for almost six hours. She had been very tired from her harrowing and exhausting exploits from the long and torturous self-bondage session she had endured. And, obvious to Jessica by the rude awakening, knew she was still suffering the after-math of the dastardly deeds the monstrous vibrating dildo had reaped upon her tender womanly sex.

Jessica decided she would treat her rough-housed vulva to another soak in the warm and soothing touches of an Epsom salts laced bath. She also knew of the healing properties of the slimy green pulp which was exposed when the fibrous outer covering of the Aloe Vera cactus was peeled away. Her father had shown her this when she was young and the splattering of tiny molten metal spatter had still hurt; how rubbing Aloe Vera eased the burn and expedited the healing of the tiny burns.

She started the tub filling. After adjusting the temperature and adding a copious amount of the white crystalline salts to the slowly rising water, Jessica stepped out on the front porch. She immediately felt the warm, damp air, pushed by a gusty breeze, whip under her loose silk shorts and pass over her sensitive sex. She mused how nice the breeze felt on her delicate area. Though warm and humid, the air brushing passed an area of her body that had never had naturally blowing night air blow past before, sent a shiver run down the spine and the small of her back. The thin silkiness of her top caressed her nipples made pert by the shiver.

Though reveling in the tender embrace of the night air on parts of her body that had never felt its gentle caress, Jessica had to keep her mind focused on her purpose for leaving her house for the porch. She went to a very healthy, quite large, deeply green, Aloe Vera cactus her dad had grown for as long as she could remember. Jessica broke off one of the thick shoots sprouting from the main body, careful not to get pricked by the sharp tip or any of the saw-tooth shaped thorns running along the flattened top of the shoot. It snapped easily when she bent it the way her father had shown her. Jessica took her retrieval into the bathroom and set it on the vanity. Its use being saved until after she soaked.

Jessica climbed into the near full tub, swirling the water with her feet to hasten the crystals’ dissolve. When her feet could not feel any further grit on the bottom of the tub, she slowly lowered herself into the swirling water, steadying herself in anticipation of the assault she was sure to come when her mistreated privates touched the hot water. Jessica knew, that if soft fine silk had shot pain through her when it touched her soreness, hot water should be nearly debilitating.

When she finally allowed her butt and vulva to lower into the steam-producing liquid, Jessica felt some pain, though, nothing near what she had anticipated. After the first few seconds, the pain dissipated into a soothing liquid embrace. She turned the faucet spouting a steady stream of, now tepid water, off and let the rest of her body slip under the surface. The hot water lapped at her tender breast as she slowly allowed her back to rest against the sloping curvature of the tub. Jessica relaxed in the water and adjusted the nubs capping her firm breasts to just breach the surface, and, ever so gently, circled each with her index finger. The feeling her fingers released were sensual without being stimulating; exactly her desire for this evening.

Jessica soaked in the tub until the water had clearly dropped below her body’s own temperature and it begun to feel cool against her skin. She pulled the drain-plug, allowing the water to begin its vortices into the world below.

When the water had been expelled from the tub, Jessica took a quick shower to rid her skin of the brine residue, which covered her body in a thin wet film after her bath.

Toweling the rest of her body dry before softly dabbing the sensitive area between her legs, being extra careful not to abrade herself further. Tossing the towel in a corner, Jessica picked up the broken off piece of Aloe Vera and deftly pealed back the protective layer, exposing the slimy green pulp underneath. Though she had used this plant many times as a topical ointment on many parts of her body, this would be the first time she had ever considered applying it to the part she now intended it for.

Jessica hiked her right foot and placed it flat on the vanity’s counter-top, providing her clear access to her sore pussy, and, a clear view of it in the mirror. With her build and flexibility, looking at her nether region by bending over gave her a fairly good view of her pubis and clit, but, due to the function of the spine, the further she tried to bend to see her vulva, the more her butt pulled it away.

Using the more optimum image in the mirror, Jessica gently spread her outer lips to reveille her more abused inner lips with the index and middle fingers of her left hand. With the same fingers on her right, she dug deep into the sticky, slimy, pulp of the now splayed Aloe Vera leaf, collecting a sizable glob of its healing pulp. She applied the slime liberally to both sides of the flaps protecting her vaginal canal, and, smoothed the substance out to her less battered outer lips. Digging a refill onto her fingers, she reapplied the plants juices around her inner labia again, this time working a finger into her vagina up to the first knuckle, running the tip of her finger around the rim of her opening to assure the whole inner circumference was filmed by the plants sticky juice.

The benefits of this miracle healing plant was immediate. There had been no burn when she initially applied it to her injured self. Only a soothing coolness. Jessica knew all-to-well how quickly the plant took away the sting of a burn once it had been applied. For some reason, however, she expected the plants juice to burn when applied to such a tender spot, when, such spot had been injured. However, when the burn was not present. Jessica had not really been surprised.

Once she had applied all of the pulp the piece of plant had to offer, she lowered her foot from the vanity and discarded the remains of the Aloe leaf into the trashcan. She was amazed, but not completely surprised, that she did not feel her lips rub painfully when she lowered her foot. Jessica loved the healing aspects of her father’s miracle plant.

Jessica slipped her Baby-dolls’ top and bottoms back on and went out to the kitchen. She thought she would enjoy a glass of wine on the porch and see if the breeze was still as tantalizing to her as it had been when she stepped out the first time.

Instead of sitting in one of the patio chairs, Jessica placed her sleek tummy against the patio’s railing and bent over it, arching her back to allow her breasts to enjoy, the now slightly cooler, breeze which had not abandoned her. Jessica spread her legs a little more than shoulder width apart. The breeze made the very loose, very light, fabric of her shorts wave in the wind like a silken flag. The air gently caressing her like the hands of a ghost.

“Why the hell have I never thought of this before?” Jessica pondered to herself while touching the rim of the glass softly to her soft lips, allowing a few drops of Chablis to slip past and awash her tongue. Jessica stood outside, resting her arched torso against the rail, softly sipping her wine and gently swooning in the breeze.

The wine and soft caress of the breeze relaxed Jessica to the point that she was ready to lay on her bed and allow herself to slip away into a pleasant slumber.

*   *   *   *   *

Jessica awoke as the sun’s first direct rays had breached the horizon. She slept like a baby throughout the night and was fully refreshed.

When she had climbed into bed, Jessica had shed her shorts and top; primarily to prevent the shorts from bunching against her tenderness. Now, she sent an inquisitive hand to investigate if the Aloe had performed as she had hoped. Though, still a little tender, the plant had worked its wonderful magic. Gone was the engorgement of her lips and the burn of skin oils against raw flesh. If she were so inclined, Jessica felt as if she could pleasure herself without too much discomfort; though, she figured another day of healing would be best. She could allow herself to explore some more over the weekend.

Jessica was becoming ever more excited when she remembered her recent purchase should arrive today.

Her father had always hammered forth the dangers of electricity to her.

“Ninety to two-hundred-forty amps from a welder will not just stop the heart, but explode it.” He had told her numerous times.

Her new purchase worked in milliamps, not amps, however. Granted, it only takes six milliamps across the heart to cause it to defibrillate and arrest, but, Jessica knew the resistance of human flesh would not allow twenty milliamps across the skin to push six milliamps down to the heart. Ohm’s Law, and the resistance of flesh, would not allow it.

“I can’t wait to see ‘Big Brown’ in town.” She said to herself in the increasing lux of her bedroom. A girlish giggle escaped between her lips, highlighting her spiritedly joyful mood.

Thinking further, Jessica quipped, “My toys are on my end and my pussy’s on the mend.”

No girlish giggle at this one. Jessica had to fall on the bed holding her belly with laughter.

“R.O.B.L.M.A.O.” Set Jessica deeper into an endorphin induced euphoric seizure.

It took Jessica several minutes to catch both her breath and her senses before she could once again gain her feet. However, she was like a child whose parents had studiously scolded them to quit laughing while smirking themselves. Her laughing continued, rolling in waves of ebb and flow. Jessica had to brace herself against a wall while walking to her kitchen during one of the waves of flow over-took her.

Jessica hadn’t been outright giddy in years and the feeling of only tenuously being able to hold back bursts of laughter felt strange to her. Good…but strange. She was able to set up her coffee maker to brew her first cup, finally realizing that, due to her fit of laughter, she had not put on her shorts and top, as she had planned before falling victim to her own anecdotes. As she looked at her nakedness, another bout of laughter made her have to put her palms upon her knees and her butt against the cupboard to keep from collapsing into a hysterically laughing lump on the floor. When she caught her wits again, Jessica decided she would maintain her nudity for now.

She fixed herself a breakfast of scrambled egg-whites and seven-grain toast, eating while she enjoyed her second, and, last she would allow herself, cup of coffee for the day.

Jessica cleaned up afterwards, and, when she had finished, she headed to the bedroom to get dressed before heading to her shop.

She slowly pulled on the pair of panties she had tried on the yesterday morning but had nixed due to their discomfort. They were much more comfortable this morning and she could easily wear them throughout the day. However, due to her especially boisterous mood, and, having something else in mind, she slipped them back down her legs and let them fall to the floor once more.

“Commando anyone? …Anyone?” Jessica said mockingly, looking around her bedroom as if she may find some takers in the empty room, albeit for herself.

“I’ll take you up on that.” She said raising her hand, barely able to stifle another round of raucous laughter.

Jessica went to her closet and pulled out a pair of the old-style summer issue Army battle fatigue pants. She slipped them on, buttoning the olive drab buttons which held the fly and waistband closed. They fit her quite loosely, and, should someone try, could easily be pulled down, over her tiny ass.

Not believing anyone would actually try to de-pants her, she added one of her leather belts to hold them up anyway.

Jessica knew these pants would require the use of a leather smock anytime she was welding, as, they were made of rip-stop nylon and would not offer any protection against welding spatter, but, instead, would actually melt to her skin.

Jessica decided to go as commando above as she had below. The shirt she put on being a cotton button-front. Only buttons holding the fabrics covering her breasts and crotch closed against the outside world.

Jessica thought about her choice of dress, and, when she walked out of the bedroom, she could feel her pussy lips slide gently against one-another due to the lubrication her body had seeped out of her. Jessica wanted to be horny. Jessica needed to be horny. Horny was good when building a new and exciting toy to be used while bound and unable to keep it from doing to you what it was designed to do you; tease, torment, torture, and, eventually, please. Jessica went out to the shop, no longer stuck in bouts of laughter; now, her mind focused on painful, lustful, pleasure and the complete inability to stop it until a release device allows for it to be quelled. Jessica changed her fun hat for her devious hat, and, she planned very much to use it.

*   *   *   *   *

Jessica unlocked the shop and powered up the mains about an hour before her crew should begin to show. Several air compressors were building their tanks with compressed air; the overhead fans begun to spin; the sodium-vapor lights begun their slow and steady rise to full intensity.

Jessica’s first stop, after setting the shop to life, was the mild-steel racks. She pulled a length of 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” angle, a 3/4” x 3’ length of round-stock, and a random length piece of 1/4” round-stock. She carried her collection to her newly-created BDSM-toy manufacturing work area. Returning back to the stock-area, Jessica pulled a six-foot piece of 3/8” x 3” stainless flat-bar, remembering she wanted to make thigh and calf restraints. She took the sole stainless flat-bar to her work area, just to get it out of the way and make her next acquisitions easier to carry.

Jessica next went to the parts bins and grabbed three 1 1/2” x 1 1/2’ x 3” hinges, two lock hasps, and three 3” stainless hinges. Taking these to a cart, similar to the lumber-carts found at the big-box-hardware-stores, Jessica set the parts on the flat bottom and wheeled the cart to the sheet-steel rack; pulling a 3’ x 5’ sheet of 1/8” mild-steel, she loaded it onto the cart and wheeled her supplies to her work-space.

Once she had completed gathering her initial necessities, Jessica had about fifteen-minutes before the guys showed for work. She wanted to greet them before they started their duties. She put a pot of coffee on in the office, though, she herself would not partake, she figured the guys might enjoy it.

As their cars rolled into the lot, Jessica was waiting by the large roll-up door. As each one left their car, she greeted them and asked them enjoy a cup of coffee in the office, and, that they were all going to have a meeting. Not a regular practice, but, frequent enough for none of them to become concerned. Jessica actually had ulterior motives for this meeting, however, was quite sure none of her employees would complain about its purpose and its eventual result.

Jessica followed the last man to show, Carl, into the office.

“Good morning gentlemen,” Jessica begun, pausing long enough to allow them to return the salutation, then continued, “first I would like to thank you for allowing me to get some rest yesterday. I was really out of it.” “No lie there.” She thought to herself.

Each man echoing the other that her absence did not hinder them and that she was welcome.

“Next. I want to touch base on how each of your projects are going…”

Jessica looking towards her official un-official shop foreman.


“On-time…on budget. I will have the horse-trainers finished by Wednesday.” Miguel answered.

“Promise date?” Jessica asked.

“Next Friday.” Miguel stated.

“Great! Great job!” Complimented Jessica.

“Stanley?” Looking and asking Stanley, just for the simple fact that he was sitting next to and to the right of Miguel.

“Great! Should be done on Monday. I have verified the stock and supplies are in the shop, so, there should be no foreseeable holdups. Eleven percent under budget.” Stanley, being through several of these meetings over the years with her father, knew exactly how the question should be answered.

“Fuckin’ A! Awesome!” Jessica exulted, none of the men surprised by her use of the word fuckin’. Most of them had heard her curse since she was thirteen or-so.

“Fonzi?” His name actually being Alfonzo. Jessica hates when names have more than two syllables, so she cut it down to Fonzi. His cowlick and black hair also reminds her of The Fonz on the reruns of ‘Happy Days’ her parents used to watch.

“On time. Some manufacturing problems on the feeder slides. Gates were not latching. Had to rework the catches. Par stock budget…a little over on labor.”

Jessica frowned, though, barely perceptibly. The shop had been making feed shoots and locking slides before she had ever stepped foot in the shop. Problems on something which was so mundane upset her.

“What the fuck Fonzi?” Jessica hissed. “We’ve built these things for three fucking decades. What happened?” Jessica admonished Fonzi.

“Not these Jess.” Fonzi rebuked. “These are for that freakin’ buffalo ranch out on I-10.” He finished.

“Oh shit…that’s right. Sorry Fonzi.” Jessica dropped her head, feeling truly sorry for jumping on him.

“No problem Jess. They’re not the normal stock to feed in a shoot.” Fonzi said, seeing how sorry Jessica was for the misunderstanding.

“Promise date Fonzi?” Jessica asked.

“Next month. Plenty of time barring too many more issues with that god-damned huge necks on those bastards.” Fonzi explained.

“Great…excellent problem solving and I am very sorry for jumping you in front of the others Fonzi.” Jessica responded, once again apologizing.

“Think nothing of it Jess.” He said, showing Jessica a toothy smile followed by a cheesy thumbs-up, mimicking Arthur Fonzarelli.

“Carl?” Jessica asked, looking at the next in line.

“Today…seven-percent under…no problems.” Carl said, no change to his normal taciturn demeanor.

“Promise date?” Jessica asked.

“Two weeks.” Carl replied in his monotone style.

Jessica worried about Carl at times. “Watch-out for the quite ones.” She had always heard. Carl helped solidify this theory, in Jessica’s eyes at least.

She has caught him staring at her ass since she was seventeen. He has spoken to her tits more than he has ever spoken to her face since then too. She kept him on when her father retired because, he may check her out, but he has never tried to touch her. Besides, Carl is a damn good fabricator and his welding skills are superb. But, Jessica would never allow herself to be alone with him. Why push one’s luck.

“Hector?” Jessica said looking at the last man.

“No mas.” Hector said in his native tongue.

“Really!?” Jessica responded. “Great!”

“Ok gentlemen. Great Jobs!” Jessica said. “Why I would ever expect anything else is beyond me. You guys are great!” She said, lifting her rear from its half-sitting half-leaning position on her desk.

“Thankyou’s” being voiced in unison from them all.

“As you’re all well on schedule and have plenty of time left to complete your projects…” Jessica pausing and looking at Hector, “…with the exception of you, an hour in and you haven’t even pulled a fucking single piece of stock…son-of-a-bitch your slow.” She said, ribbing Hector as Miguel translated for him as Jessica spoke too fast for his limited English abilities to understand.

They all laughed.

“How would you all like a paid day off to lead you into the week-end? Jessica asked.

Puzzled looks around, eyes all falling on Jessica.

“For real Miss Jess?” A stunned Miguel asked their new boss.

Actually, Jessica has been running the company for the last three months, but, since all but Hector has worked there for better than fifteen years, Jessica is still the new boss.

“For real guys. I mean it. One for eight today.” Jessica said. “You guys are this company and its time to show some appreciation.” She finished

Jessica may have an ulterior motive, but, she meant every word she said.

“Ok.” They all agreed. Each thanking Jessica in turn. Carl issuing his standard non-verbal head nod and quick glance at her breasts.

“Never alone with him.” Jessica silently reminded herself.

The crew, boisterously happy and eager to start their unsuspected long weekend, filed out of the office and back to their cars, thanking Jessica again as they left the shop.

She watched as their vehicles headed down the drive towards the highway.

Jessica closed the large roll-up overhead door, leaving the walk-through door open so the delivery service would know there was someone in the shop. Jessica’s pussy maintained a constant moisture from the anticipation of the contents of the package she was expecting. Deliveries from the courier service she had been informed would deliver it, in her email confirmation, usually arrived between 11:00 and 11:30 am, leaving her at least another forty-five minutes to wait.

She went back to her work area to start on her next project while waiting for her delivery to arrive. If it is the regular route driver, he would know to ring the service buzzer, using the button next to the door; sounding a loud buzz through the overhead PA system. If it were a different driver, Jessica hoped he could read the large “Ring for Assistance” sign next to the button.

Jessica, trying to make time pass quicker, while she eagerly awaited her delivery, started cutting her angle-iron to the lengths she needed to build the frame for the box she was going to be building. The iron frame and 1/8” thick metal skin would make it a bit on the heavy side, but, she didn’t want whomever was placed on it being able to scoot it around or tip it over.

She only had to make a few simple cuts, consisting of a few different lengths. She mitered each cut to forty-five degrees so she would have more welding surface and no overlaps. Jessica wanted her invention strong, yet smooth.

She had almost completed welding the skeletal frame when the buzzer crackled loudly over the speakers mounted to the large beams holding up the roof of the shop. Jessica looked at her watch; 11:11 am.

“On-time as usual.” She muttered quietly to herself as she quickly, and excitedly, exited through the door separating her special work area from the rest of the shop; wasting no time in covering the distance to the exterior door.

They exchanged their pleasantries and Jessica signed for the package. She was surprised by its weight.

She watched as the large brown delivery truck headed up the drive and turned onto the highway before closing and locking the man-door leading into the shop. Mallory Fabrication & Welding was officially closed to the public for the weekend—though, plenty of work would still go on behind the locked steel doors and tall metal walls.

Jessica carried her newly-acquired package to her work-area. “I can finally put my dressing commando to use.” She said light-heartedly to the empty shop; shortly thereafter, making the transition into her work-space and locking the door. All of her employees had a key to the shop but Jessica had the only key to this section.

Jessica wished, after signing for her package and during the walk to her personal shop, that she had worn underwear. She found she preferred the feel of soaked panties compared to the constant seeping of her juices down the insides of her thighs.

After setting her box down on the steel workbench in her space, Jessica made a mad dash to her house. When she returned, she had the bondage devices she had designed and built and belts she had used two days before. She did not, however, bring her huge vibrating dildo…there was some new toys in town.

Upon returning, she set the spreaders/cuffs/collar on her work bench, then wasted no time opening the brown, discreetly packaged, box. Inside were ten smaller boxes emblazoned with the picture of the electrical devices she had seen on the seller’s website. She also found several other smaller boxes and bags, believing they contained her accessories she ordered as well.

Jessica removed one of the boxed power-boxes from the larger packaging and opened it using visibly trembling hands; hands that trembled from a mixture of excitement, curiosity, and, fear. Fear, being manifested due to the simple fact that she planned to get completely naked in the shop for the first-time, placing herself in strict bondage, and, attaching electricity to the most intimate parts of her body; knowing, she was not the only one whom possessed the keys allowing access to the shop.

“I hope the risk of this doesn’t turn around and bite me in the ass.” She said to herself as she unpackaged the ET312B from the manufacturer’s packaging. She tore the protective plastic covering the instruction booklet was sealed in, skimmed the index, and thumbed through the pages; stopping to read when something caught her attention and she felt she might need to study it.

Placing the instructions of the bench, Jessica looked through the shipping box for accessories she wanted to use; here and now.

She quickly found the items she was looking for; a bi-polar Lexan vaginal plug and a pair of electro nipple clamps. She plugged the ErosTek box into the power-strip built into the large workbench. Jessica unpackaged both the vaginal plug and nipple clamps and plugged them into the jacks on the front of the power-box, then, turned the power on to the box. The display came immediately to life.

Jessica played with a couple of the settings experimentally, watching the different settings show on the display. She decided she would test it a little.

Picking up the clear, smooth, vaginal plug and looking at it, she noticed the two stainless steel strips running down either side. Ensuring both of them made contact with the skin of her hand, Jessica slowly turned the power level of the box up. She had been amazed how low the power level indicator was when she began to feel a tingle in her hand and wrist. She turned the power up slowly and continuously, becoming even more amazed at how quickly she could no longer handle the electricity pulsing its way into her, now, shaking hand.

“Wow!” Jessica exclaimed, a little louder than she had meant. “This damn thing has some power!” She continued, dropping the volume of her voice to a more reasonable decibel level.

Extremely excited by what she just felt, Jessica began to strip her clothing off. She could have only shed them faster by tearing them off. She tossed her pants (only pausing with them long enough to remove the belt she used to hold them on her waist), shirt, shoes, and boots in a disorganized pile on the floor next to the workbench.

Jessica climbed onto the steel workbench, it’s cool temperature making her shiver and break out in goosebumps when it’s coolness savaged her nakedness. Her lust being uncontrollably ravenous at this point, Jessica hardly noticed.

She immediately placed the spreader between her legs and, without a second’s hesitation, quickly locked the shiny cuffs around her ankles with two tiny clicks of finality. As Jessica had not retracted the width of the spreader very much the other night; turning the nut to spread her legs apart took much less time and did not seem nearly as monotonous. The spreading of her legs was felt much quicker this time, as they were already splayed fairly wide when she locked it onto her ankles. Within a couple minutes, Jessica’s legs were as wide as the spreader would push them until she strapped her lower thighs to the spreader, which, she did using the same wide belts as last time. Once the bar was tightly held to the bottom of her thighs, she turned the nut some more, taking the slack out of the cuffs caused by the belts’ forcing her further into the splits.

Once the spreader was holding her to her widest spread, Jessica placed the two leather belts as she had to hold the vibrator inside of her. She inserted the glass-looking plug deep into her vagina, her natural juices providing more than enough lubrication to allow it slide in quite easily. Using and fastening the belts around her waist and vulva, ensured the insert would not slip out until the belts were removed. Jessica was extremely happy to have her pussy filled by something that didn’t feel as if it were trying to split her in two.

Next, she attached the nipple clips, one to each of her rock-hard, super-sensitive nipples. The initial pinch took her breath for a second. She had never had her nipples pinched by an inanimate object before. The knowledge of being unable to remove them once her arms were locked in the upper spreader made her juices flow and her clit buzz from the excitement this knowledge imparted.

Jessica lifted her head and placed the built-in neck collar around the front of her neck and, as she did the other night, allowed the weight of the out-stretched spreaders snap the lock closed.

As she had not retracted the spreaders for either arm when she had released herself in her bedroom, both the left and right spreader’s lengths were still out as far as they could be, and, allow her to get her wrists into the cuffs. Jessica immediately encircled her left wrist in the smooth steel cuff, having to stretch her shoulder a little, and pressed it closed against the bench’s top.

She placed the ErosTek so she would have access to its controls after her right wrist was securely bound, then, she gave each nipple clip a squeeze, making them bite harder against the engorged buds capping each breast. As she did, Jessica felt a much more distinct pinch and vocalized her slight displeasure with a little cry of distress. She thought she would have to take the clips off her nipples. Before she could, however, she had placed her right wrist into the cuff, stretching her shoulder as far as her body would allow, and closed the cuff securely; the click of the cuff sounding its finality.

Fully bound and her new toys securely in place made Jessica’s pussy drip with excitement and anticipation. Unable to further put off her desires, Jessica slowly turned the power up on her nipples and in her pussy. The electricity entered her body where the contacts touched. Jessica knew it was love at first pulse.

She lay splayed wide on the workbench and played with the different settings built into the power-box. Jessica was quick to learn the difference between pain and pleasure with regards to electrical stimulation. Pain produced a quite painful pinch and zap, where, pleasure was like a message of the muscles and soft contractions. Of course she preferred pleasure over pain, but she could definitely see where pain could be used erotically as well.

Over the next couple hours Jessica experimented with settings and power levels, forcing herself to leave each one, painful or pleasurable, on for a while. She came several times under several of the pleasure settings. Jessica, at times, wanted to cry under the painful settings, though, she forced herself to endure it. Jessica believed she should allow the box to make her pay for her pleasure.

As she lay, another orgasm building its way to its need to burst, Jessica swore she could hear something in the main shop. She remained as quiet as she could; having to reduce the power level to keep herself from moaning should her suspicions be correct.

The noise of the overhead door rolling upon its tracks confirmed her suspicion. Jessica looked at the lock on her shop door and noticed she had not re-locked it after returning from the house with her restraints.

Jessica wanted to cry…


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