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June’s Self Bondage Mistake 5

by ChgoBinder

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Storycodes: FF; tease; tickle; mast; oral; climax; cons; X

continued from part 4

Part Five

Arriving home, June and Mary walked together as lovers would, arm-in-arm, being as close to each other as they could without interfering with their walking. June unlocked the door, and they both went inside, already kissing and fondling each other. As they walked towards the bedroom letting the door close behind them loudly, they peeled each other's clothes off, leaving a trail of discarded clothes from the front door to the bedroom hallway.

"Just one minute," June said, peeling herself off Mary and entering the bathroom. "I want to be fresh for you!"

Mary then realized that she should freshen up too, and went to the master bathroom with the same intentions.

Meeting back in the bedroom minutes later, Mary entered with a smile as she saw June holding the covers open invitingly and said, "Come on in, lover, I won't bite! Well, not hard, anyway!"

Accepting her invitation, Mary leapt into bed tackling June and causing them both to roll over into the covers, wrapping them lightly in the process. For more than an hour, they both pleased and pleasured each other. Kissing, stroking, pinching, nibbling, and some light fingernail scratching by June across Mary's back was the bill of fare, and they both ate it up hungrily.

Eventually working loose from the covers, Mary spun around and exclaimed "Now I want my desert!" In the "69" position, Mary pulled the covers over her head, and buried her face into June's sex. As the covers settled, June smoothed them over herself, making sure Mary's legs and feet were covered, and diving under the covers as well gave Mary her desert, too. Each woman knew just how to please their lover after doing it for so long, they brought each other to orgasm quickly.

June was the first to say anything, but with June's thighs holding Mary's head, Mary only heard mumbling.

Pushing up from the bed and turning around to face her lover, Mary said dreamily, "What was that?" "It sounded like you said something?"

June replied, "Yes. I said I loved you!"

Mary replied mockingly, with a small sly grin on her face, "Oh, is that all? I thought it was something important like the apartment is on fire or the world was coming to an end!"

Grabbing the pillow, June sat up and pressed the pillow over her lover's face saying loudly, "You know you love me too!"

Falling back on the bed, June pulled the pillow with her, and freed Mary from her mock suffocation. Mary took the pillow and placed it back on the bed so they could both share. Turning away, June knew what was coming and embraced it lovingly, accepting Mary's body next to hers and shaped her body into the familiar spooning they both enjoyed. It was their favorite cuddling position, and not long after, both women were fast asleep.

Mary dreamed of June, and her next trip into bondage and forced orgasm. Mary placed June into many positions, not knowing her subconscious was working out the details for her. When Mary woke the next morning, she would already have the basic parameters set. What a devious mind Mary had, and she would let June know just how devious soon!

June, on the other hand, dreamt of Darcy, and what kind of relationship she had shared with Mary. June was intrigued by Mary's past lovers. All of Mary's lovers had kept civil relationships with her after their split, even the men like Gary the restaurant owner. June had experienced no bad blood from any of Mary's ex's. Even Darcy suggested that there was still desire for Mary after her "leg humping" statement. Plus, bringing a trusted third person might spice things up more, not that Mary and June's relationship needed spicing up, just that Mary was still not around as much as June would like her, or rather needed her to be.

June dreamed of finding Darcy in one of her bondage set-ups and how she would treat Darcy once found. She also dreamed of Darcy finding her all trussed up and vulnerable. Both women had lovely torrid dreams of fantasy, and they would both wake up in the wet spot!

Late in the morning, both women stirred lazily. Mary found June on her back, and taking advantage of her position, Mary quickly climbed on top, smothering June with kisses.

"Good morning, sleepyhead!" Mary said excitedly, "I had a great forgotten birthday yesterday, and you were the reason why!"

June replied, "With all the playing we did the last two days, I forgot, too! I never even got you a card!"

"No worries, there, sister!" Mary said, "What is in your heart could never be written in some Hallmark card. We share something that is beyond words, and I am the better for it!"

June smiled and said, "Better? In what way, might I ask?"

Mary, thinking quickly, replied, "I have something brewing in the back of my mind that will be mind blowing for the both of us. How would you like to be tied up with me, in positions that made multiple forced orgasms impossible to avoid, and released only when we both could stand no more?"

"OK, you are a dangerous woman!" June said mockingly, "But I love you all the more for it!"

Mary's Blackberry chimed loudly from her purse, and Mary sighed, getting up to read the message. Her Blackberry was only for work, and it hardly ever received a message unless it was very important.

June waited in bed for Mary to return. Mary read the message twice to be sure she was getting it right, and then returned to June to give her the Good/Bad news.

June knew right away something was not right, she could see it in Mary's face. June asked, "What's wrong?" As she held the covers open for Mary's return.

Mary replied, "This is a huge assignment for me, and I don't have all the details yet, but it seems that the hospital wants me to head up a fact-finding group for the adoption of a new technology the hospital may add to their cancer wing. It might even require a new separate building. We are talking no less than a $250 Million project!"

June was just as awestruck as Mary. She knew Mary had only been at her position for three months, and now the hospital was entrusting Mary with this huge task.

Mary continued, "They also want me to come in, right now, to see if I am willing to take the assignment. If I do, the rest of the details will be given to me then."

June spoke up right away, "Well then get going! I expect you to say yes to their offer no matter what! This is a great opportunity for you, so don't screw it up!"

June was already pushing Mary out of bed, and without realizing, Mary was dumped on her butt. Shouting mock threats of death, Mary got up and started putting herself back together. Fishing through the trail of clothes, Mary was able to find everything she needed to look presentable for her ride home except her panties.

June was just stepping out of the bedroom when Mary turned and hollered, "June, where's my panties?"

June giggled and replied, "You weren't wearing any last night, silly!"

"Well that explains why I can't find them!" Mary replied, giggling too, "Give us one more hug before I am off!"

June sauntered up to Mary like a spider after her prey, making every attempt to distract Mary from her current task.

Mary watched June walk towards her, and Mary's mind went blank. All she could think about was June and what they had shared over the past two days. Mary started to open her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. June finally reached Mary and just as a spider would caress their prey, entwining a web around her now helpless body, June wrapped one leg, then the other around Mary, seating her legs just above Mary's butt as she wrapped her arms around Mary's neck so softly that Mary thought of spider silk.

June brought her mouth to Mary's neck and lightly traced two hearts with her tongue, breathing heavily and moaning softly, "I will be waiting here for your return. I will have dinner ready. Don't be late!"

Mary's body trembled, not out of fear but out of desire. Every part of Mary's body wanted to stay with June, but Mary's mind screamed "We have to go, NOW!"

Willing herself to move, Mary gently took June's head in her hands and kissed her deeply, and June responded in kind, both of them drinking in the other's embrace.

Mary exclaimed, "I have to go or I will be late! God I love you June! I will call you as soon as I am finished with the meeting. Now let me go before I lose the will to leave!"

Slowly, with the grace of a spider moving off her prize, June unwrapped herself from Mary's now sweaty body and said, "You better, or no desert for you!"

Mary smiled weakly, and said "Wish me luck?"

June replied, "Break a leg, but I know you won't need it!"

With that, Mary exited June's apartment. June went to the couch, sat down, and cried. Somehow, although June did not know the reason why, Mary was leaving for a long time, a lot longer than she usually did. June was afraid of being alone that long. June needed Mary's strength and her love. "Only a phone call away!" was sounding more like shouting from the moon. June did her best to brace herself for the coming news, but it was doing no good. She decided a nice long hot bath would help her more than sitting on the couch, so she got up and did just that.

Mary returned to her apartment in record time, changed out of her clothes, took a quick shower keeping her hair dry, and got dressed for the most important meeting of her young life. Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, Mary adjusted her skirt, and smoothed out with her pinky a little make-up under her eye. She turned and left the apartment, ready to face whatever she was about to hear.

Mary arrived at the hospital less than an hour after she received the message, quite proud of herself knowing what she looked like before the message. One last quick glance into the visor mirror let Mary know she was as ready as she would ever be. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out of the car, closed and remote locked the doors, and walked towards her future confident that she was ready for anything.

Mary sat in the meeting for fifteen minutes patiently listening to the speech the board of directors made for her benefit, taking notes and nodding her head when appropriate. The final minutes were a shock to her, when the representative from the technology company laid out to her what was necessary for Mary to become competent enough to properly evaluate the equipment and procedures.

Mary would have to go through 2-4 weeks of training in the use of the equipment, mostly going through the paces, but never actually operating the equipment on a patient. Once the company thought her proficient enough, Mary would then go on a three week tour of other facilities that already had this equipment running, being able to question them about the effectiveness of the new treatments as well as anything else that she could think to ask, including watching their equipment in use. Her final stop would be at a facility that is just completing phase one of their construction and almost ready to start installing the new equipment. This would give Mary all the data she would need to give a complete report on all the different facets necessary to complete this project.

The director of the board thanked the representative of the company and then asked for some time to talk to Mary alone before they rendered their decision.

When the door to the boardroom closed, the first thing out of Mary's mouth was, "Sir, I do not have the training or experience to head up an assignment like this. I know nothing of building codes, or power factors, or construction needless to say any formal training in assessment of a project like this!"

The Chairman raised his hand slowly gesturing for Mary to relax and just listen. "We know you do not have much experience in any of the things you just spoke of. That is the reason why we are asking you to head up this project. We want a clear head as the lead on this, not some architect or construction foreman going into this with his own set of expectations about how this is going to be built. Your task is simple, give us your honest opinion on whether this is a viable and profitable direction for hospital. We expect that there will be complications, but most of the technical stuff will be handled by your team. You are there for guidance, and to look in places that no one else would. We expect you to carry out your assignment with the same efficiency and attention to detail that you have shown us in the past 3 years!"

Mary sat dumbfounded, finally realizing that her promotion was not arbitrary, but planned out from having observed her for a long time.

Pulling herself together, Mary replied, "You can count on me, Sir!" She then asked, "When will my assignment start?"

The Chairman's secretary said, "You will fly out to their training center tomorrow morning, first class, all expenses paid by the technology firm, with a generous stipend. You are already booked in all the hotels for your whole trip, with town car chauffer to and from the airport, hotels, restaurants, and training center as required. A driver will be on call whenever you need transportation."

The Chairman then spoke up, "They have gone all out to impress you, Mary, don't let it go to your head. In the end, they are a provider, and we are their latest customer. This is big business, and it is how big business gets done."

Smiling shyly, Mary replied, "Yes Sir, I will do my best!"

"I expect nothing less from you, Mary. Good luck, and remember to have fun!"

Mary stood, walking towards the Chairman, and shook his large hand as firmly as she could, noting that his grip matched hers exactly even though it appeared he could have crushed her tiny hand in his, returning her handshake with a smile. The Chairman's secretary pulled her aside and gave Mary the documents, plane tickets, meal vouchers, and anything else she would need for the nearly two month long trip she would be taking.

Getting everything in order, she turned to look, and most of the board members had already left, but one woman in particular stayed behind. Mary recognized her face, she had seen her before, but they never met.

Smiling as she watched Mary walk away from the very efficient secretary, the lady walked up to Mary and said, "Hello, we have never met before, but the Chairman's statement of 'we have been watching you for a long time' is not quite true. I have been the watcher, and I am very impressed with your work ethic, your ability to think yourself out of any problem, and especially how easily you get the men to follow your orders, even if they don't want to! My name is Betty, and I am your benefactor, so to speak, of your promotion and subsequent assignment. There are a lot of men you will be encountering who's only goal is to get you to return with a favorable report. I expect that their charms will be useless on you, am I right?"

Mary stood stunned for a moment at the brashness of Betty's statement, and then replied, "You are correct, they will have no hold on me."

Betty replied, "Good! I am glad I picked the right woman for the job. I'm too old to go globetrotting anymore. Besides, I don't have the body for it either. Never get old, darling, it will be your undoing!"

"Thank you for the advice, Betty," Mary said, and shook Betty's hand firmly. Betty returned the handshake and they both smiled.

Mary watched Betty walk away and had to wonder if Betty knew about her relationship with June. Did she think she was a lesbian? Mary shook her head slightly answering herself, knowing that there was no man in her life, but there was always an opening for the right one. That would change the dynamics of her and June's relationship greatly, but that was a bridge she was not ready to cross. Right now, she had to get back to June and give her the good news.

Not bothering to change or go home, Mary made the drive to June's apartment without incident arriving 45 minutes after leaving the meeting. Mary walked into June's place smelling good food. Hearing lots of pots and pans clanking, Mary knew June was loading the dish washer, and knew June didn't know she was there. June jumped when she felt Mary's hands grab her waist and tickle her mercilessly.

Turning around and hugging Mary tightly, June said through a stifled laugh, "Tell me how it went! You knocked them dead, right?"

Mary, with a half smile on her face, replied, "Let's go sit on the couch."

June and Mary walked over and June sat first as Mary laid out her itinerary on the table. Explaining in as much detail as she could, Mary explained the proposed timeline, and how it may be as long as two months before she was back in town.

June leaned back on the couch, with fear on her face, and looked at Mary. Mary could see the fear, and could feel how distraught June was about her being gone for so long. June had an extreme fear of being left alone, abandoned, by a loved one. Her dad had died when she was only 9 years old. In desperation, June's mother turned to a life of drugs, selling to make money for living expenses. Not long after, June's mom was arrested, and June spent the next 8 years in 5 different foster homes. On her eighteenth birthday June was presented with a key to her own apartment, and complimentary enrollment in City College. June dove into her class work, excelling in every subject she was exposed to except social studies. She hated that subject, and only did the minimum to get by.

June's good grades and national test scores garnered the attention of the Dean. On his recommendation, Harvard gave June a full scholarship to Harvard's Business School, including room and board. June continued to excel in all her class work, for as long as she had that, she was not thinking about being alone.

June had a few friends at Harvard, but her intense study regimen left little time for socialization. After graduating Suma Cum Laude, June went to work with a large corporation which promised a quick trip up the ladder for her if she applied herself as well as she did in school. About a year later, June was going over some paperwork left on her desk, and found a glaring error. Several payments were sent to an offshore account in the vice president's name. Needless to say, the company wanted to keep this quiet. The vice president resigned without giving a reason, and that kept him out of jail. June, on the other hand was a different matter.

After being called to the CEO's office, he made her a deal she could not refuse. $3 Million plus whatever extra to offset the taxes and she would leave the company, never telling a soul about what she read or what really made the vice president leave suddenly. The company's reputation was at stake. Without even thinking about it, June said yes, and the next day June was unemployed with the $3 Million in her bank account.

Using her knowledge of finance gleaned from her extensive education, June was able to invest most of that money wisely, creating a cash account for all her expenses, and paying her a stipend every month. June had to spend some on herself to celebrate, but in the end, her unshakable discipline made her toe the line. It was not much, just $1800 compared to $3 Million, but it was more than most people took home. Her investments would pay this amount out every month until she reached retirement age, when her other investments would kick in. With a lot of discipline to prevent her from large cash withdrawals for things she wanted, June would save up for the big ticket items, like her car and current apartment.

To any other person she met, June was not rich. She lived a modest life. Even Mary did not know she was rich when they first met. It was months later, when June was comfortable enough with Mary to answer her question about June not working and explain how could she afford living here, and the car and clothes and shoes?

June explained about how after school she took a job with a big corporation and the results of her finding the information and revealing it to the company. June also showed Mary her investments and how they paid out to her checking, or rolled back into the investment account, keeping her solvent and without need of a job. June estimated that her accounts would still be going strong when she was 80.

Mary let out a "Whew!" through her lips, and then said, "I could never do that. I think the money would all be gone by now, and I would be broke!"

June smiled and just said, "If you had the life I had, you would have great self discipline, too!"

Nearly two years after June revealed her secret to Mary, Mary had held up her end of the bargain. Never asking to borrow money from the rich girl, or take advantage of her generosity by suggesting trips, cruises, or shopping extravaganzas, Mary and June's relationship blossomed. The purchase of the bondage bed, their most expensive toy to date, had to wait 5 months until each of them had saved up their half of the purchase. That respect Mary gave June became a very trusting relationship for both women. June was the first to say "I love you", but Mary said it in the very next words she spoke. It was apparent that June had found the one who would give her that sense of belonging, and fill the void of abandonment forever.

Now, with Mary's bombshell announcement, June was teetering on the edge of feeling abandoned again. Mary told her that she would be available every night for long talks about her day, and keeping her posted on her progress, but in the end, there was nothing Mary could say that would change June's mind except her quick return.

Mary left June crying on the couch, needing to go get herself ready for this long trip. Packing quickly, she had two bags, a big one with her clothes and other items necessary for a girl like to her to have for a trip like this, and a carry-on for the important stuff like snacks, and the materials she would be studying to prepare herself for the classroom studies and meetings she would be having soon. Seeing that everything was ready for her trip, she called the limousine company to verify that her ride would arrive on time, and then got undressed to go take a long bath.

Nearly floating in the deep water of her roman style tub, Mary allowed her thoughts to drift to June and what she could do to console her during this time away. Not being able to think of anything, Mary had only one choice, to call Darcy.

Explaining to Darcy that June might do something stupid like play a self bondage game and accidentally get herself stuck, which June seemed to be too good at for her own good, Darcy agreed to meet Mary at Mary's apartment and accepted June's apartment key.

"Since June does not know I gave this to you, you are only to go over to her apartment if I call you and ask you to do so. Any other reason would be a breach of trust between June and I as well as a bigger breach of trust between you and me."

Darcy understood Mary's request and asked Mary if it was possible for her to play with June, "Like we used to do."

Mary smiled and said, "Still fond of those days, huh?" "Well, I am too. In fact, those days and nights inspired me to seek the same from June. What I got in return, well, let's just say, I got much more than I bargained for!"

Darcy smiled and said, "Yes, I saw that the other night at the restaurant! You two make a great couple!"

Mary thought about that for a minute, thanked Darcy for the compliment, and then suggested that Darcy use that tip she gave her at the restaurant. That would be the ice breaker Darcy needed to be around June.

"I know June is interested in getting to know you better. Take it easy, though, what her mind thinks up can be incredibly intense, much more so than what you and I shared!"

"Is that what she meant by 'test drive' at dinner?" Darcy asked inquisitively, giving her face a little twist in mock deep thought.

Mary replied, "I am not going to ruin the surprise by saying anything. Just remember, she is my most valued friend and my lover. I trust you implicitly, and your judgment has always been sound. Don't disappoint me and I promise you will get more than you ever bargained for."

Darcy just smiled and hugged her long-time friend, drinking in the warmth of Mary's body, instantly happy for the embrace and all it promised and sad that it would only last for a short while. Darcy did not know how much she missed Mary until she hugged her.

After their embrace, Mary looked into Darcy's eyes and said, "I look forward to reports of all your activities with June as soon as you are able. Text me all the juicy details as soon as you can!"

In a mock salute, Darcy snapped her heels together and said, "Yes Sir! You will have daily reports Sir! You can count on me Sir!"

Mary laughed out loud at Darcy's boisterous responses and said, "Be back in less than two months. Until then, be safe!"

Shooing Darcy towards the door, Mary said, "OK, out you go! I need my beauty sleep before the flight tomorrow. Thank you, Darcy, for keeping an eye on June for me. I will find a way to pay you back for this!"

Darcy replied with her best Elmer Fudd "Mmmuuuhahahahahah!" "Yes, you will!

Darcy continued, "Good night, have a safe flight, and do try to have fun, I know I would!"

Mary opened the door, and Darcy walked out, turning to give Mary a kiss on the cheek. Mary intercepted her, and kissed her full on the lips saying, "Do your worst, rabbit hunter! I'll be watching for you!"

Both girls smiled at each other, and then Mary shut the door. Mary felt a whole lot better having a trusted pair of eyes watching over June. Now, if she could only convince June to feel the same way!


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