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Jessica’s Torment 5: Trial and Error

by ElectroPainLover

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story continues from part four

Jessica's Torment 5: Trial and Error

Jessica pulled Angela’s legs up to her wrists and locked a short piece of chain on the chain between her ankles and the chain between her wrists. Angie was now hogtied in hard steel, her nipples painfully pinched and pressed between her weight and the mattress, and her mouth stuffed and silent. The only means of her escaping being set well out of reach on Jessica’s dresser.

“Your cuffs will automatically unlock at five am. I will not be so lucky and will have to rely on you to release me. I haven’t upgraded to electronic locks yet.” Jessica told the tightly fettered woman on her bed.

Jessica shackled and chained herself in exactly the same fashion as she had Angie. Her own nipples suffering the same painful mistreatment, her own mouth just as mute.

“Googggiiiyyy Annggiii.” Jessica said as both women lay helplessly bound next to each other until Angie’s phone released her cuffs in the morning.


Angela’s night had been anything but a restful one. However, during the hours of restless sleeplessness broken only by a few sporadic periods of slumber, she had at least one epiphany; being helplessly shackled with the knowledge that release would come eventually was a highly erotic sensation. Angela had never restrained herself without the means of her release being inches or, on a few occasions, a short crawl away. She never tried one of the many timed releases she had read about since; once she found a way to release her sexual desire, she wanted the release of her limbs to follow shortly thereafter.

This brought Angela to her next realization; Jessi designed one hell of an effective chastity belt. Every time Angela had bound herself she had always been able to find some way to get a pleasurable grind with the thrust of her hips to rub herself; where it mattered; in just the right way to coax bliss from her sex. Last night was by far a most frustrating night of hanging on the edge without being able to fall over the edge. She found each time she tried to thrust her hips against the mattress she was made quite aware of the 1 ½” wide steel cleaving her butt cheeks and how the front part remained, maddeningly, too lightly pressed against her nub to find just the right spot and the needed pressure.

Angela also found being helplessly cuffed next to an even more vulnerably chained woman to be a whole other sensation. Though she was not ready; and wasn’t sure she ever would be; to settle her head between the thighs of another woman and go lapping at the trough. But being one of two women inescapably restrained on the same bed did have a sense of sensuality to it. Above that, knowing the other woman was entirely dependent upon her mercy to be released made Angela feel as if she wielded more power than any of the high positions she had ever held in her professional life.

Between the hours of three-thirty and five am; the supposed time her cuffs should open; Angela tried to usurp the design of the metal covering her womanhood as she listened to the slow shallow breaths of Jessica’s sleep. During her attempts to afford her orgasmic release, Angela found the only thing she could unmistakably feel was the bite of the clamps digging into her tender nipples with amazingly agonizing cruelty.

At what she supposed to be five o’clock on her cell phone, though the bedside alarm clock read five-o-two, Angela felt all four cuffs release their hold of her wrists and ankles simultaneously. The now free woman made sure the binds she had been in since just after nine pm made as little noise as possible so as not to disturb her sleeping bedmate. Angela reveled at the ability to finally be able to straighten and stretch her legs, which had fought several bouts of cramping throughout the night. Her shoulders were equally happy to no longer have her arms pulled taut behind her.

Once she felt her legs had regained enough reliability to withstand bearing her weight and reliably shuttle her to the bathroom, Angela slid smoothly and quietly to the side of the bed and gained her feet. Her lower limbs only being slightly bothered from the stinging tingle of hours spent bent in a semi-rigid hogtie.

Knowing the release of the incessant bite of the clamps upon her motherly milk maids would result in an even sharper sting from the readings she had read, Angela thought it best to leave the gag in place and be behind the closed door of the bathroom before loosening and removing the bane of her breasts.

Angela retrieved her phone stealthily from the dresser where Jessica had placed it last evening. She made her way to the privy closing the door behind her; not for privacy, as she knew Jessica would not be able to barge in upon her; but, for the sound proofing she was sure she would need. Angela had not been wrong in her thoughts. The screams she exuded as she relieved the pinching crush on her engorged nipples was involuntary and unable to be silenced until the nerve endings settled themselves as the returned blood flow become a normality to them again.

Changing the phones Bluetooth control from the cuffs to the chastity belt, Angela unlocked and removed the device which had caused her so much frustration through the night. Though her lustfulness had only minimally subsided, she thought it best to keep her fingers from wondering to some-man’s-land until secluded elsewhere. Angela unbuckled the gag from between her jaws while she relieved her bladder; moving her aching mandible to relieve the stiffness within its muscles. Angela washed the ball of the gag as she washed her hands.

Moving like a predatory cat on the prowl of its prey, Angela reentered the bedroom and gathered her clothing she had hastily discarded when needing to size her pussy guard and attach her nipple biters. She returned to the bathroom to dress to keep from disturbing her sleeping friend.

Dressed and ready, Angela found the keys to Jessica’s cuffs and the key to the padlock Jessica had used to connect her ankle and wrist restraints, She removed the binding chain. Taking the keys with her, even with knowing Jessica would not be able to get to them had she left them where they had been, Angela gathered her things and exited the house; using the deadbolt key; she locked the door behind her. Jessica would have to wait for her to return before she could regain her mobility.

Jessica almost panicked when she split her eyelids to notice the clock reading eight-eleven. She turned her head and was not overly surprised to see Angela no longer hog-tied beside her.

Hoping her bondage-mate was in the kitchen sipping coffee, Jessica voiced a muffled scream hoping Angie would hear her. She tried twice more after receiving no response from her first initial attempt; Jessica began to panic in earnest.

Jessica moved around, as much as she could in her current position, looking to see if Angie had placed the keys or a note somewhere around her. She neither felt, nor seen anything. She knew that if Angie had not moved the keys there was no way for her to get to them as she relied on Angie to release her, not wanting to be bothered by setting up her magnet-release before setting off for sleep. Now, Jessica wondered if placing her trust in someone whom she had only become more than an employer to and passing acquaintance of yesterday was such a good idea.

Jessica resolved herself of her current situation as she knew she was completely helpless to do anything about it. The thought of being at the complete mercy of another human being; a feeling she had never been in a position of; made Jessica nervous but, at the same time, extremely aroused. She felt the wetness her pussy produced begin to slicken the steel pressing against her labia. Unlike the frustrations Angela battled throughout the night, the time Jessica had spent chaste within her design made her well aware that her building desire would remain just that; a desire. However, it did not counter her body’s own reaction to try.  Jessica; almost unconsciously; began gyrating her hips and thrusting her pelvis against the bed; to no avail, much to her dismay.

Lying in her defeat to bring relief; and, not bothering to struggle knowing, it too, would be an attempt in vain; Jessica closed her eyes and drifted away from the conscious world.

The clock read one pm when Jessica heard an opened door settle back within its jamb. She began to scream into her gag as if the boogeyman were within mere steps of her. Her bladder was giving her fits as she fought back an incessant urgency to drench the beds’ top cover.

“Hold your horses. I’ll be right up.” She heard Angela say from downstairs.

Jessica heard Angela nonchalantly climb the wooden risers; soft creaks released as the fifty-plus year-old stairs bore the weight.

“Jessi… I need to say my piece before I release or remove your gag. Please bear with me.” Angie said to her.

Jessica looked at Angela with pleading eyes of urgency as her body’s imperative need to urinate kept up a relentless battle.

“Last night was quite fun and enlightening… ” Angie began, “… but please understand that; though I believe having a bondage-buddy will be most interesting; I am not interested in beginning any kind of a lesbian relationship at this time; Okay?”

Jessica nodded quickly showing she did, while thinking “Fuck, she could’ve simply said ‘bondage yes, sex no’ and said the same damn thing instead of writing a fucking book about it.”

Jessica watched Angela remove the keys from her front jeans pocket; clothing fashion miles away from what she had ever seen her wear before; understanding that she had not just moved the keys, but, taken them with her. Angela didn’t even have time to unlock the final ankle cuff before Jessica bounded from the bed in a bee-line directly to the john.

“Sorry… didn’t think of how badly you may have needed to piss.” Angela apologized.

“I’d say no problem, but I don’t think my bladder would agree.” Jessica yelled back through the two open doors between them; after removing her gag.

“Do you agree with what I said now that your bladder isn’t making you agree to anything for your release?” Angie asked.

“Of course. I am not looking to be in a sexual relationship of any kind. I do like the thought of having a bondage-buddy though.” Jessica responded.

“Good Jessi. I had a lot of time to think last night and was afraid you may have wanted to go a little further than I am willing to journey.” Angela said sounding almost awkward.

Jessica walked back into the bedroom much more calmly than her mad dash out of it; cuffs and chains being drug with each step of her right foot. She hiked her foot up to the bed and allowed Angie to remove her final cuff.

“It’s after one… what took you so long?” Jessica queried as she grabbed her phone to remove the device women of the Middle-Ages had forced upon them so often.

“Honestly… three things; an orgasm, some rest, and a shower. Plus I spent an hour in the shop. I told Miguel you didn’t feel well today so don’t go in until after they’re gone for the day.” Angie explained without balking at admitting to the orgasm part.

Jessica let the belt fall from her hips and from between her legs, allowing Angela her first gaze upon Jessica’s full nakedness.

“Damn you’ve got the body I’ve always wanted to have.” Angela commented.

“Thank you Angie, but yours is far from something to be embarrassed about.” Jessica returned.

Finally donning on Jessica, she said, “I could’ve pissed an hour earlier had you not gone by the office?!”

“Yeah, sorry. It didn’t even enter my mind until you jumped off the bed like it was on fire.” Angela admitted.

Jessica dressed in ‘comfort clothes’ since she would not be going into the shop and the two women went downstairs and got a bite to eat. They chatted and got to know each other into the late afternoon, building a friendship hidden from them during their first few months since meeting one another.

*     *     *     *     *

Nine weeks passed since Jessica and Angela spent their first night in bondage, hogtied, lying next to each other. Now, however, they restrict their play-time for the weekends so it will be less-likely to ignite shop chatter of a relationship that would not entirely be accurate should Angela’s car be found at the shop too early, too often.

Their play-time has evolved beyond simple bondage episodes however. Still not sexual in nature, they have begun to engage in some light BDSM and Jessica has even introduced Angela to her ‘wonderful world of electro-stimulation’. It was ‘love at first bite’ for Angela; electro-bite that is.

During the same time, Jessica had made a decision about the problem she had originally confided in Angela about with regard to how best to go forward with the manufacturing process’ of Jessi’s Toys products.

After partitioning off the main shop into two independent sections, she hired five new employees with extensive stainless steel welding and fabrication experience. Since stainless work is its own specialty in the welding industry, and none of her existing welders had much stainless experience; since most had gotten the bulk of their practice here at Mallory’s; the resolution was at hand the whole time.

A raise in pay quieted the slight strife generated by her choice in direction; with all but Carl.

Carl was not upset because Jessica had brought in a new crew of stainless specialized fabricators; he, himself, would admit that his expertise was not garnered on stainless work. What bugged Carl was the mere fact that her father’s most dedicated employees were not allowed to know the basis of the specialty work. As far as Carl Piedmont was concerned, he had been and always will be an employee of John Mallory. Though he would have to admit that Jessica Mallory was a very accomplished welder and fabricator in her own right, Carl did not believe the world of heavy steel and molten wire a world for women and especially not a world for some little snobby-assed-bitch with perky tits to be in charge of. He resented the day John turned the company over to his daughter but knew the pay would be damn near impossible to match anywhere else.

Carl took any opportunity to find out what was so hush-hush about what was being built and whom it was being built for on the other side of the dividing wall. He gave not two-shits if it was some secret government project Jessica had landed. It was for that possibility that made him ever more curious.

Jessica’s stock problem for Jessi’s Toys damn near seemed to work itself out over night and now she was able to focus, once again, on design instead of working herself ragged with production. She also found it helpful to be able to bounce ideas off Angie in the development of new products. Not to mention that she now had somebody to help her test products not specifically designed for self-bondage use.

*     *     *     *     *

Today was the day Jessica and Angela had been waiting for. Both women would be restrained to their own machine and mercilessly mistreated. Not only by the machine’s; but, due to the idea that the session would be a predicament bondage scenario, by each other as well.

Jessica brushed the dust off of a design she had built as her first actual interactive machine. The base looked much like that of a Sybian with its almost horse-back shaped design, but was a dildo-based pussy pounder. It comprised of a solid mast T-bar mounted behind the user to secure the arms outright from the body and a locking collar at the top of the upright. Three belts fastened along the upright between the base and the projecting ‘T’ secured the body so movement from the penetrator was not possible. Cuffs on either side of the base secured the riders ankles up and against the sides; almost up against their ass. Inside, a variable speed ½ horsepower electric motor drove the reciprocating invader with enough power to not be bogged down whether used vaginally or anally.

This machine was to be matched up with the spanking machine she had built a couple months before. However, Jessica modified the internal electronics to each accept an ET-312B electro-torture device and to be responsive to sound activation. Both the electro-devices and the speed of the machines would respond to sound received by a microphone. Today, each girl would activate the other’s intensity of their machine.

The spanking machine now sported a bicycle seat with one slight change… a six inch phallus protruding from the top of it. The belt designed to keep the machines sufferer from lifting away from the swat arm also kept them from riding this protrusion; but, also worked to keep it fully inserted.

The women moved the devices from Jessi’s workshop to an unoccupied and unfitted workshop having the entire floor space open for use; during the lunchtime hour. They were both too ready to get started; directly after the last car made its turn onto the highway; to have to waste time moving the machines then. Both Jessica and Angela had insured there would be no early tampering by wearing their chastity belts throughout the day. Something Jessica didn’t do as frequently now since she did not have to keep on track with production.

The sound of the end-of-day buzzer came none-too-soon for either woman as they both stood at the door and wished the employees a nice weekend as they left. They watched as each car made a retreat for the highway and turned away from the drive. As the last car turned, so did the women as they disappeared back into the shop. The door locked behind them.

A flip of a quarter to see who rode which machine made the final decision. Jessica would get fucked and Angela would get spanked; both actually wanting the ramming and not the flogging.

*     *     *     *     *

Carl entered The Longhorn Saloon and sat in his usual Friday afternoon stool. He went to put his usual $40.00 on the bar when he realized he did not have his wallet on him. A quick check of his truck and he strolled back to his perch. Carl asked the bartender; a cougar with black locks with bleached blonde highlights at the ends; if he could have a couple of beers on a tab until he could locate his wallet. She obliged as he has been a very longtime customer.

He thinks of where he could’ve miss-placed the leather bill-fold, normally stuck in his right-rear pants pocket, and remembered pulling it out to give Fonzi the Hamilton he had lost to him on an Oiler’s game. He remembered setting it on his workbench and not returning it to his pocket and cursed himself for it now. He would have to drive back to the shop and get it so he would have it over the weekend.

Carl finished his second Bud and told Angel that he would be back shortly. He was wrong… but for Carl, delightfully so.

Parking his truck in front of the shop door he was somewhat surprised the door was locked but that that bitch’s, Angela, car was still parked in her spot.

“Probably at the house tonguing each other’s cunts.” Carl thought as he unlocked the door to collect his wallet.

“What the hell… ?” Carl wondered as he heard what sounded like the running of motors and a strange smacking sound reverberating through the metal walls of the large building. He followed the sound.

When he reached the door to a shop cubical, which had not been in use for as long as he could remember, and wondered why there should be noises; especially such odd ones, coming from behind the door. He twisted the knob and the door gave easily.

*     *     *     *     *

Jessica and Angela made no haste getting to the room they had setup shop in, so to speak. Angie followed Jessi in and the two of them made short work of disrobing and removing the belts protecting their vulva’s from unwanted intruders; primarily their own fingers.

They chose remote locking wrist cuffs but key operated ankle cuffs. The agreed amount of time both would be forced to endure was an hour and a half at which time they would switch machines and go about another round for the same duration.

Angela helped Jessica as her wrists would be the more difficult to lock considering the out-stretched position her arms would be in. A gag and a blindfold, along with a pair of earplugs, would rob the bondage twins of their sensory perceptions and their ability to communicate with one another.

Jessica mounted the ram soon to be violating her deepest regions and locked her ankles in the jockey position. She and Angela belted her midriff and chest to hold her upright and her back securely against the pole. Her neck was locked in the collar.

Jessica attached the electrodes to her nipples, covered her eyes with leather, and filled her ears with foam. Angela secured her wrists in the T-bars restraint cuffs and Jessica was robbed of any ability to remove herself from her current position; phallus maddeningly silent sticking two-inches inside of her.

Angela mounted her own dildo and found it made bending down very uncomfortable to reach and lock her ankles to the wide spreader. She belted her upper lap tightly to the seat so she could not puller her ass away from the small pear-shaped seat. She attached electrodes to her own, quite stiff, nipples and filled her mouth and ears and covered her eyes. Angela secured her left wrist and picked up Jessica’s cell phone before locking her right. Once locked, she approximated the location of where the start button on the screen should be and pushed her thumb onto the touch-sensitive surface. Though muffled, she heard the machines’ motors begin and she dropped the phone upon the towel they had placed there to protect the phone as it was dropped.

The sting of the first lash from the flogger caught Angie off guard and she released a muffled “Owe… shit!” which resulted in Jessica’s pussy taking a quick jump from twenty thrusts per minute to fifty and her nipples being bitten harshly with electricity.

“Sorry.” Angela muffled into her gag and Jessica was paid again.

This time Jessica couldn’t help but sound out from the pain and thrusts and Angela suffered. Her ass was set to take an average of fifteen swats per minute though not set to be excessively painful to begin with. As her buttocks continued to be smacked over the next ninety-minutes is where her pain would start to set in.

Neither of the two women could, nor did, hear as the door opened upon them.

*     *     *     *     *

Carl stood there gape-jawed as it finally donned on him what he was actually seeing. Both of his bosses, the bitch-sisters, were completely naked, completely restrained, the owner getting her pussy pounded by the looks of her skinny abdomen rapidly pulsing, and the manager getting her ass spanked by some weird contraption. Both girls’ nipples had wires attached to them causing Carl to only come up with one conclusion for their purpose.

After the shock of seeing what he could only describe as his deepest wishes coming true, Carl decided he needed his phone and he needed it now.

Carl returned to the room with his phone and took photo after photo of the women, happy to finally get a look at the tits he had admired for so many years. After getting as many pictures from every angle he possibly could, Carl began to video the girls.

He noticed the phone on the towel and picked it up. A read-out on the screen was counting down and currently showed forty-six minutes and change. He figured this had to be the time remaining and that they would be released by some means.

Carl looked around the machines, knowing he was safe as he caught sight of the bright yellow plugs in their ears and the blinds covering their eyes almost as soon as he walked in the first time.

Noticing the adjustments for the speed and the intensity of the slaps the newest cunt to enter his life would receive; he upped each setting several positions. Carl heard the time between spanks decrease and the intensity of the strike increase.

Next he upped the pussy-pounding the bitch who’d been a major thorn in his side since before her pretty little tits budded; from twenty-five strokes to fifty strokes per minute. It was clear by both of their reactions that they believed something was amiss with their workings.

Carl followed the wires leading from their nipples to where they plugged into the control boxes. He noticed, as a good hard slap caused Angie to yell out, that the indicator bars on Jessi’s box illuminated. He also upped these settings as well.

Before long Carl noticed that neither of the two sluts could control their mutterings of pain and he reveled in the fact that the two women he despised most were getting just what he believed they deserved. The knowledge that they were both probably trying to figure out what the fuck had just gone wrong made his cock throb.

Carl checked out the settings of the phone ticking down the minutes until their release. He noticed one program that will stop the machines and another to release their cuffs. The fact that the cuffs were made of stainless steel did not slip his mind either. He was sure he knew what the other half of the building was being used for now.

Carl disabled the release of the cuffs but left the timer to the machines as he found it. Once their fucking and whipping’s stopped, he would reveal himself to them and thought it would be best if those little red lights on the cuffs on their wrists stayed red when he did so.

The two women could not help themselves as their screams almost became a harmony of sound. Jessi’s readout continued to read one hundred and Angie’s ass was a bright red from the beating it was taking. The led screen of their nipple devices hardly showing a drop in power.

*     *     *     *     *

Angela felt the immediate rise in the speed of the flogger and wondered why. Her nipples did not get a shock so it could not be because Jessi had made a sound. The intensity of each had gotten worse too, a setting that the electronics could not control. Only the speed of the motor could be adjusted electronically. She was puzzled as to what was going on.

“Could Jessi have gotten free somehow and is fucking with me for leaving her hogtied the first time we played?” She wondered.

“I locked the cuffs myself… they were secure… red light and all. She can’t be free. So what happened?” The hard spanked, and getting harder, brunette wondered to herself.

At the same time, Jessica began her own musings. Her pussy was getting a down-right hard pounding. This too happened without her nipples getting zapped. And that fact did not slip passed her mind as it had not slipped her counterparts.

“A pussy is not designed to take this fast of strokes. God it hurts!” Jessica complained.

It wasn’t until both girls began to voice their pain and displeasure that the real pain took over. The last time Jessica’s nipples had hurt this bad was when she learned the hard way about the capabilities of the ErosTek’s. As for Angie, she had never before had her nipples burn the way they were burning now.

Both knew something was not right with the system. Both wondered if they could make it until the timer ran down. Jessica wondered if her pussy would ever be the same and Angie wondered how long it would be before she could sit. The phallus buried deep inside her pressing tightly against her vaginal wall from the involuntary contractions of her abdominal muscles with each spank she took.

Time seemed to pass at the speed of a day for every second; but, time did pass and eventually the machines ceased their relentless abuses. The relief lasted but a short time as they realized the cuffs didn’t unlock when the machines stopped. Their fear of what happened and why things went so wrongly was nothing compared to the fear they were about to receive and just how badly things had turned.

*     *     *     *     *

Carl gave the bitches a couple of minutes after the devices working to make their existences a painful one to realize their cuffs were not going to open as or when they should. Almost immediately after the systems came to a halt they both begun to tug at the cuffs encircling their wrists. The fight became even harder as the panic of the failure’s set in.

Carl slowly slid the blindfold from Angie’s eyes first. The look of absolute horror in her dark, helpless, eyes made his night… maybe even his month. Angie screamed into her gag but it held her words incomprehensible. Jessica turned her head towards the scream.

He removed the blindfold robbing the little red-headed cunts sight and smiled deeply into her visibly shocked face. Jessica struggled hard within her bindings as the realization of how much trouble her and Angie were really in.

Carl knew that everything from this point forward depended upon just how much this little cock-tease wanted to prevent her daddy from receiving some very sobering pictures and video of his little girl. Carl, in no way, wanted to hurt John Mallory; unless, it hurt his little cunt of a daughter even more.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!?!” Jessica screamed when Carl removed her gag.

SLAP! Carl landed a sharp blow across her face.

“You listen here you little lesbian slut! I’m in control! You better get that through your pretty little fucking head!” Carl said sharply and venomously.

“Like hell you are! You release us now and you may not go to jail mother-fucker!” Jessica spat back, her Irish temper aflame.

“Yes I am. I have the pictures and the video to ensure it. As for jail… don’t make me fucking laugh. I haven’t done anything illegal. Not yet anyway.” Carl stated with obvious humor in his voice.

“So fucking what!?!” Jessica cursed.

“So fucking what if your daddy got them sent to him!?” Carl replied mockingly.

Carl thought that Jessica was about as white as anybody could be until the blood washed from her face at the implication of what he just said. Had Jessica’s heart had any abnormalities she might have dropped dead at that particular comment.

“You wouldn’t. You’d kill him and you know it.” Jessica said with a very noticeable tremor in her voice.

“He fucked me because of his health concerns by sticking me with you. His health is not my concern. Or, at least, nowhere near as important to me as having your little lesbian pussy wrapped around my pinky.” Carl hissed.

“Neither of us are lesbians, we just have mutual interests. That’s neither here-nor-there for the time being. As for you have my so-called pussy wrapped around your finger will never happen… literally or figuratively.” Jessica spat bitterly.

“I guess I will just leave this phone over here… just a little out of reach of both of you… and go home and do some email sending. I could give a shit either way.” Carl countered.

“That’s fucking blackmail! Now you are breaking the law dip-shit.” Jessica argued.

“Call it what you will. It would have to be proven. A disposable email account and deletion of the pictures and the video and it’s untraceable as to who sent your daddy those pictures.” Carl explained as if rehearsed.

“You really are the fuck I always thought you to be. Checking out my bust when I was fifteen you fucking pervert. Now this. You disgust me!” Jessica said and spat in Carl’s face when she finished.

SLAP! Again, Carl slapping Jessica across the face and wiping her spittle from his cheek.

Angela could do nothing but watch as the two of them squared-off verbally with the exception of the two slaps; Jessica helpless to ward herself against them.

“Well; good luck cunts. Hopefully you’ll figure a way out, but, I know it won’t be before these are sent.” Carl said as he turned towards the door holding his phone up. “Like I said, I don’t give a shit either way.” He finished over his shoulder.

“What is it you are wanting exactly Carl?” Jessica said showing the first signs of possibly relenting.

Carl reentered the door, his steps coming from much too far away to be a bluff of his leaving.

“Honestly I haven’t had much time to think about that. But… isn’t there some kind of person how punishes bitches that are into the whole ‘tie-me-up’ thing?” He said and asked.

“A Master or a Mistress.” Jessica answered honestly.

“Yeah… like that. That could be interesting. I always thought what you really needed was someone to finally put you over their knee. You’re daddy spoiled your little pussy.” Carl said snidely.

“Don’t you ever mention my father and my pussy in the same sentence again! I swear I’ll fucking kill you if you ever do again Mr. Piedmont! You are one sick son-of-a-bitch!” Jessica said allowing her ire to return.

Carl dismissed the bound and naked woman’s rant with a flick of his hand.

“Anyway, yes, I think I would enjoy tormenting the both of you. Possibly even a slight slip of the cock into your pussies on occasion. We could even consummate our agreement now if you would like.” Carl said with a horribly serious grin parsing his lips.

“As I said, you are one sick bastard Carl Piedmont!” Jessica reaffirmed.

Carl was somewhat taken-aback by Jessica’s lack of another vitriolic spew of cursing at his reference to fucking her. He did know he had her over-a-barrel with being able to send her father the media he captured, but her response still daunted him. Carl believed he had to get his edge over Jessica back. She evidently knew he had her in a pickle jar and he wanted to force her off balance again.

“I’ll give Ms Prissy here the dick first.” Carl said nodding towards Angela.

Angela’s eyes widened at how she had just been drug into their quarrel.

“Oh no. You may have my back against the wall Carl but Angie has no rider in this rodeo.” Jessica argued.

“That, you little cock-tease, has yet to be determined. It depends on just how good of a friend she is. I get both of you or daddy gets what’s on my camera. We’ll see who I get and when I get them.” He bantered with pure ease and surety.

Jessica knew even if her dad did not drop dead from a heart attack upon opening such an email, their relationship and his respect would be, most likely, irreparably damaged. She could not even imagine what her next conversation with him would be like post-receipt. Jessica wondered if any such conversation would even take place.

Angela mumbled what Carl and Jessica could only make out as muffled gibberish.

“Un-gag Angie. I cannot make such a decision for her and she understandably has something to put into this conversation.”

Carl unbuckled and removed the large red sphere parting Angela’s jaws.

Angela worked the stiffness from her jowls for a few seconds then spoke her piece.

“First and foremost Carl, I will have to say you are the lowest form of scum I have ever came across, and; in my so humble opinion; have had the luck of the devil to come across a situation to set you up for the only way for the likes of you to ever get a piece of ass. Secondly; Jessi, I do have a dog in this fight. I know how importantly you value your fathers respect and I am not about to let this piece-of-shit ruin it. If ‘taking one for the team’ is what I have to do to maintain it, then of course, that is what I am willing to do. It’s not like I’m exactly virtuous and pure. My concern is how we know such an unscrupulous scoundrel such as the likes of him will honor his end of the bargain and not send the pictures after he has his way with us.” Angie interjecting several thoughts she had considered while unable to voice them previously.

“Bravo! I must admire her dedication to you Jessica. She has your back. I am honestly surprised.” Carl said while being internally disappointed by Angie’s willingness and lack of dismay.

“I can’t ask you to Angie. He hasn’t spear-headed you. You may not be a virgin but you still have your moral’s intact Angie.” Jessica argued.

“And morally I cannot turn my back on a friend in need. Throw you to the wolves and walk away so-to-speak. What kind of friend would I be? No… this is my decision and I want to help protect my friend.”

“That settles it.” Carl intervened.

Carl walked over to a gym-bag of restraints and toys he had found during his initial assessment of the situation while the girls’ machines worked upon them. He pulled out a set of mechanically operated and connected wrist and ankle fetters. He handed the cell phone to Jessica and told her to release Angie’s restraints, warning if she unlocked her own he would be gone in a trice.

Jessica accepted the smart device in one tethered hand and opened Angie’s wrist cuffs. Carl took the device back once the cuffs released. Being sure to maintain a safe distance from the free hands of a cornered dangerous animal, Carl handed Angie the set of wrist manacles and instructed her to cuff her hands behind her back. Angie did as instructed.

Carl secured a stainless steel collar about Angela’s neck. He locked a short length of chain to it and folded her arms at her elbows and locked the chain from the collar to the chain between her wrists. Angela winced at the uncomfortable position of her arms but said nothing. Using the keys, he released Angie’s ankle from the far side of the spreader her legs were attached to and chained her ankles before unlocking her other ankle. Carl made sure Angela could not lash out at him with her legs.

Carl removed the last item holding Angela to the spanking machine; the strap across her lap; and told her to stand. He watched as she stood and lifted herself from the dildo impaling her.

“Well, well… a little enjoyment to offset the spanking.” Carl mused.

Carl replaced Jessica’s gag and blindfold, only receiving the slightest resistance to the insertion of the ball back into her mouth.

He reset the speed of the machine Jessica was mounted and lowered the electrical shock to her tits and found the setting that changed the electro-shock unit from sound activated to continuous and Jessica’s nubs felt a sharp pinch from the electrons surging through them.

“I would hate for you to feel neglected as I work on your very dedicated friend Jessi.” Carl taunted as he turned the machine on manually.

Jessica screamed as her already abused vagina; dry from her loss of excitement due to the unforeseen circumstance she was in, sticky due to her previous excitement; had the six-inch stroke of the phallus begin anew.

Carl removed the clamps holding the electrical leads to Angie’s nipples and led her from the room as he carried the bag of bondage accessories and left Jessica to suffer on her own.

Carl took Angie into the main shop and ordered her to remain where he stopped her. He guided one of the overhead cranes to where Angela stood helplessly and uncomfortably trussed. Lowering the hoist to within reach, he began to work on his willing victim.

Removing an anal hook from the bag; unfortunately for Angie, another offering on Jessi’s Toys; and the bottle of KY the girls used to help with their insert-able toys, he lubed the ball on the end and inserted it into Angela’s rectum quickly and without deference to her comfort; which, the suddenness of the 1 ½” ball’s insertion caused a sharp stabbing pain to populate her sphincter. Angie emanated the first of many cries of pain Jessica would hear resound from her within the buildings acoustical characteristics.

Carl threaded one of the leather belts he found in the bag through the eye at the top of the anal hook and strapped it tightly around Angela’s upper abdomen, holding the hook buried deep within Angie’s ass. He locked a length of chain to the hook’s eye and secured the other end to the hoist’s hook using a carabineer to make a loop in the chain large enough to fit the large lifting hook. Carl raised the crane until Angie was lifted to the tips of her toes by the J-shaped rod in her ass.

The ache in Angela’s ass from holding the brunt of her 127 pounds was agonizing. She watched as Carl left her hang as he made busy. She heard another of the cranes run along its guide rails as he worked out of her sight. Angie heard the unmistakable sound of wire reaching temperatures equal to that of the surface of the Sun.

 When the welding ceased, she heard chains rattle and the hoisting and traversing motors of the crane begin. Angela watched as Carl guided a large plate of steel near where she stood (hung) and lowered it to the concrete. He released the lifting chains and slewed the overhead out of the way. Carl took the dangling remote for the crane Angie suspended from and moved her centered upon the plate. He lowered her back down until there was slack in the chain and relief to her rectum. Carl removed the connected cuffs between her ankles and replaced them with detached cuffs.

“Spread your feet.” Carl demanded.

Angela seen the short links of chain Carl had added to the heavy steel plate. She spread her feet towards the chain attachments understanding he wanted to lock her ankles to them.

“I can’t, they’re too wide.” Angela complained as the hook was still too high for her to spread her legs wide enough to reach the chains. Carl lowered her some more.

Carl locked her cuffs to the chains of the heavy base, her feet being held apart by the full four-feet of its width. Using another length of chain, Carl attached Angie’s collar to the plate forcing her to bend her torso down.

“First I want you to suck me cunt. So help me, if I feel teeth you will lift this piece of steel with your ass.” Carl informed Angie.

Carl dropped his pants and briefs. Angela could not believe the size of the cock released in front of her. The only time she had ever seen something designed to be fitted in a pussy that was so large was the massive dildos for sale on some web-stores. She believed Carl to be endowed by a full nine inches and two-inches of thickness. She couldn’t help but gasp at its size. Also, Angie had never seen a penis with an intact sheath. During the ‘Mother-Daughter’ talk her mother gave her, her mom referred to an uncircumcised penis as a yeast-infection factory.

Carl moved his hard pony-sized prick to her mouth… “Take it!” He demanded.

Angie opened as wide as her maw was able and took him in. Her gag reflexes kicked in when she reached about three-inches past the head of the monster.

He grabbed two handfuls of shiny-black strands of keratin and pumped his cock hard and deep into her mouth, ignoring the retching of her body’s resistance caused by her uvula being molested. Angela pendulum from her hooked ass as Carl pumped her face brutally, the momentum of the 80 pound block of the crane stopped on each swing by digging the hook buried inside her with callous abandon.

Carl’s excitement in finding the two women compromised and his hold he now held over them brought him to orgasm much sooner than he liked. Without missing so much as a single beat, he withdrew his engorged throbbing member from Angela’s mouth and covered her face in his creamy jism. Angie could not believe the size of his release as it filled her eyes and dripped from her nose.

A couple quick presses of the lift button on the remote and Angie’s feet were no longer able to touch the steel plate beneath her; her legs held wide and at full extension by the twelve-hundred pounds of the steel she was chained to. Angela felt a generous amount of lube cover her sex and two of Carl’s rough and calloused fingers slide inside her; slicking her inside and out.

Fortunately, Jessica’s body had decided; circumstances be damned; that she needed to ease the friction of the ceaseless violation of her pussy and generated some juices. She tried to listen closely to what was happening to Angie. She heard the crane and a single pain induced scream. It was hard to tell but she also thought she heard Angie choking.

The screams which Jessica heard follow were loud and unmistakable. Her friend was being hurt and hurt badly. Jessica defiantly yanked against her restraints and began to cry.

Angela could not believe the amount of pain her pussy issued when Carl rammed his massive tool into her and buried it fully. She felt him bottom out inside well before his pelvis slammed against her ass. Between the pulling on her anus from being suspended by it and the awing size of the prick stretching her vaginal opening, Angela’s screams were an unceasing cacophony of blood-curdling squeals. Every thrust inside her was issued with unqualified indifference and stomach turning mar with each culmination.

He continued his abuse for about thirty agonizing minutes before abruptly withdrawing his monster cock and releasing another glob of his ejaculate on her smooth quivering ass.

Carl removed Angela from the rig he used to keep her properly positioned for him to use her. He laid her spent body on the cold concrete floor and chained her ankles bent tightly back and locked them to her collar along with her arms. The collar dug into the front of Angela’s neck and felt as if it were going to strangle her.

Jessica was subjected to the same treatment and painful indigence her friend had endured. Jessi issued no fewer screams and her body was just as spent once Carl finished with her. Angela watched as Jessica suffered; helpless to offer assistance or solace during her plight.

Carl ended his evening by returning the women back to their machines; but, with Jessica being on the spanking machine and Angela getting her pussy fucked by something much smaller than what Carl had put in her earlier. Carl had no idea that he had just completed the women’s original plan.

Jessica’s cuffs would release her in three hours and allow them to finish the night well fucked, well spanked, but most importantly; free.

“Enjoy yourselves cunts. I did. Remember… this is just the start of a very long relationship.” Carl said as he turned and closed the door.

It was time for Carl to finish the night the way he originally planned… in is stool at the bar.


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