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June’s Self Bondage Mistake 3

by ChgoBinder

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continued from part 2 Part Three.

June watched Mary's body relax and stop moving. Waiting 3 more seconds for the full effect of the chloroform to encompass Mary, June raised Mary's head, lifted the cloth from the mattress, and sealed it tightly in the plastic bag again.

June thought out loud, "Another perk from Mary's job!" knowing full well there was no way to just go to the local drug store and buy this magical clear liquid of deep sleep. Chloroform was not illegal, just impossible to buy without the proper documentation. Mary didn't have it either, but being the one to take inventory and stock the shelves all over the hospital, it was easy to make sure things "fell off the truck," so to speak.

June removed the three rubber tie down straps from the leather sleepsack. June calculated she had about 3 hours before Mary woke up, so June took her time preparing her bondage surprise for Mary. She wanted everything to be perfect! First she collected all the various parts that had become accessories to the bondage bed. Having a rigid square steel bed was great for stability and strength, but horrible when you wanted to add parts. After talking to a friend at the local college down the street who also happened to be the shop teacher, June was rewarded with a great system for adding accessories to the bed's rail system. June's shop teacher friend also lent her considerable experience to designing the mounting system for the garage door opener.

June had consulted her friend several times in her preparations for mounting the opener. June's friend had come up with an elegant solution; adjustable square tubular steel "risers" would be fitted to the bed frame, independent of the headboard and footboard. This would give June the ability to raise and lower the garage door opener to any height between where it was when June first, and Mary now, had used to trap themselves in the leather sleepsack, about 24 inches above the mattress, to 65 inches, the maximum height, where it was now positioned. This was accomplished with spring clips with the big ball bearings in them that would lock into the evenly spaced holes along the rigid square steel tube bolted to the bed frame. All June had to do to raise the opener was, one-by-one, raise each side of the riser frame to the next hole, waiting for the solid "click" of the ball locking in, then going to the other end of the bed and doing the same, working back and forth until the opener was at its current height of 65 inches. It was at this height so June could stand on the bed and not hit her head.

Brackets were made out of the same steel as the bed, with a hinge on one side, and a bolt & wing nut lockdown on the other. The inside of the bracket was lined with thin strips of rubber. This served two purposes. First, it prevented the bracket from slipping, allowing for much greater weight to be held by the bracket. Secondly, the rubber prevented any scratches to the bed frame, so when the brackets were removed, no one would know they were ever there.

June's hands were pretty strong for someone her size, but even she needed help cinching up the brackets. Her friend made a tool to make tightening the wing nuts a breeze, and loosening them just the same. In under an hour, June had raised the opener and all the brackets were in place.

The first two brackets, mounted 30 inches above the mattress, held the most important part of her plan. The "eyeholes" as she called them would serve to guide the bondage tube up towards the block and tackle pulley system. Her "eyeholes" were in fact guides for rope on sailboats. Chrome plated and perfectly smooth, they would allow the tube fabric to slide easily.

Above those, just below the opener, were two pulleys, mounted at a 90 degree angle to the riser bar that held the garage door opener assembly. June took care to be sure each set of brackets were at the correct height and perfectly level.

Next came the more challenging part, the block and tackle. June had purchased 100 feet of deep black polyester rope, matching the bed. At one half inch in diameter, it was the thickest rope June had ever used in her life, even in her bondage games. June knew how strong this rope was, and it had the added benefits of having very little stretch and being incredibly lightweight. June loved the feel of the tightly braided rope as it slid across her palm, wondering if Mary would ever tie her up with it. June thought she could stay for days in the rope, it just felt that good!

Pulling herself back to the task at hand, June measured out where she wanted the block and tackle to be. Needing the Block end as close to the opener riser post as it could be without interfering with the mounted pulley, June calculated it should be 6 inches from the post. She then measured out her first piece of rope, which would go from the foot end of the bondage tube to the top of the block part of the pulley system. She let the triple pulley hang from the rope tied securely with a Bolin knot off the top pulley, looping the other end over the "eyehole" with a slipknot she planned to use with the bondage tube. June then measured out another piece of rope to attach to the bottom of the tackle end, tying it off just as securely, also looping its loose end over its matching "eyehole". This part had two pulleys, and would be positioned two feet from its matching post after June's final adjustments.

Working carefully to be sure she did not step on Mary, June slowly threaded the remaining rope into the pulleys of the block and tackle, starting from the top of the left pulley on the three pulley block end. As she moved through the pulleys being aware of how she was threading the rope, taking care not to twist the rope across any other, she succeeded in getting the rope through all the pulleys and tied it off to the metal loop at the base of the block.

Leaving the rope to hang, she bent down for one last item, the final pulley. In her test runs, everything worked as planned except that the garage door opener could not pull the rope far enough to create great tension on the bondage tube. The block and tackle would only move half the distance she wanted. June wanted them nearly touching. Talking to her shop teacher friend, she suggested adding another pulley.

"Why would adding another pulley help?" June asked confused. She already had more rope then she could deal with now, and adding another pulley would only make it more so.

Her friend then drew out the design on her whiteboard, explaining that if the pulley was attached to the opener slide, just like the zipper pulling rubber strap was, and the end of the rope was tied to the footboard post, the pulley would double the amount of rope it could pull, and should give June all the tension she needed.

Affixing the last pulley to the opener slide was easy. She used the same steel rod and cotter pin setup used to attach the rubber strap. Threading the rope through the pulley then pulling it towards the foot end of the bed, June tied it off to keep it in place, but still easily loosened since there was a lot of adjusting to do yet.

June was walking all around Mary, and never once did Mary's body shift position. The mattress Mary and June bought was the highest quality memory foam they could afford. The commercials promised that it would transfer no motion for the other partner, and they were right! Many times, while one of them was bound in some way on this bed, the other would get next to their "victim" and she would never know they were there. It is quite the experience to think you are alone only to wake up, or open one's eyes, and find your lover staring back at you, or worse, never feeling them in bed as you are chloroformed and prepared for another intense bondage situation without your knowledge! June and Mary both loved waking up in bondage, especially if they were bound while sleeping, so that when they woke, it was a surprise. What a twisted and extreme situation Mary was about to be in!

The last thing June needed was the bondage tube. It was not sold as a bondage tube, but as a nylon bodytube for meditation and yoga. Sewn closed at one end with the other end open, the tube featured a "finished" hem preventing fraying of the silky material. This tube could easily fit two people. The website she discovered this diabolical device at also had an eBay store, which sold the same items at a greatly reduced price.

In her trials, June had set up everything just like it is now, and after attaching the slipknots over each end of the bondage tube, she adjusted the rope of the block and tackle until all of the slack was taken up and the ends of the tube were just off the bed. Tying the lose end off securely, she looked over everything, then pressed the button on the opener remote. June was rewarded with the tube being pulled very tightly. Stopping the opener with the block and tackle about 12 inches apart, June touched the now severely stretched tube. It was nearly rigid! June pulled the tube with the finger, like plucking a guitar string, and heard the "twang" sound vibrate through the whole bed. June was ready and Mary would be in this tube, pulled just as tight!

Returning from the storage closet with her bondage tube and a leather wrapped ring gag, June fitted the gag into Mary's mouth with some difficulty. The ring was bigger around than the O-Ring of Mary's latex hood. Working carefully, she succeeded in getting the ring past the opening of the hood and seated it behind Mary's teeth. This was difficult too, as the latex was already stretched tight over Mary's face. Positioning the straps behind Mary's head, she buckled them tightly, turning Mary's O-Ring into an oval. June smiled, thinking of what Mary was about to experience, relishing in the idea that Mary had no idea what was coming.

June rolled Mary onto her back and centered her body under the opener. June then rolled up the bondage tube into a loose circle of cloth, just like if she was going to put on pantyhose. Starting at Mary's feet, June slid and pulled the ultra stretchy nylon fabric around Mary's leather sleepsack wrapped body until she had about 2 feet over her head. Smoothing the fabric, June pulled at the foot end of the tube to gain more slack. Surprisingly, the amount of fabric at Mary's head did not change. June's pulling simply stretched this marvelous sack, pulling it tighter around Mary's body and removing all the wrinkles.

June took the slipknot off the "eyehole", slipped the rope through from the top, and then looped it securely around the base of the sack. Pulling the knot tight, June realized that the slipknot may not be enough to hold the sack with Mary's added weight, so she made a single granny knot in the sack, and then cinched the slipknot down. There was no way it was slipping off now! Moving to Mary's head, June repeated the process, making sure the knot was secure in the sack.

June stood back up, and taking the rope for the block and tackle, she pulled it until the ends of the sack were just being lifted off the bed. June gently rolled Mary back and forth, allowing the sack to stretch again, and the slipknots fell to the mattress. Moving back to her block and tackle rope, June pulled it tight again, and tied it off tightly this time. Verifying that the tackle end of the pulley system was in the correct position, June stepped down off the bed.

Satisfied with her adjustments, June grabbed the opener remote, and pressed the button. She watched Mary's body lift slightly off the bed, making Mary look like a hammock. Mary pressed the button again, stopping the opener. June could just see Mary's butt touching the mattress and thought it was the perfect position for Mary to wake up in. Seeing it was just after midnight, June knew that Mary would be waking soon. Tired from her long uneventful drive and the exertions she just performed on her lover, June plopped down on the bondage chair and promptly fell asleep. (As inquisitive minds want to know, this room is the dedicated bondage Master Suite of June's apartment. Every piece of furniture in this room has a purpose for binding someone.)

About an hour later, Mary woke to a very strange feeling. There was a slight metallic taste in her mouth, but couldn't place the source. Mary's mouth was open and dry, so she tried to close her mouth and swallow to get her saliva flowing, and found her jaws were stuck open. Bighting down hard, Mary moved nothing. Feeling around with her tongue, Mary felt the leather wrapped ring gag set firmly in place. Trying to open her mouth to move the gag was nearly useless. She felt the tight latex gripping her jaw, and was only able to flex her mouth open a little, not even close to dislodging the gag.

"Wait a minute!" Mary thought, "Why am I gagged? I didn't gag myself!"

Mary then had her second realization, she was not lying face down. In fact, not only was she face up, she was in some kind of hammock! How the hell did this happen? Mary knew she was still in the leather sleepsack. That much was obvious. Everything else was a mystery.

Then Mary's devious brain kicked into high gear. June was gone for the weekend. It couldn't be her! Who was it then? No one else had a key to get into the apartment. No one but that slimy repairman! Did he put her into this predicament?

Oh NO! Not him! He's grimy, fat, always smells of beer, and just lusts after Mary and June. Mary began to struggle, trying to see if she could at least get out of the hammock. Shifting her weight to the left, Mary was able to roll onto her tummy, making her body arch backwards. Hearing the leather creak as it shifted over her body, Mary also felt the stretch of her back. How good it felt to bend her tightly bound body! But that was as far as Mary could go in that direction. She rolled back over, and tried rolling off the hammock to the right, and got just as far, which was nowhere near release.

Mary was confused. How could she be in a hammock and not be able to roll off? Shifting her weight again, she righted herself, and felt her butt touch something soft. "It must be the bed," Mary thought, so she tried bouncing her butt up and down, to see if there was any give in the hammock. That's when something strange happened. Mary's butt was indeed closer to the bed. In fact, most of the middle of her body could now touch something. Only Mary's head and feet were still suspended. The weird part was Mary felt squeezed now. Every part of Mary's body felt like something just wrapped tightly around it, squeezing her gently, but firmly. Mary did her best to roll off the bed, but only succeeded in getting as far as she did before. Struggling madly, Mary did everything she could, but only achieved the same face down position. Rolling over to lie flat on her back again, Mary decided there was only one thing she could do.

Calling out as loudly as she could, Mary screamed "Hewlp!" Twice more, she called out, but there was no answer.

June woke with a start when she heard Mary's cries for help. Seeing that Mary had been struggling for a while because of the less arched position Mary was in, June smiled. Her plan had worked! Mary never suspected it was June.

Moving slowly and cautiously, June retrieved the remote and stepped up on the bed, positioning her feet on either side of Mary's head while facing the headboard. Carefully kneeling to be sure she did not touch Mary's body June then pressed the button on the remote which started lowering Mary's head and feet.

"Thanc Gawd!" Mary exclaimed, thinking that she would be released, never feeling June step onto the bed.

June was not about to release her! She wanted to enjoy her new bondage toy. Quickly pressing the button on the remote twice, the opener reversed its direction and began pulling the bondage tube tight while lifting Mary off the mattress. As Mary rose, she began to struggle again, asking, no pleading, with her captor to release her. June smiled at Mary's pleadings, knowing that they would soon be silent. June pressed the button on the remote just as Mary's nose touched June's sex. June's thighs were now straddling Mary's head.

Mary felt the weird sensation of simultaneously being lifted and the increased tightness around her whole body. Mary was still blind, but all her other senses still worked. Shifting around, Mary heard the rustling of fabric all around her head. Still not making sense of this, Mary used the only part of her body not wrapped in leather or rubber, her tongue. Mary stuck her tongue through the opening of her hood and tasted pantyhose?

Not believing what she was feeling, Mary moved her tongue all around in every direction and as far as she could get it out of her mouth. Everywhere she probed with her tongue, she felt the unmistakable taste and feel of pantyhose, pantyhose that was getting tighter by the second. She was finding it hard to push up with her tongue now, only being able to make a slight dent in the fabric. That is when Mary felt another weird sensation, pressure on either side of her head. Not the pressure of the fabric, something much more diabolical.

June watched Mary's tongue dart around through the opening the hood, and shivered slightly knowing that tongue would soon be giving her pleasure. June waited, unmoving, for Mary to figure out exactly where she was and exactly who was doing this to her.

Mary then smelled something familiar. Something impossible for her to be smelling right now, but there it was anyway. It was June's sex. June was at the spa. How is it that June could be here? Confused yet relieved that it was June torturing her, and not the nasty repairman, Mary breathed a big sigh of relief.

"June, what have you done to me?" Mary asked in her best gag-speak.

June, grinning wide, replied, "Oh, just something I thought up not long after our weekend of mummifying each other. I remembered you wanted me to wrap you very tightly. You wanted to feel it tight all over your body. But I couldn't get it evenly tight. Some places were really tight, but others were frustratingly loose, no matter what I did. In fact, after a while, because of the tightness in only some areas, it got really painful for you. It ruined a potentially great experience."

"This is my solution. What do you think?" June asked, waiting for an answer.

Mary replied, "I don't understand what is happening. I can't figure it out!"

June then explained how the Bondage tube was found and how unbelievable stretchy and strong it was. June even described seeing pictures of women suspended in seated positions in the bottom of these types of tubes, unable to get out. Their own body weight securing them as the tube was tied off above.

"You are in the same kind of tube as that," June explained, "With each end of the sack tied off to an elaborate pulley system designed to give you the ultimate compression bondage experience I can make."

June went on to explain that as the garage door opener pulled the rope, the tube would be stretched ever tighter. Mary's head was in the perfect position to pleasure June, and both Mary and June knew it.

June then set forth Mary's challenge. If Mary could get June to orgasm before she had her orgasm, June would release Mary. If not, further challenges would ensue.

Mary agreed to June's challenge, trying her best to make intelligent speech with her gagged mouth.

"GO!" Said June, reaching for the vibrator's remote strategically placed on the headboard. June set the control to full-on, all stimulators and tossed it on the bed.

June waited for her mind blowing orgasm, expecting Mary to give her everything he had, but June was disappointed.

Mary indeed gave it all she had, licking up and down June's pussy and clit just as she always had before. The fabric betrayed her, making it possible for Mary to put pressure wherever her tongue was, but not to give any more sensation. Shaking her head back and forth a little, Mary was able to feel a possible solution with her tongue. She could easily move her tongue left and right, the cloth following her tongue, giving Mary the ability to pleasure June with the added friction and sensation of the fabric rubbing against June's clit.

Just as Mary found her rhythm, Mary's vibrator sprang to life, sending Mary's head reeling. Mary instantly lost her rhythm, but recovered quickly, determined to win her challenge.

June waited patiently for Mary to find some way of pleasing her. June did everything possible to make it easier for Mary to accomplish her goal. Leaning back a little and positioning her sex in just the right place did wonders for the stimulation June was beginning to receive. Right when June felt Mary find the "sweet spot" in the fabric, June felt Mary lose it. Realizing Mary must be distracted from her vibrator, June smiled, thinking that she was going to win this challenge and get to play more challenging games with Mary.

Mary redoubled her efforts to get June off, but she was quickly losing the battle. The vibrator was devastation to Mary, both in stimulation and in distraction. Mary was finding it harder and harder to keep a good rhythm, which Mary knew as well as anyone was essential in achieving orgasm. Mary had an idea that may free her of the vibrator's relentless stimulation.

Mary had very strong PC muscles, a fact a few boyfriends found out the hard way. When she had an orgasm, they were like the coils of a python, grabbing anything inside her and crushing it. This was very stimulating for the men, but ultimately an orgasm killer because until she was done orgasming, they could not pump in and out of her. One boyfriend with smaller hands was able to fist her once and only once. Mary's orgasmic muscle contractions crushed her boyfriend's hand, fracturing one of his fingers. Needless to say, that relationship ended quickly.

Now, Mary used those same python like muscles to try to push the vibrator out of her. As she pushed the relentless invader, she did move it out about 3 inches, but the tightness of the leather sleepsack pressing her thighs together combined with the ever increasing tightness of the bondage tube conspired against her, and it slid back to the hilt. Trying again, she pushed harder, but got the same result.

"What if I get it really lubed up with my juices?" She thought, pushing it in and out in a rhythm that complimented her tongue's flicking. Mary had worked her tongue up to the speed of a rattlesnake's tail, flicking her lover's clit and driving June mad. Just when Mary thought she had won, Mary's body betrayed her. Not realizing she was fucking herself with the vibrator, she had unintentionally doubled the stimulation she was receiving. Without warning, the orgasm hit Mary like a freight train, sending Mary into orbit. Mary's body started bucking wildly, nearly throwing June off the bed.

Not wanting to fall off, and definitely not wanting to move away from Mary's head, June clamped down with her thighs around Mary's head to wait out Mary's violent orgasm. When Mary finally came to rest, breathing hard and unable to talk, June told her unceremoniously that she had lost the challenge. Mary could only nod her head, and somberly did so, not knowing what June planned next, but she knew it involved Mary experiencing an unending, multi-orgasmic roadtrip into bliss.

June said "I have not had my orgasm yet, and you failed to give it to me, so I will take it from you!"

June pressed the button on the remote and the tube started lowering. Quickly pressing the button twice as before, the opener reversed its direction and began pulling the tube tight. But not just tight, this was beyond tight. When June finally pressed the button on the remote, Mary's body was nearly rigid. It was pulled so tight that June's knees had been lifted off the mattress. Looking up, June smiled. The block and tackle were still 12 inches apart. Plenty of room for more compression later!

Adjusting herself for the best position, June commanded Mary to bring her to orgasm. Mary tried everything. Her tongue, which had found purchase in the previous position, now could barely push up on the fabric. Mary didn't think it was even moving past the O-Ring of her latex hood. In fact, Mary's nose made a bigger dent than Mary could manage with her tongue. Trying to move her head was also impossible. The fabric held her body without even showing the slightest strain. To Mary, it was like being in cement.

Mary gave her best attempt to tell June "I can't move anything!"

"Well then," June replied, "I guess it is up to me!"

Placing the remote on the headboard, June grasped the fabric just above Mary's head for stability, and began rocking her hips forward and backward, rubbing the fabric across her sex. June found Mary's nose bump and took full advantage of it, concentrating on her clit. June's rhythm was increasing in tempo and ferocity and Mary knew June was close.

As Mary felt June's hips bucking wildly out of control as her orgasm ripped through her body, Mary screamed as loudly and as clearly as she could manage, "Fuck my face! Take your pleasure from me!" I am your masturbator!

Mary began screaming again, but not to speak. Mary's second orgasm hit hard, just as June began her trip into orgasmic bliss.

June squirted heavily into Mary's face as she rode out her own orgasm. Mary, tasting June's love nectar, drank up all that she got. Mary was thankful that the unrelenting fabric crushing her body also pressed her nose down on her face sealing her nose from June's huge squirting orgasm. Mary was doubly thankful that she was wearing a ring gag, and not a ball gag. The ball gag and her crushed nose would have made breathing extremely tough, if not impossible.

June was spent. The combination of the driving, the set-up of Mary's situation, and the strength of her orgasm made her collapse onto Mary's face. June sat there for a while, loving the after-spasms of her orgasm, and squeezing Mary's head with her thighs.

Mary was still in her orgasm when she felt the full weight of June press down on her face and June stoped moving. Mary loved the sensation until she tried to take a breath. Without knowing it, June was asphyxiating her! Mary struggled with all her might, but was just able to wiggle a little. Her head, her hips, and her shoulders were all June felt moving beneath her, and June thought Mary was enjoying her orgasm. Mary's body grew still, trying desperately to find any air to breathe.

It wasn't until June stood up that Mary could breathe again. Gasping for air, Mary said, "Thank god!"

Nearly jumping off Mary, June realized her mistake, and asked Mary if she was alright.

Mary replied, "That was close!" I thought I was going to pass out!"

June said, "Sorry about that my love!" "I'll be more careful next time!"

Mary was going to reply, but the deep breathing returned oxygen to her deprived body. Just like throwing gasoline on a fire, Mary's inrush of oxygen sent her into oblivion again. Riding out the orgasm, Mary screamed as her body convulsed in her third orgasm.

Once Mary had returned to her senses, June explained that the tightness was not complete. There were about 12 more inches the block and tackle could be tightened to, and Mary's last challenge was to throw off the vibrator remote from where June would place it, right between Mary's breasts. June told Mary that she would release her only when she had successfully moved the vibrator remote onto the bed.

June never turned the vibrator off or changed the settings. It was still going strong, but Mary was not orgasming. June knew why and explained her plan to Mary.

June said that for her, orgasms were like plateaus. When June reached orgasm, she would be driven sometimes for an hour or more, like walking across the plateau. June might find higher plateaus as more intense orgasms, but she would ride each one out at that level. Mary on the other hand, was a peaks and valleys kind of girl, hitting the high note of her orgasm, dropping down into a valley, and waiting for the next peak. June wanted to change that, and give Mary a very long unending orgasm until she passed out.

Mary replied, "But you know I am not wired that way." "It's impossible for me to orgasm like that!"

June said, "No its not, and you will find out today what it is like!"

With that being said, June pressed the remote for the opener, releasing some of the tension, and as before, pressed the button twice quickly, causing the opener to pull the block and tackle together. When the block and tackle were almost touching, June pressed the button on the remote and the strong machine fell silent.

June touched every part of Mary's bondage tube, reveling in the tightness of it. Remembering when she plucked the tube in her trials, June plucked the impossibly tight fabric above Mary's head and was rewarded with a much higher pitched "twang" that reverberated through the bed frame. Everywhere June's hands rubbed over Mary's encapsulated body, she could feel no movement. Examining the leather sleepsack closely, she could see long wrinkles in the leather parallel to Mary's body, further proof of just how much compression Mary was experiencing. Leaving her hand on Mary's chest, June could just feel the slight movement up and down as she breathed. June was very pleased with the results of her labors.

Placing the remote on Mary's chest as she promised, June said, "OK, the contest begins!"

Mary could hear June's hand rubbing over the fabric of her bondage tube, but felt nothing. Either June was touching her so lightly that her touch could not be sensed by Mary, or, a more probable scenario was that Mary's body was compressed so tightly that any soft touch could not be felt.

As June told her the contest was starting, Mary could feel June press the remote into her chest. Attempting to move anything was impossible. Mary's body was as rigid as a piece of steel. Mary felt dread as she realized there was no way that she would ever accomplish her task. Mary called out to June, pleading with June to release her.

"This is just too extreme!" Mary cried, "I can't move anything!"

"I will answer you this way, lover," June replied, "If I was in the bondage tube, trussed up are you are now, and I asked for release, would you give it to me?"

Mary replied, "Of course not!" "I would only release you when I was damn good and ready!"

"Then you have answered your own question," June replied, adding, "I will not leave the apartment and I will check in on you for time to time, but until you accomplish the goal I set for you or I decide to release you, you are stuck!"

With that June stood back up on the bed, leaned over and kissed Mary full on the O- Ring, right where Mary's lips should be. Mary felt June's embrace, but could not even return her lover's kiss! Mary's head was reeling. She had always wanted an experience like this, but once again, it had become far more extreme than either of them could have imagined.

June then said, "I'll be back in a while, my love. Try not to get lost!"

June stepped off the bed and walked away, leaving Mary alone.

Mary was beside herself, not knowing how to feel. A mere 20 minutes had passed since June left, but to Mary it was an eternity. All at once, Mary felt inescapably held by the one she loved, compressed more tightly that she ever thought was possible, held rigidly with no chance of escape, and the building of another orgasm.

Mary reached out to the orgasm, but it was too far away. Mary was confused. Normally, at this level of stimulation, she would have embraced her orgasm, but it would not come. Frustrated, Mary tried to relax her body to allow the orgasm her body and mind craved, but it was no use. The bondage tube prevented her from having an orgasm. You see, Mary is a motion dependant orgasmic woman. She needs to have some way to move to help her reach orgasm. Her arms, her legs, even the bucking of her hips or the turning of her head would be enough for her at this point, but all those things were taken from her by the bondage June had placed her in.

Mary could feel the orgasm building, her bonfire slowly turning into a full forest fire, and still it was building. Mary was beginning to lose touch with reality. She was blind from her hood, but she swore she could see bright light. It was no ordinary light, but light from the center of her being, with the same intensity as looking into the sun.

Then simultaneously in the tips of her toes and the bridge of her nose, Mary felt a tingling. This tingling quickly spread across her body like a brush fire, engulfing her in the flames of her passion. The flames were melting her senses, turning sight, taste, sound, touch, and smell into a single defining sensory experience of orgasmic overload.

Mary felt every muscle in her body vibrating. Not understanding what was happening to her body, Mary let out a loud, long moaning sound, not unlike a ghost like in the scary movies she watched as a kid.

June, hearing Mary's moan, smiled to herself, and said "Here it comes!"

Mary's whole body was an orgasmic entity, vibrating with the cosmos of her mind. As the vibrations grew in intensity, she could feel pulsations running from her head to her toes and back again, like compression waves along a spring. Her body was no longer hers, as the orgasm consumed her completely, tearing her from all her senses.

June listening intently, heard the bondage bed amplify the vibrations of Mary's orgasmic journey, and just had to go take a look!

Walking into the bondage room, June gasped as she saw Mary's body vibrating and pulsating uncontrollably, moving only as much as the bondage tube would allow, which was so little, it almost looked to June like Mary was an out of focus picture. Reaching up to touch Mary, June felt the heat of Mary's body, much warmer than usual. The orgasm Mary was experiencing was something she might not be able to duplicate again, so she left Mary alone. It was nearly three hours later, when Mary's body had become completely still, that June reached up and turned off Mary's vibrator.

Mary hit the button on the opener remote and lowered Mary's body to the bed. Untying the slipknots and the knots in the bondage tube, Mary's totally limp body was extracted from the fabric that gave Mary the most intense and exhilarating experience she had ever known. Removing the gag from Mary's mouth carefully, June rolled Mary onto her tummy and began the difficult task of removing Mary from the leather sleepsack.

Since Mary was still unconscious, it made it that much more difficult, but eventually June was able to extract Mary. Lifting her gently, June carried Mary to her bed that was already prepared for them both. Placing Mary down, she tucked her in and then climbed into bed with her. Snuggling her, making "spoons", June quickly fell asleep.

Neither of the women woke until after noon the next day, each of them having their own trials and tribulations to experience after exceeding the expectations of the other.

June woke first, and set herself to the task of making something for both of them to eat. Hearing the sizzling of bacon, and the unmistakable smells of breakfast, Mary woke to an empty stomach and a startling discovery. She was no longer bound. She was in June's bed, completely naked, and she was famished!

Rising carefully on unsteady legs, Mary wobbled past the kitchen, greeting June with a wave, as she worked her way into the bathroom and much needed relief.

Completing what she needed to do, Mary came back to the kitchen and plopped down in a chair as June served the food, presenting Mary with her favorite coffee in an insulated carafe.

Mary said "Wow, what a night! I have never felt anything like that before!"

June replied, "My best estimate is that your orgasm lasted about three hours. By the time you were finished, it was well past 3 AM. It took me a little longer to get you out of your bondage than it did with mine, but I was able to get us both tucked into bed by 5 AM."

Mary was still shaking, just like when she was orgasming, unable to stop. It felt like she was shivering, but she was pleasantly warm. Mary could not understand why her body was behaving this way, but June knew!

June watched Mary closely, seeing her shaky hands reach for a glass, grasp it, begin to lift it and watched the glass harmlessly fall back on the table.

Mary gasped, saying, "I can't hold the glass! What is wrong with me?"

June replied, "It is the after effects of your intense orgasm. We had to break through the barrier of your orgasm threshold, and did we ever!"

Mary thought about that for a while. Mary remembered running into a wall when she tried to orgasm after June put the full stretch on the bondage tube. She could move nothing, and yet, she still reached orgasm, just impossibly beyond the intensity she had ever felt before.

Mary said, "I saw a bright light, and then it turned hot, searing through my eyes, then the rest of my body, but I was blind from the hood. So how could I see anything if I was sightless?"

"Easy!" replied June, "What you saw was the orgasmic energy your body was stopping from being released."

"What do you mean?" Mary asked, not understanding where June was going.

"Think of it like this, Mary," June began, "You experienced what I do almost every time we play our extreme bondage games. You pushed through the barriers of your mind and body and received an orgasm you have denied yourself all these years."

Mary was feeling a little more confident and a lot less shaky, so she poured herself some coffee from the carafe and sniffed the rich aroma. Sipping carefully to be sure she did not burn herself, Mary tasted the coffee. It was like she had been stranded in a desert and was drinking coffee for the first time in many weeks. Mary was realizing that everything she was experiencing was in a heightened state of being. All her senses came to life, and she wondered if this was how a cat sensed its environment. The central air system came on, and the gentle breeze across all her exposed skin instantly responded as if touched by a lover. Goosebumps soon followed, and Mary blushed, ashamed at how her body was reacting.

June saw her lover blush, and asked, "What's the matter?"

Mary replied that every sense she experienced was on overdrive. Everything she was feeling, tasting, touching, smelled or heard was at a heightened effect.

Wondering what it would feel like, Mary gently brushed one of her nipples with her fingertips and nearly jumped out of her seat. It was like being struck by lightning!

Seeing Mary jump, June watched intently at how Mary was coping with this extremely heightened sense of arousal. No matter where Mary touched herself, it was like teasing the tip of a fully erect penis. Mary was rapidly going into sensory overload, and June took action.

Half directing, half dragging Mary to the Master Bathroom, June gently lowered Mary into the already drawn steaming hot bath. Too hot to get into 30 minutes ago, it was now at a hot but tolerable level. After helping Mary to get in, June pulled off what little clothing she had on (after all, frying bacon makes for flying grease!) and joined her in the hot water. Shifting around so that June was behind Mary, June pulled Mary back into her and they both just relaxed. Mary quickly fell asleep because June was stroking her hair. Mary always relaxed when someone was stroking her hair. June thought to herself, "Breakfast will just have to wait."

About an hour later or maybe a little more, June sensed that Mary was waking and asked her how she felt.

Mary replied, "Much Better, thank you! I think I would have exploded if you did not get me into this bath and calmed me down."

June hugged her lover tightly and said, "Let's go get something to eat now."

Mary and June got out of the tub and dried each other off under the heat lamps, kissing just as passionately as ever. They almost didn't make it out of the bathroom when June's stomach rumbled loudly. That was the signal that their current activities could wait, as higher priority needs could be put off no longer.

The two of them decided that breakfast was ruined, so going out for a meal was their only option, especially since neither of them felt like cooking!

15 minutes later, they headed out the door for their promised meal and to talk of Mary's experiences.


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