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June’s Self Bondage Mistake 6

by ChgoBinder

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continued from part 5

Part Six

June eventually cried herself to sleep, waking in the middle of the night on the couch. She was cold, thirsty, and worst of all, alone. No matter what Mary had told her, June would not believe that her extended business trip was anything but routine, believing that Mary would never come home again. Something terrible would happen, and Mary would be gone from her life forever, just like her parents, just like past lovers, just like anyone June let get close to her.

Rising from the couch, June went to the kitchen and looked over the prepared food, laid out in the serving dishes, left uneaten because Mary had to talk to her, and then she left. June was hungry, but nothing looked good now having been left out without being put away. Taking a glass from the cabinet, June drank from the water dispenser, thankful it was chilled as it soothed her parched and sore throat from her crying. Placing the glass in the sink, June began clearing the food off the island, dumping everything into the trash. June then came to her senses, and pulled her serving dishes out and stacked them into the dishwasher. Wiping everything down well with the sponge, the glass she just drank out of and the sponge were the last items to be put into the dishwasher. Loading the soap into the dispensers, she locked the door making sure the "pots and pans" button was pressed, and started the machine. June heard the machine start, and was glad it was a quiet model when she looked up at the clock, seeing it was 4 am.

Sighing, June walked to the bathroom to take care of business. Looking into the mirror, she saw her tear stained face, her smeared makeup, and the disheveled look her hair was in and smiled to herself, "Not your best day, is it honey?"

Finishing what she needed to do, she went to bed, curled up tightly in the covers, and went to sleep. June did not remember dreaming, only that she slept much longer than she thought she would, waking sore from lying in one position too long. Looking at the alarm clock on the nightstand, she saw it was 1 pm. "I can't just lie in bed all day!" she told herself, and got up for a much needed hot shower. The hot water cascaded down her small, perfect frame, and June imagined that all her troubles washed down the drain with it. Not wanting to get out of the shower, she had to when the hot water suddenly ran cold. Shocked into movement, June shut off the water, and toweled herself off.

Wrapping one towel nearly twice around her body, doing the "boob-tuck" to keep it in place, June worked on her hair. 30 minutes later, her hair was combed out, dried well, and given the little curl at the end of her straight tresses that she thought was so cute for her to wear. Mary thought it was a great look for June, and complimented her several times on how well she wore it that way. Mary, June thought, Mary the one who is leaving me, who is not coming back, Mary the one who loved her so much. June silently cursed herself for telling Mary to get going, remembering she went so far as to push Mary off the bed. "It's not Mary's fault she is leaving, it is my own fault!" I told her it was something she had to do, no excuses! Letting her mind work on that thought for a while, June started feeling differently about the situation, "Mary is not leaving me!" June thought, "I told her to go. That means she will come back!" She felt much better, but the aching in her heart that Mary would be gone for almost two months was still there, just not as much of a threat to her now.

"Well, time to go face the world, and see what trouble I can stir up today!" June exclaimed, and proceeded into the bedroom to get dressed. Just 20 minutes later, June was dressed for a day on the town. A flowery black blouse with black spandex pants was the basic look. June loved these pants. They were from a dealer's shop (as in casino dealer). With no pockets, her perfect butt and shapely legs were seen without the flaws of seams or buttons. Not as tight as pantyhose, the way these pants accentuated her features she might as well have been wearing just them. Turning to look at her backside, she smiled, knowing she would be getting lots of stares from men and women alike. Feeling better as each minute passed, June was ready for the world, and she didn't care if the world was ready or not!

Grabbing her small black clutch and her keys, she left her apartment confident that what lay ahead for her would be good times. Just as she started the engine of her car, her cell phone rang. Looking down, she did not recognize the number. June let it ring and go to voicemail as she never answered the phone from an unknown number. Pulling out of the parking place, her phone made the little sound when a voice mail was waiting for her. June pressed the button to have the phone call in to the voicemail and waited for the message. It was Mary calling her from the hotel; she currently had no cell service in her room (Or that side of the hotel) but had been promised it would be available soon. Mary ended the message with "I love you" and she promised to call again tonight when she was settled and back from her first day of training.

Closing her phone, June smiled a little, glad that Mary was doing ok. She looked forward to Mary's next call and decided that she should be home no later than 8 pm. June drove absent-mindedly for about an hour, just going wherever the car steered her to until she stopped at a red light and turned to look at a store window. Seeing something that peaked her interest, June quickly looked around for a parking spot and found one not far from the shop. Walking through the door of the shop, a little bell rang as she opened the door and again when it closed. June liked old time things like bells on doors, door knockers, and the long string one would pull to ring the bell deep inside someone's home. Stopping to take a closer look at the storefront window display, she found what caught her eye. It was a beautiful music box, in seemingly perfect condition. Turning to ask the store clerk for assistance, she was greeted by an older man, about 80ish or so she thought, clearly enamored as she bent over to look closer at the music box.

"Greetings madam, I am Steven, proprietor of this humble establishment. How may I assist you today?" Steven smiled broadly, gesturing towards the window, "Do you see something you like?"

June smiled and replied, "Pleased to meet you Steven. Yes, it is that music box there in the center. I would like to take a better look at it, if I may?"

"Certainly!" Steven replied cheerfully, and it seemed to June that she might be his first customer of the day, and quite possibly the week.

Moving past her with a grace she did not expect, June watched Steven open the gate, step carefully up on the window display, and retrieve the beautiful box. Stepping down just as carefully, Steven placed the box into June's hands, and June was awestruck. First, it was much heavier than June expected it to be. Next, she noticed the exquisite detailing all along the outside of the box and its lid. Daring to open the lid, June was further surprised when a very detailed melody began playing, much more complex than she was prepared for.

Steven saw the look on June's face and began explaining the features of the box. "The weight of the box is indeed heavier than normal due to the material it is made from. This is ivory from Africa, and quite old. As you may know, Ivory is banned from sale, but this was made many years before the ban. In fact, it is actually from the 18th century. This comes from Ireland, but the music part was made in Switzerland, I think, but I have not been able to determine that for sure. They didn't just make watches back then!"

Steven continued as the beautiful and vibrant melody played, "The song is an unknown melody, and I have yet to discover the composer. It may well be there was never a composer, and this melody was created on a whim by whoever build the music piece. Either way, it is my most prized item in the store, and I would have a hard time letting it go."

June, hearing Steven say that, replied, "Well, how much are you asking for it? If the price is right, I'll buy it right now!"

Steven was clearly thinking things over in his head, and took a while to respond, and then asked June what she would do with the music box, giving June a slight shock because she was expecting to hear a price.

"This, if I can buy it, will go on my nightstand so that I can listen to its wonderful melody every night before going to sleep." June added, "I have several prized possessions, but none of them are music boxes, and I have never heard a more beautiful melody than this one here."

Steven, knowing that this was no mere girl looking for another trinket to leave sit on her shelf collecting dust, or to become a present to someone else who would never appreciate this as much as he did, smiled again and said, "For you, and only if you promise to care for it as lovingly as I have all these years, $150 dollars."

June thought it over quickly, doing the math in her head against her checking account balance, and replied, "I can't argue with that price!" Smiling, June placed the music box into Steven's hands and told him to wrap it up.

When the wrapping was finished and the transaction on her credit card was complete, Steven handed June the well protected music box in the strong paper shopping bag and said, "Treat it well, and it will always give you pleasure." "Good-bye young lady. It was a pleasure doing business with you!"

Smiling with her purchase in hand, June replied, "I will treasure this forever! Thank you again for allowing me to buy this beautiful music box."

With that, June turned and walked out the door never knowing how lucky she was to have found this music box. Two days later, while reading the local paper at breakfast, June came across an article about the store she visited. It stated that the man, Steven, was found slumped over behind the counter dead of an apparent stroke that very day she bought the music box. The doctors determined it was a massive stroke, and Steven went without pain.

June felt tears stinging her eyes, and went to the music box to wind the mechanism and hear its melody again. Turning the beautiful box over, she found a note. Opening the little envelope, she read the perfect handwriting of Steven: "To the one who buys this music box, please know that this was a gift from me to my wife who passed away in 1995. I gave it to her as a wedding gift in 1932, obtaining it the same way you just did, from a shop owner just like me. It has played its melody for her, and countless other women, for over 300 years. Please pass it on in kind, as I did for mine, when your time is up. Whenever the box is played, remember its legacy, and your heart will forever be warmed. The reason why I could not determine the composer of the music is that it plays a different melody for each owner, making it magical in some way. It will never need winding. Treasure it always!" -Steven

June sat on the edge of the bed, tears flowing freely now, and opened the music box. The melody, as clear and as beautiful as when she heard it for the first time in Steven's shop, played as she cried, and she embraced the feelings of loss for the man, the loss of having Mary gone for two months, the loss of her parents, every loss she could think of, and the music played on, soothing June in ways she was not aware of yet. In mere moments, June was transformed from a sobbing girl, sad in more ways than she could count, into a calm and confident woman with those thoughts of loss behind her. She would always feel those losses, but now they were just memories and not the life altering events she used to fear.

June reached out to how she felt about Mary being gone and realized that it was no longer troubling her. Smiling, she closed the music box, picked it up, hugging it to her heart and said, "Thank you Steven, for this wonderful music box. I will treasure it always!" Placing the box down gently on her nightstand, June got up and went to face the rest of her day happier than she had felt in a long time about what her future had in store for her.

After making her purchase at Steven's store, June went about her day, indulging herself a little with a mani/pedi and the little touches that spas love to add to the bill like an hour long massage and an aroma-therapy facial scrub. The bill for her three hour stay was just under $150 dollars, more than she planned to spend, but within her budget if she curbed her spending for the rest of the month. That was easy for June to do!

Arriving back home, June entered her apartment greeted by her phone ringing. Moving quickly, June was able to answer it right before the answering machine did, and said, "Hello!"

"Hi June, this is Darcy. Do you remember me? I'm the waitress friend of Mary. How is your day going so far?"

June replied, "Yes, I remember you, how could I forget!" June giggled a little then continued, "I remember Mary gave you that tip. I watched her write my number and address down, a little surprised, but pleased as well. Things are going great for me. What has been going on in your neck of the woods?"

"Well, pretty boring for the most part, but it's Friday night! Want to go out for some fun? I'll buy the first round!"

June replied, "That sounds great! What time should we get together?"

"How about 8 pm?" Darcy said, then added, "We'll meet up at the restaurant and decide where to go from there. Sound good?"

"Yes, that will be great!" June replied, adding, "Will I be driving, or will you?"

"Actually, I live in the apartment building right next to the restaurant, so I guess you can drive, as your car will be warm and ready to go."

June was hanging up the phone when Darcy said, "Remember to dress sexy!"

Bringing the phone back up to her ear, June replied, "You bet! We'll be painting the town red tonight!"

Hanging up the phone, June realized that she just agreed to meet Darcy when she was planning to be home for Mary's call. June thought the best way to be sure she didn't miss Mary's call was to forward her home phone to her cell. This way, she would get the call wherever she was. It was weird not feeling bad about not being home for Mary's call, but she accepted it gleefully, glad to not be obsessing about Mary's absence.

Looking at the clock on her phone, June saw she had about 2 hours before she met with Darcy, and opted for a long hot bath to relax her and get her ready for the night to come. Slipping into the hot water gingerly, slowly lowering her body into the soothing water and accompanying bubbles of her favorite bubble bath, June relaxed and thought dreamily of what was to come with her time with Darcy. Knowing that Darcy was a past lover of Mary's made her feel comfortable in going out with her new friend, confident that Mary would never put June into a bad situation.

June did not disappoint Darcy in how she dressed, and when Darcy got into June's car, Darcy let out a cat call that would make construction workers jealous.

Darcy exclaimed, "Where did you get that outfit? I love it! You have to let me know where I can buy that!"

Smiling shyly, June replied, "Oh here and there. I don't ever buy an outfit, but pieces from whatever store happens to catch my eye. I just put them together, pulling what I want from my closet. This particular outfit took me three months of shopping to put together. Do you like the results?"

Darcy said with a smile on her face, "I think you should be a designer or something like that. What you are wearing, and how you wear it are dazzling. What a perfect picture you make, and how much trouble you are going to get into tonight! We will have to beat them off with a stick!"

June said, "Like I will be the only one swinging a stick! You look gorgeous! Plus, you are much taller than me, and that body you have makes me look like a little girl. If I had the curves you did, I think I would have trouble standing up straight!"

Giggling furiously, Darcy replied, "Thank you for the compliment, June. I do like to keep in shape, and being blessed with a body like this does make some things easier, but overall, if I had to choose, I would like to have a body like yours. You are the perfect shape with just the right size everything. Nothing get's in the way and you never have to worry about gravity!"

June smiled, knowing Darcy was referring to her top, which was a skin tight Lycra tank top flanked by a men's style shirt tied in the front. The shirt was of a very complex pattern, with colors that matched her hair, her eyes, and black that complimented her pants and tank top. Darcy could not see what kind of pants June was wearing, but she guessed they were just as skin tight. June looked over Darcy's outfit and saw something she had not noticed before, a locket of gold, on a delicate gold chain, hanging between Darcy's ample breasts.

"Darcy," June asked, "That locket, it is beautiful! Where did you get it?"

Darcy reached down to grasp the locket in her hands, pushed the little button to open it, and showed June the pictures inside. Darcy said, "It is my mother and father, who were both killed in a car accident when I was 12. I was given this locket by my grandmother who raised me as her own, telling me to wear this locket every day to remember my parents. I loved them very much, and they loved me too. I was lucky to have them, if only for a short while. Nana was great too, but she could never replace my parents. Why do you ask about the locket, June?"

June was slightly shocked, and replied, "Wow, I lost my parents, too; dad when I was 9, and mom not long after. I spent the rest of my time moving from foster home to foster home until I turned 18. I have nothing that reminds me of them, and I do not know if I could even find pictures to put into a locket. I guess that is the way it is supposed to be."

Darcy smiled and leaned towards June, reaching to hug her, and June returned the embrace warmly saying, "I guess we both have that in common. Losing our parents, that is. I am glad to have met you, Darcy, but I can't take anymore sadness! Let's go have fun!"

Darcy readily agreed, and they were off to the new club on the edge of town. They enjoyed dancing together and with other people, and never had to buy a drink all night long. So many men were buying them drinks that their table was filled with glasses, most of them full. Both women knew how to take it easy on the alcohol, and neither of them got drunk. June was getting hungry, and asked Darcy if she was hungry, too. Darcy replied that food sounded great especially if it would get them away from the very loud music. Darcy would not miss the random ass-grabbing from the men in the club either!

Once outside, both women shivered a little at the sudden coolness of the air. The night had turned chilly, and Darcy could tell June was cold when she glanced at June's chest, now easily seen because June had untied her shirt and was retying it.

Glancing over to Darcy, June saw Darcy staring at her now fully erect nipples and giggled, "Like what you see?"

Darcy replied, "I think they are lovely, but I bet they taste even better!"

June gasped in mock shock and said, "Now, I don't exactly think that Mary would approve of that behavior, would she?"

Darcy thought about it a minute, then said, "I guess not, unless I somehow got her permission first, and yours of course!"

June realized that Mary had not called her and looked at her phone after pulling it from her clutch. "Crap, two missed calls, and they are both from Mary! I wanted to not miss her call, so I forwarded the house phone to my cell, just to be sure. The loudness of the club must have drowned out my phone, and now it is too late to call her back!"

"That's ok, June," Darcy said, "Mary will understand, especially when she finds out where you went and who you went with!"

"I guess that's true, but I still feel bad missing her call. OK, let's go grab something to eat and then head back to my place. I want to be home in the morning when Mary calls."

The girls arrived back at June's apartment just after 1 am. Before June opened the door, Darcy said, "I really enjoyed going out tonight. Thank you for showing me a great time!"

Smiling, June replied, "You showed me a great time, too. Don't sell yourself short! Thanks right back at you!"

As Darcy entered June's apartment, Darcy was impressed at its general size, and taken aback at the elegant but simple furnishings she had. The overstuffed and quite large sectional couch, the end tables, the TV, and the kitchen off to the left were what Darcy saw first. Darcy then asked for the bathroom, and June directed her to the hallway, "Second door on the left!"

When Darcy returned, June was laying out bedding for Darcy on the sectional, asking her, "Do you prefer blankets, or a sleeping bag? I have both."

Thinking out loud, Darcy replied that she never had a sleepover before, and opted for the sleeping bag.

June returned with the sleeping bag, a mummy-type, form fitting and lightly insulated. Spreading the sheet across the couch, June then laid out the bag, unzipping it so Darcy could get inside. Turning to Darcy, June said, "Can I trust you to not attack me in my sleep?"

Grinning sheepishly, Darcy realized her body language or the look on her face must have given her away, and said reluctantly, "Well, I can't promise that I will not try. You are a very beautiful woman, and if I could have my way, we would be in bed together right now!"

"I see," June said, "Then certain adjustments will have to be made to your sleeping arrangements."

Darcy was about to ask what those adjustments consisted of when June walked back towards the far bedroom, returning with what looked like to Darcy as a giant pantyhose sleeve. June handed the sleeve to Darcy and said, "Put your feet into this, and then pull it up your body."

Darcy caressed the silky fabric and then said, "What is the purpose of this? I do not know if I am going to like it, and I definitely don't understand why I have to wear it to bed!"

June explained, "This is my sleep security system that I just devised for you. You will not be harmed, but you will be restrained, making it impossible to sneak up on me and have your way with me while I sleep. You will love the feeling of the sleeve when it is caressing your body. That I promise!"

Darcy replied, "Well, OK, but only on one condition. If I want out, you let me out immediately, no questions asked!"

"Agreed!" June said, walking near the sleeping bag and sitting down. She waited patiently while Darcy took off most of her clothes, leaving her panties and bra on. June suggested to Darcy that she should roll it up like it was a stocking, and her body was the leg going into that stocking. Finding that it was indeed the easiest way to get into the sleeve, Darcy bunched up the fabric and set down in front of her feet. Stepping into the fabric, Darcy coaxed the slick sleeve up her body, stretching and pulling it until it was around her neck.

June stood up and said, "Here let me help you."

June grasped the slightly bunched up fabric and pulled it over Darcy's head with a little difficulty, as June was only five feet tall, and Darcy was five foot nine. Pulling it tight, June asked Darcy to kneel down, and Darcy did so carefully, not really understanding what was about to happen. Darcy was no stranger to bondage, but this did not feel like bondage, at least anything she equated with bondage. This seamless tube could never be bondage. It was too stretchy and flexible. Where was the rope, or tape, or other such item to bind her?

Pulling up as hard as she could, June twisted the fabric a half-turn and slipped a cable tie around the now gathered sleeve, pulling it tight with a zip right directly above Darcy's head.

"OK, now stand up, and be careful. Lean on me if you need to. I don't want you to fall!"

Reaching out to June for stability, Darcy stood. June then directed her to the couch asking Darcy to lay into the sleeping bag. Having placed Darcy into the bag with little objection from Darcy, June then zipped the sleeping bag all the way up. Reaching over, June took the oversized safety pin from the cushion she had laid there, threaded it through the holes at the ends of both zipper pulls, then threaded the needle into the sleeping bag fabric high enough and tight enough that June thought Darcy would not be able to reach and snapped it closed.

Smiling, June kissed Darcy on the forehead and said, "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!"

Darcy replied, "Tight, right, like that is going to happen! This loose thing I can get out of anytime I want. Here, I'll show you!"

Reaching down, June made one final adjustment to the sleeping bag by pulling the face-hole drawstrings tight, encircling Darcy's face with the bag's now tight opening.

"Hey, no fair!" Darcy exclaimed, struggling to get her hands up and grasp the drawstrings, not just pulled tight by the spring lock, but double knotted as well. Wiggling furiously, Darcy did her best to escape, but got nowhere. Finally giving up on trying to untie the face-hole drawstrings, Darcy did her best to reach the zipper pulls. Realizing they were ever further from her reach than the drawstrings, Darcy said in an exasperated tone, "OK, I'm stuck. I am not going anywhere. Satisfied?"

Grinning in satisfaction, June replied, "Yes, I am satisfied. You are now safe, and I can sleep soundly knowing I will not be attacked in the night by an overly horny woman up to no good!"

Darcy said, "What do you mean I am safe, safe from what? I am not the safe one, you are!"

June said in a tone that let Darcy know she had experienced the same feelings, and explained that being in this sleeve and the sleeping bag would make her feel like she was back in the womb, and how she felt in the morning would be vastly different than how she felt now.

Sighing, Darcy said, "OK, we'll see. But remember our deal. If I want out, you have to let me go no matter what!"

June replied that she understood. Reaching to turn out the light, June smiled and wished Darcy good night and sweet dreams.

June walked away in the darkness, the only light coming from June's room. June closed her bedroom door, and the light was reduced to whatever could come from under the door. A few moments later, that light was gone too.

Lying in complete darkness in a home she had never been in before, restrained quite effectively in the simple instruments June had provided, Darcy took a deep breath and tried to settle herself. She should have been quite scared, with the predicament she was in, but for some reason, Darcy was feeling herself becoming comfortable. Allowing her body to relax, Darcy moved in the sleeve and sleeping bag as much as she could, reveling in the rustling of the fabrics and the gentle all-over-her- body caress of the sleeve. She really was feeling safe. She imagined it was like being put into a baby sleeper, with no hands or feet. The thought of a papoose, tightly and lovingly wrapped by its mother, also crossed her mind. Very soon after those thoughts, Darcy drifted off to sleep. A sleep she had not felt in ages, wrapped in something she had not felt since childhood. It was not the sleeve or the sleeping bag she was feeling, it was her earliest memories, when her mother wrapped her in warm blankets, swaddling her in love. Darcy embraced those memories, once lost to her, and if someone could look at Darcy's face, they would see the smile of a very content woman, sleeping in the arms of her mother.

Darcy woke late, or so she thought, and it took her a few moments to realize where she was and why she could not move. Remembering June's ministrations, Darcy began to feel betrayed, but then remembered the feelings she experienced while she slept, and smiled. June, without knowing, had given Darcy something she thought was gone forever, the memory of her mother when Darcy was a little girl. Darcy would forever be grateful to June for her gift.

June walked out of the bathroom, and smiled, seeing Darcy still lying on the couch. Grateful that she had not rolled off falling onto the floor, June approached Darcy, finding her awake. Looking into Darcy's smiling eyes, June asked, "Sleep well last night? I heard not a peep from you. How was your experience being restrained on my couch?"

Darcy replied, with some difficulty through the tears she was holding back, "Thank you. You hinted at my feeling like I was back in the womb. It was much more than that. I remembered my mom, and how she used to wrap me in blankets. I slept in comfort, reliving the memories of those times, grateful to be able to remember them again. Without you wrapping me up like this, I don't think I would ever have remembered them. You have given me something more precious that any material gift, the warmth and love of my mother, returned to me in the best way possible."

June saw Darcy's tears and moved to release Darcy, fearful that Darcy was not comfortable, and Darcy stopped her saying, "Just a little while longer, please?"

June smiled and walked away, leaving Darcy in the mirth of her memories once again.

It was just under an hour later that June walked back to Darcy, Finding her sitting upright.

Seeing June, Darcy said, "I tried to stand up, but I couldn't get the leverage with this huge couch of yours and its deep cushions. I really need a bathroom break. Could you get me out of this thing?"

"Sure," June replied, "But first, a picture for Mary to see. She will not believe me unless I show her!"

"Believe what," Darcy asked inquisitively, looking to June for clarification.

"Well, for starters," June said, "that you stayed in my apartment last night and we did not sleep together. Secondly, that you were restrained comfortably, without using any of my devices. And finally, for me to keep, so that I can remember I restrained you right there, and I didn't jump your bones, either!"

"I knew you had another motive!" Darcy exclaimed, "Here I thought you were doing this just for my benefit! Now I come to find you were just as interested in sleeping with me as I was with you!"

June giggled and then smiled, not answering Darcy but saying "I plead the fifth!" as she snapped the picture with her phone.

Moving to Darcy, June released her captive, a very willing captive as she understood it, and helped extract Darcy from the sleeve. Darcy headed towards the bathroom and June began putting the improvised bedding away.

June and Darcy were both hungry and Darcy suggested going to the "waffle house" up the street. Agreeing with Darcy, both women got dressed and left June's apartment for breakfast and good talk.


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