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June’s Self Bondage Mistake 2

by ChgoBinder

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continued from part one Part Two.

The following morning, right on schedule, Mary arrived at June’s apartment to find June exactly where Mary had left her. Mary looked over June’s sleeping body tightly trussed in her leather sleepsack and sighed. How Mary wished it was her trussed up and not June! Walking to the bed, Mary gently climbed up and kneeled next to June.

Being as careful as possible not to startle June, Mary reached behind June’s head, unbuckled her gag, and pulled it from June’s mouth with some difficulty. The gag strap had become stuck to her face from the dried drool, sweat, and Mary thought she saw tear streaks. Mary felt bad knowing she was the one who put June through this experience, but it had been what June craved all along. Complete inescapable bondage; that was the need June had. No, it was more than that. It was an insatiable desire. Mary knew no one more obsessed with this kind of bondage, except of course, herself.

Still sleeping, June looked a mess. Her hair was a rat’s nest. June had not applied any makeup before placing herself into this position, so that was of no concern. What bothered Mary was that she was able to pull June’s gag out without June even shifting in her sleep. Mary moved her head to June’s chest and pressed her ear down onto the leather to listen for a heartbeat. Mary was relieved to hear June’s strong and slow regular rhythm and enjoyed the slow lifting of her head as June slowly breathed in and out.

Using June like a body pillow, Mary brought her leg up onto June’s legs, placing her left arm on June’s chest gently cupping her right breast. As she snuggled closer to June, positioning her right arm gently under June’s delicate neck, cradling June’s head with her arm, Mary waited for June to wake.

June stirred, trying to speak, but no words game out. It must have been several more hours before June woke because Mary had fallen asleep listening to June’s heartbeat. Mary jumped, feeling June stir beneath her. Realizing June’s throat must be severely dry and sore from the night before, Mary told June to wait there, gently moved off the bed, careful to lay June’s head down softly, and went to the kitchen for a bottle of June’s favorite sports drink. Returning with the bottle and a bendy straw, Mary smiled at June as June smiled back at her.

Taking slow and deliberate swallows, June refreshed her parched mouth and throat, careful not to drink too fast. June knew firsthand how quickly stomach cramps can ruin the morning after when you drink too much cold liquid too fast.

“What time is it, Mary?” June asked, knowing it was at least morning by the light coming into the room.

Mary replied, “11:30 AM, Saturday Morning. I arrived right at 9:00 AM as promised, but you were still out cold. I removed your gag, and snuggled down next to you to make sure you were all right and to be the first thing you saw when you woke up!”

“Thank you for a wonderful night, Mary.” June said. “It would not have been possible without you!”

Mary regarded June with skepticism, not knowing how to respond. Yes, Mary was the reason for last night, but when she arrived, Mary could tell June had experienced something more extreme than either of them bargained for.

Mary replied, “When I arrived, I had a lot of trouble getting your gag out. The leather strap must have become wet from your sweat and drool, as well as a few tears. I had to peel the straps off your face, and the marks are still there, although they are fading quickly.”

“Not just a few tears!” June replied. “There was a time right before I passed out for the last time, since I do not remember anything else after that, when I was balling my eyes out. I could not stop orgasming no matter what I did. My body betrayed me, and my mind just shut down after that.”

Seeing Mary face change from general happiness to nearing tears of sorrow, June knew right away that Mary did not intend to put her through that kind of experience. Mary and June had always played within a strict set of boundaries, and Mary leaving the apartment last night crossed those boundaries like a sandstorm crosses the desert. June told her that it was an experience she would never forget and that she regretted nothing. June got everything she had ever wanted in a bondage situation. Just because it went beyond what either of them expected didn’t mean she was mad at Mary. In fact, June felt the exact opposite way. June told Mary that she felt closer to Mary than she had ever felt before.

Mary smiled, brushed away her tears and said “Pinky swear?”

June giggled and replied “if I had a pinky to give right now, you would have both of them!”

“Well then,” Mary said, “let’s get you out of that sack!”

It took the better part of an hour to get June out of the leather sack. Just like the straps on her gag, the sleepsack was stuck to every possible part of June’s body. With much difficulty, quite a bit of uncharacteristic swearing on June’s part, and a little help from June’s body starting to sweat again from the effort, Mary was successful at extricating June from her leather prison.

Draping the leather sack over the footboard, Mary gently eased June into a sitting position on the bed. June jumped a little when her toes touched the soft carpeting of the playroom. Having only felt leather for over 14 hours, the carpet tickled every part of the bottom of her feet, from her heels to her toes. Gently moving her feet in small circles on the carpet, June began to feel comfortable enough to try and stand. Keeping one arm around June, Mary helped June up. Slowly, they made their way into the Master bathroom where Mary walked June into the oversized shower.

Turning on the hot water, Mary began to wash June’s body, taking extra care that June did not slip and fall. Very slowly, June’s body was washed by Mary’s expert touch. Mary could feel the hot water soak into her sore and overly compressed body, easing her tension filled tiny frame. Kneeling in front of June, Mary placed her hands in-between June’s thighs, gently spreading her legs. With great care, and a lot of help from the shower wand, Mary was able to pull the purple vibrator out of June’s perfectly pink pussy. Tossing it gently behind her, Mary used the scrubber puff all over June’s sex, making sure that everything was very clean.

Turning the shower wand to a straight stream, Mary directed the water jet up into June, causing June to squeak with surprise and delight at the same time. Keeping the water flow there for far longer than needed, Mary could see that June was really enjoying the sensations the water jet was providing. Leaning forward, Mary flicked out her tongue like a snake exploring its environment, tickling June’s now exposed clit. Mary heard the deep moan from June, and continued her tongue’s exploration knowing full well what it was doing to June.

June had been leaning against the glass wall the whole time since entering the shower, but when June felt Mary’s expert tongue on her clit, June arched her back involuntarily, pressing her sex closer to Mary’s mouth and snake-like darting tongue. Reaching down, June grasped Mary’s head, taking fistfuls of her wet hair in her hands, and pulled Mary’s mouth up into her pussy, reveling in the pleasure she was receiving. Mary dropped the shower wand and grasped June’s perfect ass with both hands, hungrily lifting June towards her expert mouth. Without warning, June screamed as the orgasm tore through her already ravaged body, and she squirted, gushing into Mary’s unsuspecting mouth. Mary, tasting June’s love nectar, greedily drinking up anything that she could get into her mouth, which was a lot!

June’s legs were wobbling, and her whole body felt incredibly heavy at that moment, as she slid down the wall, plopping onto Mary’s thighs. Hugging Mary fiercely, June shook as the aftershocks of her orgasm rippled through her body. Mary hugged June back just as strongly, sitting there until the water ran cold. Slowly, and with some difficulty, June stood up and turned off the water. Rising with June, Mary held out her arm, wrapped it around her lover, and then walked, arm-in-arm out of the shower and under the heat lamps to dry. The heat from the lamps soaked into June’s body, further relieving her aches and pains. Once thoroughly dry, Mary guided them back to June’s bedroom.

Mary pulled back the covers and helped June slip into bed, pulling the covers up and tucking June in. “It feels strange going to bed this early,” June said, “but I can see no other alternative. I can’t walk right. I can barely stand without your help. I need the rest, but I am also ravenously hungry!”

“I’ll take care of the hungry part. You just rest now.” Mary said, as she leaned over and kissed June full on the lips. It was a deep and passionate kiss, deeper and with more feeling than either of them had known before. June knew in her heart that no matter what happened in the future, she would love only Mary, and somehow, right at that very moment, Mary felt the same. Making one last adjustment to June’s covers, Mary left the room, looking over her shoulder at June. She saw June’s eyes were already closed, and that unmistakable grin of pure blissful pleasure on June’s lips that a blind man could have seen from across the room.

Several hours later, June woke to the smell of her favorite Thai food dishes. June’s stomach growled so loudly that Mary heard it in the kitchen as she set the table.

Giggling furiously, Mary called out to June, “Come and get it!”

June, fully rested and still very sore, hollered back. “Be right there!”

Mary and June talked for hours, first at the kitchen table while they ate, then moving to a more comfortable place on the big overstuffed sectional couch. Mary questioned June about her experiences, and June replied as best she could. There were gaps in her memory, most probably due to her passing out at various times during the night, they both agreed. Nearing nightfall, Mary moved to June’s side again, and they snuggled each other while watching the sunset.

Not wanting this day to end, Mary reluctantly pried herself from June’s embrace. June knew that Mary worked Sunday morning at the hospital. June did not mind that Mary was away for long periods of time due to her job because the fringe benefits more than made up the difference! Just recently, Mary brought home several boxes of tape, gauze, and other related wrapping materials. They each took turns mummifying each other over a weekend. Remembering her feelings while wrapped brought a smile to June’s face. Mary kissed June one last time, and left the apartment, promising to check in on June as soon as her shift was over.

June sat on the couch for a long time after that, just going over in her mind everything she experienced over the last 24 hours. Grateful for having a friend such as Mary, June closed her eyes and thought out a hug to her best friend and lover, got up and went to bed. She dreamed throughout the night, not just of what she had experienced, but of what Mary would be experiencing soon, too. What a devious little mind June had!

The following morning, as promised, Mary came over to check on June. Mary could not stay long, however, as she was due back at the hospital for the Monday morning regular staff meeting. It was nearly a week after that before June heard from Mary again. Between work, her busy schedule, and Mary’s other duties, June was used to not seeing or hearing from Mary for extended periods of time. Such is the life that Mary lived, and June drank up any time she could spend with Mary, grateful for every minute she could spend with her lover.

That very weekend, Mary came over with an envelope in her hand and a big grin on her face. Kissing passionately, June met her lover at the door, nearly knocking Mary over with her embrace.

“Hello stranger!” June gushed, “I really missed you!”

Mary replied, “Yes, I can tell! I am glad you waited until the door was closed before jumping me, or we would both be lying in the hallway right now!”

June spied the envelope in Mary’s hand and asked in the sweetest little girl voice she could make, “Is that for me?”

Wanting to string June along for as long as she could, Mary brought the envelope to her nose, sniffed deeply, and said, “Smells like luxury to me.” “I don’t think you need luxury. Maybe I should put it back where I found it!”

Bouncing up and down on her toes, June pleaded to Mary, “Please, I do deserve luxury!” “In fact, we both do, and I would not take it if we could not share it together!”

Mary held two opposite corners of the envelope with her fingertips, spinning the envelope in cartwheels with her thumbs, contemplating her next move. Smiling slyly, Mary said, yes, it is for you, and no, you cannot share it!

Frowning and pouting, fat bottom lip and all, June plopped down on the arm of the couch and waited for Mary to hand her the envelope. Walking over to June, Mary extended her hand with the envelope saying, “I love you more than I ever thought I could! Please use this knowing that I only want to give you something to indulge your senses and completely rehabilitate your body.”

Instantly realizing this was a gift card to her favorite day spa, June hungrily opened the envelope, and sat in awe at the contents. It was not a gift card to her favorite spa, it was a weekend pass, designed to put someone in the ultimate spa experience from Friday until Sunday afternoon.

June gasped, saying, “This must have cost you a small fortune! I cannot accept this. It is too expensive and I could never afford to repay you!”

Mary smiled and said, “Remember that promotion, raise, and bonus I told you about a few months ago?” “Well,” Mary continued, “it finally came through. I received the weekend pass as part of my bonus, and since I don’t need it as much as you do right now, it is yours!”

June jumped up into Mary’s arms, squealing like a little girl, happy for the gift, and even happier for Mary. June knew this also meant that Mary would have more time off, which meant more time together!

Looking over the available dates on the spa’s website, June picked out the weekend after next. Making a mental note of the dates, Mary smiled, giving her lover a good long hug, and an even more passionate kiss, feeling June melt into her arms. Mary was smiling on the inside, knowing that the weekend June was at the spa would be her weekend in the sleepsack, bound inescapably until released by the timer, which Mary would set for long, random, periods of time.

Mary had to return to work to start her new position, and move into her new office! Hugging and kissing again, Mary left, and June started planning out what she would bring with her to the spa.

The weekend of June’s spa experience came faster than she thought it would. Leaving a note to Mary about her driving up to the spa, June left just after noon on Friday, eager to arrive on time for the start of her spa treatments. June had to be there before 6 PM, and the 5 hour drive felt like 8. When she arrived, June was disheartened to find out the spa had closed unexpectedly due to a major failure of the air conditioning system. The sign promised full refunds to anyone who requested them, or doubling anyone’s scheduled time, including full weekend passes. June thought it would be perfect to have two passes. Then they could share the weekend together!

Not feeling as bad as she first did, June got back into her car and began the long drive home. She should arrive at about 10 PM, which gave her plenty of time to grab something to eat along the way. Who cares when she returned home, no one was waiting for her anyway!

As Mary entered June’s apartment, she looked around to see if June was still here. Spying the note on the counter, Mary read it with glee, knowing that June would be gone until at least 6 PM Sunday night. Not able to get off work early on Friday, Mary drove straight away to June’s apartment, arriving just after 9 PM.

Mary showered quickly, dried off well, and went to the storage area where the bondage equipment was. The apartment June stayed in had a Master suite, with its own bath and common room. Where June slept was the spare bedroom, having decided she needed all the space of the Master Suite for her bondage games. Mary liked this arrangement very much, especially when they went in together to buy the king sized bondage bed. The frame was made of square steel, very strong, and also very heavy. Luckily the store they bought it from had their own delivery and set-up men. Having to ask a non-bondage enthusiast to assemble their bed would have been embarrassing to say the very least! The storage area was actually the large walk-in closet of the Master Suite. Everything that Mary and June collected for their bondage games was in this closet.

Mary pulled the leather sleepsack down from the hanger, still covered in plastic and bearing the kink-friendly dry cleaner emblem they took all their non-washable bondage gear to.

Ripping the sack from the plastic, Mary unzipped it, pulled the hangar from the shoulders of the sack, and laid the sack out just as June had shown her she did not so long ago. Mary fastened the straps to the ankle D-Rings and attached the last strap to the zipper pull, creating the same situation June had put herself in. Walking to the front and back doors, Mary checked again to be sure everything was secure. She wanted no uninvited guests during her extended bondage trip!

Mary then set the timer for a 10 minute delay, with a 6 hour run time. It was 10:15 PM. Mary thought ahead, counting out the hours, and agreed that 6 hours was a good time. She would be released at 4:25 AM Saturday morning. This would mean that the vibrator’s batteries would still be going strong when the timer turned off and released her. No dull moments for Mary!

Mary placed the vicious vibrator up into her sex, allowing it to pull up into her clit. For added effect, Mary pulled on a pair of latex panties, making sure they were pulled up really tight, further forcing the vibrator into her sex. Mary set the vibrator’s control to full-on, all stimulators, and quickly got onto the bed. Just before she started slipping into the sack, she remembered her favorite bondage item, her latex hood. Nearly sprinting to the storage closet, Mary retrieved the hood, and hot-footed it back to the bed.

Slipping her legs into the sack was relatively easy since the zipper was fully open. As Mary pulled the zipper up to her thighs, she realized that this would be a slightly different experience for her than what June had.

For one, Mary was two inches taller than June. Two, Mary was a little curvier in the butt, and quite a bit curvier in the chest. Mary’s 36C’s were no melons, but bigger just the same. Working quickly, Mary pulled her favorite hood over her head, smoothed out the folds of material to prevent her hair from getting caught in the zipper, and zipped it shut quickly. Adjusting the white latex so that the nose holes were lined up perfectly with her nostrils and centering the black O-Ring over her mouth, Mary reveled in the loss of her sight as her hood had no eye openings. Mary then set herself to the task of getting into the sack fully.

Mary wasted no time pulling the sack up as far as she could, slipping her arms into the sleepsack’s internal sleeves while coaxing her shoulders into the sack. Mary thought the vibrator should have started by now, remembering how it had done so in the past. This was her trusty friend, reliable for many months. Just as she was going to pull herself out of the sack, the she heard the garage door opener come to life, and without much difficulty, the zipper was pulled up Mary’s back. Mary never saw the opener light come on. She did, however, feel the zipper slowly moving up her back. Not wanting 6 hours in this sack without stimulation, Mary fought as hard as she could to prevent the zipper from being sealed. With all her struggles, it actually made it easier for the relentless machine to close the zipper, sealing Mary in the sack for the foreseeable future.

Mary remembered that the machine could not pull the zipper if she was lying on her back, so she flipped over as quickly as she could, but it was already too late. Not wanting to suffer the same fate as June, Mary rolled back on her tummy and waited for the time to expire and release her, resigned to her fate as a boring, leather wrapped girl.

Her trusty friend suddenly remembered it had a job to do and sprang to life. Jolting Mary out of her slump, Mary felt her first orgasm quickly build, with her breathing keeping up with her level of arousal. When Mary’s first orgasm hit, she was screaming into the mattress, remembering that she did not gag herself. Lifting her head to breathe, she rode out the little waves of orgasm, waiting patiently as a surfer would for that “perfect” wave. Feeling her second orgasm washing over her, Mary buried her head into the mattress again, enjoying the added feeling of being breathless, as if someone was suffocating her while she rode out her orgasm, torturing her and pleasuring her at the same time.

Mary never heard the front door open, nor did she hear June enter the playroom. June saw Mary writhing through her orgasm, and saw the hood on Mary’s head. Thinking quickly, June went to the storage room and retrieved an innocuous looking zip-loc bag with a folded white cloth in it. This was their chloroform cloth, used equally by both women when they wanted to surprise the other with an unplanned escape into bondage land. Removing the cloth, June waited for Mary to raise her head again, placing the cloth right under Mary’s chin, flat on the bed.

June heard Mary grunt again, getting ready to ride another wave of orgasm, and watched Mary lower her face right into the white cloth.

Mary never felt the moist cloth because of her hood. Mary never smelled the chloroform because of her heavy mouth breathing. If fact, Mary felt nothing at all while June watched her lover’s body grow still and completely relax. Waiting three more seconds, June withdrew the cloth and turned Mary’s head to one side to ensure her ability to breathe. After placing the cloth back into its bag and sealing it tight, June shook Mary violently to be sure Mary was truly unconscious, and then set about her work for Mary’s extended trip into bondage bliss. First, she turned off the vibrator. June needed it at full strength when she hatched her plan on Mary, her unsuspecting victim, err, participant!


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