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Kens life in Self Bondage 3: The Later Years

by Ken

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WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. Kens life in Self Bondage 3: The Later Years Ken Solo-M; Sbm; rope; cbt; outdoors; trees; water; beach; catheter; enema; public; torment; stuck; cons; true; XX continued from part two

This is my story of self bondage. More specifically my story of cock and ball self bondage. It started over 60 years ago. In the beginning it was all so new and exciting. Today 60 plus years later it is not new but it is still exciting.

3: The Later Years

It wasn't until I had a computer and was connected to the Internet that I realized that what I had been doing all my life meant that I was not alone in this world. I started to read about other people and the things that they did both to themselves and to other people. For all of my life I had been very secretive about the things in life they gave me pleasure. While searching on the Internet I came across one of the adult chat sites and found my way into a BDSM chat room. This is where I met a woman that shared the same ideas about giving ourselves pleasure. Over the course of a couple of months we started to chat more and more about our various lifestyles. In the end we agreed to meet in person.

Two weeks before we had agreed to meet I mailed a key to her that was the only key to a lock that I had. On the agreed upon date I proceeded to chain both of my cock and balls very tightly to my left wrist. I will always remember the feeling I had when I clicked the lock shut knowing that the only key to open it was in the hands of someone I had never met three hours away. I had just a shirt and shoes for my drive. I knew that if I was stopped for any reason whatsoever by the police I would be in very serious trouble.

The first challenge I had was getting from my house to my car that was parked on the street. I lived in an area that was not that busy so getting to my car was not a serious problem. My hand was chained so short that while sitting in the driver's seat my left hand was just barely able to reach the steering wheel if I pulled very hard on the chain. In order to shift gears I would be required to hold the wheel in my left hand and shift with my right something that was extremely dangerous. The first hour of the drive went by with few problems. After an hour and a half of driving the chain that started to cut him into the skin and became very uncomfortable. Of course dressed the way I was there was no chance of stopping and trying to do something about it. By the end of the second hour I was in a great deal of pain and regretting what I had done. Instead of it taking three hours as anticipated it ended up being closer to four hours because I did not know where she lived.

When I finally arrived at her house I discovered that there was no driveway and the area was a busy residential street. I sat in my car for quite a while before the street was clear of people and I was able to make my way to her front door. When I got there, there was a note on the door that said back in 15 minutes. There I was standing on the porch with no pants on and my hand chained very tightly around my cock. I am sure some of the people that went past the house were able to see the way I was dressed or not dressed because of looks I got from them. I waited for about 20 minutes until the street was clear enough to make my way back to my car. I know this time that people had a good view of me as they drove past in their cars. I had now had the chain around me for almost 5 hours and it had become extremely painful.

I sat in my car for another hour before she finally showed up. She said that she had gone to the store to buy some groceries and ended up spending the afternoon at her friend’s house. Once we got inside I told her how much pain I was in and asked if she would undo the lock so I could take the chain off. It was then that I realized that she was enjoying watching me every time I moved and she could see how much pain I was in. Instead of undoing the lock she decided it was time to make dinner and headed off to the kitchen and started cooking. It was well after we had finished eating that she decided it was now the time to take the lock off. By the time she actually got it off it had been on me for some 10 hours. The most painful part came when the lock came off and the chain started to unwind the blood rushed back in it was extremely painful.

The next day it was agreed that in three weeks time she would make the trip to my house and she would also keep the key for my lock. We again agreed on a date and time that we would get together. This time I was to be chained to my bed so I was completely unable to move. When I had left home on Saturday morning I had forgotten to put in a pair of pants and again it made the return trip with only my shirt and shoes on. Three weeks later at the agreed upon time I chained myself spread eagle in my bed, I tied a rope around my balls and the other hand was fastened to a heavyweight that was held by a timer. The timer was set to drop the weight one hour before she was due to arrive. When the timer dropped the weight I must have been sleeping because I remember the jolt on my balls as the weight came to the end of the rope. One would think that after all the years of practice I would be good at tying knots but I wasn't. When the weight came down it pulled the knot even tighter than it had been before and thereby cutting off circulation to my balls.

After about 20 minutes I knew that they must be starting to turn purple even though I could not see them. The time went by extremely slowly and at one point I looked at the clock and I had been chained there for 4 1/2 hours not the three hours I had originally planned on. I started to get worried and starting at to get frightened because she had not arrived and she was the only one who had the key to the lock. She finally arrived but it was four hours later than that she had said that she would be there. Apparently she had car trouble and had to stop to get her car fixed. I'm not really sure I believed her because of what had happened the first time we met.

By the time she did get there I was in agonizing pain from having the circulation cut off to my balls for so long. However again she was in no hurry to undo the rope and decided instead that she was going to explore my house and ended up cooking dinner again. Once she had finished making dinner she then came in and undid the lock. It was only then that I was able to see that I had been chained there almost 9 hours. At last I was I able to get up and undo the weight. Shortly after our second meeting she moved out of the country and I never saw her again. Since that time I have never let anyone else in on my secrets in life.


Before the Internet and reading about other people and what they did, I had managed to do anything and everything to myself that I had ever thought of or dreamed of. With the Internet it brought a whole new outlook on life. I started to read about electro-torture and it reminded me of the little generator I had when I was a child. I read one day about somebody who had used their speakers from their stereo system and how they had attached them to themselves. I was extremely fascinated by this and decided it was something I was going to do. It took me a couple of weeks of researching before I was ready to try this on myself.

It was actually quite simple, all one needed was to take one wire from each of the speakers, connected to a flat plate and then attach them to various parts of your body. I decided, as usual my attachment points would be my balls. I took two wires and attached them to two pieces of aluminum foil, tied a string around my balls and then taped the aluminum foil one to each ball. I had selected a CD and using my remote had paused it. To make the experience more interesting I had put four bolts through the carpet and into the floor and had attached chains and ropes to these. When I was ready I tied my feet in the usual spread eagle and I locked my arms to the bolts and put the key just outside of my reach. I had the remote in my hand and when I hit play I slid the remote across the floor well out of my reach.

When the music started I could just feel the electricity tingling in my balls. Suddenly without warning I was jolted by the most excruciating pain I had ever had in my life. It was so intense that I was completely unable to move and lay on the floor as rigid as a statue. Over the next couple of minutes the music changed up and down and with every change the pain in my balls became more and more excruciating. When the first piece of music ended it was like a balloon popping I went from being absolutely rigid to being so weak that I was unable to move. When the next piece of music started the jolt that went through me was unbelievable. Even though the key was well within reach of me I was completely unable to move and to pick it up. As I lay there the pain became more and more intense and I could feel myself starting to pass out from it.

I don't know how long I laid there or how much more of the CD played all I remember is coming to and still feeling the pain that was going through my balls. It wasn't until the CD had completely finished that I was able to reach the key and undo the lock from my hand. In all of the things I had ever done to myself and all the pain I had inflicted this was by far the worst that I had ever experienced.


I once lived in a house that was beside a lake and in the lake in front of the house was old boathouse with a boat stored inside it. One Sunday afternoon I found myself alone and looking for something to do. I ended up in the boathouse with this idea that I would see how much weight my balls would be able to support when I was in the water. There were a number of pieces of heavy chain that had been used at one point to anchor the boathouse to the bottom of the lake. I selected a number of pieces of chain and tied a rope around them that I eventually ended up tying around my balls. The idea I had was to get into the water and then one by one pull of the chains into the water until the weights were getting too heavy. I had remembered from my days in school and to the laws of physics about how objects weighed less in the water than they do in the air because the force of the water pushes up against the. It all sounded very good in theory.

When I was ready I took my clothes off and tied the end of the rope around my balls and then got into the water. I pulled one of the chains off the dock and let it go down into the water I had never really weighed the chains to see how much they weighed and when I finally let go of the chain it turned out to be considerably heavier than I had anticipated. Once the first one was in place I started to lower the second one when it slipped out of my hands and in doing so pulled the other chains with it into the water. Instead of building up gradually as I had planned I suddenly had the full weight of all of the chains wrapped around my balls. I had been hanging on to the side of the dock and found it very difficult to keep my head out of the water because of all the weight that was pulling me down.

Again this was not one of the best planned adventures I had ever undertaken. The only way I could get myself out of the water was to try and pull myself up onto the dock and then one by one pull the chains up. It sounded good in theory but in practice it was extremely difficult to do. Every time I tried to pull myself up it meant jerking the rope that was attached to the chain, which in turn jerked my balls even further down. After several tries and a couple of near misses I managed to get myself up on the dock and then I was able to pull of the chains up one by one.


I like to kayak. One day when I was out in this very quite bay I found a couple of logs up in the rocks and I got this idea. I took my clothes off and tied a rope around my balls. I then proceeded to paddle my kayak up to one of the logs where I was able to tie the other end of the rope around it. I then proceeded to back out until I came to the end of the rope. It was quite a sudden stop and it almost pulled me out of my boat. I took several more runs at it and eventually managed to pull the log out into the water. By the time I got it all the way out to where I was, it was moving quite fast and it went past me. I was about to turn around when it came to the end of the rope and spun me completely around almost pulling my balls off. I spent the next couple of hours pulling logs or having the logs pull me all over the place. At one point several other kayaks came into the bay where I was. If they saw what I was doing they didn’t seem to pay me much attention.


I was staying at this place and one day I found that I was the only person there. I found some wide straps and proceeded out into the yard that was full of trees. I had left all my clothes on my bed in the house as no one was to be back until evening. I found a nice rough tree and proceeded to climb up onto the roots and tied the strap very tightly around my balls and the tree. I took a piece of rope I had and tied my hands in front of the tree with me behind it. My plan was to carefully step off the roots and hang there by my balls.

Well I had just done that when the cleaning ladies arrived completely unannounced. One went inside and the other proceeded to start cleaning up the leaves outside. I was afraid to move too much for fear that she would see me and come over. So there I hung. It was fortunate for me that she started at the other end of the yard first. It was a fairly big yard and she was not working all that fast. After about 45 minutes she was more than half way to me and by now I was getting quite worried not to mention being in a great deal of pain. She was working with her back to me so she did not see me.

By now she was only a couple of feet away from my tree. The other cleaning lady came out and said something to her and she went inside. I didn’t know how long she was going to be gone so I had to work fast. I managed to get my hands untied and then undid the strap that let me slide down the tree. I still had a problem because my clothes were inside and there were not too many places to hide outside. I went to the back of the house only to find that the people in the house behind my place were out in the yard and I was going to be in right in their face. I could hear the cleaning ladies talking in the kitchen at the back of the house so I quickly ran around to the front door and let myself in. I was almost into my room when they got up from the table and started to go back to work. I made a dash for my room and made it there just as the one cleaning lady came around the corner. She saw me and she let out a bit of a yelp as I closed the door. I stayed in my room until I heard them go not long after.

I was out in the yard a couple of days later and found this long piece of wire. I knew that there was a storm coming so I got the ladder and tied the wire as high in the tree outside my room as I could get it. I then ran it into my room through the open window. Then waited. Sure enough about 2 hours later the terrific windstorm blew in causing the trees to madly fly around. I went into my room and tied a piece of rope around my balls, tied my feet to the end of the bed. Then I tied the wire to the rope and quickly tied my hands to the head of the bed. I did not realize how strong the wind was or just how much it was moving the trees around until my balls were being almost pulled of off me. It was pulling so hard that it lifted me up of the bed so much that I was not able to get my hands untied. All I could do was lay there in absolute agony until the storm passed.


I had read these accounts of people who hide keys someplace and were then forced to walk naked to pick them up in order to be able to get their clothes again. I was quite fascinated with the idea and decided that one time that I would try something like that. I was living in a place on the beach and decided that the beach would be a good place to do this. So, during the day I took the key to my house and walked it to the far end of the beach, which was about 2 miles away. I then took a series of locks and fastened them in various places along the beach on the way back to my house. I then went about a mile of the other direction and put the last key that would unlock a box in my house that held the key to the last padlock. I waited until it was completely dark before leaving the house.

Before leaving I fastened a chain around my balls and down to my feet and when I pulled it tight I had to crouch down so the chain did not pull on my balls, I then locked it place with one of my many locks. By this time in life I had added a decoration to myself that being a Prince Albert piercing. I took the piercing out and put a padlock in its place, locked a piece of chain around my wrists and then locked the chain to the lock through the end of my cock. I was standing in the doorway of my house knowing that I could simply turn around and go into the house and unlock the lock and free myself. The most frightening part was hearing the front door lock when I pulled it close. It was then that I realized how far I had to walk being bent over the way I was.

Because of the chain around my feet I was able to only take very small steps, which meant it was going to take a very long time to walk the length of the beach and back again to get all of the keys. The night was very dark as the moon had not yet come up and I very slowly made my way down the beach to where I had locked the key. When I put the keys there I did not realize that in the evening that particular spot became a hangout for all of the young people that lived in the area. It wasn't until I got there that I realized what was happening, by then it was too late to turn around and go back. I had hid my key in a place that was fairly open feeling confident that I would have no problems when I went to get it. Now, however there were about 20 people just hanging around the very spot I had hidden my key.

There were very few places to hide so I ended up standing only in some shadows in this crouched position for nearly 2 hours while I waited for the people to leave. I was afraid to sit down because I had no way of being able to push myself up again when it was time to stand up. I couldn't stand up straight because the chain around my balls to my feet was too short to let me do that. So there I stood for the two hours in a great deal of pain and discomfort. I finally decided that I could not wait any longer and despite the fact that there were still people in the area I walked out into the open to the spot where I'd hidden the key, picked it up and left. I was very fortunate in that it was dark and the people were some distance away so nobody saw me.

As I started to make my way back down the beach I realized what would happen if I ended up dropping the key because there was no way I would ever find the key in the sand when it was that dark. So I made sure that I held onto it very, very tightly. When I got to the last key the one that I needed to unlock the last lock I became very aware of the serious problem I was in. When I had put the key there in the daylight it was easy to find my way off the beach into the trees and a place high enough up in the tree that the key would not easily be seen if somebody should happen to go in there. However in the blackness of night it was impossible to even find the entrance to the place where I had hidden the key.

After a considerable time I managed to find the entrance and when I got inside it took even longer to find the place that I had left the key. I eventually found it and using the other key I had I unlock the chain that gave me the final key I needed. As I started to make my way out I tripped over a branch and fell and in doing so I dropped the key, not to mention almost pulling my balls off with the chain. I realized that there was absolutely no point in trying to look for the key because the more I disturbed the sand in the area the last chance I would have of finding it, so I ended up spending the night curled up on the sand under the trees on the beach with my balls still chained to my feet.

When I woke in the morning the sun was already out and so were the beach walkers. From my place under the trees it was not that easy for people to see in and see me laying there the way I was. After a considerable amount of looking I managed to find my lost key. Now my problem was getting back to my house as it was about a mile down the beach that was now full of early morning strollers. I waited for some time but the longer I waited the more people came. I finally decided that the only way I was going to be able to make it back to my house was to cross the beach into the water and walk in the water where nobody would be able to see how I was tied up. I waited until there was a bit of a break and hobbled as quickly as I could across the sand into the water. It took me about 45 minutes in the water to get back to my house and another 15 minutes waiting for the beach to clear enough so I was able to cross it and up onto the front porch of my place. Just as I reached the steps I heard people talking and looked back towards the beach to see some people staring at me as they walked down the beach. By this point I really didn't care because I was so sore the only thing I wanted was to get into the house and get the locks off of me.


Thanks again to the Internet I was able to read about the things other people had done to themselves. One that caught my interest was the insertion of catheters into the penis. After much searching I was able to find a supply of them and I stocked up on as many different sizes as I could get my hands on. After much experimenting I was able to get the largest of my collection all the way inside me. My thing was to see just how long I could leave it in there for. I decided that it was no fun just to have it in around the house so I started venturing out with it in place. Of course with it all the way into the bladder it is constantly draining. So what I did was bend it and tie it off so nothing would come out then I went out on a walk.

I was out for about an hour when I had to go pee. I was sitting at a table in an outside café. So I very carefully pulled my pant leg up and undid the string and proceeded to pee right there on the sidewalk without anyone seeing what I was doing. I didn’t stop at catheters. I once found this foam cord about 3 ft. long and managed to get it all the way inside me. When I started to pull it out it got stuck with only a foot sticking out of the end of my penis. I was afraid to pull too hard and I knew that I could not leave it inside me for ever. So after several hours of sliding it back and forth inside me I was able to very painfully pull it all the way out. When I got it out I found that when it was in my bladder it had gotten tangled up and ended up with several big knots in it.

At the time I was doing a lot of scuba diving and the idea of diving with a catheter in me was quite exciting, not to mention being out in public with it in me and no one knowing it was there. So this one morning I put it in and headed out the door for a fun day of diving. It was fun just to let it hang out every time I was in the water. I was often diving in locations where I was the only one in that part of the beach and would go in with only my fins and mask on. It is a wonderful feeling swimming without any bathing suit on.

I started giving myself enemas, very deep ones, ones that would clean out my entire system. I read that it was actually good to do this so I did it quite often. One day I got the idea of using rum instead of water. I usually gave myself 3 enemas in one session, that way I knew that I had cleaned everything out of me. So this one day I put a tube inside my ass as far as it would go, tied my feet together and proceeded to pull them up so I was almost hanging upside down. I then slowly poured the contents of this bottle of rum into me. Well at first nothing seemed to happen, then slowly I could feel myself starting to get very drunk. It did not take vey long until I could feel myself starting to feel very strange and that was the last thing I remembered for a very long time.

When I came to I had managed to untie myself and had crawled into the kitchen where I proceeded to get very sick. It would seem that I had not cleaned all the shit out of me because it and the remaining rum were all over the floor. It took me several days to completely recover. I tried it again some year’s later only this time I used a cheap whiskey. I tied myself the balcony of the place I was staying in and preceded to pour the complete bottle into my ass. The same thing happened this time too as I could not remember anything that happened after it went in. When I came out if it my landlady was standing there looking at me. Of course I was completely naked and still tied to the railing around my balcony. I don’t know how long she had been there but I didn’t care. It must have been quite a show.


I have a very creative mind when it comes to doing things to myself. I have made almost every bondage toy I could make and used them extensively. I once made a humbler that goes around the balls from behind. Of course it can be quite uncomfortable with ones balls stretched out behind them. I put a hole in each end that was big enough to put handcuffs through. One very nice dark summer night I took my clothes off and put the humbler on. I then locked 2 pairs of handcuffs on, one on each end and then went for a walk around the block. It was a very big block and it took a long time to get back to my place. I managed to just keep ahead of another couple that were out for an evening stroll as well.

When I did get back to my place it took several hours to find the keys to the handcuffs as I had purposely dropped then in the grass as I was leaving. Every time I tried to poke around where I thought I had dropped then the humbler would pull on my balls even harder. Another day I took the keys to the handcuffs right down to the end of the block and hid them in a tree. That night I put the humbler on and chained a heavy piece of an old sidewalk block to it with a lock, then put the handcuffs on. The only way I could get the keys was to drag this heavy thing to the end of the block and back again to get the keys to the lock. When one walks to a place in the daylight it does not seem that far. But at night when one is dragging a very heavy, hard to pull block with their balls it is much harder and seems much further. More than once I had to drag the block off the road when a car came down the street. By the time I got back my balls were very painful.

I also use things that were never designed for my fun. One time I took a mosquito coil and set it on a chair. I then ran 6 pieces of thread underneath the coil tying one end to the chair and the other to a 2lb weight and spaced the thread out so they were just touching the coil. I put one more thread to the keys to several locks I was going to lock myself up with. When everything was ready, I lit the mosquito coil. I tied a rope from the weights to my balls and locked my hands and feet to the bed. I could not see what was happening or when the thread was getting close to the burning end. I was laying there in the dark and all of a sudden there was this noise and a sharp pull on my balls. Two pounds was not that bad, or so I thought. About 5 minutes later there was another sharp pull as the next weight fell. It was getting a bit uncomfortable but I had had worse.

A short time later the third one dropped and this time it hurt. I only had half of the weights pulling and it was getting to be too much. No matter how hard I tried to get out of it nothing happened, I was there until the key dropped. Then the fourth one dropped and this time I almost yelled out with the pain. I now had 8 pounds hanging of my balls and four more to go. No matter how much I tried to be ready for the next one I was never prepared when it happened. Of course when one falls it makes all the others bounce and pull even more. By now I was in so much pain I could hardly take it. The last one I had moved further apart from the others so it took much longer to fall and when it did the pain was more than I could take and I don’t remember anything after that until I came to.

I was sure that by this time my balls were so swollen and black I was sure they were dead. The key had long ago fallen and I was able to get it and eventually I managed to get the locks off. In the dark and with so much pain it was not easy. When I got the lights on I could hardly believe how black and swollen my balls were. I think it was more painful trying to get the rope off my balls than it was with all the weights hanging from them.


I like the water and using it for my fun. I found myself living in a house right on the edge of the ocean. At high tide the water was only a couple of feet below the edge of the lot. I watched as the tide came in and went out and wondered how I could use it for some fun. I found a long piece of stainless steel fishing line in the shed. That is good because it will not stretch when it is pulled on. There was an old basketball and some netting here as well. I took the netting and put around the ball and then tied the fishing line to it. Out in the water was an old piece of very heavy chain that was only visible at low tide. I took the fishing line out and put the free end through the chain leaving the ball out there and brought the rest of the line back up to the house. As the tide came in it would float the ball, which would pull on the fishing line, perfect.

One nice sunny day at low tide I made sure the line was not caught on anything and the line was clear to the house. I took the keys to my handcuffs and tied a piece of thread to them. I then looped the other end of the thread around a mosquito coil and fastened it to the door knob out of reach. Now I had done a bit of experimenting to see just how fast the coil would burn. I put the thread at the point it would take the coil approximately one hour to reach. I put several ice cubes in a sock and fastened one end of my handcuffs above the ice in the sock. I then tied the sock so it was out of my reach. By now the tide was starting to come in. I took a piece of rope and tied it several times around my balls.

Now everything was set. I lit the mosquito coil and lay down on the deck, tied the fishing line to the rope around my balls and then fastened one handcuff to each hand all before I had a chance to chicken out. There I was. No matter how hard I pulled I could not get out of this. All I could do was lie there and wait to see what would happen. It was not uncomfortable and lying there in the sun I managed to drift off into a nice restful sleep. I quickly woke up when something pulled on my balls. While I was asleep two things happened, firstly the tide had come in and floated the ball, pulling on the line that went to my balls and secondly the wind had come up and along with it waves, big waves and they were pulling as well. When I looked at the mosquito coil it had only burned about a third of the way to the thread that held the keys to my handcuffs and my release.

Already the pull on my balls form the floating ball was getting quite painful. I had not researched just how fast the tide came in and just how high it would get in an hour. Since I could not reach either the key or the ice there was nothing I could do but lay there and wait to see what was going to happen. Every time a wave would come along it would make the ball go up and that would pull on my balls. As time went on and the tide came in more and the wind got stronger the pain in my balls was getting excruciating. The next thing I knew it was starting to rain. At first it was not too heavy but in a couple of minutes it was a downpour. When I looked at the mosquito coil the rain had put it out and there was still about a quarter of it left to burn. Things were getting quite serious.

I had no way of knowing how much longer it would take the ice cubes to melt so the handcuffs would come loose. No amount of pulling worked. I have had my balls stretched many time in the past but this was absolutely the worst situation I had been in. There was absolutely nothing that I could do to get out of it. Just as fast as the wind and rain had come up, they quit. Now all I had was the ever increasing and relentless pull of the basketball as it floated on the rising tide. I thought about calling for someone to come and help me but realized that there was no one near enough to hear me. I don’t remember how long a laid there and just how much more my balls were stretched. All I do remember is finding my hands in front of me and the tide going out. This time I did have some serious injuries. The rope had cut very deeply into my scrotum and it had been bleeding quite a bit. I had no idea if my balls had been damaged or not.

It took quite a while to be able to get the handcuffs off and tend to my injuries after I got the rope off. I am sure if the cuts had been any other place I would have had to go and get several stitches in but since the opening was around my balls it would be extremely difficult to explain. I used several Band-Aids to pull the cut closed and lots of tape to keep it in place. My balls had swollen so much that it was very difficult to walk and with them all taped up well I spent the next 4 days lying on my bed. Eventually I healed and only have a bit of a scar to show for it.

I like to push the limits when it comes to self-bondage and the pleasure/pain it gives me. I have for quite a while been constantly increasing the amount of heat my cock and balls can handle. While I am in the shower I slowly turn the heat up to the point that it is impossible to stand any longer. I have burnt my scrotum several times to the point that it actually blistered. Now ever as I increase the temperature of the water on my scrotum it is not pain I feel but the most pleasurable, intense sensation imaginable. Unfortunately it does not last and I have to keep increasing the temperature to keep the feeling there. It is pain but also pleasure. I am able to apply much more heat to my cock, much more that I can stand on my scrotum. It has become a morning ritual getting the water hotter and hotter to the point where it is absolutely impossible to stand any more yet keep going further every day. It constantly amazes me just how much punishment certain parts of the body can take.

What is left to do? Good question. I have done everything to my self I have ever dreamed up, most of the pleasures I have read about others doing to themselves. It is to the point now where I have run out of ideas and find that I have started repeating many of the things I have done to myself in the past, fun but not new and exciting. Will I ever stop, I don’t think so. The part of all this is knowing that I am the only person alive that knows what I have done to myself and how much pleasure I have received from it.



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