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June’s Self Bondage Mistake 4

by ChgoBinder

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continued from part 3 Part Four.

June and Mary went to their favorite restaurant which was only minutes from June's apartment. They could have walked there in about 30 minutes, and the night was becoming pleasant enough, but neither of them felt they needed any further exertion tonight.

June drove, as they both agreed Mary was not ready for anything requiring advanced motor skills or concentration, and where June lived you needed both. June's neighborhood was really coming around. Someone might have called it a yuppie-town in the past, but June did not see the connection. Condos and high end apartments were going up all over the area, and any old, dilapidated buildings were not rehabbed but torn down and rebuilt. Lots of people were out tonight, walking all over. Bars with open windows, and a couple with open walls and outside seating were already filling up, further proof of the good changes happening. Getting to the restaurant was hair-raising at times due to people not crossing the street where or when they should. Walking out from between two parked cars seemed to be the norm around here, and a driver had to be on her toes!

Arriving at the restaurant without incident, June and Mary were greeted by the valet, and June happily gave the man her keys as parking was at a premium any day of the week. Entering the bustling and happy atmosphere was an instant mood changer for both women. As soon as he saw them, the owner, Gary, walked right up and hugged and kissed both women in the European way, on both cheeks, giving Mary's butt a generous grab with his large hands. Mary and Gary went way back, and June had no problem with how Gary treated her lover, as long as Mary had no problem with it.

Mary let out a mock gasp and blushed slightly, saying "I can never get anywhere in this place without you assaulting me, Gary!"

Gary replied, "If I did not, you would be disappointed, my dear, and I never let my customers leave disappointed!"

Gary smiled with the wide grin that was his trademark, gestured for the ladies to follow him, and brought them to a table by the window with a reserved sign on it. Taking the sign away and bowing slightly, Gary said, "Please take your seats ladies, and your waiter will be with you soon."

Gary pulled out a chair, first for Mary, then for June, guiding them in with a gentlemanly flair rarely seen anymore. Snapping his fingers, two of his staff instantly appeared with water, removed the extra place settings, and unfolded their napkins, placing them elegantly across their laps. Disappearing just as fast, June and Mary were left alone to look over the menu and talk about what they just experienced.

June was first to speak, telling Mary what she thought Mary had experienced over the last few hours. She knew how tight the bondage tube had been, and asked Mary if it was just as tight as she thought it was.

Mary gasped, and then said, "Not even close! I have never felt so helpless, immobile, compressed and rigid as I did with that diabolical rig you set up. I have read reports and watched video of people getting electrocuted, seeing their bodies go rigid and unable to move or speak, or even breathe sometimes. I believe I experienced something more intense than I ever imagined those people going through. Every part of my body that I would normally move, right down to my fingers, toes, and eyelids, was held as if I was Han Solo frozen in Carbonite!"

June let out a soft "Ooh!" and said "Tell me more!"

Mary thought for a minute, and just when she was about to speak, their waitress came over. Mary stood up as fast as she could and hugged Darcy, saying, "I thought you were out of town! It is great to see you again!"

Darcy replied, "Yes, I was away, but came back two days ago. I saw you at your table and asked Gary if I could take it. How's life been treating you, Mary?"

Mary replied, pointing at June accusingly, "With her around, life is never dull!"

Turning towards June, Darcy said, "Hello! Any friend of Mary's is a friend of mine!"

"Pleased to meet you, Darcy," June replied, "How do you know Mary?"

"Mary and I go way back, when we were both in college." Darcy explained, with a sly grin forming on her lips. "Mary here was the class clown, always getting me in trouble! I could never stop laughing at her antics!"

Mary interjected, "Yes, I did make you laugh, but you made me scream!"

Darcy blushed slightly and retorted, "Don't give away all my secrets!"

Mary then said, "You will have to come over to June's apartment soon. We have it all set up for that special 'me' time I know you crave!"

June looked at Mary, then at Darcy, and back at Mary. Something was brewing under the surface that sounded a lot like Darcy was no stranger to nights in bondage and unending orgasmic bliss. Keeping quiet, June said nothing, but inside her butterflies fluttered madly at the idea that June might be found in one of her self-bondage escapes by Darcy, someone she hardly knew and not Mary, her long-time lover and friend.

Seeing that June had drifted off for a minute, Mary asked, "Honey, are you OK?"

Hearing Mary's voice, June looked at Mary and then into Darcy's eyes and was about to say "Yes, I'm OK!" but a whole different set of words came out that June never intended to say. "I would love to show you around my apartment and let you take some of my special toys for a ride!"

Darcy said, "Thank you!" "I look forward to it!"

Mary sat dumbfounded, not believing that June was being so forward with Darcy. This was a side of June Mary did not know existed, and Mary was intrigued! Not wanting to spoil the moment, Mary's stomach did anyway, letting out a loud creaking noise that sounded a lot like "I'm hungry and I need food!"

Mary blushed, covering her mouth in surprise at the loudness of her tummy. Darcy giggled, saying, "Marathon run again, my dear?" looking right into Mary's eyes, making Mary blush more.

"You would not believe what I have been through for the last 16 plus hours!" Mary gushed, blushing even deeper now.

Darcy just said, "Yes, I would believe it! With all you used to put me through, it's about time you got your comeuppance!

June, grinning widely, said, "You might not believe it!" adding, "You are welcome to give it a try sometime!"

"Ladies," Darcy announced, "this is getting intense, and if I talk to you two much longer, I am going to start humping someone's leg! Let's get dinner ordered before I get fired for fraternization!"

June and Mary look down at their menus again, even though they both nearly knew it by heart, and then ordered their food. As Darcy sauntered away, June watched her go into the kitchen, just like all the men and most of the women did. Darcy was a looker. Eye candy, as June remembered the term, but never applied it to anyone until now. Nearly drooling, June pulled herself back together and continued talking about Mary's experiences, taking mental notes on how things could be improved and what definitely need to stay the same. About 10 minutes later, Darcy returned with their soup and salads, and immediately left for another table. Things were picking up, and the conversations in the room intensified in volume accordingly. If there was a worry about anyone overhearing their conversation before, it was gone now. It was a verifiable din in the restaurant, proof of its popularity and great food and service. While Mary and June ate, their conversation took a backseat as their hunger took over.

Gary had himself a goldmine. Hiring wait staff like Darcy only increased his restaurant's popularity. He knew that Darcy could have worked at Hooter's with a body like that. She might have made a lot more money, too. But Darcy would never have been treated there like she is here at Gary's restaurant. Darcy only started working here 3 months ago, and already she was his most requested waitress. It wasn't just Darcy's good looks that was her attraction, but her personality that made every customer feel like they were family.

Gary currently had three former Hooter's girls on his staff. Gary's first rule, no working at Hooter's ever again. He was loyal to his employees and he expected the same in return. His second rule, which got anyone on his staff fired on the spot if broken was, if the customer is not happy, make them happy and get Gary involved whenever needed.

Gary never wanted to see a bad comment card from any customer, and even worse, hear of bad word-of-mouth advertisement. Gary was not afraid to comp a meal if something was not right. That rule had saved many customers, and made some of them weekly repeat customers. His favorite compliment was that it was better eating at his restaurant than at home. If the customer went home unsatisfied, then he failed that customer. It was a matter of pride for Gary. It meant a lot to him that his customers felt good when they left. His staff knew it, and so did his customers.

As if they rang a bell, Gary appeared with their steaming entrees as his staff cleared the table of the now empty soup and salad dishes. Gary smiled, placed each dish in its correct place without needing to ask which food was for which person, nodded his head slightly and walked away. In unison, both girls said "Thank you, Gary!" but Gary didn't need to hear it, and probably did not with the noise level in the restaurant right now. He knew they were thankful just by the looks on their faces.

Mary dug in first, cutting into her food and groaning in pleasure as it hit her tongue. "I can't believe how incredible Gary's food tastes! I have been coming to this restaurant for 5 years now, back when it was half this size, and in all that time, I have never had a bad meal!"

June gingerly tested her food, knowing it was piping hot and blew gently to cool her morsel. She accepted the forkful into her mouth and was greeted with a symphony of flavors that made June smile with glee, nearly dropping her mouthful. After chewing and swallowing, June agreed with Mary, saying, "It's only been 2 years for me, but I can't remember a bad meal here, either!"

Continuing to eat ravenously, the women cleared their plates quickly, savoring every bite. Darcy checked in on them occasionally, but most of their needs were handled by the other wait staff, like refreshing their water, taking away the used dishes, and making sure they were comfortable and happy.

In a little more than an hour, June and Mary were transformed from extremely hungry and uncomfortable to stuffed and very comfortable. Mary covered her mouth in embarrassment when a loud burp flew from her mouth, never knowing it was coming up until everyone else in the restaurant heard it too. Mary looked around and asked forgiveness while blushing deeply, glowing firery red.

Gary walked up and said, "In some countries, if you didn't burp like that, it would be an insult to the chef! "

Mary replied, "I have never burped that loud before! I must have eaten too fast!"

Gary thoughtfully said, "Eating is an art. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to finish a masterpiece. Other times, one splash of paint from the can and it is art. Who can tell anymore! Just because you girls became splashes of paint does not mean that what you experienced was not art!"

Mary gushed, "If making food is an art, then you are a great master, like Van Gogh!"

Gary deeply thanked Mary for the compliment.

"Darcy told me that it is your birthday, Mary, is that right?" Gary asked while holding their check.

"Why, yes it is, Gary! I forgot it was my birthday today!" I'll have to thank Darcy for reminding me, and you!"

"What do I get," Mary asked playfully, "a sundae, piece of pie, or something like that with a candle?"

Gary replied, "No, you get dinner on the house. Both of you! Your tab is on me!" "Have fun tonight and don't get into too much trouble!"

Walking away, June gasped, "Wow! That was really nice of him! You should let him grab your butt more often!"

Mary giggled, "Many years ago, he did a lot more than that! I still think he has a thing for me, even though we haven't been an item since before I met you."

"Wow! And I thought I had it bad for you!" June laughed heartily as she looked into Mary's eyes in the way that only lovers can. Mary returned the gaze, smiling deeply, melting into June's angelic face, drawn to her eyes like a moth to a flame. Darcy came by, asking if either of the girls would like desert, on the house of course!

Both Mary and June took a moment to even acknowledge Darcy's presence, and Darcy smiled, remembering what it was like to be in love. "I'll give you two a minute." Darcy said, and walked to another table.

June was the first to talk. "Was Darcy just here?" she asked inquisitively, still looking at Mary.

Mary replied, "Yeah, something about desert. Want any?"

June replied, "Yes, but not food!"

Mary, agreeing hungrily, replied, "I feel the same way! Let's go home and make desert!"

Mary pulled a $50.00 bill out of her purse, wrote June's phone number and address in the white edge of the bill, and folded it into a heart. Smiling, Mary stood up, walked to Darcy, handed her the heart shaped generous tip and whispered into her ear, "Call ahead for reservations!"

Darcy gently took the heart from Mary and placed it into her apron and replied, "I can't wait! Be careful tonight!"

Mary replied, "Not to worry, June is driving!"

June waved to Darcy, and Darcy warmly returned the gesture, watching the girls walk out of the restaurant, wondering what was in store for them, and how she factored into their future. Quivering slightly, Darcy sighed, focused herself, and returned to her responsibilities.

Finishing her shift, Darcy drove home thinking about the conversation she shared with Mary. Darcy had a new friend in June, too! Darcy got wet just thinking about what she and Mary shared many years ago, the memories rushing in as if it all happened yesterday. Parking her car and walking to her apartment, Darcy entered and sighed, as no one was there to greet her. Darcy lived alone now, alone and without any real satisfaction on the sexual front. She had moved back here after a failed relationship and found employment rather quickly. Darcy loathed one night stands, and was never really able to pleasure herself with toys. Self bondage was out of the question since there was no back-up person in her life. Darcy's sexual life had become very dull indeed.

But tonight, there was a hint of something much more! Mary had a new friend, in June, and Mary was getting her just rewards. Darcy's head swirled at the possibilities of being bound and forced to orgasm over and over again. But Mary had said "special alone time." Did she mean self-bondage, like how Darcy would tie herself up and wait for Mary to come home to ravage her helpless body? "Special toys" also stuck out in her memory. What did June mean by that?

Darcy thought back to tonight at the restaurant, and the hungry look in Mary's eyes. It was not a look Darcy expected to see in Mary's eyes. In fact, she could not remember a time Mary lusted for anyone like she did for June. Even in their relationship, Mary never looked that way at Darcy. The dynamics of her friendship with Mary and the possibilities that awaited her were beyond Darcy's comprehension right now. What did June have that ensnared Mary's heart so?

Darcy would find out soon enough, and so will my readers!


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