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Kens life in Self Bondage 2: The Middle Years

by Ken

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continued from part one

This is my story of self bondage. More specifically my story of cock and ball self bondage. It started over 60 years ago. In the beginning it was all so new and exciting. Today 60 plus years later it is not new but it is still exciting.

2: The Middle Years

I had a job working on a farm for a couple of years and quite enjoyed it. For most of the time I was never there by myself as the family that I worked for never went on holidays. In my third year they decided that they had earned a well deserved 3 week holiday and left me in charge of the place. It had a barn with a hay loft in it and a trap door to get the hay down. Shortly after everyone left I got the urge to have some of my pent up fun. It had been a very long time.

I tied a rope to one of the posts and the other end to a board about 4 ft long. I then ran an other rope up into the hayloft and through a series of pulleys. I then tied the other end to another stick the same length as the first. I tied a heavy weight to the end of the rope in the hayloft and had it just on the edge of the trap door. I stripped and tied another rope around my balls and the other end to a bale of hay that I sat on. I then proceeded to tie my feet to either end of the stick that was tied to the post and my hands to the ends of the other stick that was attached to the rope going to the pulley. Then I lay down on the bale of hay and took a breath.

I had kept the rope attached to the weight in my hand and when I was ready I pulled the weight over the edge. In an instant I was stretched spread eagle off the bale and up into the air. I had misjudged the weight and the length of the rope on my balls, it was too heavy and too short. Again in my excitement to get things happening I had not thought of how I was going to get myself out of this one. There I was stretched spread eagle about 4 feet of the ground with this bale of hay hanging of my balls.

The weight was about 3 feet away from my hand and if I swung myself over I could just reach the rope but the pull on my balls was almost more than I could take. To make matters worse it was starting to get dark and the lights were not on in the barn. I was starting to get quite worried and a bit frightened that I was not going to be able to get myself out of this one. There was no point in calling for help as the closest person was about 5 miles away.

I again tried to reach the rope and just managed to get my fingers around it. I think it was at that point that the pain in my balls was too much that I blacked out because when I came to it was completely black everywhere. I couldn’t see a thing. All I could think of was someone is going come to the farm eventually and they would find my body hanging there in the barn.

By now my hands and feet were getting numb from the rope. My balls, I had long ago stopped feeling anything in them. I decided to make one more try for the rope and if I didn’t get it I would have to wait until morning to try again. I made a swing and managed to get my fingers around the rope again. This time I kept a hold of it. I was slowly able to drag the weight closer to me that lengthened the rope that lowered me to the floor. Once the weight was off my balls I was able to move myself around to where I could get at the rope around my feet and untie it. It was not easy in the dark with one hand that did not want to work very well.

Once my feet were free I was able to get at the rope on the stick my hands were tied to and eventually get that rope of my hands. The last one I got to was the rope around my balls. By this time my balls had had been tied for over 6 hours. I was afraid that they were going to be very badly injured and I might lose them. At about 3:30 in the morning I got back into the house and check myself out. Rope burns on my hands and feet and very badly swollen balls.

In the morning the marks on my hands and feet were almost gone and my balls were still swollen but the colour was back into them. It took almost the rest of the 3 weeks I had to myself to get the swelling in my balls down. It was a very scary lesson and one that I would never forget. Make sure you have a way out of things like this.


One summer I decided to go camping up in the mountains. I ended up camping beside this lovely river. Since I was the only one there I decided it was a good place to have some fun. Part of the fun of doing what I do is the spontaneity when I decided to do something. Because of that I am completely unprepared and must improvise whenever I play.

ecause I was beside the fast-moving river I decided to see if it was able to drag me down the river with something tied around my balls. About the only thing I had with me was a length of rope. I started looking for something that I could tie the rope to that would float down the river hopefully pulling me along. I found this log a little ways up the bank. I tied one end of the rope securely around my balls and the other end I wrapped it around the log.

I slowly backed into the river trying to pull the log after me with my balls. It took a great deal of effort and a lot of pain but I eventually managed to get the log rolling down into the river. It was a very big relief to get into the cold water as it immediately took the pain out of my balls. The log was about a foot in diameter and about 10 feet long and it floated quite nicely in the water. I had to back out into the deeper part of the river in order to get the log to where the current would start to move it.

Eventually the log started to float down the river pulling me along with it. It wasn't terribly exciting as the log and I were both moving at the same speed. I wanted to see just how much pull the river would have if I stopped moving. I was near a bend in the river and decided that I would walk up onto the shore while the log stayed in the river and went around the bend.

I had walked until the water was about just over my knees when I slipped and my foot got caught between two larger rocks of course this caused me to fall. I ended up holding myself up out of the water with my hands watching the log as it continued on down the river. When I fell the log had been close to me but as I watched it quickly started to move downriver away from me. I was reaching down to untie the laces on my boots that would allow me to get my out when the rope went tight. I had not been paying attention to what was happening to the log and it had drifted downriver to the point where it had tightened the rope. I knew that if the log pulled me forward that I would end up face down in the river with my leg twisted around the rock behind me.

At this point all I could do was put my other foot against the rock and keep myself from being pulled forward. What this meant of course was the log was now pulling directly on my balls. I tried to get my hands around the rope so I could pull the log back towards me relieving the pain that I was experiencing. Again I had not prepared properly as I really had no way of being able to cut the rope and let the log go free. The log had started to go around the bend in the river that just happened to be the fastest part of the water.

Of all the things I had done to myself in my life this one was absolutely the most dangerous thing because if I slipped off the rock the force on the log would have pulled me face first into the water and would most certainly have drowned me or if I was lucky completely pulled my balls off. I only had one chance and that was to see if I could get my foot out from between the rocks. I managed to get a hold of the rope with one hand and with my good foot pushed as hard as I could against the force of the log.

Even with some of the pressure taken off the pain of having my balls stretched so far was unbelievable. I pushed with all the strength I had and just managed to pull my foot out from between the rocks. I was instantly pulled forward into the river and pulled along by the log. I had rolled over onto my back and with my feet pointing down the river floated along. I managed to swim myself to the shore but my problems weren't over there. There was so much force on the log that I was not able to stop it and even though I had managed to pull myself closer to the log I only had a very short break to get myself out of the water and get the rope untied.

I quickly ran out of rope and had to run down the edge of the river to try and catch up with the log. I hadn't realized that around the corner the river narrowed and the speed had increased greatly. I watched in horror as the log entered a series of rapids and started to pick up speed. At that point the only thing I could see to do was to go back into the river and float down the rapids with the log, so that's what I did.

The rapids were not that long and once we got to the other end the speed of the river slowed down and I was able to make it back to shore where I was then able to pull the log ashore with me. When I tried to untie myself I found that the rope had tightened up so much that I could not get it undone. I eventually used to rocks to cut the rope off of me in order to get free. I had drifted a long way down the river and it took quite a while to get back to my camp. Once I was there I was able to very carefully cut the rope of off my balls. The rest of my trip is much less uneventful.


I always remembered what it was like when I was caught by these three women in the forest. I always fantasized about what it would be like if I was captured by some women and was forced to become their slave. I would often go camping by myself and when I did I would let my fantasy run wild. I would imagine that these women would capture me take my clothes away and tie me up by my balls to a tree so I was not able to run away. They would then use me as their slave to bring them firewood into their campsite.

I would take a piece of rope tied around my balls and leave the other end dragging behind me as I walked through the forest. I was looking for dead branches and trees that were suitable to burn in a campfire and when I found them I would tie the loose end of the rope around them and then pull them back to the campsite using only my balls. To make it more realistic I would tie my hands behind my back so I was not able to use them for anything. If the branches got stuck I had to use my balls to get the branches moving again. I imagined that I was forced by them to bring four or five loads of wood into the campsite.

Once I had the wood there I would then tie myself up usually with my hands and feet spread eagle in the trees and my balls stretched out in front of me. By now I had started to be more prepared and would often leave a knife hanging close to me so that I was able to cut the rope and free myself. It worked most of the time. One night I finished pulling my load of wood into the camp and proceeded to tie myself up in the usual way. This one particular night I used a very tall thin tree to tie my balls to. I had managed to throw the rope away up in the tree so that my balls were being pulled upwards. My hands and feet were tied in the usual spread eagle with a knife close to my right hand.

By the time I got myself tied up it was dark and very difficult to see anything around me. I knew where I had left the knife but I had done so when it was light and now that it was dark it was impossible to find. I tried it many times to find the knife with no success. I had spent a couple of hours trying to find it when I noticed that the wind had started to pick up. The reason I noticed this was because the tree I had my balls tied to was starting to whip around in the wind and of course this was causing my balls to be stretched. There I was tied spread eagle in the black of the forest completely unable to do anything about what was going on around me.

The wind had continued to increase and now all the trees that I was tied to were moving in the wind which caused the ropes on my arms to be pulled most often in different directions. This had not been my plan when I had tied myself up and I found that the rope around my balls was being pulled tighter and tighter every time the tree was pulled in the wind. In the dark there was absolutely nothing that I could do to free myself. I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to have to spend the night tied to the trees in the windstorm.

I have no idea how long I was tied their when it started to rain. At first it was just a very light rain but it very quickly increased to a driving rain and even in the trees it was blowing almost horizontal at me. I could feel myself starting to get colder and colder but again there was nothing that I could do to change it. I couldn't sleep because of the pain and cold and all I could do was stand there and wait for daylight. In the morning it took a long time for the sun to get into the trees and start to warm me up. My arms and my legs and my balls hurt so much that it was all I could do to keep standing. Once it was light enough I was able to find the knife that had managed to get caught around a branch and was pulled almost out of my reach. I did eventually get it and was able to free myself. After all that my fantasy was still there.


There was a time in my life where I live in a part of the country that was very, very cold in the winter. Even here in these conditions it did not stop me from my fun. I used to do a lot of cross country skiing and this one day before I went out I tied a thin piece of rope around my balls and left it inside my pants. Once I got outside and away from the other skiers I took the rope out and pulled my balls outside my pants. I then proceeded to tie the ends of the rope to the bindings on my skis. Every time I moved one of the skis it would pull my balls. I then set out on a two-mile trip around the ski area all the time with my balls tied to my skis.

At first I felt the cold on my balls but after a short time it went away. I was busy watching out for other skiers and was not really paying attention to what was happening to my balls. When I finally did the check them I found that the scrotum had frozen almost solid. When I touched it, it was like a frozen bag, which in fact it was. I quickly untied the rope and put everything back inside my pants and zipped it up. At first it did not hurt but as the freezing started to melt the pain started. I had suffered severe frost bite and it was now paying for it with every step I took.

By the time I return home the pain was so intense that I had to sit down because I was afraid I was going to pass out. Frost bite can be very serious and people have lost fingers and toes due to it. I was afraid that I was going to lose my scrotum and of course my balls as well. With something like this one cannot just head off to the local doctor for help. The next day I went to the library and took out several books on frost bite and what to do if one has it. I did everything that the book suggested and it was fortunate enough not to lose anything.


In the summer we were inundated by mosquitoes. In our part of the country we had a lot of wild berries growing and I used to spend a lot of time picking them. Before I went out I would put mosquito repellent on my hands and face to keep the little beggars away. When I would get out there and when I was off I by myself I would take my cock and balls out and leave them hanging while I was picking. The agreement I had with the mosquitoes was if they left my hands and face alone they could have the rest of me that was hanging out there. After about 10 minutes I could no longer feel anything from the number of bites that I had. By the time I was ready to leave my cock and balls had been bitten so many times that they were swollen to the point that they were almost twice the size as normal. Once I got back in a good shower under cold water and the swelling went away.

This seems to be something with me in the trees because I find them very agreeable in helping me with my fun. I would load all my toys into a 5 gallon bucket and head out into the back of our property. I had installed a series of hoses that I used to water my garden. I would take my rope and throw it up over a branch that was as far above me as I could throw the rope. I would then tie one end of the rope to the handle of the bucket I would then tie one of the garden hoses I had so it was hanging inside the bucket. I would then turn the water on so it was running very slowly and I would tie the hose to prevent any water from coming out. I would then pull the bucket and the hose part way up the tree, then take the rope and tie it around my balls. I would take another piece of rope and tie my feet and legs to the tree.

When I was ready I would pick up the hose and use the rope from the hose to tie my hands together. When this was done I would throw the hose as far away from me as I could. As the water slowly went into the pail it would start to pull on my balls. The game here was to see just how far I could stretch my balls before the pain got too much. Once it started to hurt I would start to undo the ropes around my hands. Most of the times I was able to get the rope off before the pain became unbearable.

There were however a couple of times where I was not fast enough and things got extremely painful. This one time I managed to reach up and take hold of the rope that ran from the pail to my balls and was able to pull the bucket back up the tree. The problem was I still had my hands tied together and when I tried to un-tie them the rope slipped through my hands. By now the bucket was almost full and weighed quite a bit. Before I could get the rope back again it's stretched my balls so far I was sure they were going to be pulled off of me. Fortunately everything including the rope and my balls had stretched far enough that the pail ended up sitting on the ground in front of me. It was only then that I was able to untie my hands and eventually the rope from around the bucket. This time I had very severe rope burns that took several weeks to heal.


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