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June’s Self Bondage Mistake 8

by ChgoBinder

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© Copyright 2011 - ChgoBinder - Used by permission

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continued from part 7

Part Eight

June asked Darcy to get undressed while she retrieved the first part of her mummification, the black Coflex bandages. June brought both boxes with her and set them on the couch next to Darcy.

"I see you are ready!" June said with mirth in her voice, "I'll wrap your legs first."

Opening one of the boxes of bandages, June pulled the first roll out, peeled the plastic off, found the starting edge, and pulled about 3 feet off the roll.

"I am going to wrap your left leg first, starting at the top of your thigh. Please stand up and spread your legs out. Keep your stance about three feet wide."

"Yes, that's it, perfect!" June said as Darcy complied with her request, "I love your shapely legs. So smooth, just a hint of muscular definition, in no way cut like a bodybuilder, which makes them look all the more sexier! When I wrap Mary up this high, I have to fight to keep the wrap from rolling down her thigh. With you, it stays right where I leave it. Much easier, and it will make the wrapping more comfortable for you."

Darcy thanked June for the compliment saying, "I love my legs too! I work hard to keep them sexy, but at my age, keeping anything sexy is hard work!"

"Well my dear," June giggled, "You make it look easy!"

June continued wrapping down Darcy's leg, using up the first roll right above her knee. Pulling the second roll from the box, June continued her wrapping and ended the second roll at the middle of Darcy's calf. The third roll would cover the rest of Darcy's leg including her complete foot. Taking care to wrap the toes well without undue compression, June ended the third roll at Darcy's ankle.

Darcy looked at her left leg, then her right, and back again, amazed at the color difference. Her wrapped leg was jet black, and her right leg, although tanned nicely, stood out in contrast as if she had two different legs. She watched June pull another roll from the box and start wrapping where she left off.

Darcy asked, "Isn't that overkill? My leg is already wrapped. Don't waste the wrap, it looks expensive!"

June replied, "Double wrapping everywhere makes the wrap more even, prevents seams from opening up where the overlaps are, and makes everything much more evenly colored. Right now, your beautiful skin is showing through the wrap because it is porous. This also makes it the perfect wrap to go over someone's face. Their head can be completely wrapped without making breathing difficult. You'll see what I mean later!"

Darcy acquiesced, and allowed June to continue her wrapping, noting that June was taking great care to make it as smooth and flawless as possible. When June finished the final roll on Darcy's left leg, wrapping at the top of her thigh twice to run out the end, June moved to Darcy's right leg, repeating the slow but expert wrapping, just as tight and even as her left, Darcy thought. Both legs felt equally compressed, which Darcy commented on.

June replied, "That was my desired effect. If something is too tight, or one side is tighter than the other, it can cause discomfort, or even pain, and that is not what I am trying to accomplish today. I want you as comfortable as possible. Please let me know if you feel anything not even or too tight. I will loosen or re-wrap any part as needed."

Darcy acknowledged June's request agreeing to let her know the moment anything felt out of place. Finishing Darcy's right leg, June moved on to Darcy's arms.

"Now for this part of the wrapping, I am going to start the same way, up by the top of your arms, just under the shoulder. When I get to your hand, I want you to hold one of these." June pointed to the coffee table and directed Darcy's gaze to two foam balls. "With these, you will make a fist, squeezing the balls as much as possible into your hand. This will make wrapping your hands easier, and I will not have to wrap them tightly, just enough to keep you from opening your hand."

"Sure, anything you say, June. You are the driver and I am just here for the ride. It's funny, though, I thought the balls would be black too, but they are purple."

"Yeah, I couldn't find any black ones. Purple is my favorite color, so they worked out nicely. Let's get your left arm wrapped!"

June stood in front of Darcy and asked her to hold her arm out straight and over June's shoulder. June started wrapping just like she did with Darcy's legs, using up one full roll as she neared her wrist. Grabbing the foam ball, and the next roll of wrap, June gave the ball to Darcy and watched her make a tight fist, amazed that no part of the ball could be seen. Starting the roll, June wrapped from Darcy's wrist down around her closed fist lightly but completely, making sure to double wrap every part of Darcy's hand. Completing the final few turns around her hand, June ended the roll about mid forearm.

June asked Darcy, "How is that, too tight or just right?"

Darcy replied, "I thought my hand would be wrapped tighter than this, but I can't open my hand at all. So I would say it's perfect!"

"That's good," June Replied, "if it felt tight now, later it would be crushing your hand, making things very uncomfortable and maybe even scene ending. As you wriggle your fingers in the wrap, the ball will expand a little to keep things snug. I'll finish up your left arm, and then take care of your right."

June grabbed the next roll and finished wrapping Darcy's arm overlapping right at the starting point. Using her safety knife, June cut the wrap leaving about half the roll unused. Moving to Darcy's right side, Darcy dropped her left arm and raised her right in the same way. June used the half roll first, then used two more rolls to wrap Darcy's arm completely.

June asked, "OK, how is that? Feel the same, different, or is anything too tight?"

Darcy replied, "No, nothing too tight, and both arms feel equally snug. Both my hands are useless but not so loose that I feel like I could get free, and not so tight that I am losing circulation. You are a pro at this. You should be a nurse or something!"

"Mary is the nurse, remember, and I learned everything I know from her, at least the wrapping stuff!" June giggled, smiling at Darcy. Darcy returned June's smile warmly.

"Now we move on to your torso. Oh crap! I forgot to let you put in your vibes! With your hands wrapped, you are not getting them in at all. I will have to unwrap your hands and let you finish that."

"No," Darcy said, "You do it. I don't need the shorts. Can't you do some wrapping magic and get them up where they need to be? I trust you. I know you are not going to hurt me. Just remember the lube!"

June replied, "OK, I can do that. Plus, I will be able to adjust the wires to right where I want them without the shorts getting in the way. OK, should your toys be washed first?"

Darcy thanked June for asking, and requested that they be washed before use. Going to the Master Bath, June used the special toy soap she loved to use. She found this at Lover's Lane of all places, but it was the best soap ever for toys. Made from BGSE, Bio-Enhanced Grapefruit Seed Extract, the manufacturer promised excellent cleaning and anti-bacterial properties without damaging latex, rubber, silicone, or any other materials.

June returned with the still wet toys and asked, "OK, which one first, anal or vaginal?"

Darcy said nothing and bent over, pointing her shapely butt at June. June noticed that both targets were available and equally beautiful and inviting. Deciding to surprise Darcy, she lubed up the area with a few well placed squirts of lube, and one that "just got away" leaving the lube to drip down Darcy's right ass cheek. Leaving the clit vibe hanging by its cord around her left pinky, June started the other two vibes together, slowly pressing at their respective openings, then backing off a little, allowing them to ease into place.

As June felt the vaginal vibe slip up into her pussy, seemingly already quite wet, Darcy gasped a little and said, "Make sure it is all the way in, pressed up by my G-Spot please. You'll have to use your fingers to get it in the right spot."

June did as Darcy requested feeling the knobby vibe slide into place. June felt Darcy hug her fingers with her strong pussy muscles, and smiled saying, "Giving my hand a hug?"

"Well," Darcy said, giggling, "How else can I thank you for a job well done?"

Just as Darcy gave June's little hand a hug, the other vibe slipped into place making Darcy shudder with pleasure.

"Oh how I love anal play! I could cum right now if you just moved it in an out! Please, make me cum!"

June started to do as Darcy asked, watching her reaction and listening to her breathing. Right when she thought Darcy would explode, June pushed the vibe home, and stopped.

"NO!" Darcy screamed, "Don't stop, please! I was almost there!"

Reaching behind herself, Darcy tried to grasp the vibe and could not. June's wrappings were too well done. Desperate, Darcy tried to push on the vibe's wide base to get any stimulation she could, but realized it was futile. Darcy was not going to orgasm until June was good and ready to give it to her.

Sighing, Darcy stood up straight, turned around and said, "I am ready for the next part, ma'am."

June said quite matter-of-factly, "You are the wrapee, I am the wrapper. I am the one in control, not you. You will learn that I give you permission to orgasm. You don't have a right to it; it is my privilege to give to you. Right now I am in a different giving mode, one of continuing to wrap your too sexy body!"

Darcy said in an apologetic voice, "Yes, ma'am. I am sorry for taking liberties. It won't happen again!"

"Good!" June replied, "If it does, you will be punished! Do you understand?"

Only nodding in agreement, afraid to open her mouth and give away her secret, Darcy tried to remain calm and not give June any hint of how she felt when she heard the word punishment. June saw Darcy blush, from the tips of her ears and the top of her forehead right to the cleft of her generous breasts, Darcy was flushed and June instantly knew why, although she gave no hint that she knew. Darcy hoped that June would punish her and at the same time hoped that June didn't realize what a turn on it was for her. Being spanked at any time during her 20 minute bet would instantly cause her to lose all control. She hated that it was so easy for her to cum when spanked. Darcy didn't know why, but it was an extreme turn-on for her. Not lots of pain, only enough to make her ample butt turn bright pink. Just thinking of it made Darcy gush with pleasure, and June could see Darcy's love juice dripping from her engorged pussy lips.

"Having too much fun already?" June asked playfully, running her finger across Darcy's pussy lips, drawing it ever-so-slowly from the back to the front, picking up as much of Darcy's love nectar as she could.

June held it up for Darcy to see and said, "I think my finger is all wet, dry it for me!"

Darcy nearly lunged at June's finger, taking it into her mouth and wrapping her luscious lips around June's finger.

Sucking it dry, Darcy asked, "Is that good enough, ma'am?"

June replied, "I think you did very well. Almost too eager, though. We'll have to do something about that. Put your hands on top of your head, and I'll wrap your torso."

Darcy obeyed and June continued her wrapping. Starting from just below Darcy's armpits, June wrapped just like she did with Darcy's legs, not too tight, but evenly spaced and snug. When June got to Darcy's breasts, she decided not to do a figure eight wrap, opting instead to start from the bottom of her heavy breasts wrapping up to the top where she left off. Seeing that Darcy's breasts were held firmly, June asked Darcy to take a deep breath and hold it, and June wrapped from the bottom to the top of her breasts again, pulling a little tighter than before.

June asked, "OK, drop your arms to your sides. How does that feel?"

Darcy replied, "It feels like the bras I sleep in, tight and supportive without crushing my chest. It feels good!"

"Excellent!" Mary exclaimed, "Then I will finish wrapping your torso."

June had already used 4 rolls to wrap Darcy torso, and expected to use another 4-5. That would finish the first box, she thought, leaving plenty for the "T" wrap and suspension. Continuing from under Darcy's breasts, June wrapped quickly as this was the most stable part of Darcy's body. When she reached Darcy's hips, she wrapped down until the torso wrapping was about 4 inches away from the leg wrapping.

Stopping there, June informed Darcy she would now wrap her torso in a "V" shape to make sure her toys stayed in place. Pressing the beginning of the roll on Darcy's tummy, June pulled the wrap down in-between her legs and up Darcy's back, going over her left shoulder. Continuing to wrap this way, she was able to go over Darcy's right shoulder twice and her left shoulder once more.

Ending the wrap as she rounded Darcy's left shoulder, June asked, "How is that? No too tight on your shoulders, is it?"

"Not at all," Darcy replied, "It feels wonderful! How are you going to put the clitty vibe in?"

"Like this!" June replied, pulling the "V" part of the wrap up away from Darcy's sex.

June knew the vibe was in the right spot when Darcy cooed and shifted her hips slightly to wriggle her sex, attempting to get enough stimulation to cum again.

Letting the stretchy fabric snap back into place as she withdrew her hand June said, "You are incorrigible! You are begging to be punished, aren't you?"

"No ma'am!" Darcy exclaimed, "I was just trying to help you get it into the best position. Honest!"

"Right," June said mockingly, "Gyrating your hips on the vibe and my hand was just to better position the vibe. I see what you are trying to do. It's not my fault you like this so much. Too much, I think. But I can't punish you yet the wrapping is not done yet!"

Darcy heard the word yet and almost lost it right there. Without realizing it, Darcy shouted, "Oh yes, I am a bad girl! Punish me, Mistress!"

Blushing fiercely, Darcy tried to explain that it was a mistake, but June would hear none of it.

"Stop talking now!" June exclaimed, "You really like getting yourself into trouble! Besides, calling me Mistress just upped the ante. I was going to wait to punish you until after your 20 minute bet time, but now I am going to use all three vibes on you, from the start, no waiting for the clitty vibe like I promised. Any more outbursts from you or any further attempts to get yourself off before the bet starts, and I will add the Hitachi Magic Wand to your clit vibe!"

Darcy lowered her head and said, "Yes ma'am."

Reaching behind Darcy, June spanked Darcy's left butt cheek as hard as she could and said, "What happened to mistress? Why was I suddenly demoted? Do you like to piss me off?"

Darcy jumped from the sharp pain of the slap, saying, "No ma'am, I mean (SMACK) OW! June, why are you being so mean? (SMACK) OK, OK, I am sorry Mistress! Please let me make it up to you!" (SMACK)

June stopped spanking Darcy's bright pink butt cheek and said, "I am not being mean, just giving you the punishment you deserve. You brought the word Mistress into this, so I am holding you to that. Pray that I don't hold you to anything else!"

As solemnly as she could say, Darcy said, "Yes, ma'am, I mean Mistress, I mean, oh shit. I don't know what I mean!"

June moved to Darcy's right side and gave her 4 hard slaps on her right butt cheek saying, "I think you should stop talking right now before you find yourself in more hot water!"

Darcy had tears running down her cheeks. Reeling from the pain, the pleasure of being spanked, and the domination by this little woman, Darcy was beside herself with her conflicting emotions. Only nodding this time, Darcy remained quiet.

"Good!" June exclaimed, "Now we can continue your wrapping."

Without saying a word, Darcy raised her arms to give June all the room she would need.

Adjusting the wires from the vibes, June aligned the cords where she needed them to be. She then wrapped from where the wrap ended back up Darcy's torso until she reached the top. Asking Darcy to lower her arms, June waited for Darcy to let her know if anything was too tight, pinching, or otherwise uncomfortable. Darcy shook her head no and smiled. June smiled and told Darcy to pick up the unopened box of wrap and follow her into the playroom.

"I'm sorry, Mistress, what playroom?" Darcy said, confused.

"That's right," June said, "I never gave you the 10 cent tour, did I? Well, I live it a three bedroom apartment with two bedrooms on the left, adjoined by the bathroom that you have used before, and a third Master Bedroom suite that I converted into a playroom. Everything that Mary and I have collected for bondage is in there."

June commanded Darcy, saying, "Place the box of wrap on the floor by the exam table, then lay on the table in the usual position I am sure you are familiar with!"

Darcy entered the Master Suite and stopped, amazed at the variety of devices in the room. She saw the bondage bed, the straight backed chair with lots of leather straps, the spanking bench, and the exam table in the middle of some heavy foam pads you might see in someone's workshop.

June saw Darcy's mouth fall open and gave her a moment to let it all sink in, and then said, "Let's go, I haven't got all day!"

"Yes mistress!" Darcy said, and hurried next to the exam table. "Is that the desk from the movie Secretary, mistress?"

"Not the very one, but a replica," June replied, "the original one was not something Mary and I could afford, so we contacted a friend who owned their own furniture shop. She was able to find this model, the very style used in the movie, and we bought it for a steal, just $300.00! As you can see, some modifications were made to the desk and chair."

Darcy wanted to look over the desk more closely, but decided that could wait for another day since there were more pressing matters to attend to.

Placing the box next to the exam table, Darcy said, "What would you like for me to do next, mistress?"

June pointed to the floor and said commandingly, "I don't want you lying yet. Kneel here on the padded area, and wait for my return!"

Darcy immediately did as she was told and watched June walk away towards a large walk-in closet. A few moments later, June returned with three things, some kind of control box, a plastic disposable neck brace, and a black strappy gas mask thing that looked like it came right out of a horror movie.

Stopping in front of Darcy, June said, "This is your gag. It is all that I promised, and a little bit more."

Turning it over so Darcy could see inside, June pointed out the inflatable gag with the breathing tube in its center. June explained that the gag would be inflated after all the straps were tightened down. She then pointed out the small hole in the tube, right under where Darcy's nose would go. This was so that Darcy could breathe through her nose if she needed to. The edge of the mask was lined with a thick, hollow latex seal, completely form fitting. When the straps were tightened, the mask would be sealed to her face.

June said, "I will put the neck brace on first, get it set, and then wrap your shoulders, neck, and head. You will not be able to move your head at all after I finish wrapping it. I will leave your face open until after I put your gag into place. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress!" Darcy replied, "I am ready."

June placed the gag and the control box on the exam table and moved back to stand behind Darcy. June asked her to raise her chin slightly and placed the brace around Darcy's neck. Snapping the brace's locking tabs into place, June checked to be sure the brace was in the right spot and not too tight. Satisfied with the position of the brace, June confirmed with Darcy that it was not too restrictive for her breathing and it did not pinch anywhere.

June proceeded to wrap Darcy's shoulders in a figure eight motion until she was near her neck, then switched to straight wrapping around the neck brace making sure it was nice and snug. June was already on roll three when she started wrapping Darcy's head. Carefully wrapping all over her head, June was able to draw her head down and the brace up just enough that the neck brace's upper support area under Darcy's chin and the back of her head were pulled up snuggly, pinning her head into the brace's unrelenting grip.

Standing back, June asked, "What do you think? Can you move your head at all?"

"No, Mistress," Darcy replied, "I cannot move it at all! You have done an excellent job wrapping me so far. I have no discomfort anywhere, and yet I am pretty much helpless."

Smiling, June picked up the gag and asked, "Is there any final words you have to say before I put this on you? Speech will be impossible after this."

"Only that I am deeply sorry for making you mad earlier. I see how much preparation and time you spent putting me into this bondage. I am grateful that you care so much for my safety and my comfort. I have had a few relationships in the past where the guys I was dating were very mean to me and told me any discomfort I was feeling was part of the bondage. I should just get used to it. But I see now that it doesn't need to be that way. Thank you, Mistress, for everything!"

"My pleasure, Darcy," June replied, "It is worth the effort to me if I can make you feel the way you do now. I will place the gag on your face, and then tighten up the straps. When they are nice and tight, I will then inflate the gag. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Mistress," Darcy said with a shy smile, not knowing what she was about to experience, but sure that June would be careful with her.

Darcy opened her mouth and accepted the deflated rubber bulb, allowing it to settle over her tongue. Darcy watched June walk behind her, pulling and smoothing the straps of the gag-mask around her head. She felt the rubber straps fall into place one at a time, being adjusted and straightened around her wrapped head. When June was satisfied the straps were all in the right place and snapped into the back plate, she started pulling the straps tight.

Darcy heard the straps pull tight, hearing a zipping sound not unlike a seal closing on a freezer bag. As each strap was tightened, Darcy felt a small part of her control slipping away. She was already mostly helpless, but the gag being tightened intensified that feeling. When the final strap was pulled tight, Darcy was already breathing hard, not from any inability to breathe, but from her fear and excitement boiling up from someplace she did not know existed in her before.

June heard Darcy's breathing intensify, and as she walked around to face her she asked, "Darcy, everything OK? It's not too tight, is it?"

Darcy shook her head no and replied in the best speech she could make from her masked and partially gagged mouth, "I am OK. Please continue, Mistress"

"Last chance to back out verbally," June said with a wry grin, "Say go or no-go."

Darcy replied with go, and June closed the valve on the inflation bulb and started pumping up the gag, carefully watching Darcy's response as well as her cheeks. June wanted to see Darcy's cheeks distend a little before she would consider the gag fully inflated. Every second pump, June would ask Darcy go or no-go, and Darcy replied go until after the eighth pump when Darcy tried to say go, but was only able to give a muffled moan. June squeezed the bulb two more times and then let the inflation bulb drop.

"Now I am going to test the seal on your gag. I am going to hold my thumb over the tube. I want you to take a deep breath, and when you have it, I will cover your tube. I want you to exhale as hard as you can, then take in a deep breath. Ready?"

Darcy did not reply, only took her deep breath and watched June grasp the tube in her right hand, make a fist around the end of the tube, and cover the opening with her thumb. Darcy exhaled as hard as she could, finding it easy to push the air out as it moved out from under the mask's seal. Completing her exhale, Darcy then tried to take in a breath, and found nothing. No air could get in, and Darcy tried to shake her head to get any air, but the neck brace prevented any movement so there was none to be had. Looking at June, Darcy gave a look of panic that June saw with glee.

Not wanting to put Darcy into a full-blown panic attack, June released the hose and said, "Gagged well enough for you, my dear?"

Darcy tried to say "Yes Mistress!" but no words could be formed. She tried to say anything, but the inflated rubber ball prevented her from making anything but muted moans and grunting. Darcy had never been so well gagged in her life, and it was a turn on that she did not expect. She thought the gagging would interfere with her pleasure, but it was amplifying it!

June smiled and said, "OK, now that the gagging is complete, let's get you suspended!"

Darcy froze hearing suspended. She heard June talk of suspension in the living room, but thought that it would be for future bondage, not this one. She looked up into Junes eyes and gave her best puppy dog eyes and pleadingly moaned to not be suspended.

"Not a chance, my dear!" June said with mirth, "I told you to consider working up to this, and you said you were ready for anything I could dish out. Stand up!"

Darcy complied, and if she could hang her head low with shame, her chin would be touching her chest, but the neck brace took any chance of that happening away. Standing was more difficult that she expected without the ability to move her head. Darcy's balance was off a little, but not so much that she needed help. Turning to face the table, Darcy saw the leather sheet with three straps on each side, and the heavily padded leather cuffs. Sighing, she moved to the table and sat on the end, using her wrapped hands to push herself back until her knees were touching the end of the padded table. Lying back, she raised her legs and waited for June to deploy the stirrups.

June did not pull them out, opting instead to tell Darcy, "Let your knees touch your chest and lie still while I go get the stool."

Darcy folded her legs up so that her knees were touching just under her tightly wrapped breasts, letting her calves lie on her thighs, and waited for June's return.

June returned with a padded stool from the breakfast nook and placed it about two feet away from the end of the table. Helping Darcy to slide, June placed her rump on the edge of the stool making sure that both Darcy and the stool were stable.

"Now, I am going to wrap your thighs," June said, "I need you to hold your feet up in the air. Yes, that's where I want you to keep them. I am going to wrap your thighs a little tighter than the rest of your wrapping, and with two more layers that any other part of your body. This is for two reasons. One, you have very strong legs, and I don't want your legs getting loose before I want them to. Two, because of the position you will be in, I need your legs to be very stable and capable of supporting your weight if needed. Before we start, let's test your grunt warning system!"

Darcy made the agreed upon sounds, and June acknowledged they were understandable and easy to tell apart. June then grabbed the first roll from the unopened box and began to wrap Darcy's thighs. As promised, this wrapping was much tighter than the others, but not uncomfortable. Spending two rolls, June was able to wrap from the back of Darcy's knees to right where the small of her back and the curve of her thighs started to narrow.

After pushing Darcy back onto the table more to gain access to the end of Darcy's butt, June peeled off several strips of wrap from the third roll, cutting them with the safety knife, June started taping up the exposed part of Darcy's butt, first horizontally, then vertically, making sure all parts of her hind end were completely covered. The wrap also served to hold the wires up by Darcy's knees keeping them out of the way.

Pulling Darcy back onto the stool, June continued the wrapping around her strips, getting almost completely to the end of her ample butt. Reversing her wrapping, June used three more rolls to finish all the way back up to where she started.

Giving Darcy a few light slaps on the butt, June asked, "How does that feel? Are you ready for the next step?"

Darcy gave June her best go-ahead grunt, and June smiled. June thought that at this point, Darcy would not want to quit anyway, she was too much into the feeling of her tight, restrictive bondage.

June then said, "OK, I need you to place your elbows in front of your knees, and align your arms with your shins."

Darcy complied, and June continued her wrapping. This time, it was from Darcy's elbows and knees to right under Darcy's hands. June chose not to wrap her hands because she knew what it felt like to have hands that could move but were otherwise useless, making the feeling of total bondage without the possibility of escape even more so. Wrapping up and down each arm/leg pair, June completed the wrapping at the base of Darcy's left arm/leg combo finishing the roll at the same time.

"Now I am going to put on the ankle cuffs. Just stay there, no need to move anything; I'll do all the moving for you!"

June grabbed Darcy's prone and tightly wrapped body by the legs and pulled her towards the edge of the table. As her body rotated, Darcy could feel her weight shift, and she felt as if she would fall off the table. Trying to stop her fall, Darcy squirmed as much as possible, but stopped when she saw June was placing her calf and forearm on the padded stool. Relieved that she was not going to fall, Darcy let out a huge sigh.

June said, "It was either this or get a ladder! I hate ladders, so this will have to do."

Darcy just grunted, unable to do anything else, and watched June fit the cuffs onto her feet. Darcy felt the cuffs get tight, and braced for the pinch, but felt just comfortable pressure. Her wrapped ankles and the heavily padded cuffs made for a great fit without the slightest bit of discomfort. June attached the special 6 inch bar to each cuff's suspension strap and left Darcy there to get the remote for the winch. Lowering the winch hook until she had enough slack to attach it to the bar, June stopped the winch and slipped the spring-hook in to the bar's top welded ring. Using the winch, June pulled Darcy up until her feet were vertical again.

June said, "Here is the best part of the suspension, the torso sling! If I suspended you like you are now," June raised the hook lifting Darcy off the table about 6 inches, "You would quickly become uncomfortable, because all the weight from your body would be held by your ankles."

Darcy grunted in disapproval at the sudden pain and discomfort caused by the surprise suspension. June lowered Darcy back to the table and gave enough slack to make sure nothing was tight. Moving first to Darcy's left side, and then to her right, June attached the three straps of each side of the sling to the ankle cuff's D-Rings. Adjusting the straps to be tight and evenly holding Darcy's body, June activated the winch again, raising Darcy's body without effort or discomfort to Darcy at all.

"Now, how does that feel?" June asked, waiting for Darcy's response.

Darcy moaned into her gag approvingly, loving the sling's embrace of her body and the way it supported her without causing pain or strain to her ankles.

June said, "I have one final part to wrap, then your bondage will be complete!"

After pushing the exam table away from the mats, June lowered Darcy's body until her torso was at June's hips. Grabbing another roll of the wrap, June proceeded to wrap Darcy's head, covering her beautiful eyes with 4 layers, completely blinding her, and wrapping her head even more. The last roll June used was to finish wrapping around the gag/mask. The only things visible after June's wrapping were the breathing tube and inflation bulb. No part of Darcy's skin was visible anywhere on her body. June was very pleased with her work.

Darcy was not prepared to be blindfolded, and expressed her disapproving grunts as well as she could. Darcy saw June continue to wrap until her sight was gone and did not know if June never heard her disapproval, or simply ignored it. No matter, very soon, all ability to see and even the ability to tell light from dark was taken away. Darcy then felt the mask of her gag press tighter to her face as she felt June wrap all around the gag. Surprised again, Darcy felt her mouth fill even more as June squeezed the inflation bulb two more times. Darcy's cheeks must have looked like a chipmunk's now, she thought, feeling the last empty spaces of her mouth disappear.

June looked over Darcy's totally helpless body and smiled. She thought everything was perfect, and her bondage was well conceived and implemented. The last thing to do was to attach the leg slings to the D-Rings where the torso sling was attached. These would be for later, she thought, and smiled knowing what was to come. After attaching the leg slings, June moved to get the control unit.

The control unit was something she and her shop-teacher friend designed and built. It used two camcorder batteries to power 6 individual power control circuits. This gave two benefits. The first was recharge capability. The second was a nearly endless power supply. Designed to accept the very plugs Darcy's vibes used, it could supply 3, 6, 9, or 12 volts DC. The usual voltage for vibes like Darcy's was 3 volts, or what two AA batteries would supply. Each circuit could also be dialed in from no to full power, and infinitely anywhere in-between.

Using part of another roll of wrap, June wrapped around the control unit, making sure any excess was folded under the unit. Cutting several strips, June used the excess at the back of the unit as a sticky pad, and taped the unit to Darcy's calves. When she was sure it would not fall off, June plugged in the three cords to Darcy's vibes. Darcy had shown June her marking system for the cord ends because when they were in the latex shorts, there was no way she could see which cord went to where.

Following Darcy's color-coded system, June plugged the anal and pussy vibes into the left two circuits, and the clitty vibe into the far right circuit. This, June knew would mean that the two batteries would be used together, one powering the clitty vibe, and the other powering the other two vibes.

"OK, we are about to start the challenge part of this bondage, are you ready?"

Darcy tried to respond with words, but was even more unsuccessful than before. Resigning herself to her fate, Darcy grunted her approval.

Keeping the power button off, June set the switches to 3 volts and dialed all three vibes up half way. Pressing the power button, June saw Darcy jump as the vibes came to life simultaneously. June left Darcy to retrieve the kitchen timer. Estimating that about a minute had passed June set the timer for 19 minutes and clipped it to Darcy's arm by pulling up a layer of the wrap and sliding the clip under the fabric.

June patted Darcy's head and said, "OK! 19 minutes left. I hope you can last! I would just hate to see you lose your bet to Mary!"

Darcy did not respond in fear that it would break her concentration. Having all three vibes going at once was nearly devastating, but somehow she was keeping her orgasm at bay. Breathing a little faster now, Darcy passed the 5 minute mark, and June called out the time. When 10 minutes arrived, June told Darcy so, and Darcy shuddered with her orgasm so close. At 15 minutes, June again called out the time, and Darcy was holding her orgasm back with much greater difficulty. At the 18 minute mark, her vibes fell silent. June had hit the power button.

June also stopped the timer, reset it for two minutes and said, "OK, now for the real challenge! I have only given you half power on your vibes for the past 18 minutes. When I start the timer, the vibes will be at full power. I hope this doesn't put a kink into your plans!"

Darcy let out a sorrowful moan, not believing what June just said. Darcy almost didn't make the 20 minute mark with the settings June had used. Now they were going to be doubled?

Darcy screamed into her gag when the vibes started again. June didn't bother restarting the timer because she knew Darcy would not last another 15 seconds. Without Darcy knowing it, June moved the switches to 6 volts while dialing the circuits up to maximum. June watched with glee as Darcy's butt jumped up and down in the sling as her orgasm ripped through her tightly wrapped body. Every part of Darcy that could move was doing something as her orgasm brought new meaning to the word spasm. June heard Darcy stop breathing for a little while. She was holding her breath, or more likely, the intensity of her orgasm caused her to lock her body. 30 seconds later, Darcy was breathing as heavily as she could through the gag tube, continuing to ride out her fierce orgasm.

"Now it's my turn for fun!" June exclaimed, and walked to the bondage bed and removed her shoes. Returning to Darcy's still spasming body, June lowered Darcy until her torso was about 8 inches from the padded floor. Setting the remote down, June grabbed the cable with one hand and stepped with first her left foot then her right onto Darcy's trembling thighs. Squatting carefully, June leaned slightly to her right and extended her left leg, slipping her foot into the leg cuff until the cuff was midway up her calf. Leaning left, she repeated the process with her right leg, seating herself right on Darcy's butt. Shifting slightly from left to right, June was able to move her clit right on top of Darcy's clitty vibe. This gave June all the stimulation her already engorged pussy needed, and she leaned back, like on a swing, and moved forward again, riding the little vibe for all its worth.

Darcy didn't notice her slowly lowering body with the sensory overload she was experiencing with her orgasm. She did, however, feel June stepping on her, then sitting on her. The added weight of June pushing the clitty vibe deep into her own clit sent Darcy out of subspace and into a whole different realm of experience. Darcy was beyond hope of ever using her safe words even if she needed to. Without a gag, her speech would just be incoherent babbling. With the gag, any hope of relaying that Darcy was someplace she had no idea how to get back from to June was impossible. Darcy didn't care though; she was gone from this world.

June's orgasm roared through her fiercely, and she almost fell off Darcy once, temporarily losing her grip. Recovering, she noticed Darcy's body was swaying slightly, so June increased her rocking motion and was rewarded with her very own sex swing. Loving the feeling of her orgasm and the gentle swaying of Darcy's body beneath her took June's orgasm to another level of intensity. June screamed loudly and came fiercely, squirting all over Darcy's ass.

Darcy never heard June's scream or felt the wetness of June's gushing orgasm. Darcy was beyond reality and riding out an orgasm she never thought possible from her body.

About 25 minutes later, June's orgasm was subsiding as Darcy's was still going strong. Gingerly, June lifted herself off Darcy and carefully slowed Darcy's swinging to a halt by dragging one of her feet. When Darcy was stationary, June listened to Darcy's breathing, regular and strong. Placing a hand on Darcy's thigh, June could tell Darcy's orgasm was slowing. Grasping the breathing tube with her right hand again, June covered the end of the tube and waited. June heard the slight hissing sound of Darcy's breath escaping from the seal, and then Darcy reacted when she could not pull a breath. Darcy tried to grunt her safe word for stop, but without air, there was no sound to be made. Her lungs burning, Darcy did everything she could to get air, but it was no use. Darcy was heading for unconsciousness when she felt the cool clean air enter her lungs. Darcy gulped the air hungrily, taking in as much as the tube would allow. Darcy's orgasm redoubled now, sending her off into the depth of her subspace again. Darcy was spent, but still her orgasm roared through her.

June wasn't finished with Darcy, though. Remembering how much Darcy loved spankings June bent over and gave Darcy's butt a hard push. Stepping back some, she repeated the push, sending Darcy into a longer arc. The third push had Darcy swinging at the length June wanted, and when Darcy's arc crested in front of June, June slapped her with both hands as hard as she could right on Darcy's ass cheeks. June's hands instantly stung from the blow, but she didn't care. Her dual slaps gave Darcy a little more momentum, allowing the arc to continue at that level.

Darcy felt the pushes from June and thought she would become some sort of playground ride. June just rode her, so why not a different ride? When Darcy felt the first slaps from Mary's little hands, she jumped, not knowing what to think. When the second set of slaps occurred, Darcy realized they were coming whenever she swung towards June. This instantly drove Darcy crazy, because she knew as long as June slapped her, she would swing away, and swing back for another slap. Darcy tried to shift her body weight to get her arc to change so June could not get a straight shot, but her body was totally wasted. She had no strength to mount any kind of defense, and resigned herself to her fate again. After the third slap, Darcy was no longer feeling helpless, but extremely turned on. She loved being spanked, and being spanked while helpless to prevent it was an even greater turn-on for her. By the fifth slap, Darcy felt her orgasm cresting again, and at the eighth slap, Darcy was in full orgasmic bloom.

June continued slapping Darcy's tightly bound ass until she could not do it anymore. Looking at her throbbing hands, she saw the beet red skin and decided to use a paddle next time. June had spanked Darcy for about 10 minutes, all the while keeping Darcy's swing going. Walking away, June let Darcy's arc continue until her momentum could subside more than two hours later. Going to the kitchen sink, June ran her hands under the cold water soothing them as much as possible. Getting her best hand crème, June applied a liberal amount and rubbed it in as gently as she could. She would be paying for her actions for a few days at least!

Darcy rode out her second orgasm, the vibes never slowing or lessening in intensity. When Darcy finally passed out, she was still swinging in her bondage. June decided that she was not ready to release Darcy, and curled up on the couch for a nap. June woke several hours later to Darcy screaming. Rushing to the bondage Master Bedroom, June found Darcy no longer swinging and orgasming fiercely again. Listening closely, June could tell Darcy was at the end of her rope. Impossible to get out and impossible to stop the orgasms, Darcy had continued to ride out her orgasms without reprieve. Knowing that what Darcy was experiencing was no longer pleasurable, June turned off the power supply and lowered Darcy's still trembling body to the padded floor.

Taking care, June unhooked the Winch from the cuff bar, released the cuffs from her ankles along with the torso sling, and began to cut Darcy out of her wrappings. After releasing Darcy's head from the neck brace wrapping, June deflated and removed Darcy's gag harness and tenderly removed her gag. There was a slight struggle to get the gag out of her mouth as Darcy had passed out again, closing her mouth down on the rubber bladder. Gently prying her mouth open, June was able to remove the gag. Expertly cutting the wrapping from Darcy's body, June freed her from the unrelenting wrap and left her to lie on the padded floor. Grabbing a blanket from the closet, June covered Darcy and waited, lying next to her until she woke up. Darcy would have to remove the two vibes when she woke.

It was only 15 minutes later when Darcy opened up her eyes and looked into June's.

June smiled and said, "Welcome back! How was your trip?"

Darcy croaked out a thank you and asked for water. June returned with a sports drink and a bendy straw, and Darcy drank deeply, soothing her parched throat with the cool liquid.

Darcy was going to drink more, but June pulled it back saying, "Not too much at once, you will get a tummy ache!"

Darcy tried to sit up and failed. Trying again, this time with June's help, Darcy made it into a seated position and jumped saying, "Ouch! My vibes are still in!" Working carefully, Darcy extracted the two vibes noting their warmer than usual temperature. "That was the most intense thing I have ever experienced," Darcy continued, "OK, I believe you and Mary, I am no match for your imagination!"

June replied, "You orgasmed right after I turned them on a second time, so you lost the bet. But I cheated, so there is no winner today!"

Darcy looked confused and said, "Cheated, how so?"

Well," June replied, "I was truthful about having your vibes at half speed. But what I didn't tell you was that I changed the supply voltage from 3 volts, the normal, to 6 volts. This doubled the speed and the intensity of your vibes. There was no way you would have won the bet!"

Darcy thought about that for a while then said, "Yes, I remember the vibes being so much stronger than I was used to, but thought it was just the excitement of the predicament I was in, not that anything was changed."

June handed the control unit to Darcy and explained its functions and what powered the device. Darcy let out a low "wow" when she realized the vibes could have been powered up to 12 volts. June told Darcy that at 12 volts, the vibes would only last a few minutes then either burn out or fly apart. 6 volts was a nice intense ride, and 9 volts was mind numbing. Vibes at that voltage would last about an hour before failing.

Darcy leaned towards June and reached out to hug her saying, "Thank you for a wonderful experience. I really needed this release, and you supplied more than I would have ever thought I could experience. I really owe you one!"

June returned Darcy's hug warmly and replied, "It was my pleasure. I enjoy placing women into bondage situations. Plus, I always get my pleasure, too!"

"Well, that's no lie!" Darcy retorted, "You must have squirted all over me. The wraps on my ass were so wet!"

June giggled, and so did Darcy. This was the start of a beautiful friendship. A friendship neither of them realized would become so much stronger as the years went by.

To be continued…

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