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Jessica’s Torment 6: Revulsion and Karma

by ElectroPainLover

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story continues from part five

Jessica's Torment 6: Revulsion and Karma

Carl ended his evening by returning the women back to their machines; but, with Jessica being on the spanking machine and Angela getting her pussy fucked by something much smaller than what she had in her earlier. Carl had no idea that he had just completed the women’s original plan.

Jessica’s cuffs would release her in three hours and allow them to finish the night well fucked, well spanked, but most importantly; free.

“Enjoy yourselves cunts. I did. Remember… this is just the start of a very long relationship.” Carl said as he turned and closed the door.

It was time for Carl to finish the night the way he originally planned… in is stool at the bar.

Not for the first time in her relatively short self-bondage and bondage lifestyle Jessica found the need to attend to a friction burn on her delicate womanhood with the use of an Aloe Vera cactus. She followed the same routine this morning as she had the last time; a hot soak in a tub of Epsom Salts and a liberal application of Aloe pulp.

Angie and she agreed they would convalesce today and meet to discuss the dilemma Carl Piedmont handed the two of them on a silver platter.

For the first time since finding an interest in the practice of self-bondage Jessica’s attention was focused light-years away from finding a new scenario or design of another bondage device. Her concentration remained centered on Carl Piedmont, her father, and the compromising pictures in Carl’s possession.

She cursed herself for being so naively stupid to believe she would not be caught playing in the shop when so many others had access to it. She blamed herself for not taking more precautions to avert such discovery by an interloper. But most of all, she hated herself for Angie becoming mixed up in the web she was caught; a web as strong and dangerous of a Black Widow spider.

Jessica had to contrive some sort of plan to mitigate the impact of Carl’s ruse. The notion that such a person had used her orally and vaginally made her stomach knot and wretch. The idea that he could use her and her father’s relationship to use Angela in the same manner made her want to scream in anger and bawl in remorse.

Jessica spent her Saturday thinking and crying, wondering around slump shouldered and praying for a solution; simple or not; to reveal itself. If not for her sake, for Angie’s.

Angela arrived the next morning and the two of them sat and drank coffee and spoke. Jessica noticed by the way Angie approached the house that her nether-regions were in no less discomfort than her own. She also noticed she sported the same discoloring around her wrists, though not so pronounced as her own against her pallor skin, and assumed her ankles matched hers as well.

“Ok Angie. This is the only time I will speak of that asshole in a way someone could misconstrue as envy; but, did you ever think Carl might be built in such a way as to make a Shetland pony feel inadequate?” Jessica asked.

“Honestly Jessica, I never even considered what he might have had in his britches. He’s too old and too rough for me to have ever thought of in such a way. But, no, I would not have believed it had someone told me he was so endowed.” Angela responded.

“While he was in me and doing his thing, I felt not as if he were screwing me but fucking my very soul.” Jessica admitted.

“I don’t know if I would’ve come up with those same words to describe the feeling, but yes, I felt disembodied and as if I were watching the whole thing from the eyes of an outsider.” Angela agreed.

“At least when he took me in my mouth I had the taste of your sex to focus upon. Again, not that I am wishing to visit the source but it gave me a way to escape by focusing on something other than what was happening.” Jessica confessed, her face turning almost scarlet as she spoke.

“Lucky you. He was a bit foul from a day’s worth of sweat from work. Maybe even two.” Angela said as her nose wrinkled at recalling the odor. Both women flashing the first slight smile since their mutual experience.

“What can we do? Or, better yet, what can I do? You can protect yourself anytime you wish to bow out Angie. Stop him from violating you any further and I could not blame you if you did.” Jessica said beginning another round of crying.

“If I quit or you quit it comes with the same consequences. You know that. The pictures will be sent either way. He told us as much.” Angela explained as she hugged Jessica.

“But you have had your virtues raped and will continue to until a resolution of some sort is revealed.” Jessica cried.

“I lost my virtues at seventeen to Tommy Peterson. After that, it’s just fucking as far as I’m concerned.” Angela confided.

Jessica and Angela hugged an impassionate but heart-felt hug of friendship for a couple of minutes and returned their attentions to their coffee cups and the issue at hand.

“He sent me the pictures through email from a computer, not from his phone. Destruction of the phone would be of no use now.” Jessica told her cohort.

“Believe it or not, I got them sent to me too.” Angela informed Jessica. “I guess he wanted both of us to know the phone was no longer of consequence.” She finished.

The two of them spoke for several hours trying to solve a puzzle with no apparent solution short of murder; a solution neither woman was willing to even contemplate as viable or comprehensible.

*    *    *    *    *

The girl’s work-week was horrible as Carl took every opportunity he could find to laugh and make snide remarks about how much he enjoyed himself and how much he was looking forward to the up-coming weekend. The women would not even return eye contact with the man whom haunted their deepest and darkest nightmares.

The week went much too quick and the week-end was fast approaching. Thursday evening found Jessica contemplating spending eternity in damnation for taking her own life; but saner judgment over-ruled her.

Angela found an envelope on her desk Friday after the crew had departed the property. Both hers and Jessica’s names were scrolled upon it. She waited to open it until Jessica could read it with her. When she showed it to her hell-mate they decided to read it in the dining room of Jessi’s home.


I will be at the shop at 9:00 am. I expect both of you to be cuffed hogtied, completely naked, and lying on the floor. The keys will be left on Angie’s desk. I expect two of those fancy electrical boxes to be there too. Oh yeah, you will be gagged and your eyes covered too. Plan for a lot of play. I plan to extend the fun beyond just a few hours this time. Thanks for leaving my steel in the shop; I plan to put it to good use. Have plenty of supplies for me to use!

Fuck you very much!

Both Angie and Jessi broke down crying after reading the note Carl had written to them. They concluded that what he had done to them a week ago was going to seem like a walk in the park compared to what he had in store for them next. Fear and anxiety caused both women to tremble uncontrollably as the tears continued to roll down their faces; Angie’s tears leaving dark trails of diluted eye-liner and mascara.

Together they hesitantly, quietly, and somberly filled the nylon bag with an assortment of bondage items and toys; placing both Jessica’s personal ET312B’s on top of the other contents.

They contemplated each of them hiding a key in their asses and hope for an opportunity for escape to reveal itself. They agreed the idea to be a foolish one. They were physically free now but had nowhere to escape to. Where would they escape to tomorrow? Nowhere, they agreed.

*    *    *    *    *

Carl left with plenty of time to make it to the shop by nine. He thought out his plans and how his bitchy-bosses would suffer while he played with them. He knew the games could last only so long before they decided enough-was-enough. He, of course, would give Jessica one last good fucking by sending daddy the pictures and video, but he would wait until they forced his hand by no longer allowing him to play with them.  How long that would be he didn’t know, but, he would play it out until then.

He pulled onto the property and parked his vehicle. He grabbed a bag of items he brought to add to his fun as he exited the truck. The evening had been a cool one and he knew the concrete should have their naked bodies shivering. He relished the idea of their discomfort before he even arrived.

Unsurprisingly Carl found the shop door locked. He unlocked and opened the door and noticed the women in the exact positions he had ordered them to be in. Carl set his bag on the wooden table they used during breaks as he walked toward the women. As he got closer he could see, indeed, they were both shivering.

Carl went to the office and found they had not disobeyed his instructions there either. He pocketed the keys but left the electronics where they were for now. That, he thought, would come later.

He went to the bag and unzipped it. He was astonished by how many toys they actually had and picked out the largest dildo he found. His own tool made it look small but he thought it would do nicely until he unpacked his meat.

Carl pulled an aluminum tube from the stock rack and taped the phallus to it with duct tape.

He returned to Jessica and booted her knees apart as far as her fettered ankles would allow. Dispensing with the subtleties of lubrication, he placed the realistically shaped head against her slit and begun to push the cock shaped rubber into her, twisting the pole to aid it along its way.

Jessica screamed as the dryness of her pussy and the friction of the rubber fought against the other as Carl twisted and applied more pressure. Her body actually slid along the smooth concrete before the phallus won the battle against her vagina. Carl buried it deep.

“This might become quite sore if you don’t get some juices flowing bitch. Wet or dry I start ramming quickly very soon.” Carl taunted the now impaled Jessica.

Jessica found Carl true to his word as he sped up the travel in her pussy. He twisted and pumped the dildo inside her as the pain of a dry-fuck made her cry and cry-out. Carl used both hands to control the stroke and twist as he faux-fucked his boss.

Carl withdrew the dildo quickly and heard a ‘pop’ as the head broke free of its confinement. He kicked Angela’s legs apart with the same disregard as he had Jessica’s and pressed the dildo against her. A twist and a hard push and she too was entered dry. Carl worked on her and she screamed in kind. He gave Angela the same fifteen minute ravishing he subjected her boss to. Her pussy popped upon the same abrupt withdrawing of the dildo.

“I did a little shopping and fabricating myself this week whores.” Carl said proudly with a hint of evil cruelty in his voice as he pulled one of his new acquisitions from his cargo pocket.

SNAP!!! Jessica felt the sharp sting of electricity on her bottom right cheek from the cattle prod.

SNAP!!! Angie felt the sting on her buttocks this time.

Carl continued to bite the two women helplessly hogtied in steel as they tried to maneuver their bodies away from where they felt the tip of the prod touch.

Angie froze stark still in place as she felt the two prongs of the jolting stick rest upon her labia. SNAP!!! The pain against her sex was immense. Angie shrieked loudly as her sex became the target of overwhelming pain. Carl pressed the button again before moving to Jessica’s delicate softness.

Carl relished in the muffled screams and struggling of Jessica as he used the prod on her vulva. For some reason Carl could not quite describe or understand, his delight in Jessica’s suffering brought him much more satisfaction than Angela’s suffering. Maybe it was because he had watched her blossom from an adolescent into a teen then into a young woman. He had watched her closely as she transformed from a bud to flower and, secretly in his fantasies, had deflowered her many nights with his hand substituting for her pussy. Maybe it was because he had watched her grow into a bitch even more quickly than she grew her titties and her ass filled out and shaped. Whatever the reason, he reveled in her pain and discomfort and didn’t feel as if he would quite be satisfied until he caused her as much of both that he could. Angie, however, would suffer collateral damage for being caught with Jessica and being caught in his web with her.

Carl shocked each of the girls’ pussies a couple more times before rolling them over and tending to their nipples with the cattle prods biting arcs. He watched as the fear of the pain washed over their faces each time the metal conductors sided their nubs and the arc traveled between the tips of the prod to the tips of their breasts.

He left them for several minutes to catch their breaths and still their struggles against the cuffs and chains they had so proficiently applied to themselves; entirely immobilized themselves with their application. Carl knew that Jessica and Angela held no hope to escape their bonds no matter how much they battle their restraints, but, figured it was the only means of relieving the pain the battery powered stick had stricken them with.

Carl manipulated a large steel rectangle out of his work area with one of the overhead cranes and out into the openness of the main shop, lowering it until it lay at the girl’s feet.

He lifted Angela and placed her hogtied body in the center of the frame. Unlocking her hogtie chain to allow her legs to straighten for the first time since she bound herself an hour-and-a-half ago, he released the chain between her wrists and locked the cuffs to chains on each side of the frame. He pulled her body down and repeated the process with her legs. She was pulled in a tight spread-eagle in the center of the steel structure.

Carl repeated the same with Jessica, having her lie on her back on top of her friend. When Jessica was secured Carl raised the frame with the crane, lifting the naked bodies of Jessica and Angela off of the cold concrete slab.

He raised the frame but left the bottom of the structure firmly resting on the concrete for the time being. After removing the blindfolds, Carl placed ear plugs in their ears and fitted another of his recently acquired items, thick leather hoods, on his mental and physical captives; robbing them of any external stimuli the body uses to orientate oneself.

Thick leather belts were used to further limit Jessica and Angela of movement by being strapped tightly to their upper thighs, waists, and upper arms; holding them together as one.

Carl raised the frame until the lower cross-member was about six inches from the ground and started it swinging and twisting.

He opened his bag of goodies on the wooden picnic table. Out of the bag Carl pulled out his professional-quality paint-ball gun, attached the speed-feed hopper and a Nitrogen pressure cylinder. Though not a full-automatic gun, the hopper allowed for feeding the paint-filled orbs as quickly as the trigger was pulled. Carl learned how to use two fingers to dance quickly on the trigger allowing the machine to operate not much slower than if it were a machine gun.

Though the cradle holding the girls spread and helpless was swaying and twisting, years of practice allowed his shots to be true. Some balls splattered and left paint markings where they hit; others bounced off leaving raised red welts on their tender skin. Muffled and almost inaudible screams could be heard as each projectile found its mark and left its proof. Carl targeted the pubis’ and breasts as much as possible, but, after he had exhausted the four-hundred paint-filled spheres he had brought, both women were covered from mid-thigh to lower shoulders with paint splatters or bright colored bruises and welts. Only a handful of the projectiles wasted their kinetic energy on the leather straps, saving a few highly painful hits to their bodies.

Carl could see by the limpness of Jessica and Angela’s bodies how the pain had drained them of any energy. They moved, telling him they were not unconscious, but their heads lolled to the side and their hands lie limp in the cuffs.

Retrieving another of the projects he worked on through the week, Carl came out of his work area with a stainless steel hook setup where two ‘J’ hooks had been welded together, off-set by several inches, to form a mirrored double hook. Each hook was fitted with a two-inch diameter ball on the shorter side. He brought the other crane into the main shop and attached the double hook to the block at the end of the crane’s double cable with a long length of chain.

 He traversed the cranes as close as their cradles would allow. He removed the straps from the battered women’s bodies and fitted the hook between their backs. When the ball tipped ends could be swiveled between their legs, Carl pulled his design up until the large balls were against Jessi’s and Angie’s pussies. He lubed the balls and worked each ball inside each woman. He replaced the leather straps on their thighs and waists. He unlocked their ankle cuffs from the frame and allowed them to stand. He released Jessica’s wrists from the frame and connected the cuffs behind herself and around the front of Angela’s waist. Repeating the same upon Angie, the girls were released from the frame.

Carl took the slack out of the chain attached to the hooks buried inside the girls pussies and moved them directly under the heavy-lifter. He continued to retract the cable system until the women were suspended with their feet two-feet from the ground, supported by the hooks savagely bearing their weight and the balls pushed viciously inside them. He attached their ankle cuffs together and to the others. Out of his bag Carl pulled out two sets of connected clover-clamps and fitted them to each of the girls’ nipples. In the center of the chains he hung an eight-ounce weight and the clamps bit harder and pulled brutally on the women’s nipples.

Carl left the two hang there while he prepared for his next plan for them.

Jessica and Angela were deaf, blind, and mute and suffered the pressure in their pussies as they hung from them; the offset of the hooks making up for their height difference and both sustaining the same burden. Their skin burned and hurt terribly at each point the high-powered projectiles made contact; though, each had to suffer their agonies and indignities in solace.

Every bit of movement Jessica and Angela made was answered with furthering the menacing hooks deeper and tighter into their sexes. Both tried to stay as still as possible to prevent added torture to their already unbearable discomfort; but, an occasional attempt to adjust their aching shoulders, agony-filled nipples, or other parts made them both pay the price.

Carl returned to his quarry after being gone for almost two hours. He had gone to his house to get his enclosed trailer he had originally planned for use tomorrow. He couldn’t wait that long to use it however.

Jessi and Angie had no idea how long they had hung and suffered. Pain had distorted all sense of time as did their deprivation of external perception. When they felt the crane begin to lower them, and their feet finally touch the surface; allowing them to relieve the pressure of their weight upon the hook; a sense of apprehensive relief fell upon them. Relief from their immediate pain and apprehension of what was to come next.

Carl removed the leather straps; the lock holding their fetters to one another’s; and, re-cuffed each of their wrists behind their backs. He removed the hook from their pussies quickly and without regard to the discomfort of the large balls affects of being unceremoniously withdrawn caused upon their vaginal muscles.

Jessica was returned to being hogtied on the cold concrete; the coolness actually helping to relieve some of the pain from the paint-ball bruises covering the front of her body.

Angela, on the other hand, was carried to Carl’s work area and restrained to the large work-bench, bent over and ready for Carl to have his way with.

All the pain and abuse he had put the bondage-sluts through made his balls feel as if they were going to burst if he didn’t give himself some relief. Carl greased Angela’s anus and his throbbing cock and began to ease his monstrously large tool into her asshole. Angela shrieked loudly; without much being heard, and shook her head violently; as her sphincter expanded to accommodate Carl’s uncannily large cock. The pain she felt as he stretched her wider and himself deeper made the pain of hanging by her cunt seem easy. Once the head fully penetrated her and he felt her tightness on his shaft, Carl began to slide himself until he could not get any deeper and pumped in and out. He worked her tiny asshole for about fifteen minutes before he filled her with his load. When he removed his cock from her, her asshole gaped from the two-inch diameter pounding she took.

Carl traded the girls and Jessica’s asshole was next in receiving the huge and hard sodomy. Unfortunately for Jessica, and by design of the order in which he took the women, Carl had to fuck her tight hole for just short of thirty minutes before another culmination of a climax deposited what little jism Carl was able to produce since his last ejaculation. Jessica’s sphincter remained dilated for sometime after Carl extracted himself from her.

Inside the enclosed trailer, Carl had added binding points to the four corners of the trailers interior; in two spots and about four feet apart. In line with the connections he attached adjustable height poles on the centerline of the trailers floor. One at a time, Carl bound Jessi and Angie to the binding points he added; again spread-eagling the women. On top of the adjustable poles Carl had attached the largest dildo’s he could find to purchase, which, were about the size of his own mammoth member. He adjusted the poles to penetrate the women’s pussies and maintain themselves deep inside them. In their positions there was no way to lift themselves or be bounced off of the phalluses.

Carl put the clamps back onto their nipples and attached the connecting chain to the other girl’s chain. One of the eight ounce weights was centered between the spread and impaled women. Carl used a second pair of clover-clamps on the labia’s and attached them to one another as well. He added the second weight to that chain. He closed the door of the trailer and locked it. He was bummed out that he would not be able to watch the girls suffer as he drove but found solace in the fact that he knew the bouncing of the trailer would thoroughly fuck them and pull painfully upon their tits and cunt lips.

Jessica and Angela thought Carl found the most pot-holed and bumpiest roads in the whole of the town. Each bump caused them to get fucked roughly by the dildos and pull viciously at their nipples and labia’s. He took turns sufficiently fast to cause the weights to swing away from the turn and sway back and forth for several seconds after he straightened out from the turn. No matter how much the women tried to hold themselves still against the bumps and turns, the positions of their bodies prevented them from fighting the large impalements from a ferocious fucking and the weighted clamps from their sadistic tugging.

Carl drove around for a couple of hours and decided he would finish his torturous trek in the field behind the shop. Much of the property his prisoner-boss owned was tree-covered, but, there was a grass pasture area, about thirty-acres in size, behind the shop.

The women suffered in silent misery as the trailer bounced roughly through the jagged and sharply eroded troughs cutting through the pasture. Neither woman knew that they were suffering on Jessica’s own property, but the where didn’t matter as much as the what; and what was happening to them was pure hell.

Carl drove through the field for about thirty minutes before backing the trailer into the shop once again. Before removing Jessica and Angie from the trailer Carl pulled two more items he built from his work area.

He set the items next to each other. Adjustable height bars resembling a small gymnastics bar with securing points at the bottom of the uprights and stabilizing feet.

Carl removed the women one at a time and secured them to the new devices. Once locked to it, they were folded in half over the bar and their legs and arms secured wide apart to the bottom of his build. Pussies and assholes held exposed for his use.

Carl pulled a clit vibrator from his bag and went back to the girls. He removed their hoods, ear plugs, and gags. He wanted each woman to watch and hear the other as he worked on them.

As everything he had done to them so far was designed around pain and torture, Carl figured neither of them had come close to an orgasm. He didn’t believe they were excited by anything he had done to them and had no desire to cum for him under any circumstance. He wanted to prove them wrong.

Carl began to finger Jessica’s clit and slide one finger in her sweetness. As he suspected, Jessi was giving him absolutely no response and her pussy was as dry as talc.

“I will show you that you will cum cunt.” Carl said to Jessica.

“I don’t find anything you do stimulating in the least Carl. I am so far from any kind of excitement that I have no desire to cum.” Jessica told him.

“We’ll see.” Carl said with spite.

Carl sat down under Jessica and turned the vibrator to a medium-high setting and started rubbing her clit with it. At the same time he put two fingers inside and started finger fucking her. He worked the clit stimulator around her and after several minutes Jessica began to moan and fight against his work. His fingers continued to slip inside her as the vibrator worked on a woman’s most sensitive point; if you don’t count the ever evasive G-spot.

He began to laugh as his fingers started sliding easier as her traitorous pussy began to seep with her juice. Her moans became deeper and more guttural the longer he worked.

“I will not give you what you want Carl! I will not allow it!” Jessica said between fought-back groans.

Carl pulled his fingers, now fairly wet, and put them towards Jessica’s facial lips. “Taste that and tell me you won’t cum bitch. Fight all you want but I will break you.”

Jessica held her lips tight against his fingers and soon he re-parted her vaginal lips with them.

Carl thumbed the vibrator’s control to high and thrust her pussy ever-so-fast with his second and third digits. Jessica’s moans became more and more sexually lustful and deeper. Carl continued to work her.

Jessica began to scream “NO… I Won’t… NO!” As her breathing became deep lung-filling gasps and her hips betraying her with primal thrusts.

“OH… NO… AH… FUCK… AH!!!” Jessie screamed. “STOP… FUCK… OH GOD!!!” Jessie cried.

The orgasm she released almost soaked Carl’s whole hand and trickled down her inner thighs. Carl continued to rub her clit with the buzzing tormentor and drag her screams of ecstasy out for several minutes; inviting another round of bucking and shaking as another full blown climax engulfed her body.

“I’M DONE… NO MORE… STOP!!!” Jessie cried in defeat. Carl kept working on her.

A third and a fourth orgasm were ripped from her by the high-powered pulsations of the vibrator against her fully engorged and now over-stimulated clitoris. The fourth orgasm actually being more pain than pleasure, though none Jessica gave were what she would consider pleasurable.

Carl worked her now sore clit and tender pussy for several more minutes trying to garner a fifth orgasm from her. Jessica screamed as the device became a tormentor and his fingers became ever more an uninvited invader than when he first started.

Carl pulled the vibrator away and removed his soaked fingers from her pussy.

“I told you bitch… I’ll have you how and when I want you.” Carl said and gave Jessica several hard slaps on her bent and exposed ass.

Jessica began to cry of the humiliation of not being able to control her body and give her most-hated mother-fucker the satisfaction of watching her most private of intimacies.

Carl had to work on Jessica for almost thirty minutes before she’d cum for him; it took him over forty-five minutes to rip two orgasms out of Angela. At the hour mark, after several minutes of post-orgasm torment, Carl quit.

Carl went back to the bench. He had set the girl’s asses towards it and now he put a fresh Nitrous canister on his paintball gun and loaded his last bag of one-hundred balls.

He took aim and when the hopper was emptied of its ammo, the tender skin of their butts were as bruised as the front of their bodies. The projectiles that hit dead-center on their exposed assholes and pussies made them scream and cry like they hadn’t all day.

Carl pulled out his last acquisition from the BDSM store he purchased his toys from. The cane, made of carbon-fiber and was guaranteed to be the best on the market, made satisfying whooshing sounds as he tested it through the air. He lined up on Jessica first.

The first connection upon her already bruised ass was very satisfying and stimulating as Jessica howled from the pain. A bright red line and thick welt lined where the cane had made contact. By the time he was done, Jessica’s derriere was a tapestry of criss-crossing red welts from the top of her cheeks to her upper thighs. She hung limply upon the bar; she had no way to escape, from pain induced exhaustion.

Angie, watching what just happened to Jessica, began to scream before the first strike from the cane lined her bare ass. Her screaming and begging of Carl not to cane her only strengthened his resolve and he covered her ass with just as many lines of misery as he had Jessica; seventy-five each.

By the time Carl decided it was time to quit for the day it was six-forty-five in the evening.

He returned the girls to the hook still dangling from the crane. He, again, fitted the large balls into their battered and bruised bodies via their pussies. He replaced their wrist cuffs with electronic cuffs and locked their arms behind them and around the other’s waist as he had before. He left their legs free and omitted using the leather belts.

He set the timer on Jessica’s cell phone for two hours. He attached conductors to the girl’s nipples, the hook, and to their clits. Carl turned on the electro-stimulation boxes and raised the power until he noticed their muscles begin to twitch uncontrollably. He raised the hoist until their feet were off the ground. Carl voiced his ado’s and left the women hanging by hooks in their pussies and receiving painfully powerful jolts of electricity to their nipples, clits, and pussies. When the cuffs release at the time Carl set, Jessica will be able to reach the control box for the hoist and lower them. Then, and only then, will their ordeal be done for the day.

*     *     *     *     *

Jessica and Angela sat naked on Jessi’s couch, holding each other and crying. Their bodies marked with bruises from the paintball gun and the welts on their butts just now starting to lose their form. Neither woman had ever been a part of such a painful and degrading ordeal as what they went through over the thirteen or so previous hours. Their bodies still shiver from the profound coldness they had been subject to while, both, laying on the concrete and while suspended. Jessica, however, had not the energy to get a blanket to through over their shoulders and Angie was on the verge of shock.

The abuse of their sexes and anuses by toys, tools, and Carl’s incredibly large penis left profound pain much deeper than the plum colored spots covering the fronts and butts of their bodies and resembling the spots of a leopard. Most had no more than an inch or so between them. The women’s pain was visceral and deep and not to be soon forgotten. Especially, considering they will be forced to see and work with their abuser over the next week, months, years… etc.

Luckily for the two battered and bruised women, Carl had not left marks on them in areas that could not be easily hidden. Carl did this by design. Marks visible in public could lead to questions… questions the girls would not want to answer and Carl could not allow them to answer.

Monday through Friday had been hell for Jessica and Angela and they both jumped or startled each time the tall brown headed man with a graying mustache and pork-chop side-burns came into view. Several times he would come up behind one of them and stomp his boot loudly to watch the fear suck the blood from their face and cause them to cover themselves.

End of the day on Friday brought yet another note resting on Angie’s desk and new orders from Carl. Tomorrow they would be bound back-to-back with cuffs, chains, and leather straps, with the double hook holding them two-feet off the ground. Hands will be secured in the same fashion he had secured them while they were in this position; ankles will be fettered and secured to the others ankles. Gags and hoods will be in place and fastened tightly.

At 8:56 am the hoist’s motor quit lifting the women by pussies that were still sore from their previous ride on this devilishly brutal device and by 8:58 am Jessica had her hands cuffed and resting against Angela’s belly. Carl walked in at five after nine.

The mid-winter night had been especially cold for South Texas and the women felt their naked bodies were inside of a refrigerator. Their nipples were firm and tender from the cold air of the open shop.

Carl used the cold and the status of their nipples to his advantage as he caned the women’s breasts hard enough to leave immediate and painful welts. Fire burned within the nubs topping their tits each time the black fiber dowel made contact; which Carl had a fairly consistent aim for.

Once he felt their breasts had been sufficiently marked Carl decided he would begin the day using the clit-vibrator on the nubs topping their womanly cleave. He decided he would start with Angela today; but, first however, he would hook Jessica up to one of the electro-torture boxes and set the power to increase every two minutes and he would not turn it off until Angie had cum.

Carl powered Jessica’s nipples, clit, and cunt then began working on Angie’s clit. He could not finger her due to the hook sunk deep within her and had to focus only on working the reverberating tool against her nub. As it had the previous week and, in fact a little slower today, it took Angie over an hour to work up her orgasm. By the time she had, Jessica was screaming in agony from the electricity surging through her delicate areas.

Once she did climax, the level of intensity was unbelievable as she convulsed as if she were a fish hanging on the hook rather than a brutalized woman. Jessica suffered double as the electricity surged and the hook drove deeper as Angie floundered. Jessica’s body convulsed as badly as Angie’s did while she was in full orgasm, but due to the involuntary muscular contractions from the electricity and not from an orgasm being torn forcefully from her. Her turn was next however as Carl swapped the leads from one woman to the other.

Jessica wanted to give up an orgasm quickly. She didn’t want Angie to suffer the pain she had just endured. As Carl worked the tool along the hood and the nub it protected, Jessica did all she could to allow the stimulation work its magic and work with it. She found the will to have an orgasm doesn’t outweigh the situation and sensuality needed to produce one. Forty-five minutes later, both Jessica and Angela were screaming and writhing on the hook; one from the final step over the precipice of ecstasy and the other from electrically induced pain.

Carl removed the women from the device he made them place themselves on at his demand and bent them over the adjustable hurdle and secured their hands and feet wide apart. The next hour or so would be for him.

He fucked Jessica first. His massive prick caused her extreme pain while pumping roughly inside her already excruciatingly sore pussy. He thrust deep and hard inside her and the screams blocked by the gag and hood were guttural and could not be mistaken for sounds of pleasure. Jessica struggled against her restraints as violently as Carl went at her sex. She could not break free and he did not break stride. Carl thrust, what felt to Jessica being several bruises to her cervix, deeply during his final stretch towards climax and withdrew himself just in time to squirt his large wad of cum on Jessica’s downward facing chest. Her vaginal opening looking as if there was still a large and invisible phallus dilating it for over ten minutes after he pulled himself out of her.

Carl had to work himself back up before being able to ravish Angie’s womanhood. Re-striping Jessica’s still lightly bruised ass with fresh marks and welts helped him along his course to lustful need again. He loved how hurting these two bitches worked his cock into such a sexual frenzy. Once Jessica’s ass was once again striped with overlapping welts of red and masking last week’s markings with fresh ones, Carl was ready to give the dark-haired bitch’s cunt the fucking it needed.

He went at Angie’s pussy like he hadn’t had sex in a decade. He thrust as deep as her interior would allow which still left a little over two-inches of his meat outside of her. Her head jerked back as the pain deep inside overwhelmed her. Carl misjudged once and his cock withdrew completely and plunged back inside. Warm red blood added to the lubricant for his prick to slide along its course. The tear in her vaginal opening was small but added to the pain as his ram-rod plunged her innards. Carl began his homerun stretch and almost began to slam his pubis against her ass, giving her more of him than he had been able to before. When he finished he spread his jism down the front of her chest as he had Jessica before her.

Carl’s cock was colored pinkish with streaks of darker red running its length as a trail of blood run down Angie’s upper left thigh. Carl laughed and offered her a tampon but told her he didn’t think it would stay in very well with how her pussy was agape.

His ass work on Angela with the cane equaled Jessica’s own brutal assault.

Carl pulled out a couple of this week’s purchases. One by one he lubed and inserted the inflatable butt plugs into each girl’s anus and inflated them until he could see the sphincter begin to push out and the girl’s scream in absolute pain. He left them like that for a little over an hour and then decided it would be time to take them for another blind tour of the town in the back of his trailer.

The largely-inflated phalluses in the girls’ rectums made them have to somewhat duck-waddle their chained ankles as Carl guided them to into the trailer. He secured them spread-eagle once again. Before inserting the dildos into each of their pussies Carl released the air from the inflated bulbs in their ass’s and re-inflated them once their pussies were filled. He attached the clamps as he had last week and added the weights to the chains as well.

Another couple of hours of driving the bumpiest roads in town, sharp abrupt turns, and a repeat of an additional half-hour in the field behind the shop and Carl returned them to the shop.

Carl released the torturous clamps and lowered the dildo rods. He released each girl from the trailers connectors and cuffed their hands behind their backs and hobbled them with eight-inch chains on their ankle cuffs. Once he had them out of the trailer he removed their hoods and gags.

“Are you girl’s cold?” He asked.

Both girls nodded, afraid to actually speak to him. The goose-flesh and shivers had actually answered his question before their nods had.

“Good. I have another five-hundred rounds for my paintball gun.” He said smiling.

“Please No!!! Oh God… Please No Carl!!!” Jessica cried and begged.

“Are you two really not queer?” He asked moving his gaze from one to the other.

“No… we just play with bondage but we do not engage sexually with each other.” Jessica answered.

Carl grabbed two thick leather belts and placed one around their waists tightly and locked them with a small padlock. He took another set of larger padlocks and locked their wrist chains to the ring of the belt centered in the small of their back.

“I’ll tell you what… ” Carl begun looking at both of the bound women “… I’m going to sit at this bench with my shooter in hand and the two of you are going to go lay on the floor and suck one-another’s pussy into an orgasm. You will have forty-five minutes for both of you to climax. If I feel; and I am an excellent judge of it; that either of you are trying to fake it, you both will be shot five times. If you fail to accomplish the goal I will place you into the frame and I will get a whole bunch of target practice.” Carl said evilly.

“But I… ” Angela began and was cut off.

“It’s not an option. Go get some tongues lapping or meet me at the frame. Those are the only two options you have and neither requires words to begin.” Carl barked.

Jessica and Angela walked towards the center of the shop.

“I’ll do you first… ” Jessica began “… just pay attention to what I do and do it back to me after I bring you off… Okay?” She finished.

“I’ll try. I know I like a lot of hard clit sucking and finger stroking when guys have done it to me.” Angie explained.

“Obviously finger work is going to be out of the question… ” Jessica said while wiggling her hands secured behind her and to her waist “… but I will try to get you off as quickly as possible and leave you as much time as I can for you to work on me… Okay?”

“Tick-Tock… Tick-Tock bitches. Time is running and I don’t think your jabber is going to work for what I want to see.” Carl snapped.

“Ok.” Angie replied to Jessica and lay her back on her chained hands on the still very cold concrete.

Jessica went down on her knees then flopped on her side then rolled onto her stomach. Angie lifted her chained legs and spread her knees wide so Jessica could slide between her thighs.

“Ok… hold it there cunts.” Carl said and began to walk towards them. “Roll back on your side Jessi.” He ordered.

Jessica did as told and Carl pulled the clover-clamps from his pocket. He attached one set between Jessica’s right nipple and Angela’s left labia. He repeated the same for the others. Both girls grunted and whimpered as the strong springs closed upon their tender flesh. Carl slid Jessi up until her face was over Angie’s snatch and adjusted the chains so the girls could not slide apart from the position.

“Okay… time starts again. You now have forty-one minutes.” He said satisfied with his afterthought of adding the clamps.

 Jessica found her head a little too high up Angie’s Mons to get a good angle on her clit and had to try and push herself back. The clamps pulled her nipples and elongated Angie’s lips causing her to whimper a bit. The position was uncomfortable for both of them but she now had a good shot to get Angie’s clit between her lips. As she did however, her chin pushed down on the clamps on Angie’s labia and caused her more pain.

Jessica sucked, tongued, and lightly bit on Angie’s button and the moans from her came much quicker than Jessi thought they would. Jessi was afraid the knowledge of the lips between her legs being a woman’s might make her mentally withhold herself. Jessica worked her nub, occasionally slipping her tongue down her slit and feeling the clamps on each side of it. Her own nipples almost made it hard to concentrate from the pain of the pulled chain and the weight of her body laying on them. Jessica focused on the task and away from her painful nubs.

Within ten-minutes Angie’s hips were bucking and her moans were deep and almost animalistic. She thrust her pussy hard against Jessica’s face as her juices flowed. Jessica lapped and sucked. Angie, never having sex; oral or regular; on concrete bumped the back of her head hard enough to see stars as her orgasm released in a violent eruption. She actually squirted slightly… something she had never known herself to do before.

“Very good whores. Seems to me like you should be a lesbo Jessi, you’re pretty damn good at eating at the ‘Y’.” Carl said as he approached the girls with his erect member in his hand.

Carl removed the clamps and let the girls readjust their positions. Once Angie’s face was lined with Jessi’s pussy, he rolled Angie up on her side and clipped her nipples tightly. He attached the other ends clips to Jessi’s petals and allowed Angie to roll back onto her belly.

Angie wasted no time and grabbed Jessica’s clit tightly in her teeth and pulled. Jessi cried a little as Angela was being a little rough but didn’t say anything to her.

Angela held the nub between her teeth and formed a seal with her lips and created a strong vacuum; flicking her tongue quickly upon the small tip stuck between her teeth. Angie purposefully pushed and wiggled the clamps on Jessica’s labia with her chin and the moans began to fill the air. Angie continued her rough adlibbing style of oral sex on a female and continued to aggressively use her chin against the clamps. Jessica thrust her hips up and down and slid slightly away causing the clamps to pull harder on her pinched lips. Her moans turned to squeals of ‘Yes’ and shortly thereafter ‘I’m gonna cum’. Jessi bucked hard and almost made Angie lose her hold on the bubble of sensitive skin.

Jessica cum hard and the orgasm held for a couple of minutes. Jessica closed her legs tightly about Angie’s head and held her face deeply against her sex, humping against Angie’s chin.

Carl set down his shooter and walked to the girls still squirming on the floor. Without a word he removed the clamps from Jessica’s soaking lips. He slid Angela’s body along the slick concrete floor until her breasts were equal with Jessica’s and clipped the clamps to Jessica’s nipples. He took his hand that he had just filled with his own cum and wiped his ejaculate on both girl’s faces making sure to cover most of each one.

He pulled the keys to their cuffs out of his pocket and flung them across the shop and they landed with a soft tinkle.

“Until next weekend cum-buckets.” He said and walked away. It would be the last time they would ever see Carl Piedmont again.

Monday came and everybody but Carl had shown for work on schedule. Jessica and Angela figured that coming in late or taking unscheduled days off might just become another little luxury he would push in his blackmail rouse. A call from the police department squashed the thought any further when Sgt. Thompson informed Jessica that Carl wrapped his pickup around a telephone pole while driving with a .21 b.a.c. on Saturday night. He was sorry to have to say he had been killed instantly. Jessica smiled as she hung up the phone.

A Note From the Author.

Speaking with Ms. Jessica Mallory, she requested to take some time off from talking to me about her hobbies. Jessica and Angie have had a very rough couple of weeks at the hands of Carl and are going to take some time to recuperate and reflect upon how best to deal with the mental difficulties and rash of disturbing nightmares both women have been experiencing.

Both women have expressed an appreciation for us enjoying the stories they shared but have been suffering debilitating flashbacks after discussing the events Carl put into motion and have to figure out how to move past this extremely abusive point in their lives; only having the support of each other as it still remains a very secret part of their lives.

They are still only friends but have put their bondage-buddies life on hold until they work things out for themselves.

Maybe, with enough urging, I may ask the women; sometime in the future; if I can follow their interests again, but for now, I am going to abide by their wishes for the immediate future.

I wish both of them the best and a speedy recovery.


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