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Jessica’s Torment 4: Jessi’s Toys

by ElectroPainLover

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story continues from part three

Jessica's Torment 4: Jessi’s Toys

After removing the vaginal shield, and nearly matching vaginal insert, and removing the belt from around her waist, instead of releasing her still shackled left ankle, Jessica reset the timer until morning and reattached the washer to the electromagnet. She once again locked her body in a spread-eagle position on her bed and allowed her multi-orgasmed, electrically beaten and battered body, and, nearly shattered mind to relax and drift off and away from this world.

*     *     *     *     *

Jessica could not believe what was happening to her. Her nipples were being softly circled, fingertip lightly tracing the pink areola centered upon and topping both her pert breasts, and caressed almost lovingly. But by who?

Her clit too was aglow with subtle circles around her clitoris; sensually rubbing the almost equally sensitive hood.

Her pussy too felt stuffed by a large cock strangely vibrating and oddly tickling the innermost parts of her sex.

She tried to focus her eyes using more rods than cones. The darkness only revealed a dark figure and a blank, featureless face. Not obscured by darkness or a mask… literally featureless.

Jessica tried to bring her arms up towards the stranger molesting her in her bed and close her legs to hide her vanity from the figure. Neither her arms nor legs seemed to work and moved not a single iota towards the goal she had set for them. She was totally powerless against the advances wrought upon her four most sensual and sensitive lovers’ spots. She looked to see what kept her so motion-limited and seen two more dark and mysterious figures marked only by the fact that they had no markings. Nothing discernible about them from the first figure fondling her outers and filling her inner. Their hands holding her arms and legs splayed wide apart; as each held her from either side of her bed; felt like steel traps and no matter her struggles their stances remained stolid.

She tried to scream, hoping to garner help or possibly frighten her assailants but her voice was not there. Not covered or gagged nor hindered in anyway. It simply was not there to issue a sound. Her mouth was agape and her diaphragm tightens as requested but not so much of a squeak could she utter.

Jessica was also very confused how the single molester of her body was able to attack four separate parts of her at once. Her nipples, her clit, and a buzzing phallus buried deep were each being violated and/or held by a single entity which she thought must be comprised with a corresponding number of upper limbs. She thought it a silly thought but could find no other explanation for her mind to grasp.

The points of sensations changed from tickling and slow vibrations to tingling and a slightly quicker buzz. Perfectly and all at one time the villain upon her raised the level their molestations.

Oddly, Jessica found herself becoming aroused. A man who seemed to have no face at all and two henchmen, equally disposed of features, violating her and holding her vice-like, should not be reacting upon her in this way; but the situation did. She quit her fight, resolved to the fact it was a battle of futility, she allowed her body and her mind to become open to the feelings growing within.

Just as suddenly as before, and with equal precision, all sensation stepped up from tingling to pinching where she was touched and stronger quiver where she was filled. Her arousal grew even stronger at the semi-painful pinching upon her nipples and clit. The walls of her vagina felt as if they were both packed and itchy.

Jessica lay on her back and enjoyed every pinch just shy of pain and every buzzing sensation she felt; stimulated by the feeling and sickened by her enjoyment of it. However, if her mind was yelling ‘No’, her body was screaming ‘Yes’. Her excitement slowly but steadily, crept through ecstasy and closed ever closer to bliss.

The next rise in amplitude forced Jessica’s physical eyes to open and her dreams eye to disappear. There were no shadowy and faceless men touching or holding her. Only spots of blackness and grayish-white cast by the Moon offering its hint of limelight to her otherwise dark bedroom. The grasp of the strong hands being replaced by her shiny cuffs, holding her arms and hands stretched broad by her spreader-bar and her legs held perpendicular to her torso by the same means.

Jessica snapped from the throws of dream-filled deep sleep to the world of understanding consciousness from the step of light gentle pinching to the just below painful pinching she feels now, as quickly as the filament of an incandescent bulb turns from the blue-gray color of manganese to bright white glow by the flick of a switch.

She wondered how many times her electronic friend had climbed the sextet of steps she had programmed. She knew that she was not actually suffering any real sort of pain at the moment but the pinching and higher vibrations did seem to have a bit of urgency to them. Even worse, however, so did her rise along the path of Ecstasyville to Climaxtown. Jessica felt as helpless to prevent it as a person fearful of heights and speed felt as the chain towed a roller-coaster’s train up towards the top. She wanted it but knew the ride would seem to last forever.

Jessica tried to remember how many times the nonexistent man raised the stakes when she was lost in dreamland but, like almost every dream, the details were slowly being erased by lucidness. The memory of her sleeping vision resembling the chalkboard her elementary school teachers used as the eraser first made the lines of chalk become a ghostly outline of themselves, then, a few swipes and swirls more and they became a dusty-white covering a green or black field. Try as she might, an outright guess would be as good a guess as the memory of her dream.

It happened as if it had been timed. Jessica’s orgasmic coaster crested the top as her ‘friend’ upped the intensity of the ride. The mixture of the two made her fling her head onto and deep within the over-stuffed pillow she had raised from. Looking around for signs of help in ascertaining the number of steps the system had climbed. She knew there were none, but was like a searcher for lost keys looking multiple times in the same place; she had to look.

Her contractions deep within her sex and her neurons lit by a flood of endorphins caused by her body’s reaction of her sexual appetite being starved for over a week, to gorge itself upon the erotic meal set before it; like a prisoner rationed to bread and water for a week devours their first real meal since placed on restriction. But, as the same prisoner would if allowed dine unrestricted, her body’s sexual soul would indulge itself uncontrollably and unabashedly for as long as the electricity continued to bring out each course or until her sexual stomach was painfully distended. Jessica believed, in this particular case, it would be the latter as the bright yellowish-green digits displayed on her bedside clock showed she still had forty-two minutes before she could unfetter herself; doubting her orgasm could or would continue through the remaining duration and praying it could not.

Toward the end of her orgasm, pain had in-fact replaced pleasure both by the long duration of it first, being coaxed, later being drug, from her innermost being and the increased electrical stimuli of the next riser in the steps. Slightly painful pinches upon her sensitivities being replaced with much more agonizing ones. By the time her body and mind’s lustful dining allowed herself to push away from the table, the clock showed only twenty-six minutes remaining until she could accept the offering of the return to her mobility. Twenty-one minutes of increased power assaulting her without any further protection of the pain-numbing effects an endorphin rush. Twenty-one minutes of wondering if and when another step up the ladder would come.

Another step did come; with eight minutes remain in her bonds. The now needle-like stings of her tenderness caused Jessica dismay and relief. Dismay at the level of anguishing pain, relief that it came with only three minutes left as the stimuli cycle was set to turn off five minutes before the electromagnet depriving her access to her keys. The minutes may seem long, but physically and mentally they would seem much longer if there had been five or eight minutes left to suffer.

The painful shocks upon her body ceased as she had set; and five minutes after she had keys in her hand.

Jessica freed herself of the collared arm spreader and the leg spreader holding her in a complete split. As happens every time she sleeps in this form of bondage, her hips take several minutes of careful movement to change from painful aching and burning to a numb throb. The breadth of the spread and its restriction of movement placed Jessica’s hips in an unnatural position for much too long to expect them to become accustomed.

Once freeing her limbs and regaining most of their movement, Jessica removed the electrical assailants of her nipples. The clit conductor being built in to her recently designed and built chastity belt, which, also serves to make the phallus shoved within her impossible to remove while the belt is worn. Using her phone to unlock the only Bluetooth enabled bondage toy of her line she currently has for herself, Jessica was able to remove the chastity belt. Once the belt had been removed, Jessica worked the bulbous rubber insert from her pussy; her fingers feeling sporadic traces of wet dew, but, much more spots of drying sticky cum covering her nether-region.

Jessica set up and starting the coffee-maker about its business of infusing clear water with dark bitterness then took a long hot shower to wash away the ruminants of the morning’s activities. Her stimulated dream but a memory with the exception of momentary spurts of semi-panic, as her subconscious memory tries to alert her conscious memory of danger, as the feeling of unknown strangers attacking her still tries to surface.

It has been six-months since the day Jessica had received, and, the night she over-used her electro-torture machines and over-abused her body with nearly four hours of torturous shocks and a multitude of orgasms. The memories, however, are still quite fresh and deeply imprinted upon her mind. For several days after, her body and muscles had felt as if she’d been the victim of an over-zealous physical trainer working at a sadistic and cruel health-spa.

Two months after her painful learning experience and subsequent lighter usage resulting in multiple orgasm nights, Jessica designed and opened her web-store; Jessi’s Toys. Jessica makes sure to keep her anonymity a closely guarded secret and her ownership and operating of Jessi’s Toys just as hush. But, of much more importance is to maintain a complete separation between Jessi’s Toys and Mallory Fabrication & Welding. She believes should word get to her parents, and, in particular, her father; the idea of… (a) What his little girl was in to… and (b) that she was manufacturing such items in a shop which bears his family name; would mortify him.

However; as the sole person knowing whom the owner of and manufacturer for, Jessi’s Toys is, she has to work as the model for the products she produces and sells. When she models a new product she wears a black leather hood and a very skimpy nude colored lace underwear set. Though a huge lover of bondage and a fabricator and seller of devices for such; she remains a modest one. Jessica’s hardest decision was after she had made her own design of nipple-clamps and the fact that there was no way to model them without baring her breasts for the camera, then posting her bareness on the internet for the world to see. Not in her wildest dreams had Jessica thought she would ever see an unclothed depiction of her modesty on the internet; especially and in particular, definitely not of her own doing. But, there they are… her white, smallish tits displayed in high-quality color photos and her nipples tightly pinched in stainless steel clamps; causing them to turn bright red against the pink-rose color of her small areola surrounding them.

Fortunately and unfortunately Jessi’s Toys has become more of a success than she had anticipated. Fortunately, because of how many sales of her products and designs she has been deluged with; unfortunately, because being the sole designer, fabricator, and manufacturer of the products she offers has been keeping her much busier than she had ever been working under Mallory Fabrication & Welding.

The web-store’s true spark of success came after doing something she only thought to be the correct thing to do. It had been brought to her attention by a complaint from a customer that the fold-down attachment ring, built into her lines of cuffs, could have the hinge-pin break under extreme use. She tested three wrist and three ankle cuffs on an expansion-test press and found the extreme not to be as extreme as she had hoped or believed. Though much more for her to put upon her own use of the cuffs, she found the average pressure for failure to be 227 pounds per square inch. After changing the hinge pin to a titanium alloy, the failure point was raised to 893 psi. Jessica, looking at other points of possible failure of the life and security of her product lines, decided to change the main hinge-pin, locking studs, and locking bars to the same titanium alloy as well, though no report of failure of these had been reported.

Jessica sent out a recall email to every customer who bought the originally designed cuffs with the stainless steel pin and offered to replace them; free of charge; upon return of the original ones. She also posted an alert on the homepage of the offer.

Not only did Jessica have to work feverishly to build replacements for the defectively designed cuffs she previously sold, but, the web-store’s orders exploded as one-time customers now became repeat customers and new customers; taken by her honesty of a self-imposed recall; no longer hesitated about the moderate high price of her products.

Another fire alit when she offered a fifty-percent share of the profits for one year for a practical design submitted to her for a new product.

Additionally, her Deluxe version of her self-contained lock devices; substantially higher in price but equally so in utilization; contains an out-sourced Bluetooth interfaced locking module which unlocks via paired Bluetooth devices. The software being designed to work as a bonders release device or a self-bondage enthusiasts release device. Rechargeable batteries provide the power to a miniature solenoid which, should the main battery’s power drop below the acceptable limit, a second battery automatically releases the locking mechanism. However, as the solenoid is in a no-load state when locked, a charge has an average time of thirteen days.

Jessica found herself facing problems with her lead-times and needs to make some decisions on how to get them back under control. Decisions having consequences; no matter which one is chosen. The hard part is deciding which is the lesser of two evils. The need to make a choice in direction in order to alleviate production and order shipping time was never far from Jessica’s mind.

Jessica sat snuggled in her thick bath-robe sipping her after-shower morning coffee. Along with the passage of time came the passage of seasons and the evenings of wearing her thin baby-doll on the front deck were three months gone, replaced by cool and sometimes downright cold nights. It wasn’t that the house was cold enough to require the plush robe; she kept it warm enough to be comfortably warm while unable to cover herself throughout the night’s she found time to be bound; but it was winter and winter meant a thick robe. Besides, without it on now… she would be naked.

Due to her much more hectic schedule, Jessica threw her two-cup-per-day coffee limit out the window. These days, she downed half the pot before heading to the shop carrying a 32 oz. insulated cup, polishing off the pot of hot brew. The rarely used pot in the shop’s office became a seldom empty relic of its old self.

Like the string tied around ones finger to help remind them of something they had to remember or do, in days of yore; Jessica had her own memory-jolting trick to keep her mind focused on her need to work hard to feed the insatiable hunger of her web-store. She wore her chastity-belt to work daily. Though being designed for long-wear comfort, the tight steel hugging her Mons and vulva, and the splaying of the crease of her ass, kept her ever aware of its presence and the reasons for such.

Before pouring and indulging in her second cup of coffee, Jessica retrieved the stainless steel undergarment and washed it thoroughly before locking away her sweetness; without, of course, the internally invasive dildo she cleaned along with it. While moving around at work, the built-in electrode pressing against her clit was more than enough to have to focus out of her mind without her pussy being filled or the electro-device being attached. Jessica locked it about her waist and crotch again being free of its secure embrace only long enough to enjoy a hot shower and a hotter cup of coffee.

Breakfast, unlike her change of java habits, had not changed. Small, light, and healthy; while providing calories for her day of activities; remained her goal when it came to victuals.

Jessica ate summarily but held and drank from her mug as if it were a long lost friend. Once she found the bottom of her third cup, she went up to her bedroom and changed her robe for blue jeans, bra, a white cotton tee shirt, and a cotton flannel shirt. Thick socks, steel-toed boots, and a baseball cap with her long red locks threaded through the rear opening finished off her ensemble; soft cotton undies being replaced with hard steel being the only difference from any other shop worker dressed for work; female or male.

After pouring what was left in the decanter into her travel mug, Jessica opened the door leading from her kitchen to the wide expanses of the outdoor world. She decided to grab her slicker before fully exiting as a not-so-uncommon winter rain had settled in overnight and steady, though not hard, droplets of water fell from the moisture dense clouds above.

She noticed the car before she noticed the open shop door and the rays of artificial rays of light spewing through. Her newest employee, Angela Harman, had arrived early today. That meant only one thing, Jessica knew; she needed to catch Angela before starting to work.

Jessica had planned to bring in a person to run the office ever since her father passed her the keys to the shop. She despised the office work as it seemed too mundane and took away from her passion for complicated design and steady-handed welding. However, she had never given much thought to hiring anyone more than an office employee. What she ended up hiring was a person educated and overly qualified to oversee the complete operations of the entire shop; however, with a heavy bag strapped to her back.

Three days after placing a call to the Employment Agency requesting someone qualified in accounting and basic secretarial work, Jessica received a return call referencing Ms Harman and her qualifications. Those qualifications being of someone much too experienced for what Jessica was really looking for and believed could and should demand a much higher salary than Jessica wanted or needed to pay. The job placement agent informed Jessica that Ms Harman had no expectations of meeting her previous stipend and was willing to work at secretarial wages. Thus, Jessica found herself compelled to inquire as to why someone with an MBA and five years experience as a plant manager for the world’s second largest supplier of aluminum would accept employment in a family-owned fabrication shop at the salary of an office worker.

The agent explained; without too much in details; that Angela Harman had been ‘relieved of her duties’ and she no longer wished to; and in all honesty, could never again; be in the corporate world of high management and was quite willing to settle into a regular nine to five.

Angela, or Angie as she asked to be called, went into much more detail with Jessica, who reciprocated by asking to be called Jessie, during her interview and produced a full page of type-written text explaining what her side of her forced-resignation which she attached to her employment application.

Jessica contacted Angie’s previous boss and made some inquires where they had informed; “Ms Harman was offered the chance to resign and forfeit a severance package or be fired and defend herself against ‘charges of financial improprieties’ and No she would not be eligible for rehire”.

Angie’s explanation mirrored why the company had forced her into leaving but had a different why the company did what they did. There were no record of financial improprieties and would never be unless Angie decided to fight instead of bow out.

Jessica researched what Angie had explained to be the real reason and, yes, did in fact find that the company’s CEO’s son had taken her position; that he did not have an MBA; and, that he had never climbed higher than a shop foreman prior to replacing Angie as the plant manager. Jessica was so pissed off when she finished her research that she called Angie at nine pm and told her she would double her requested salary and she would be the shop manager of Jessica’s business if she would accept the offer. Angie, of course, did.

“Ms Mallory, can I discuss a few things with you before you get busy?” Angie asked when Jessica entered the lit shop office.

“Jessie. I call you Angie; you call me Jessie… remember?” Jessica reminded her.

“I’m sorry Jessie. It’s hard for me to have been called by my surname by my employee’s and not be expected to address my boss by the same.” Angie explained for more than the first time.

“It’s been almost four months. Maybe if you didn’t refer to me as Ms Mallory when referring about me to others, it might become easier to remember. Everybody, customers and employees alike, know me as Jessie. I promise you, you won’t confuse anyone if you do too.” Jessica said half-jokingly while smiling.

At thirty-five, Angie was six years older than Jessica’s twenty-nine. At 5’6 ½”, Angie almost seemed to tower over Jessica’s petite 5’2” frame. Long, shiny black hair reached to just past her shoulder blades, unencumbered by plaiting or ties, hung straight and free. A thin physique with slightly more prominent breasts than Jessica’s own but an almost nonexistent derriere made the woman look slightly off kilter and almost a bit top-heavy. Her nearly flawless skin appeared much darker next to Jessica than others; but, the only way Jessica would seem to have color in her skin is if she stood next to an albino or a pure white wall. Only a trace of base and blush brought a slight highlight to her already pretty face. Eyes that are dark, almost piercingly so, were conservatively outlined with eye-liner and lashes brought fuller with a light cover of mascara. Naturally dark eye-brows prominently topped her always watchful orbs.

“What do you have for me Angie?” Jessica asked.

“It’s about inventory and some accounting issues ma… Jessi.” Angie said catching herself before fully uttering the word ma’am.

“What about them?” Jessica inquired, fully knowledgeable the well-educated and sharp witted woman would eventually ask about the discrepancies Jessica was already well aware of.

“As you know, I just finished inventorying the shops stock and the quarterly financials. There is stock that is being used and not accounted for by job orders.” Angie started first.

“Is it missing?” Jessica said, not asking a question she didn’t already know the answer to.

“Yes and No?” Angie said looking a bit confused. “As you know, by what someone less knowledgeable or understanding than yourself, that my past is a bit shaded by alleged financial improprieties if the matter were pushed… ” Her words cut off by Jessica cutting in.

“I know that and they have absolutely no merit as far as I am concerned as your employer and hopeful friend.” Jessica said.

“And I thank you for that Jessie. None-the-less it puts me a bit more into CMA.” Jessica halting her again.

“I’ve heard of CYA… but CMA?” Jessica inquired.

“Covering my assets, if you know what I mean.” Both women laughing at the statement but made Jessica think about just how her own assets were being covered at the moment.

“Anyway. The stock is unaccounted for physically and by work order; as I mentioned before; but financially it seems to be accounted for. I found that entries for Other Services deposits equal the exact amount… down to the penny… and accounts for the missing inventory. Isn’t that somewhat strange to you?” Angie described then asked.

“Why should it be?” Jessica asked, but knew immediately where she had screwed up when it came to outside-eyes looking in; but was in no way illegal as she was the sole-owner and only stock-holder requiring quarterly holdings statements.

“Don’t you see? It’s too perfect.” Angie said. “Other than some rarely used exotic alloys, ninety-three percent of the missing stock is the most expensive stock the company has in inventory… stainless.  Even at that, there is bound to be a missing hinge here or a couple feet of flat or angle or rod there. And, even with a perfect inventory; fluctuation in pricing should throw the accounting off by a half or even a full percentage point. The missing stock is accounted for down to the penny; might I repeat. It’s too perfect Jessie.”

“Ok… so let’s rationalize this out Angie. Other than payables and receivables, who has access to the accounts?” Jessica asked.

“You.” Angie responded.

“That’s right. Who do you notice working primarily, if not solely, with stainless?” Jessica continued.

“You.” Angie repeated.

“That too is correct. And the color of the ink at the end of each quarter’s financial statements is?” Jessica finished with one raised eyebrow.

“Black.” Angie responded.

“Payroll?” Jessica inquired.

“As a percentage… too high… but accurate.” Angie said

“I will have to disagree that I, and my father before me, offer too high of pay. I doubled what you expected… why… because I knew you were worth it. Just as my fabs are worth what I pay them, if not more. Anyway. What I am getting at is the company is sound and there is nothing being stolen, squandered, and I am completely the one responsible for the adjustments of the stock and the reimbursement for such. There is no problem and you are in no way going to be rail-roaded by me like you were before by those less scrupulous. That I promise!” Jessica ending her monologue.

“I thank you for that promise Jessie. I really do. No… nothing actually improper is taking place but I feel as if I would be derelict in my duties if I didn’t bring these things to your attention.” Angie explained.

“Probably. Anyway. Let me ask you some questions. And yes. For the time being, I will keep them the ‘well, this friend of a friend of a cousin’ type of questions so don’t ask for too much detail in them.” Jessica quipped.

“Ok… ” Angie said, this being her turn to lift one dark eyebrow.

“Let’s say a manufacturing company had a dependable staff of highly qualified individuals, but, wanted to open a… let’s say… a subsidiary which works on highly classified components or products; think Lockheed Aerospace and its Skunk-works division. If it does, do you transfer the loyal current employees into the subsidiary and hire replacements for the original company, or, hire new for the sub and maintain the staff of the original; possibly causing some discourse amongst them? Either way; either the primary or its subsidiary would require the addition of new employee’s to facilitate them both. Which would be best in your opinion Angie?” Jessica inquired trusting her new employee’s level of expertise.

“Oh yes… ” Jessica remembering something else to add to the equation. “… all under one roof I should add.”

“Shit! Now there’s the six-foot monkey-wrench! Oh, pardon my French.” Angie exclaimed, then, apologized as her face turned the color of a beet.

 “Fuck that!” Jessica said waving her hand in a gesture of What? Both women laughed heartily… a friendship forged more within the last twenty seconds than the previous three and a half months.

“That monkey-wrench is what has been causing my… ah, cousin… so much trouble in finding a solution.” Jessica said wryly, winking upon her use of cousin.

“Open another facility is what I would recommend. Or maybe your cousin could build another building on… his or her? rather expansive property.” This time Angela returned the wink during her use of the word cousin and, again, when referring to their possible gender.

Another round of laughs echoed between the office walls, spilling out into the expansive shop.

“Not really a viable option on either account. The shop has too much unused space to justify either one.” Jessica countered, dispersing with the Spy v. Spy routine.

“That is true. If not for the fact that the shop and the property were owned outright, it would be hard to break even at this point.” Angie stated.

“Daddy quit replacing employees that moved on when the economy slowed and took business with it. Also, when you build products so they never need replaced, you kind of work yourself out of work. Hence my new idea.” Jessica said solemnly then proudly.

“I understand on both. Now that we have established that you are in fact your cousin, I take it you are still not quite ready to fill me in on the further details?” Angie asked.

“Not yet. I will say that it is not a trust issue, but, the products are a bit risqué and, frankly, embarrassing to talk about.” It being Jessica’s turn to blush this time.

“I don’t know about that… Jessi of Jessi’s Toys.” Angie said matter-of-factly, not showing she was simply verifying a suspicion.

The lump which centered itself in Jessica’s throat was the size of a grapefruit when Angie made her remark. How? She wondered. How could she know? But Jessica knew the signs were all over the wall and painted in vibrant neon colors. Missing stainless, Jessi, stainless products, light-skinned petite model. How could it be missed if someone happened to be researching bondage toys?

“Shit! Shit-shit-shit!” Jessica said and began to sob.

“At this point it is our secret boss!” Angie said, then, hugged Jessica.

“You’re not appalled? It doesn’t bother you?” Jessica asked.

“It’s fucking hot and you build the best stuff I’ve found. How could I be? Plus, am I not admitting now that I have sought and searched for that kind of stuff. I suspected it was you for a couple months but had no idea how to breech the conversation until now.” Angela admitted and blushed for her second time during their conversation.

“True… ” Jessica though aloud.

“And; I may like my dates tall, dark, and handsome, but you look damn sexy bound in that skimpy lingerie and your tits are quite cute.” Angie said forcing both of them to turn several shades of blush.

“Have you bought anything?” Jessica asked her new confidant.

“Not yet. I’d been trying to figure out just what I wanted to get. Then, once I figured out that you were Jessi, I wasn’t sure how to purchase something as you knew my name and address and I would’ve been caught.” Angela admitted.

“I’ll tell you what. My stock is in shop 12. Here’s the key. Take some things home, as a present and to test out. Just let me know what you take… for inventory purposes...something I know you know something about and the importance for accuracy. I don’t care what you take, just need to know what I have and what I need to make. My stock is not at the point where I want it to be… hence my dilemma about manufacturing expansion.” Jessica offered graciously.

“I couldn’t. Not if stock is so low.” Angie rebuked.

“Christmas rush is past. It was a bitch, but I made it. Orders are tapering off for now but I expect them to grow steadily as the site gets established. By then, I will have had to shit or get off the pot anyway. Be my guest. I would love something other than typed feedback.” Jessica assured her new friend and confidant.

The women finished their talk just in time as Miguel and Hector walked through the door just after Angie and Jessi hugged briefly and parted; Jessica heading for her work area and Angie starting the coffeemaker upon its business. Stanley, Fonzi, and Carl showed only minutes apart; Angie’s watchful eye of management experience noting Carl always being the last one in and the first one out.

Once ensconced in her work space, Jessica picked-up where she had left off on Saturday. She had been working on her latest design and one of her more expensive at that. This current build was primarily built using mild steel rather than stainless as stainless would turn the estimated price of about $1,800.00 to nearly triple. Besides, it would be ridiculous to be built out of the much costlier metal as aesthetics would be the only benefit. A nice powder-coat will make the piece just as nice, if not nicer, than the shiny or brushed finish of stainless anyhow.

It looked like a mix between a stationary bicycle and an under-arm pitching machine merged together. However, to the uninformed, it looked like the designer had neglected to add the pedals for the bike or the wheel for which they should spin.

To actually see it as a stationary bike took some imagination in all actuality. The handlebars were in fact the place the user’s wrists were locked to. The width and tilt being fully adjustable depending on how wide the arm spread desired and the position of the upper torso one wanted. The tilt was adjustable between nearly perpendicular to horizontal with relation to the floor. Another spreader-bar about six-inches from the ground is where the legs secure by the use of ankle restraints. The part looking most like a bike was the bicycle styled seat for the user; or the victim, whichever it should be; to place their ass as their wrists and ankles were fettered with metal or leather cuffs to the appropriate points.

The portion which resembled an underarm pitching machine looked much more to have that function than the restraint system did a bicycle. A single arm protruded from a central hub mounted atop a pedestal. Inside the pedestal was the three-quarter horsepower motor which runs the sophisticated inner workings of the hub.

Inside the hub is an adjustable wound spring and a stop which catches the arm as it is spun around the hub. As the arm is forced harder upon the stop, the spring is placed under tension until the stop is triggered to release the arm. Once released, arm swings around and a flexible paddle, leather strop, or a flogger at the end of the arm delivers a randomly placed slap upon the victim or user’s ass. The spring can be adjusted to set the force of the smack received and the variable speed motor sets the number of spanks per minute the sufferer will be dealt; from one ever several minutes up to thirty hard spanks per minute or up to sixty lighter spanks per minute. The arm’s release device has a +/-15% variability, making each swing much less predictable in its delivery. The ability for the arm to wobble up to 4 ½” inches to either side makes the location of the swat equally unpredictable.

It took Jessica a little over five hours of work assembling the hubs components. A bit of tinkering here and a bunch of adjusting there and the hub was ready for a test run and possibly; rather more than likely; another round of a tweaks and adjustments and her sadistic; or, in the case Jessica, masochistic; machine was ready for a human guinea pig.

When Jessica reached her break-point between assembly and testing, she asked Angela if she had eaten lunch yet. When Angie replied in the negative, Jessica asked if she cared to join her at her home. Angie agreed eagerly.

As the women ate Tofurkey sandwiches and salad topped with balsamic vinegar and oil; Jessica offering her apologies for the health-food; Jessica informed Angie about her newest toy she had been working on.

“I’ve never actually been spanked since I was a kid.” Angie told Jessica.

“Hell, I wasn’t even spanked then. My parents didn’t believe in it. I did get a very light spanking from a boyfriend once though.” Jessica replied.

“So you are into the other species?” Angie asked laughingly.

“Other than an experiment or two in college, I have preferred my mates to be from Mars… yes.” Jessica admitted.

“All I’ve ever tried is the hotdog… not the bun.” Angie replied metaphorically. “So why haven’t I ever seen your wiener around Jessi, if I’m not prying too much?” Angie inquired.

“You are not and there is not one to be around. In all honesty, I’m having the time of my life with my toys. A few more ‘nightly highlights’ now than I had ever had with a beau.” Jessica responded.

“And… I know as an employer it is not wise to ask… but I notice a tan-line where a ring once had been.” Jessica said, causing Angie to wring her hands almost nervously.

“Into the ether along with the job. No powerful corporate position… no more wedding. The bastard.” Angie said bitterly.

“Sorry to bring it up.” Jessica offered.

“Inconsequential at this point. What I am bothered by is whether he wanted me for me or my earnings potential. Now it seems like the latter.” Angie said seeming almost nonchalant about the matter.

“A man would be nuts to dump you for some bullshit like that. Idiotic in fact! You’re a very attractive and smart woman.”  Jessica commented.

“Eehhaa… you’re just trying to get down my pants.” Angie said causing both women to break out in raucous laughter.

“Hey. You’re the one who checked out my tits online! Are you sure it’s not the other way around?” Jessica replied once she found her breath enough to work her larynx, causing another fit of laughter between them; unknowing that by tonight they would both be deep down in each other’s pants… had they had them on.

The two had returned to what they had been doing prior to taking a lunch break.

Jessica ran her new spanking machine through a couple of revolutions and was quite amazed at how quiet it operated. She knew it would have to be fairly loud to be heard over the various grinders, slag-chipping, and other noises generally found in a fabrication shop but had still wondered if it might draw unwanted attention. She designed it to be quiet, trying for a normal conversational level of about 105db. After running it however, she thought she may actually have it down to 90 or 95db, but wouldn’t be able to get an accurate reading until the shop closed for the night.

Since she no longer had to worry about the level of noise it produced Jessica ran the machine continuously and through several of the speed and power settings. Even at the fastest spank delivery setting the system worked remarkably smooth. Prototyping is always a question of ‘what have I missed?’ and is a feeling of accomplishment when the first build works as designed.

Jessica could not wait to actually try it upon her jean-covered ass once worked ceased for the night and her body of fabricators headed down the gravel road towards the highway taking them home.

An almost imperceptible gentle knock resonated through the steel door to Jessica’s work area. She shut the machine down and cracked the door. Angie appeared in the opening. Jessica invited her in and closed the door behind her.

“Here is the list of things I think I will try Jessi.” Angie said hand Jessica the list.

“I don’t think so… it won’t do. Take the electronic cuffs. Unless you want the key operated for a purposeful reason.” Jessica said.

“The purposeful reason is the difference of two-fifty versus five-hundred per set.” Angie exclaimed.

“Not good enough. Are you into chastity?” Jessica said then asked.

“Never tried it so I can’t say. Interesting enough but I also like my fingers to walk when needed.” Angie said. Amazed at how quickly she had become comfortable speaking in sexual innuendos with her employer.

Jessica dead-bolted the door leading into her work cubical. She began to unbuckle her belt then looked at Angie. “Will this bother you? It does me a little. But I haven't actually had another girl, other than my doctor, see me drop my drawers.” Jessica said.

“Oh my God. Don’t tell me you… no way!” Angie gasped in disbelief.

“Yep.” Jessica confirmed verbally then visually as she dropped her pants revealing the shiny silver steel straps around her waist and running between her legs.

“I’m telling you… makes you think about it all the time. Run with them for a few days and you will not believe what sensations you can achieve when you actually decide to.” Jessica commented with a snicker.

Jessica pulled her pants back up and cinched the belt tight.

“Get the things you want. Consider them a belated Christmas present. I wanted to get you something but you were so damned stand-offish that I had no idea what.” Jessica almost demanded.

“The belts require a bit of adjustment and can only be adjusted when they're off. Believe me… when they’re locked on… they stay on until unlocked. I have tried to defeat them when I was testing them. Unlock them or wear them. Those are the only options once they are on.” Jessica informed then assured Angie.

“Can you help me adjust it Jessi?” Angie asked.

“It’s not something that can be done over clothing if you want a proper fit.” Jessica responded.

Angie turned and unlocked the door. She opened it and as she walked out she looked back over her shoulder and said, “I know,” and closed the door behind her.

The end-of-day buzzer sounded over the speakers of the intercom announcing the crew could leave for the night. It had gone unused until Angie took her position and set it up. Jessica gave ten minutes for the shop to empty before climbing on her new machine.

SMACK!!!... “Owwweee! Son-of-a-bitch that hurt!” Angie heard from the office.

SMACK!!!... “Mother-of-fuck! Wow!” It came again.

Angie went to Jessica’s door and knocked. “Are you alright in there sailor?” She asked.

SMACK!!!... “I turned you the fuck down! Goddamn! Hold on Angie.”

Jessica unlocked the door and opened it for Angie to enter. She was rubbing her butt through her blue-jeans.

“This bastard… ” Jessica began and pointed at her device “… is one sadistic prick! I feel like I got laid into by Arnie.” Jessica said accusingly about her machine.

“Arnie?” Angie queried.

“You know… ‘I’ll be back’ … that Arnie.” Jessica said trying to give her deepest Austrian accent.

“Oh, yeah, that Arnie.” Angie said acknowledging her.

“I guess I need to work on it some more and find a fill in for my ass.” Jessica said still rubbing her rear.

“Turn it down some.” Angie said as she mounted the seat.

“Um… hello… I have jeans on and you’re wearing slacks. Not a good idea.” Jessica quipped.

“I have underwear on and you don’t.” Angie countered.

“Oh. You wear grannies… you’re not that much older than I am. And I guarantee that I won’t be wearing grannies in five years.” Jessica remarked snidely.

“Not grannies but briefs. Are we going to talk about my leak catchers or test this damn machine?” Angie said smiling.

“Ok… it’s your ass and you asked for it.” Jessica said and turned on the machine.

SMACK!!!... “Fuck me!” Angie screamed as the machine placed the leather strop on her left butt cheek and forced her off the seat a little.

Jessica turned the slap setting down before it set up for a second strike at Angie’s hind.

SMACK!!!... “Ouch! But it was better Jessi.” Angie said not complaining as badly.

“Yeah, but it is almost down to its lowest setting. I’ll have to work on the spring tomorrow and get it adjusted some more.” Jessica said as she switched off the machine.

“I think there might be some dew settling. I may enjoy being spanked a little.” Angie speculated upon the condition of her crotch.

“Did you get your items?” Jessie asked Angie.

“In a box by the office. I pulled it out after the guys left. Here’s the key.” Angela informed her boss turned friend and handed her the key.

“Let’s head up to the house.” Jessica suggested.

Jessica and Angela ate a quick supper and it wasn’t long before they were in Jessica’s room and Jessica was using the adjustment tool on Angie’s new belt.

Angie showed no reluctance do letting her slacks slip over her hips and down her long legs. The briefs; pastel yellow; were off almost as quick.

“I hate to say it… but your legs go all the way up and make an ass out of themselves.” Jessica said humorously.

“Well isn’t that just cute and quirky.” Angie said with a laugh.

“I can’t take the credit. I heard Steven Tyler of Aerosmith say on some show or another. I thought it was cute and remembered it. It works non-gender-specific you know.” Jessica said.

Jessica put the disconnected belt around Angela’s waist and measured the holes, then moved them in one hole in on each side. When the screws held the belt together again she had Angie put it on.

“It’s tight. That’s for sure. But not uncomfortably.” Angie informed Jessica.

Jessica had her hold the crotch strap between her legs and Jessica noted the holes. Jessica used Angela’s cell phone to release the lock of the belt which they had paired earlier. The belt came loose

“Wow. That works great.” Angela said and handed the belt to Jessica.

“Found a great company for the locking devices.” Jessica said as she moved the alignment in three holes to adjust for possible slack and the depth of Angie’s cleave.

“Try that.” Jessi said as she handed her friend the belt.

Angie put it on having to work the crotch strap deep between her butt cheeks to lock it shut. “No access now… that’s for sure. I can’t slip a fingernail in let alone a finger.”

“That’s how it should be. Total chaste of your delicate features.” Jessica taunted.

“Amazingly comfortable for how tight it is. Great design Jessi.” Angie complimented.

Angela’s blouse and bra were off in a trice. “Hand me those nipple clamps please Jessi”

Jessica did and Angela tightened them onto each of her very large nipples. Jessica was amazed that, though her breasts were only slightly larger than her own, her nipples were well over twice the size her buds.

“Boy… these bite after a few minutes. Don’t they.” Angela said after placing the clamps tightly on her hard nipples.

“Turn around Angie.” Jessica said and Angie did as requested.

Angie felt as one cuff locked around her left wrist and Jessica grabber her right and locked the other cuff around it.

“Hey!” Angie complained, but only slightly and turned back to face Jessica.

Jessica reached up and gave each nipple clamp an extra little torque upon the well gorged nubs of Angie’s firm tits.

“Ouch. Shit. That hurts Jessi.” Angie complained a little more in earnest this time.

“I know. And try to get them off. Makes them hurt worse when you realize you can’t. It’s caused me some real humdinger orgasms when matched with the right tool against my clit.

Jessica put the cuffs around the naked brunette’s ankles.

“Lay on the bed Angie. Face down.” Angie complied with only a slight hesitation beforehand.

Jessica pulled out two ball-gags and placed one before Angie’s face. “Open up.”

“I donnngggghhhh.” Angela said trying to voice a half-hearted objection as the ball slipped between her lips and teeth and buckled tight.

Jessica pulled Angela’s legs up to and locked a short piece of chain on the chain between her ankles and the chain between her wrists. Angie was now hogtied in hard steel, her nipples painfully pinched and her mouth stuffed and silent. The only means of her escape being set well out of reach on Jessica’s dresser.

“Your cuffs will automatically unlock at five am. I will not be so lucky and will have to rely on you to release me. I haven’t upgraded to electronic locks yet.” Jessica told the fettered woman on her bed.

Jessica shackled and chained herself in exactly the same fashion as she had Angie. Her own nipples suffering the same painful mistreatment, her own mouth just as mute.

“Googggiiiyyy Annggiii.” Jessica said as both women lay helplessly bound next to each other until Angie’s phone released her cuffs in the morning.


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