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Jessica’s Torment 3: Fear and Electrical Stimuli

by ElectroPainLover

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story continues from part two

Jessica's Torment 3: Fear and Electrical Stimuli

…As she lay, another orgasm building its way to its need to burst, Jessica swore she could hear something in the main shop. She remained as quiet as she could; having to reduce the power level to keep her from moaning should her suspicions be correct.

The noise of the overhead door rolling upon its tracks confirmed her suspicion. Jessica looked at the lock on her shop door and noticed she had not re-locked it after returning from the house with her restraints.

Jessica wanted to cry…

*   *   *   *   *

Jessica figured if she remained as still as stone there should be no reason for whomever entered the shop to open the door leading into the work area she was in. She listened intently to the person; she figured had to be one of her employee’s; hoping to surmise whom had entered the shop, and, why they would need the overhead door opened.

Each of the individual work areas was open-aired to the main shop. This is needed to allow the fumes and gasses from fluxed welding gasses to not get trapped and accumulate in the smaller areas. Each work area had eight-foot high walls but the main building was twenty-five feet high. The short walls of each work area also allowed the two overhead hoist cranes to set and remove larger items into each individual work space.

Jessica knew if she moved, though movement was minimal considering the way she is bound, the metal cuffs around her wrists and ankles could hit the steel top of the bench she is bound upon and resonate throughout the cavernous steel walls of the main building.

She listened intently as she heard two voices in quiet conversation, hoping to God that one of them was not the voice of Carl. Jessica could not imagine what he might do to her if he found her in such a compromising position. The thought sent an ice cold chill down her back.

Jessica was able to make out that one of the voices was Miguel’s. She still had not placed the voice belonging to the other. The echo’s and their soft speech was playing tricks on the voice patterns. She tried listening intently to place the other’s voice, all-the-while, concentrating on not allowing the cuffs to move or clink against the bench.

Jessica heard a truck; sounding very much like the company flat-bed pickup; enter the shop.

“What could they be doing?” Jessica asked herself, keeping the thought deeply in her mind so it could not escape her lips.

“Are they taking supplies? Could Miguel actually be stealing from the company?” She questioned herself without a peep of sound escaping her lip, whole-heartedly knowing that he would never do such a thing.

Jessica heard one of the cranes move across its gable beam.

She knew the work-area’s and the layout of the building intimately; more intimately now than ever by bringing herself to three orgasms within its confines; but, the echo’s made the cranes exact location impossible to determine.

The person, whom was not Miguel, spoke much louder than he had before and Jessica was able to ascertain the second voice as Hector by the broken English and thick Spanish accent.

“I hope Miss Jess does not get upset that we are in the shop when she gave us the day off.” The voice of Hector spoke in an accent so common to Southern Texas.

“Naaa.” Miguel answered, then continued, “she will be happy we delivered the horse-walker early.”

The horse-walker was the project Hector had told her this morning was finished.

“Why would they deliver it today?” She wondered to herself.

She had given them the day off for a long weekend minus their drive to and from and the hour they had spent in a meeting.

“The walker isn’t due for delivery until next week.” Jessica mused through tightly clenched lips.

Jessica kept as still as possible, however, she believed with every fiber in her body that Miguel would not hurt her should he catch her like this. She was not entirely sure he would not say something to the rest of the crew, but, she was comfortably sure he would not take advantage of her situation or position.

She heard the crane lower its hoisting hook, then, the sounds of chains being attached to metal. Shortly, the hoist’s motor whirled again, making Jessica believe it was now lifting the horse-walker out of what must be Hector’s work area. When the hoist motor stopped its humming, another motor started and Jessica could hear the over-head crane crawl along the tracks it rode upon mounted to the I-beams high above. After a few seconds, she heard the traversing motors stop and the trainer lowered, making a light clink-thump sound when it touched the concrete pad.

Jessica heard tools begin to dismantle the horse-walker’s arms, obviously preparing it to be placed on the flatbed truck for delivery. Jessica thought the dismantling process was taking far too long, though, in all actuality, the two men were being quite efficient; it was only her anxiety of having the two employees in the same building where she was bound, naked, and attached to an electro-device that made time drag for her. She could only hope she could maintain complete silence by remaining perfectly still long enough for Miguel and Hector to complete the disassembly, loading, and exit from the main building.

The inability for Jessica to flex her hips and shoulders the miniscule amount the two spreaders allowed was making her hip and shoulder muscles begin to burn. She really hoped they would be done soon and she could release herself.

“Why the fuck did I go into the house and bring the restraints out here?” Jessica screamed at herself under her suppressed breath.

“I could’ve just as easily taken the power-box and toys into the safety of my bedroom to try it out.” She admonished herself, wanting to cry deeply at the predicament, and, possibility of discovery.

“Now look at yourself! Facing the possibility of being caught by two of your employee’s if you even make a single sound. With the shop doors closed and locked, Miguel would never think you were back here working, and would most definitely investigate any sound he heard which neither of them hadn’t made. Damn! You can be so dumb sometimes.” Jessica counselled and chided herself for her decision to use the shop as her play-area.

She knew, if she planned to test all of her new designs on herself, she would have to test the bigger and heavier builds out here in the shop. Some would simply be too difficult to get into the house without a major undertaking.

In-fact, the project she started today would be, though not too big, much too heavy for her to carry to the house without the use of a dolly. It had to be heavy so the user could not upset it. Otherwise, it would have to mounted to the floor.

Jessica heard pieces and parts being loaded onto the bed of the truck. One of the obviously larger pieces needing the use of the crane, once again. She assumed it to be the center of the motorized carousel designed to walk a horse for exercise, if they were constantly stabled, or, to cool down a horse after a long hard ride.

Jessica found herself forgetting she was a bound woman desperately trying to keep from getting caught by two of her employees, and, once again becoming the owner of the company. She found herself hoping the two men were careful and did not get hurt unloading the heavy center portion of the walker. On large jobs, she would hire a forklift to meet the delivery, but, she highly doubted Miguel had done so for this delivery. However, maybe he did and that is why they are delivering it while she had given them the day off. Jessica could only speculate and would be more informed about it come Monday and could ask questions when she was more properly dressed, a little less restrained, and much less openly vulnerable. Currently, she was not in a position to ask questions.

“Miguel would have mentioned the delivery in the meeting if he of had it planned. I’m sure of it.” Jessica thought to herself.

Jessica heard the chains and binders placed onto the bed of the truck. She knew they were getting ready to secure the load to the truck, and, hoped they would leave post-haste when they were finished.

The chains rattled and clinked as they were placed them over the parts she could envision laying on the truck. She had seen horse-walkers bound, and, had bound them herself, for delivery, numerous times and knew the process completely.

She heard the binders as they stretched the chains taut over the items they were used to maintain a secure hold upon. Much like how her restraints were maintaining her with their own secure hold. Jessica listened as four binders locked home and the loose chain wrapped around the handles of the binders, both, securing the loose chain and holding the binders handle securely in the closed position.

“Hector. I’m going to make sure all of the project shops are locked. We left quickly this morning when Miss Jess told us we had the day off. I want to make sure we left the shop secure.”

“Si. No problema compadre.” Hector returned in Spanish.

“Oh Fuck!” Jessica screamed in her head. “My fucking door is unlocked!”

“If he checks it, I’m caught for mother-fucking sure!” Jessica again pointing out the obvious to herself, tears beginning to blur her vision at the thought.

She listened intently as Miguel tested and shook each door to the individual project shops, dreading to hear his footsteps approach her door. Her door. The door she lies behind, in an extreme spread-eagle, and, completely naked on a bench in the center of the project shop in clear view when the door swings open. Jessica knew there could be no possible way in hell he could miss her pasty-white skin lying upon the blue-silver of the steel making up the top of the bench. She would stand out like a sore thumb, even if he took just a quick glance.

Jessica cringed and braced herself for what would be the most embarrassing moment of her life as she heard Miguel’s steel-toed work boots clop on the concrete floor towards her door.

The door shook and the knob turned. Every muscle in Jessica’s body contracted, her heart pounding louder in her ears than it had at any-time in her life. The swoosh-swoosh of the blood being violently pushed through the veins near her ear drums. Pumped by a heart she could feel beating desperately and heavily in her chest. A flood of adrenaline raced through her body, making her muscles shake uncontrollably. Jessica closed her eyes painfully tight.

In her mind’s eye; the door opened, and, she saw a man in his mid-fifty’s framed in the doorway looking gapped-jawed at his boss’s nude body bound on the workbench, beet red in the face, unable to maintain steady eye-contact. Her wide spread legs allowing him to see every part of her not blocked by the belt, leaving little for the imagination to have to fill in. Her breasts rising and falling as her chest took in fevered breaths, driven by anxiety and fear. The image racing through her mind, tracked by milliseconds in its length of real time, but hours to Jessica’s mind.

She tried frantically to mentally come up with her first few words of explanation, failing to find a single word which could even come close to beginning a sentence to explain away why he had found her in such a position. Shiny steel forcing her into the shape of an ‘H’, a wire running behind the leather belt, obviously leading into her drenched pussy; clamps pinching her nipples until the tips of them were white, also having wires attached to them. Both her titty wires and, the wire leading out of her slit, leading to a box obviously meant to supply an electrical shock. No; Jessica had no words which could even come close to explaining what he would see, away.

Instead, what Jessica seen, was the door open wide enough for a hand to reach inside, push and turn the knob’s locking knob, the hand retracted, and the door shut tight. A final shake of the door, then, boots retreating from the door and moving towards the shops main doors.

“Imagine that. Only the boss’s door was unlocked, but it’s secure now.” Jessica heard Miguel comment to Hector.

Seconds later, a door was closed securely on the truck and the engine roared to life. Jessica heard the trucks engine become slightly more quiet as it obviously pulled out of the building, then, the overhead door’s motor beginning to lower it into the closed position. As the door was closing, Jessica could make out another door close on the cab of the truck. A few more seconds passed and the motor of the overhead stilled itself once again.

Jessica was now almost pissed. Miguel had found an unsecure door and didn’t take the time to look for an intruder or to investigate why it had been unlocked. She was extremely happy he hadn’t looked in the work-area, but, he had no idea she was in here, and should have at least looked to see if there was some reason the door had been unlocked.

Waiting several minutes, to assure herself the two didn’t remember forgetting something and return, Jessica remained completely still. Her heart raced and adrenaline flowed while she continued to wait, until she was reasonably sure they would not return until they had completed their delivery and set up of the horse-trainer.

Once she thought it to be safe, Jessica bawled at the top of her lungs for a good fifteen minutes before fumbling for the keys to release herself from her bonds.

Jessica could feel the slight tightening and relaxing of her bonds, especially in her wrists and shoulders, as the heaving of her chest contracted and expanded during her tremendously heavy crying outburst. She took several minutes to compose herself when the worst of her heavy crying had finished.

Jessica picked up the shop-made handcuff key she had brought to the shop with her and kept readily available to release herself when she was ready, and released her left wrist from its outwardly stretched position. Stretching as far as her body would allow, she passed the tiny key to her right hand and freed it too. She unlocked the collar around her neck and set the all-in-one manacle set next to her

She found it hard to move as her muscles felt like she had just finished an epic work-out regiment, the flood of adrenaline her body had released had caused her muscles to go into overdrive and tore every bit of energy they had, out of them. Jessica had an exceptionally difficult time finding the energy to crunch her stomach and get herself into a sitting position to release her lower extremities. After several failed attempts, she finally got her body into a sitting position.

After another short break to regain some more strength, Jessica unbuckled the belts holding her thighs to the spreader, then begun to unlock the cuffs holding her legs, so widely spread apart, not bothering with retracting the spreader-bar first. She had to work at getting her hands to the first ankle to release it. Once she unlocked the first cuff, her legs automatically sprung down about six-inches from the nearly straight line they had made while held apart. An immediate and intense cramp formed in her right hip, causing Jessica to cry-out audibly and twist her lower torso to try to relieve the pain of the muscle spasm. Once the cramp subsided to a tolerable ache, she brought her legs together and unlocked the remaining cuff, setting the final limb free of its restraint.

Jessica climbed off of the bench slowly, making sure her legs would hold her weight and her balance would not betray her, and gathered her clothing, dressing as she picked each piece up. She didn’t have very many, so re-robing was quick and simple.

Jessica picked up her restraints and her new best-friend, pulled another of her best-friend’s out of the large shipping box, along with the rest of the accessories. She left her work-area, making sure she locked the door when she exited.

Before leaving the shop for the safety and privacy of her house, Jessica cut four pieces of 5/16” chain to a length of two-feet each. She regathered her toys and the lengths of chain she had just cut and headed for the house, making sure the shop door was locked when she exited. Jessica was bound and determined to never leave another door unlocked as long as she lived.

She entered her house, again, locking the entry door after closing it, and took her toys and chains to her bedroom, placing them on her bed; which, was still naked of a duvet.

Not sure when Miguel and Hector would return to the shop and still nervous from being so fretfully close to having her new secret life discovered, not to mention her body being spread out in such a manner to display ‘all’ she has to see; Jessica decided she would work on her device in progress tomorrow, and enjoy a little more time experiencing more of the breathtaking joy her new toys have proven to provide. Only this time, she planned to do it behind doors which nobody but herself should have a reason, or ability, to access.

Jessica laid the chains on each corner of her iron-framed four-poster bed and stretched each from their selected corner of the bed inward towards the center. Thinking of how to secure the chains to her bed, Jessica remembered the hasps and padlocks her father had purchased before she had talked him in to using rekey-able locks for the individual workshops of the shop. She argued that using keyed-alike padlocks on the work-area doors would not provide security with-in the shop and that padlocks were too easily misplaced if it were not hung on the hasp immediately after unlocking the work-area. She also pointed out how easily someone could be accidentally locked into the work-area and unable to unlock the door from the inside.

Jessica remembered just where those unused padlocks were.

She headed back down stairs and to the utility closet just outside the door leading from the kitchen into the garage. As she expected, a red painted, metal toolbox sat on the floor of closet. She swung the lid open, lifted the tool tray out, and underneath she found two packages of four #5 Master padlocks. Her dad also made sure that both packages of four keyed-alike locks had the same key number, giving Jessica eight brand new locks, all keyed the same. She grabbed both packages of locks and placed the tray back into its spot in the toolbox. As also expected, Jessica found and snatched up the folding hex-key tool from the tray. She would need this too.

Carrying her locks and tool, Jessica headed back upstairs to her bedroom, locking the door as she closed it. Even though all three entry doors to the house was locked and dead-bolted, the keys removed from the two having double-cylinder locks due to the nine-panel glass window in them. For Jessica, no door will be unsecured anymore and she believed now was the best time to get into the habit of locking them.

The cuffs, she had designed and fabricated, are held to the spreaders using a counter-sunk Allen-head machine screw. Jessica counter-sunk the screws so pliers nor Vice-grips could get a grip on their knurled heads and remove them. Only an Allen wrench could get deep enough and fit the hexagon hole to remove the screw. When she starts selling them, Jessica plans to have custom, non-standard head screws made, which, would require a tool only she would be manufacturing at her shop. Thus, making the cuffs unremoveable by anyone without the special tool, effectively making it a true key.

Jessica removed the retaining screw attaching the cuffs to the spreaders. When she finished, she pushed the spreader-bars underneath the bed, not needing them for the time being, as she now was planning to spread-eagle herself to the four corners of her bed.

With a thought, which came to Jessica only a few moments ago, she decided to hold off a little while before chaining herself to her bed and headed for her computer room. She needed to make a couple purchases of some bondage items she would not be making in her shop; now, or in the future.

Jessica logged onto her computer and went to a BDSM webstore. She found what appeared to be a sturdy head-harness with a covered-gag. She noticed it also had a three-and-a-half-inch long phallus-shaped protrusion for oral insertion. The gag and harness both locked on with tiny padlocks. She immediately added it to her cart. Next she perused the blindfolds section and found a thick, black-leather blinder with short faux wool on the inside of the blindfold. She assumed the wool lining insured no light would enter from the sides as well as the front. Into her basket went the blindfold.

Jessica decided she would really live on the edge and guided her browser to the electro-stimulants’ page to find a small, but daring, anal electro-probe. She had never liked anything invading her rectum, and, had told the few boyfriends she had over the years; “If so much as the tip of your finger presses against my asshole, your sex-life with me is through.”

After finding one, which appeared to her that it would not cause her too much discomfort in her virgin rectum, she added it to her cart along with her other finds.

She really didn’t want anything shoved up her ass, but, she was finding pain and torture to be her game. And, what was torture; having painful and uncomfortable things done to one that one did not want done. Her and her asshole would just have to suffer through.

Choosing next day air, though, realizing it was Saturday and, knowing she would not get her package on a Sunday, she knew she would have her items on Monday. She shut-down her computer and went back to her bedroom, once again, making sure the door was locked.

Jessica laid her still clothed body on the center of her bed and spread her arms and legs toward each corner of the bed. She adjusted the chains to where she would be stretched taut but still be able to get her cuffs on somewhat easily. Making sure not to move the end of the chain which would be attached to her cuff, thus, would be attached to her limbs; Jessica secured each chain to the four heavy-gauged steel posts making up her head and foot-boards. She used one of the packages of padlocks, leaving four more locks to secure her cuffs to the chains. Kneeling on her bed, she pulled hard on each chain testing how secure the headboard and footboard held. Tugging and yanking as hard as she could, and, being in a position to offer her much more leverage than she would have lying on her back, neither of the tether points moved much more than a quarter inch. She was quite satisfied she would be very well secured to her bed once her cuffs were attached to the chains and her limbs within their steely confines. With that thought in mind, Jessica opened the other package of padlocks and locked each cuff to its perspective length of chain. Her shiny cuffs were now one with the bed, and soon, would make her become one with it as well.

Jessica began to think of a release mechanism to release her keys when she was ready to be released. Actually, not when she was ready, but, when the time she set for the session had elapsed. She had read about many different releases used by self-bondage practitioners and found ice-timers to be the most popular. However, Jessica did not want to wait four or five hours before enjoying her spread-eagled body and the tormenting pulses of electricity she planned to incorporated upon, and within, her body. The orgasms she built-up and released today, being brought about by just testing the machine, was fantastic. But, the fact that she could change or stop the electro-box at any time she wished had somewhat acted negatively towards the feeling of complete helplessness. Now, she wants to be forced to endure the shocks and have no control over the boxes, instead, allow the boxes full control over her.

Jessica tried to think of options for a release mechanism she could use immediately, or, as close to immediately setting it up would allow. Jessica put the mechanical engineering cogs of her mind into full forward and allowed her imaginative right half, and the logical left half, of her brain to search for a solution to her dilemma. She hoped soon she would fall upon a wonderful and semi-fail-proof release mechanism.

She imagined the shop, and mentally walked around within it. She looked at this and she looked at that, in her minds-eye. She checked in this corner, and the next, and so on. Then, Jessica’s mental probe looked up. What she seen in her mind was the two-and-a-half-ton capacity electromagnet hanging from the cable block’s hook on one of the gable cranes. Of course she could not use that large of an electromagnet in her bedroom. She would have no way to get it in there, nor, anyway to power it if she could. But… she knew… there were much smaller electromagnets in the shop which were used to hold steel items in place for welding. These were usually much easier than a vice to hold the steel in position, especially if the steel you needed to hold required both hands to steady it and a third to turn the vices handle. Those electromagnets are small, powerful, and most of all, portable. Jessica had her answer. Now, she just had to go get one.

Stepping out of her comfortable abode and onto the porch, Jessica tried to foster a look of relaxation while she scanned the lot in front of the shop. She wanted to see if the truck was there and the car was gone, or, if it was the inverse. She noticed it to be the latter. Miguel’s car was still in the lot and the truck wasn’t. She didn’t believe they could’ve been back yet, and, believed it to be probably another two hours or so before they are; but, better safe than sorry.

Jessica made her way down the gravel drive, each step causing the gravel underneath them to make its familiar crunching sound, and closed in upon the shop’s entrance. Unlocking the door, she stepped inside and headed to her old work-area. She wasn’t sure if her new one had a magnet in it, but did know her old one did. Unlocking the door, she stepped inside and pulled the small electromagnet and its power supply off the shelf where she kept it. She exited the small shop for the expanse of the large shop, locking the door to the small shop on her way out. She stopped by the parts bins for a couple of stainless steel fender washers. She would use these to tie the keys to, then be held by the electromagnet until it was time for release. The thing she really liked about her electromagnet release system was it was completely fail-safe. If power were to fail, for whatever reason, planned or unplanned, the keys would drop. As long as she set the timer she planned to use correctly, the keys would fall at the designated time.

As she closed the shop for the second time today and started back up the drive to her house, Jessica tried to think of which pre-programmed routine she liked best when she was testing her electro-sex boxes. There were a couple she had really enjoyed. Really enjoyed. Then, it donned on her. There’s user programmable memory, a software suite, and USB cord to install your own routine and upload to the box.

When she entered the house, of course… locking it behind her and placing the dead-bolts key too far away from the door for an arm sticking in through a broken glass pane, Jessica headed straight back to her bedroom. She set the electromagnet and its other parts on her dresser then picked up both of the power-boxes; the one she had used this morning and the one still packaged. She took both of them into her computer room and, again, booted her system.

Jessica opened the second power-box’s packaging as her computer’s hard-drive spun, loading drivers and programs. Once the display showed her desktop’s picture; a beautiful blonde laying on the floor in a mixed rope and steel hogtie, large, red ball-gag partially sticking out of her wide-open jaw, blue eyes looking directly into the camera; Jessica pushed the open button to slide the tray from the internal abyss of the DVD drive. She unsheathed the thin silver disc and placed it onto the drives tray, centering it within the indention which aligned the disc on the spin motors spindle.

After closing the drive, it began to whirl and the green light on the drive flashed for several seconds. Shortly thereafter, a window came up asking Jessica if she would like to install the program files to her hard-drive. Jessica walked through the set-up process until the installation program said it had been completed the process. A new icon appeared on her desktop. She double clicked it.

The program opened and asked if she would like to register her software and hardware. Jessica opted not to at this time and the program went to the programming portion.

Jessica scanned the options and opted for a random pain/pleasure setting. She plugged one of the power-boxes into a USB port and loaded the program into its memory. When the first box was programmed, she did the same for the second box. Jessica left her computer room with the two power-boxes, leaving her computer running just in case she had not programmed the boxes correctly; though, the program said she had. Jessica hoped the program was as devious and cruel, and, eventually rewarding as it appeared to be.

Jessica tied the keys to her locks and the handcuff key to a string. Measuring the string, she cut it to the length it needed to be to reach her hand when bound. She screwed a small eyebolt into the ceiling where the keys would hang a few inches above her left hand, tantalizingly just out of reach when she was locked in her cuffs and chained to the bed. She threaded the string through the eyebolt and attached one of the washers to the end opposite of the keys. The washer would be held by the electromagnet until it was time for her to be released and would not allow the string to be pulled all the way through and fall to the floor. Without the string being caught by the washer, the string could fall to the floor well out of reach of her hands and she would be unable to gain her freedom without the help of someone else.

Jessica already had a timer attached to her lamp on the lampstand. She would use it when she was away for an extended period of time to randomly turn the lamp off and on. There were several more throughout the house; used for the same purpose.

She plugged the electromagnet into the timer’s outlet and manually turned on the timer. Jessica pulled the washer end of the string and placed the washer onto the face of the electromagnet. Once she tested and determined the electromagnet would hold the washer (actually, the magnet was a slight overkill as, if she tugged on the string hard enough, the string would break before the washer would release), she pushed the manual button on the timer, once again, to make sure the washer would release. (She had chosen stainless steel over a zinc-steel alloy as the alloy is more likely to hold residual magnetism than stainless). When the power to the magnet was removed by the relay inside the timer, the keys fell immediately to her bed. Jessica went through the procedure two more times, each ending in the same result; the keys dropping where she planned them to drop. Her system worked wonderfully.

Jessica picked up another package she had removed from the shipping box earlier this morning. The picture on the box showed a thin sheet of Lexan about two inches wide and four inches long. It was slightly curved on the longer portion and had two silver lines running parallel to one another with a red and black set of connectors on one end. There was a harness attached to the four eased corners of the Lexan plate. The package called it a Bi-polar Vaginal Shield. She pulled the item from its packaging and held it in her hand. It was smooth and had no sharp corners or edges. She placed it on the bed.

Jessica quickly shed the few pieces of clothing she had on and softly caressed her skin, making sure to keep a clear distance from any parts of her body she would not be able to pull away from once touched.

Jessica picked up the pussy insert; the clear Lexan not quite as clear as it had been when she unpackaged it this morning since she had not rinsed or wash her bodies juices off of it yet. Her pussy was once again leaking and dripping from the excitement of what she expects to come (and cum, and cum, and cum). Her self-lube allowing her to easily slide the submarine shaped dildo inside her. She used her middle finger to push it in as far as her finger could reach. Next, she stepped into the harness of the vaginal shield, pulling the harness up to her waist. She picked up one of the thick leather belts, looped the harness around it, and tightened the belt around her waist. The harness, now secured to her waist, Jessica adjusted the shield on the harness until it was perfectly centered over her vulva and outer labia. She wished it was long enough to attack her clit, but, was also glad it didn’t as she would be milked of her orgasms within just a few minutes of the power being applied. She had never tried it to know this for a fact, but, knowing herself and how she acted today with her cervix and nipples buzzing, she had no doubt she would cum way too quickly if her very susceptible button were juiced.

Jessica picked up the nipple clamps and climbed to the center of her bed. Almost without realizing she had done it, her ankles were securely encircled by the smooth steel cuffs, her legs spread wide open enough to allow a man clear access to her pussy for whatever his pleasure, if, that is, there was a man around to do it.

“Someday… Someday I will meet a man who wants to treat me the way I want and deserve to be treated. Like the little bondage whore and pain slut I believe I’m becoming.” Jessica said to herself as she connected the inserts’ and shields’ wires; one to each of the power-boxes. She wanted her inside and outside vaginal nerve sets to be shocked out of sync of one another. She clipped the nipple clamps onto her nipples, noticing each of her buds were still a little sore from the couple of hours the clips were on this morning. She plugged the nipple lead into a box at random, not caring if they were shocked along with her pelvic area or her labia. She placed the boxes next to her left hip, well out of her reach once her wrists are secured in their shackles.

Jessica laid back. She found the timer and set it for random. The random setting meant she could be held there for two hours on up to eight hours. She would not know when she would be released, but, she knew it would be no longer than eight hours.

Jessica turned on the power to the boxes and slowly increased the power on the one with the single lead attached. After turning the power up a little, Jessica could feel a tingle deep inside her.

“I guess that means my labia and nipples will feel the same cycle of electrical play.” Jessica muttered to herself, wishing her gag was already here and plunged deep into her mouth, stifling her screams of pain and moans of ecstasy. She will have to be careful if she screams however, as she has placed both sound-sensors on her abdomen and turned the sensitivity lever up to about halfway. Now, if she screamed or moaned too loud a quick and severe punishment will be administered to each of her spots of tenderness.

Jessica reached up and quickly locked her right wrist, having to shimmy her body upwards, thus, pulling the chains binding her ankles tauter. She found, and cherished that, she would have very little movement once she was in her full four-point restraint.

Jessica set a delay timer on both of the boxes for ten minutes. The slight contractual movement of her muscles deep in her pussy stopped. She did not want to know exactly how much power she would have to endure until the timer ran down, allowing her access to her freedom. Jessica turned the power levels up on both boxes, unsure how much power will be unleashed when they come to life and start their tease or torment or torture cycles. She knew she could feel the electricity deep inside her during her brief test was fairly strong, but, she still turned the power quite a bit higher.

As she reached and stretched to secure her left hand, she muttered, “I hope it’s not too high or I could be very fucked, literally and figuratively, for up to eight hours.”

The cuff around her left wrist sounded its small click of assurance that she would require the key hanging two feet above her to release its relentless, but comforting, grip.

Jessica expected there to be times of pain. “How can there be torture and discipline without pain?” She said to herself as if trying to convince herself of the necessity of extreme discomfort.

She softly struggled against her bonds, noticing she had very little movement to struggle. She struggled while waiting for the electro-torture devices to spring into life. Jessica wondered if, while the waiting period counted down, the microphones would pick-up sound and shock her for it. Biting her lower lip softly Jessica let out a small but loud yell and braced herself.

No zap. The boxes must be allowing her to make noise as she ties herself up, if she weren’t already.

Jessica waited. Her anticipation and her unsureness of the intensity levels she set made the ten minutes seem like an eternity.

Jessica felt the electricity start to enter her body, ramping up slowly to the full intensity the random setting had picked. As the power gained strength, she could feel throbbing, pulsating contractions in her vagina and outer labia, almost making her feel as if a cock was slowly and softly sliding between her labia and into her wet pussy. The gentle electric shocks on her nipples felt as if they were being played with while the bite of the clamps felt like the player was also pinching them tightly.

She laid back enjoying the sensations her electro-lover was giving her. Jessica felt her eroticism growing slowly, wishing she could move her hands down and help it grow stronger and quicker. She wanted… no… needed her body to release its first uncontrollable electro-stimulated orgasm she was completely powerless to help or stop (though she would not have stopped it even if she could). It built slowly and steadily… much too slowly for Jessica’s libido’s requirements and desires.

Enthralled by the building orgasm, the thought that she would be torturously shocked if she made too much sound had completely left her mind. Jessica started trying to thrust her groin against the penis her mind had conjured, trying to turn the slow, long strokes into hard, pounding thrusts. She also started to moan.

The first punishing shock caught Jessica well off her guard. The pain was much more than she anticipated or believed she had set. The much higher voltage mixed with a much higher hertz cycle made it feel as if she were having red hot probes set against each nipple and her labia. A violent contraction deep within her noted the result of her bodies reaction to the internal probes increased electricity and hertz cycle. Jessica jumped and pulled hard against her restraints in reaction to the punishment unleashed upon her for the moans. Unfortunately for her, in reaction to the intense shocks, she let out a scream.

As the voice activation was set to a minimal shock for sound, but, its electrical output was also based on decibels it received, her next shock was much more intense than the first and lasted until she could silence herself. Jessica, however; her mind in a whirlwind of pain; had forgotten these little tidbits and continued her scream for several seconds. The boxes paying her torturously and painfully for each sound she allowed to escape her lips. Her body remained wracked with pain and violent contractions for several very long seconds until her mind wrapped around the fact that she was the once putting herself through the pain and torment upon her most sensitive parts of her sex.

Mustering every inch of energy and thought to stave off her screams of agony, Jessica was finally able to stifle her yells and allow the power-boxes to settle back to a pleasurable electrical pulse. Though, now the programmed pulsations had taken on a new form. A form where she was no longer being slowly and gently fucked, but getting a hard pounding.

Almost as soon as the punishment inducing electrical signal had stopped abusing her body, Jessica came harder than she had ever cum in her life. This, however, brought on something she had never even considered. As her juices covered the electro-shield against her vagina, the salt-laden liquid her body released and covered the shield with reduced her body’s normal electrical resistance, allowing the electrical shocks to enter her labia much more easily. She felt her entire vulva spasm intensely with the cycle of the shocks the boxes produced. The resulting sensation made Jessica feel as if she were being pounded extremely hard by a very large cock. Jessica was immediately thrust into a very long and very intense orgasm. A third followed close on its heels.

Jessica found remaining quiet during her mind-shattering orgasms damn near the hardest thing she had ever encountered in her life. She wanted to scream out her enjoyment so loud she would wake the dead. She thought, however, if she had, her joyful screams would turn to screams of pain and put an end to the immensely erotic throws of her orgasm. Leaving her to have to rebuild the lust she had lost due to her screams.

Jessica lay quietly enjoying the different erotic sensations the electricity was providing, having to bite her lip through the randomly inserted pain cycles and making her pay for the pleasant ones.

The pain in her nipples and pussy; Jessica could only imagine as she had never had one used on her; felt as if a crop was being used upon them by vicious sadist feverishly, and quite accurately, placing hard steady slaps by the leather flap stinging deeply into her tender, sensitive skin. These cycles made Jessica struggle frantically within the restraints holding her securely to the bed. She tried to move her parts being imaginarily struck by a whip to make it stop attacking the same spot, but, the wielder of the crop her mind had conjured, expertly anticipated where and how she would move and hit the same spot with each brutal stroke.

Jessica let out a scream during several of these torture cycles, bringing on a much more painful set of electrical jolts. The higher amplitude making her whole body jump uncontrollably during each distinct zap.

After each round of punishment Jessica noticed she would be on the edge of another climax and that it quickly shifted to an orgasm after the pain stopped and the pleasure cycle began. What little of her conscious mind she had available for actual thought concluded that the pain portions built her orgasms and the pleasure cycle released them.

The orgasms Jessica experienced from the electrical shocks were the most powerful, most mind-blowing, she had ever experienced. As each one built through their different phases; eroticism, ecstasy, orgasm; her body writhed and bucked and produced its own sensations of electricity. Each orgasmic experience unleashing a flood of endorphins letting her body, mind, and soul, be encircled by total euphoria.

While the residual contractions of her sixth orgasm were slowing to a stop, the keys fell against her left hand. Jessica, through her cycles of ecstasy and anguish, had almost forgot that she would be released at some time. She wanted and needed released, but, through her struggles she had convinced herself that getting loose from her restraints was an impossibility and resigned herself to being unable to gain her freedom and stop the ravaging assault upon her ever-weakening body. The keys falling startled her and made her cry out. The boxes paid her for it in full.

When her weakened mind finally grasped the understanding of what the keys falling against the side of her hand meant, she grasped them and feebly started to find the key to her cuffs. Jessica found it quite difficult due to the electricity still pulsing through her, and, the fact that she had never used the key while it was on a key-ring with other keys and tied to a string leading to the ceiling.

The cuff opened just as another round of painful and tormenting shocks forced her body to convulse as the boxes went into another cycle of torturous shocks. Jessica quickly thrust her hand toward the boxes to turn it off, bumped it and caused it to fall off the bed and onto the floor. She found removing the cuff from her right wrist much more difficult to remove while her body shuddered from the strong pulses of electricity making her muscles convulse and her mind fill with the haze of whiteness it had found to escape to during harsh rounds of torture and help cope with the pain. Unable to clearly focus, and being stripped of her fine motor skills required to insert the key into the tiny hole, Jessica laid back and grimaced. She waited out the pain cycle, hoping it was one of the short cycles she had been so happy was so short during her torture session. After ten minutes, she had her mind and muscles once again at her disposal.

As another pleasure cycle wrapped itself within Jessica’s weary and over-stimulated body, she fought fierce-fully against the build-up of yet another orgasm, knowing she no longer had the strength to undergo another electrically stimulated orgasmic release. Fighting back the now painful erotic throws of ecstasy, Jessica fought to remove the remaining shackles holding her pinned to the center of her huge bed and allow her to turn off the power-boxes; which were still wracking her body with the electrical pulses and trying to force her into another abyss.

After a couple of, what felt to her like eternally long minutes, Jessica had her right hand and right ankle free, allowing her to slide to her left and reach the boxes she had knocked to the floor and turn them off. Even though they were sending out waves of pleasure, her tired body could stand no more, making the pleasure cycles even become torturous. Her last two orgasms had become painful and dreaded.

Jessica removed the clamps from her nipples, screaming loudly as the white skin of her pinched nipples started turning to its normal shade of pink and the nerve endings begun to recover from their long restriction of nutrient-rich blood. They seemed to burn worse now than when they were attacked by torturous electrical shock, however, the initial sharp pain of being released from the biting of the clamps quickly turned to a dull throb. Jessica also noticed her nipples had a numb-tingling feeling buzzing through them, no doubt a side effect of the electricity she had flowing through them for… she looked at the clock… “Christ, three-hours-and-forty-five-minutes!?” She cried to herself when it had dawned on her how long she had spent tied to her bed, being both, pleasured and tortured.

After removing the vaginal shield, and nearly matching vaginal insert, she removed the belt from around her waist. Instead of releasing her still shackled left ankle, Jessica reset the timer until morning and reattached the washer to the electromagnet. She once again locked her body in a spread-eagle position on her bed and allowed her multi-orgasmed, electrically beaten and battered body, and, nearly shattered mind, to relax and drift off and away from this world.



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