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Kelly’s Quest

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2008 - The Technician - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; machines; electro; encase; toys; cons; X

continued from part two

Part 3

My name is Kelly. This is the story of my quest for what I call my golden cocoon. I have already told you how I realized I was different because after a spanking as a child it would sometimes be like I was enveloped in a warm cocoon. As an adult I am seeking how to recapture that wonderful, warm feeling. I finally found my cocoon with the help of my Uncle and his wonderful self-controlled, bondage pain and pleasure machine.

"Kelly? Kelly? Can you hear me?" I could hear my Uncle's voice through the control earpieces of the machine. The last thing I could remember I was hanging high above the barnyard calling for more pain, more pain. But now my hands are at my side. I am in a bed. There is no hood over my face. The hearing aid like control devices are no longer in my ears. I open my eyes and Uncle Jack is standing beside the bed. My mother and Tracey, my older sister, are standing with him.

"You didn't want to come back," mom said. I think you have the yearning even stronger than I do. I understand the draw of the calm place, but it is very dangerous. You need to be taught how to control the yearning, or it will destroy you."

Uncle Jack held up the control box for his machine. "You know, when I designed this, I put in the overload protocols only because I thought they needed to be there in case the machine malfunctioned. I never dreamed anyone would willingly exceed safe levels by voice command alone. We definitely need to talk about how to help you stay in control."

"OK," I began "but first answer one question for me. Why did I find the golden cocoon when you spanked me as a little child, but not when mom spanked me?"

"Because I gave you no choice," my mother answered. "If you deserved a spanking, I spanked you, but I didn't give you any say in the matter. Your Uncle Jack would always explain to you what you had done wrong and then get you to acknowledge that you deserved the spanking. Then he would ask you to lay over his lap. He would ask you if you wanted him to help you hold still. You had more control. Although neither you, nor Uncle Jack realized it, you were effectively putting yourself into pain self-bondage. It all depends on control. In order for me to find my calm place - what you call your golden cocoon - the pain had to be inevitable, but I had to ultimately cause it or control it. Otherwise, it was just pain and the calm place would elude me. I understood, Jack did not, and so he inadvertently opened the door for the yearning."

"But what about Tracey?" I asked.

"I'm not weird like you, little sister," Tracey replied. "Pain is just pain to me, and I don't want anyone, including myself to tie me up and hurt me. Although... after watching you last night, I find that I am a bit envious of your weirdness, or yearning, or whatever it is."

"So what do I do now?"

Uncle Jack answered me. "You stay here with me for the rest of the summer. You explore your yearnings and your cocoon, but do it safely. Always have a safety backup - that is someone you can trust, like me, who knows where you are and what you are doing, and who will come rescue you if something goes wrong. I think after last night you recognize that things which no one can foresee can go wrong with very dire consequences. Any other questions?"

"Yes, what other interesting things do you have hidden in secret rooms up in the barn?"

"I think I had better give you the tour up there," my mom answered. "But for now, you need to rest. Get some sleep and tomorrow we will go exploring in grandma's playroom." When she saw the shocked look on my face she added, "You don't think the yearning began with me do you? You look as shocked as I was when mom told me about her mother."

The next morning mom and I walked across the barnyard to the barn and went up to the hayloft. I tried to imagine her making this trip naked carrying special release chains, but that image still didn't fit my memories of her. Once we were up in the loft, she took what looked like a small saw down from a hook on the wall and then inserted it between two of the boards. She lifted up with the handle and the secret door opened inward. Then stepping a few feet to the left, she again inserted the saw and a second door opened just like the first.

"I think you already saw part of this storeroom, let me show you the whole setup." The storeroom was about the size of a large walk-in closet. One wall was lined with shelves on which was arranged a variety of dildos, plugs, gags, and small control boxes like she had seen the day before. Another wall was covered with wooded hooks from which hung a variety of leather harnesses and hoods and strange, long sleeved gloves which seemed to be one piece, rather than two separate gloves. In the middle of the room were several devices which looked like stocks, some were wood, some were metal, one was even clear plastic. "All this was designed and made by your Uncle Jack. Most of the really interesting custom work is kept in the other room."

Mom took the doorway of the second room and I followed her. There was nothing on the walls of this room except mirrors. There were mirrors everywhere - walls, floor, ceiling. Some of them, or perhaps all of them must be one way mirrors because mom pointed to one wall and said, "There is a gallery behind that wall, but you have to come up a separate stairway. Wave to your Uncle, Kelly, he is probably watching us on the cameras."

She had pointed at a spot just inside the room. I felt silly doing it, but I waved and said, "Hi Uncle Jack."

A disembodied voice replied, "Hello Kelly. Catherine, remember the rules of the room." Mom's face went white and her eyes widened. "Tell her the rules, Catherine."

She slowly turned toward me and said softly. "No clothing is allowed inside the mirrored room."

"Louder, Catherine. Tell her she has to be naked to go into the room."

"You have to be naked to go into the room," mom repeated.

"Aren't you going to demonstrate the equipment, Catherine?"

Mom looked straight ahead into the room and said, "Take off your clothes, Kelly." She then began removing her clothing and hung it on a wooden peg just outside the doorway. I noticed that there were 6 wooden pegs in a row. I put my clothing on the second peg and stood beside my now naked mother. "Are you ready?" she asked. When I replied, "Yes," she stepped into the room and beckoned me to follow.

There were three items in the room. One was a large metal, articulated X that was mounted on a thick metal base. "This is a poser cross. It can be programmed for automatic movement or can be controlled remotely." Mom stood in front of it with her arms against the upper portion of the cross and her legs spread to match the shape of the lower portion of the X. "You stand like this facing either toward the cross or away from it."

Uncle Jack's voice came over the speakers, "Face the cross, Catherine, and we will give Kelly a little demonstration."

Mom turned and faced the cross. She pressed her body against the metal. There was a sudden clang as metal cuffs snapped around her wrists and ankles. Another clang, deeper in tone, rang out as a band encircled her waist. A mechanical voice, very similar to the one in the control earpieces last night suddenly announced, "Beginning sequence Catherine 01."

With that, the cross began to lift off the ground. It tilted until it was horizontal and then began to slowly spin. It wasn't moving very fast, but after a moment it began to once again tilt and began to rotate as well as spin. The effect was almost as if mom were on a large wheel that was rolling along the ground. There was a slight hissing noise, and four arm like mechanisms descended from the ceiling. One held a multi-strand whip. One held a solid paddle. One held a long thin rod. And one did not appear to be able to hold anything at all. Instead of a hand, it ended with a long, rounded metal rod.
As the wheel rotated past, the arm with the whip suddenly snapped downward. The timing was exact and the whip struck mom exactly between her legs. A few more rotations and the arm with the thin rod snapped. Again the timing was perfect, but this time the thin rod raised a deep red stripe across mom's ass cheeks. She yelped in pain. For the next few minutes the X wheel continued to rotate as the three whips struck at random intervals. Twice the metal rod went forward, but I couldn't tell what it did. Evidently it did something because mom struggled against it when it touched her. After about four minutes, the mechanical voice announced, "Program terminated by remote user," and the wheel came to a stop.

"Any questions?" asked Uncle Jack.

"What does the metal rod do?" I asked.

"Let me show you," he replied. Mom suddenly began struggling against the steel bands which held her to the cross. "Notice that the rod appears to be wet. It is lubricating itself for one of its functions." The arm with the rod moved over the X and slowly descended between mom's legs. She gasped and grunted as it slowly entered her rear. "I have things stopped so you can see exactly what is happening, but it can do this while the frame is turning."

The rod moved slowly in and out a few times. "It can vibrate," mom groaned, "or deliver an electric shock," mom yelped "ranging in intensity from mild to severe." Mom screamed and thrashed against the X. "Of course it can also enter other bodily orifices or just rub across the surface of the skin with or without vibration or voltage." The rod pulled slowly out of mom's ass and began to trail along the muscles of her leg. It was evidently alternating between vibration and voltage because she would relax for a moment and then thrash against her bonds.

"We will program the Ferris Cross for your exact sequence if your want to try it."

The X tilted and rotated until mom was standing upright on the floor and then there was a loud clang as all of the bands released.

"Catherine, let's show her Edison's Iron Maiden." Mom's eyes went very wide. "No, Catherine, you don't have to get into it. Let her decide if she wants to put herself in Mr. Edison's grip."

Mom pressed a button on the wall and a panel opened. A large iron statue slid out into the room. It looked vaguely like a naked woman standing with her legs slightly spread, but there was no detail at all in the iron. There was a whir and a pop and suddenly the front of the statue opened from the middle like two french doors swinging outward. The inside of the statue seemed to be covered with small shiny dots, some appeared to be just pin heads and none was larger than the size of a pencil eraser. Mom pushed a button on the side of the statue and two small platforms rose slightly in each leg.

"Step in, if you want," she said.

I turned around and back into the opening, stepping up slightly to get onto the platforms. The familiar mechanical voice said, "Adjusting height," and the platforms descended slightly until I could feel the tiny dots begin to press against my pussy. Then the doors began to swing closed. For a moment I almost panicked, but except for being totally dark, it was not uncomfortable with the doors closed. "Please say ‘pain'." This sounded familiar. I repeated "pain, pleasure, more, less, stop," and of course, "oleo." At first I wondered if the computer that controlled this couldn't just use what I said last night, but then I remembered that the last time I used those phrases, my mouth was filled with an electrified ball gag.

"Are you ready to begin? Say ‘yes' or ‘no.'"

I said "Yes," and slowly it was like a balloon was blowing up all around me. Each of the thousands of tiny bright dots was pressing more and more firmly against my skin. Although there wasn't much pressure from any one dot, I was soon held firmly in place. The only places on my body that was not touched by the dots were my eyes and the area immediately around my mouth.

I was just starting to think to myself, "Boring!" when the program began. Waves of electricity flowed over my body. It was more than a tickle, but much, much less than pain. The dots were electrical contacts and each fired in a sequence controlled by the computer program. At the moment, everything was flowing toward my clitoris. What I mean is that the sensations would start at my feet and at the top of my head and would meet exactly at my clit. It was a very weird sensation. After just a bit, the program changed and everything flowed toward my right nipple. I was almost like getting a massage from a thousand tiny fingers.

"Let's try this out," I spoke out loud and my Uncle's voice answered, "You're in control. Just remember the control words, and please don't blow out the circuitry on this one."

I laughed softly and then said, "Pleasure."

Whoa! That wasn't electricity. Something definitely pulled on my nipples and rubbed my crotch. Those little contact thingies can move and work together to pull, pinch or whatever.

"Pain." Yipes! That was electricity. It pop across both my buttocks as the same time and felt almost like a leather paddle coming down on my ass. I could really get to like this machine.

"Sorry to end your session early," my Uncle's voice cut in, "but your mother has a plane to catch and there is one more thing to see on your tour."

There was a hiss and a whirr and a click and suddenly the doors to the statue popped open and I was looking straight at my mother. Her hand was between her thighs and her face had that far away look of sexual excitement. It took her a moment to realize the statue was open, and when she did, she turned very crimson and looked away from me.

"I really shouldn't be here," she said. "It brings back too many memories or what I have given up."

I wasn't sure what to say, but it didn't matter because Uncle Jack's voice interrupted us, "Catherine, show Kelly my masterpiece. Kelly, I call this my mind fucker."

We walked back out into the main room and mom again used her strange key to open another room. This room was a strange shade of green and was very brightly lit. In the center of the room two beams hung from the ceiling. Mom went back to the equipment closet and came back with two hoods and the collection of straps and control wires which I recognized from last night. "Put these on, except for the hood."

There were no ankle cuffs, and the wrist cuffs appeared to close with velcro. There was a large ring attached to each cuff. After I had everything in place, including the clamps on nipples and clit, mom told me to stand under one of the beams. With the whir of an electric motor, the beam slowly lowered until it was approximately level with my shoulders.

"Put the controllers in your ears and then link your cuffs to the beam by latching your rings on the hooks." I did all that, and after I slipped the second ring into its hook, the hooks retracted into the beam. I was now trapped until the beam released me. I let my arms relax and hang from the beam. Mom came over to me and slipped the hood over my head. The hood had some weird sort of eyepieces attached to it, and I noticed that she attached some wires from it to the beam above me before she slipped it over my head.

I could hear her closing the door to the room and then move about doing something. I heard the whir of the other beam lowering and then the click of the hooks retracting. I assumed that she had secured herself in the other beam. I was wondering what might happened next when my thoughts were interrupted by the now familiar mechanical voice, "Say pleasure."

We went through the whole list of words once again plus three new words. It asked for "up," "down, " and "open" - probably so I could have control over the beam. Then my Uncle's voice asked, "Everyone comfy? You might want to close your eyes for a moment, this is sometimes a little bright when it first turns on."

I was trying to figure out what he meant when suddenly the eyepieces of the hood opened up. What I saw before me at first made me think I was hallucinating. Then I realized that I was watching some sort of video. Evidently there were small screens in front of my eyes that were set up so that it looked like I was seeing through my hood. I could see my mom hanging from the other beam. I knew enough about television to now know why the room was a uniform shade of green. One moment she was standing on a beach with people walking all around her, and the next minute she was in middle of a busy downtown street. The scene changed and she was standing on a cloud, and then it finally stopped with her standing in the middle of a large grassy field.

"I think I like the meadow best," said my Uncle. "Kelly, have you figured out yet why I call this my mind fuck machine?"

I answered "No," and Uncle Jack replied, "You think you see your mother in front of you, don't you Kelly? Try this. Nod your head up and down and see how the scene changes."

I nodded my head, but nothing changed.

"Catherine, turn your head from side to side."

The figure I was watching did not turn her head, but the image moved from side to side. I thought I knew what was going on. I closed both my hands into fists and noted that the figure I was watching did the same.

"Everything's reversed," I said.

"More than you realize," answered Uncle Jack. "I am going to leave you two to enjoy yourself now. I think you will figure out how everything works."
I wasn't exactly sure what Uncle Jack meant by that, but I figured I might as well get things started. I really wanted my arms higher in the air, so I said, "Up."

Nothing happened. I repeated "Up," and again nothing happened - or did it. If everything was reversed, were the commands also reversed or was I perhaps controlling the other beam? I tried "pain," and I heard my mother yelp. Yes, everything was reversed.

Suddenly I felt a tug at my wrists. The beam was rasing. It raised again, and then again. My feet were barely on the ground. Again it raised and then again so that I was hanging from my wrists. Tingling shocks fired through the clamps and then the voltage increased. "Pleasure," I shouted. "More pleasure."


Mom must have understood and I was lowered back two levels and the vibrators sprang to life. It is strange what will trigger memories. I suddenly could picture my mom when I was a little girl telling me to always give back twice as much as you are given. I had raised her up twice, she raised me up four times. I had jolted her with pain, she jolted me twice. Whatever I did to her, she would do twice to me.

Suddenly I felt the clamps electrical bite on my clit and nipples. I could see myself writhe as the current flowed through me. Did that mean that mom wanted pain? I gave the command, ‘Pain - More Pain." And in response the vibrators moved up a notch.

I understood why Uncle Jack called this his mind fuck machine. I was in control, but not in control. I was watching myself now hanging in a room full of snakes - it looked an awful lot like that scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies.

I gave and I received pain and pleasure and was pulled off my feet and forced almost down to the ground. Finally the pain and pleasure were at a maximum and I was standing on my tiptoes. I could see the sweat shining on my body. I was now standing among the stars somewhere out in space.
Suddenly everything went black and the beams moved to their original positions. Soft music played in the earpieces. I could dimly see myself standing in total blackness. Then the video and sound faded away and I was left in the deep, dark, warm, blackness of my golden cocoon.


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