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June’s Self Bondage Mistake 7

by ChgoBinder

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continued from part 6

Part Seven

After a satisfying meal and more satisfying conversation, June drove Darcy home. Hugging one final time, the girls said their good-byes and Darcy got out of June's car. Walking slowly, and looking back several times at June, Darcy put her best sultry walk skills to work making June desire her even more. Looking back one last time, Darcy entered the apartment complex and was gone from June's view.

Pulling away from the curb, June fought the temptation to park her car and go up to Darcy's apartment. Taking a deep breath, June focused herself and shrugged the desire off her shoulders. "I have Mary," June said, reassuring herself that she was doing the right thing. June had never cheated on any lover before, and she was not going to start now. Darcy may be the flavor of the month, but Mary was her bread and butter. As fun as she might be, Darcy could never replace what June shared with her lover, and there was no way June would do anything to destroy that.

Arriving home not long after dropping Darcy off, June entered her apartment alone without feeling like there was something missing. Remembering her music box, June smiled, thankful that it somehow gave her the strength and courage to stand up and face her fears. Making a final sweep of where Darcy slept last night, June looked for anything not put away. Satisfied that everything was neat and tidy, June began emptying her little black clutch, going through any needed receipts and filing them away, and getting rid of anything no longer needed.

June found a business card from a man she met at the bar last night. Trying to picture his face, June remembered he was very handsome, and was the only man she recalled that did not try to buy her a drink. Smiling, she put the card aside, telling herself to look into this more deeply later. Finishing her clean-up, June reached for her phone, grasping it right as it started ringing. Startled, she nearly dropped it, but then looked at the caller ID and saw it was Mary calling from her cell phone.

"Hello lover!" June said with exuberance, "I have been waiting for your call. Sorry I missed your calls last night, Darcy and I were at that new club on the outskirts of town. Is everything going well in your second day of training?"

"Everything is fine here. How are you doing? I was worried a little when you didn't answer my calls, but I didn't want to stalk you either."

June hesitated, mulling over if she should tell Mary about the music box or not, then decided it was better that she saw it herself than try describe the beautiful music box to Mary over the phone.

"Mary," June said in a confident voice, "I have come to the realization that my fears of losing you were irrational. I am sorry how I acted the night you left to go pack. I never wanted to make you feel bad about leaving, or make you think that taking this assignment was somehow hurting me. I was so glad to hear of your promotion, and now this very important assessment. Please accept my apology!"

It took a moment for June's words to sink in, but Mary finally replied, "Wow, that is a huge step for you to take. I am so proud of you! How do you feel about my being gone now?"

June replied, "It's like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. For the first time in I can't remember when I am OK, really OK. I feel the loss of not having you around, but it is something manageable, not the unbridled terror I used to feel when you were gone a long time. I feel free of the burden, and I look forward to your return. I am not stressing when that day will come, or that you are so far away." June added, "Do your best in training! I want to see lots of "Gold Stars" on your report card!"

Mary, hearing June's giggling, replied, "I never thought studying something like this new technology would be so hard! Every day I am introduced to a new facet of the machine's capabilities. My job is not only to learn how to use those features, but to evaluate them and even make suggestions to the board members on how I think the machine might be better used by us. My evenings are boring so far, but it's the weekend now. I will head out later with some of my fellow trainees to get some much needed downtime. Did you say you were out with Darcy last night?"

Smiling deeply, and blushing slightly even though Mary was hundreds of miles away, June replied, "Yes, we went out and had a great time. We got there before midnight, so no cover charge. Then all night long guys were buying us drinks, and even a few ladies! I really had more fun than I expected to, and the night turned out better than I could have hoped for. Darcy had a sleepover here in the mummy-style sleeping bag."

"June!" Mary said with a long drawn out J-U-N-E, "What did you do to Darcy? Is she still tied up?"

June replied teasingly, "No, not still, but 'was' might be the correct term."

June could feel her face and ears burning with her blushing. Explaining further, June said that neither girl could be trusted to not jump each-other's bones, so June created the perfect all night, no-stress restraint for Darcy.

Listening to June's description of how Darcy was left on the couch, how June found her the next morning, and what Darcy described to June about her experience let Mary know everything was going well, and "all according to plan" Mary thought to herself.

"Wait a minute!" Mary said accusingly, "Did you say that you tied Darcy up so you would not be tempted to sleep with her?"

June replied, matter-of-factly, "Yes. I love you dearly, and would never cheat on you, no matter who I could sleep with. I may not have had loyal lovers in the past, but what we share is something I never want to lose. I respect myself too much to do that, and respect you even more. Helping me stay true is admirable, right?"

"Well, yes, you get points for that!" Mary said, giggling.

Mary continued her mirthful praise adding, "Wow that is truly touching! Thank you for your love and friendship and for believing in our relationship, respecting what so many others would have thrown away for a one night fling."

Thinking that things were truly heading in the direction she wanted, Mary added, "But if the chance does come up to sleep with Darcy again, and I believe it will many times before I come home, you will be strong enough to resist but Darcy might not. You have my permission to tie her up anytime you think she is going to cross the line. In fact, since I know how much Darcy would enjoy it, tie her up even though you think she won't cross the line. Make sure Darcy orgasms until she screams for you to stop, and then give her one more for me!"

June giggled, "You really love to torture other people, don't you? Even if you are not the one doing the torturing! That's just downright sinister, and I love you all the more for that wicked streak!"

June and Mary talked further and June agreed to tie up Darcy whenever she was at June's apartment for a sleepover, "Just to be safe." Mary suggested that whatever June thought was appropriate for the mood was ok, even taking Darcy into some of her extreme bondage situations. No sex, though, just vibrated orgasmic bliss.

Finishing up their conversation, June hung up the phone smiling, thinking that things were truly going well. June had not felt this settled about her life and future since right after her relationship blossomed with Mary. Somehow, deep inside, June knew everything was back in balance. Mary would come home to a changed woman.

A few days later, June and Darcy met up again, going to the movies and dinner. It was the first time either of them went to a "premium" theatre that served them their meals while watching the movie. Stopping at a coffee shop on the way home, they talked some more. It was an early night for Darcy, since she had too many things to do tomorrow before work. Darcy drove June home, making sure she went into her building safe, and then drove home uneventfully. Walking into her apartment, Darcy heard her cell phone ring. Pulling it from her back pocket without looking at the number, she was greeted by Mary's voice.

"Hey good looking!" Mary said with a smile in her voice, "I was expecting a text message report from you by now. Everything OK?"

Darcy replied, "Better than I expected. She has no idea you are coming home next weekend. As for the reports, since we have not done anything worthy of a report, I have not sent one."

"Do I hear a tone of regret in your voice, Darcy?" Mary said in mock sarcasm, "I think you are looking for some quality alone time with extended orgasmic experiences thrown in for good measure. You should ask June for a test ride. I suggest the Vet Wrap "T" mummification. Make sure you bring whatever toys you want used, and be prepared for the ride of your life, at least until the next one!"

Darcy replied, "What is "T" mummification? I have never heard of that."

"Neither did I when June introduced it to me," Mary said, "But I never forgot what it was like afterwards. Be prepared for anything, though, as June's imagination sometimes gets the better of her, and you will receive all the imagination she can dish out! I don't want to ruin the surprise, so I am not saying any more."

Darcy thought about what Mary just said and replied, "Well, I have a pretty vivid imagination myself. I think I can keep up with June if I wanted to!"

Trying to goad Darcy into a dare, Mary chose her next words carefully, "Darcy, I can assure you that whatever your mind can think up, June will have either already made that happen or has the tools at home to top it. In fact, I am willing to bet that if June puts you into the "T" mummy wrap that you will be orgasming in less than 5 minutes. There will be no way to prevent anything but total orgasmic overload. Nothing we ever shared together, nothing in your past, and definitely nothing in your imagination can top what this girl thinks up. I will bet you $100 that when your vibrator is turned on, you won't stop orgasming until it is turned off!"

Darcy, knowing how her sexual experiences have been lately (like none), thought it would buffer her from the intensity of anything June could throw at her. Accepting the challenge, she upped the stakes, "If I can last 20 minutes without orgasming, you owe me $200! If I can't last that long, then I owe you $200. June can keep the time, and I will let her know of our bet. This way, June will know exactly what she is up against."

Mary replied, "I am still riding on what little is left of my bonus, and this sounds like a great investment. I'll take that bet!"

"I will expect a text message about that experience soon!" Mary said, adding, "I have to go. Remember to have fun and be safe!"

As Mary put her cell phone away, a devious smile slowly formed as she thought how easy it was to manipulate these two women! Getting ready for bed, Mary kept thinking about June and what she would be doing to Darcy. Moving onto the bed lying next to the turned down covers, Mary felt the urge to fan the flames of her desires. Needing very little help from her fingers, Mary stroked her sex riding out a fabulous orgasm. Sighing, she settled into the covers content that everything was right where it should be.

Darcy said good-bye and wished Mary luck in her training. After hanging up the phone, Darcy tried her best to think of something devious that she would experience in June's care, but could not focus her thoughts enough to give it the proper attention. All she seemed to be able to focus on was when she would see June next and how she would break the news to her.

Darcy decided to let it go for the rest of the weekend. Calling June around 9 am on Monday morning, Darcy invited her to breakfast at the waffle house they ate at a few nights ago. Agreeing that it would be great to get together again, June arrived first and took a booth to wait for Darcy.

Darcy arrived 15 minutes later, cursing the traffic, and June stood to greet her, giving her the best hug she could despite her height disadvantage. When they both sat down, the waitress took their drink and food orders and left. Darcy looked a little nervous and quite fidgety, contrasting her usual cool-as-a-cucumber appearance.

"Is everything all right, Darcy?" June asked, "You look like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!"

"I don't know how to say this, so I am just going to spit it out!" Darcy said, and explained what transpired over the last year. Carefully going over in as much detail as she could, Darcy told June how sexually frustrated she was, how great it felt to be in June's 'safety bondage', and then the bombshell. Darcy told June what Mary and she talked about and what Mary suggested Darcy should experience at June's next sleepover.

"Wow!" June exclaimed, when she heard Darcy detail Mary's suggestion, "I can certainly supply the bondage, but I don't know if you are ready to experience it. Wouldn't you like to warm up a little before getting into something that extreme?"

"Extreme is nothing I haven't experienced before," Darcy retorted, "Give me your best shot, and we'll see who comes out on top!"

Right when June was about to answer Darcy's challenge, their food arrived, limiting their conversation while they ate. This gave June lots of time to formulate a proper response to Darcy throwing the gauntlet down.

Waiting until their table was cleared June smiled and said, "I have something to share with you, too. Mary and I talked about you as well, going so far as to suggest that whenever you come over for a sleepover, I should tie you up, giving me full permission to exact whatever bondage I saw fit to use. We agreed, no sex between you and me, but anything else was game. Mary is a very conniving woman, and I see how Mary is trying to manipulate us both. Far be it for me to disappoint Mary, I think you know all too well what happens if Mary gets disappointed, and I am her lover now. So, I accept your challenge! Your futile attempts to escape will be my pleasure to watch! I have no other option than to do she suggested, no holds barred!"

Darcy's tummy fluttered with the millions of butterflies now swarming, and she felt light-headed as her thoughts turned to being in inescapable bondage going through multiple forced orgasms. June watched Darcy's reaction and waited for Darcy to return from wherever she went.

Finally getting up the courage to speak, Darcy replied, "You know, I was Mary's first lover, and it was me that got Mary interested in bondage. But she was never around as much as I wanted, so I started doing self-bondage. One day, when Mary came home early, she found me tied, gagged, blindfolded, and thoroughly frustrated because the rope holding my vibrator came untied. Trying desperately to get it back into place, I pulled the wrong rope. Instead of pulling the vibrator back into position, I pulled my release knot, which I did not know had been looped over the bedpost during my struggles, trapping me and leaving me unfulfilled."

Darcy continued, "Being no strangers in bed together, Mary took charge and tortured me for several hours, bringing me close to orgasm so many times that I lost count. Then when I thought she was going to untie me leaving me further frustrated, she grabbed my strongest vibe from the bedside drawer and let me have it with both barrels! I never came that hard before. I saw stars for a while, and completely forgot where I was. Mary's voice pulled me back from wherever I drifted off to. A few minutes later, I was untied and we were snuggling. After that day, I made plans to be tied inescapably whenever I knew Mary was coming over, and was never disappointed in the conclusion, but Mary routinely left me frustrated, sometimes for hours. So, you see, I have no fear of what you think you can pull from your hat, I have already experienced far greater than you could ever dish out!"

June smiled, shaking her head slightly and said, "Girl, you have no clue what you are getting yourself into. Be at my place at 8 pm tonight and we will see who the better of us is!"

Darcy agreed, adding, "I will bring my strongest toys. I hope you know how to use them!"

June smiled as they both got up from the table. June grabbed the check saying, "I'll get this and you get the next one, OK?"

Darcy smiled, saying, "Sure. That is very kind of you! I'll leave the tip."

Departing the restaurant together, they each went to their cars, conveniently parked right next to each other. Before June opened her door, she asked Darcy how her toys were powered and if she had enough batteries. Darcy explained that each of her vibes had a small plug, like a headphone jack, in the end so that the wires could be threaded through and around clothing and binds, then plugged to the battery control when everything was ready. She had some batteries, but they were not that great. June told her she had something at her apartment that would work just fine. Satisfied that the arrangements were settled, both women got into their cars and drove home.

When June arrived at home, she nearly sprinted to her apartment. She already had the plan put together on how she would bind Darcy. What had to do is get the playroom ready. The first thing she needed to do is clear out the far corner of the room. This was the suspension area of the playroom, but when it is not being used, other things like the bondage chair and the gynecological exam table sat here, which now needed to be moved out of the way. Everything was mounted on lockable heavy duty casters making the task easy for June.

Now that the floor area was clear of obstructions, she went to the storage closet and retrieved the nine foam rubber floor pads. She found these at Home Depot. They locked together like puzzle pieces and when laid out created a great soft area for extended play. June had even fallen asleep on the padded floor once. Checking the remote for the winch bolted to the ceiling, June lowered the cable until the hook rested on the pads. She carefully ran her hands over the very flexible and strong braided steel cable checking for broken steel threads. The way the cable was braided prevented "coiling" of the cable when it was not under tension, making set-up of the suspensions easy.

Satisfied that the cable was undamaged and not showing any signs of wear, she verified that the hook was lying in the center of the center pad. Looking over where the edges of the pad ended, June saw that everything was in its proper place. Pressing the button on the remote, June placed the remote on the bondage chair and waited for the hook to move all the way up. When the hook was pulled up into the guide rollers, the rollers pushed into the safety-stop switch, halting the winch's strong motor.

Pleased that the winch was working perfectly, June continued to collect what she would need for Darcy's extended and extreme bondage situation. The vet wrap that Mary suggested had been replaced by a less expensive version, cohesive wrap. It worked just the same, came in more colors than the vet wrap, and was easy to purchase by the case. June always kept at least 6 cases in the closet, two of each of her favorite colors for wrapping, Dark Green, Black, and of course Purple! Taking the two cases of Black, she carried them to the pads and set them down. The final things she would need were the ankle suspension cuffs and the torso sling.

These suspension cuffs were really designed well. When the ankle and foot were strapped into the cuff, it wrapped securely around the ankle and holds the foot and ankle without slipping. The suspension ring, a metal triangle shaped piece, was at the center of the sole of each foot with two heavily stitched straps coming from either side of the main cuff. This was great for extended suspensions since there was no unnatural pressure put on the foot or ankle. The heavily padded main cuff also featured two D-Rings on either side of the cuff for other tie down options. The outer D-Ring of either cuff would support the torso swing's 3 leather straps on the corresponding side. The final piece of the suspension puzzle was the little bar her shop teacher friend designed and made expressly for this kind of suspension.

The bar was 6 inches wide and featured a ring welded in the middle of the top side of the bar for the winch hook. The ends of the bar had special quick-release latches that were hanging from their own welded rings. The latches would hold one cuff each, keeping the ankle cuffs close but not touching. June remembered the first time she was suspended by the cuffs with the winch. When the cuffs were attached to the winch hook and she was pulled up, the cuffs were pulled together severely and crushingly crossed her feet, making her ankles hurt not long after. What could have been a great long suspension experience quickly turned into too much pain to take, and Mary had to release her before any real play had started.

When the three straps from each side of the sling were snapped onto the outer D-Rings of each cuff, the sling was supported by the cuffs, further maximizing comfort of the suspension. Since the cuffs took all the weight, and not the person's ankles, there was no strain or possibility of injury from extended suspensions. Normally, June would employ wrist cuffs for arm restraint, locking them to the ankle cuffs preventing self release. The mummification would take care of that problem.

Looking over everything laid out, June saw the one thing missing, a gag. She decided to leave that part until later when she could talk to Darcy more about her comfort zone with gags, and if she had a preference. After all, June wanted her victim to be as comfortable as possible before she tortured her mercilessly! Satisfied everything was in place June moved to the bathroom and concentrated on making herself beautiful.

After working herself into a nice long hot bath, taking extra care to shave everything normally hairless to a very satisfying smooth and slick condition, June found her sex to be very sensitive to touch, more so than usual. Looking down carefully, she saw her labia were already engorged, and the inner lips protruded like petals of a flower, bright pink and begging for attention. If she was wearing her tight spandex pants, June was sure she would be sporting a proud camel-toe. She knew she was excited about tonight, but her body was giving her hints it was more than the usual anticipation. Taking a slow tour of her thoughts about tonight, the only thing she could come up with to explain her level of arousal was that she was playing with someone else, and not Mary. The unknown factor of Darcy's participation in tonight's festivities was teasing all her senses and making it hard to think about anything else. Darcy would be the only person June had played with other than Mary, since Before Mary and June became lovers.

Hearing her cell phone alarm clock chime, she knew it was 6 pm. Opening the drain of the tub, June stepped out and dried off well under the heat lamps. When she was sure everything was dry, June walked towards the playroom walk-in closet to get dressed for the night.

Now, June's critical side came into play, attempting to ruin her experience before it started. June thought to herself, "What if I give Darcy something that she totally hates? What if I go too far? Will Darcy hate me? Will I lose her as a friend forever?"

Nearly in a panic, June ran to her room and opened the music box. Hearing the melody instantly calmed her. Once her thoughts settled, June was able to step through how she would bind Darcy, what she planned to do, and how long she would keep Darcy that way. Moving through her mind's eye, June saw that the only things Darcy would experience were comfortable suspension bondage, tight mummification, and never ending orgasms. What was the harm in that? Besides, Darcy practically begged June to do it. Whatever the future holds tonight, June knew what she had to do and how to get it done. She was calm and certain that her plan was flawless.

Ready for Darcy, June placed the music box back on the nightstand and closed the lid, returning to the closet to get dressed. First, her favorite pantyhose body suit. When she pulled it out of the drawer, she giggled at its size, as she always did. At first glance, it looked like it would fit a doll, and not a human. Holding the sheer body hose up, as if it were standing on the built in feet, the neck of the garment barely reached mid-thigh. Carefully spreading out the neck, June began bunching up the fabric. When she reached the open crotch area, she continued gathering the fabric, concentrating on the left leg. When she had collected enough of the fabric to insert her foot into the leg of the garment, she slid it in and pulled up slowly smoothing and guiding the hose up her left leg. Stopping just above the knee, she repeated the process for her right leg.

Smoothing and coaxing the ultra stretchy suit up to her hips, June stopped to straighten the legs and adjust the crotch area for maximum comfort. Satisfied that the suit was positioned right where she wanted it, June began working the suit up her torso. When the fabric was just under her arms, she placed her right elbow through the neck opening, then her left, working the suit up over her shoulders and onto her neck. When the seam joining the left and right parts of the torso was straight up and down, June worked her arms into the sleeves. Pulling wherever she needed, the sleeves were soon straight and without wrinkles. A final adjustment where the fabric ran under her arms and her pantyhose body suit was perfect.

Running her hands over the tight fabric, June loved how every touch was amplified. Her nipples, usually not very sensitive because she hardly wore bras (the gentle swaying of her breasts as she walked moved her nipples across the fabric, causing them to always be hard at first, and after a while lose some sensitivity). She read somewhere that if she started wearing bras more, their sensitivity would return. But the attention she received from her tight shirts accentuating her firm breasts was worth the trade-off of sensitivity. Right now, with the silky fabric of the body suit caressing her breasts, her nipples were rock hard. There was no doubt she loved the feel of the body suit.

Pausing to look in the full length mirror, she marveled at her perfect little body. Remembering what Darcy told her about preferring June's body style to her own, June had to agree. Everything June had was just the right size. Turning to look at her back, her butt did not have the usual cleft showing because of the tight fabric and the crotch opening. Bending over, June found the view she was looking for, her beautiful, perfectly shaped butt. Giving her butt a light slap she hollered, "You go girl!"

The next part of her outfit was a regular Lycra leotard with a zippered back. This suit had no crotch opening and built in shorts. Her body suit was jet black. This contrasted well with the leotard's bright purple color. Pulling on tight opera-style Lycra gloves, which were also the color of her leotard, she carefully coaxed and smoothed the thin stretchy fabric until it looked like they were painted on. The last part of her outfit was shoes that took her two months to save up for. These shoes, also bright purple and nearly matching the color of the leotard, had six inch heels. The reason for their cost was the way they were built. The sole of the shoe had a metal reinforced plate which attached the heel making them nearly unbreakable. They had a lifetime guarantee which would replace the shoes if they ever broke.

The straps, which criss-crossed her foot and ankle like extra wide laces, held her foot securely. The straps continued their crossed pattern behind then in front of her calves to tie just below the knees with a bow. When she walked, June never felt unsteady. This drove other women mad since their ankles and shoes wobbled when they walked. June remembered reading men liked that wobbly look, since it made women seem more vulnerable. The confident and steady walk June enjoyed gave her the ability to really saunter well. She loved to tease the boys, and said aloud, "Marilyn Monroe, eat your heart out!"

Taking one last look at her outfit, June was incredibly pleased with how well everything fit. Ready for the night, June moved to the kitchen for a light snack before Darcy arrived. She glanced at the clock seeing it was 7:15 pm. June's heart pumped a little faster as she felt the little tease of adrenaline from her thoughts of tonight's plans, and how close they were. Closing her eyes and steadying herself, June took a deep breath and forced herself to relax.

Turning to the dishes from her snack, she deposited them into the dishwasher. Making sure everything was clean and neat again, June walked to the couch to sit and wait for Darcy. As she turned to sit, June's doorbell rang, making her jump.

"Well, she's early!" June commented to no one in particular, and moved to the door. Peeking through the peep-hole, June confirmed it was Darcy and opened the door.

Seeing June's outfit, Darcy just stood there in awe at the gorgeous woman standing before her. Rubbing her eyes, Darcy did a double-take at what she was seeing. June watched, pleased with the effect she had on Darcy, and smiled.

"Well, do you want to come in, or are you going to stand out there all night?" June asked teasingly, adding "You might want to close your mouth before something poops on your tongue!"

Willing herself to move, Darcy took one unsure step after another until she was far enough into the apartment for June to close the door. Darcy automatically took off her shoes, placing them on the mat next to June's.

Turning towards June as she stood back up, Darcy came face to face with June. June placed her hands on Darcy's shoulders and guided her to the couch, walking backwards the whole way, never taking her eyes off Darcy's.

When June had Darcy sitting, June faced Darcy placing her fists on her hips and said, "OK, here are the ground rules. One, your bondage will be complete and inescapable. Once we start, no turning back, and no release from that bondage until I want to. Only an emergency will garner early release. I have two special safety knives for that."

June held up one of the white plastic handles for Darcy to examine. She saw that the handle was heavy and looked very strong. In the end of the tool, there was a blade embedded in such a way that it resembled a letter opener. June explained that the modified knife was capable of cutting through most anything up to a thickness of ½ inch. More than capable of cutting through what Darcy would be wrapped in.

"Two," June said, "Do you want to be gagged and do you expect to breathe through your gag?"

Darcy wasn't thinking a gag would be used, and told June so. "But now that you mention it, yes, I would like a gag. I never have problems breathing with gags since every ball gag I have found never fills my mouth."

Giggling a little, June replied, "Yes, you do have a big mouth! It suits you well, and your face would look funny with a small mouth. Your lips are bee-stung and always perfectly plump, like ripe cherries. I can see where a ball gag would not fill your mouth completely. Is that what you want, complete stuffing of your mouth? I do have several gags that would accomplish that. The other question is, with your mouth properly stuffed, do you want to be able to breathe through your mouth, or only your nose?"

Darcy said, "I definitely want the fully stuffed experience, but since this is my first time being gagged like that, I would want the ability to breathe through my mouth, too. What did you have in mind?"

Smiling with an evil grin, June said, "I will save that for a surprise!"

June then asked, "Final questions before moving on to the last ground rule. Do you have any health problems I need to be aware of, like asthma, claustrophobia, fear of falling, or anything else I should know before we begin?"

Darcy replied, "No, I don't have any of those problems. I can't think of anything else except for my bet with Mary."

"What bet?" June asked.

"Well," Darcy said, "Mary bet me that I would not last five minutes after my vibes started before I would have my first orgasm. I doubled the bet, sure that I could last 20 minutes. If I last, she owes me $200, if not, she gets the money."

"The plot thickens!" June said with a smile, "Well, that is something I can definitely keep track of. I even have an electronic kitchen timer. I'll set it for 20 minutes just to be sure you know when the time is up!"

Darcy smiled glad for June's ability to supply perfectly tailored solutions to every detail.

June said, "Three, my final ground rule. We have to come up with safe words that you can use to let me know when you are close to having a problem, and when a real problem exists. Think of a yellow light and a red light. Since you will be thoroughly gagged, words will be useless, so I think a sound would work well. How about three short loud grunts for caution and three long grunts for stop?"

Darcy thought about that for a moment, then said, "Wow, I never used safe words before, I never really needed them."

Making three short grunts and then three long grunts, Darcy looked to June for acceptance. June acknowledged that the sounds were good, and different enough to easily tell the difference. June cautioned Darcy that the safe words would have to be tested again after her gagging to be sure they would work.

June said, "Now that the 'legal' stuff is out of the way, let me see what you brought."

Carefully emptying the contents of her gym bag, Darcy revealed a pair of latex shorts, three vibrators with their individual battery control units, a small tube of lube, and what looked like to June as a small balloon. With those items, Darcy had brought several clothing items with little rips or tears in them, and it was obvious to June that they were from other playtimes. June told Darcy that she would be naked for the mummification, and no clothing would be needed.

Picking up the balloon shaped object, June asked inquisitively, "What is this for?"

Darcy replied, "That is a rubber sleeve that can be placed over my vaginal vibe to cover the nubs if someone is sensitive to those kinds of things. I have never used it, but I keep it because it is part of the set."

Darcy picked up the vaginal vibe and stretched the sleeve over it with the small opening at the cord end. June was amazed at the sheer size of the vibrator, and the sleeve made it appear even more so.

"I could never fit that into me," June exclaimed, "It is just too big!"

Darcy gave out a comical sigh and replied, "Well, I am looking for a bigger one. Let me know if you find one!"

"Why the latex panties, Darcy," June asked next, giggling, "You planning on making a mess?"

Darcy turned the panties inside-out, which June now saw were more like bike shorts, and showed June the strategically placed holes for the vibe cords for vaginal and anal play, and an interesting little pouch with rubbery tendrils and little balls on their ends.

"This part," Darcy explained, "is the most stimulating part of the design. These little nubs find their way into every nook and cranny of my clit and drive me wild. With the vibe in place, it is even more intense because the added pressure from the vibe's shape pushes those little balls of rubber even deeper. As a favor to me, would you please turn this vibe on last? I don't think I have any hope of lasting 5 minutes with this one going."

June agreed to turn it on last. Thinking of one more question to ask Darcy she asked, "Have you ever worn a neck brace before? When I wrap your neck and head, I want to make it as tight, but as comfortable as possible. Using a neck brace allows for that and protects your neck from compression, making sure the only reason you will pass out is from exhaustion or orgasm overload."

Darcy shook her head "no" and replied, "I have never used one before. This is quickly becoming more than I thought it would. Are you sure I will be safe?"

June smiled with mirth in her eyes and said, "Are you trying to back out? I have no problem with stopping now if you want to do that, but I assure you there is no threat to your safety here. Everything has been thoroughly tested. The winch that will lift you is rated for 1500 pounds. You, Mary and I could all be lifted with this thing and it would not even strain itself. The rest of the suspension equipment is of the highest quality and is always inspected before use. I take great pride in knowing my toys are in top-notch condition. You will not be in any danger. This I promise!"

"No, no," Darcy said, "I am not trying to back out, but I think I finally understand what Mary told me, that what I could think up is nothing compared to what your imagination can bring to the table. I am stunned at the preparation and the thoroughness of your sessions and glad for it too. Knowing now how much time and energy you put into this, I have no problem submitting to your ministrations!"

With that, June smiled and said, "OK, let's begin!"


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