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Kittin’s Selfbondage Story 3

by Kittin

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© Copyright 2002 - Kittin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; cuffs; straps; gag; bfold; bond; nipple; tease; climax; stuck; cons; X

continued from part two

[GROMET: Once again, maybe not classic or purist self-bondage, but please add this one to my earlier ones, as they'll eventually lead to something right up that alley. More to follow! -k-]

Part 3

Yay! My last exam for the semester was over with on a Wednesday. Of course, my roommate still had one to go, and I did my best to help her study by staying out of her way and letting her hit the books. I called my always-helpful lover and explained my problem - he had to work that night, getting his shop's inventory ready for a weekend sale, but he'd be breaking loose for an hour or two at suppertime and we could grab a bite together, and then I could stay at his place, even though he wouldn't be there till way late. AND he had a surprise for me, oh goodie! I just LOVE his surprises.

We had a short but nice meal together, nothing fancy, just a couple of burgers and soft drinks and desserts. And when we got in his truck, he smiled at me and told me I could put my handcuffs on now, or wait until we got to his apartment. He knows me too well - I couldn't wait. Our rule is that if I put them on myself, I can take them off myself - if I can eventually get to their key. But if he snaps them shut on me, there I'll stay until he takes them off.

And he was such a gentleman, opening the door for me when we arrived - since I couldn't, with my hands in back. He took my arm and helped me inside, then up the stairs and into his apartment. He had brought a gym bag with him from the truck, and I had no idea what he had inside it. I expected I'd find out soon enough.

He undid my handcuffs from one wrist, and gave me another pair for the other suddenly too-light wrist that felt somehow less wanted and unloved. But I took care of that quickly enough, and looked at him and smiled the way I do when I'm expecting a treat from him. He sat me down on the bed, and had me lay on my back and attach the open ends of the cuffs to the respective bedposts. And so now again here I was his for a while, as completely as I could make it possible. It was here he'd first enjoyed me handcuffed and made me enjoy it more; it was like home for me. Yep, the water spot on the ceiling was still there, an old friend I'd sometimes looked at for hours.

The blindfold came as a surprise to me; he likes to see my face and look deep in my eyes as he works me over, but not this time. He undid my top and jeans, and slid the jeans off. My top rested there loose and useless, and his fingers made their usual inspection of the parts of me that interested him. It was beginning.

He kissed me, sweet and soulfully, and told me to lift my head to be gagged. I needed it for what he had in mind, he told me, because I needed to be quiet for it to work. The hard rubber ball neatly filled my mouth and felt comfy and snug once the straps holding it in place in my mouth were pulled tight and fastened. I moaned and whimpered a little for him, just as a test, and in reply he pinched a nipple, and I squealed for him.

Then he put something in my ears. I couldn't see what it was and could only guess. They felt soft, but were held with equal pressure on either side, about the size of pencil erasers, but that made no sense. Neither did carrots. I had just considered headphones as a possibility, when he pushed the cloth aside from my chest and placed something cold there, securing it with a large patch of sticky tape. And then I heard the drumbeat of the music begin. It was slow and steady, but began to speed up as I felt his other hand at my other breast and he began to softly kiss my neck and face. That was when I realized I was listening to my own heartbeat.

And he kept up his explorations, and my heart beat faster. His fingers inched along the inside of my thigh, then right between my legs where I was now wet and wanting. And his fingers began their work there, and my heart kept trip hammering away. It was sweet, sweet music, and the musician was a virtuoso. He asked if I liked that, and I nodded. And I felt the now-warmed tape pulled away, and another similar chilly one replace it. I didn't understand, but the music returned, and I relaxed to enjoy it. I didn't relax for long.

Both his hands went to my nipples, and both received firm tugs and twisting that left them hard. And kisses worked their way down my tummy and the drumbeat tempo increased as he worked to where he wanted to be and began licking and nibbling as he listened now to my heartbeat and I to his. More and more I got what I wanted and more and more he gave me, with his hands grasping at my thighs and bottom. The thumping in my ears grew louder and faster, and the tongue inside me sped my own heartbeat as well- it must have sounded like a woodpecker to him.

The tidal wave rolled over me, and I bucked and squirmed, moaned and yelled as my orgasm filled his ears with the sound of my heart for him. There were no questions now as to whether I had been enjoying myself, since he had heard for himself. And he replaced the earpieces in my ears with the ones that led to my own heart and began again. And again.

I was in a dreamy tired state when he arose and left my side. Time to go back to work, he said. Off to the kitchen he went, to get a large chunk of ice from his freezer, with a key frozen solid in the middle and a string running from it. I knew from the sound I'd heard a dozen times before he was threading the loop at the other end through an eyebolt screwed into the bed frame that would keep me from touching the key until all the ice had melted. Oh yes, my heart was racing at a fine pace by now....

And those tender, loving hands looped that other end of that cord around my left wrist and pulled it snug. I had no idea how large that chunk of ice was nor how long it would take for it to melt, hours, I supposed. He told me he was sorry he had to go now, but if he was back early, we'd continue, but if not, I could enjoy my own music for a while. And so he left me like that, aroused wanting and helpless.

But there was still one thing I could do: Despite the restricted movement the handcuffs allowed, I could scrape the back of my hand against the bedsheets. Slowly I worked the cord around my wrist up to the fingers of my left hand, until I held it firmly in that hand. And with my heart pitter-pattering away and with a deep breath from somewhere down inside me, I threw the lanyard as far away from me as I could.

I settled down to wait for my lover's return, and the pleasures that would follow, no matter how long it took for his return. And with that thought, my heartbeat sped up even a bit more, as the delicious anticipation of what was in store for me began to take picture to the tune of the music.

Oh, damn, I wish my roommate had a few more days worth of studying to do! But for now, I'll just relax as best as I can, listen to the sweet music, and wait.



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